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January 15, 1927     The Woodville Republican
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January 15, 1927
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VOL.Cil WOOD VILLE, M IS:I,SI PPI.,SAT U II)A Y,JA N CA ICY 15,1!}27. NO.27 Flivver Pump for Rm-dl Fire F&apos;tghting Thtb trta/ale nag. v,-+ tr I,amp+ Luotttttetl awl a mvv4ur bumper ttuu  v&? m ;atr  ilreL II  for general use In rural enmmunRtm. Stories Recall Pioneer Blazed by Solomon Jones Serve Modem Motor Jromists. Hedermmvllle, N. "C.--Whtm a of children returning from s In thLs picturesque mountain late one night recently, told a of eetng a towering man. wlth flowing hair. beating throuuh the in the rlelnlty of Mount Hebron. a great rsgor-backed sow tam he held in his left hand. hia right hand he swung sn from alde to aide, parent- were Lluly alarmed+ ImrOnts of one of the chlI- mltlli of the Hendermvllle th Blue Rldg country, "the wlth the ax = recalled the ,flry Solomon aone. Interrogation of ru youthful eelebrstor re+ that the story of the mountain and the sow had been one of related at the party durine the mbd that the "aplriUrm* was of Juvenile lassie- there are few pec@le anlwr- eough to believe that S.lo- $orm ehost haunts Mount Heb- evtq.y Id-tlmer In the e'tlon qll Ilgree that the spirit of the rulrd who lived to near the ltrk Is everywhere mani- la the great medern hard-arfaeed rsdiat;ng through the moun. every dlreetlon. For Solomon Dou*us the dlStlnetlon of be- the first American cenic road who pursuit was  r<,:- *tradition llds that his razor- aow. Sue. was hls chief engt- Hia Winding Roacht. TO  who tlte to romance of the 4omo Jones Is referred to as blazer." HI trails of yes- are a state's great hlghway of hid throuh pa in the pounding of 4-mkE maelery. ow. Sue. by the tll over the muntaln a trail am he wt. will alwy It as the mot POl,ular drive taken by residents of Hendersonville and viaitors In the days of hog,e-drawn vehicle,& Automobll even today make the ummlt over this road but most of the motorist& excepting those aspiring toward hazard prefer to stay on the wller hard-nrfaeed hi.h- ways, the otth of .golomon+s Idea. Amon the many other roads btlilt by .%omon Jon was Jon' Gap. named for him. which tea to Caesar's Head In the ('amOrous+ Thls was eonstrleted long before the Civil war end for more than sirty years wa used by Jones and" hls heirs u a toll road. Fattmr of Twelve Children. The road-maker wan well te the "grand old mau of the mountains." He wa& indeed, a patriarch. Standin mix fPet two Inches tall and welfrhing 2t pounds and glft with keen In. tel,ect, he was a man who command- ed the repect of all who knew hlra. The father of twelve children+ ten +ns and two daught he  credited with adopting and brinkng up even other orphan children left to hh; care. He was ninety+ven yearn of age when death claimed him. Solomon Jones. becau of his large family, which he wisied to see well edneat+L tured naturally to ch(gls. He was one o( the pioneers l eduea- tlonal work. stumping western North Carolina in an effort to get the p tat public aeh system abll/ed lie thl early gnl,d the fact that If the mountain farmer was to Im- prove hL condition, tt would be through the e-mbinatIoa of god IC|t(*O|S Ih) ro;i+L. "Inventors'" Still Try for Perpetual Motion Waahlneton.Even knowledge of the realistic lawn of mathematics does not make tnvm'tor Immune to the r mantle lure of one of the olde falli- cleni cherished by human blnt. Belief that Inanimate matter can I. so pattern(! that It will. atr earring an initial human Impulse, pro- duce perpml motinn ia shown by patent-otce records to remain the cardinal faith of aa atoniahing num- ber of dreamer& Read This, Then Bring on Your Fish Stories Beriin.--When the night ex- press from Frankfort steamed into Hamburg the other morn- Ing olals discovered a scantl. ly clad girl a=lp on tlte roof of a rriuge. AImard the train great excitement prevailed over the disappearance of a younf girl ,'tm was left aleeping in the car by her parents. A reh of the train failed lo reveal a trat of her whereabout& Walking In ht sleep, the girl lad made the perilous ascent to the top of tht racing train, whre she was found st,+ping am}d lelel and cinders ,heu the train arrlved at liamhurg. ========================= Porcupine and Magpie Ruin Wyoming Crops Cheyenne. %Vyo.--The por(plno and the magpie have been playing havoc tn Wyoming. The winter food ot POrcupines /Jr largely the bark and cambium layers of tree The tr often are girdled and Albert M+ Day, stat Ider of rodent control, stya d trees are evidence of the damage In all the for. On a ranch in Campbell county the portapines hate damaged the tlrrt. bet and killed m-arly all of the native wihl fnltL++*L Poisou is placed In their den. The magpie not (rely robs the m)t of otler birds and kills young chick. ens and turkeys, but pt+ka hol Iu the hides of cattle and sheep. Ap- proximately I.Y0 |rounds of poisoned ground bt-ef has been used this y in getting rid of the bird. Canada Hu Air Fleet to Fight Forest Fires Toronto. ()nt+---itad:o airi,)an end wireless telephones cut the toll of for- eat fires in (mtarlo to a minimum in 19"26. according to a bulletin Issued by the delmrtment of lands and fortt Ontario maintaln a fleet of 16 hy- droplant which patrol the tlmbe m dally, says th@ bulletin. L<d out towers eqllRk-,d with radio trans. mlttlng apparatus and wirelm tl. phones are located at trat+e polntt When a blaze Is reported+ airplanes carry forest rangers and flre-flghUng eq,Jll:nent to the e of the fire. Eart Form of Mammal, TEXAS FLAPPER AGED TEXAN TELLS HOLDS UP BANK I SINGLE HANDED OF BUFFALO HUNTS Honor Student at State Uni. Vast Herds of Animals versify, Called "Miss Mod. ) aty," Plans Robbery I Austin. Texa.--Rebecca Bradley, twenty-two year= of age, brown-eyed, bobbedQmlr brunette of llO pounds, la a(-s, ed of robbing the F'armera' Na- t|gaul bank of Buda, lfi mllml from bere lll Bradley la a eolle, graduate+ Roamed the Plains. Tahoks. Tzaa---Frank M+ Sherrod of Tahoka Is one of the few m still livin who hnnted huffal for their meat in the TaTs. Hla tint trip to the plains refflon of northwtern Tetra on a buffalo hunting xpodltlon w before the wholale slaughter of the animals for their hides began+ Aa a ns of prrlnf Mr. Sherrod' an honor student, candidate for master's degree, and a model daugh- ir. She served a teu a a atenogca. ph In the office of the attorney gen- eral of Texas. in her high hoel da at Fort Worth she was kown Ins "Mies M,lety+" She Us modt In dress and be- havior and shuns the pleaure at- tributed to the flni,er, but she refell to the two men who let her shove them Into the bank vault with a platol u "tlwnu pa.- Planmld "Mveatutt" CltPully. f;r+ planned her "great adventure" carefully, king to prove a woman could be a better holdup than s man. She faee trial on a capital offenae, UI her aureties ou hall am Mayor P. W. McFadden of Atmtiu and . Charles Ramsdeli. fesaor of hll tOry In the Unlveraity of Texas. Mi Bradley's first effort in her tploit was to direct atlsplei ells- where. Ste had her own small auto- mlle, and early of moring sP, droe to Round Rck. 20 miles north of Atmtln. There. Deuce offteiala ay. she sought to etablbh an alibi by "reglatering" herself on the lalmbb tant Then she apparently drove ewtftty Imek through Air.tin and to Buda. 16 miles south. 8he had been there se. It'ar41<l Them Iot.o the Vault. I1"11 days before. ng u ao Am+a m writer. On this pretext pined admittanca to the cage. maylmg e wa..meed t turn m tylemrtt She waited until all enstome I thn yank out a pistol and forced F. A. Jamton. cashier, and Raymoud Howe. kktlr. Into the vault. 8he expr the hope they would not suffer for air. lng up all the money In light, she reentered her automobile, drove bark to Atln and left her ear at a wahinE tatloa. But the haflktql had tald from the vault In Ume to ke the Ilcmu number+ Malls Loot to Hartff. After diing of the auto+ the glrl went to the AUXIn  olflee It mta rtrt! Imcke addrd t-heraelf+ This packa was Inter- m remlnics of fdoatr ya. a. . |Isley. field reprPm, ntatlve of the Panhandle-Plains Historical fO,eloty. visited Shm-rod a few days ago and ohtatned from him an account of his buffalo hunting eXTrience One of the lntereing atatement made hy Mr. 8herrnd waa that in 197 buffaloes were killed In Itr+t number for their ton condered a great delicacy. HIs Flr Buffala Hunt. wan Just a boy and was out hPr on the buffalo range In 1874 snd 1875," he aid. "I wad seven yeulw old when I came out the first time. We came out from Brown connty, shout 21)0 miltl tO the tt. and there were only five of us. We hunted for meat. That year you could  290 and 300 coyott in a bunch, but the second year these snlmals were thinned out. There were many men buffalo hunting, who killed the coyotes for their akin. e really cme a lot fPthlr out than nry to kill the buffaloes bnt we had Iota of fun. There were tens of thousands of buffslow every- where. Whml we got tired of one plaee we would move to another. We ma hou of pol41, covered with buffalo hld lined and flooced with tile m. The 'md winter we me out here there were thirty-two of ma from Brown oounty, and  killed buffalo that wtnt myself. I dlda't do nythlng but hunt. "*The first winter we Ioad! our agona with meal We took year- lin and two year old= and dried thcdr hams whte. We broueht a wash kettle along with us and rendered art thirty*two kttles of full ma sud tallow+ This got  hard that you could throw tt around llk a chunk of wood. We would take an ax. break the bones and th serape the tatar- row out. "Foe marrow and tallow were nmd for cooking, making sop and the like. "We killed 4oueh buffaloe to fur- hUsh the Tumpl6 of Brown county wtt meat ell the next year. Twelve months afterwards the meat would he aa hard aa tove tm the ontde, but good and fresh wh cut Into. We didn't mlt our meat. The majority of th meat we cut In big chunka, as larze aa a ten pou bucket, and driP+ me of It we carried tack+In the whole hama. ( "In killing the buffalotf we u nle guns and It eot us five cents a shot. Wt, met two fellva up on the head of the f,olorsdo river the d year who had hn out two agatha and hadn't killed a buffalo+ "I had th 'eltir, ens' Hfi and trIded u ome tobacco to kill some lmffalo for them, We went out and killed about fifteen for them. No Troubla With Indlamt. "There were lots of Indians tb first year+ We left our camp many times n*1 wnnld look back and the Indlan sltllnz (m the to of r wazona snd movlne aronnd our (mrup. They nevr would ),other anvthlnlf ex- ," sore+thing to ent or our mul( We had to gaard the turtles ev nlghL Many a night we have f:one off' Into a thicket without mule, and t the Indiana would eon In camp and pa s|l drnund us+ ere wew more Indlarm over in sb eonnty than around Tnhoka lake.. We nev did have n fleht wl?h them. aa they a  of stmte before moun- noted srveyors and agtmra who have vlalted Ran- eoty have marveled at the aid 8olomon's rd follovd grad and fund the nat- Plm through the mountains. t for their continuo Im almost like a IIII!1 y In tlllr regularity. Altbel-,h Solomon J(me M u far baek as the days shorlly the Wai" of 1812 while he 1111 In h teens, It  atut yeare ago that he completed tfs Thht is the road to attmmit of Mount Hehro-- tl t041 of the old mountaineer. Many have been men of lder- able ertiltlon, and ome have to their credit tnventi of sound worth. Most of tlem have erlen the ela0on of apparent success until their little machlnt were stopped b7 the laws of nature+ A sketch7 record of broken hop extends far back Into the fils of the patent oq+. The only etimate of the number of applicants to patent perpetual motion dtvtees t+l Sln( the Offic waa ab{Ishd IS a vague "thound" None of the de- vices hag been found patentable ftr examination by expert& None have been found to have an economical vai to indtry. Finds Relatives The lled "archaic mammaus" eepted before It could be delivered were the erllest forms of th mum. to her and wu found to contain ma|tan group to xlt. They ared automatic pistol and 8910. In the early eocene period and wera The gill wu aed in AUII, very primitive and generalize! In typ% toktt t BudL Ittfled hy the bank. Tt first mammals soon dled +mr. m and returned to Jail hn, giv{ng place to the modern mama{% which are of an entirely differ atock, Kill. Own Child FllnL Mleh.--{?rwl{ng *m Ihe drl way. the elght-th+old dauh, of Janu 1 of tl+)a eity was InstaUt- iy killed when the latter hacked hLI ear out of the garage, alriking tl child` AMERICAN SOLDIERS ARE THE Per i year+ bur paae has rt veai e haa twin the bride of Otl llogera, a young attoeney of AUStiL lmqt-t who rldPd R - ly. while bo}h were lu eoll wW fend hUs wife In eourL Kills Farmer and Wife and Kidnaps Dauhfer New Bffmmfleld. Pa.--A dewnted farm l'and beat to death his employer and wife whm trey q' hla sands for ey. and then ktdald thtr dnugt, ler. of Man Killed in Fall N.J.--Stat|on WaIL +whlch Itled to lid in finding the rein- of a  re_a, lea that Its over the all" had been mmeeem;- C1NIrI Ag of flelphl I the other night ex.. music and sougl was the de art  he baaed ann him . Oeor. a watehnn the Armour eomlPany's plant at N. J bad  killed when e4 a runw+v. adell+hlan went to Car- lhank I! chief of pol{e for U  and to dalm Ay Womaa lmatoL --M Floree & In a t0"earlng for her hlld  of whom ar I+1 now helptng  hh+! law+ She kas  been ad- BEST PAID FIGHTERS IN WORLD .+, .+ .hu,,. xly yr old. a formt protht+ n General Submlte rta4 to Arut Commi=Mon at a. Gva.--The Ametm private sol- dier 18 a prlne-from the tandltnl of pay--a compared with the + dlers of other rtes. Statistics to dem,mtrate thi were ted by General Nan +of th- Unltd States arm to the ltague's lZarmant eommlscm here+ General Noln+a eontenHou wa that while Is{verdi and sy?emattP reduction of ml)trary bud all c-er t Iorid wtd rly u! in a reduction of arm{ and rmmet. It m-wrthel-t eontnte rther n nnfalr tts far lrl. owtn to the different ret of y. ,a,nd++rd - of life.  of t of wr m+ terlaL and o(her +qemts in the 4If fert nr ri+ A the me stlk|l t. - tart of Perry county, sad hUs wife. Nolan eared that the lay of the low. F.lla+ Their alte! atlant. Paul ranklnAmt-rlenn donfrhbo wo,l{d 8beefier. ly.d Mr Elster Kell. whW pay approxlmate)y 5 F'rPnch "llhts"; had la vlaltlng r parents, draed 41 Italian diel an 11 Japa her Into +qhull'a Sutlle and art+ In t fame manner the + of i sway wlth her. hstn,--l-yn that the A- Icn soldier eats ,++uch bett" or a I deal mor than any other--it much htgher In America han else where. For example, the eot-of fsednl one Aean lder I ett fl 2.,5 I; ldler; 2+4 ltn!!an mi. <)I+ !5 Jaa old{ers aud 1.4 igrltlL Tom ml-& f'ersl N0tzn cited a other ltr that r+nder armeme,t bndts w+r ha+|s of (+omrl,n for fixing redu+ ti,ms of armat, rt of wxehan In the d[fferenl +ntrl cot of trantln btr nf raw maDrlal urd the fln|),d produ aud fl haing  of the mosey of II otmtry bth at h and abe. !melh,ng went wrong with the ear+ When the man g<+! oat fo repair the trouble Mrs. K*ll ,Irave away and eolla me t|U later, tftt Ildll with heart trnck. "Gets Her Men" Fort Myvra F*la.--l'rim la the nty Jil wtl{ 11 cafxful hereafter M. %+ B Maynard. wife and ehlef dtuy of toe sheriff. |tke the roll n+rthwt WI{, ga her man--4r + Th prir bu,k her la a +l and tt+a+ With s ale del, UlY abe ctm them Into tha rwampa of the Kvelade and eal tared hem. An 18+tulle boat tlP then ,n snto ride and  w Is- never did bther us. l,ot of tlme we would ride aronnd point and Ieet s b, mcb of |nd:#na fade to far. We would h opo and In a mlnnte the Indtan hehln4 would turn hlq heq+ and then all ould turn and rld btek the way thvy had come+ %Ve ntver bothered with the huf- falo bld {n 14 expt to throw a few on top of our meat wh we rted hack. Tere wan a rlng at Tshoka luke t no water In the , pDt{na lakes Ihou. e d wants, there wera btm- s of mq ktllln for hldt. '*We drove o% lms In 18"/'5 nnd must have had about fift wagcns that year+ Th was an outfit fro++ Fort Worth on the Colorado Hver which wa killln JU for the tenant. They said |he, were worth fifty nta in Fort Worth They wld kill the bffal+ efit out the tung-an= and leave the rest lg the. We were -gone on the trip about six nmhs and a half." i ondon Irate; Remearch BI for Lost Dogs Indon. England.--Unluckr do have b I aatrhy In st{oh numhera for 11 and sentlfle rrch that thou+mnda of Lcmdm  ownra have aled to the authorities for prr. Th qesttun of dog-teinl had brought up in Ihe hm, of errv m+a before.  Rrett rf+n y mten,la that r; work+ ,. by payijg from 8 to 8 >+llllnD for any kind of dog. ha .en Is- petus to dog stealing bere and are r Fmslble for th ths of t num, rm of th aniwml. The rlh work.s y that they thnuthl the whleb had beun eallg Iltang' by ,he  eatcbr { WOMEN BARRED ON "PARADISE ISLAND" "No Money, No + Trouble" m Reetful South Seal. lan Pranct. Calif.--Nine willing Robinson Cru, who. though young, are weary of lift turmoil of cities and the babble of women, are here prelmr- ing to colontze a new "Paradise Is- land" In the Semtb Sen. "No trouble and no women; no money and nobody to ask you for any," is tlelr motto. 7he Intended home of the aelf-ap- polnt castaways la Santa Maria I land. lovely t of land exuctly on the 4uator In thd Galapagos group. The men are the crew of the Pa- dorian auxl|lary schooner loreana, at present ked here, who  their own ahlp, and, am members of "La Colonla de Florenna." are owners of the modern prot.otyp of Robln Crusoe'= home on Juan Fernandez IS- land. No ordinary lulls are they, but phllhe every one. One is an accontanto another an author. A for- associate Iv the enterl)rt, who later deserted, was s scholar and unl- verslty graduate. All are from Nor- way. Each an has hiu Imrtleular for fleeing from the society of women. Three of the Plorna are diver Two are married and rated fPom Ill-natured or unfaithful wives. The other of the company admit they m *'dlaappolnted nn." Then there are 21 men, ranng in ages down to eighteen yeart Thlrt of them were leCt on ntu Maria l- land bef the Plortna e to 8an IPranclo a month afro. pL Aulfast Chrustenn. forty+flv and CapL Anto Stub, fifty-one, mr- Inert, are the leaders and the eldest of the colony. They have, of t'eur, the lntentinu of unionizing their land with addl- tlonal people eventually lad reaping fortunes In ttillng lt fertile o11+ They al contemplate flahlng aud whaling enterprl In the populomm pleal watera of the vicinity. The Iet was geled by the advet lurers first, beeanse the Pngdan governt, which own the 41 laland of the (;alaparo granted them the land. and sAcoud+ au ot ItS to- mantle history and Ilatlon. WILD WOMAN FOUND FROZEN TO D00TH Roamed Michigan Wood for Fifty Years. Calumet, Mlch.--4Id Maggie rlngton, forest wanderer, wad fouud frozen to death, eight miles from her dUapldated old cabin uear the o141 Cetral mine In Copper eounUW. utthern M%chlgan, receutly. She was seventy year8 old. the last fifty years Maggie haa roame4 the forests, fearless of man or at all tlmea of  day or night, as wlllll as the gray wolf d as i an the deer. Subsisting upon raw and nlt fondu and wild berries, with clotbln4g enough only to decently cover her--- Go stocking& mlttena and no hat. wandered many mllen through thn dense foresta from one camp to other and often crouched in the Per* net of a drtd cabin for the night, away from the howling wolv an41 sheltered from the bitter north wlndJ ten or fifteen mllel back to her awla stovele shae or Io on nmny mllel In another dlrttlon to dome It cabla for a cupful of coffee. Wild W0man'a Hom Her old tumbled.down cabin at ell- tral mine, with windows stuffed with old papers or potato bag itt pile el ee In the middle of the floor, w the old runty ove had long Ifllaelt fallen apart, the chalre !rid kl table decayed where they stood, aml In the corner of the bare room a pUe of dirty rap which ,ved her u eepl quarters for  many yes-a, 8he Wall often aden by to U ey drove along the northern ht way, but she managed to get Into thl fort before they reached her. Maggie had one ride in an to and that wan four years ago wh =he had an Infected foot. 'It ride tOOk her twenty-five miles to Calumet trenton She was Intelligent and had a moo mhool education, and her mo was noted among the did nelghbo as a splendid housekee-, elea orderly, R*tal Keen MImJ. Me had degenerated 111 the umt- ter of clothing and way of living only; abe could tell of the wild  ih4 knew so welL Whatever tranaplred In the life e4[ thla arrange woman to change from a lthy, aL, elt'ed beautiful girl aa she was fifty o nt the time her mother a =dlent hermit of the no one can may, 8he kept her eouncll--a eonfidees wlth and died with her -ret on her fr over the little grave Ifty years 'l'r-ch Mouth" Attad Thousand. at Tton Trenton. N. J.--An. "trench mouth," a gum nicely 11 Vincent through Trenton in daye+ The malady, whlcb able to the from  to dlare+ Nearby plaees also are the 8klllman tllePtle village, ltutlou. the malady has been general that physldans were to launch a fight agollmt It. *+at kiting" Us the word out by the health degartmet I effort to combat Lhe malady+ -e aoaor aeelar try. dl wad rare In the United 8tate befor the +war. They say It was brat back by the A l-tll for Prima Plum to Re,t Sa. Juan Caplatrano, ty-one years afe Prtldent ,ln sl the land of atortng the |ands and bu/|dng of] slon San Juan Cap.rand to olin church for tlonal .lmrpo+" the rtlln "Jewel of the to bt made to conform to po for which the Charile'a island, refmr of Pacific buc- caneers, Only one {aland of the Gala- pseo la now Inhabited` It Is 50 miles from the Crna" home. Find __, "Rme" Diamond; Arrest Two Paria.--The famous ro diamond. known as the "Grand Conde," atolen from the  tower in the chateau of the Duc d'Aumale in C'hanttlly early In Octotr, has been reeove The famou gem waa found tn a valid, the mtot wrapped carefully tn cotton. Two of the fitted thtev In Kaulfer and Emile Souter, who crossed s flooded moat and climbed Into lh# gem tower on a ladder, were aed and are reported to have tnfd. Two fne, who d a fortlme In Iler Jela which al') were were a Other aecomp|let are mmL The thieves got only I0000 francs (alrat 11,200). They threw mttlng some of wbleh were of great valtte, Into the Sefne aud /told the mnncs to unsling reputable Jew* eler. The mystery wall ared I)eca Kaulfer talked too m,ch+ One of ! la from caution wad promptly re- ported to the polle. He wa ahnb owed for anvil weeks, and finally connected with the robbery and at,- rested. Find Way to Grow Hair on Bald Mice Taunton. gngland.--Bald mle have made to grow halr In experi- mta designed to duseover a cure for baldn among humalr To grwv hair on mien In , set. entlst explain, but the trick was to make the m bald. Dr. F+ A. E+ Crew. llnetrml )f the anll brlng Institute of tba Fltn+ burgh university+ discovered th ml may be made to shed their cmta by extlng certain gland tJbtnees+ Pm<tor Crew also that by ex- traetinf a htan from normal mice. and ging It on the bald on. he has been ahle to promote the growth of the COal agalu eomplete|y or paP* tlally+ according to th6 amt Ray+ St+ Pun- ky padre, to dle In 1911. bued In th that L Jaw of Mammoth Found plied. The exmen are bolng tinued with a view of aertaluhg If human baldn may not be due to the rne glandular dcle, mey, and therefore curable In a idmllar way. T  " ' , P "J t J i , , ,,@ Illiteracy lncreuing; Paris Lays It to War Parls+A little kn,n f of the war dama ffered bY ce la led in xmy Eg- u whl ahow an Ineing nnmber of I{{{terat afrg re+ crult. In 1, of t  called to d or Wrlte while lt. f thenutelvee Illiterate PlfllP for only a pall bf tg are avallabte+ but they show an +,.mentatt, n tn the condlt{on+ wh{ch {s arid to the dl.r nlzatlm3the wnr+ in aool|n rhlrfne [ :!