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December 31, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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December 31, 1898

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ati e u m s m IT]I THE SENATOR balanced, sensible, vlgorous and abte A ,ONG FOR THE OLD YEAR. A ltApp, GRRITIN(}, THE c]:rARI O1 MUSIC. man. Ilecould be relied upon never to We commonly out our eve-teeth on some. "Yes, sing a song for him, my frie - ....... thing harder ti]an a rubIer ring.--Detrat ,][a caused by f.cid tu the blood. Hood&apos;s make any blunder, either politically or The year is lonell" now! Pleasant New Yemr rlshe8 foe Ol It" Effects M:ere Very Agreeable lo Journal. otherwise, was always willing tJ work The frost and rime 9f winter-time and All--/he Young, the Oldp/he the Fellow 'ho 1Vas Catch- Ulisacid aud cures Some of the Men Who Shape the hard for his constituents and hl, parts, L, Llatlks fault,, his foibles, tO0. lng Fl.h. and pains, Do not. suffer any ............................................. : on beard and brow. Hfht the Lo. longer wines a remedy is at hand. Take Nation's Legislation. ,lid constantly proved himself a souud Ills follies, doubts, and fears: -- __ ttmgat, medicine which tins eared so many adviser and abte manager. It was he Yet, take him all in all, 'tls true The following cheery greeting to hh A fisherman once took his era'net to the I ethers, and 3"o11 may eon fldentl,v expect it. who in 1894 went to each d emoerati He brought more smiles than tears, readers was Written by tile late gelfial lake with him, in hopes that his harmonious U D YOU][  will give you t, ho relief youao much desire. It I Not Always theLawmakeeaMol aenator and found just what sorl oPs So we wlilspeak him fair, my frlenda, and happy-hearted Eugene Field, and attracting the fish toh]shcok 8 Talked Abet! Who xert dire tariff bi!I wouhl command the support We loved him well, you know, notes wouhi have a hypnotic influence in S p. ill" Mo+t Po,,.nt sad L.mHn. of e, ery democrat. And it ,,'as he who Before we let him go. several +: A+ +o.. + .o. IkOd lehe ? Ar.d staff the good old year a song Imblished in the Chicago Daily News the etrnet to h s lips, ar soon made the r lnHnence, then prepared and arranged the A happy New Year to you, child of airs, bat withouttheexpectedresukofgain. I Are your nerves weak? welkin ring with some of the latest popa]a'r ----- amendmenls whleb made possible the Oh, shall we sing how blithe he seemed I America's Greatest Me, diclna t'rlee SL [Special Wash|ngton Letter.] first dcmocralic tariff since the war. VVhen bells were rung, and songs were sbiue than of cloud, anti more of glee "Perhaps I don't play loud enough," he I in your back? Lack energy? The night when first he came, to-day! May you know more of sun- ing bite. Can't you sleep well? Pain pared by O. I. Hood & Co.. Lt)welI, Mass. 'When lhe o;'tih was admim:-tere(I to . Another di::tinctly strong democrat- sung, than of sorrow; may your tumbles and thought. So he blew h'is cornet louder, bul Appeti  poor? Digestion Femttor ,Sierras, of Oregon, tl;e scnate'le'ilvcr-cnaturisCockrell.ef.Missnuri To usher in his name? still no nibble. I Yotz rarely see h s name in prtnt, out- How spring-time met him in her bowers bumps be few, your laughter be ere. "Confound it!" he exclaimed. "VV" bad? Boils or pimples? became a complete body numerivally side of a Missouri paper, yet he has Festooned with garlands gay, queue an(] long, your play be unre- are all the suckers to-day?" aer These are sure signs of A SURPRISE PARTY. lor the first lisle in ahnnst two 3ears. been ill tits senate 2 veers and, And summer strewed Mspath with flowers, strained, your sleep refreshlng, your At that moment he g'lanced to the oppo-I poisoning. - ............. There are now 90 senators present or . Ar.d lured him on his way? dreams pleasant, site extremity of the lake, where he saw an- It Came to a iv/an Who Used to Make accoutred for, two senators fro" Cecil of J in t le dh'eetlon of h'gislalion is one And though among tl!, joys he brought From what poisons? i . ' There lurk(d some dregs cf wee, A happy New Year to you, brlgh+ other angler pul]ing in fish hand over hen(., From poisons that are al- ll|mlelI Solid vPllh the tl;e 45 states ill the republic, tot the most powerful men in the conn- We'll sing the good old )'tar a song youth of oar city and country--all hap- rot, shouted: "Bravo! Encore!" bowels. - who, seeing he was observed by the cornet, ways found in constipated "lVnlters. The lerm (:f Set:aloe MitchtN, of I try. llard work, absolute honesty and Before we let him go! Oregon, expired March 4, 1897. The Or-I sincerity, great political foresighi' and friendships, the competitions ad thai music," thought t.he man w th the eorne. If the contents of the "Brown had received a setback that he gon leglslature failed :o perform its ; a judgment that is remarkal)ly sonnd Oh, when the bearded grain grew ripe finess hi the ambition, the joy, the ; "I. am glad that somebody appreciates m not recmer from for some time," aid . . And harvest songs went rout.d, , o a am ra' " , rewards of school llfe Success to "ou [ ' ' g - -- ism .the instrument, he astern- bowels are not removed from L, as ne ,ippcd his coffee. "'l honest- dt*t 3 and adjourned withoul electing a I nt:blaed, are chiefly what give him Its swung his blade io sun and shade ..  . . ", a I mo(late the luckier fisherman wi the body each day, as nature .re that be ha corrupted every *neee.sor to Senator Mitchell. The hs inlnenee. Like Senator Jones he Till all the wheat was bound. It] t.ue e,mearor wnereoy the firm, an-[effort., thanothet intended, these poisonous waiter iu tim city by h out andish gocrnor of Oregon appointed Senator i is a lhoroughly safe adviser and for Fie led us througt] the golden sheaves, (nrlng basts of Irue manhood and of)arm  substances are sure to be And through the ripening shocks, noble womanhood are laid. with whal( , ) ngm! Again!" shouted the second fish- absorbed into tile blood al- )vertippmg mak;ngita,mostim- fiorbett, but |he United States senateY ears back has been a member of all Ar.d twined tl)e first bright autumn leaves success comes lwo-fold ban,iine "/__,.my mnslc so great ?" haHooed the cor. ways causing suffering and amoaatppert(,geanyserv, refnsed to grant hhu a seal. ice at el|. Cease- I the dcnloeratic "steering co nm trees " Among his tangled locks. . vl '--/''cus" frequently causing severe "He had a habit of starting with the hen+ qnenty it beeum+e necessary for the lie has probably nmre influence on the Oh, then the 3"ear was in his prime, happiness to others and happiness in .:'N[o, ' rep] ed the fisherman, "but it keeps disease. But now his step is slow, yourselves. Go forth gayly and eon-| II at this end of the lake,,_ them all dtr+n tile line. Ieglsiaiure of that state, in extra ses- republicatl side than any other dam- And we will sing a song for him fidently into lhe new 3-ear O, you who |" " worla. There Is a common sense cr lie had ever tipped the ocrat. Before we let him go! are beaut iful in the fresh vigor of vot,r / 'Phe Enormoaa {;[old Product of 1808 r or not, but J have my ,uspi. The republicans have a Ian who is "Tts true he robbed ns |n his fl:'ght. ,'el th' * ' " .... [Ayl 9 S that he did. it: many ways lhe counterpart of Sen- ' l Tiffs will be the greatest gold year in his- result has been that tile waiter+ And took from form or face upon him asasortdlndiannabob alor CoekrcH. This is Senator AI!ison Sme touch of color or of IIght, [ A happy New Year lo you young|try: ron) SoutilAfri(.a, tfieK]'ondikeand Some trick of alr or grace-- linen! We know your eel'ei ' Your .,uytrahatiepreciousmetaIisbeings iped or a returned king fr-*t 'he Klondike, att(l Like Coekrell he is, whet, his party ann- And in thtir stead, per+'hance, lie dropped falterin r s )eeeh, "our din ., . ,. ' at this !   m large quantities It is beheed th wo.hi pay no attention to anyone else trois lbe senal, the ehairmat of lhe A wrinkle h+reand there, ','on--:  ..... 3., erte t.y.eal, s ou!pu wdl nearly double that of any when d glances, poverful committee on appropr;aiions. Or traced upon the once smootit brow [ tale sgns Lave betrayed you, and there [ tetters Stomach lhtters are a so increasing complain and storm all yon I .. - ..... r. its+re ulese ant other tell- v,evlous twe ve n oaths The al( of }los it wotfld have no effect. %Vcu { Moreover, he is u worker and a good Some lines of gr{ef cr ears+ .... very zest, att(i tiffs year that famous remedy Dut stiIJ w'tl clerish In our heaNs I s uncommon sympathy in oar hearts / enterea everything else wa | one. His jmlgw.ent is sonnd and con- The yeanwe've h.arcd |o know, t as we 1),d vol a happy New Year P, nt |lion contina;pele:f.!yspel)sm'J ndges will cure mor " - - ' ntll the imaginary specks of dirt] 'ervntive, and his abilltv, both as a And sing a song for him, nay friends, to be lmppv you mnst be brave Go / ?,nan ever before. ed lrom the lmaeulaio table I ' ' - ' " " "heSS' " .-. .... , -cousness ant1 weaK. sp(.)rless china, andi/rowt seate(J | polilician and a sin esman decidedly Before we let him go! soiitary gtor at. his favorite like a mnn, and speak your nfind to/ ws ahvays reserved for him. higl), tle has a (endencv, if a perplex- Vbat thourh he left corn "  , wl . ..L_. : . , ing party q lestion is "tin lo lake  ,,7 ...... '.- , ,/, e folcwdpa.o her; near ott inlo Per ..-m ........ ' ft Retribution. LttIIlL IS ena 1 - - . , i+  i., r.)t lllkly e el, n v[ne-[  ,,,a lub; elir lne "]here w - ' around fornm:'w::an[t, he is qt,el seat on the floor of the senate to Or It, te ieart cm, barbed dart full measure of your soul she ---- M ke's a, ,;-ked:eer !n Meander,ng + " , aul+tlt)l)lllg SO" %. . . , . , f  .  t,t l )e ttl He saw Ile lll e glrl Coulin join. . L.te,t. leflee and reach eonehtstons be- Of which we make no s.+gn? gentle heart and she will remtite vou out of the restaurant ide door earr,-;-- g a!Jyin his soup?" asked Smith lore .,.pc king. "lak n, l:m all n n 7 nougn som:esweetenord, whosenumh,. It s not wel for you +--:- , ",' " small tin pail "The des (' heo'.-;..'3's, '' e tuan Ihat AI . ..  .  ' , , tnn eq '  .,,'-m to I ve is e " ,, . .... ,,,,-,eu to : .... . I hs hie Brown ha and con.+tderzng everythimz sen'ttor Our heinz t  o apart; bat veer ha " . , , .h omtade., of mcouragmg sich luxuries ,,g a e money cnou h a . , . . . .  ..... oth ...... .  ppJness Is wHhin mdeyoun .' "Jt'son .... . ,. . nsclf arme and nowghe head to ;encrall3 lega,d hun aa the able,d man l.!ms!led, and mute, Its music stilled, )oar eomprehension. ]"ate is oroi, the reioin(er B ........ dut. .tostop.,t, ,,a [ They dally msure an easy COVered that the house  :- ::7 ".'.'+ '?" oil the rept )liean  de o toroo for us no more? lint s th- +; .... . .: .....  ,, t Y. turn t, .... ,. +t.cJ,,,t: ue utrle gn'l could ana natural movement of owned i,-- t.:,. t " + c .t rentlrig is ..t. ' + The memory of that Mie t ,nlo . ,. , ......  o *pt. un(l ills girl is .......... L .e tami> morose up nefore , . FPee Pr :++,* former aeaowalter."--Detro,t Jos'PII I MO'- ri,-'h't" :t );ee;t', :.n.n ,,born the public. ,s ]. clings to .{he ,'ear we k:oV,, ,,Jhlnff.. . . ] herlend se::laiemcefr,v;nl laO,t[, ;, lad,) bu, t l I th:g?lfindthatthe useof ttw ,------- ............... I+..t 1"., ,. "-'+ ,. * " + tt e Clng as a Ieaeer el llis] w'e WllSlgasong for hinl Ano ,tl' n. 3-ou Onsh CO'g mn;?.n t lrf'o  " ' ,, " . ' ,,t''h tiny IllrCler' a J,u'rURE WIFE' r .............. tatesenator rrom (:regon.) ])arty in the senate Tin+ i+ - e,_ Before we let h mgo! as we a0 -, .............. ' ., , ........ I-:o:xgln me aJlanqry.. ]he little grlbe- ]la:ll.#' -- '''*'" IHall "' " , ..... -,,-. tor- --tie en V:h they ('lark in YGu ,v, - r,^  +  ,,,, v to jou rne complHnents [ gin to cry. :lme se zed tl e bu( ;at and in a + .......... -: ........ --[+ . i t;on, Io e]eel n sena,o,',and Mr Simoa , .. the. cnarac,er of hisleadersitip ] pinion. ' ......... or tins nappy season? Can it be lha |moment h.d the bottom of it ponted +--t  'i " b ""'=_'.""*""u:aanwadltTola t was ,,i,u::?l,. I)miI-' th inleri,n (/ ..... r m".e'er, lsfarfronllleingundcrslood.] ---=--_ ....... a qnahn opl/resse your tenrl ....... |,'ardthebi.aesky..Theeffectwasvolcane.]  *.v , to .|m to .n Ab,ol.le Cer,, ]  n, only had e, , -' atot it i..-:: '.",;'- ,le ,s a h.ader because nf his keen no [ ........... -- se e, ee? Have vou"bee- --'-::--':;" |voa. m new m all dtrections. }t s one ejaeu- dl'ilt]lOIIl " + ......... tit lIU+ " y " 1. w  4  tl |SleJ,} 1111 tOP [ laLIOn SOlVe(l the m .. "' ' talat. + ('a t s "hi I 0 a .... X'IAR S RESOLUTI N __ t 3ster?, Soap suds 'ntlll  1 ,3 t,,Jl, ,l. the ltture an, s 'tte leP..'s- , . ' -,g,,',,3,becaosehJ ___ _ 0 S, (oquette O. monster of ruthlessness; And ,v]len the restaurant propretor came  a||L ""ewasaehattS]dof llat"'e"ilffai!t, i:e'frn]'sf'ie'i;" ' '?g/,:;',:)hC"n"c bili|y' l)ccant'bei" l)e'e.mlnallonl'arpo.e ,,n It, e "aveyot, l,een reve]ngln lheangl sl oundd+stredtoknoy)vhylis(h dren with the p|lls v.,i|I hasten _ Y ' a c6njttrer, and | b+,eans,, the rt e of the enal'- :- --  : , * s l '1 led by hi fo|lo'- | "  .... ] wh eli vet bl ht eyes and r . . not nJow soap nut)bie  thout beln re ov was anxious to open the evenin'scnterta n- | . +  , . '  c x wel,  era  nt bet n,, ........ " . / first Day of the Yenr Ilia Often , . . '; . . - Pett 3 fae /interfered with the v;-+;-- ^ ...... ' .-" g _.C .cry. It.cleanses the meat merrily So he tet+td fo'rw,,,t +,+K / iil.(lerlocul, t,ovcrtors of states ean- + . - ....... t ..... t(loxlea! as it nlav / Is-* ............ - i ,ave enlalletl; Q+e eannot b d yon bc Ihad not a w,,,.n +- d-..'{ y,.v,,ue),!]suce ] pinna from all lmpur,ties and i'ror)t tfthe,tagcand,a]t|: "'" e | LO, appuiut In fill aeal:eiesc.n,ed by i''iem;, tie i not aowedly "a leader."| ....... or tit|el .'tenle,elaent. ] happy when we know that you'unde.| ......... ' '2 asnmgtntar" [ is a great tonic to the nerves. _lles and gent}elicit, st' th.te is n this | 1he nag get ce I ' (' 'irnJn'Hitv of recai I + '" "ntnn does not try to d ctate i ....... [ :ervlnff stlol ]d not and cannot b |STATE OOmo, Crrr ov TOLEnO +o We/feltS@ fo,, dle we aft - ot n n an  . " + " v " + ) lrt x o' ." : awnct'reo ice tllrS oi n,nl) " ' ' 1 " ' ' + + ,'". . .. ) .g lowomd keto/e ,el at. re e. rr l I ees, Ileatoeatetha + r+..| . tree me|bested W 1 Iw't|n ...... :,-- , [ + UCA(OLXrl Our?,IedealI3e artmenth t " t {.  __ " (  - )a ...... "- t]_ t -.+ tllltl " + .  ) + . P+ SLSOn0 t--lOm> Lie llalne oThls fature "w te f t]+- / .,+, , +. + " t)o cv 'x .h I,+ 1.+ ....... t '+ S 3 non 3 nlOt, S ,x th the o )e]lil / vr ! , OU na e I rank J. Chene makes . " or the most ermnont h airline ,n Vo,,,g man wil kindly at,rid .... i',.+ll ;',=" I ,,v it.a,,: K men ,n thc sPna+e to-day ' :..v h,, ............. s to l,e l,cst, bu' | ............... +I ,g of the made re ,aratmn. Ilaslen to nhtck the tsrn or ,,artner of:'lh++ i;..,2'a,)'tJtat le,. lathe + th+ United States. T+Pn'hed,,r " + a.++. +. ......... ,- + " lI S "Hlrtv as,o-" + . +t++v .+ tar. .+tore resell Tlons are mndc " . - - - - . , --- : ........ O. L,nenoy Juat how ou are 8tlffer[tl dcrtake to tel hm an a + ot o xho  , l atesco)t an ell+ re 1)rand from the l o  & (o don Ires  y You " " , dthis is no guessing | + ' :" "e ore re. tie r lx d"" ' "  ' t ' "|tbanatan-other ............ )urntn K .ave lhecal-, ", ; , me.s n the city of To edo / wl reeePothelestmedlcalvtce (,'fm|n,H(ton Now w ]l ally sing:e nova,, ] lno(h De'kinw I'e, h..,  1 , + +:arrest po/ ev he work Jtt,-t n [ , . ,v ttt,, unit ;Is ellen  r( law but 1In :" ". I totmtv at (1 lale aroresaid an , wlthouteoaL Address ms+l) kindly ++land upT' - -+ .... |,., ...... ., .+ +" ...: .... ,.- . ..... l.os, nosily to earrv i't ott -+ :e L ... ear. itztey ' ,+,last broken. But with sense the ] ....... .t),e.! Vidham ere be allo- than v'i+I pay tl e sunl ,ff'()ne t I ";I''  J P ' :I I ])" " (' r " " + Up lumped a yotntg man in the center nf | t | ..... ,, ..... t t lnt,,++(,i n st, na,+lr :s Mark (+w] It .... , .-+.'- -.',.,.+ t, ",+el e ms |resolmions ntadP w lit tl e .1 ......... J rt tu( r po.1 l...n ,nlIle dehghtfnl tot- t lars for each and ever;" case of'('. +' {t,,[ | . Lowell, Mass. tie loom ..... i .... +,:a. t<no,vn ge+ eral 3 as the neeia+ , . , ...... ttre on 3,1area 4 1899" [ ......... 1._ , + , ....... , ,,, u [ rncns wh eh vonr oharms in,'nh-- I car ot be cured by the'us- ,-I+-]'}""": [ _ +, "Tlmr'k.+pIb"sald the conjm+er. '+No,v, [nt,,.l m++,i Irus,ed frle,+d ,,f I'resitlen; 2:):..'+'" ")'.+ l,e.+r, lssed ,at on b. by hls |i''.G++ ,++t.[,,,c..?n ,,:y,'ct, t)ronff h to I To yon. ui+ose li,:es 'are "halZowed C'Lre" . ". + qqt'+'Nk+'i:'('Tili2:K'q' r'' ] ": "---" +" "- +- +" +- lO yea w+su to Know the name of your fn ]Mcl(ht c; Jb %, ,] t+ * . I1 . -,++t, ItUl I;Vail theenato+sxvbok . - ....... t|tllt II)US IP, esot nonornn( with tile r ;',v+orn to l)etore me andsulscr bed]n it tu .. , ..... . . e .,:;,.,, ,-':ia I., . ,  - . now a, " , grace of maternity not one ,  .... Y -;-S-. ......................... ++,+. _ _ |,..s,+ ,,, ,s, ..... ,. ...... h,,,, ,,e,l. l.+h,e+, ntent can be troeed to some de-lb., ................. .. . I ,,,,+ 0,,, +,,. o, .o+,.,,++ .+, ,, I ++++++:+++++.+++++++: o..++.+ 1 *.to+ d the vonng man /. ,  -. -:- ,," ....... wnot a power ,X re,+,,h+ - + I ternfinat on of ,mr,m,.. ..... + ..... /: ......... .P ...... " ,)ears or napplness. I toot). +, W (;I I:()N '..  "" .......... "i, ell, +' said the me,, ,f ,-,,;.. 'zr .t--  |It] Sllal,!llg l('g  alien This chela+ thqt ,  ....... ( +,n wnoe n er, ee | [, . , a t ...... ,uc upon an ] Lve long wives nnd moth+,,-,, ,, +t,; ] [Seal] ",,,.: '*, i't: [ik k'l. , lt.x,ffvw-. Yd like t . . ...... g,... t.,,.ray+ v-' . - " ". ...... rnl vu like that nf q - " .eeaslon sucn as the first (;a, of tlte , ' . ........... s ,- . , ,...+..'.,". u,, c. .. . o,,d, thmgsmaproperl,u+mes+fash.| '+++,e a m,'nn, aybeapo,er,nt)olit,., " ' ,en+,to, sAtl,,onandl.' ............ -., |land. in sac the lille lives you have] [[all.s(atarrh(m'e,staken,ntorna van,1 +/lfh[f.E,%'Pa _...g+ to,n;wuiymtkindlygivcme vourna,.,,, /u:d Doi| v: l- ........ : .......... ' "" |.u, mJorus ]or a lren start :l the/eberet,,:.-, .... --, . ,.s , -leers mreetuy on the blood tnd ntceusur-  ll/ililtt""vJt,,'  ', certainly,'" said th/ vemn,'",-. |+:,t.,, "., r..., ,. 7 ..... 1" ........ s, e mast ,tltli.a I journey of I re. We all t!eit'o .......... /. -' ........... uc,u3 expan(vnto t)eau-/faces of the svslem. ";:end for tcstimo';i,lu !  B,t It  , 1 +'m)na+qe ,s James Jack,on. ,, ........ ['l , ..... .,ca. st,n..,+s ,t new senat:,r.  [ thcprob ent of life is its wi,minr 1,'vet', ['3 atilt .nefulness; hve long to know |free., it. J; CttENEY & ('O., Tolel-o, O. '  V " ----3gnd 1 ,+naagyou,'repliedtheeonj,rcr; '+then I, .::., .e e+ers ale great dellberative  " I ,arson ca....:.. : ....... '. ,.. o : -.:, |ann eel the sweet rewards of yratJ-/ o,ov m'.uggns.(% 75e. J T ! '= kB I I11 .2tF, ':'{ yoqr fqture wifc will be Mrs. in. tLx+ It ,s no reflect:on upon Mr+ ( , Ih 1-,, +.:::.7..?' ',"" ,] hal.own nano |tnde, of veneration and of lov0 Sir- |- nan s vamtly P,11s are the best. !  ,,.',, ',t -,-=z,u+ -JortlOi l+t+llts llal:na bn! a st.sternest oft+   ;' I  .,-, .... ,t us*oaKs cHncr the ooor of h" ve thost, 1,,,,.= , ..... ", " 1 --   .d,,,, . ' , .... c. tmw+mmm.. +r+a+,a ,sue((sor t. me ........... ,-un, o, cruelty, of| ,, Dl.eJpll-e. | .._ ,.J... -+:i,:+.++,ma;ts+ Senator Ah=rich of Rhode IM'tnd is n + .++"W'"r. ]il , , Th+e"trt e+l:" ; . , .[ watchu p+' and of sacrifice--ire throug++ | That child mnst be tat+ . ,.'ib *'.I 7 ! ' , + " nf thom 'cot, .e t . " " : ... ;ey oI sncecs is liner nn(/ " . _  + . . ,, ,.l.t that it ean  . - + ,.,?p.Lt:2,,ect to sh,.o,nsoct+ty,tyonp ,,,,,+_ + .+ l,,o,, l,ec+,   __ lit ,','(],]ir, ,, +tee,, ...... ,] ........ ;,] +^I':. all, ('lea,. patlentmartyrs to sharc|na'eever, th,ng ,t wants, sadMr. Blvkins. : +----.,++ u ......... .', qn el Utr)olrnMve n ;tnne. m I+..+ t st.  -4+ i?" [ , , ' b, --''-" ,ts+ ..,st tu Ilia nears lhe r ,,,,oo +h ..... ,__. , / intern Y " - r oc.u your aoaress on a os[al ann + I) ' + " " ....... ' -.. . ntrn )t It is bard c ...... " ' -t .... , ...... -entment "Yet " "  " P - + on t strata yeats eyes looking for faults be ts one of the vetcrals .......... .'.-c ,. it . , , anest xotk, step lhe eom ........ : ............ | .... ', sad the molher, "hut [ d,,-'t  ,,, we will send you our 158 page lilts- 11t your netghbm+ workers one oP +I ........ " ........ .tile .. .' step tltat insuresst cress andnever   ..... [.-? ..... ot tne allure tiles ] talnt we ought to devote too muehai"-  v trated rata ogue free. - - Do ' et .... ' ........ +,.,,gers alc t;e <  , .. ,,-,:,.., ,,,,t for sues as +oi1 ann to teat art f ' ' tten- ] , .ntg mtothehabltofjudgmgabo0k }ins d(ne the b '/ .............. " .:,-'. as llus truth more potent lhan at ihe l,c, ......... 3 - | ............ P ;o hseduyatton. Afterhc [ WIInUTED OEatllTlUa snuo nn t ,%y!:.%,.e,..,s: ,l,:,et.,i, ..'; ,,,-r':..',7."""', nOm- ++iI present time. Positio,s oftr,,st.,nd --,:'+ ;'.Tu. -n'w. p) c,," ,ear In h,mlP, eGi'e[:??2n,y.'on.t he man.-year = ..... .-. ............  -.,.o u,, .+ tJon + lorget ttl*tt Veil in uro Vour OWU . ...... tile! illlan(01a, lneas- 4/[+I.  cnlhlenee nt ..... '-- r  ' ++no.e ttlc s +nslnredbyhonorablenur |ho's --+-..- .e,, as jnot people d.o, that lS0WinchosterAve.,lEWHAV]i;N, CONR.. r. L" ." h {J . ," el I , t t , ,'  t ,,, ,. ,)  , , ot +, p r I I I J +  ro,..t+b,+ senate d,,,'Jnff the past i2 ""t//+ vin+>le lean ':,i';;.t. '+g',u ._st(u,e,l at a !lose and whose slrengtl, isexpendcd in l'orld ''''+ toge+an+)tnmgnewant+."_N, y. **********************__, "+ l  |J; I t  I, I I//U +'olI(n llat :(.on t carv+v a barrel of flou,, on v+,,r head ( ' "" + nanclwork ,, as sve,i ,,n il,e ",'+(/]// "P -'-+"" ceased t',;'s,le +-:- , ' " . - +' l,onorabh, endeavor. Whatsoever h s | __ -+___ .................. P'---.---- ..... = .................. m+Pd+:r o acq, 3:r)rriw, n, Mi/ts..M'eKinb.y. Wilson and "' ""/..'.. +,J'li p+ ','+ ,0+,] e all " c .c.t+-:.o in a hurry, ueeamor.- condition, whatsoever hisenvironmenl I . TOe A--l,',,atl,e Wl,,. II Wff1.+r. [V+ ,.ynt target,thai t, ts wi{+:eti to bet and D:ngley tariff I)iI!s. " I'. '#tl .[ k ' , . ," h.] ','t:// :  in+re w, tl De an excei)tion, but (he lon" llfe In 1Hm" we -:: ........ '| Noonecan deny thatin thematterofthe |r  -- _ ,t o; no man has the moral right to be Mr. QnaF' nositon has h ......... "ll I  ' #' instances are rare. Success, a writer New Y " ' ..... .3+ .... t.t rn_a 3 tns de Bergerae "fad" the lay-going ,//tff/.q, .... + . ..- e tr +f tt do not n( laokb --- : ..... ,i,al l:ke' <I,. ,'; ...... ' .. -" . ..... " " ' ],11" llas said, is the child of confidencenn,1 '." '. '. .. ' fi I h]nl ulready [publte is allowing tself to be leer by the I. -- -- ' .,)Oli t eoitl your yile in tile prey, nee of ,.. - .......... a ,. :++x+, now- r u , , ....... )er ....... - ...... - -- aflvan(,etl n tie way to snccess and | nOSe'-S" Louis Rel)ublic. , ,. m+i+;skA,,,|,,  -- e,' 1 .'d ' ' " " " *lltEh[ 1 ,-. cxttlt-v, anti never ",vii -- ?,faery; the'ms) thlnkye, t+are afraid to do , . r. t,)ta. has I,ctn ,u the ,snare (The Democrtc Scnator'tec, , ........ lnzofaw d .......  st!emenn- haplnness, point and conduct hlm / ,, -._ ............... .  |j[ + ...... a,one wltn t, er.-,:,,cago Eveain0 tel ++ ,-nr+n ,n ,t>l ,+i a+sr,..tea ...... ' .................... . or ..... earl5 ,I+m,+d +l,o ,he,,,, ,o _ i00no+++++-tleu, anwhose00o00 h.d,,ee llgllUlll 8 Uy6, . -   ...... ) .'..- , + ++" " +' _ . , Y n _,--.,-,---- emm+ secretormanysueeessft+leareerslstbe A + ........ "- ..... .covered withEczema. 'hvoboxosofTetter- __ . . ' *apll l ct*" t ear. ,of). in Von lnecuro(l lnn."-+-P. O. Hanlon Providonel lh-icu ,9 cents or all druggist or ! Ah+rleh is lrve, of Mane Mr. Frveft thorough performance of whatever has grandmothers and grandfathers every, or stamps. J.T. Shuptriae,'Savannab. Ga ..... - ................ cff,ize hi shrt, wdncss and good sen.,e, a vgorous, e'onservative, sonnd-tlink, been undertaken. + Thinking oval our own faults Makes ns IIc is a t|i;rt);b,(h partisan, and his [nflu-  1R. I. r.r.r.r.r.r.r.r.r.rc, at druggists or by mail for cash  R.l'.I:Iall&Co.,Nashua, N.1L |k less abut thse f thers'--]Ram's ene is cb'qv in his G' t: party' Never" ]ng man" lie is a gd parliamentarian' An excellent maxim is that whleh and see }tow passhIF, falr the evenhlg Some Still Sen, I.Clvillzed. 4 88 6 Horn. where! Loo!.i OI1| I;pUn all around yon 7. :::=;+ +=:::.:: ...................... lhelos |hv d'lnoerals find him a flood i president pro lempore oflhe senate, counsels us never to pnt our hands to is; and all lhai is to l)e beard invites There,is still adelnanl for tbout25,(FdO,O00 ) leatsmokedinttfewhourawith man 1o /,,el u!tm with. beeanse be doe and makes a most excellent presiding anything into which we cnnnot throw eontonlment anti repose. Ymt hear paper collars in the United States each ,,'ear.  KRAUSERS' lIQUID EXIRACI OF $MOK[, RELIEF FROM PAIN. >,., ,: h::, he s++.S s he is going to do. and oqicer. His dceisions are clear, prompt our whole energies harnessed ,,,it], the voices, too. that we do not hear--they The paper eollar is the connect ng ii,lk be. "II ltod+ .+ .... bloke, ,non. the,, .... t .... r, his optmnent can rely alien his wore7, ancl iml)artiaI. tween nollarless barbarism and decently at- lib tweetPr, and urer than the old way. Send los very best of our endeavors, l'er'ever- have never been quite forgotten, attd tired cMlization.--Boston Transcript. lll,,mraalar. .JKIRAkU'Sllt&IlltO..MIIton, p '1'L'ere are several men in the senate anee is essenthll to success, since it is they Speak to you In the sweetly sol ........... D--l4;VN-liiwDisd6"EkY;g-lvol xh,.ther he ax:+ he is going to fight :xho talk liitle, but who. figurativekv often aehlevcd only throngh a sncces- emn twi/ight of lhe morning that fol- T+ Cure a Cold In OneDay allVr']Wquickrelie/mdeuresworst Women IvorWhoro XDrOthe|l, t]ltm or help titetn. l'ltitudo tOrl$. Plnlgllll, (if al ct]:it.:-[y tlifferent charaelet speaking, saw lots of wood Among sion of failures. In spite of our best loweth the evening, and of the waking ...... f):u '+: inqncnee of Senators lfanna (]Icse are Jones, of Nevada, a.,d Proc- efforts, failures are in store for thenm- that enmesh after the folding of the Take Laxa hive llromo Qt ininc 'rablets.. All earn,s. iend Iur book of te imol:ms an4 10 daa' druggists refund nlonev if it fails to cure. 25e. ' treatment Free, Dr. 11. 11. taEgh'S So,a4Ulla "DINAR Mas. PlzKra:--Before tak- ;r,r ttoar is a scholarly, clear-headed I tess on the floor of the senate than el- us all to do the best we (;an under all Yes. to all--the vonng, the old. lhe he .doesn't want to cheat folks we get sis- ' (qim and bh. statestn,n. He has had the most any other senator. Some of his e|rcumstances, bearing in mind that high, the low--a happy New Year. a presets at onee.--Washington (Ia)+Denm. I.tou:ats'rup. 'raesOooa. retells  tag your medicine, life was a burden beM +f aside,nit traininF., ant7 has eul- silver speeches, however, show the races are not always won by tile swift- happiness ar;sing from and tempered crat. ' m..time-S&d brd,"ugg e*.. 7- m + me. I never aaw a well day. A li,'alcd in every way an ah'e:-dy broad[ work el a profound scholar. Senator c,t feet nor tlium;-h in battlt+, see,xred with wisdom faith, hope attd charily. 1 stilma medieine.--+W. . Williams, An- '+"lll|+'tllP-' my month]y period I suffered untold Jlilelleet. As mioht be expected he l'voctor is a quiet, earnest worker, by the strongest arms. It is not so ' , Pisq's Cure for Consumption is an A No. mitmr,y, andagree, tdealof the time I has ninth inliueu(,e in the senate o] SenalorProctor'seolleague Mr Mor. utueh the possession of swiftness or wtroubled with taevere,pain in my any platter that ix purely intelleetllal HII, is an able, clear-headed, high-mind- Leaf 'turning. tioeh, lq., April )1, 189t. A.N.K.--F 1741 tstrengthasft is the right appllcatlon of Leaf lurnlng on New Year's day is fol+flniahing theflrst bottle in ehar,cter. IIiss power is exer:ed cd gentleman, wbose intellect is stil them bywhichsuccessismsured. Vegetable Compound I could conduc/ve to flood habits. Doubtless keen and vigorous, after his 42 )'ears o, Oddly enough, London cyclists are eom- I polled to ride slowly thro@h Fleet street. through his ideas rather than through many yonng hearts to-day are jusl as --L: A. W. Bulletin. ItEADEa8 OF TIItS PAPER doingraegood. Icontinued his personal:'ly, congressional service. In starting out upon the journey of desirous to leave off all tbnt hasbeev The Pubiie Awards the Palm to ttale's .ADVlgRTISED tN ITS COLUMN |re n., also used the Liver Pilla and There is a man on (he democratic side I l;ul if a republican senator is really life It is well: I)ESII.ING" TO BUY ANY'I'HIN found unworlhy, and stick in lhe good Honey of Horehound andTar foreoughs. SltOULI) INSIST UPON ltAVI.NC, First. to obtain every kernel of st) Wisdom as tn the dnvs gone by. Pike's Toothache Drops Cure in oneminute. I WHAT THEY .ASK FOR. ItEFt;s' ,ING tSaaativeWash, and have been greatly  h++ d,rlng Mr. ClevPlatd's last admin- !o(,Mng for concentrated vigor and knowledge within your reach. , . Let then] thi New Year's day spy out Tim stingy man's dollars are what you ALL SUBSTITUTES OIl. 1MITA" t'ION8 itrali,)l was Ihe strorffvt supporter k,.enness, combined with the most su- Study people for the knowledg'e they the land court! the snags lhcy have might call elose quarters.--Golden Days. [  " _ Ferlalive sarcasm, he shouhl aronse ean impart to you. , Scanter Ves, t and he will get all he Read books for wha they can teach struck as lhey niled along, and resolve wants. I'robably no man in the senate ' " i considered his equal ia partisan era. best snifs you for. the futore. Thns tony they rise above ,yeat I wan trmbled with what the |ory. the flesh and the devil and be able ,Mark yoltr tendencies ant] apply to walk among men as was designed '/'here is one man in the senatewbo them. has been a life!nag republican, who Be sure you have not mistakenyonr for man, when be was created a llttle now strictly belong.s to no party, and cal/ing, lOwer than lhe angeIs. D t'ered bly. I had taken enough ,','t. who has very great influenee in all Once certain, apply yourself to your "1"o turn over a new leaf is not av ine feom the doctors to cure any. parties. This is Senator Teller. Sin- chosen work. tasy ',ask when erratie eondnc and  but obtained relief for a uhort toIy. At lat I concluded to write core aml earnest nsa man can be, hard Then work hard, earnestly nnd inees- years of folly have seared the con- I w+rking, practical, and with his whole santly, sclenee, bardened the heal'*., and blight- Lcart and life in the fight for what he Don't consider nnytblng'l>eneath you. ed one's reputation among his fellow ]0r Illfantg ,nd Ohil4ren  ,x _ mowlfectlywell." nnd his people believe right, such is Be pallat, honest and p)easant in men. Satan wafts 1)ask the leares as Senator Teller. Vl'henhespeakstnthe '" I" manner, you turn. but sincere and long con-[ Dears " wenate all listen, for they know that he Treat all per,:ons alike, high or low. tinucd efforts will succeed, ant] you W, ILBAT,$,PlamalId, l,,imNtlll N'caksfrminnlost convictions and IIaveasmileforaii. aplea,antword ean stnndbeforentenandnngelsre.[ Tho /] i//,/+jf+4  b:' hat what he says has received the care- for everybody deemed from the bondage of bad hab- "Ifore writing to you I tmffered GEORGE b'. HOAR. ful thought of a superior man + ' " dreadfully frm painful menstrua" (Leader f tha Anti'Annex atln'sts In the ' Success may-nt eme at first" bat it its--trne victrs in life's field alllr000]00 '+++ F0i00, , leuewwrhcea and *sore feeling in RMITH D, FY. will not bt; far off, nnd when it does Christmas with its merrymaking and I nt ears 00000w0r 00wels. 00o00n:y 1 Sign a ( ,rstem ,no merma.r, some it will be ,he sweeter for Its de- -good cheer has departed; let us usher I el ' 8' The Klnd You e Always D0u ] what raes me that ti;-adminis,ralion had in the sen- "1'lie German canal bill which is to be lay.--Ladles' Home .Iourna]. in tlm New Year with such a renova- / Jf I""" - 6vet Thirly Y Idonothetteonernin. a,e. This is Sc',ator (;ray, adernocrat, introduced into the reich+tag during tint of the heart that the pages of Hav gh! Unlikely. lfe's book for all lhe year will not be -- ' ' a ,trong gold ma,a and u s,rong d,e-lhe coming s.ession provides for the ex- "No," maid the ymmgmart with thedowny stilled by records of transgressions.-- X -f-'w .... v. : f(-ader of Presides| Cleveland, and yet penditure of 400.090,000 marks on can- upper lip to the barber. "[ don't care tora Mary St(hey, in Farm Journal. L. & M. NATURAL I2EAF PLUG he ahvajs retained the respect of 1he alsand river improvements, as follows: pa0er. 2"o tell you the truth. I don't think  " ,H,er democrats. Th,s ,,+as because. Midland canal. 192,000,000 marks; there is enough realism iu mndern art., The O..a, ,.+... o,,.  I00ot /V00ade by eel the age." v, hi,e he was a sincere advocate o, Mr. Dortmund-Rhine canal 68,000,+0 "'Vouhln't you like to look at the New A+aln the me,aneholy day ITEE ggP" PLUG (  ..... .............. Ulvvcland's measure+, and withal was marks; 50,000g)0 marks for water- Year's cartoons?" 1+ swiftly draw-tng tear c,l, rageous and independent in this sheds, etc. in theOder distriot, 40,000,. "'N,o. sir. '1'hey're just what I object to. Off ,or at, other year-- LIpIEIVLKU/II i a " i "l U 'I" Or ' .When men will ral. their hands and ,,wear FE PLUG ad,ocacy, he wa+ not regarded as ha,'- 000 marks for the Berlin-Stettin ehlp It wa, only 12 months ago that they de- Will swear off for a twelvemonth more, $LD6E MIXTURE SMOKIN6 ] C O/V B I N E ! ing betrayed a silver coEsli|lteney for canal and 20,000,000 marks for the ira- rfieted '98' as a chubby, smooth-faced boy And tiler, as sttch men do. LIGGI-ETT & IYERS TOBACCO COMP'y, lanufaeturep. lhe patronage with which such betray- provement of the Weser river. When And now look at hint! The idea of hi Forgettirg that they ever swore, Irowing a beard like that m one year."-- Backslide in a week or two. al weald be retvard,?d, the seheme ts executed it is snnnuneed Washington Star. Potash A '/emocratic Mh'er senator wbo is that the main water ways of Prutmia ---Chlcago Daily News. 1 == --- .- - .--.- --'.g)llt.# veH acquainted wilh Mr. Cievelsnd and will be connected from the eatHern ex- }tan, Poor Man. Wasted Endeavor, Mr+ Gra) was asker+ xhy the presi- tremity of the empire to the harbors ro 'tth :he dawn of the glad new yesr  __W'HEN HAMLET EXCLAIMED "AYE, E ,o,,+++ coaxed her moti,er for an -- ERE 8 THE RUB ! g ent did not appoint Senator Gray to of the German ocean, Eo,h husband wiI1 turn a new leaf: hour 1)cforc sh secured permiasion to TH ,, NOUGH of it must L one ,,f the v,eaneies t. the s,preme I ,.e+++ he +,.+s on lh0 ,an+ in bls +rlet ....... COULD HE HAVE ......... ut he'll turn It with trembling and fear, accept Mr. Vidderly's New Year's gift." contained in fertilizers, court, when he seemed to find it so die. I .' goal-Shaker, HIs wife's Chrl.tmas bills do appear: 'tell, REFERRED TO etllt tt] find a man wtlo would suit both l:thel--Was Jack very badly rattled Then his good resolves lll be but br'ef. "And then he didn't sent] her any, mult. See that it is there, cam+. quiekl 3 and emphatically: [ Edith--Dear me, yes, He proposed & Prithee New W'onram. 'l'hm are many subjects on which you "/-','r no olher reason except that [ in a t'ab, coming home from 1he opera, Teacher--Mollie, what is the most intel- have no right to have an opinion, for the Our books tell all abeut Gray Is a man of independence and 3ou know.--Jodge, ligent beast? fertilizers. They are sent forl:,,., vbo has not been and will not be ,. Mollie -dlan.--lndianapolis Jnurna]. --Atchison Ghrbe. ] reason thatyou know nothing about them. fre,e to all farmers applying dominated by GroverCleveland.,, The No Need for One, reply is characteristic of the way both Mr., Clancy-~Do y-ez kape a aerap --O@t.(} fthem. Mr (;ray and Mr, Cleveland were re- book, Mrs. Casey? . girded by the silver democrats, .Hrs. Casey--Indade no! Share an' OILN Kt.UWORK. Among these democratic Mher sen+ h' .mall rnctions el're had abt't worth 9.$t.,N,yma. ator. lhere are t,'ong men. One is kap!n' record av!--N. Y. Journa]. J,rt, of AJiai,t. 1,4ore he "vaa No Tectal, lnade ohairry:an of ehc th'umer'itic ha- Iy grandmother teld me to pay as I go; tie,+a! committee Senator Jones WSS I'droltowtherulelfihadbntthochance, b':t ]itiie heard cf. Nevet'iheJe, hi But landto, d and lndladles won't have it posit]us: il ie euate h been  o: d6 SP o a a Pe g and , Price ;1.OO.