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December 31, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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December 31, 1898

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t&apos;]I't fittl,llt 1')11(,*I, ,./ L# 111-/-/5 lweakness Ior over a year. au(I was! I ' -- ........ : -_= ::=-: --=- rrw   "77  -_.- co fi ed to the bed for over six' -- q--S-71--_Z--.r .... ._ o, t ./#Lc/-( 1/ oe al, L./@- l,,o,,lh,. 1 was treated hv six ,'ei'vl aturflay, lmcem,r el. !po/'ta//t 7neetz//_a of the pronliie, t ph','siciins wilhout a,iyl i I _  a . I I__--:.---_----=__=.;7: =--.--=:=__--:2_-___- i [)t(IJ)/" [1111qll 7xo7#'-7 ( nlarked benefit" My last doctor was i ......  r, 1 r  I .. - "  ! I .'kill d specialist, aim lie told lne J :Iilc]al o0urnat 0I n u0I- l tde cocrt ltolbse lt t,,e onty h(,pe la iu au .pel'aHou II IS NOW OPEN F()lt BUSINESS p0ration of W0odvflle. h oodvdle o{ l'u, esday, he.a,-(l:.,f S,,,!tl,s Su,'e Kid,,ey ('ere, I  Wl'riI A FULL STOCK tip : : " ..... I 17 /:) 7 1 / r t 1 d;) tll(/ af[er iiSill. it for Olie niouth I / --=-:-- ............... i-  . l[.17e o(, (Lalo/ Of delL., a 1, i find myself em;ed amt even the dec- i I el ncetn( 1115 fit iilarrltl- -- ? *t Simple Ann i " : It#i,., allot Htose cottolz, tin" ',Vile htt treaie,I Ine llowprollOUii-!  "TI.J"   -Fi I Q  O  S ,es and deaths will 0e pubhshed lJZall[e#'8 7'l']bO dcs'Zl'e 40 ces ]ue well. " r " " _ " " " MI:S. d It FAVFIL Athulta, ,a --o--SUCII AS--o-- withcint charge. /ffet oct o/" the old t'zct are Pri,,e 0 col, is. l,'or,,alo 0y el,as ...................................  "  " IL Day. 7 Si,s,','i=,.,,,, V"" """"'"" Z,,'ZZ, l[6d tO attend. OLD JTOWOPOZE ]7 I'E, c,,,1, ....................... s 50 R..,71 }IcGehee, ])rcs. c;eo. J. Adains has just received i,he Oiherwi.e .................. $2 00 Chas. Cohen, See@. ,,os as+rtii, e, or ground sp,ecs 1HARKFT. ew Orleans, Dec 30 1898. ( 'ottOl;-- Mhhllinff ..................... 5 "l-16cis ]Iappy New Ye:u' to all! rrhls is the last. day of the year. The Board of Supervisors meets on Monday next,. Don't forget, the municipal election nexb Monde v'. (Jirctllt, Court, COlTV;nes oil 31onday, the 9th dlly (Jr Januilry [,". Otto Stulznltln left 0n Thurs- day nlorning for FrankIHi, La. Mr. Joseph Combs, or Roxie, is here this week on a visit t., relatives, JOB lttfORK AT TIlE I(EPUnI,IOAN, Mr. Gee. Martens, of Natches, spent Christ nias here wit h his parent s. Candidates contiliue tO hid) Up, and t, he w.uds are now full of theni. The Misses llood and Sample spent, several days at Laurc] lliI1 during t,ht week. 'J'he small boy:alTd-';he fire cracker lmve had atiue time during the past '*','et'k. llalO sorry te hoar t, hal. Mr. Wni. .'lames i<qnitei]l at, liis home near Wt,itest,'wn. Mr . W. L. tlr.a,seu, of Algiers, La, came u!) Thursday eveuint on a vi+,iI to relatives here. sirs. Chas. R.'7;l;:'-- arrived llolne [,,lln i lal :Ji'i }-ouge Oil Thurs lay, where she h:ts I.eeiq visiling tier pareflts. LaGrippesDiltcontinues to lay its hohl on our citizens and "quit,e a num- ber :ire suffering with this disease. Mr. S fern will i(iOil have a th'st-ehiss Iliemigcrie at, the Gen Saloon, The hires1 add]film is a whi,e u'p()ssum. MCessl'S Thos. Wiilhinis and Matlriee Lewis loll for [taLIAesllurg T iOlsday, and will make tiler their {uture hfillte. All lnit)l,rlalib meeting (if lhe diree- lol's of l.he %V(d','ille (}in  Mrm Co., will be held nexbTuesday evcningat 3 o'clock. JUSt, ieecivcd ;it Gee. J, Adanls, the flne,b ass,,rtment of Candies and l,owney's (!hoeolates, at prices to suit i cent 0,1LiAiil. Miss Ruth Le;7:left, on Thlirsday nmrnitm's I rain fro" Birniingham, Ala. where she will spend several months with tier sNlel', MissGe.rgiaSwatmou left, on last M:inday for New Orleans, wilere s,c will attend the meet,tug of t,he Educa- tional Asoeial.lon. Miss Mc(;ili of Port (}ilson, and Mr. Nal Me(till (if Tenses Parish, were guesl;S of I)!'. and vli's. Murdnek dud lug Cllllri'q nia holid',ivs. a--41 I)r. arid Mrs, F. ='. Wallace, ui' (Jhattauooga. Tenn., arrived on iVed- nesllay evetiiug LO spend a few days Wilh h'. and .'i|r. D. 11. %Vallace, rJYtllilflrl'(iw 1:4 NtJw Year's day and we sincerely hope bllaD the future may h, ve II1 SI.Dre rl)r US lllore prt)sporous aud better days than those af 1598. I)r.C. . ltatllilt,(m has returned 15o town t(i hwate, and now occupies his ['llrlner oil]el,, lip stah's in the McOehoe bui'.diug. Ills card appears in another eolunin. The Rev. C. 1): lirown, Rector of P,ri Gibson, will preach at St. Paul's ]pise, pal Church, Woody]lie on un- day morning and evening a 11 a. in.. and 4 p. ni., ,]an. 1st. Dealh laasa,daiu visited .ur town and taken away the youngcsi child or Mr. and Mrs. K. 1. Johnson. "l hi_"s sad event, oc('m'red on last Sii,urday evening and t.heremains were buried in the new eenietery oo Sunday, There('eipts of col,ton durioglasl week at this place were very large, while during this week they are Intl(-h smaller. Oot.t, en still brings a better pricein this market, than in any neighboring town. The closing days of last, week were very busy ones for our merchanls. Five een cottun and its dcnioralizing influence had nneffceton the buying public, which was evinced by the large business done by uur merchants. The Board of Aldermen meeson Tuesday, at which time lhe newly elected inunlcipal olIicials will be in- stalled. 'here will be no ehangc in the oll|ecs of Mayor and Marshal as the present incumbents have no oppo- sition. We learn t, hal all or the pres- entAIderman are candidates for re- electionexeptG. A. Wettlin. D. (2. Bramlette "rod Leon Schwartz are the new candidates. "I havensedChauiherhdu sCough lmedy in niy family for years and ahvavs with good results.'i says Mr. ,V. B. Cooper ot.El Rio,Cd "For Ilmall ehihlreu w find it epecially " ; triter]y0," l:or sale by G. Kanu. [The family have our sympathy in their loss, Mis Parrish, who was to lecture at theC.11ege next Mmday nightl finds i will beimpossille fie' her to conic tO ollr ()wn vce regret to S:l}' [IS W" are sure the l)eOl)le of the hewn have Inissed a rare lreals. ever hr(,ught to Woodvil]e. I also Welearn wil.h much regret nf the ell Peeo Blended Tea, bheJ [liiest on deathof 5;is. Jas. Fngler which de- the market. eurrefl on rlhuI'sday nlorning at her =n--.,-. hometwo miles west, of Wet)dr]lie. I have ned Smith' Suro Kidney Cure and it has nlado a pernianent cure. [I,IS. ItVM. PUI,YEAR ,h)nesboro, Ark. Price 50-cents For sale by Chas. R. liar. New dvertisements. F() il 11,1,] N'I', The Caesar Gillispie, place allr)nL 2S0 l)r. II. Lofton requests us to say acres, 60 acres in cultivation, It is that he will :resutne his pra('lice in situated about 5 miles from Fort Wo,dville on and after January 2nd .kdalns. For parti-uhirs apply to ]DWAED zl A gON. 18fi9. lie can be found ;It, his office in 12-24-18.q8.--4w. the Ihtys tI(,use at all honrs. The ollieers (if Asylum Lodge No. 63 SttERIFF'S SALE. and W. It. Wilkius()n,lL A.C., N(). 16 j. F. Irviue, Survivoretal, No. 52, vs were duly inslalled on Tuesday nitil Mrs. E,nmalrvine, eDal. Choice Stock of F/,gE CIGARS A/ways on Hand. ! Those is need of PURE IAQUOR for put- ! poses will do well to call aud exatuine lily stock. ! by Past Master, Edw. Aarun, afler 1;Y VIIVPUE ,f a decree otthe ' (;halc'erv Courl nf Wilkinson CminDy, which the li,ernb0rs adj()urned t,o the _'%Ills ssit]l,i, rendered on the 16th day City tI(itel where an elegant repast +if Doeemher 18!)8, iu the above Cal]SP. wasspread and those present had a [ willon Monday, January 2nd 18!)9 most, enjtyablo t,inie. Several visiting at the south door of the ('mirf, hous in Woodville said county, lmt ween the Masons were present and added tu the h urs ( f II o'elwk A. L, and 4 (l'clt)ek enjoyment of Lhe evening. P.)t., sell at public anti]on to t,he : highest, hidd0r for cash ill line body. i()[ SALE. the hind in said c()unIv descrihed aS A small Victor Safe, cheap and [I} se('.l iori l'l, soetiflli 44, soelhm 45, the. good order, apply to Ben Brown. 4!itil hwest quarter nf sectinn 36 and :=-i=-- :ill nf secli<)n 4"!, East, <if P. M. St<l('- (in next Monday eveuing the nil]c- kelt. nll in towuhi[l 1, raqffc I, west. This l)ec0nillcr 15th 1893. J. M. SEssms, Sheriff. ll 17 1898 3w. ers ef Ih)pe L(,tlge No. 7(; I(. of 1'. will be installed as fdhws: Cha,L ]. Zlllel', P. C.; J. D. Morris, C. C.; Paul Ilabig, V.C.; J, Johnson, P.; W. V. Morris, M. or W.;G. J. Adams, M. (if A.: 11. lhlthschild, :. (ff Ex.: L. Lewis M. t)f F. and K. of 1' ,% S.; G. Kar:n. Chancery Court of Wilkinson I. G.; E. 1)auipf, C.G. L, 0. ,%b]tss Misdssippi, rcndered at the December NOTICE OF SAI,E. In pursnance of a decree of the Cotlrity, Representative. An enjoyaide tilnc Term, A. D., IS98 , in the case of B is usually had tln tliis oeea:ion and il01 (;oslinski, et al vs Jonas Harris, et al, is hoped a large nrembershipwill be I will on the 9th day of January i899, present, tle same being the ist Monday of the *-*--- January Term of the Circuit Court of Just reeeived al C. 4t',}l;ei'el"S Soecl said County. as Sheriff and Commis. less ll.aiscns, Cleaned Currents sioner of said Chancery Court, sell at Shelled Alulor:ds, l,'relwll Ch(c late. 12a:ou. Faraina l/uckwheat. ()aLnieil! public auclion to tle highest bidder Iinprwt.ed French Peas, Beans and for cash at the south door of the courl 14 !ll WELL K#O WII/ FA C T Thatwe carry the laes! and best  seleeetd so(kle, of General 3lerchadise in  Sozt/)west Jfississippi, bzt zve call yor.r } ,t " . . ?I, special at,entto, to ouz new lue. of 1} DRESS GOODS, conprisiff the see'son's t noveHiee zn, Fan, ey tVorsteds, _Fancy ]t Plads, Henretta% Cashmeres, Dress gf FZazuzeLs', Farzey Jlae Goods, Broea- [ dies, Gin,hanzs, Ozttinffs Flan, elettes ere. , dZso ozr Clothin depaytment it f zvhieh we are oferin .special "baZues i i ngbbG, u,p-to-date sdts, overcoats, ere. q Cloti00in4 that loo well, fit well and wear [ melL 1l(2 Ore' stoc is complete i every depart- 1 m, ent and pricest are ri_ht. IFe have #to lql sptcial sales da!]s D.t will aive yozc flt M'lshroons, Grated Pine A1)ples, house in said county, within lawful Canned Crabs and Shrimp and every- hours, the following described land, thiugkepb in a lirsL ctasgrocery de- beingin said county, to-wit: SE }of partment. :=-.. SE ofsec 7. S  of SW Jr of sec 8, ()n Christmas eve, Jt,sh Mitchel and and NW of NE Jr ofsec I8, 'r 2, R ,hlsh Lindsey, both colored, had a difl4t'ully (in lhe Friizier place. The result, was that, Mlteliel t)ull0(] his pop and shot Li,'idsey in the breast, in- tlict.irtg aslight wuund. Mit, ehel then paine to town. Deputy Marstl pro- , 'ffest, containing 158 3 2 ioo acres JAS. M, SESSIONS, Sheriff and Commissioner. 12 1 7 I898 4 w. COM M ISSIONER' S SALIt]. eeeded to arrest, hiln aod after a hard W!IEREA.%Thomas L. t(uig'ler.,(sin;le) did 1 u;s]e landed him and his t)(lp '[ri jail. J2th d:ty of rq;tr(.h 1N92, execute and de- liver to Albert, R. S}ia, tltlel< Trustee, It l,rll! (=]hal'ges (if c'arrvilig conepaled weep(ill (le('d oil c(,rtafh lol/(ls hi "Wilkii]soll (-'Ollnt, y. " " glate of Mississit)llI lhcrl.dn (lot-ldril)o(|, tO sl.- and resisti n all officer ,,','ere preI'erl>e(] i'uro the Sllnl o $',)lJtJ ()0 1l( by . i d Thollla.s L. t(lii:!ertl) liio tiilITISlt < t AMERICAN MORT- against hill] alld co Ttlesday he %vas (IAGf:('OMPANY. [,IMIT,;D. *llich s:dd trust faked 1)Oft)l'C thPl\\;Idyorand lIB(X] $')5 (1'('(1 IS i't,cord!d in WilMnsol; ('otirl(y hi lt'ed Bi)ok "i, l." ):tTe 191 to which Pu:llel .- and costs and 30 days in ia-il. He will v ...... )],;{i<ll;'l,r p,a,i/,: and wiler, .... derauii h;l " ' I  ill lht' i)Lylllel]t of file llll)llOVs be tried todav for sh,/)tin" Lindse, y, sec,ll'ed by ,.aid tru..t dpcd: tl,lid w]iol-f!li,4 tile tl IlIld('l'N;211e(i ]I:LS l)t,t,n (h]ly ILl)l)oilltt'd s,',ll)Mi- {llli';t !l'llSLe;} iil the )[:i('t tf Said :%.lberl R. ()lit bliby has been continually s ittt!l(. ,: It |)l'ovhh'c in sllid l,rtlst dee(I. :lll(] troub]vd with co!to a,id cholera ilifall- ll;L/)et, n duly l.Of{ut;stt,d tl) ex(JcuLo tile Ll'tlSt Lhcreiti ,21)ti(aincfft : llllii Siliee his birth, and all that wo THE':EFORE nolice is hereby given. ('.oultl ill) for hini dhi no| Seelii to give llutl ilnder lind l)y vi;qtle elf the power con- hint 1+11t)I'O thail lent iorarv r01ief II.ilil thicll in sa+id li'tlstdcod. I. the uiidtl'Mllit3d I1})N t I l ill i I 1"t1:41ot. lilt we tried llillltiherlains "Colic, Chol- MONDAY THE !l+t't D).YO7 ,IA.NUAI{I" 189fi era and l)iarrhooa Remedy. Siiice iil;i.w.ln tile i.,ouvs ofl0a... :uld3P.. lit t}ii (!*lilt? t[O!'i' de)or tn the town Of Uqot)(I- givillg ihat remedy lie has not boolt ville hi wilkhislnl ('olinly. will 1iv Dlil)ih.,Ittlf,- tronhlcd. We want to give yell this tioli s,'!l tO the liititL'-;t bidder for caMl Ih," {esl[ilionial a8 fill eviilence (if onr J'atitude,, , not l.}l'tt .OLI ueed it Io ad- vel'iDe yet r . ni0i']tori(nis l'eln0lv (;. M. LAW, ](eokul;, ].owa. For i#l }g vahce for yoc money every day z ,'{t the wee. {I aCart,'n Rothsahild & &o. i; i  _:<, - ,. ...= :.. : -_.._   TREbI'ASS NOTICE. All hun'An on nlv place is strictly ,)rohibited uudvr i)enlt, v of the law. Mus E. W. Jeer. 11 '20 97 tf. TRESPASS NOTICE. triller+lug (It'-('ribod )roli.'rlV, v z Th,, All hllntinff or tresoassing Oil the Solltil('nst (|u:l.rt(,i > lilid l,],i,l ]lull iiliildie Da.,'t I )f  S / .1(1 ill )f ,4 (lie ,,  ArtoniMi hu,(Is lilt]tel, feliC'e is Pro- , , ;" '' :: .... ,, J V, (.) t mmlainin Twtl hun,irpd anli eillw t2<01 Idbited nuder fnl] penalty o the htw, A('rp.% lti)l't, tip lt's: Nineiy-lwo t2) Acrt>-, Anv stock renlainillg Oil the Al'|OlliSh lp{iPi, (it' i(','451, ill !tit" E;tsl Dil!'! Of (1V" Ni)rltl- pasture after l,'ebruarv 15tit will be I * - OUR " iA"N0U"00EE,r00, Now ].hat t,he "Holiday rush" sale by (; 1,ann. $1.-41  .- A I)ealll, ifu] Chrislsiuas Tree was prepared at, the Episcopal Sunday School raom on (3hristlnas eve, inueh to the delight (if the lillle ones, and pretty presenis, alples, oranges and (N-lli(ly wele disl.rildllcd ant(inK at] the children, makhig t,heir little hoarls lean with j.y. We are glad to see, .I h;lt lhe ];idles (if St Paul's Church sl;ill k0ep up his old cust,nm, as there is not hin,.., I, hat gives the real tdeasuro t,o tile children as this, and in aller life tile thought of t,heir Stlnday S('ho(Jl "Cbrislnlas Tree" is cherisl-ied as being the happiest, part, of life. We sl/eak fl'(illl exl)errellco. Persons n'oubled with diarrhoea wilt be intel'estcd in the experience of Mr W. M. Bush. clerk of ltotel Dorrance, Providence, l(. I. He says: "For several ),ears i have been ahnost a constant sufferer from diarrhoea, the t irequent attacks comple,ely pros:ratlng" " me and rendering me urlfit for my we..]| I '. "lWtqlty-|['e (o5) ACI'O% lilt)PC tip b.'s, ill t!ie Norl i purl of It] . Nt)! tltlllrtt.r (if the SOilfh-ea-f (tu(lrlor. Three ll.rlfl 30-000 ('l 30-XiOi) Acres lllOl'()or less io l he North p;l?t of ]lie :(trlJi-we.t q Ullil'lOr fJ{ I IO S(.It, th- ,'ItSl. qil:rter Of ectii)n S0verito(.n (17t; lill(I Fi'ty-four l.iitt 50100 5t 50"-100 Acre, in tl e ]]lid(lie ilild \\;Violet i):tl'l Of l,ti NI)PI]I-Wf!SL qilILrter of ecqicm FALThlt cn [Ig]l all hi Tow i- ship ()llt II], l{illtTO Thi'eo l:i]. "%Vo:4r. lii d con tall]> FoIlr hill]droll :t ild .ixty-fl)tlr (46tl Acres lIiOl'O oP I1,;4 I))" aoiiJtl Sil 'vt, y i ida! 1)y \\;V. II Whl-: f (;,)lilii  Sllr',-oT(). oi Jtiiltury Ist, liiL )' ,iid rh's('ril)t'dl)v lii(;t{,i add hotlnds Its f()i: lows. to-will i{ htiiili;.  at the N(irlil-' st corno.r (if ]!e (}llth*(*l[NE (l 1 t 't r )f sol'lion 'Pwo (,D. "rowH..lii ) ()lie [1. |{:uio Ttu'i{( [; ] ,Ve.:qt. rllliniilg l,ilen( 'i, Vesl 70 G?-lf)0 el]nAils 1o ;I. sl.ltA(p, l,h,llt'e S)lll[ll 40 (!]lltltl,'t tO ti MU]{O. I hf.llee .vl-%|, 9 q,l- [00 'ha|lis tO ltle [n(l'soei,hlll if ioli,; Two, 2.'lelve..5. SOVI-,i<ltt}tgl}. ]. tlll(i Ei,hteen, It;. t|lVil(Ll tV('St "ql North }iotlildltl'y line of l'f'ti()li Spvenh*vn I?, 2J C}lttliS to t sl:Ll(t , i]l(ql('t' Solllh 50 ('hp.illS to it sl+:!.l(,. "/ieli('.t3 ]]!lst Ll:l ('|ill]US TO I#o SlKl(tl Oil line 1)e- i%%o(rillTJOll  Y(lll'el 17 Lll( "  , ' . ......... 1 Elliee 1.q. 1 lib'lira" Ol'i h 10 t'hllliiS to ;i slik.', llieni!i  17],ns-t [4 5(i-I(gt c.hltins h) a slah:o, lhclice North IO 77-1(lt) ('ti;iiliS IO it slal.;(L ttlPini  EILst 70 ,'}t:tinsoll .Nol"lh 1x)lllld:i, ry tino i)f si'PliOli i?.h]ilpt!li. I8 IO It tttkP :Lt ('(Irll{'P of SoPliOlIN ]W(i. . Ulld Ei<zhioen. 18, eli lhie of e(.th ill t)ill% l. iht!llC+" No?Ill Oril! (to(rtH , E<t,t 40 f'tilillls tO lilo. |)];tOO of l)pTiliilhiT, Said ltll(1 will bc sold lotl1+isfy l,]ie debt .'.vcuro(I I)v slthl trllsl (te<\