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December 31, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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December 31, 1898

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00voi)bil[r 00rpnbli00an. VOL. LXXIII. WOODVILLE, MISS., SATURDAY, I)ECEMBER 31, 1898. NO. 29. ALLEGATIONS DENIED. FRYE ON THE TREA1Y. ] T TURBULENTItAVANA. Cubans Disposed to Make Trouble When Spaniards Evacuate. PERSONS INJURED IX A1}FRtYS. The Sp:tnlsh Troops Ewtcu:ttlog So Rapidly that It is Difficult for the Americans to Occupy the Terrltory--I&apos;re- enuttonary Measures. ]lavana. Dec, 27. l,'raneisco Qniu- tern, a Spanish gucrrilla, while walk- ing along Genies street yesterday, was fired :it fl'o:n a ]loose and seriously wounded, l)urin' the last 2.t hours one m-In has been killed and 12 have becen wouuded in affrays in different torts of the city. nnd 11 I)urglaries have beeu committed. The city is iu a stale of unrest. Three nlore wards of llavana were evacuated yesterday. 1NO Disloyally to Spain In liultlng the Amerh'oo Flag. l,a Lucha says it ('an see no disloyal- ly lo ,':,pain on the part of Spanish res- idents in Cuba if the5" choose to hoist the American and ('uban flags be- cause Spain renounced thc island with- OUt consulting the Sisaniards. Capl.-(len. Casielhlnos. aftcr formal- ly delivcrhlg over the island to the American -iulhorities oil January 1 will leave for Matanzas where he will remain a fm'tnight, going thence to Cienfuegos. ]Vuuilded with a 31acbete for RefuMng to Cry "Viv;t Cnbil LU)re." A parly of colored ('ulsans yesterday nmrning entered the wholesale grocery owned by the Slmnish firm of Mestro &Mata. and ordered Senor Mestro to kiss the ('ulmu flag and lo cry "Yiva ('uba lAbrc." ]rh, rcfused 1(, ohcy. "lvhcrelq)Oll o11o of the ('tll}aus cul his head badly with a lnachete. Yesterday a ('uban)uob threatened to allack the residence of Marquis de lontero, secretary of lhc treasury iu the anlolsonsist cal)inei and a nleml)er of the Spanish cvammtion eomnlittee. The house Js No. 109 Neptune street. in a part of the city already evacuated. On the matter-being brought to the at- tcntion of the American eomnsission- ers a guard of rcgqlars was sent to guard the residence until farther of ders. Spanish Store Steked hy Cubans. Some disturlmnce having occurred in San Zazare street, and a Spanish store there having been sacked by the Cu* bans thc United States commission- ers have sent a staff officer with a de- tachment of lroops in the scene of dis- ,rder. The Eighth and Tenth regi- menls of infantry are eneampe(I near the lintel Troteha. the headquarters of the Anlericans "t El Verado. Rapid Evacuation by Ihe Sptnlsh. gThe Spanish lroops are evacuating the city so rapidly that it is almost im- possible for the Americans to provide promptly for the preservation of peace. The proclamation of the Unit- ed States commissioners appeared in extra editions of the Spanish newspa- l)(,rs last evening. I.J,-Geii. Dutler's IilsBIolh Maj.-Geu. Butler's mission to Matan- ,as and ('ienfuegos is in the interest of sanitation and order in those cities after January 1. lie will consult with the Cuban leaders with a view of pur- shading them to exercise prudence to- ward the Spanish troops, who. after lanuary I will be the guests of the Americans. THE CRUISER CINCINNATI. 8erh)usly Injured by Rennin i Aground In the l[arbur uf Santbtgu--Spanlsh Prizes Arrive at Norfolk. "Washington. Dee. 27. It was an- lmuneed at the navy department yes- terday that the cruiser ('ineinnall would remain at llavana until after Januqry 1, and take part in tlle sere- loonies attending the Spanish evacua- tion of Cuban territory at lhe conclu- sion of which the vessel will go in New York. Latest reporls indicate that the Cin- cinnati suMained material damage by rnnning" aground in the harbor of San- tinge several days ago. Arrived at lnlla with Her Cargo on Fire. A telegram was received sa'ying that the collier Yigilant had arrived at Ma- ldla with her cargo on fire, but giving !o dcudls. lloisted 13t0 Is'In g un tile Auxiliary Cruiser llcsulnte. Commodore Cromwell, conlmandant cf the new naval station at Havanu. has notified the navy department that be has hoisted his flag on the auxiliary crns,er Resolute. which has just ar- rived at that port. That vessel will re- mainat Ifavana as a station ship. Other naval movements were reported -- as follows: The tank steamer ArEthusa has ar- rived at Havana with a full supply of fresh water: the collier Sterling ar- rived at Montevideo Sunday, and the Spanish prizes Sandoval and Alvarado have arrived at Norfolk. Proceeded to Kingston. Word was received at the war de- laartment that the hospital ship Bay State, which arrived Sunday at San- z Stage de Cuba. had proceeded to Sings- ton. Jamaica. There is a board of :medical officers on the ship who are<to inspect the methods adopted by the :British army for the care and subsis- - tence of troops in the tropics. ].tlaxt to lllinola In Contributions to the Lnfayette ]Fund, 9 ,Columbns, O., Dec. -7,lresident Peek of the Lafayette memorial com- raission acknowledging the receipt of contributions from Ohio for the Lafa- yette monmnent fund. writes to State School Commissioner Bonebrake, that the total contributions from Ohio up to date amount to $5,283.94, the largest amount contributed by any single state .- azeept IUinoi. 7ummander Chadwick, of the Cruiser New York dusttflos the Condition of Samp- fort's Slilllfl at SlilltlggOo Ncw York, Dec. 27.--('apt. F E 'hadvick. conlumn(ler of the cruise] ,New York, now lying off Tompkins. ville, gave ()ill a statemenl yesterda 3 denyillg ltlicgations nladc in an artich published in tin. lgngiiieering Maga. llile. Ill tile article referred 1o state- l,.cnts vvere uutdc tO tile effect that Ill( United Stales war ships that (h, stroyed ('envera's fleet at Sanliago on .hlly vere not ill proper state, of prel)ared- hess when the Spanish fleet passed o(it lhrough the channel and altcnlpted C c.<:eape. Engines were uueoupled, it was slated, boilers were either eml,ty or full of salt water and the grates v ere cold. Capt. ('hadwick says: "'The New York nnd Brooklyn have foul cngines, all of which together can onl 3 be nscd to advantage with full I)ower. The New York was nsinff 45 tons of coal a day ol5 the blockade as it was. 11 was the, pracliee to keep sleam up with fonrboilers, a fifth filled with water kept hot by the hydro- Idncter aud prhncd ready :for firing, and a sixth cleaning. This was the con- (iilion the day of lhc action. The sixth boiler, as were all the rest, was filled with fresh, not salt water. To have kept tire sufficient to assail the eugines coupled would have occasioned an ex- l)ense of cost which would have forced the New York from her stutiou. As it was she was hanging on by her eye lids. so to speak, avoiding, as long' as possible, going to (;uantaminio for coal. The use of her engines and the Brooklyn's coupled before the mmnent ef full power would hqvc been a very ,,.crious detrimenL and if full power was on it would tiavc bccn absurd to Lave stopped to couple wlwll going 16 or 17 knols, an(l thil lose four or five n:i]('s \\;vhen it was SO clearly apparent hal the chase, was being rapidly over- hauled. "Slringenl orders cxisle(1 regarding the use of fresli wa ,.,r in all ships; it was p, ot singular to the Oreou. The New York never had any but fresh wa- ter in her 15oilers. aud a circular nrdcr of Adnlira] Sampson's, of llty 29. cov- ered this nlatler in great dclail. If lul: steam had been kel) a all times it weuld simply haven)cant more ships off their siations and less fores to fleet the euemv. It wouhl have been a foolish thing to do from any point ,)f view. particalarly f'om the eugi- he(ring. :is bleeding continuously into lhe cou(h,nsers at a high pressure would haw. been most injurious 1o thens, an(1 we should have had our ships altoo'ether inenl)acitatcd," TROUBLE IS LOOKED FOR. But It Is Expected that the Anierleu Troopm In Cuba Will be Equul tu All Emergencies. Washington, Dee. 27--Maj.-Gen. Francis E. Greene. U. S. A.. aceom- Fasted by his aide. Lieut. Schuyler Schiffiing, Forty-Seventh New York w:lunteers, passed through this city yesterday on their way from IIavana h) Nw York. Gen. Greene paid a flyo ill;' visit to the war department during Ihe forenoon, and spent abmlt an hour in consultation with Adjt.-Geu. Corbiu in regard to the condition of affnirs in the Cuban capital. He said that there would undoubtedly be troulile in the maintenance of order pending the transfer of the control oi the affairs Irom the Spanish government to the JEWISH HISTORIANS. Meeting of the Jewish Bist0rical Association. A REPRESENTATIVE AHENDANCE. [regret Felt at the hl)s0nce of tile FreM- dent-Financial Report Read Report of the Corre$1)oodiag Secretary Showing ][embcrshlp, Philadeiphhi.*l)ec. 27.--T]1c Anicri- ean Jewish Ilistorical association held its seventh annual meeting here yes- tcr(lay witl) a large and representative attcndauce of Jewish writers. The morning session was presided over bv First Yice-President lion. Simon W. Rosendale. of Albany, and l)octors Cyrus Adler and llerbert 1,'riendenwald, of Washington. acted as secretaries. Mr. Rosendale. in calling the meet- ing in order, expressed his regret at the ahsence of the president of the so- eiety, tlon. Oscar S. StrallS. of New York, who was holding the position of United States miuister at Constau- tinople. Mr. Straus sent a letter preferring his resignation as president of tile society anti expre.sing his con- tinued interest in its work. Reporis of officers were then sub- mitte(l. That of the treasurer, Rich- ard (;otthei], of New York, showed a balance on October 1, 1897. of $724.34: rcceil)tS of $1.995.07: disbursements of $581.34. leaving a halance of $1,413.23. The report of Dr. Cyrus Adler. cor- responding secretary showed that the society nuusbcrs 21() ulenlbcrs COlU- 1)risinff six lmnorary lneml)crs. 12 eel responding nleml)ers, four life mem- bers and 1(,)t regular members. Dr. lferbert Friedenwatd. of VVaslling-ton, subniitted a reporl as recordin V secre- tary, giving the d,tails of ac(i()15 taken 1)y the cxccutive council, This in- tholed an increase of one in lhe uuln- 15er of vice-1)residents: the incorl)ora- lion of the society on December 19 in the District of Cohnnbia; the assign- ment to I)r. ,I. II. ltollandcr, of Balti- more, (o collect details regarding the naulPs, rank and services of Jews who were in the army and navy during the recent war, and the fixing of the date for the holding of the society's annual meetings. There was some discussion regar(l- inff the advisability of a fixed date for the annual meetings, and the nmtlcr was rcfcrrcd back to lhe executive council for further consideration. ()n motiml of Dr. ttollauder, the (.hairman appointed a nominating conunittec of three, consistiug of ('harles Coheu, Philadelphia; Julius Bhnnenthal, New York. and Louis I. Waldman, Albany, to report at the al- l ernoon session. A number of papers were read at both sessions. Simon Rosendale. pre- sented the report of the committee eli Dutch records. The election of officers followed. OPPOSED TO THE TREATY. Activity of lhe Antl-Jmperlanst League to Secure It Defeat by the Senate, Boston. Dee. 27.In reply to a tele- graphic request of Gov, Pin grce of Michigan for a speaker for an anti- imperialist meeting iu Detroit to-night, American nlilitary authorities, bnt Irhe Anti-imperialist league sent Rev. that hcdidnotanticlpatc thatil wouhl Samuel E Fuller, of Boston. Gov. Pin- r(ach proportions beyond the contrellgrce 1)earing the expense. The pro- bf the American forces. According tn / tests received by the league yesterday his representations, the feeling he-l included one from a braneh of the tween the Spaniards and the Cubans i federation of labor in Montana. from i: intensely bitter, a serions rupture the Unitarian club in Jackson. Mich., between the twofaetions being averted [ from 54 citizens of Clark county, Vir- only by the presence of Americau g'iuia, and from Ohio, Wisconsiu. Min- lroops and the knowledge that the American military authorities are de- termined to preserve order by tle pronq)t exercise of force in case of ne- e(-ssily. Gei). Greene has large private hflero (sls in New York slate, aml yesterday /rove notice to the adjutant general of his desire to be relieved of further rlilitary service in view of the ple- ticat conclusion of peace between SFain and the Untied States. ltc ex- )eetcd to re(era here Wednesday for tbc purpose of further consultation with the authorities in regard to the eon6ilinn and military forces in Cuba. ]f agreeable to the ])resident he will tender his resignation from the army. HELD TO THE DISTRICI" COURT. esse Iceman lIust Answer to the Charge of KlUlng the Late "Peter Krleehbum. Bloomington, Neb.. Dec. 27. Jesse Toonmn, arrested for the murder of nesota, Alabama. Texas. California and I other states, SecrctarvWins)low of the I leagae will send to eachmcmber of the imuse and senate a letter urging them to prevenl theratifieation of the treaty as it stands, making the point that one-third of the senate can accomplish now what hereafter will require a ma- jm'ity of each braneh and the approval of the president. BLOODY ENDING OF A QUARREL. & llffn Ftally Wonnded Kills Ills Slayer' Daughter and tVouod$ a See end Daughter. Kansa: Ci|y, Me., Dec. 27.--A dis- pateh in the Times from Texarkana, Tex., says: "Two persons were killed and an- other seriously wounded in a shooting affray yesterday near Fouke, Ark.. a town ]8 miles from here on the Tex- arkana & Shreveport railway. Two men, namel McKnight and Firquin, quarreled and fought over a wagon Peter Kriechbam, a wealthy farmer trade. MeKnight drew a revolver and residing near Franklin, had"his pre- ] fired at Firquin, but shot widely and ]iminary examination here yesterday, I mortally wounded Vehite Fasley, a and was heh] to the district court, I young man who stood near by. Fas- Kriechbaum disappeared December 2 Icy died within a few minutes, but and nine days later his mutilated body i wi)ile life lasted he drew a revolver and shot into MeKnight's house kill- was fmlnd Iuried in a hog pen on hts  . farm. Suspicion points to Jesse Too- I mg aa 8-year-old daughter of Me- man and %%". S. Cole, who had appeared i Knight and serimlsly injuring a at the Kreiehbaum place and sold off  younger daughter. most of the property, claiming that ] McKnight is nnder arrest. they had bought out Kriechbauni, who Qrandmother, Mother and Infant Burned they said, had gone to Omaha for reed- J to Dth. ieal treatment. Bills of sale were ex- [ Houston, Tex., Dec. 27.--A special hibited with Kricchbaum's forged from Hillsboro, Tex., says: Mrs. lsa- signature. Cole will have examination i bel, her daughter, Mrs. Ossie Malone, to-day. [ and ,Mrs. Malone's infanl were burned to death in their home near here. The Seconds Failed to Agree on Terms and : Duet Abandoned. [women eould be seen in the honse, Buda-Pesth. Dec. 27.--Owing to the fMlnre of the seconds to agree upon conditions it has been decided to aban- don the proposed duel between Baron lqannaffi, the Hungarian premier, and Deputy Heransky, of the opposition, in the lower house of the Hungarian par- liament who, in the course of last Fri- day's debate upon the government policy, called the premier an imvoster, cheat and traitor. but it was impossible to rescne them, thongh every effort wns made. The fire was started by the use of kerosene to kindle  fire. Appoluted Director of Agriculture at the Paris ExpoMtlon. Chicago, Dec. 27.--Commissionero General Peck has appointed Charles Richard Dodge, (ff New York. director of agriculture of the American e- hibit at the Paris exposition, q['hlnka Friendly ]llllitlou<1%tl'ln SOOn be Re-estabUshed-The I)lpotdtlon of Ihe IblllDpiue IS'a nd. iVasllinl41on. Dec. 27,-:--Seualor Frye talked yesterd'lv to It news reporter with resl)cet to the conditions altcad- ins cud l'esultillff from ihc peace tin- gestations. Withrest)eel *o lhe fre- quent]y-repcate(l ttatcment i'd prcss dispatches that the spntiment of the powers, with the exception of En'laad, was opposed to the United Stacs and looked with disfavor upon the attitude of tilts governmen! in dealing with Spain, Senator Frye said: "l saw noeideuee of such scniiment existing outsidc of France anti in France fhat appeare(l to bc confined 1o tbc press, which does n(li reflct't t]1(' sentiment of the natioll uor o| the peo- ple gencrally,'" "Do you think th&'c will bc an varly restoratiou of cordial rchllions be- tween Spain and the United Stales?" "l think very soon after lhe ratifica- tion of the peace treaty and the re- storation of diplomatic relations lhere will be no ditticulty aboul negotiating treaties, and it treaty for the release of ])risoucrs and such other matters di- rected inward the l)crfect retoration of friendly relations between 1he two governn)ents. I do not t)elieve that lhc Slmnish 'overl)nieut will hc lit all dispose(I to kee l) II1)unfrien(lly feclia between the t %VO l.'ovcrllnlcnls. The making of new trcatios adapted in the present conditions wouhl I)e better than wouhl the restoration of oM trcaiies, some features of which were obsolete." "What has beml published wiih re- spect to lhe treaty of peace seems to indicate, does it no. thai this ffovcrn- ment is not colnlnitl'ed bv thcsc nego- tiations with respect |o lhf" flllllre dispositiml of the tcrritory, the .'41)an- tsh soverciguly ov(.r which bas becu relinquished." "It indicates very strongly thai this government is not eommitted in any way whatever with respect to thc dis- position aml government of these iA- ands. ]f we are iuaalle enough to do ,o we might give them all back to Spaiu offer the rniificaiiou of the treaty. If we are fools, we miTht (11- vide t]lenl up auloug the other foreigu 1)ower,. The whole ulatter is left ill the bands of congress. ('on'ress can make any disposition of the islands it sees fit. The ratifieation of the treaty will not ill any way curtail and priv- ileges of ours in this direction. UNEXPECTEDLY ADJOURNED. The Flllpiuo Ministry Appu|uted Last Jaly Dlssolves--Fersonnel of the Late Cabinet, Maniht, Dee. "27.--The so-called con- gress of the revolutionary government of the Filipinos, which has been in session for some time at Malolos has nnexpecedly adjourned, owing to the difficulty of forming a constitution. The cabinet of President Aguinahlo, appointed at Bacoor on July 15 last aud named in th Bacoor proclamation issued that day, has resigned. Gem Aguinaldo. who had heen at Malolos. came from there to Santa Anna, a suburb of Manila. Itc then visited Paterno, aml now. it is report- ed. he has gone to Cavite Yiejo, the old town of Cerise. Reliable advices say that while he was at Paterno he was indefatigable in lfis efforts to overcome the policy of the militant faelions, which is hostile to the Ameri- cans. It is probable that his influ- ence vill fail to avert trouble. The Filipino cabinet, proclaimed at Bacoor on July 15, in couformity with a decree issued by the revolutionary government on June 14, was made up of the following persmmeh 1"resident of the council of minis- ters. wifh ad interim portfolios of foreign affairs, nmrine and commerce. Gem Emilo Aguinaldo Y Famy Secretary of war and public works, Senor Don Baldanoro Aguinaldo, nephew of Gem Aguinaldo. Secretary of the interiolx Senor Don Leandro ]barra. Secretary of agTiculture, Senor Mari- ano Trias. oldiera' Christmas Preentx Held for a Canores Ruling. St. Paul. Minn., De(' 27.--Something over 100 packages of mail from Manihl, sapposcd to eoutain sonvenirs of tht Philippines from the Thirteenth Min- ncsola vohmteers sen probably as (,hristmas presents for friends and rel- atives in this city, are being held at the loeal post office for a ruling by the treasury department as to whether duty must be collected. The packages have just arrived, and were held at the request of Collector of Customs Peter- son. Allied Her Robe and Herself. Fond du Lac, Wis., Dec. 27.--At Oak- field, this county, yesterday Mrs. Win. Tanzer killed her six-months-old babe with strychnine and took tim poison herself. This failing to end her life, she secured her husband's razor and cut her throat, dying soon afterward. Temporary insanity, it is thought, may have caused the tragedy. The Steamship (nllul Arrlvex at San Fran- ,clseo. San Franeiseo. Dee. 26.--The Pacific Mail Steamship Co.'s steamer China ar- rived at a late hourto-night fronl Hong Kent and Yokohanm, via Honohflu. iht Aruly and Navy at ilanlla Taklnli Jtlc:lsures for the Safety of C0ivill Resrvati0n Indian 013- a ..... rl .... Interests. ject to Allotment in Severalty, VVashinglon, Dec. 27.--The adminis- tration has taken steps to safeguard .......... Ameriean interests in theeity of lloilo WANT THE SAME TERMS AS OTHERS. ,-n the island of Vana>', one of the l'qlilippinc arehipelago, and a nlilitary |ln(t navlll (.xisedition is now on iis way fr(,m Manihl. ('able adviecs were re- The Goverolnont Den|es Iho Indlaus' Title ccil'd here yester(hsy frolu (Jell. Otis. anll I'roposel to Glv( Them Eighty t.oulutanding the militar.v forccs in the Acres Eacli nnd h'othlng 3Iore-- l'hilippines, and Admiral I)ewey, eom- A Comproutlse Effecled. !nanding the uaval forces there, show- 'ins that they are acting in concert in Spokane. Wash., Dec. 27.--Thc gov- 111( matter. {']'l]n]ent )Ills i'lln against ii slla" ill at- Iotli)iff Ion<Is in severally on the Col- (;cn. Otis relmrted (hat lie had dis- villlc, lndiau reservation, peoph-(1 1) 3" patched two regilncnts and a battery 900 In(lions. lndiaa Agent Anderson of artillery to lloilo on army trans- and AIh)tting" .\\;gent Itarrv lhnnphrey poris, and A(lmiral I)ewey notified the have been Ir3"ig for some time to al. uavy in the afternoon lhat the ertdser lot the lands, hut have suet with re- Bvttimore had sailed fronl Mauiht for the same place. It is explained that sistance, the Indians being opposed to these officers are acting nnder their surves"s an(1 allotn)cnts unless the gore ernnlent pays them for lhe lands as owr, discretion ia the matter aud that n, official adviees have been received tbc Nez ]*crees and t'oeur d'Alencs here to indicate thal there is any nn- were lmid for theirs. There are ahout nsaal hiwlessness in lh)ilo 1,500,000 acres ou thc reservation, an(1 Several days ago it xa: reported by the contention of 1he goverlw.v.'nt is that the lndiaus have no litic to it. way of Madrid that the Spanish forces in lloilo had been attacked I)y the ill- The (o\\;erllnlell{ proposes to a!lol gO acres to each Indinn in severaltv and urgents. aml had driven thcm imck xilh heavy losses, but thisreport lacks gve them liolhip." nlorc. The Indlnns. I h'(t t)y ('bier Aiira l)aghuiu alld Chicf (.tcialcoltffrlnatiou. The IFnited States I))0rllard (]enlaDd t|It!t lhey 1)c l)aid expedition is more in the nature of a. shout $1.500,000, chiinlin7 this tludcr ].i't'('aution, but will take aetive lneas- Ihe rellort of a eolnlnissiou which ex- v.ves, for 115(+ suppression of lawlessuess alnincd into lhe nlaltcr seine time af- in ease the eonditionof affairs requires *er the reservation was sei apart by it. Athniral l)ewey is anxious for tbe arrival of the Buffalo, which is now (;en. (h'anl"s llrochtnlaliml in July near Malta, en route to Manila. in of 1S72. .' trl:cc b'ls bcell secured on tile * dor that he may send home a number promise that two chiefs will he taken of men whose tern)s of cnlistnlent has o V'nshiugion this winter by Ageat ,'n(h,rsori to secthc president. Uudcr expired. the lrH(,c snrvcys are proceeding, i HEAVY BANK ROBBERY. The ('elvilh, reservation conlairls 8 i nuDI]scr of Ihrivh ff mining towns.' Etglitean Thousand Dollars T,ikt'n lind NO iill(lig thci)) Iel)nhli-.,whe).c is b)ea(e(i I Trtce of How it w.t ACCOlU- thc famous Repnblie n)hse. Thc n()rih { pllabed LeCt llehlnd. half of the reservaliOll "l-lis flu'own l ol'('u to uihloral h)eations in July. ](.10, ],iula. O.. l)eo. 27.--The Anlerican na o I lional lsank of this cP, y was robbed and the soulh half in July 1. this year. ................ Sdnoay night of $1S.162. The mouey CltRISTMAS AT THE CAPITAL, t vas taken froth the big vanlt. The bunk is located on the corner of .'[aiu The l)cDartmenlil Clucd. IIn tile %hlte and High streets. "]'he lnoney stolcu ltouse the Scone ()f Some lin- I was iu curr('aey und gold. No silver partant Conforenees. Iv<as taken. Tile robbery was diseov- .... ;] [ ered yesterday moraing by the bank's "Washington, 1)ec. 27.---All the execu- i janitor, who fmlmt the door to the live departmcuts were elose(I here yes- vault open. A deposit of $16.000 made lel'day, and most of thc t)rivate busi- i Sahn'day night was gone. ncss hons'cs also. At lhe White ltouse I The directors of the bank held a (he day, w.s rather a quiet one, al- meeting at once at which an assess- Ihough during the nmraing the presi- I nleut was made to meet the (leflciencv, dent was in his ot]ice and saw several and oilier /ranks in the city offered as- tu'ominent callers, bistancc. .\\;lnongthesewercSemmn'sl)avis and Tbe nntnner of en|rance tO 1119 bauk I"ryc, eaeh of vchonl had a talk with by the robbers is a mystery, as all the preshleut. When the peace corn- windows are protected I) 3- heay irou 5mssioners i)rcsented the lreaty to tile screens. The front dora" was found president. Saturday., (here was no op- h)ckcd in the nlnrnin as usual. There portuni(y fern confereuce, was not the slighlesl chte for deice- Senator Frye went in the state de- rives to work on. The rol)hery was thtl partment from thc While Ilonse. work of professionals, surely. Senator ('affrev of 1,ouisiaim. also saw the presidcnl to as]{ for pardous TO EVANGELIZE CUBA. for several perseus ia whom he is ia- terested, k Wealthy Real ]Etate I)e;ller of Clel-i During the afternoon the in'cshleut laud, O.) nn 1Enthusiast Oa and Mrs. McI<iulcy enjoyed a long ride the Work. and ill the cvcllillgr sat (Io,vn to dinner Clevehmd, O., Dee. ,.7.---Lindus Co(ly, with their three nephews, who are guests at the Whlte l[ouse. . ,. , a wealthy real estate dealer, wile is au AIIOFne "'" cnthnsiastic supporter of President General and Mrs. (Iriggs and Assistant Seerclary of the Navy Allen and Mrs. ] Simpson of the Christian Alliance will Alleu were visitors al the executive depart for Cuba ,Tannary 9, for lhe lnansion for a time during the even-i purpose of starting mission work Oil ins. t the island in behalf ot the alliance. Mr, Cody talked the ulattcr over with Cbristn)as i)rcsents have been re- t)resident Simpson last, SUlnnscr, and eeivcd at the A'hite t][onsc from lnany won his interest. ITe contributed a parts of the country. One of 1he last liberal sum ns the nucleus of the nee- to arrive was a beantifnl mocking bird essary fund whieh has since iuereased from a seuthlaud admirer of the pres- to several thousand dollars. ideaS. The bird was in a pretty cage Rev. Samuel Rennieks. of New York, decoratcd with ribbons, aud began to who will accompany Mr. (!ody, is also ":ins, imlnediately open beiug tltkeu a worker in the alliance who can speak into the house. He was prononnced a perfect specinlen o his species. I Spanish. One of the large tents erect- Although Inisiness was generally t ed at the ChristianAlliance comp meet- suspended in their offices. Seeretarv tings will be set up at Santiago, aud the work commenced there, the desigu Alger and Ad]t.-(Jen. Corbin Secretary ] being to thenee branch om over the I-[av and officials of the navigation lm- I rcau of the navy deparhnent, were on[ island. As soou as the work is well hand for a lime. t under way Mr. Cody will return to [ America. Christmas in ,lllntlago, I Sanlhlgo, Dee. 27.--Most of the [ A STREET DUEL. .'%nerieans in Santiago celebrate(I [ Christnlas yesterday, though hardly Two Brotherl Avenge the l)angeroal able lo realize that this is the Christ- Wotudlng of Their Father nnd Mot las ti,lc scason, in lhe midst of dis. tally Wound HIs Assailant. comforts of sIIlnnler vcealher. Lit(le tlock. Ark.. Dec, 27.--At tlar The i)alace clerks prescuted ()el'). risen, Ark., Frank Pace, ex-proseeut- Wood with amagnificent gold-mounted ins atlorney cud his brother, tlenry, ortoisc shell walking stick iu a ma- met M. L. Aderholtz. a prominent ]logany case. The various rcgiulcnts stockman, on the street and it duel en- cudcavored to enjoy the season in sued, in which Aderholtz was mortally Amel'ican fashion, while the hospital wounded. The tronble grew out of a ship Bay State was deeorated. As the diffienlty a few days ago between result oftheeharges brought by Lieut.- Aderholtz and Capt. Paee, father of Col. lhly, eomn)anding at (hlantanamo the brothers, in which Capt. Pace wan against Chief of Geudarnms Valiente. dangerously shot and a bystander (fen, Wood will appoint a committee to killed by a stray bnllet. investigate affairs in that district. Christmas in lhe l'hlllpplnes, lushlng Preparatlon for the Departure Manlhl, Dee. 27.Christmas was uf tile Seveuteenth for Manila. Columbus, O.,Dec 27.--Preparations generally obsera-ed among the Amerl- for the departure of the Seventeenth cans here, with special religious serv- ices by Protestants and Catholics alike. United States infantry for the Philip- The serviees for the ('olorado and plaes are being rnshed forward at Co- lumbus post. Au estimate sent to the Pear, sylvania regiments were eon- dneted by Chaplain Harris. of the chief quartermaster shows" the rest- former. Father McKinnon preached a ncnt will carry 300.000 pounds of bag- sermou In the California regiment, 2age. Lieut. ('lay has been assigned to though the usual midnight mass was the regiment ascaptain. Lieut. French. not held, as the archbishop of Manila o? lhe Twenty-fifth regiment, at Fort refused his sanclion. The city was ].oRan, will join the Seventeenth here. erewded witil Filipinos. holiday mak- .ud otl)cr vaeaneles in the roster of of- ing. ricers wilt be filled 153" Lieut. Has- bcough, of the Fourteenth. and Lieut, Morse. of lhe Twenty-third regiments. 'cither mail nor passengers will be [ both of whom are ai Manila. landed to-night as the vessel will )lOt ........... be boarded, by the quarantine officers ! 8erleus Railw:ty Acchleat--[aoy 1)erso) until lo-lnorrow. | Injured. t Yineennes, Iud., Dec. 27.A bad 4 Opposed to Gem IVeyler. .'l'e{.]l: occurred at Emison. on the Madrid, Dec. 27.--Thc cabinet a+ yes- I Evansvi!le & Terre Haute railroad, in terday's session diseusscd various lUSt- : wl)ieh three traiuluen were seriously ters, It is understood that Marshal i hurt aud a score of men passeng'ers! Campos, Blanco and Rivers and Lopes brnised and scratched. The Nashville'. Domingues strongly oppose Gen. Wey- i limited express going north erashed l[ut Prepare for t,h Worst. San Francisco, Dec. 27.--The coidi- ,  ion of Horatio Stebbins is very alarm- ing, and it is believed that his death lnay occur at any time. A eonsulta- don of physicians was held yesterday, and everything possible is being done to prolong life, His family has been told to prepare for the worst. Shut His Wife Fatally and Killed lllnaelf Greenfield, 3.1o.. Dee. 27.--William Sheer, a farmerliving four miles west ]er's-entrance into the ministry.  in:o a freicht train, demolishing both xf here, shot his wife four times ycs- i At the close*of the session the mere. i egi:rtes ad wrecking several ears. erday, produeAng fatal wounds, and bers of the cabinet went in a body tO i' 't:e ,eigh train in taking th sidlng  hen abet himself, dying instantly, iI the reidelace of Sen0r agasta. !, failed to clear the main track, i Family troubles wr h cause, r f a )?1 M [SSISSIPPI f [ Ei00S. MtsMs.ippl Cattle For Cubo According to the National Live Stoek Jonrnal of St. Louis Mississippi has shipped up to date to the St. L,uis market 1,037 carloads of c;ttlt'. I is estimated that cattle shipments for tho season of 1898 up to the prcaent timo amount to fully $1,000,000 to all mar- kets. Recently many Cuban buyers have been in the State buying rattle for shipment to the island. A large shipment was made from Brandon re- cently aml aaother one from McComb City. The latter shipment was about 600 tiead, eonslgned to Cienfuegou. Mississippi cattle are much in demand in Cuba, as they stand the climate ad- mirably, while cattle from northern latitudes invariably die of the acclima- tiou fever. The opening of the Cuban market is an offset to the recent pro- hibitory quarantine rule passed against Southern cattle by the Northern and Western markets. Meeting of State Teaeher President lIardy of the State Teach- el' Asaociatio announces that the teachers will meet at Jackson some time during next spring. President llardy is desirous of organizing the teachers of the State into grades ac- cording to the grade of the license they hold, for eonvenience of gettiug to- gether and discussing matters of educa- tion partaining to the department in which the teachers are employed. IIff plan is to organize auxiliary depart, ments iu such manner as uot to inter- fere with the ffeueral scope and purpose of the association; that is, to make a separate department of the teachers in each grade. Examination of Superhltendent, Attorney-(leneral Sash last week (te- [ivered an opinion to the effect that all county superintendents now holding of. flee and all persons who desired to | candidates for election to the office o county superintendent must be ex, amined andcr the law requiring coun= ty superintendents to hold first-gruda teachers' licenses. Under this ruling all the present incumbents mus tand another examination, as tim tmrtifleatea they now hold w'll not be good if they shoukl be re-elected to the offico Ex-Convict Sues the County, A suit has been brought in Vicksbnrg for $1.000 damages aainst the county of Warren for damages alleged to havo been sustained by Ella Brown, a (un- ty convict, while in charge of the eoun- t,y prison eontractor. This woman is one of the wtnesses who recently ap- peared before the grand jury of Warren county to testify against the cruelties practiced by the contractor, It is said she is iu a deplorable condition. The National Gualti. Adjt.-Gen. Henry and the governor have been conferring with officers of the o14 National Guard of Mississippi with reference to the plans of ,eorgan- ization. The adjutant general has reached the conclusion that atl commis- sions in effect at the time of the muster of the soldiers into the service o{ the United Sthtes govermnent are now void: in other words there is not a Na- tional Guard of Mississippi. lFlIroad xenses nd Frninlg Secretary Webb of the railroad com- mission has prepared a statement show- ing the earnings and expenses of tho principal railroads doinff business in this State. The statement is made up for the years 1897 and 1898. It shows an increase of net earnings for the year 1898 over the year 1897 in nearly every case. Killing at Parks. W. P. Parnell, a well-kuown citizen (ff Union county, shot and killed Tom Wade, eo!ored, near Parks, last week, The killing is thought to have been done in self-defense. It is said the ne- gro had cut Parnell and was advancinff when ParnEll emptied the contents of double-barll shotgun into him. Wado is said to be an escaped convict from Leo county. lnt|tute Conductor. State Superintendent Whitfield is preparing a elreular of instruetions to those who desire to become institute conductors next summer. Twenty-five institute conduct)rs are to bc appointed and a host of applicants will be out for the places, TWO Pttrdons, The governor has pardoned W. D. Devine of DeSoto county, convicted of assault and battery with iutent to kill,, and John A. Denie of Lauderdale coun-' ty, convicted of burglary. Cultured Idy's Death. Mrs. E. A. Ricks, mother of W. IL Ricks of Canton and Gcn. B, S. Ricks of Yazoo City, died at Canton last week, Mrs. Ricks was one of the most hiffh]y cultured women of Mississippi. An Old |tlzen Deld Samuel Kline, Sr., who was at ona time a prominent politician a Colnm, bus, having served one term as sheriff of the county, is dead aged 73 years, Deaf and Dumb Rennlon. A number of pupils of the (leaf and dumb institute met at Jackson last week for the purpose of attendin a - uuion of the old pupils of this institu tion. In honor of this occasion the in- stitutewas beautifully decorated with hollg and mistletoe. Mr. Deibridffe of Lafayette county, president of the a sectaries, presided, The beautiful monument over the grave of Prof. Lav- rence Saunders, erected by the and dumb people of unveiled. Bishop Charles B, GalJ, i dehvered the principal addre. I