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December 28, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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December 28, 1973

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Friday, December 28, 1973 4mB lDtlm gmH The TP.00 wood:,ille #enubllcan. Woodville, Mississippi PCO, O , Woodville Republican for Gasoline Filling Stations And CLASSIFIED ADS Local Native Promoted teacher and assistant principal 00OUNTY AGENT'S NOTES by John J. Dale. Jr. TIMBER Surveys show that the de- mand for timber products may double in the next 30 years. We can meet this demand and u0Uble our timber production in this length of time but it is going to take some doing. Right now, our fcoests are !Y. profucing aL about one- lrcl capacity i Stone of the reasons for -. "s low production 39 consecutive days. C. E. Cage H. N. Jonson John Ashley forage testing service '1 11/30/5w The provide by Missisi.ppi State' NOTICE TO MOTOR University will show m3isturel VEHICLE AGENCIES content, protein, crude fiber. Sealed bids will be received and estimated net energy of the bv the Board of Supervisors of forage. See your county aen " Wilkinson C:sunty, Mississippi, fo,r details, in the Board Room of the Court- MAKE LAND PRODUCE house in Woodville. Mississippi, up to noon ou Tuesday, the 8th. Around five million acres of day of January, 1974. to put- Mississippi land have been !chase for cash for the use of cla.sed as idle. We can and /.he Fifth Supervisor's Separate arab, diseases, and improper har- d, ring 'practices. the, me foreste,.s have estimated , we have 12,000,000 acres in ae state that need cull toee reraova] Much of the cull tree i'aaterial could be ued at a ""'lt. We also have around five ^llion acres that are inade- quately with desirable stocked eies of trees. FORAGE TESTING InWing the quality of your ae Will allow you to do a r. job of feeding you cows. 1111,11100][['4J'.,00400 i are: should put every acre to fullRca d DistrlcL one (l) new 1974 Stands are understocked with use! long wheel base. '/_, ton pickup desirable species too much of Forage and feed crop produc- with wide body, six cylinder on- the fores s occupied by undo- tion is far below capacity. Old tgine with automatic transmis- Sirable or cull rees. lack of methods are n.o longer enough lsion ' G78 4 ply tires, power lroteetion from fires, insects, to meet today's competitive, steering and air conditioner. farm situation. We must put all The Board reserves the right of our technology to work in to reject any .and all bids. stepping up production. Alonzo H. Sturgeon, Clerk Lime still be spread in 127/4w time to benefit next year's crops. On soils below a 3H of 6.0. lim- NOTICE OF BIDS ing is an easy way to increase The Mayor and Board of A1- soybean yields as much as 10 dermen of the Town of Wood- bushels per .acre. cotton yields ville, Mississippi, will receive a half-bale and corn 30 bushels bids up until seven o'clock p.m. to the acre. on Tuesday, January 1, 1974. for The lime should be applied the following fire fighting equip- before spring land prepar, ation ment: A. protective clothing for begins so that it will become five men, including helmets, well mixed with the soil and coats, pants, boots and gloves; do the most good.. B. two breathing apparatuses; I C. one oxygen resuscitator. of the Southeast Quarter of: The Board reserves the right Section 1 in a unit comprised to reject any and all bids. State Oil And Gas Board State Of Mississippi PUBLIC NOTICE of the North,west Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of said Section 1. all in Township 2 North, Range 5 West. The petition in this matter is on file in the office of the St, ate Oil and Gas Boa,rd in Jackson. Frances Townsend, Clerk 12/7/4w NOTICE OF BIDS The Mayor and Board of Al- dermen of the Town of Wood- ville. Mississippi, will receive bids up until seven o'clock p.m. erested h The Following Described Land: "i 2 North, Section 1 TOWlklnPso n Coun Iaa'ge 5 West W ty,-- , leld "- ' ,,. Mississipni in the Artonish Mississippi, and may be exam- on Tuesday, January 1, 1974, for ined there, the following: The said matter will be heard A. Tractor with 3-cylinder by the Board at 9:30 a.m. on diesel engine, live hydoaulics the 16th d,ay ,o.f J,anuary, 1974 with three-point linkage trans- in the Second Floor auditorium mission 540 RPM PTO and man- nr ........ of the Woolfolk State Office ua] reversing, 6x4 speed tra n- ubce tna Amoco ro- . ..... )a Comnan h- ,^ ^ j Bufldmg, Jackson, Mssssppt, mission, minimum 57 net fly- or With th  "" l at which tme ,and place you wheel HP, 4 post ROPS w/seat ' e St, " ma r n Gas Board of Miissinnil y appea a d contest said belt, swinging drawbar, 7:50x16 the - -  "" /matter. 8 ply truck tires .on front, 16.9x28 aVhaCtkh: N:m d ] State Oil ,and Gas Board rear tires, with front end loader State of Mississippi wit.h self leveling 7/8 yard authority o direction,ally the drilling of the Nathan McGee No. located in the Nortti- Quafor of the Southeast Section 1, Township Range 5 West. Artonish n County, Mis- By Quincy R. Iodges Secrevary and Supervisor 12/28/lw NOTICE OF SPECIAL ELECTION Circuit Clerk's Office bucket. B. Four cylinder diesel engine tractor with minimum 70 net flywheel HP w/torque converter, power reversing 3 speed trans- mission equipped with 'self level- t Quarter of the Quarto of Section 1 unit comprised of the Quarter of the North- of said Section t,he bottomhole location 50 feet from he West 80 feet from the South November 27, 1973 ing stand, ard loader and rear counter weights and one yard 2he proposed stirface We, the undersigned Election bucket, 11:00-16 12-ply front of said well will be 421 Cc.mmissioners of Wilkinson tires and 18.4x28 rear tires, 4 the South line and County met this date and Set from the East line ef January 15. 1974. as date for post ROPS w/seat belts. The Board reserves the right Special Election for Supervisor of Second District of Wilkinson County. We have complied with the law by posting notices of the Election at all polling lre- cincts of the Secoud Super- visor's District, on Court-House to reject any and all bids. Frances Townsend, Clerk 12/7/4w NOTICE To Newspapers, Banks, Printing And Office Supply Firms, bulletin board and by having Automobile Agencies, Tractor the Northwest Quarter this notice to be advertised in Agencies, Road Supply Firms, Gasoline Bulk Plants And Other Fuel Agencies And Plants Sealed .bids will be received by the B,oard of Supervisors of Wilkinson County, Mississippi, in the Board Room o.f the Court- house in Woodville. Mississippi, up to noon on Tuesday, the 8th. day of January, 1974 to furnish said Wilkinson County, the fol- 1.0wing: 1. Pick Your payoff! ash Ilous direct Irom Ihe factnry on a )-fcsslon Windrowcr: yOU uy a nickel J 620 520 42(] PT 12 PT 1LJ Pt7 ]1014 73 J $325 $275 $250 St(]0 1(]0   ;C "'Ode Ugt!0n an0ohereQtur{mcrll;Vallabflity iBy a new Hesston Foraqe Harvester t -en '71 o,'|cc with interest Paid untli ....... , May 1, 1974. Offer eligible on forage harvesters (with hay head or ha'y and corn head options) purchased from November 1. 1973, through March 31, 1974. O Pull-type Forage / , ,arVesters ..,0de] 2000-150 for fain w (h a lets " Ef ^' 150 h actor ug front. '2 eot enough to ut . MOdel 2000-100, in the ;'Is:Por'hoor c ass, For ale-sited fora P2,n n= ,n0i.JL r u=CtOrSo ,-,,,-,,=u Farm Eqtllpltllmt Dlvllllofl HtiltOff. Kltllll;I I[170 Htta510U COl ,o, lot mc a cash bonus dhect from the facton...OR lntet pad to May 1, 1974 when you buy a HESTON WINDROWER early! Start your Hesston one-man system now. in the fall and winter month. when },,ou can pick the exact machine you waht. have it read},, to use when you need it. and save money buy- ing early. You receive the opportunity to Pick Your Pay- off.- (1) a cash bonus sent direct fron, the fac- tory, or (2) the interest on the purchase already paid for you when you finance through a Hesston-designated finance company or your local bank. The earlier you buy, the larger your cash bonus (you could save up to $325.00!)...or. the more you'll save in interest payments. Either way, it's a double good deal. You get a Hesston windrower that "saves the leaves" and a pay- off that saves you money. Go ahead-pick your model and then Pick Your Payoffl Seal Tractor Co. Woodville, Miss. EXPERT REPAIR8 on Watches, Eye Glasses, Jewelry, Clocks. I,'ountain Pens, and Electric Razors. Every job guaranteed. ee our excellent selection of Watch Bracelets and Watch Itands. WOOD'S Woodville, Mississippi POSTED: All lands of Mrs. W. V. To publish the proceedings Morris's estate are posted and legal notices of the Board against all hunting, fishing of Supervisors of said Wilkin- and/or otherwise trespassing. son County for the year 1974. Violators will be prosecuted. 2, Bids from banks for the priv- ilege of keeping the County Funds, School Funds and funds of the Tax Collector, or any }art of said funds for-the year 1974. 3. To furnish and sell said Wil- kinson County, each and every Supervisor's Separate Road Dis- trict therein, all gasoline, diesel fuel, other fuel, machine parts, etc., .and any and all other road supplies needed and used by said County for a period of twelve (12) months from and after January 1, 1974. 4. To furnish salcl Wilkinson County all record books, sta- tionery, and all other office supplies for all County offices and for janitorial supplies for t,he year 1974. The Board reserves the ,right 10/12/6mp POSTED: All lands owned by the undersigned ave hereby posted against all hunting, fish- ing or otherwise trespassing. All previous permissions revoked. All violators will be prosecuted. 8/31/tf Mrs. R. M. Redhead POSTED: All lands owned by the undersigned are hereby posted against all trespassing and hunting dogs. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest ex- tent of the law. Trespassers do so at their own risk. 9/21/6mp Delos Floyd By Vicksburg Schools James E. Stirgus, .a native Woodvillian. has been promoted from high school principal ,to assistant superintenden of the Vicksburg Municipal Separate PO: Flatridge Plantation School Dist, rict. He is a product and that part of Salisbury of the Wilkinson County Public Plantation leased by the unde- siged are hereby posted against all hunting, fishing or otherwise trespassing. Also against hogs and dogs. 8/31/4mp Gerald E. Johnston to reject any and all bids. J FOR SALE: 10;5 acres timber- Witness my, this 4th I land, 1% miles norih of Main day of December, 1973. Street, Cent,'eville. Creek access Alonz0 H. Sturgeon Clerk Iand plenty of gravel road ac- 12/7/4,w cess. $270 per ,acre. Plone (5'04) .... , .... 892-4470, Rt 1, Box 264A, Abita NOTICE OF STOCKHOLDERS I ................... I Spings, La 70420. au ,v,r.,t,..Lz 112/21/4w " The annual meeting of the t stockholders of the Commercial FOR SALE: Honda 250. 4 cycle, Bank of Woodville, Mississl,ppi, t#ail and street motor bike. Call John Campbell, 645-5522. 12/21/if POSTED: Lands owned by the undersigned, formerly known ms the Stricke,r property or Mill- sa!s tract, are hereby posted against all hunting, fishing or otherwise ,trespassing. Unautho- rlzed h,ogs, dogs or cattle wlll be held for damages, or de- stroyed. Dr. Kenneth O. Wil- liams, Dr. &us'Neeley, B. R. Williams, Jr., Lamar Barrow, Jim Thompson, Attorney-at- at Temple High School until July 1960, at which time he was appointed prinmpal. He served in that capacity until July 15. 1973, when he was appointed assistant superintendent. He re- ceived his M.S. degree from Jackson St, ate College in School .dministration and is doing fur- ther study at Mississippi College and Mississippi State. He ]s ma.rried to t'he former Ann Anthony of Woodville and is the father of four children. Miss Erma Reed received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Soutl]ern University at Baton Rouge on December 18. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Reed of Woodville. IT's teriffic the way we're sell- ing Blue Lustre to clean rugs and upholstery. Rent electric sham,pooer $1. Ben Franklin Store. 12/28/lw Schools (Johnson High School). After serving four years in the Korean Conflict. he entered Alcorn A&M College, where he received a B.S. degree in Busi- ness Education. Upon graduat- ing from Alco.rn. he served as a trespassing. WANTED TO BUY: lulpwood both long ad short wood Mixed Hardwoods and Oak- Pecan-Hickory. Free timber marking service. E. D. Massey, 241 Homochitto St., Ntchez, Miss. for the election of directors and the transaction of any other business that may come before the meeting ,will be held at ,the ofice of said Commercial Bank on Tuesday, January 15, 1974, between the hours and three and four p:m. T. M. Bryan, Executive Vice President and Cashier 12/28/3w NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR PAROLE I, Willie Conners, No. 83778 Law. m applying to the State Parole 10/12/74 POSTED: AI! lands owned by the Estate of $. M. McCraine are hereby posted against all hunting, fishing or otherwise The Natchez Stockyards Jerard Allen, Manager Ph. 442-0271 Natchez, Miss. SALE EVERY THURSDAY TOP PRICES FOR YOUR CATTLE AND HOGS For Local Trucking Call KIRK FORD, 888-4595, Woodville Board for Parole. I was convicted in WilkinSon 3ounty in 1969 for 15 Years and sentenced to the State Peniten- tiary fo.r: Armed Robbery. Willie Connors. Date 12/7/1973 12/21/2w NON-RESIDENT SUMMONS State of Mississippi County of Wilkinson To: The Unkrown Heirs Of Minnie Myrtle Cunntngham, Deceased You are hereby commanded to appear before the C.hancery Court of Wilkinson County in the State of Misssippl on the hird Monday of Febru,ary, A. D., 1974, to show cause, if you can, why the heirship of Minnie Myrtle Cunningh,m slould not djudicated in cause No. 6054, Ex Parte Lillias L. etal. This the 10th day of Decem- ber, A. D., 1973. Alonzo H. Sturgeon Chazmery Clerk 12/21/4w NOTICE OF BIDS The Wilkinson County Board of Education will receive sealed bids until 3:09 o'clock p.m., Monday, 3anuary 7, 1974, in the office of the County Superin- tendent of Education, Woodville, Mississippl for the purchase of four (4) fifty-four passenger school bus chassis with mini- mum wheelbase of 217 inches. Complete specffi.cations and bid forms may ,be obtained a.t the Office of the County Su- perintendent of Education. The Board reserves the right to reject any or all bids. Bernard Waites Executive Secretary 12/14/3w AGENCY INSUREDS! WHEN YOU GET TOGETHER -- THINGS HAPPEN! THAT'S WHY SOMETHING GOOD IS HAPPENING TO THE ADAMS INSURANCE ADAMS Highway 19- 10 Miles South of Centreville NORWOOD, LA. "One of Louisiana's Largest Clubs" Friday, December 28 In Pers0n- INSURANCE AGENCY Mai, Street tloter. Mt. 9 until 1 FATS DOMINO SHOW Tickets on sale at The Spot and The Grill in Norwood. (No Phone Reservations Accepted) -ALSO- Remember the BIGGEST NEW YEAR'S EVE DANCE EVER Featuring DAVID HOUSTON & the Persuaders Plus The World's Champion Fiddle Player For Information: Phone (504) 629-4713, Norwood I I I