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December 28, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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December 28, 1973

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Po00e 4 MISSISSIPPI OUTLOOK by Paul Pittman Running against the tide is "yourg turks." as well as from not an easy thing. Yet, as 1973 those who fit into the "old draws to a close, nov. Bill WaN guard" category. ler is defvin the law of dimln- "I like some of the things ishing governors and fighting that the governor is trying to on. do." one legislator said "He has The law,.long proved bv gov-lprogressive ideas." ernors, good and indifferent, dictates that the governor has little power after his first year, falling prey to .cross cutrrents in the legislature and the general malaise of supporters who failed to be named as head of Parch- man's Camp 10 or whatever. But 1,f Waller is aware of this law. he does not indicaLe it by hi,s actions. Instead, he acts like a public figure who is not only alive and well. but one 'who is ooenly planning to fight an- other day. First off, he is working night and day to attract legislative su,pport for a constitutional amendment which would permit hlm to succeed himself in office. Secondly, he has let .... be known that he would be amend- The governor, meanwhile, has been on t,he road. acting very much like a candidate or at the very least, a huckster, push- ig his point of view and, en- couraging his faithful sup- porters. The new year looms ahead, and in the lig,ht of what has halpened in Mississippi and the nation in 1973. what is one to exhort? The chances are that there will be legislative differences over the state's ran&sire high- way construction program. In spite of the gains that have been made, there is discontent, in some cases sectional, over tie course of the highway pro- gram. More than that. t,here,will be able to accepting a seat in the I U S., Senate, should the people Ii of M!ssissJppt force it upon him. I The odd thing is that t, he I governor ap0ears to be getting ,away wit,h it. That is to say, She public apparently neither esents nor opposes his ambi- tious overtures toward things to come. Indeed. surprisingly ,compli- mentary remarks about .the gov- ernor have come to this reporter from odd sources in the state legislature. The sources are di- verse and hard t,o assimilate. They come from leislators w, ho might be political jockeying, with legis- 1.ators looking ahead to the big electcn yea,r of 1975 and more immediately 1974. This is the way of things ,s the year. 1973, comes down to a close. It has not been the best of years. But. It may be that neither has it been the wors,t of years. In the continuing tide of his- tory that brins new surprises every day, perhaps the expect- aney of t#e new year will, at least, be interesting. Maybe it will be rewarding for the people of Mississippi, as well as for the classified as natlom, COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS MEET ,.qtate of Mississippi County of Wilkinson Be it known ,and remembered, that on this the 3rd day of De- cember. A. D.. 1973 at 9 o'clock a.m., the, WUkinson . County Board olut)eVvtsars c,onzened in regular mont,hly session in the Courthouse. The roll bein. called the ol- lowing ns,wered present: K,ath- leen O'Fallon, A. J. harden. Leon Cavln. Louiy Gaulden and Tom Ashley. Also present were Alonzo H. Sturgeon. Clerk and H t, McGraw. Sheriff. The montblv renorts of John J'. Dole. Cmmtv Aent: Marjorie F. White. Extension Home lrcon- omtst: and State Hosoital Com- m:sston were received, approved and filed. Junior College Classic, adv., $50. 00; MeComb SW. Co., sup., $11 50: C. E Cage, oleo. comm. $60. 00: H.. N. Jensen. s,me. $60.00: Jefln Treppendahl, same. $60.00; John Ashley, same. $60.00: Sam- uel E. Smith. clerk, same. $45.00; R & L Enterprises, sup., $39.65; M, cComb Sty..Co., same, $2.75; Mary Russ, JP. $65.00; Myrtle Wsner, same, $410.00; Samuel Minor, ame, $15.00: Carl Wall. same, $70.00; Glenburnie Motel, meals, jurors. $135.58; rooms, ittrors. $156.54: B & B Office Suo., suo., $9.53: H. B. McGraw, s'bff.. $740.36: Waldo Welch, dep. s.hff.. $387.78; Herman Anthony, same, $376.70; Edtth Carter. samm $221.34: Income Tax Fd., w'held. $252.50; State Income Tax Fd. same. $17.47: Retire- mPnt Fd.. s,'tvne, $117.50; Go. share. $137.48: Sac. Sec. Fd.. w'held & Co. shre. $263.26: Ins. Fd., same. $136.98: Catchins .Claims aains.t the County Clfnic. treat prisoners, $10.00: were disoosed ef as follows: Betty Dawson ta-s, shff., $29.00; General Fund: Alnzn H. Slur- -oor Service St,a., as, shff.. venn, ,auditor. ,143 77: MCA- ] .298.14: Reese Se,rv. Sta.. same, 3932 (PP). $113.60: Smuel E. 6.8: 61-24 Gulf. same. $7.40; Smith. reet,trar. $101.87; for South Central Bell, s:erv., shff.. deputy, $30.00: Judith W. $12.77: Ketehinvs Co.. sup., $9.95: Brown. ct. repr.. $1P5.88: Anabel ,,ame. $16.35: Seven Day Distr. Maxie, so,me. $73.15: Clay B. Co.. law enf. sun., $8.30: Me- Tucker, Bd. atty.. $.q00.00: E. E. Gehee Motor Parts. pts., $25,70; Benoist..I.r.. dist. atty.. $125.00: Fie Harris. jail beard. $226.00; Johrt J. Dale. Jr., Co. at., $277. t,v Dru Store. edicine pris., 64: Marlnrte Whtte. home agt., $]7.14; Mary P. Bailey, secy., $P..24: Fdar Dolanev, Janitor, .laa2,n: Victory Tax Fd.. w',held. $21880: t,nte Income Tax Fd., same..4 3: Retirement Fd. same. $121.16: Co. ,hnre, $172.77: Insurance d., ,w'held & Co. s, hare..258: Sac. Sec. Fd., sme, $263.64: Wood'vqle Repub- lican, hub. umt. $58..06: n, citation. lRN2: b,allot, $29.75; Slln'Ol.te. ,,7,30: Ketchings Co., same. .30: sme..640: Aon- zo H. Stur.eon, oo.tae. $58.46: Miss. Power & Light; Co., utili- ties, ct. he.. jail. $57.01; Town of Woodvlle. same, $39.17; Ketching Co.. suoples. $22.30: same, $.R0: Glnn Office 8uP,, same, ,10.00" Healer,man Bros.. book, Bd., $q9.4l; s,ame, $87.66: Lawrence Prlntin. sun.. $6.70; ame. $1&75: Camnbell Pest .'1050: General Flectrie. radio. .2.28800: Betty Dawson, asses- ,.or. $706.02: Jult,a Henderson. deputy. $221.34: S,ammv John- ton. same. $221.34: Louisa Mc- ,rw. same.. $221.34: Victory max Fd.. w'held. $284.7'0; State Tno.nme Tax Fd.. same. ,44.96: otirement Fd.. sme. $95.00: Co. sb,are. $111.15: 8oc 8ae. Fd., ,v'held  Co. share, $20.60: rtnn Offce Sur).. sun.. $168.90; wotern Auto. bdw.. clot.. $1.85: #cCnmb Sta., sun.. $2,75: same, e9.50: South Central Bell. serv., ,ssor, .11.94; Betty Dawson, nostaee, .28.65: Ketehtngs Co., ,an.. $12.10: sam. ,34.00: same, .annn: so,me, $67.00; Fannte vottls. ,qec. we.rker $40.00; Tboma N,t, tles, Sr., same, $40. 00: Leo Shorts. same, $40.00; Lo-+se l,onmlre, same, Ja0.00: Robort, I, Smith_ bailiff..60.00: Oontro], serv. jail, $5.50: Miss. L. Q. Henderson, same, $60.00; - WANTED - Handle Qua]ity ASH, Cherry Bark OAK, and Tight or Lace Bark HICKORY. Highest Prices Paid Contact O. AMES COMPANY Phone 888-6431 Woodville, Miss. "CREATIVE CHRISTMAS" DEMONSTRATIONS ,I1: Miniature Christmas Trees [ w'held & Co. share, $360.98; Ins, Fd., same, $3P.383: H & R Ford, erv. & pts., $152.65: D'Aouila OH On.. fuel. $1200.03; tires, $39.4"/; Super gerv. 8ta., tire -enr.. etc.. $22.75: McGehee Mo- tor Parts. pts., $47.55: Scott's #urn Reoair. :serv.. $377.2D: SW Miss. EPA. utilities. ,,3.00: Allied t. Co.. parts. $77.59; Planters Hdw. hdw., $]4.00: Laurel Hill Lbr. Co.. lbr., $335 60: same $128. 1: F,rnwood Ind.. creo. piling, $1.564.0. Third Dtsfirtct Road Fund: A. J. harden, salary, $506.32; Harold Bruss. Jr.. same. $292 60; Mar'on E. McCurley, same. $309. 87: I,um McGraw same, $295.56: Hiram McGraw, Jr.. same, $65. 90: Victory Tax Fd:. w'held. $122. 70: State Income Tax Fd., same, $2.96: Retirement Fd.. same. 50.00: C,o..share. $58,50: Sac. Sec. Fd., w'held & Co. share. $218.80: Ins. Fd., same, $151.93: Buffalo Services, parts. $13.25: & S Auto Supuly, same, $.80; Miss, Power & Lilght Co.. utili- ties $4.29: D'Aquila Oil Co.. tires, 7.28: Centreville Motor Co.. aerv. & pts., $14.51: Scott's Auto Repair, serv.. $20.90; Betty Daw- son, tas. $55:13: Minna Erstling, Friday, December 28, 1973 repr., etc.. $52.60: fuel. $468.10: H & R Ford. serv., pts., $91.81; Super Serv. Sta.. tire repr., $2. 00: MeGehee Motor Parts, pts., $133.93: Scott's Auto Repai.r, erv. $441.72: C. M. Treppendahl & Sons, hdw., $5.19: Stribling- Puckett. serv., ps., $303.99: SW Miss. EPA. utilities. $3.44: Buf- falo Serv.. nars. $15.09: T. L. James. asphalt. $76.50: same. $229 50; same $229.50: same. $76.0: American United. cul- vert. $422.74: B & S Auto Sales. serv., t)ts.. $138.32: T. L. James. asnhalt. $153.00: lu,ffalo Water Ass'n. utilities. $636. Co-wide Road & Bridge Fund: Richsrd T. Logan, engr. serv.. ,51.8: Richard Inman. same. $474.69: Woedrow Price. same, Forestry Escrow Fund: work, $3478.00; same. $181.98. Revenue Sharin Fund: Jerry Vn]s, labor. $]49.00: Retirement Fd.. Co. share. 8.19: Sac. Sec, Fd., some. $8.19. Courthouse Building Fund: hiIstone Testing Lab. concrete test, s. $35.09: J. A. Russ co,st. C3. Arcl,. Est. No. 10. $30.729 52; ,,n{ta R.binson. adm. serv., $350.00 O.F.P. Fund: H M I_onF.mire, Est. No. 10.FP 10. $25.764.75. Due to the death of Steve Reed. a vacancy has occurred on tbe Wilkinson County port Comm!ssion. and Leon Gavin, m.mber of the Board of Stmer- vsor,s of Wilkisen Coun'tv, Mis- sssiooi, moved and A. J. Darden, $294.19: Fred MeCarstle, s,ame, member :of the Board of super- $310.69: G. V. Perry, d, ragline visors of said Wilkinson countY, apr., $455.08: Charles White. seconded the motion that Don" labor. $282.45; Joe Mathis. same. ni.e Nutt be and he is ,herein $282.45: Jesse Perry, same. $11.2. 98; Income Tax Fd., ,w'held, $61 40: Retirement Fd.. same $111. 50: Co. share. $383.80: Ins. Fd. w'held & Co. share. $71.71: Buf- falo Serv.. gas. $23.83: Richard T. Logan, su,rvey, Lake Mary area, %, $511.30: H & R Ford. serv., pts,, $71.87: D'Aquila Oil and hereby ao0ointed to fill the unexoired term of Steve Reed on the Wilkinson County port Commission or until January 1, 1977, or until a successor shall be apnointed and qualified as reaulred by law. The ,above order having been Handmade Toys and Ornaments g # / Bean FIo/hers, Handmade Birds andAntiqued Flowers @11I1 N Food Gifts by Bxpanded Food and Nutrition Aides :15, .4 ,,,.r t Mache' Angles by Sunday Extension Homemakers Club Lertora Redhead. worker, $40.00; Mary Morris, same, $40.00; Lau- xetta Logan, s.ame, $2'0.00; Ber- nice Joseph, same, $49.00; Mrs. A. J. Jo,hnson, same, $49.00; James V. Ogden, same, $40.09; ,A. #. Johnson, bailiff, $60.00; R. C. Kaigler, worker, $20.00; Foster Ins. Ag., bond, O'Fallon, $100.00: South Central Bell, serv., Co. ,agt,, $19.24; cir. elk., $15.60; Bd. &clk., $100.64. First District Road Fund: Louis Gaulden, salary, $430.76; Oliver Lanus, same, $269.48; Gerald Wilkinson, same, $286.68; I-Ienry Harris, savne, $286.98; Emmett Jackson, sme, $276.78; 8heppard Beverly, saxae, $64.79; Income Tax Fd.. w'held, $115.50; Co., same, $17.31; Super Service Sta., tire repr., $8.00; D'Aquila Oil Co., tires, $24.36; McGehee Motor Parts, pts., $21,10; C. M. Treppendahl & Sons, hdw,, $124. 15: Betty Da,wson tags, $43.48; T. L. James. ,asphalt, $90.00; C. C. Germany, Jr., parts, $2.10; Gulf Oil Products, ,fuel, $266.16; Planters Hdw., hdw., $68.q2; Narcissus Martin, gavel, $2.70; Willlam Martin, same, $2,70. --Second Distriit l,,-'FunTd: Steve Reed, salary, $437.06; 2he- adore Brackens, same, $240.84; Fred Brown, same, $278.20; Ar- thur Clark, same, $290.59; Ar- thur Lollis, same, $272.84; Islh Selvage, same, $2{14.04; John Selvage, 'm.e, $281.24; West Retirement Fd., same, $87.38; ,Ware. same, $298.99; Income C,o, share, $102.25; So'c. Sec. Fd.,ITax Fd,, w'held, $104.80; State w held & Co. sh, are, $245.46; Ins. [ Inc, ome Tax Fd., same, $30.00; Fd,, same, $208.69; 8 & 13 Aural Retirement Fd., s,ame, ,$101,00; lot rent $10.00: Gulf Oil Prod.. Co.. fuel. $90,45; Suoer Serv. fIel. $225.54; John L. Ash. hdw.. Sta., yes, $173.31: McGehee Mo- $6.40. Fourth District Road Fund: Leon Cavln, salary, $467,06: W, W. Ham.mack, same. $155.61: t,lmo Sanders, same $288.56; H,o,ward Wyatt: same. $212.36; Irwin Dennis. same. $305,36: t,e,r Parts, pts., $39.47: H. L. Habig, labor. 19PO-10. $25.50: Phayes Carter. same. $297.10; J. D. McCraine, engr. serv, same, $170.00: Bettye Sturgeon, S.B. 1726, $300.00; Miss. Power & Lieht. ,utilities $46.11: Town of Osc,ar Tillerv. s.ame, $321.36: In- Woodville. same. $10.75: Scott's come Tax Fd.. w'held, $125.20; Auto Reair. serv.. $70:00: Rich- Retirement Fd.. same, $111.95; a,rd T. Lo.o:,an expenses. Oct., Co. share. $130.98: Sac. Sec. Fd.. w'held & Co. share. $261.96: Ins. Fd. same. $206.46: American Uited. cuPeft, $171.34: D'A- quila Oil Co.. fuel. $604.05: Su- uer Serv. Sta., tire repr., etc., $85.43: Jimm,le's Auto Service, grv., pts.. $1'12.26: Carter Eqt. Ca.. same. $6,061.94; SW Miss. EPa. utilities. $3.00. Fif, th ,Dsflrict Road Fund: $122.56: Allied Enterprises, sup., $36.P0: R.ehard T. Logan, exps., Nov.. $94.73: engr. serv.. $12.15: P/anters Hd, w.. hdw.. $135.00: ,%uth Central Bell. serv., engr., $34.56; Sac. Sec. Pd., w'held, $383,80. County Farm Fund: Lucille Whitt,neton, allowance. $25.00: Eloise Wilson, s.ame. $20.00; Wil. Co. Welfare Dent.. off. exp., $75 out to a vote, was adopted b a majority vote of said Board' of ,pervisors: Miss Kathleen O'Fallon havin voted agains said .appointment because the. vacancy occurred due to the death of a member of the Cam" m,ssion from the 2rid super" visors Distret and the replace" merit should come from tha District. Ordered that the Bord do now recess until Tuesday, I)e- -ember 4. 1973 at 9:00 o'cioc: a.rn. Toln Ashley, Fl.eSldUIii) Tllesclav. Decemuer ' The Honora.Ble oaro met bills day olrstlalll; tO rece,siltg. /ll memt)ers were |lr{,*senb. .iN -resent, was /IQIIZO H. but%e011 Cleric. Burnell Mcttraw. suerii'I WaS [I ISU plebc/ {(JOtll)lllueu litX. "'2, el{: ? Tom Ashley, salary, $499.66; Buell Wisher, same, $335.51; Jerrv Nettles. same, $305.36; Clyde Nttles. same, $295.56: Randy ,Nettles. same, $238.28: Morris Nettles, ,s.ame $305.36; ,mr}ney Nettles, same, $295.17; WHiner Floyd, same. $178.30: Willam Nettles. same, $289.87; Income Tax ]Yd,. w'held, $219.50: Retirement Fd.. same, $154.25; Co. sh, are, $180.47; 8oc. Sec."Fd., ,w'held & Co. share. $419,66: Ins. Fd.. same, $260.79; BuffaIo Serv., 09: child welfare. $50.00; Bett)ze ....... Plitt'. nstao:e. food stoma, $40 00: State Dept. Publie Welfa:re food stamp pray., $2,79'0.53; Mss. Power & Light. utilities. $50 22: Town of Woodvtlle. same. $9 55: South Central Bell. ser.. $13.48: same, $1.6.14. P,blic Health Fund: Wil. Co. Health ,Dent.. 'allotment. $975. 00: Polly R. Evans, reg.r, vital slat., $40.00; vit,al stat.. $19.25; Miss..State Sanitarium. T.B. 'pa tient. $30.00: Mutual Ins. Ag., parts, $8.09: tires, $153.79; tire prem. health dept., $331.00. 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