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December 24, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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December 24, 1898

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Cood Digestion Waits ca appetite, or it should do no, but ls ,a b only whine, the stomacil is In a lhealthy condition. Hood&apos;s Sarsaparilla so onoa and strengthens the stomach that it igests food easily and natural;y and then lldl d:s|pt4c troubles vanish, " Hood's Sarsaparilla AmerictM Greatest Medicine. Price aL HO.Od'B PtltB cure Liver lOs. 25ceuts. s A WISE HERO. }le %Vautctl he- iagozlue Hlghts Be- fore ll Did Axy CharluB on lhe Enemy. 'No," declared the, "1 positively lecl/oe to lead my ml,anv nn that hill" "Sir," exclaimed the" Jo'hmel, "do yu now that what you are saying is ranl/in. "Call it insubordination or what you tl,'" the cap,'am return(d, "bat I retuse to g/' The colonel was fueious. The company bat he had d::)aehed for the purlmse of storming the hill and capturing the  fort on top o it Was the one that could be ire ,, and uuless his plans as ar. were executed the whole cam- weald fail. Not only that, but his army would in all prohability be cut off from the main body and wiped out of existent c. It was a critk, al moment. The eaptair could t cot rt-martiMed and shot for hi, :refu] to obey orders, but what of it Igverv man wa needed. "1% court-martin, and *shoot the Mslinalc {aptain woubJ not be to take the hill and the fort. }le was the *mly m*m who couhl do it with the force at hb eommmd. A'hat was to be done? The eoionc] ;nawed his musta,he and thonght tlard At last he decided t, appeal to the captain in- tead of t,rdcring him. plied. "Well, for heaven's sake, don't you want to he a hero? Think of it! Thcentirena. tier will applaud you!" "l realize that/and nm anx ou. to be. come a hcro; but 1 positively refue to d0 it uutil 3-,u drive a!Ilhoe ec, rreqmndents back anal keep them off the field. 1 pro- pose, if l do ibis t)usines, to retain the sole nmgazine rirhts on it. I'm not Veins tu do a heroi,, thing an t then hq sc, mebo@ el ge't $) a page few writing ,t up!" ,o the h,lI w,ts taken, and 11% far-seeing captain is now living in lnxmw ,lld win- ing new laurels with his pen. LCleveland Leader. Opinlnnm of a Pessimist. After a man has proved that he know omeihiag it doesn't rustler haw he (-onl)s him hair.  gOlafl who never %'oC] s i- elf of, ;'acre newman! than a puml) withot , handh,. It i tmtit, r lo h;,rv a (q), .... l(n| enemy thane a friend who d)ubts VmL l|e a.'bo hesitates i lost f t:o has written a-nv letters corn,rotting himeif. reat cxpecta,lons bare ,nadp an dtcr of many a man w,d, good stuff :n him. Men who buih! u0 their owr fort,me, often (orget to fit hcm.;elve, re, the oositions nto which their monr y lift:: th.o.m.--Cleve. md Leader. Diplomacy. cTommy--Papa, what i that dildomaey nf papers tak o mn,,h abon ' aim.-I)/l,hma, v i the s,t wh ,'hen. able. one mau to irdorm another that hc i a seoundre.] with(at giving him a chance to get mad about it.--(?h cage Evening News, Teated aad Poilnd lVantlag. Mrs. Matchmaker--Marie, do you thiuk r. S]o.tqfan is in earnest? Mta Matohmaker--l'm afraid not. mare- Inn. I m'ntmned diartond ;,st evening, alad he only yawned.--Jewelers' Weekly. A'rtenlturnl. "Our town," cxelaimed the man who had aeeunmlated morn of the &sirable lots, "has flourished lic a great trt.e " "Yes " " " , sale tne town cynic, "we have done the rooting and you ;L .... ;.~ ,, .olnt'iatl 1511 {lt,rer. Cohenstelno "1 vender vv yolks say do{ )zness Yes pegznc.:,?" Mi's. (',,lmnstei 1 . ',etl. ain'd id?" ('ohenstein-J'No; pcez nea yes bteaure."Pnck. Ve all love te see a mart man a lip-lt reconciles us to being stupid.--Town Topics. Upov I EIC, ELLERCE OF SYRUP OF HfiS is due not only to the ori,,inality and simplicity of the combination, but also to(he care and skill with which it is manufactured by scientific processes known to the CALIFORNIA FIG SeRVe CO, only, and we wLsh to impress Upon 1t the Importance of purchasing the true and original remedy. As the genuine Syrup of FiRs is manufactured by the CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. only, a knnwledge of that fact will assist one in avoiding the worthless imitations manufactured by other par- ties. The high standing of the CALI- F0x FiG rllt, e Co. witch tile medi- gel profession, and the satisfaction which the genuine Syrup of Figs has given to millions of families, makes the name of the Company a gtlarnty of the excellence oits remedy. [t is far in advance of all other laxatives, as it aets on the kidneys, liver and The tle to Get $1,090,OO0. The atorneys in the Yazoo & Missis. W]mtHas Happened Thmugh0ut ,fppt Whey tax ease held a con. terence at Jackson last week, at whicl: the Civilized World. an agreement was reached. The rove -- nne ;:gents and his attorneys hehl old for one round lnilli(m, and it is said thai h WEEK'S NEWS CONDENSED the railroad attorneys arecd upon hal figure as a basis of settlement. Th, ,n::ttor now stands in tins shape: A ..Coraplete Review of the Happening truce l,as becu agreed upon hy bolt: of tho Past Seven Da,ys hi This sides until l)ecember 2Sth, t:) whlol" and All Foreign Inds. (late the pending case is eontinned. Ir .__ the interim Judge Fentress is to go tc New York and have a tootling of hc GIVEN IN TtIE PRESS DISPATCtI:ES directors of the company called tc ratify the ag, reement. The raih'oad FIFTY-FIIb'IH CONGRESS. company is to pay $1,i)00,000 in full settlement of claims of the State for A bill was pa.vged in the United Slate* back taxes affaiust the Yazoo & ,,llssis senate on the lath inereaMng lhe pen- sippi Valley, the ('linton, Aberdeen & sqon of Eleazir Smith, of New Ilamp- :Nashville. aud the Natchez, ,laek,'son & shire, who is over I00 year old aod one (',ltlmhu 'rath'o:tls. Tim company is of the three survivors of the war of fm'ther to agree towaiva anvc!aim oi 1812. to $30 a month. TbeNicaragua ,, canal bill wa di.enscd and a bill au. excmption from taxation hereafter, nn. dcr tim charters of these r(;uds. 'l'her thorizing the purchase of a site for a snprcmecourt building waspassed. In is hardly a doubt that this agreemenl the house the l)islrlet of Columlfia ap will be ratified by the directors, a,s the propriation bill and the bill for the re- supreme court's recent deeisiou seem lief of sailors in the merchant marine tohaveloft theraih.oad without much uere pa*ase(t and the bill to epeale lhe chance t,).(zet in the Federal court, and rank of admiral and dee admial in b if they fought the suit to a finish and navy xxas favorably reported A bill lost, they would ]',ave to pay nb,gu1 was introduced extending the pnbllc $1,500,000 in the wind up. land laws to the island of ]lawaii, sq, l, ........... ject to enci, regulations as may be c. 'W. llnntley Eseapas Front J.tll. made by the seecrtary of the interior C.W. }luntley, ex-specialagent of(hi The Nicaraguan canal bill hchl It( Yazoo & Mississippi Valley railroad. phi,Pc as the in'ineipl sul).eet befort aml the slayer of three people in Wash. the Up.lied States sen;de on the 14th m/ZtoneountythepasleiR, htee nm,mths. Senator Hale reported the nrmy 'le. escaped from jail at, Greenvilh. a fet ficieney bill. In executive scs:,mn nights :dace, and is still at large, lti,, Inany appolntmenls and promotions in firs(victim was S. 1/. Sibley, his nexl the army and navy wereconfirmcd. !n W. T. l"aAey both of Leland, and the the I,ouse the penslon approl)rialiol; last thnt of a woman known ns Mami( bill ($145.233.g30) was reported. An at- A(htir, and living in Greenville. Th( tempt io see,ire eo,qdcration of the grand juries f:d!cd toindict in thecase: l.odge inimigration bill was defeated, of Sibleyand Farley, t)utthekillinffo Mr. I)o Armond (Me.) made a speech thc woman was ffencrallyeons!dered on lb:' deea(!cnee of the privilege of de- ,ruel murder, and thcgrand jury am+ hate in the house, and held Sp,,;ll<cr in session had the case b.'foro it, and it I:eed responsibh,. The spcaker replied with n .-.arcastie speceh, was thou&rht a IFue bill for lnurdei The ur'cni dcfie'ency bill was passed would be found. Iluntlcy evidenll 5 in ,he United Stales senate on the 151h r(alized the situation and made hi ands ic0n( rcso]utionwasinlrodncedtt ('scape. present lhe thanl;s of congress to C/ar't Long-Haired Negress Dead. Barton. of Massachusells, fo,,nder o, the Red ()ross soeh,y, for thelr verviee Nancy ;a.rris(.,n. the hmg-haired ne. in the late war. Adjol rned to t]1c /gth gre:ss, died at tt, lly Springs lasl week. In 1he house bc pension nppropriat!un ller hair is said to llave been 10 rce c inches lonffat the time of her death. hill was passed and a bill to inecrporale Tbere is no doul,t of its genuineness. lhe Inlcrnal!onal American bank wa dicn:sed. .'V A I| NEVg. The ),!iehigan. "aith lhe F;z'st any Secrnd battalions of tbe SecnnA lli- nots infanlry, and the Panama. will;, Maj. Gcn. Fiizhugh I,ee and bls slaff ar*ived at llavana. It "s nnnonneed thai Maj. Gem l.]r.o(.k, has been designated Io be lhe firs! mill. t,ry zovernor of Cuba. ()rdcl,, were {SSll(,d for 1he warghip lh'oold3"n. Texas. Castine and Ie(}h]l to proeced to H::ranm Gon,. Wade and Buth, r and A(lq:it'aa It was a silver gray in color and kinky. ;he wore it iq au cn;)rtnou-, chignon, which was of itself n eur;osity. 8he was ubout 70 years old. Mnny efforts Were made to fret. her to oxhibit herse!f iu museums, but she refused all except .ne offer, and did no renmin long. Fchool Fund Dltrll)nlloo. On tile third Monday in .lanuary the semi-annual distrlhution of the State's common school ftli}(t will be made. At this distribution two-thirds of the total anmnnt npt)ropriatcd by the last legis- lature will be (listril)uted among the g,mpson, lhe Col)an e,aenation. (,am- counties. The amonnt is $633,333.;;3. n;iv.-hm, rcom,,ned lh,at nn amy of which will be dlslributed nl)on the ;.e(':) is reqniMto to ma,in,ltin order in basis of educable chihlren, The su,ne ('ulm. enumeration of e(tuc.-'d)le children will The il:.Zceg'ent Icadcr in lhc I'hiUp- be used as was used for this year. p m':, Agl,!n,ahlo, deland of Spain a ra>.m of $20..000.000 for the 10,00C .'F,a n  h lYri so n Pa i n b !, pos .s*,i.o n. VounK Edueat,)r's Sad Death. Uncle Sam hn sen,| 10.000 potlndt Prof. J. E. Blyth. one of the princi- of lurkvyr., ,nd pmmds cf cran. pals of the Booneville school, was shot Imric o lb.e soldfie in ('ulm and and killed last week by the accidental l'crto 1],o for th."" ChNs,tnasdinn(.r dLcharge of a pistol in his own hands. ft is :nid th,a 9C0e ,tmni.s,h soldi.e the ball entering iris cheekand lodffin;t from Cuba te lJ,te'a,lly dying" from in his brain. IIewas examining the h,,.,vr ;n t It( .t re,bs ca' 31drid. weapon at the time of the deplorable l'n l'a.rls. (,he mer{enn and Svonish accident. Prof. l;lyth wus from luke, ('on'lnllyonet. , were received b 3, where he lcaves a lnothpr, lie wan Prc:,idw,,i Fence n t a far(well audience young man of hifrh morals, and held iaROM VVANII ! NGTON, The prcshent and wife an.(] member* of ht. ea.binel left WashingIn for s lr';p lhrongi Ihc sooth, lhe primary ob- j,'ct being 1o attend the pence jubilee the love and esteem of the pople as teacher and citizen. A,* OId Claim. A bill has passed the lower house of congress to pay $320 prize money to in AIanta Ga. Capt. J. I/. Eggleston of Raymond. In his annual report C,hlef Examiner Eggleston was lieuLonant on the Fed- ,,rven of the eivil,,rwiee coqmision eral steamer Wyandotte, which cap- ,.13s a lrplieH ions, fo" cxaminnlions o! tared, before the c'ivil way. the steamer all kind.s, during" the year aggregated William, This money has been with. 4;.g13. la r,.:,ion in shing'ton th.e na- ttOl,,al lmrd of trade adopted reslu. tiol:s, fa orin' a national trade-nark eons'trncton by 1he Uuiled Statesgov. eminent of the N4earaffua anal, and hc gold :4nndaL In the 11 months ended November. 1.9S. the expors of the United State nmt, unted to $1.117,681.199. exeeedin tl, e imports by $537,837.046. an increase ,rer lhe same period in 1S,07 of $143.- 026.115. n Nov(tuber last the imporis of 'ohl amounted to $5.825.201 and the ex- .,errs $913.467. The silrer im.p.wts amounted to $2,68.635 and the export $4,Ce3.079. 'PHi EAST. In lhc Unlted States the ,{sible snl,- pIr cf gra/n on the 12tO, was: Wheat, 26'.738 0(;0 bnshels; eomL 1'7,846.000 bosh. ('Is; oats. 5.361.000 b(tshels; rye, 2,228,- 0,0 bosh(Is: lmrley, 4,002,000 bus/le/s. A gasholder collapsed in New Yorb eily and four personswerekilled,man 5 o:her were injured and properly dam- aged tn the exlerlt of $300,0(:0. On lle New York Cenlral .-aih'oad nlnc workmen were killed by an cx- held because Effgleston enlisted i,1 the Confederate navy. The bill is now be- fore the senate. Mississippi Clal,n %Vltl Be Pa|d, Congressman Henry has been in- fo,'med by the auditor of the treasury that the indebtedness by the govern- ment. to Mississippi, for reeruiting and equipping troops, wonhl be paid so far as the accounts were found correct un- der the laws. The amtitor further promised to suggest amendlnents to cover such indebtedness incurred after the act of July 8, 1898. M issislppi ColIege. A meeting of the trustees of the Mis- eissippi College at Clinton was held last (week for the purpose of considering the ilnancial condition of the college and to take steps looking toward its improvement. This is the Sta Bap- tist college, and iL is understfl that thc institutior, will need seato nancial help during the present season. Mississippi Volunteer Dies. Lient. llarry Marshal] of Cmnpany F, First Mississippi, died at Cohlmbia, Tenn., last week. The remains were bowels without irrltating or wealth. log' them. and it d(ws not gripe nor nauseate. In order to get its beneficial effects, pltr.' rememtmr the name of the Comrmny-- C/td.IOIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN FRAN&IOWI,, I. EIVILI, L K. ,EW VOR R, V, ress 1rain ncnr Corfu. N. Y. In I'hiladelphia (Hdeon W. Marsh, former president af the wrecked Key. slone national bank. was sentenced to trnprisonment for 12 years for a con. spraey. It, Massachus.eits eight el(lea, voted against license at ml;nioipal eleetions HEADACHE ret. in thi' eountry, l,'rank Moran died in Phila(tellha, aged 73 In Ilrklyn, N. Y.. rite made 30 faln- ilie bomele.e-, and George nd Edi,'h 11 Irlg wife and myself have been Ga'iwo/d, yonng ebiJd,ren of, V, qllialn Jg CASAR1K'.P ann the:,* are the belt, Griswold. Feris hed in the flarne. ml{tne  have erer had in the house, Last my wife was frantic W,*th headache for ,n Xcxv Jersey the American Tin W daJ, She tried ;meef sent CASCARETS, Plate eompnny was ineorporate(l wiih nail th relieve4 he pa;n in Ler head almost Immedisteiy. We lthrccommendCascaret, a capital stock of $50.000.000. It will C$AS, T1iD]gFO n 1,. ittsbvrSfS&DeIttC(t,Pittsbltrff. pa con(rob 95 prr cent. of the tin, p!alc mills iv !be IJnitet)tntcs. sent to Jackson, Miss.. for interraent. Tragedy Near Ltchen. B. Davis. a contractor four miles west of Lichen. last week shot and instantly killed B. L. Clemmins. his bookkeeper. According to the report received, it seems that the me became involved in a difficulty about the hours that Clem- rains wm required to work. and the lat- ter fired the first shot. Davis placed his hand within an inside pocket, and. without drawing his pistol, fired. The ball struck CAemunns' near the beart and he died ahnost instantly, l)avia is a prominent contractor, having been identified with Mi:ssissippi levee work. Work /retarded. The recent bad woa,,her In the Mis- are inclined to peace day of redemption for those who accent the tidings; the ('hrist day, heraMed by the entire angelic choir and signalized by the Bethlehem star that guided the wise men to the place wllere the Infant lay. Day of A DAY OF GLADRES {t Patlenee Generosity and Lov4 Pevail In Homo and Heart at Chrlslmas Time. What tender memories that magic word calls upl Itow the page of llfe rolls back, and i wc read ntnybe, with tearfnl eyes, the characters written there, and throfigh the long closed COl'riders of the past we hear the  *" 0, echo of the footsteps of those who lmve gone out from among us, and come back no more. lhlt while Christmas saddens, it is always a season of rejoicing. There is hardly any home so poor In_ this brood memories of bright days in the sunshine unclouded youth, when the plastic heart Was m.olded to enduring affection because of the tLoughtful love of the loved. Day of home- gathering, of unselfish regard for others, of )resent-laden trees, of well-filled stockings, of tables groaning beneath their burdens el toothsome edibles, of tender expressions, of song and laughter avd mirth and inno- cent games. Where iu all the world may tritere be found such al,othcr annive, sary, one so ktdcn with the fragrance nf love, or so abounding in thought that ennobles? ttere we have a Christ.child in the stabts et Bethlehem, a scene that appeals to the sympathy and regard of the young; and the mother {:ohling the Babe to her nurturing }:feast, a warming heart touch to every ,nether loved thc worhl mer; and the angel romisc: "lie shall save tits people h'om of lnnd, let us hope, that the children can- not hang tip their stocldngs and hope lo find somelhing in them when morn. ing dawns. And if there be such homes, would il not be quite as welt for people who en- dow colleges, already possessed of am. pie means--who build churches with steeples which pierce the sMes--whc sport diamonds that do them no earth Ay good--wonld it not be .just as welt if they would set apart yearly a por- tion of what they spend so needlessly. nsa lurid to give the poor around them a hapl,y and comfortable Christmas? God has no need of steeples a hundred or two hundred feet high. lie can hear l)rayer just as well from one elevation' dwir sins;" a thought that lifts the soul he heights of the Infinite. What care we wheLhe lie came in tile day namcd and commcm,)rated by the hureh, when the air of .ludah was chilled by the snowy breaths of ll(emon; or in the q)ringtime, as ntany tcaeh, when the bird trilled heavenly music and 1he valleys were t!ccked with myriad tlowers, wbose perfumes ere as incense fronl the upper temple ot God? The Christ-work is universal and the (_hrist-day belongs to all tim people ot the whole worhl. IIere the Chrmtmas day dawns upon scenes of lee and snow; there t,l)On a wealth of tropical foliage; l)ut every- x(here it is a day of heart warmiug, and gift beariug, and glad carols of praise for Him who first opened His eyes in a manger and whose love tins given a new name and a leftier purpose to adwmeing civilization. The time of the event counts as nothing be- fore the majesty of the glory of the event itself. I]ethlchem was nn insignifieant vi'/age vlinging to the outer sldrt of majestic Jero- salem; yet greatest of all the cities of ths u'orld did it become in that it was the birth. dace of the('hrist, tteretheKingofKings q,peared in the helplessness of initial iMan- cy, watched and nursed, as other helpless children of all ages, by His youthful and adoring mother, honored above all women xho have lived or who shall live. Josel)h and Mary }tad their home in n wretched village of dcspb;ed Galilee; :vet the name of Nszareth shinoq as the l)ri.;htness of the sars and shall be as enduring as the 'irma- men(. Christmas day, the first ('hristums. was the beginning of a promise old as the fall of man: the Christmas of to-day shows the fu]tillmcnt in large degree of the pvphetic a=surance of man's r'demption The light of the Star of do(oh has spread until its ra3s have ;'caohcd the darkest corners of the earth, and where they have penetrated they imve I)le.,'sed ahvays] Christ in the heart, (lu'ist in the life. ('hrit in the home, Christ in the worht that a to be: such theinfluenee et lli,n whom the Magi worshiped in the maugcr and o whom the a ngcls sang in their song to the shepherds on the plains. Gta(Idest of the festal days. indissolubly linked with Good Friday and l'lesurreetion "day and Ascension, it s an ever-present les- son of the sureness of all the promises of Cod. As the firs Christmas day told of the hope of Israel, so each s, tccecding one declared the development of the God- thought in the incarnate God, until the cli- max of Divine goodncss was reached on Cal- vary. And afterward, as the Gospel spread over the earth, its peaceful fruits, the de- celopment of the Christ spirit in man, fore- shadowed and do foreshadow in steadily in- ercasing strcngttt and beauty the final cul- mination when the Babe of Bethlehem shall be in all and all in all among the children of men. Then shall every day bc full of the gladness that makes Christmas (lay the bright(st, cheeriest and happiest of all the days of the year. rILLIAM ROSSER COBBE. ON CHRISTMAS EVENING. to as IIe can from nnother. Christ was born in a mnnger, and lie nevm preached in any costly eafhedrals, yet IIis words have come down to ns through the ages--ever new, eve beautiful and sweet, to fill our hearts with hope, and to make glad these lives of ours whieh otherwise would be but as lhe apples of Sodom. And, remembering what Chrlstmas cotton(morales, it should ever l:e a sea- son of "good will toward men." Pet( 3 differences shonld be burlcd so doe[ that no winds of idle gossip wonld b(- able 1,o uncover them. We should re- member our own frailty, and have charlty for our neighbors. And wher he .io 3' bell ring on Christmas morn lng, happy is the man who can lister to tbem and say truthfully: "I have no hnrdnes in my heart this day fo any living lhinff." Shall we give presents at Christmasl C,;rtainly. if the heart prompts the gift. not otherwisc. In so far as you e-re. let Chrlstmm be a (lay, not of so much fenstingthal the doclor will be needed the next day. ,=) c-- , 5" H---But why didn't you hang up some ,Mstlctne ? She--lt's such a superffuity.--Yell0w Book, Merry Chrl.tmlts, Deaeon "Mornln'," eald the deacon. "'Di4 ye ask me what we got? Wa-al. now, I kin tell ye That we got an awful lot. //arthy fret neuralgy, Georgie got th' rheumat!z, usan got a back-crlck. An' th' brindle cow go: trio, Some thlef got th' turkey, An' th' famlly's fee/in' blue; I'm off t' glt th' doctor-- Huh? 'Umph! yeah, same t'you.'* -David H. Talmadge, In Judge. The Trnml,'S llebnke. Enervated Easy---I shed think, ma'am, dat dis sacred Christmas time would kee9 you nearer to Seripture'n it does. lrs. Turner Away--Nearer to Scripture! Enervated Easy--Dat's wet I said. Iast for bread, an' you give me a snow shovel! Town Topes. flhe Gve It AwaF, "Miss Speeie gave me a kiss for a Chrisl> mas present." "There, I *old her she did not thinksnougl of me to keep what I gave laer."N, y, Truth Dimeret Ion. If yl wish to refuse An Importunate lever. It ia wiser to walt Until Chrletmas I r. --Up-,to-Dat. The great trouble in this world is too CANDY At 1 be age of 5:1  enrs Cahin S. Briee, sissilpi valley ltas very seriously inter- many fools. Fools have always been nu- merous, and there is no prospect whatever rni!road finaneier and former UIHtcd fered with the completion of the branch that the supply will diminish.--Atchison tatcs s(nator from Ohlo. died fr,m that the lllinois Central is constructing Globe. pneumonia al h;. home i XcvYort.-. from Philipp, at the terminus of the ...................... The dath of Hen D- A. Rice, ex-ger- Yazoo & Mississippi Valley, to Green. ernor o.f Massaebnsefts. ceeurred.-"t wood on a branch of the main line of his home in Boston. aged g2 yeats, the illinois Central. rth, Pot*at,. Tasle Gm& I %%'fST AND SOUTH No Smoking Allowed. e.we.orGripeyac, 2.:, In Brute. Mont.. fivedeathoecu,'ed One of Judge Truly's first official CURE OON&TIPATION .... from she dreadful sulphur and arselai acts when he began his new judicial n{fume from ih, me]ters. {n ll0-T0-|10 .',oo,,,on,,,, t:, """; l l Ann Arbor. Mdeh., was order thRt tt 3l3btV 0ee, aged 1i0 years, to but an oeersion of good cheer. It ts no1 necessary to nnybody's hnpl)iness thai th, shouhl be n great many kinds o,  dishes. One can eat. with (orator(ant respect to his d;gestion, only about s ranch, and evcrythln above that is wearines nnd vexation. And too often the woman who doe her own work is so completely "tuck orcd out" wtth her preparatlons fm ('hristmns that she has no heart tel anything; and when everybody ha feasted and praised her dinner, sh( looks at the stupendous array of disbe she has to wash. nnd groans In over: 3 of spirit. An(] she Inny well l'e for given if she says, na she ofteu does "Thnnl heaven thut Christmas comet bnt once a yenr!" On Cbristmns day. put away care, and the rcmenbranee of all trouble: rod perplexities, so far a. you e'm f, et ever3 l;ody ]u,.ve n' :r(:o(l a time at It is possible to have. Eat sour tur key with no thought that perhap: to-morrow yon may bare to dine o salt. park. Ind,flge tn no discontented reflee ltons concerning year richer netghbo who is nl:le o wash down his cos(l: Christmas Wands with elwmpagne. Tie thnnkftl for what you have. nn make the I)esfofit. I,ikely as not it it a good deal better than you deserve. Give your horse an extra feed. and trent the eat and dog to the ehicker bones, and let them have a Christmas too. Fill fbe children's stockings if yol can--even if yon have to ca, off vonl cigars and soda waler to meet th, eInergeney. And for one day ht the year let ehari ty, paiiencc and love ],recall tn yore home, and in your heart--and I%t tha; day be the anniversary of the evm memorable and glorious day on whicl Chrtst was born.--Iale Thorn. in N. Y Weekly. P:ld FoP. "I say, Mr. oftly," remarked t]_, family terror, ,-ged ten. as he erefull: scraped both his sho.s open Mr. Soft 13"'s patent lenl]ters in-ior to his s;ater': apt)earanee {n the ]:ar/or; "i lint box e, taffy-candy you scot sls on Cl,.ristmat was prime Iet the whole of it." "Ah, did yon?" eplied 31r. Softly gently removing his embryo brother in-law. "Yep. Sis dasn't tackle anything stieley with her false teeth, o I got ii vl]." And from the smothered whoops ;vh!eh were shortly heard proceedin from the nursery it wus evident thai something sticky was tnekling the faro. {ly terror an(1 that he wa again get. ring it all. Itis sister had overheard hls remarks.--Judffe 'lVl, nt Pn Say,. "Christmas eome,s but nce a year." Wtllit says: "A shame!" Bess and Ne;l and Sam. well. say the ver3 ame. lue and ITarry say. "Too bad!" both h oee ace0, d, Ma Is meek a::d doesn't speak; Pa tys, "Thank Ihe L3rdF' --L A. ,V. ]]utletln. A CONFUSION OF NAMES. It Resulted in Profit to (1be Dook gemt and Loss to Up-to= Date Man. He was looking lank and lean; he wore a threadbare suit of black, and under one arm he carried a volume; under the other there was an umbrella which had seen better days. He entered so quietly that Dodson who was busy at his desk, did not hear him, "I have here---" he began, softly. Dodson wheeled in his chair and took in the situation. "I don't care what 'ou have!" he roared. "Don't you see t]lat sign, 'Peddlers and I3oak Agents Not Wanted,' or are you blind?" "The life of Samson--" continued the agent, with an apologetic smile. "V:hy didn't you say so before?" said Dod- son,, subsiding. 'In one volume, price $1.50,' e0ntinued the long thin man in black. "I'll take it," said Dodson, shortly. "Good dat, sir." few minutes later a friend of Dodson's happened in and picked up the volume. "Hello, old man!" said he, as he looked it over. "I didn't know you went in for Bib- lical subjects." "I don't see the joke," answered Dodsou testily. "l believe that in times like these every patriotic American citizen should f,> miliarize himself with the lives of our prom- I inent men who are at the front making his- tory for this glorious eountrv. Ve neglect these thrings tot) long. I prolose to keep up with the times." 1 ' You will have to hurry if you do." an- { swered his friend, dryly. "This particular { Samson without the p has been dead for l ,000 years. --Detrmt ree I ress. { Hla Captor Wum n Polleeman Who llad to Do Something to Hold ills Job. A certain policeman who patrols a beat near Calumet avenue and Twenty-third street had not made an arres iu three years. It is a quiet neighborhood, and really nothing of a riotous kind happens there. "'Mike," said the captain one morning last,week, "you've got to get to work. i you don t make some arrests pretty soon I'll turn you off the force." Mike left the station desperate and ftdly determined on arresting the first man he met. He overtook a very miht and unas- suming gentleman who :as walking from the /llinois Central t,'ain. Mike placed }tim with the pills will hasten under arrest. The ,nan, it turn.ed out, stut- recovery. It cleanses the tered dreadfully and was not able to'make blood from all impurities and much protest. Mike really knows so little is a great tonic to the nerves. about the law that he imagined he waswith- in his rights in running auvbody in. The WPffe the Dto, next morning the pedestrin was brought Our Medieal Dcpartment hasons up at the station, uf tbo most eminent physician( iu the United States. ell tim doctor l,"What's your name?" roared Justice } Just how you arm anfferhg. You ' =hite, who had an attack of dyspepsia that { will rocclve the best medlcatlvloe morning. { wlth0ut coat Address, . 'jSt--s.t," Slmttered the frightened little ] DR. J. C. AYER. ueIend,ant. / Lowell. Mass, your name?" demanded the jus-/ tiee, still more severely; "dou't you trifle , wm tit,s court, sir: .............. They daily insure an easy and natural movement of the bowels. You will flndthatthe use o! T present prices, cotton culture can only be profitable by reducing expenses and increasing the yield per acre. A liberal use of Potash, in connection with Phosphori0 Acid and Nitrogen, will prove to be both economical and profitable. Send for our free pamphlets, which should be in the hands of all farmers. 01BRglAN KALi WORK, 93 Nassau 5L, NoW Yer{k. I ...... .HOr0T e00,0T 6uu 5.PUS fort/52 a /zzrRrD OrAl. /8o//c'rrt Ave.. #,.w #r.  0hriatmas EVERYBODy, Do yOtl wnt to earn sonlethlng for Christmas| W'$ ean put yOU ,n the way Of making _11, without In. terferln!a'withr, gularoecnption. Evenoh dreuean earn Sf' b,,tweetx school hours, 8omethlng entirely new a.nd original. No c,tnw,Mng, and no 'apital re- quired. A ISl outfit will be sent On receipt of l-eent tamp. Postofflee box 4=17, NEW YOUK. N. Y. IU/I I PUIL.IL for popular ulagull{u,seoltl = .......... lng subscriptloRs, l:'OSlt10{ l&llee Ol tgOg D(| bUS|- ness qualifications. Send for)atter Of ln/grmalll0n. 8'I)DDARD e 50 Pearl Street. Now fork Qtr OPIUM-'-- t: O,tre* Wrl. n. Ii. Yoollly, ,I.D .Attaut& QS. "-s-s-t-t-t,' stuttered the he/pless man agam. "Officer, what's this man charged with" said the judge, in disgust, turning to Mike " "I ' . "' " --I don t know. vour honor stam- mered Mike. "Soda water, I guess."--Chi- cago Inter Ocean The World's Sill, ply of 1Vheat. An English expert prophesies a uuiversal dearth in the wheat snp|).lv. He claims that the wheat producing oral'is unequal to the strain that will be put upon it. Even now hen the food supply of the world is ample, thousands die because thcir disordered stmn- achs fail to properh" assimilate the food they take. }Ioetetter's tomach Bittm trength- en and tone up the stomach and digestive or- gar% and enab!e them t<) perform their proper functions, This great remedy cure dyspepsia, torpid liver, nervousness and fe- ver and ague. The Girl In Love. ihe's timid and believes in peace, She shrinks from war's alarms: Yet. womanlike, she'll never cease To love the call to arms. --Judge. 100 EewaN! 100. t Tho readers of thi palmr will beplead o learn that there Is a least one dreaded disease that science bae been ablo to cure in caljts stages, and that Is Catarrh. LIall's aza.h Cure is the only positive cure known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment,. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upou the blood and mucous surfaces of the aystem, thereby destroying tim foundation of the disease, and iviug the oatient stren'th by building np theconstitution and assisting nature in doing its work. The proprietors have so much faith in its cura- tive powers that they offer One Hundred Dollars for any case thai; it fails to cure. Send for list of testimonials. Address F. J. Cuxr & Co., Toledo, O. Sold byDruggists, 7:'. Hall's Family Pills are the best. Advance of Science. "'I see you've got your lightning rod un for office again," said the friend of the cart. d, idate. ,, . ,, . The hghtnmg rod, rephed the.candi- date, who was a matter-of-fact sort of man "is ' one of the exploded humbugs of the past.. What I'm trying to do is to get my trolley poles up for the office."--Chicag'0 Tribune. Are you troubled with Totter, Salt-Rheum, Eczema, Ringworm or any skin disease ? Tet- terlneisasarecure; tryit. 50c. atdruggists, or by mail for cash or stamps. J.T. Shup- trine, manufacturer. Savannah. On. Tho C|imato Forbids It. Biggs---Is it true that Smith, the ieeman, is dead ? Boggs--Yes, poor fel/ow, lie cuts no ice now.--Life. When a man concludes he is too smart to work he comes to the conclusion that has made more thieves than any other thing on earth .--Atchison Globe. Piso's Cure for Consumption has no equal as a Cough medicine.--F. M. Abbott, 383 Seneca St., Buffalo, N. Y., May 9, 1894. Some people are so skeptical that they even doubt their own doubts.Chicago Dai/y News. To Cure a Cold In One Day" Take Laxat4ve Bromo Quinine Tablets.. A]/ di'uggists refund money if it fails to cure. 25e. The only place where a chronic kicker ma be useful is in a football game.--L. A. "W. Bulletin. ____ A play is never satisfactory if there is a man or woman ]eft over when the pairing off occurs in the last act.--Atehison Gqobe. II'W F' [ quick relief and cut'es worst .eases. Send ,or boo: of testimotiials attd 10 das  t tta(mentk'ree, hr. It, 14. tltS'S a0S.Athmtltt(il A. N.K.--F 1740 READERS OF THIS PAPER DISIIIINO TO BUY ANYTHING ADVERTISED IN 1T8 COLUMNS SHOULD INSIST UPON HAVING WHAT THEY ASK FOR, REFUSINO ALL SUBST1TUTL OR IMITATIONS. STAR PLUG ,n,n,:,.,. oo,,.o,,oil L. 'E,, P'00O N o t a d e b y " s ' CLIPPER PLUG ] I glleS pa;v hnsu t got so much money this year," said little brother. CORNER STONE PLUO I/ ,,, ,, S'EOGE P'00G t a T U ST or %hat ma.kes you think so? asked SCALPING ICNIFE PLUG | little sister. "'Causc he was telltng me that t, SLEDGE HIXTURE SMOm/C 0 B i N E ! wasn rtght to impose on onnta Claus LIGGETT & MYERS "l'OB.&Ol:O COMP'Y, Manufaeture. Jst because Ilte old feller was good natured."Indin napolis Journal. Thoze lle Don't %Vnnt When a man nys he doesn't wnn; nny Chrlstmns presents, he means thai he doesn't want any that are charged to him nt the stores or bought wit) hts own money.Ateidm 01ob Trouble gets into many a home by means of a night latch key.--L. ,. W. Bulletin. Some people seldom lend a helping hand unless it is to help themselves.Ram's H.orn. IME IS TO LENCITHEN LIFE." DO YOU VALUE LIFE? SA iO { mone by' , 8o wh' not I