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December 24, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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December 24, 1898

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!ttI.t. I 10A:.CCO SOILS. th. re ,. ,d ,,;t n ,r, .... " .................. -r - .... v...-,---+:.,.=_ ..........  ...... .-=-. _ ....................... ! g I Am( o-ral-ers of ()h)l ] re f&apos;o)lfe,so t,ket a(.ailsl " (i,,f .q, ..... ,A_/ir,. ......... laecds Ca:l easily be ol)i:iip.ed. 'Fh, re wre Lc,utitui spelmecs of Bridae,,& Wv,i vs IJ. sire,, mls LE()N SCIIWAIVI'Z. -" I)CC2br 4. I I']l,.,W|lere we publlsh au oX-:Skiiiei lab, r to aid and (lil.cct inM, 'zany fr:',.,e(.(, fr()n; the terril,rv t,l .... i ,.o,nplainI ,tir),i-s,.d {kS ;t:: 7. L :'; ": l: K;;..-, =:;:=_-7.- .............................. tract fr(;ll) l!l|ilt'tii,]e lltioil *]iJa ill clllIilat}olt alld curit,g alo call Imro, Va., aml the Greensboro, N. ; "".:, " " ............... I ril:u)r:, to I,)( hm,,,,d :Iiiil l.m'h- J Ii .l, ,.,. vs 1,' i) Lewis ctal, Pro   ' . a.. "."  .." confesso agai,)st ,lefts. "+ -: '< ' J. '. LEWIS, ('.of the T,,ba('.eoTrade"frt)mthe beobtalned. WeholJC the eue,'gy C., m.rkets; t,)l)a.eo for ehewin, tare deelare,l h)soIve,,t a,,,, all clabn, ['  li[ L and Prol)rieIor, Soulhern )arm Magazine. The anti deternliuation to get from smoking aml eigareIte manufacture against the esta(e arc orderetl to ba Ma]l tFcet) <" " EsI of Andrew Jackson deer1 Es- great variely of soils and climates under the wheel of the all cotton were In evidence. Tim I,right tobae tiled with the Clerk before the 1st day TO ADVERTISERS. in this country in which tel)aces juggernaut at least l)artlally, is Danville, Va. ts famous was repre- tie,, and adjudication. - co for hich the country around of the May Term. 1899 for examinaL -- is grown for market is shown not wanling DVILLE REPUBLICAN From the t" " sented by gohh.n leaves. Est d Mary Adler ducd, ame or- -onncct!eut river valley . = der in this case ,, " =: The Green,bor, Winston, Reid- IFe hae now on hand a Fresh Sup= st nevtspaper in tile to and including } lends, and in rile DOLLARS ARE GOOD. S L Pearcc vs Laura Pearee, Di- ville anti Durham tobaccos were dis- -- voree gra,,ted, ply OT GPO C_EtIES which zve are ha a larger bona ](e the Mississippi valley from Eli- On account of tbe general behef 'l;he So,!thern RaHn'ay runs through derson. Divorce granted sellin a prices o suit,hard [ile8. I']aved" Henderson Anderson Vs Jeans An ',u!ation than any other nots and Ohio to southern Luisi- that two hundred thousand silver a Sl)len,lid tobacco territory from Isom Snowden vs,lennie Snowden, ) ann, different varieties of tabacco do!Isis of 1890, New Orleans Mint, Orange eoun'y, Virginia, to Greens Divorce granted. Cc[ arol2] and aZe a Zoo ag per in this section; are pro]ucedall of it of good, were counterfeit and in circulation in bore, N. C. and on its branch line confesso against Emma Iay. OlY line o),X)nasoods beforepur. , , E J Stricker vs A S Ray et al, Pro ,. is marketable grades or it e lower MiSs., Valley, secret set ville to Riehmon(t, Va., tl)en at its Divorce granted. C]baslgff elsewhere. t t,, to Dt!rham, N. C., and from Dan- CathrineSeaberryvs Sire Seaberry ,.:,  |im,) not be raised. In nearly all of vice agents of the government made weslern lines around Greeneille Zack White vs Lizzie White, Di- the tropical islands the plantls or investigation and found the alleged Tenn., and Louisville, K.., it reaches  voree granted. - | ill ia, can be cultivated and more or counterfeits to bo good dollars, a splend)d tobacco coat, try. Duncan Stewartvs P Sterlingetals -t.r --  =------m- _- less in all counties lying in the It appears that the amount South Carolina and Georgia ap. Report of sale of lands by Co,nmis- elxr ...... -------_ ANNOUNCEMENT. temperate zone. For all this named Peter LonffmirevsEliza Lon,mire ,. W of that coinage haa ear about ready to come to the smnereonfirrned. " "" suu arc arriving.. I have front as tobacco-producing States. Bill for divocc in " " " " )7 e a authorized to annonnee there senls never to have been been locked up iu some bank and In colonial days Augusta, Ga., was Court adjourned to 9 o'clock to- t',,soased,sm,ssed purchased a ]argc stock of Dr J. B. DAWSON, an over-production, the higher was suddenly released, thus giving a large tobacco market, but the morrow nlorning, gOOds for County Assessor, grades hohling their value from rise to suspicion from tim brightrmss invention of the cotton gin rest)lied Present same as yesterday. Minutes of , ' to the action of the Demo- year to year in marked contrastto of the coins though nine )'ears old. in that region substituting cotton yesterday read signcdand approved by the Clothing, Notions, Itousekeepmg ar- culture for tol)aeco farming. COOpt. cotton, for tobacco is the plant, Somo of these dollars are in clrcula- Orange, Green, AIb.,narle, Nelson Ela.or,o,.s0000,. n.., decree to, ticles, Hats Shoes &c. in l00l'ew York of Wilkinson County: and excepting salt, iron and the tion here and If they should lie still Amherst, .+ampbell, Pittsllvania. Estateof lose[)h Aaron deed. Elnal ac= sale of land for partition, August Metzger ' apDotnled commiss!oner to make sale. '-)d,'rshmt'dbegsleave roan-l)reciou s nletals, the substance, regarded witlsuspicton by anyone Franklin, Halifax, Mecklenburg, (?ollYlt. of Edl007,00k,ii-OllExtaliqwed. all of which I propose to sell at prices t)). he i a candidate for tim ,f ,brff,)f Wilkinson Connty, most]universally used byim,mkind, indebted to the REPUBLICAN we will Charlotte, Luneoburg, Nottawa.y, count allowed. ' Estate of W K Cooper, .eed, Final ae- o tim action of the Domoera- We mention this latter fact to I lake them for over due subseriptiobs Amelia and Chesterfield tobacco Final settlement of guardian allowed. wpntl,m to be Ilehl for coIInty are Estate of Margaret Shepherd, a mh enuntles tn 1899. Very respectfully, show why the demand for tobac_lwith a great deal of pleasure" in Virginia. liOoslinski,,00Zonasr!arrtset al. Oec,e, SO lOW that it Will be to your interest " fer sale of lands to foreelsse mort age, _ _ B. ,NMAN. Some ,eoa o, the vast amo,lnt o, gg{,gga00,,a Lowlier el. ,.  ......... __ co is so great and unvarying. [ --+"' .... business done in tits tobacco indus- [  ...... . . . . fo ii,i!i!ffi! There fire h .................. , Murry Snith Es., of Vicksb g, ,, ,,w .... , ,Uml,ura_ , .... q ur trymthe South ,nay be had bva]mi:da. "''Jsaaler' eta, s, pctftmn dis- tO examine my stock. tlvely very limited areas in which w,n aduress the people of Meridian study of ))' o-)-- " ........ ', , [ OellaMcDanlelvsTL MeDaniet. ' t:!pon State Issues by re ............. .vine ol Ln( i,i% ............. " ..... bill for -,-.' ........ et', a'mweu (q .avs to answer bill Special in- tonaeeo warehouses. Danville, Va, 1 E.,tat6ot,Iartha Fen'ey;decd, wiU ah- ducemcnts to large buyers. i i, " . the light, bright leaf, the most . .. quest st the is elas.ed as a brigbt.tabaeco marko /m$d-t. roU,(e. . . . valuable grade, can be produce. .  ..  .o ,rlcer vs A 8 Ray et at, aecree tot , W.C. MILLER. ) eaumg citzeus on Dec. 20th. It '--- -- " ", ..... tls a hope/ul s!ga when the people bnt a larqe qnantity of dark tobacco .Win Scott vsCharlot!e Scott, deft allowed ite' coml)lt.   . lbar)kinthepubhcfor their .rrolnt, ll', L;antwell, a genIle_/beglntoln_ulreiat 0 ...... tsalsosold It furnishes wrappers "umtystoanswercrossblll. PE'TER MOLLER lO|)()rL in ll)e past I hereby announce man from eastern North Carolina - . q tuelr stae at- to Western and other manufacturers. Adams allowed. I Estate of Wm Adams, deed, final acct of tbnt!an acaodidate for "re-elecion 'flalraanascrutinize tbeir admtnls Thel)anvllle whospent last week here, we[.- .. " " tra- tobacco sales of leaf JnoFlrvlnetalvsEmmalrvinet al, pro tt3 th O(, Of Marshall at election , tlOn. Tile most potent, or at least amount to abont 45,000,000 pounds ereeforeclos!ng niortgage and salo of land confesso taken against adult de, fts and de- Jan. 2d 1899. " th m a eft c ice way of arriving at annually. Cha'ham, Vs., sells erder,d gathered some facts about tobac e o  c t Es'a'eofMaryAdh,r.ded, final account ?I00 d iii i hlly ......... 2,000,000 pounds of tobacco annual, of a M Sessions tdrn allowed. C. A. CHISHOLM. co culture in his section that can- the tru'.h is by public speaking. The ly. Lvnchburg, Va , is a great an,b, ed !)y the Chancellor and found tn Io tlm muller nf the County Library, g ,tONl0 ]:EE'I'IN(L not fail to interast and we hope matter will probably resolve itself be- tobacco market, and has many fae eomlitlon. Mvn)t,.)'s :if W tt Vmmso R. impress our readers, fore the people by Guy. McLaurin tortes. Tha marke sells all kinds of town hit for partition Ex partc J A Berger et als, docree for sale nre lad.ified that tho regular A few years ago tobacco grow- and his beaeflciaries being against of tobaeco. Tile capacity of Lvnab- Estate of tl SVan Eaton decd. flrst annual -f Hm Chapter will take !1 accounto! P Muller Extr allowed. ,, :h/. -v b Irg s Slx warehouses is 50,000,000 Elat of Jas Redhead eta s minors, decree tt, Lodes room Tnesd,y ing In N. Carolina was confined the great body of the leading men of pounds annulll conflrndng report of sa]e of lands. NO 5 Night Train ."   " = 1 Monet Extr of Et )f I S Van Eaton vs ,, , *, . 'oavea Meulphis, naxt, at 8 o'clock. Th to a section of country extendingl the State Besides State Senator Richmond, Va., is a great leaf) R K Ferguson, decree foreeh)s)ng m,,rtgage ] 7:,55 pm .... I o lands known as Gr,'tves place, fo( I ...... " '' Victburg ,.mio,,s are requested to atlei, d from about the middle of the]Smith, ho has been the leading mnaeoo market ant, a tobacco manu. t aEtei2SV2,,7#:;,::l,)te Aruvea Ne,, O, e O:,u.m ;,U am ' facluring city. The sales of leaf for/;" t prlv,,te Or pu)lt:s.le ..sY,...n  ..  ". " Gutrvihe 'L ( t L* Stateto the western part, ntlsenatorperhaps in recentsessioas, eleven months of the pus , Vearauth,,r[zecltosell.sne ........ nd Extt[ N -7:---=. ' 'l.ans J.F.THERRE[ far front the sea board. It wastand members of his standing and o, 6, Nzght lram 1-=---_  lo. o,,m a00onn00edte0000,80000.acka00es Lowest S0000.'.00'Peots00sT00'O,,rr00et at, decre00 l .......... A MERRY CtIRISTMAS. believe that the eastern portion [cahbre, it is to be hoped that the ear saes for eleven months were ]Hll* t. " V" 8:85 pm , , L  " * '; ]cancelling tax flue to lands known us MiUer st ,, , ,L C'entrevillo st L L* Lt . lcksbnrg of the State would not producepeople nex .)'ear wili invite such #,160,432 pounds South Boston, taecountoflqSVan Eatom Gdan. tallowed Nav. W;..b,-_ j _ __ 7:10am ,ate of M E W Collins. a minor, final / iFor theventy fourth time the ood tobacco. The soil was of men as Judge ('a]houn and Frank Vs., is a growing tobaeco market / J Wflotltns appointed Gdan. ......... s VI('RSO,1)'" has the privelege of dark or of a dark grayish color, ! ]s.ate of Wm Ash deed, petition dismissed. 'veIamplis" ' 1t:5n pm Johnson to address them upnu state 7,000,C00 pounds. , ..... " arr,ves New OrleanS' 8 :)m Christmas greetings to containing eonsiderablesand with issuesimpartial, able men who [7 ....  ......... . , '  us it frieud in town and county, I red clay subsoil. It was the The sales the past year were about | Court adjourned to Courin course. To. 22 D;y Tra-i7veNe-,.l 5:30 pm has neazly donl)le(I in North Caroli- | To the II ........ ,  ........ -- " arrives Vieksbu)g, g:n5 atn atteud to their private affairand The zone of cultivation of tobaceo| LIQUOR LICNSE PETITION. - ............  mzrg,, . 5:55 Pnl n,l big, old and young./general belief that only red lands are not seeking office. The Uuited aa in the'hast 'en v,a "P). ..... ..) / t,,urao, ,ayur ,(1 Board No, 7.']1 /eaves Woodvillo ex(e would produce fine tobacco. But ............... Train runs daily -; pt Sund.. -----. Claus is a b/g-hearted little [ State senatorship will enter into the leaf sales of the North Curolina ville. Wilkinson Counly, State of .... ar)'iv, ,qlnotdter 11:10 am  " of Aldermen of the Town of Wood- " " leave. P, avou S ra 9 am warehouse the past year aggregated Mississippi: The nndarsigned quail- . cares nothing about the people of eastern North state canvass, it cannot be kept out about 112,000,000 pounds. There fled voters resident within the Town ,, " ,, " " ,, a-',rer 12:20 pm cotton so he will visit Carolina, seven years ago were and should |noL For this high are thirty.four markets, eighty-seven of Woodville. Willcinson County, " avan ,%ira 1:10 Dm the good little folks tonight, bound to ',ali cotton", as our peo- office let ihe people consi0er the warehouses aud about 330 leaf deal IIonorable Body to grant and issue to o 4:15 )m State of Mississippi petition your " " arrivo. WOo,lville 9--" all through the house, ple are now, and were m a much records of the men who offer for it ers in the State. "' ),m Siegmund, G. Stern, ----'][L'I r,)nni),g .,))kl Trah:s be,,.,) is stirring, not even worse condition financially, and deal out even-handed justice ac, Some excellent tobacco is raised in a resutent in said Itown a license to C . / :3EIC. '''T07" O][,1  May our friends all Their lands were not so good as cording to the deserts of the eandi. Georgia. The crap of the Stale sell atilt retail Vinous Alcoholic, averages about 300.000 pounds. Malt, intoxicating and Spirit, ous suri"gaTa:Yt,:!; g dates and the honor and interests of For l..t,,'t a speedy a,d eomfortaffi. P- ,,ars m both direetiona, th , ant Pnlhnan B,,ffet Sloeui)F. C.-- r?aS turkey and egg- ours, they had no credit and no Alabama and Mississippi raise but Liquors in less quantaties than one ,..c., .nape etc. o,..,, .... ,  juurney. gale . Let our other means to get any. In sheer des- the State, little tobacco, though the soils and  gallon within the limits of said town JNO. A. 'G't'(;l;'l' gents orad'r,.,sa. -'9))-o eli,hate make it possible to raise it I at the buihting known as Hm Schwartz Div. Pass'r Agt, s, t u. Yauks, have their I peration six years ago they began Mr. Bailey, we believe, is perfect- very profitably." building now occupied by A Seth M II'nzs , TIN-I.SSEIC. g ing amusements, ser- Its cultivate tobacco. It was ly right in the position he has taken - :" :" lposite a,)d west a,,d fronting Ihe aohnson, situated inthe square o'D- and turkeys, the South al-[found that a good grade of light concerning en. Wheeler's seat in "CATHARINE COLE." /Court tlouse square, and we return- celebrate the Christ- leaf was produced. Now those Congress wlnle he hohls the poltioa Last night only a few minutes be- be of good reputation and a sower and mend the saidSiegmundG. Stern to as it was taughtto do eastern counties are most pros- of Maj. Gen'l. of Volunteers by up- fore midnight one of the brigttest, suitableL person to receiye such after the fashion perous, the farmersareamoney, poiatment of the President. Con-orav, stantlmost warm-heartedwo. Respectful], submitted, A.T. BENEDIOT license. land. ed class, they are getting rich grassmen are prohibited by the Hrs M. R' Ftehl at last laid down Siegmund G. Stern, MANUFACTURER, REPAIRER AND DE:ALER II' ........... men of the South prssed away " when Fre )erick Adolpbus lIart, ""+ ......... The town of Wilson, county of constitution from hohling any other her burden of pain anti suffering Henderson Stewart, I)res is lining up for " for the governorsiq) Wilson, has beconle a tobacco office uuder the govermnent, l'he wllich she had patiently and !lneom- Salvadore Cumbo, luwkly than ea)didates nlarket, surrounded by similar appointment of Congressmen as plainingly borne f-r many wear," SolomonJacoby, garraas gar[s Farm Wagons Har))ass unee(l themselves, markets in other counties. To peace and other commissioners by years. During this long anal hope- Ike R. Davidson. , less struggle against a relentless Daniel E. I[avard, 1 .............. -- ....... lstofthisnlonth Mr, t':antwe]l the Presldeat also seems to be illegal malady there has been one )ho bus ", - Thomas Roland, I are practically uaani, informed us, nine milhons two unless they first resigned their repro-never left her side; onewho was her Leon Schwartz, )  4 " h)r the budding and ownership Willie Cage Henley, sentative office. Such appointments ]hundred and fifty thousands constant eonipanion and whose deft Vilham 1)elaney, daentfor "the Celebrated 0WENSBOR0 WA60N8 Canal by the govern, t p6unds of tobacco had been sold are against public policy beyond any and tender ministrations were never Edward lliggins Lewis, Which are universally acknowledged to be But l)elween the Clayton-/in the town at 10 cents a pound, question, wanting and which could never be Jack Wilson. Jr, tcat) and the dead beat / or for $925,000" And that there +,m. replace,iby oth,,r hands; one ho David Dickey, TheB0stand LIGHTESTRUNNING WAGON Made. I would cheer and comfort her in her Charles Angnrtn f!hisholm, of way ranted by [ were three or four million pound s Col. lIood, in command at Hol-/inher darkest and most dreadful WilliamLorncePolk, Agent for Fg4Z[Eg ROAD and SPEEDING CART, whie the canal scheme may still to be marketed. Tobacco quin, has won high praises from Gea. i hours of suffering ; one whose child-- Monroe William Brown. c l) in Congress indefinitely, there is grown only on the hills, Wood for his able a(tminlstration of/ish joys snd girl pleasures were ae- Alexander IIenr,- Sandman are great fvorites among Horsemen - ,,,i,+-- Joseph Schwartz, ' Purvis, slier five years in the the bottoms being devoted to a disordered and diseased district. [ rificed without a seeming trace of re- Louis Gosliuski. AGENT FOR TBE L'a been pardoned b other crops; His regiment, 2nd Immunes, Gen. |gret; and one whose highest aim w ]Hehard J Anderson, life seemed to be the smoothing of a Fred Martens, ampi00n Tence , Wood says, is equal t any volunteers loving nlother's l)athway down into) Jacob C,)hen, C There m::=5 to be In northern ]orlda within four he haa seen Ile says their discl- the dark valley. The readers of the Franms F. Best, The most extensive Manufaotarers of Iron Fauoing in the United t4t'ate.  that Purvts was sentenc- years nearly the same thing has " Hillery Jones pline reflects the highest credit upon Times-Democrat need not be told William C, Miller. J'artiular attention paid to re-eoveri!g and riggilg h,r a crime committed been done as in eastern North Col. Hood. The fat fraud, Shatter, that it was brave, loving and loyal Charles Augustus Chishohn Jr, little FIo Fiehl hose tireless hands James Washington, "'dt- IU some of ItS fea'ure (aro]ina. In the hills of North tried to dlscredi Hood and his regi. have never weaned in this h)ng and J'oshna ,tw;o,1 Tdton,  All wor k done promptly au ;tt licaonabie rates. the most remarkable on Louisiana sane grade of light ment. Good work and an infinitely losing strnggle, and to her The J<)hn A.Fosselman, Woodville, Mis., Sept. 1891 tf as our reader doubtless leaf has been anti is now raised, better man and soldier has reclifled Times-Democrat d(s!res to extend Smmu tlumentlml. Several years since under the that, it is gratifying to Southern the most earnesl sympathies in this .,o,- ...... Jacob Adolphus Davidson, bee,,me o! Woodtord? direction of Prof. Stubbs, who people to know. hour of beart-I)reaking affliction and ,tames Ga.ner Turuer, Ex. U S rMiniser started the enterprise, a quantity loneliness Times-Democrat. William IIy Wethers, ----m*.- _ Paul I[abig, 4-=:$=$= =:@=$:==, :'-- " like i h,., Sagsta and his of this tobacco was shipped to the PHASES OF TIIE TOBACCO Brief statement of proceedings of the make auch a fool great tobacco firm,the Larillards, Benjamin Goshnski " TRADE. Mr. MeKinlev bus left him out of New York. Theftrnlexpressed Chancery Cot, rt. Dec. Term 1898. l John Chissel, r00dtn, g a -- Present Iton W. C. Martin, Chan- Isaac Baum, h he hangs on to surprise and gratification, wanted OPPORTUNITIES IN TOBACCO IAISING cellor; J. M. Sessions, Shff; C A ,Tohn Tnruer, big a fraud as a War Sec, more and paid ten or twelve Foe Nwco.Rs SouTH. Coon, Clerk, - " ' Itarry IIays Cage, -- . Court adjourned to 9 o'clock A, . Willie Basset, was a diploma, cents a pound for what they re- From Southern F,tim Magazine: tomorrow. George Blackamore, w.,,.m Fro,,o,..o.,. b,yle t Why lhia s thus, is, because ceived. "The cultivation of tobacco is a 2ud James Madison Wat.on, ) I very important business in many of Present same as on yesterday. J()hn Prestwood Miller. =/' -- _ .: = _ :_=- The Ball=Bearingaand Rotary t has a barrel If much of the lands of th,s] the Northern States ; therefore when _ Estate of H. S. Van )Ealon, deed, 3acob Stntzman,   Motion in the in his tate and the county will produegood gra<tcs/we invite our Northern friends to lnveutoryandappra,ement st per- Noland Stewart, NEW No, 9 WHEELER AND WII.S0ti SEWIN00 MACHINE i )w has net!her, of tobacco, a is not a matter ofcome to the South to engage in sonality of said estate examiued aud Lee Charles Schloss, ......... ' ........... doubt to the well inforned, is [farming, if the have been cultivators Estot H S Va)) Eaton deed, In. lliram Whetstone Smith, in the bicycle fitted with ball-bearings. approved. Ernest Dampf, give it the same .speed and smoothnes of motion which ha ben obtained be Ist Mis, Rvgiment was mus- there no lesson for our people, of tbe weed at their former homes, it ,=' century of money and debts examined Moires lI. Rolhscldld. Of course, you don't get a change of scenery while yon're "riding" will be well for them to seek a tobac- and approved. , Martin Rothschihl, the Wheeler and Wilson, but you+ do get a light and healthful exercise. Tenn., and or the most of them, in the ex- eo region, where they can raise that Est Mary Adler, deed, Sale of per- lsadore Rothschihl, while you ar getting your sewing work done easily, quickly and per- MlaS., on 22nd amples given? We do no be- product as a money crop, while, al sonal property confirmed. Joseph Sarplne, ta mimh talk ia the dispatches , fectlyo here all the lands of this county, the same time, engaging In general Estate of H. S. Van Eaton, deed, Gabe Kann, But this is only one of the No. 9's advantages. The revolving shuttle, th hoodhtm conduct of some for we have a great vaFiety of farming, or, at least, here they will re= P Y Y cups are others. It is laaded with talking points aad not with useless cast. Report of sale of personal pro err b Benjamin Brown, patent spool holder, needle, which cannot be set Wrongly; and patent oil ,.ecutor cxamined and confirmed, Angnst Metger, raise everything seeded for their own iron as axe most other machines. route. Ia Alabama softs, wouldpaylntobacc). There supplieae(,rn, oats, hay, milk and sale of personal 13roperty byExecutor Willie Franis Lanehart, Wewant anagentin everytown in this state. and wounded a woman and Est of Jos Aaron, decd, Report of Max I).,mpf, into other depots, etc. are moreover the difficulties, of a butter, vegetables, etc. Tohaceo is examined aud confirmed. Albert Bassett, Splendid money.maklng.chance. Write us about it. new busiuess to I)8 encountered, a paying crop in the South, Virgima, 3rd annnal account of G A Wettlin Arthur Seth Joh,)son, pity that a fev men under the with the certainty that=if thecrop North anti Souh Carolina, "Fennes- gdn of C A Wettlin et als, acconnts tff whiske), should so di- Wifsou Bernard Nowell the regnnent, is not protected from the tobacco see and Kentucky are great tobaeno examined and approved and ordered Isaac T. lfart. T. Dumas Co., Ltd., -*.i growing States. to be recorded. John Edward Thomas. Oeneral Agents, .... " = = - New Orleans. .................... o ,.,. ....... wornl, pulled at the oroper time The writer had the pleasure of , . . 2rid annnal aecot, nts of Wiley F STATE OF MISSISSIPPI,  OOO*@*OHOIOo@.,_+tO Fi)z Lee is in command of and properly cured and packed seeing this fall at the Pittsburg (Pal ld H (x. Morgan minors, by C A WILKINSON COUNTr. ( uoon grin, Accounts examined and l Personally appeared before me ' rmt in Cuba He for market planting on the best Exposition the magnificent exhibit of approved and ordered to record  the undersigned Clerk of the Circuit head and shonldera lands and producing the best the Southern Railway. The fine ex- Est of W F and I! GMorgan minors I Court in and for said County a,,d GEO F, TURR positlon?)fSoulhern ind(istries was Report of gdnof loall of mJnors'|and State, SiegmundG Stem[ w!,, | fitted for grades wau]d amount to little, erected nnder the supervision of Mr money approved . ...... . P Molle Ex (f II  r ..... /being duly sworn says on oath that I rIT - - STREET. M. V. Rieimrds, Washington, D.C., .... ,--- r=aton 'me,the signatures on the forgoing peti_ I the chief command on The question is, after convinC_to t the land and industrial depart, against deft. SE(.mmD G. ,Em. OYSTERS and FISH. Orders for vs 1 K Furguson, Pro confesso taken tiou are gennine. 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