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December 21, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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December 21, 1973

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Friday, December 21 1973 r The Woodville Republican, Woodville, Mississippi Of The Mayor & Of Aldermen (Continued from Page 10) nald Jarvis, labor, $10.50. Re- bUrsement. General Fund, 0:s0. /'he Clerk is charged with the )ll0Wln, Res. Gas, $3,368.73; }.V," Gas, $2,093.59; Res Water, }23:.g4; Pore. Water, $716.83; '"' ewer, $187 88" Com. Sewer, 0.71. ' ' Revenue Sharing Fund: Grant Jr., salary, $116.12; Rob- rne, sane, $145.82; : Curtain, same, $56.41; avls, wages, $133.73; Flel6s, Jr., salary, $123. ; Jes Forman, same, $191. ); Larry Mealey, same, $133.13; 'lVlcQuirter, wages, $37.28; , sal,ary, $116.12; Earl ! Reid, wages, $195.74; Robert C. i Water & Waste Industries, Inc., Slan, salary, $123.47; Willie same, $8.52; Miss. Power & Light Scott McCarstle,r,, sme,: $249.87; Co., lights, $165.76; James R. Fr,ances Townsend, same, $363. Williams, supplies, $225.00; Cen- 64; Public Employees Retire- tral Utility Supply Co., same, ment System, ret., $290.30; soc. see., $478.44; State Tax Commis- sion, w'held, $14.62; Commercial Bank, same, $299.50; Grant Car- ter, Jr., salary, $116.12; Jack Curtain, same, $51.79; Marvin Davis, ,wages, $12.43; Robert Fields, Jr., salary, $123.47; James Forman, same, $191.35; Larry J. Mealey, wages, $125.94 Ed Por- ter, sala:ry, $116.12; Robert C. Slan, same, $123.47; Prudential Insurance Co., ln., $1'10.83. Combined Water Works and Sewer System Fund: Standard Oil Co., supplies, $7.14; Beck- hm's Electric Service, repairs, $133.28; Jimmie's Auto Service, same, $90.46; Stern Chemical Corp., supplies, $93.92; Warper Supply Co., same, $806.46; Davis As we celebrate the Saviour's birth, we pray that His blessing may abide with you at Christmas and in the days to come. $3.60; C. M. Treppend,hi & Sons, sme, $2.25; Planters Hdw., Inc., ame, $47.25; Woodvllle Repub- lican, same, $24.75; Communica- tion Associates, Inc., radio con- tract, $5.62; Ketchings Co., Inc., supplies, $1483; South Central Bell, phone exp., $16.71; Weaks Supply Co., supplies, $944.99; Su- pex Service Sation, gas, $203.40; General Fund, transfer, $190.58; Clerk's Special Account, retmb., $12.14; Frances Townsen d , Clerk, outside water, $26.20. Light and Gas Fund: Herbert E. Pelter, wa,ges, $45.51; Dave Lewis, Jr:, salary, $130.16; Eula Mac Liberty, :same, $13.37; Sid- ney B. Mealey, same, $184.60; Huey P. Robinson, same, $113.00; Lawrence Wells, Jr., wages, $142. 28; Dave E. Carter, salary, $164. 76; Hubert B. Curry, same, $47. 5; Gary D'Aquilla, same, $47.5'0; G. J. Cnda, same, $225.00; Frec C. MeC,rstle, Sr., same, $40.10; J.ames O. Moore, same, $472.29; Cha's. T. Nettervflle, same, $75. 32; Ron Senko, same, $47.50; Richarct T. Watson, same, $133. 72; Anthony Flaccomio, same, $35.52; Frances Townsend, Clk., pay account deposit (Herbert !Vin,son), $6.41; Herbert Vin,son, re,fund deposit, $1.0; Cnsot- dated Pipe & Supply Co., sup- plies, $172.27; Big Three Meter Repair, Inc., :ame, $578.26; Standard Oil Co., same, $7.14; John W. Carter Co., Inc., same, 'penses, $75.00; H. Emerson Ber-lOounty , Mississippi. rzhill, care of cemetery, $450 00; Now th r fo e b , , e e r, e it resolved Woodville Public Library, con- I that the Town of Wo0d, vflle, tribution, $25.00; Mrs. E. M. Col-I Wilkinson County, Mississippi, lens Est., rent on dump, $5.00; i wll I claim for the fisoal year I Myrtle P. Wisner, uniforms, $10. 00; Egsie Harris, jail board, $30.00; Scott's Auto Repair, rep., $201.00; Seal Sractor Co., same, $189.53; Vick's (arage, same, $118.88; McGehee Motor Parts, supplies, $236.61; C. A. Canova, trash barrels, $48.75; Miss. Road Supply, supplies, $10.'04; Colonial Chevrolet Co., repairs, $6.38; Jimmie's Auto Service, same, $27.00; Mid South Supply Co., supplies, $76.45; C. M. Treppen- dahl & Sons, Inc., same, $49.00; Planters Wdw., Inc., same, $88. 83; Lewis Insurance Agency, ins., $125.00; Chuck & Junior's. Body Shop, repairs, $83.35; Sanders Refg. & Electric Service, repairs, $12.00; Woodville Republican, supplies, $45.90; SW Miss PA, lights, $292.75; Mrs. Oeorgi,a L. Cobb, City Clerk, ann.ual dues Clerk's Ass'n, $10.00; Foster In- surance Agency, bond, $10.00; Wood's, supplies, $5.78; City Drug Store, same, $3.5'0; Com- munication Associ,ates, radio contract, $7.00; Ketchings Co.,I Inc., upplieLs, $117.80; Pltney i Bowes, naintenance, $50.00; I Burrough's Corp., supplies, $27. I 30; Miss. Municipal Ass'n, mere-I bership dues, $140.00; South I Central Bell, phone expense, $72. I 78; Super Service Station, gas, I $988.02; Commercial Bank, St. Imp. bond interest, $600.00; John Dorsey, contract work, $178.55; Impton Clark, care of ceme- 1973-1874 and each year there- fter one-half (,) of the ad valorem tax assessed or col- lected by or for Wilkinson Coun- ty, Mississippi, for road purpose, s on property situated within the Town of Woodvitle, Wilkinson County, Mississippi, pursuant to Section 65-15-21, Mississippi Code 1972, Annotated. Be it further resolved that the Clerk of the governing author- ity of the Town of Woodville, Mississippi, be and" she is herein land hereby .authorized ,and di- [rected to present a true and correct copy of the resolution enacted herewith to Won. Alonzo H. Sturgeon, Clerk of the Board of Supervis, ors of Wilkinson County, Mississippi, .and Won. Betty W. Dawson, ssess0r-Col- lector of Wilkinson County, Mis- sissippi. The ,above and foregoing res- olution, having been reduced to writing received" the Rnanlmous pproval of this body in regular recessed meeting assembled and was declared ,adopted, by the undersigned on November 20th, 1973. O. J. Gond'a Mayor of #he Town of Woodville, Miss. The following is a copy of audit made by Handjis, Turpin and McGraw, CPA. (Here fol- lows oomplete copy of said audit L /'" T.W.L. STORE No. 8 N $423.33; Cavin's Welding Service, tery, $125.00; Frances Townsen,d, welding, $180.00; Jimmte's Auto epenses Clerk's Trg. Prog., $82. Service, repalm, $90.45; Buce I 00; Clerk's Special Account, re- Az,derson, survey time, $130.00; C. M. Treppendrahl & Sons, Inc., supplies, $55.60; Miss. Power & Light., lights, $1.28; Communi- cation Assocs., Inc., radio con- tract, $5.63; Ketc,hings Co., Inc., upplies, $14.82; J. H. Lambdin, consultant fee, $431.87; South Central Bell, phone epense, $16. 71; Weaks Supply Co., supplies, $780.28; Seven Day Distributing Co., same, $18.43; Super Service Station, gas, $203.40; Public Em- ployees' Retirement System, ret., $345.59; soc. see., $351.60; State imb., $159.44; James lonan, expenses, $75.00. There being no further busi- ness to come before Vhe meeting upon motion duly made and seconded the meeting recessed until Tuesday, November 20, 1973 at 7:00 p.m. November 20, 1973 At the Recessed Meeting of the Mayor and Board of Alder- men of the Town of Woodville, Mississippi, begun .and held in said Town at 7:00 .p.m., there were present Mayor G. J. Gonda, Tax Commission, weld, $3.01; Aldermen Anbhonr Maccomio, Commercial Bank, same, $131. H. B. Curry, Gary D'Aquilla and - *,  ....... *..- ^- IRon Senko, and Frances Towns $2.50; Dave Lewis, Jr., salary, l end, Clerk. e Alderman Senko moved the $144.52; Eula Mae Liberty, sam , I Me le same t adoption of he following Res $13.37; Sidney B. a y, , ' - $200.57; Charles Prater, wages, olution, seconded by Alderman May the true meaning of Christ- mas dawn once again and bring its blessings to the world and its people. We wish you all the best this holiday season. JIM REEVES MOBILE HOMES, Inc. Jack & Doris McDaniel $37.28; lDarl Reid, .sa/ary, $201.97; Hey P, Robinson, sme, $I13. 00; Lawrence Wells, Jr., wages, $137.83; Herbert E. Pelter, same, $45.51; Mid Louisiana Gas Co., gas, $4,004.34; Pruden,tial Insur- ance CO., ins., $212.40; C. M. Mangum Lbr. Co, ref. deps., $120.00; Frances Town,send, Clk., pay acct. dep. (Mack Washing-, ton Est.), $5.25; (Blue Light Care), $10:89; Walter E. Davis, Jr., ref. dep:, $15.00; Frances Townsend, .Clerk, pay acct. dep. (Mrs. Odell Floyd), $4.73; Mrs. Odell Floyd, ef. dep., $2.77; Frances Tornsend, Clk., pay: acct. dell (,David Smith), $4.20; David 'Smith, reL dep., $5.80; Frances Townsend, Clk., pay acct. dep. (Mrs. Hugh McKey), $.74; (Paul Chairman), $5.94; Clerk's Special Account, reimb., $12.14. General Fun@: Robert Clai- borne, expenses, $37.50; John Dorsey, contract work, $112.20; Hampton Clark, cemetery care, $125.'00; James W. Forman, ex- II IIII I IIII The Yuletide season brings thoughts of Christmases gone by...and thoughts of friends like you. We sincerely hope that you enjoy the happiest of holidays ! JOHN ROLLINS CHAIN SAWS Centreville, Miss. Phone 645-5733 D'Aquilla, voted upon and unan- Imously carried. Resolution Asserting Claim Of The Town Of Woodvllle, Mississippi, For One-Half Of All Ad Valorem Taxes Collected By O:r For Wilkinson County, Mississippi, On Property Within The Said Town For Road Purposes Of Said County Whereas, the Town of Wood- vllle, Mississi,ppi, is a munici- pality sl.buated within the ter- rltori,al boundaries of Wilkinson County, Mississippi, which works its streets under municipal au- thority and at .te expense of the municipal treasury, and Whereas, it .is the declared intention of the Town of Wood- llle, Mississippi, to, .assert its claim ,for the fisc,al year 1973- 1974 and each year hereafter for one-half () of the ad on- torero tax assessed or collected by or for Wilkinson Coun.ty, Mis- sissippi, for road ptrposes on property situated within the Tow, of Woodille, WRIUnson A JOYOUS Here's wishing our friends the very best at Christmastime and in the days to come. Warm greetings from JOHN L. ASH HARDWARE 50th Anniversary Centreville, Miss. made as of September 30, 1973.) There being no further buM- ness to come before te meeting, upon motion d]ly made and seconded, the meeting ad- journed. G. J. Oond'a, Mayor CATCHINGS Insurance Agency Phone 888-4591 P. O. Box 32 Woodville, Miss P/O Mutual Insurance Agency Phone 352-8815 Jackson, Miss. Fire - Automobile Life - Bonds Oliver W. CaCeblng. Jr, I DON'T CAUSE A FHtE Use common ene when buy-I ing electric boys. As a rule, ! battery-powered toys are pref- ebable to those which plug into the wall, particularly for young children. Make sure plug-in toys It's the season to decorate our hearths and homes with holiday cheer.,, and to wish our many friends a truly joyous Yuletide! Page 11 come w.ith :an Underwriters Lab- oratories (UL) seal. Double check for warn-out wiring and other signs of di,srepalr. Electric toys must never be immersed m water or ,operated under the Chrlstmas tree. I Woodville Finance, Inc. WHAT BETTER TIME TO WISH ALL OUR GOOD FRIENDS AND PATRONS THE HAP- PIEST OF HOLIDAYS AND THE BEST OF EVERYTHING! A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! 7 DAY DISTRIBUTING CO., INC.