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December 21, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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December 21, 1973

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Friday, e,:ember 21, 1973 Established In 1824 Number 29. Volume 149 Oldest Paper In Mississippi Woodville, Mississippi 39669 Localisms POLITICAL ANNOUNCEMENTS "To the Voters of the Second District: "I wish to formally announce my candidacy for the o,fflce of member of the Board of Super- visors from the Second District Por one hundred and forty- in the special election to be held ne Years The Republican has on January 15th. sent forth to its readers at this ason of pleasure and goodwill most cordial .holiday greet- gs. In this long period through hich the paper .has lived there have been, of necessity, many Changes--holiday times of great aberial prosperity and abun- Uance, times of business de- pression, even of hards,hlp; and et as each year has ended it as ,been the pleasant office of l s newspaper to speak out its mCere wishe for the happiness of each one to whom it goes, d .for the coming of better gs to each in the New Year Ut to begin. On the pages of this, Christ- ,as issue of The Republican are 0 be found the names of the ading merchants and busi- asrnen of Wilkinson County. :ae list is really the business Ctory of our county, and our "To the Voters of the o.cribers, we trust, will look Second District: er these eodwill messages "I wish to take this means of 6a interest and ppreciate the flri.t that prompted the sending f nem, The Peace of God is not an ll.sion, ,an unattainable, een- rles. old dream of mankind. eaee and joy exist as surely [,1.eve and compassion live mln .the hearts of men of  0cbWill. War, prejudice, oppres- a, and evil; these are as old i .h e history of the world. They . upon, ,greed and ignorance; tl y Persist because some of us - too Weak or too indifferent care ab0ut what happens to a r fellow man. But there is 10 ace in this world. There is ,l ace and joy in the character men and women who pursue tt goodness of life which most important in county gov- ates mankind above the level ernment, ,for the supervisor sets i the primitive animals with the amount of taxes you pay h ,he sh,are, s ths planet, and also determines what you e, compassl, on and faith get for your money. se are the God-given gifts "Everything costs more today. .t make mankind stand tall I don&apos;t need to tell you that; .;Ong .his earthly c.ontempo- but. if elected your supervisar es. Because God so loved the I will do my best to be eco- t:ld,, and with 'compassion for nomieal in .administering this ,_ su]s of mankind, God gave office and give you full value errtth I'Ils only Son to live upon for your tax dollar. '- a life of highest example "1 sincerely desire to serve you e life of Christ was lived' in in this capacity and ask for naPlrlt of leve and compassion y.eur vote." , Ws faithfully dedicated to J.T. Falkenheiner e Will of God Because the : Ohild was at Bet2fle- 00orn be:.', and so lived among God's opf e, every man can find an te en door to peace ,and con- ttent, in this world and in t_  next. Because Christ came, ',e Christmas comes nce each . to fill our hearts, and our cls With inspiration and with --le Th ,,k7 is Christmas, let love, t,:"wasslon, and faith guide us 'the eanlngful awareness of SPirit of Christmas. $ * $ J00mortal essay, "Yes,! torship, and in these trying breWS., We ,h.ave no intention cf ffetng with that traddtion. ,- less of how many times  have read these or m the w ds ere  Den of a New York editor ,any Years' ,ago, we believe by*;h yu will ,again be moved eh,', e armth of this glowing "After much thought and consideration in regards to my candidacy for this office .and w i t h encouragement f r o m friends. I .have decided th,a.t I am well suited for this mst responsible post in our county and that I am both qualified and anxious to represent all of the people o.f our district. "In making this announce- men I wish to assure you that if you see fit to elect me to this office I will always be con- sclous that my first duty is to the people of my district, and secondly to the county as a whole. "Your vote and ,active s,upport in the ,coming election will be deeply appreciated." Sidney Stuart announcing ,to the people of the second district that I am a candidate for spervisor of our district. "My childhood was spent in the Percy's Creek Community. When I returned :from service in W.W.H, I married and lived in Woodville still farmAng in the second district. I then got to know all of the people of this district and of the county while serving you as deputy sheriff for 4 years and then was en- trusted by you to be your sheriff for  years. I have since con- .tinued my farming operations in the Donegal and Percy Creek communities. "I believe I kno your needs, for they are the same ,as mine. ! Supervisors To Ask Flood Insurance For 2nd. Dist. t At a special meeting held on Tuesday of this week, the board I tion Tuesday fllowing a lengthy i of supervisors voted unanimously to make application for inclu-i discussln with interested citi- sion of the second district of, zens who ,attended the special Wilkinson County in the Na- meeting, as well as with State This office I seek is one of the tlonal Flood Insurance Program. Senators W. Powell and anzwer to Virginia's question composed in a moment of deep spiritual insight .by Francis B. Church, stand,s even today as a testament of faith. We quote: New York., N.Y., Sept. 18, 1897 Dear Editor: "I 'am 8 years old. Some of my little 'friends say there is no Santa Claus: Papa says, 'If you see it in the Sun it's so.' Please .tell me the truth- is there a Santa Claus?" Yours truly, Virginia O'Hallon This is Editor Church's reply: "Yes, indeed- "Virginia, your little .friends are wrong. They have ,been Sffected by a skepticism of a skeptical age -- they do not believe except what they see they think that nothing can ,be The corporate limits of Wood- vllle would be excluded from the ,application. In order to qualify for the program. Which would provide residents of low-lying reas little. ,s w only September, and "In this great universe of ours, r- hristmas was is a mere Insect, an ant, ,lri s in the future. But in ,his intellect, as compared 1. 'ha O'Hallon's concern was with the boundless world, about to , important problem that, [him, as measured by .the intel- *er, knew no season. That ligence capable of grasping the to hWhY she wrote her letter whole of truth and knowledge. "Ie .,e ew York Sun asking, "Yes, Virginia, there is a a Santa Clus?" The Santa Claus. "He exists as certainly ,as love rcy Watkins, who were also in attendance. It is not known how much time will be required to com- plete tbe formal application for coverage under the plan, nor 12 Tr 75 43 13 0 /4 59 14 063 39 15 0 51 34 ec. 16 0 41 27 17 0 45 22 18 0 63 32 with subsidized flood insurance, how long before insurance will the board ,e,f supervisors will be be available should the appli- required to pass a flood plain cation be acted upon favorably ordinance which must include by the U. S. Department of a mandatory building permit Housing and Urban Develop- )lan for the a.ffected area. 1.merit, ,which administers the The supervisors took the ac-[program. Uncle Pete from Percy's Creek Says Rites Held Sunday For F. C. Wilcox, Jr. His many friends in this area were shocked and saddened last Saturday morning at the news Rainfall 1 p.m, ,eternal Hght with which child- 5 ;.m. 6) Holiday Closing Schedules Listed As has been the custom here for some years past, most Wood- ,of the sudden deh of F. C. ville merchants and Wilcox, Jr., at his home in St. Franclsville. Mr. Wilcox, 60, died of an .apparent heart attack about 9 a.m. Funeral services were held on Sunday ,at 3 p.m. from Our Lady of Moun.t Carmel Catholic Church in St. Franclsville with the Rev. T. Cage Gordon offi- ciating. In.termen was in the church cmnetery. Active pall- bearers were Clifford Wilcox, Jr., Sammy Vinci, Charles Caners, Jr., Charlte Daniel, Sonny Rosso, Billy Wilcox, Pat Vinci, and Mac Reed, Jr. A native and lfelong resident of St. Francisville, Wilcox was ,the owner-operator of Audubon Lounge there and ,was a veteran of World War II. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Gloria Rosso Wilcox of St. Francisvllle; a daughter, Miss Mary Wilcox of Monroe, Lad two sons, red C. Wilcox. III, of Jackson and Richard L. Wil- cox of St. Francisvllle; 'his fa- ther, F. C. Wilcox of St. lran- cisville; and five sisters and four brothers. Eight Qualify For Su<pervisor Second District A total of eight persons had l qualified as candidates for the office of member of the board i of supervisors from the second district up to Tuesday of this IEA,R MISTE EDITOR: The fellers got to talking about gltting ready fer Christ- re, as at the country store Satur- day night, and all of em had the same plan, Stay out of their old lady's way was first on the list fer everbody but Ed Doe- Ed said he .got caught one night after supper by his daugh- ter and his old lady. They I wanted to know what he wanted ]Santa Claus to bring him. He [said he told em he had to stop believing in Santa Claus cause KEY PRESENTATION -- Mrs. D. A. Brannan, center front, presents key to the old West Feliciana Railroad building to Mrs. Ray W. Farrar, right, president of the Woodville Civic Club, the new ovners. Mayor George Gonda, left front, looks on. Others shown are: second row, left to right, Mrs. S. O. Stockett; Ernesto Caldeira, executive director; Mrs. Betty Cumbo;'and Mrs. Frances Townsend, that starts with fired and ends with out-selection ought to be secretory-treasurer. Back row, left to right: Clifford Wheeler; G. selected :out. C. Golden, finance chairman; Alex Ventress, vice-president; Mrs. Fannie Whitehead; and Paul D. Habig, Jr. Civic Club members Democrat Clem Webster said if Ed could believe Nixon he not otherwise identified are members of the board of directors of ought not to have trouble with the organization. selection-out, cause that's about On Monday, December 10, what Nixon is doing. He's so- 1973, the Woodville Civic Club, nounced ,that interest has been little. Ed said his daughter that lecting out the information he Inc., took title to the historic expressed by Mrs. Charles Bybee lives in the city was home fer wants the public to git, and he's Woodville - West Feliciana Rail-If Houston, Texas, to house her the hidays, and .he ,had to finding the rst "inoperative at road Office Building located on lnatinally recognized collection tay around the house to git this point in time." As fer writ- the southwest corner of the of Southern furniture in .the to see her. ing, Clem said he had sew where Courthou Square. The hand- ]museum" Mrs. Bybee together broom closets in the Pentagon se I some twelve-pillared classic with her husband .are the now is called "Public Building structure was built in the 1830's I founders of the Texas Pioneer Service, Buildings Management and will be the new home, upon Arts Foundation. Division, Utility Room. Custo- dial." And if you got that straight, Clem 'said. you probable won't need to read the four signs that cost $500 apiece if there were no Santa Claus. It would be as dreary as tf there were no Vlrginias. There would be no childlike faith then, no poetry, no romance to make tolerable this existence. We should have no enjoymen*t ex- cept In sense and, lght, The Ed was o.f a that ,restoration, of the Woodville Aside from a major collection Museum of outhern Decorative such as the Bybee Collection, Arts. it is also hoped that rooms Mrs. D. A. Brannan, the pro- .devoted to the history of the vious owner of ,the 'property, area as ,well as to the role of business houses will observe a two-day holiday for both Christmas and New Year's. Stores here plan to close on Tuesday and Wed- nesday of the next two weeks, taking off both Christmas Day and New Year's Day and the day fell.owing each. The Com- mercial Bank will observe the same holiday schedule a tile stores. The Woodville pest office will observe a one-and-one-half day holiday for both Christmas and New Year's, closing at noon on Monday and all .day on Tuesday for the next two weeks. he Wilkinson County curt- house will observe the longest Christmas holiday, with county officials and office .employees scheduled to enjoy a five-day vacation. The courthouse will close on Iriday afternoon, De- cember 21, and ,will remair closed until Thursday morning, December 27. The following week, the courthouse will close on New Year's Day only. The Woodvllle city hall will close on Monday and Tuesday for the next two weeks, taking off Christmas Eve and Day and New Year's Eve and Day. Mu- nicipal utility employees win. work both Mondays, but will take the day off on Wednesday for the next wo weeks. The Wilkinson County Wel- fare and Food Stamp offices, the Health Department. and the Farmers Home Administration and other local federal offices. will take two-day holidays for the next two weeks, closing on Monday ,and Tuesday for both Christmas and New Year's. Since the Commercial Bank will be closed the next two Wednesdays, no food stamps will be sold on those days, officials added. The Woodville Republican of- fice will also be closed on Men- .day and Tuesday ,for vhe next two weeks. Local auto agencies, garages, and auto supply houses will close Monday and Tuesday for both Christmas and New Year's. The Seal Tractor Company will close on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of Christmas week and on Tuesday only for New Year's. Two Burglaries Reported Locally Two area stores were burglar- ized du,ring the past week, ac- cording to local law enforce- merit officers. Treppendahl s dry goods store was broken into during last Sunday night, according to Woodville Police Chief James I%rman. A,bout $20 in change was taken from the cash reg- ister, but no merchandise was reported missing, Forman said. Entry was gained through a back door, he added. The Steve Reed Store was burglarlzed ,on Tuesday night of this ,week, according to Sheriff H. B. McGraw. Entry was gaine& throu a window in the office at the back of the store, the sheriff said. A small amount of money was taken from a cash register, and cigarettes were also missing, McGraw stated. Also I which is not comprehensible to it's taking all the ,faith he's got they've put up at the Pentagon handed the keys to Mrs. Ray!the West Feliciana Railroad will missing were several COD pack- their little minds, to believe in Richard Nixon. But so you'll know when you git in Farrar, the Civic Club president, also be established, ages from the postoffice section "All minds, Virginia, whether Ed told the fellers. ,he did men- the place that you're there. they .be men's or children's are tion somepun he's been wanting at a short ceremony on Satur- Included in the sale is the of the building, he said. ever since he .saw mention of Bug Hookum said he still was day, December 15, on the steps small building to the south of it in ,a Directory of Guvernment thinking about them dozen col- of the museum, the main building. It is thought week, according to Circuit Clerk Publications he ordered back in lege ed,ucated folks that was The purchase price of $20,000. tha,t it would be repaired as Samuel E. Smith. the summer, wa'.ntlng ever uvernmen job will be rai'sed .by a committee soon as possible for use as club The special election, called to Ed said w,hat he wants is the that comes open. He said it's headed by O. C. Golden with headquarters, fill the unexpired term of the official U. S. Guvernment Style a pity they can't teach plain co-chai,rmen George Stockett The Civic Club was founded late Steve Reed, will be held on Manual. The thing runs 548 c.emmon sense in college, and Adolph Treppendahl. in September of 1971 and has Tuesday, January 15 pages. Ed said, and cost $4.70, Bug recollected ,a story his Pa Plans are to mount a perma- been an a, ctive force in the town Smith said that January 4 at but it will be worth ever cent told. A f,rmer died and left nent Founders Plaque in the since that time with varled 5 p.m. will be the deadline for to ,help him translate the U.S. 17 head of cattle .to his hree building listing those individ.uals community projects such as the candidates to qualify for the Department of Agriculture pam- sons. Half was to go to the oldest donating one thousand dollars annual Pilgrimage of Historic election. and generosity and devotior plets. The Manual tells Guvern- boy, a the second, and or more. Memorial gifts by in- Sites ,and Homes, .the Art Show exist, ,and ye lmow that they ment employees how to write a ninth to the youngest. The dividuals or families will list on he Courthouse Square, the abound and give to your life and spell, Ed said, so Ed riggers Seller settling the estate her- the name of the person so re-'mid-summer Music Festival, ,and its highest beauty ,and Joy. Alas! it ,will tell him what they had rowed a cow from a neighbor, membered, the Christmas Parade. The club On behalf of your entire giving him 18. He give nine l Selected to head a committee has also been responsible for municipality, your mayor, alder- how dreary woulc be the world aforethey wrote.they come up with what cows to one boy, six to one and [ were Mr. Ernesto Caldeira and the plantings along ,the high- men. otimr officers, and em- Fer tnstant, said Ed, he 'had two to the other, then he took saw where a program of out- home the cow hg had borrewed. l Mr. Percival Beacroft. As the way 'and for the .building of the ployees, we wish to extend to Bug said his Pa aid that was restoration committee they will Hospitality booth, each and every citizen a most selection was going on. emongst comm.en sense over book sense, assemble facts, reports and con- With tl]e acquisition of the cordial and sincere wish that USDA clerks in Washington. Ed clusions ,and present the da,ta Rail.road Office Buil'ding the you will have a very Merry said it took him a week to fig- Merry Christmas, Mister Edi- [with recommendations to Vhe] Woodville Civic Club launches Christmas and tlmt you will ger out they got more clerks for, to you and your readers. [board its most ambitious project in enjoy every blessing of this than they got typewriters, so . .Yours truly, [ An effort will be made to I provtding the community i ha,ppy and holy season. they :re flrlng a bunch of era. I create a museum I more than la temple in which to house 'and G.J. Gonda, I interest. It was an-  te The Mayor's Corner...