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December 17, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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December 17, 1898

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_ND. j .... S.r.i. m,. v ..... 1,,, and after using it for one nlonth I t h!(tunderandby virtup_ot the powercm )rohiblted under penal W of tile law. i), ca [o*J t:) xJl o(3vvCl- fill(| ntvself onlotl n)wt swan )l,a A lalneo in said trnst(te(:l. 1, th undersigned " a T ur T.  ,) -  p&apos;., ........ , ..... * -,, *t o()C- substituted trustee, on )lS , y . peele. flnr tnwn t t*ottint nn n wiclt tons- (or v, 11o last treated nip II0iV prououn- MONDAY  .qxt DAY ell JANUARY 1899 11 90 97 tf t  c3S me well Detw .n the hours oflOA. M and3P. M, at ration as a cotton market. It is Ms lr i: F ........ tlzoCouvtli'ousedoorin the town of WoodJI - -- , --, .... , . tl AVER, A[lanta, Ia. Vliie in wilkinson Conntv will by nubHe,ue qID *: xrqT{l unquestionamy true tna eoon Prlce 50 cents For sale hv f!hn tins sell lethe hie'best tel'drier )Q ,), *h ..... oL zx<o .Lxxtw. has n ...... a ..... following deser]'bed )l,.operty-,-vz y*" . brings abetter price her t a y R Day .... ' " ' " ] South,'ast qn:trler a d bast 'too midd'le part All hauling or tresoasslng oil, the where else in the interior, *-e-: of tt:S.on(h,sl, qlmrt(:r of Section "Two 2) Artonish lahds un ler fence is pro- ))  -- Per " 1 . . I!OOtILI,IIII ['we llll[l())e(i slid eighty (2-t)) "[" , ....... ) .... ' s "' sons troabled with diarrhoea will ] Aeve m,ve or 1,.s: Nin(qy-two (92) "Acr'e Ill )[ted under full penalty of the law mr antwell ( , 1' (3 , brepre entlng m( , , , , , , s , be interested in the experience of Mr I )re erh-ss, in lhe East, Dart of the Norlh-' All} stock reulaining on tile Artonish the legatee oft(he tI. S Van Eaton W M Bulb c )-I- ^rb., ,_ I 'ctqua]'ter, rw{,My-ii).c (25) Acres, meteor pasture after February 15til will be  "l Iv.ll UI I1ULgl iJorrarlce) i icis, ill lrl( torln pa!,r oi lhe 'oPt|t-easl oh,,,',! o(,,,.,r .t; -. ,,.h estate, came here in attendance upon Providence R r r ...... . [ quart(q, of the South-cad quarter, Three and ...... vu l,ou,o v i. . ........ the Chancery Court and prolonged his several years I ]ave"leenYTImost;] ()!!![?o};.!iii:nq>'/,:,?:ii'I,',"g:::::)h= 1 15 1898 ly J.A. GmLs,1. q on Sevtnt(en (*o md isit during the week. constant sufferer from diarrhoea, the I';ltv-fowa) 150'-'1(5450-1) Acres lth - " ;"= :: freouent attacks com-lo*,] ....... ..,:., [ mid.t[e and W-'st aI)trl, Of the Nirth-(vesi _ FOR SALE OR RENT. m:.'tL'_a _7. -1 V "'. V"" ........ o ] q uart.r of Section Ei(hteen till;all In.Towel- TRESPASS. NOTICE. = a.u renuerlng tale 111]I11 Ior my snp t) m [It l{an;ge Three tat West and eon ll,,.*.,. .. .)l.. .... :0 tvoun [ House and loton Sligo Street. du,; .... +t.:_ k_._, a. . _ ]tains Fouu hundreda!)d s|xtv-feur/46t) A(res ..........  .... t,,.t'w, ....... vass'ng to at tills llUtel .fluent to ears - - a,,, ,,, GEe J ADAMS _ ,. , ' y [ more or less by !wtu:d.sur;.e'y made by W'II' On the McManus, Farish atd Bowling -vv*z uu .... ago a traveling salesman kindly =ave I Wheat. C,)unty surveyor, on.lanu)rylstll92 Green nlooc e Cfviofiv nP.dihltod Iln :-- a--+-" - me , o. , and (lesevibedbv met,s add botln(]s Its fot *-- 1-, .... ..oo ......  t**vt,tu ........ - Ft)I SALE a small bottle of Chamberlain S [ lows. tO-wit: 9, t'in)tln at the North*,,.;( tier penalty of the law. All former Colic, Choleea, and Diarrhoea Reme [crnerofte onth-:,at quarter of section permissions revoked A sall Victor Safe chess and in -" ..... , , . . " I TWill:Z), Tuwn tip Om [|] Range Three [3] 1, , . . , _ _; ...... 7.,  ,-, ny. ;ucn to my surprise ann. (mlight west running then.e West 70 67 10Oehains to .. M. MoGLHEE. ; goou oruer, app,y u, len rown. its effects were imrnediate When l ith',?cg?',vteh;e.,S)tlln'cllatE s .to a std;: , J. II t'ENDLETON. t-_-.: "  . . . " I )'S "" 'm - t :  ,o me lnersecion Sent 4 1896-tf Wo na,,.t..a ........... ..._a ^_ ever I Ielt svulr)toms o1: tile disease I  %eeuons t W.o 2. FIxn. 5. Seventeen, 17 and v , --_uu.ovu ...... . ,,utt, u.), uu i,u- "" 2 * z  ' " * ivAglt('en, iei, llmn(:e Woston N)rthboundnry ........ eomodatin- Sheriff has extended "he WOUlO fortify re)sell agamst the attack lineofSectlonSgventeea, 17,  chains tea ...... " with a few doses ofthb'va' -' .... Istake, thence ou(h 50 chains tOastake ZlmLJll lmllJ  o inapt(: iUlll t n o J (S- O t iqa ) ) timefortax paying until Jan. lst2  .......... " "]1) eS_.2_'"':Ista.take.onli.aebe: B||V ik. VI--|iiln' cuy 1 tie .lesnlt ties been ver., satis .-e..  (}e 10118 e nlCel), Ig, ano Eighteen {- 189i Thls IS undoubtedly a very facto-" an ......  .'.. ] IS then(e North 10 chains to a stake, thenc.t' ; ;"., ,ma tuu)" =o' ,,  ,,.,,,,,nber of tax vnaves rs I xy u almost conlpl2te reuet trois East, 14 50 0,, chains +o. t ..... t tke then(,e. North, ," . . . the affhctlon "  , 40 77-1oo chains to a stake, thence East 70 are not in a position to pay interest ., For sale by G. Kann. chaiuson NorVh boundary n),e, et ;eetion UR][L 'f -o Eighteen 18 t(; a stIR(, at corner of Sections i/ at this time. ] I Ts;o, 2, and EizhLeen. 1, on line of S(etion  :) z: - [ (CoI(JI UDED x [ One, 1, then(c North one degree East 40 e tt I  PF,,m,, , ........ ,-, .. I 3 ' " ) [ eh,l.ins to I he,ola,ee Of 1)e''innin. Sa|d land g our new wnancenor, surge am. I lPlg)!.I'TT* .... Iwillbe sold to sattsty (he debt secured by  UIRI't}IUR) held his first court here this week. I .... -,atattauJt.t.lriO [sal.dtrstdeed. andsueh title will beglve;') " -  / as is vested in said trustee. JudgeMartm lsaffal'le, presided with I of the Roard of N,llle,.wisors ] delc.txs(sllINSoN, Substituted Trustee. V4OODVlLLI, MI155. dignity and kept the business before/ , --  *' , . hm moving right along, tte made a r I'tlE STAI'E OF MISSISSIPPI,  / raostravorablelmpression The ro-/ WILKINSON COUNTY [ / "" (I;N" %'/l'Pro/. ff. MA[T- ..... -. P  . . ELE(,CI.,  ...... E. w.--=....= -=,,=-=.= =,==v| eeeulngs ot the court will be published / Be tt remembered that at a regular ] At a regular meeting of the Board next weel$. [ meeting of the Board of Supervisors of Mayor and Aldermen of the tow, DEALER IN -- = : ]of said County began and he]d al of \\; o,)(tvllle held at the Maor's of- rocerle$ add e'flal JustrecelvedatC.%haefers Seed / " " , (f  , ". "; '. "., .... , , the Court I:Iouse in the ton ) fi(e on lue, da the 6th (lay of Dec less Ralsens, Cleaned Currents [Woodvilte, said Count), on the 1st 1898 thc toll.owlgol.der as made as IercnaTmse. r " -- .4 I(HIO,V !)-,V]L: Ill acoorflauce " , MOll(la bem tn Wltll WEST MAIN STREET Shelled Almonds, rench Chocolate, ]f , . g ..,e. gh day of 0hapter 4 of the eharter of the town ot ...... Coooa Faralna Bue ,ovemoer & i) IOJ D It, /VK gan$ Old ga d . ' , !., k.wheat, Oatmeal / ' ,yoo(lille it is ordered ti,,at an elee- -- ...................... xmporte rench Feas, Beans and [ PRESENT tton be Ileht at the Ms, or s office of Mshroons, Grated Piae Annles / _ " the town of Woodville on the ls* ....... "- ' .  ! la T Ventl'O,s Premdent ,Ias D Monday the 2nd day of Jannar 1 . OI.] Caaned Crabs and Shrimp and every- " ....... ' v 899, , , .......... /Cage, I. A. Carter, C T. Net-,'o,-the purl, oseofelecti,)oue ,[ ....  % CO,,tClAI, " ulng Kep in a nrs mass grocery tie- terville  L 'e -'- ........ '--- i. .... ' -. " * -.,-.', ,,--t coLr,o, , ,, - o .ta*lio, ]IIt311LUUI'S,. tour Al.lorlncu ant1 oue MarsiJa]l to .),(r 1 lew Or?teat, e, 3La. . laartment. I J,s. M.,S:sps,,Sh ft. serve for a term of two ,,ears t'l'ort d5]_'er41:[ear.sren)v-n-ed-asalea. d" j{ A]l members voted yeafor the allowance is furl ler or tell:eli that iohn W Br,, z," Overl00Goldaud Slfver ed'-* The entertainment at Masonic Hall of thc followlnK accounts: " at)d :Phili llahu and r o .,, " 414-gJ-4i sis t 1)lplomas etc., awarded " -/unle Lowe ann,s, the gifted elocu- c),, u Dav'st.t,a2Y, paysmtan ........ 17 ( are appointed to hohl said election c ote l nOudea x 2_tt - : tlonist madeher first annearaaee in "'V'B'e"-t-wItr)a-i'i"'::'. ............. 1 '0 aud make returns therefrom tu this }f :a,,at':d::a-'d . our town, was wel attended consider- I},LYc;6!..h.ous.::::.:::. , 01 00o?2Lonl;0000?sda, the 3rd day of oawn o{uRfirloVlet:: !:, lnit the weather To all who at*,aa F.. v.".." 'y, : electlon... .... 15 ]  t,y r ..... 4f..a-29  building and have unequalled : ..- .....  .....  v(;.Jilter ........ .. 15 "'l )  IIILLER, Mayor -- v- aeiitee aaa an unexeellelil , prove a mns enjoyanle one and nll a t{ WalKer ........ .. .. I "" 1 AHo=f  r ........  - * " aeeltv. ..... " " - ....... o. ,... oAt:Ol, ulerK. - -- aoam all af|=flar] h.+ t.: .... J H WaLker 3 days preoaringba, llotbox 9 ] Graduates hold leading positions allover the , Ja ou otau .vlIS4 dO 1 1 b] ' 'torK Pt all rill ......... Elas IS Pat Ha J ' 4 75 YU ...... " ........ t* .... , . 0ou "y. InatrueLiona Itrsmal o:/ perhaps the best in her line who h  G Kann stationery, fm'elcctio'n .......... ....... 5 I .t ett,ul'utncu w (t, II tile. apes e or(let llaving' numerous hi(sinews connections and . a ff H 8tockett 17 days quar duty ......... 2,5  ! dlrecled to the under:,lgUe(| eolnnlis- being univet'ally =rd reputably known, we , everappearea on ourst, age in Pathe- WOHenleywor( at Jail . . " 2' [sinners we wit1 llaltl n ,=)-of;,,,, at havosaperioradvtmta481 aldtagatudentto , , . " O:RDay prescription ...........  I  ' , ; .................. secnresltuations, tic, Dtamatie and Comic She d AM S e hed n tim Mavol s office ou Me ,da tl ' _. S- ; &,h p "ida utgebychangeofrod I0 [ . '" ; " '' _ : y, le2d . .mtoretacotmeetedwlthSolConege slavs a remarkable t al,,* o,a __ ,0 n Jay one Sex pens ..... {, (lay OI ,JallUalY 1899 for t le nip.(leg,, m wnw, n stnaents do act(tel btttinel with , ,. o ....... u uuu F A Leak9duyscona electio{: .... 27 ]ofol)e Mayor. fotlr i,a.,_  ....... : realgoodandaetnalmotaey, nnd they keep - WhiCh Will Soon ntace her on th W C Mille! ..... " ,, """ 27 " - , . 2xJtt( t men autl thc books In tile latet labor sail terms . ...... "_ ....... ";- , __ ".". '- J I(MrMker ........ : ....... { '" one City Marshall to serve for the eu- . ftadeetenter at lany nine. Eggllsh,'Aea. upmos rt)unu 0I n.jaler or same a flFWalk,,r ,days prepartngballot'lx 9 ': sui n tr [aen) t,f ft,,n ad.,. aemi( lhSrtband and F, nslneSu seh0oli Bes 'A .a, ,.,7:,,L_ _  '[) W Alexander'ftlmbr i; ....... '' ' separat0 faculties 8end " e Aar{ uaers a J. P Hood Inman and Mr. C. :and 1  IlaH. wk, 4 36 Comm ISSloners of E'lec(ion. 25 Eva A Woodville Dec. 1898.- 4w. @,iilllIt tlmbtitalt. We have just, received a large and E,, Ha,,,es sul, vo,1 a:.vaul,er ... g .. I nar,., V,y,, . :: :: ...... . __ - .=  fresh supply of Xmas Candies of all Easter ,A)Idt'vOtl '.' .... i , J:me Blown ...... aturday, December 17. kinds at, Betsy Brown Day's Drug Store. w] l-,s (' at, w.lker support of Oaul)d:'_ _ . 1! ] ettlin & l[iekey Ind.e ................ 45 =)I .-.- [{t)DlID1it'an l)rin!,ln etee(ion tickets.. 3 " ' ":  The round ))ale press seolllS to 1), , Tim hond of J J Davis (his day submitted I HltclM J0urnM of th0 C0r- gaining in public favor r.r 70 bales t)f wi,h Eva, Traerand EE Cage as surities is hure0y approved, p0rati0n of W00dvfll0. com,n were ginned during the first Ordered that the menlbers, sheriff : : ; ............ three days this week. Up t.odate and clerk draw their tnileageand per Simple Annnuneements of marria- nearly 800 hales have been presse0 dieutasfollows: "  ",  "r Q " O  S ges and deaths will be published which is remarkably good for a first. L T Ventress l day 6 m ...... $4 .,5 experiment We feel confident anoth- J D Cage ] (lay 14 h .......... 5 40 O SUCIt AS o without charge, erseason will prove this method of W L Jenkins 1 day 15 miles 5 50 baling to be st, ill mere profit,hie. The I A Carter I day19m ....... 5 9O OLD 3fOWOPOLJF, R I/E, ubseril)lion per nnnu)n, round bake coia,0n has sold in this C T Netterville l day 12 m 6 20 Cash ....................... $1 50 marke as high a price as 5, which j M Sessions shff 1 day ........ 2 00 shows the prt,duer a nice profit over C A Coon clerk 1 dag'. ........ 8 0o t'Utg, IZ,. tg FE, Otherwise .................. $2 00 the oldstyle baling. Ordered that the Board do now IIARKET. "I have usedChamberlain's Cough adjourn u,,til next regular rneetiug AREg,'CH BRIWD I", WIWES, agTC. IIemedy in my family for years and L.T. VVmTRESS, President. :New Orleans, Dee 17 1898. alwavs with good results," says Mr. ..... .-- Choice Stock ofF/NE C/$ARS A/ways on Hand. Cotton-- W. B Cooper of-'El Rio, Cal. "For Mrs. Mary O'Sullivan Lambert, Middling,.. 5 1-4cts small chihlren we fiud it especially the venerable mother of Capt. Those is need of PURE LIQUORS for medical pur- ................. effective' ' For:>n.,oSale by G. Kann. James M. Lambert, of Natchez, poses will do well to call and examine my stock. One week more to Christmas. Nessrs A J Grief. 8up( and Redmon died in that city on 9th inst., in Mr. C. M. Strickerof Fort Adams Traffic Manage of the Y. & V. R. R. the 88th ),ear of his age, A= = "J O l'I N  O 1%] , was a welcome visitor to our town on arrived on Thursday evening's train ,,Do-- Monday last for a consult, alien with our merchants I have used Smith's Sure Kidney - _, I - . -- I :For Fireworks to Day's Drug in reference(,rates &c, A meeting (Jure and it has nlade a permauent =- "-- .... 2_=.= . 27.2 at the City tIalt was held on Thurs- cure. MRs. WM. PUER, Store. day night and we learn that a rate of Jonesboro. Ark. - -" =-" Priee 50 cents. For sale by Chas. JOB OI{K AT THE LEPUBLICAN. 75 cts per bale to Bayou Sara was pro- R. Day. =- posed by the Railroad people but as "Misses Katie 2ng Mary Semple, of yet has not, been accepted by our 'ew Advertisements. :Pointe Coupee, are guests of the merchants. A meeting will be held Misses Hood. by the merchants in a day or two to We are rlad to learn that Mrs. deternline what rate will be sat.isfac- SHERIFF'S SALE. Gee. Smith, who has been quite ill, is tory. J.F. Irvine. Survivor et al, :No 52, vs =; = = Mrs. Emma Irvine. et at. muehbetter. Our baby has beeF, continually 'BY V " -,__..'=Z .-:IP-..._ troubledwftheolicandcholerainfan- Chancery Court, ofWilklrrson Cnunty ' IR[UE of a decree oft, he '`'---':.`z`-``..--``-``-`-``z`4``-:```7``-a1 Fourteen transient guest were tnnl since his birth, aud all that we Miss sslpl, i, rendered on the 161.h day registered at the City tin(el on last could do for him dht not seem to give of December 1898, |n the above eause. q_'hursday evening, himmorethautemporaryrelief, u,til lwillonMond.<v, January 2nd1898. tl   I{ ,:=: we tried(:hamberlain's Colic, Chol- at, the sot,l,hd.orof the court house }} WLL KNOWN FACT , Cotton has been conling in more era and Diarrhoea Remedy. Since in Woodville sa)d county, between the freely this week and our streets were iving that remedy he has not been hours of 11 Cch)ek A. t.. and 4o'clock [  1 blocked several days., troubled. We want to give you this P. ., sell at, public auction to the 1 = = == testimonial as an evidence of our highes t)iddar for cash in one body. i A Beautiful assortment of Christ,- gratitude, not that 3ou need it to ad- the land insaid county, described as { That we earry the lar#est and bes t vertDe your meriforious remedy section 4% eetion 44. eetion 45, the >]j mas Cards can be found at, --G. M. Law, Keokuk, Iowa. For sm, thwest qu:.,rter ,ff se(;,ion 36 and [?/ 8eleeetd sodc of General dgerchandise in t, Day's Drug Store. sale by G Kann. all of seclion 42, East of P. M. Stoc- l]' .... [{(/* -', :-" =-: kett. all i,[ township 1, r'l,,ge I, west. SouAhwest Iisssspp, but we call your The cotton market since our last re- : This December 151.11 1898. i : of* [t)' port has advauced 1-8 and middling is Gem J. Adams has just received the J.M. SESSIONS, Sheriff. special attmtior to oztr new line nuw quoted at 5 In ew Or]ca(Is, finest assort, men( of ground spices It 17 1898 3w. ' DRESS GOODS, eomprisiu the seaso/s f ..___. ever brought to Woodville. I also  Ib M. H. Wilkinso'n Esq, of Gloster. sell Peco Blended Tea, thei finest on NOTICE OF SALE l noveltee zr Fancy Forsteds, Fancy 1t was in attendance upon Chancery the markct. ;_ ____ ] Plads, Henrettas, Cashmeres, Dress ] Court the first two days of the week.  In pursuance of a decree of the { :,=: The entare c(inrmuuity was shocked Chancery Court of Wilkinson County, 1 Flannels, Fancff Blac Goods, Broca- Hen. H. C. Capell, a prominent ou Thursday morniug by the sad in- Mississippi, rendered at the December It' dines, Ginghams, Ou, tins Elanelettes etc. i lawyer from the East. was in at.tend- telligence that Mrs Mason Snowden Term, A. D., 1898, in the ease of B an,'e at (,his tern, of the Chancery had (lied that morning a 4 o'clock. Goslinski, et al vs Jonas Harris, et al, t dlso ottr Clothin depaytment il l Court. Sadder news than this has seldom I will on ,he 9th day of lanuary ,899 , [{. which we are oOerina k, fallen on the community, for Mrs. the same being the ,st Monday of the special values in JustreceivedaGe:o.J, adams, the Snowdenwasaprimefavoriteandher JamlaryTermofthe Circuit Courtof  no, bbg, u#-to-date suits, overcoats, etc. I1 finest ass,)rtment of Candies and untimely death eauses a wound said County, as Sheriff and Commis ['{4, Clot]iin H, at Ioo well, fit well and wear [ Lowney's Chocolates, at prices to suit which only time's never ending power sinner of said Chancery Court, sell at 4cent cotton, can heal. Amid the happiest, and public auction to the highest bidder [. meal. [t =- =-" most beaut.iful of lite's bright days, for cash at the south door of the court } Ol&r stoc is complete in every depart- }l Avoid the rush and conle earli, to this youn soul has beeu ealledhence, house in said county, within lawful select your Xmas Gifts. we have them leaving behind a husband with broken hours, the following described land to suit, you aud your purse, heart, a motherless, wee iufant son, a l>ercft father, mother, sister and /, 2a lt merit and prwest are rgff ht. l e have no l full beingin said coumy, towit: SE  of spteial sales days bt zoill ff ive you, Jos. Sarphie. The Jeweler. brother, and sorrowing relaLives and SE  ofscc 7. S , of SW , of sec 8.  g . .  "==: friends. Death, why ar thou so and NW ofNE t of see ,8, T2, R [ value for yottr money every day tn, Chancery Court convened on Tues- cruel, wbv plflck from the garden of i, West, containing [5 8 .32 IOO acres [ ] he wee]b. './}} day mornlnwithJudge Marten pre-life the choices, of flowers, why no* ! Martin Rothsch//d & siding, and adjourned on Wednesday hlstead destroy the weeds? But sueh JAS. M, SESSIONS, night, wa Lhe will of God and doubth, ss ere Sheriff and Commissiouer. rJ_ ,,.,..,, now as a white wiuged Angel of peace 12 1 7 1898 4 w. . ]?tOn It iscloudytoday, Friday, with in- and love, the soul nf the departed dice(ions of more fallin weather, dead sits upon the m)ldeu throue at t 1 We wonder when this spell of bad theTheright,remainshand wcref God.interred on Fri. COMM[SSIONER'S SALE. N"- , ",-&'z weather will break, day morning in the family btlria] WItEREAS, Thoma.sL. Kaigler,mlnle) did -O; " grt)unds at Bowling Green, folh)we, d on the 12th day nf.M,trch1892, execute and de- A fresh SUpl)lY- caudy just re- lhere by a large nllmber of sorrowing iivur ,(, Albert R, Shattuck Trustee. a trusl ,Iced On eortaih lands in Wilkinson County. eelved at Day's Drug Store. relatives and frieuds, state of Mfssigil)pi therein described to s(- ,--o-., cure the sum of $900 00 due by sid Thonl,tu L. "G Kai'-'ler ?(') the |RITIRH &. AMERIOAN !V[owe- Mr. Eugene Wh who has been 1 was troubled with sevete female (A.(:owav. LIMrrD, uhieh said trus working in :New Orleans for several weakness for over a year. and was deed iv reeo'd,,d ,in Wilkinson, . C,m,)-...j .. D,.ed Book "I. I." ]::tge 4,94 to which refer- coullned to the bed for over six encei:.herebv nmde: and whereas default years past, came up Thursday on a months. 1 was treated hy six very has been made l,he payment of the moncw. visit tO his father who is quite sick. prolninent physicians Without any ecure?,undorsinedhY sM(lhaslrUStbeen deed;duly andaDPointedWhcreaSsubsti_t|), st .... " '" marked b011ellt" Iy last doctor was luted t-,'utee |n ;,he p[ueo of said Albert R. Remember tha, you can get a nice a skilled speciqlist, and he told mc Shatt41ekhas bet,)) dllva providedrentostodin saidto execute(rust thedced'trnsland "I'I(ESPASS NOTICE. i$...:. and appropriate Xmas Present at the the only hope lay in an 3peration ] Omrein contMned; All hunting on mv place is strietlv a.stnihing price from 5e tip. heard of Smilh's Sure /(idney ('nre, N'w THE;'EI.'ORE noticeis hereby given, : YOUR XmAS d.ubt that yon can find  jusb Wllat:you want and at, prices you expect toex end(or ITFIA  + TF"F. We have a sufficient variety . to insure an easy choice of DESIRABLE GIFT8 for old and young. Wa|ohes, Clooks, Jew01ry, Silverware, Vases. g Spa ota01es, Work-Bo, GI0w and .Handk0rchi*f Boxes, . 4ewel uexes, Gold Pens, Cups and Sauoers, Braoelets, Nap- KIR Rigs, Ere., t0.  Whatever )'our wants may be, . te can meet thcm wiih beauti- ul att(i appropriate se]eetions , Ihe added vn'tue of L()w Prices is not, neglected and we lnow you'll appreciate these efforts Tke Jeweler; S. MARANTO, I Oyster season is )row oDeu and . ', we keep always ou hand fresh . Bayocook oysters oil ice, pre- pared in auy style. We itan- . die no tub ovst&s. All kiuds of Caliform. Fruit, Fancy Candy, =Nts etc. 1M[aln St. Opposite Baum & Dampf. WALSH & CONTRACTORS OFI BRICK l CE/IEIT w o R K. Estimates Furnished Patronage Solicited. Leave Orders with Weitlin & Hlckey or Ben Dec 18 9722: rw n's, Barber Shop. TRESPASS NOTI E, All on Sitar lenal/ th law L. ATTENTION! btil January 17th 1899 our price.# on Dress Goods and Clothings will be reduced 20 Per Cent Or choice selecions for the Christ- i mas trade is now ready. Oztr stoet Toys was nerer so complete. Come i and be pleasantly surprised. Surprised at the splendld assortment with variety and low prices. \\; ii C, $CHAEFEI00. :: VOODVILLE) . = ." a = . i "'" DEALER II---- DRUGS and MEDICINES CHFMIC00I.00 :i Public School Books -"znov-" znd "aL"oSl &l IL-JLolem , 'l"obzco OL ;,E3L*. Stationer. y. Painters Spplies. Cuttle. --Y; " ut Hardware, Jtlumuatzng Oil,.. ! Garden ,Seed 6'e. ; (cPhs"i.!citaldSvPir.e:c;,>2:i:2; c:ri'td;t)'r:nendP;t :l:'rd;dre:t:dte;. rdcrs tOrretly .ll,.:e ;,: v. 8.9 L .--y. I. lI. JoxEs JONES & |VENrl ESS, htt0my00 :at g0una:lm kw, WOODVILLE, MISS. )ffice in McGehee building. DR. CHA8. E. CATCHINS WOODV,t.LE :' : : : tSS. Office iu Adams Drug fltore. uy J14, '9 tf. W P S. VENRT]ESS D. (J. RAMLRTT, W. , TUtiffE  Bramlett & Tucker. t.itm00p =fl Cm,,dm at WOODVILLE. MI. Offieein MOhee Builditg, Com., mer(iM Row. J. H. JONES. 00tt0my Imalcr hw, WOODVILLE, MIt. Office above the Iepnbliea Oce, DR, L. W. MAGRUDER Physioian ar.d Surgeon, s. cx.rma ) a 1 EALER IN-- Family and Fancy G'rocerles." Conee t]<,ueries, Oyslers, Tropical Frtlit 0 WOODVILLE, MISS. a'l kinds, .,g.,ar, Coffee, Flour, au Starch l{a]s ns 2Nu, () "" ', s t all kinds >- Office at rsidehce. April 7, .88 ly Cauned Fruit and Fist , &c . . lue braud chewing robaeco. b c000ss.--- "''" "*"" '*, ', .,,,. plies arriving daily; 1March 21, 1896-y Dental Surgeon, - V(OODVILLE. MISTS" TRESPASS NOTICE. , All hunting and trespassing on Office np stairs over the I ostt)fliec. Re(re,( at ld Dnmeron places is,rtety pronloiteo, under penalty of the law. A, (L SHANNON, C'- - " ' IASO,'Sow.. mr., Uth 97,tf. All hunting, t|shing or otfi@rwise ' WOODVILLE, MI88. trespassing on Glen Bnrnle plantatiou Will praele in all State and Uaited s strictly prohibited nnder lettaly ol( / States conrts iu this St.ate . lie law. All tormer pormiMota re ' Realestate bonght and hl on eom yoked. GEO. T, I[cGHL : . [- ) miss(on. Oglee (m .,mparela, Low. T,a7_;72_ DR. JOHN F. THERREL, Any person cangh( h.,l*i., ,h: or otherwise ires )assino, on the Frsle  Physician and Surgeon to.ins el,, $ b" prosecuted to the full exten{ of' fb- . WOODVIII,E, MISS. c 2aw" All former permisionsF. D. LEL][s.revR :i Office on Main St. at.his oldStand _ , . JUltNA, LUWHY- S-ccessor to .FUNERAL 3IRECTOR. --- A lulIStoekofMetalie andW'ood-THE BEST SALO00 ell Coffins always on hand at Wood- ville, Miss., Main St, South-West Corner of Public Sq) I have always on hand a sul 0r rresl)eSS lotice, artiele of or otherv, ise trespassing on the Bur a namwood plantation about 3 nlile i.i south of Woodville will be,prose outed to the full extent of the law. Astrietwakch will be kept on sam( 'n n zmax)s i)), . plantation for trespassers. 'T - _ C GAIS, Dontzc atd Ipo)-t, d L W. ott)ea an. De, er, L, lOl:t% I Skin i [OC a]rW''' nn band. * My fri'ends and enstomers wil' I*Wa: se&ses..,.1 me ready to do hnsines.. A.H. SADM&tN For the speedy and permane cu of March 12, 99, 'tier, salt rheum and eczema Cham- uerlain's Eye and Skin Oilatment is - ----------- without an equal., i1 zMieves the itch-  its conti'nued use effects a permauent cnre. It also cures itch, barber's itch, scald head, sore nipples, itching piles, chapped hands, chronic sore eyes' nd granulated lids. Dr.' Cady's Condition Powders fo Mar| horses are (he best tonic, blood purifier cc '-duoted fi ad vermifuga. Price, 25 cents Sol,by , o,po=r. , harge nag I :A) P^mtlrr of same i