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December 15, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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December 15, 1923

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BROTHERS Our Woman's Feature Pa00e Containing Matter Particularly Interesting to the Ladies of this Vicinity ILLUSTRATED FASHIONS, DADDY'S EVENING FAIRY STORY. KITCHEN CABINET Ladies, Don't Overlook This Page Cloth Frocks for Daytime; Dresses for the School Girl CHRISTMAS ;REE ][TItEN one is correctly appareled, considers the matter of clothes for $/ thee comes a feeling of scour- the growing generation, not only from ltv which reflects In one's poise This the standpoint of appearance and "Of course," said the Christmas i season fashion declares unreser'edly utility, but the element of psychology Tree to Billie Brownie, "trees are at!l n favor of handsonle cloth as the of dress largely enters In. In these their best when medium de luxe for tile daytime frock. I times df precocious chfidhd it is Miss Springtime -- " - ,, t t Since tile mode assigns tile cloth ]quite a .eat to keep ll.,le ilaug lter comes along, and k ./- .1 ]dress as an essc:rtlal In the well-tlmedldresed In youthful unaffectedness. she woo't he -- fashion but more truiy of the woman [ shouhl appeal to the discerning parent of affairs the matter of selection is] seeking schooltime dresses not void "'They all ',,ear ''A of vital iinportl:nee l of aesthetic touch, yet thoroughly their best frocks ,  A wide range of choice Is offered[ practical, accenting the spirit of In her honor and  In matertats, including twill, repp, I youth in their slmplteity, look truh- lovely. _,/../.x_..//, ple Tree wears / [  ] her best red par- ----'f'  ] .y frock and,ooks ?, too lovely for t:.1_ '1 words, as he and " her family stand '- .- here and there among the other The Birds All green tree.s. Greet Mise "The floworinz Springtime. shrubs are all out In the springtime and their ways are so interesting. They have blossoms and buds anti leaw, s and they all wel- come Springtime with the most beau- tiful and graceful of manners. "The animals, too, wake up from their winter sleep and tell Miss Spring- time how much they care for her. "A reat many nf the animals aren't- so fond of Old Man Winter and they wait until Mls.s Springtime bus hold of things before they get about. "The birds all greet Miss Sprin- tirpe, too. They arrive at just that season and they make their nests, and sing and call so that their friends will recognize them by these calls and songs. 'rhey chat about their family lives and tell abouV the feather maker. they go to---some making a specialty of blue feathers, .me of red waist- coats such as Mr. Robin always gets. "Mr. Robin tells how he can listen near the ground and tell Just where there is a worm. Yes. he says, when he cocks his head on one side he can hear the worms sttlng under the[ ground. "The barnyard animals enjoy the spring and the mucL Gallant M Rooter Is very apt thee'to gracefully hand the hens .fine worms upon fre- quent occasions---which means the sameas very often. "The geese, who're always off by themselves, shrieking In their high voices and being very crqss, do more talking in the spring, too--or rather It seems as if they did more as they, too, are wandering by themselves about the barnyard. 'rhe oucs are quacking and eager to get into the ponds, the pigs are digging their snouts In the ground and are enjoying themselves Im- mensely. "But I am happy because I belong to the Christmas Tree family. I do not care if I am not ao much noticed in the spring as are all these other creatures I've Just mentioned. "And It Is true! My family do not get the attention these other trees .nd animals and spring-loving crea- tures do. "But it makes o dlfferencef For we feel that our family has had the greatest honor of all, We are used as Christmas trees. "Yes, our family of trees Is the kind they say make the best Christ- mas trees of all. and so we are happy and we are Just proud, "Judge Just praise says that we have every right to be proud. "I don't think Weeping Willow should be called Weeping Willow. They're a nice f a m 1 ! y, giving shade and cool- ness and beauty wherever t h e ar. "And I don't think the Poplar tree should be called 'common' wh0h they are willing to grow up and improve un- sightly land where forest fires "Vou Have the have raged. Higher HonorY "I like the good " old Elm and the Beech trees, and I think trees have fine old stories to tell. "But BllUe Brownie, the best of all, is the one outstanding fact about our family. "We're used as Christmas trees. Oh. Billie Brownie, isn't that enough to make any tree happyfor Christ- mas day is the greatest day in all tha year." ''You have the highest honor paid you of all the trace," Blllle Brownie said. Straight-Line Frocks Still JPpular. broadcloth, duvetyn, kasha cloth, wool crepe, striped suiting and Paris pre- dicts a vogue for alpaca. In regard to colors, black remains supreme, though navy is inviting some mention, while beige and allied tan shades are woa- I derfully successful. Bottle green, the last word ha styledom, makes its ap- peal to those whose satisfaction is In heralding the Bewest ideas. There Is rumor to the effect that bright solid shades are coming in. The straight-line frock is still pre- eminently the favorite. This Is espe- cially true of the popular coat-dress, t such as Is shown to the right on the artly-frocked young matron who ea What Did 6he Mean? "8o you have taken to earryin around a monkey? bis Is gotng too far." 'Well you never go anywhere lth me," wa hi wife's ambiguous retort. A Matter of Color. Man (helping the dear young thinf find a book in the public library)- Have you read Fredfles Dear Thlng--N, uet old brawl Frocks Rd't Simplicity of Youtk- rids tn her appearance the covietion of being properly gowned for a shop- ping tour. This tailored nodel of'pa- trician style Is developed in fine black and white hairline salting. The accompanying dress, which Is of broadcloth, shows an effective combina- tion of pheasant brown contrasted with collar, cuffs and hlnding In bright henna. For ten months of the year mothers are eottmtly Confronted with the problem of dra needs for the School. tiffs day of child welfare, one (The KITCHEN CABINET "I protest 1 d honor a chine of reef, i d, =everence a loin of veaL'" "A Iundred souls of turkeys lIl It pze." SOMETHING TO EAT Fiuh is such an easily obtainable food in all parts of the world, either fresh, canned or l that a few ways of serv- Ing it may be helpful Fish Pudding.This Is a good way to use bzts of cooked h.ft-over fish. Take about one-half pound of fish flakes or shredded cooked fish, one tal,lesl)oonful of parsley, the whites of three eggs, beat- ell stiff, one-half cupful of melted but- ter, one and one-half cupfuls of milk, one cupful of cracker crumbs. MIx thoroughly; season to taste with salt and pepper, put into a well-buttered bakitlg dish and bake twenty minutes in a pan of water In a hot oven. Cover the top of the dish with well-buttered cruipbs. Baked Salt Codfieh.--To evttry cup. I fui of codfish, after being picked flue, odd two cupfuls of mashed potatoes, two cupfuls of milk, two well-beaten eggs, one-h'llf cupful of hutter; seagou with salt, if needed; mlx thoroughly and bake in a buttered hakin dih for half an hour. Serve with a condiment or relish, Tuna Fish Salad.Take s can of tuna fish. flake It and udd twice as much celery as fish--the celery should be cut fine, Cover wlth a tart salad dressing and serve on lettuce. Clam Chowder.--Take three slices of fat salt pork, (,-at into small dice and fry until crisp anti brown; add one small onion finely sliced, then add three medium-sized potatoes, cut fine; cover with water and cook until the potatoes are tender; now add three cupfuls of mllk and a can of clamS, tIeat until belling hot: add four milk crackers, previously soaked In hot milk: season well with salt and pepper and serve hot. Parisian Sweets.--Take a pound each of datos arld tls, one pound of walnut mpats. Pick over the fruit, re- move stones froln dates and put fruit aml nut meats through a meat-chop- per. Take out on a board covered with confecthmers' sugar. Mix uBtil well- blended. Roll out to one-quarter-Inch In thickness and cut Into squares, or use a small round cutter. Roll each ;mlllng "Curlylocks" to the left 1! piece In confectioners' sugar and pack experiencing the Joy of wearing an all In layers in a tin box. wool fine jersey cloth dress. For chil- dren who would frolic along life's pathway there Is nothing comparahle to Jersey cloth for wear anti tear There is also a heap of g(od looks fn a minimum of expenditure, especially if the frock be made at home. though the stores offer remarkable values Then, too. a "readymade" always evl- deuces expert designing by specialists who cater to youth's requirements. Notice the dainty bit of yarn stitching on collar and cuff with crochet tas- sels .and cord to match. Just a wee bit more sedate  the school miss standing o erect by the side of her companion, and her comely frock is patterned more along the e viable mode of her elders. The ms. terial Is a crossbar wool velour deep red with cream eor, and ther are touches of wine-red velvet, will) buttons to match. The long aleeve give notice of a coming vogue. t 19gI, Wvru Nelmm t I sing the Joy of little things, The daily news.the postman brings, The needs, the calls my household ask.% rhe friend who cornea---the daily tasks. SEASONABLE GOOD THING8 Let the chlhlren make candy. They enjoy, the making and the product i much better for them than the highly-colored or rich candles which may be . bought. The foundation for all French candies or bonbons l fondant. To make It take two cupfuls of granulated sugar, tlree tablespoonfuls of light corn slrup, one-half cupful of water; and cook to the soft-ball stage. Set away to cool or pour carefully from the kettle onto a greased platter, being eareful that no grains of uncooked sugar drop Into the mixture. When cool enough to dip in a finger, stir with a wooden spoon nn- tll creamy. Pack In a bowl, cover with waxed paper and let stand In a cool plac#, to ripen. Ice {)roam Cand,---Take three cup- fuls of sugar, one-quarter of a tea- spoonful of cream of tartar, one-half cupful of boiling water, one-half table- spoonful of vinegar. Boil all together without stirring until a little dropped Into cohl water turns brittle. Turn onto a buttered platter and. when the edges cool, fold towards the center. A soon as it can be handled pull until smooth snd glossy. Flavor when pnll- lng. Cut with buttered shears into small pieces. To a half-cupful of fondant add some chOPl)ed fruit and nuts, one or both ; pac this in a layer Into a tin biscuit box that has beam butterel or lIed with waxed paper; on this put a layer of 1;daln fondant, flavored ith vanilla. and on top of this a layer that ha been colored green or pink and flavored with appropriate flavoring. Set away to harden and. he, n firm, cut into Mice& wrap In waxed paper and arrange in the candy boxes with other varieties. Norfolk oyer.--Cover the bottom of" MAXWEI00 HOUSE 1 :OFFEE of a buttered baking dish with three- quarters of a cupful of hot boiled rice; cover the rice with one-half pint of -sters ; pour over one-half cupful of white sauce, dot with butter and kle with salt and pepper. Repeal usinA the same amounts. Cover with a eUl> Faulty. "I seeflou have bou,ht a tYDeWrR= Is It a good one?" "Yes. But it r.pells badly!" Crandm0ther Knew Tlun Wa Nthin So _Gaft " Conn and Colds am Mm@am But the old-fashioned mutm plast burned and b iist,red wl  acted. Get the relier-- d helo lgaM=arm mustard plasters gave, without pla_flter and without" the blisteg: ' Muaterole does it. It is  white ointment, mde with oil of mm tard. It is scientincaUy ixepare al that it works wonder Gently e Mugerole in withle finger-tips. See how quickly it lll- liar-- how speedily the pain d Try Mu.erole f sore throat. lti tonsillitis,  utlm, neuralgia, tion. vleud, raeumati, pains-and aches of the imrain sore mules, t ru frosted feet. colds of t, (it may priest ). To Motbs: Muole knm, merle in milder form fr imblea and mmdl Ask for Children's Mtm 35c and  jan and tubek- - pital raze, $3.00. er t/m a  idmem, bake in a hot oven thirt minutes. 0 Potatoes au GrMIn.---4ut boiled po BUy at _oury:sgiso''f tatoes into half-lnch cubes: there  should be tWO CUpils. MIX oae-thlrd Colored Men *V of a pful of grated cheese with one. for Car half cupful Of white sauce and add to Oleepm8 the potatoes. Put Into a buttered dish, .d oz o, cover with buttered cracker crumhs ary, No mrme. wreei and bake cntil the crumb are brown, taly to