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December 10, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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December 10, 1898

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i i i I II i l II it a Point i (et the Best Every Time, When You Buy Medicine. Id[ealth is too valuable to be trifled with. DO notexperlment. Get llood&apos;a 8arsap rills and you will have the best medlcilze money can buy-the medicine that cures when all others fail. You have every reason tO expe( it will do for you what it has done for othem. Remember Hood's Sarsaparilla Is Amer|ea's Greatest Mdieine. Price $1. Mood's Pille are the favorite cathartic. HIS SPECIALTY. |t|nermnt Vender of Ice in Chleao Veho Had u Peeul- |at Cry. *'It is queer what devices men will resort to in order to sell their wares," said a well* known man about town yesterday. "Adver- truing is quite a icnee these days, but a friend of mine from the South side tells a good yarn of an ice dealer. This dealer was of those wanderers who have a few pounds uf ice in a spring wagon and who hasr1o regular customers. They haunt the lleya on hot bawling their wares after made their rounds. They up quite a few nickels in the course 'It Was one of the hottest days of the late a Sunday, and the regular wagons t ad il sinee retired for the day y friend :i about ha f out of ice and placed his fate in the hands of the peripatetics, lie was on teh to nail the first one who came shrug. a keen sense of fun and enjoyed the :,rt. Finally, when he had about gi'ven up, he heard the long and eagerly wished- : for cry. An iceman was progressing down :: the alley. My friend went forth, wa ted and lrewarded. The dealer was a coored  who was earnestly appealing for all to buy. , ee he bawled, looking about as his nag moved slowly long, "Ice, cold ice" V/hat kmd of ice IS that. asked my frmnd, dubiously " 'Cold ice, s r; it's the coldest iecn town. " 'Well, l'd take some if I wasn't afraid the heat would spoil it,' was the retort, as my friend turned to reenter the house. The colored man looked after him in amazement, but made no reply He proeeedcd on hi rounds, but changed his cry, for he seemed to fear the coldness woud prove a I oodoe ittead 0fa blessing"- ('hieago Chronicle. Chance to Get Even. A Kentucky man recently married th ughter of a woman who once re II III MISSISSIPPi MA'fTERS. MISSISSIPPI METHODISTS, I .Sibyl San,teron's .t.sband .y,u,, ] :New York, Dec. 6,--Antonio Terry, North End of the Church l'rospers--Ap- the Cuban millionaire anti husl)and of lq of the Mnrgan-Fostei-Trouble. polutments. Sibyl Anderson, the California prima There was restlmption o{: the :Morgan. AnERDEEN, l)ee. 5.--l)aring thepast )'ear the donna, is, according to private letters Ft)sterdlfltcultyaLHerandolastweek. Methodist Church ba gained 1,000 membersln received in this city, (lying of liver R, . |,. Morgan was iu Mr. l'adell' the boonds of the North Mississippi Conference, complaint at Nice, France. Nineteen new c]lareiles and five new parsonages .................. barbershop and was leaving to go to have been built. The Otis L.w Snslulned. the courthouse At the door her met The eonterenee voted to divide tim eollqctions Columbus, O.. l)ee. C,.. -Tile supreme with John Foster and his mother, for education equally bctw.ea Mitlsaps ('()liege court has sustained the Otis law, nn- Padell says that Foster put Ms hand and Greaada College. Tile hitter proposes to der which a repulflican board of city behind him anti partly drew his pistol expend ibis money in the erection of a new btlildJag. and that Morgan was  little quicker Tnc eonnnittee on tempraaee made a strong and got his out first, and that Mrs. Fos- report, and thm. A. II. George made a magolli- ter ran in between tile ttvo men. Mor- cent speecli or) the subject. gun's first shot struck Mrs. Foster in Rev. Mr. Slrickklad wa received from lh0 the arm, inflicting a slight wound. ;mnbcrku:dl'resbyterianChnrclL The next session o[ tim conference wllibe held When Morgan fired Foster ran into at Greenwooa. Wesson's store and, turning around, A memorial service was held tonight Three fired at Morgan, mistnff him. Morgan trove died during the year--ll. It. TucKer, d. B fired the second tilne the bulle pass- Harris and S. B. t?arson. ing through the crown of Foster's hat. FollmbJg are tim appointments made: This trouble grew out of the killing, ardis District. some years ago of Judge J. B Morgan T.C. Weir, prcMding elder; Sardis, AinosKen dall; Canto, W. W. Mitchell; Scnatobia, II.T. by llenry Foster, a brother of John (iains;Arkabutla, G. It..tacobs;Cohlwaterand Foster Hernando, J. D (?ameron; Nesbit. C. I'. Mos; Profit in Cattle Grazing. The Southern Farm Gazette, pub- fished at Starkville, gives some interest- ing figures on the profits to be made in cattle grazing in Mississippi. The Gazette takes as a fair example an in- stance which fell under its own obser- vation during the present season m Oktibbeha county. The Gazette says D. A. Saunders, of Starkville, put into a 40-acre pasture on June 17th last thirty-four "Florida scrub steers," averaging 57,  pounds per head. On the 18th of October he sold them to J. llalbert at 21 cents per pound. Dar- ing this period the steers ffaiued 195 pounds per head, making a profit of $4.87 cents per steer, or $165.50 on the purchase, thus paying a rental of over $4 per acre for f(')ur months' grazing. "Considering that the steers were Florida scrubs, the result should be considered highly satisfactory. Well- bred cattle would have made probably 800 pounds per head and been worth 4 cents instead of r.3" cents. The pasture was good. composed of a variety of grasses, melilotus predominati'ng. & Dmlnken I)etnon, Will Rutlan last week met Tom Ell- zcy and his 14-yea.-old son, who were raeious; what vengeance he will be returning borne from Wesson, after ab|e to wreak," "1 don't see where the vengeance is tc having" sold a load of wood, and, pull- lne in." "Why, he will be able to address the wom- an who had onee refused him as 'grand- mother, '--42teveland Plain Dealer. affairs was ousted ill Cincinnati, and a hi-partisan lmard appointed in its place 1,y a democratlc mayoi', Fatal Elovalor Aecideat. New York, Dec. 6,--Vtalter Hayden Griffin, a director in tile United States Fire lnsnranco Co., was killed aud Thomas F. Caldwell fatally iujured in an elevator aceideut in the Uniter States Insurance Co. buihling here. F'orgers Confess San Francisco. Dec. 6.--Carl tecker one of the quartette of foi'ffers wh( raised a cheek calling for $22,000 on One ObJeetlon. "Would that I had a hundred lives te give for your sake," he exclaimed. Don tyou thmk, she asked, co]db, that that would rather o*erwork the foolkiller?" IIe left without even stopping to brush ths dast from the knees of his trousers.Chi- o Post. Had there never been a yowling fe!ine # e ever should have knnwn the pr cetess torth of acatless night.--L. A. W. Bulletin. makes the mare go, but that ia not wholly due to her sex.--Town Most barbers have to rake and SCrape" et along.--L. A. W. Bulletin. Where a woman coaxes a man threatens, .... --'(ieago Daily News. 1nner are largely dcceit's own name for Rself,Detroit Journal. C(:ekrun, W. D. MeCullough; Tyro, W. d. Burt; the Nevada. bank, the original cheek t'lea'ant Grove, It. P. l'aco; Batesville and railing for but $12, has confessed. Itis Wesley, T. Cameron; Courtland. J. R. D. l,:ivg; accomplices have all turnetl states Eureka, 1,. D. Worsham; Wall llill, ,L If. SnJitl ; evidence. l'lcasanttlill, W. l). Bnrrotghs; Long;own, d. D. Newso/l; Orwuod, d. A. Good. ]Recess Nomination. Sent to the Senate. (;renada l)itriet. Washington, Dec. d,---The president H. C. Morehead, prcsl(lingel(ler. Grenada, T. sent to the senate a ntnnber of ap- W. i)bc; (;:eeaqa cir:nit, W. M. Yaang; Water pointments Inade during the recess. Valley, \\;Vard sheet, W. S. Lagrone; Wahr They include lhose of Secretary Hay, Valiey, Mabstreet, It. P. GiM)s; Water Valley Assistant Secretary of State llill, the eiretdt, E.]l. Hook; CotIecvtlte, O. L. Savage; tlxf.rd, R. M. Standlter; Toccapok) 1). M. ]Jawaiian comnlissiou, tile I'aris com- (ieddle; Paris, R. t'. Go:tr; State Spring, C It. missioners anti a number of consuls. t'ittmal;MiaterCi y,J.A. Leech;Chapel llill, H. C. Coiioway; Tatum, ILS. Lawson; l'itts- Ilurned an It:dlo.n Admiral In Effigy [aS,,? _ Are you frequently hoarse .... Do you have that annoying tickling in -four throatP Would you feel relieved if you could raise something ? Does your cough annoy you at night, and do you raise more mucus in the morning P Then you should always k.p on hand a bottle of If you have a weak throat you cannot be too careful. You cannot begin treatment too early. Each cold mak you more liable tO another, and the last one is always harder to cure than the one before it. i,mtllllltt 00.xmmm00 Help at Hand. If you have any complaint whatever a deeire the best medical advice you can sibly obtain, write the doctor reely. Van will receive s prompt reply. Ade DR. J. C, AYER, Lowell, W. horn. J. M. tliggii; Elzey, J. lt. Hogers;Banner, II. 1). Esl,rs;Ciiarlesleo, W. W. Williams; At- laura, W. L. Ward; Greuada College, J. W Ms- ton,,, i resldeat. ,Vlnona l)lstrlet. W. S. Shipumn, pcesiding elder Wiuona, G. H. lApscolnl); "t'iaona eirctlit, J. It. Slnne; Vaiden, .I.F. Evans ; (!arrollton, H. T. Ctlnoing- Ilaln; ('a.rrollton circllil, B. B. Sullivaa ; Green- oo(I, J. tl. Mitchell; Went, T. G. Freeman; t;laekha:vk, W. C. Lesler; McNatt, Joho IHlctlcy; Indiar, o!a, W. 1t. San'Jers; Dublin, J. fl. Bass ; Sidon, W. T. Browoing. l)urant l)lstriet. J. S. Oakley, presiding elder. I)orant, N. G. AII!IlslI.IS; ]{oSCitlSkO, N. T. J. Salii'all ; Sallls, ,. '1". Buck ; AcRerman, 1L M. Evans ; Elhct, G-. N. (ol'dl)n; Rural Hill, to bc supp',ied; Salem, A. J. t'orler; Belzoaa, 1, M. Ltpseondl; Lex- iltgtOll, it. O. Brmen; l'lckeas, J. C. Low; l':btnezer. J. D, r. Treadwell; Lolllsville. D. W. I,qlbb; Etlpora, It l|. B. Gladney; (heater, W. [.. Anderson ; l'opla r (;reek, ,I. J. Garner ; ('tlln- New York, Dec. 6.--A dispatch to the fIerald from Punama rays: At the close of the independence celebrations her a large crowd burned the effigy of the Italian Admiral Candiani, who ca- forced ])uylneut of the Cerruti claim recently by threatening to bombard Cartagen a. Mure Snow ia Michigan, Detroit, Mich., Dec. 6.--The storm of Sunday and Monday has been suc- ceeded by another hear j, sriow alarm, of a drier character, however than lhat which proslrated telegraphic eolllnrunication Wire service of all kinds in southern Michigan iv still in a woefn] state. 1PUrlUeI' ' ut[onal Congress. Fort Worth, Tex., Dee. 6.--The in his pistol, told Ellzey he intended to kill bin. Ellzey begged for his life. Rutlan then turned on the boy, cue shot killing trim iustantly, tic then fired several shots at a tree near by, seemin% not to realize the crime just committed, as he was drunk. The kill- ing took place about three miles east. MlllsapsCoilege, W. iL Murrab; G. W. Bach- annual session here, with several hun- nlan ,uaday sc oct agent, dre(l deh,o'ates present. After the ad- Co!nmhus District. dress of xe]eolnc b)" (inv. Culbcrson II. A, Borroughs. prcsiting el(let; Co!unibus, and others, lhe pl'esidenl of the con- J..4. B)wen; Cohlmbus ('ir(:ui , E. ,Iohnson; ffress, ex-(;ov. ]loard, of Wisconsin, de- ('raxfor(l, P. E. l)aocan; llrooksvill,, E. S. livered his hlst annual address. i,ex i; Mecca, S. M. TImme;; llelron, J M. Haines; StarkviUe, R. A. Meek ; Starkvilte cir. Illlnnlu upreolo Court In Sesslon. 'i, S. A. llrow,; West Pont. W. M. Mcla:osh; Spring'field, Ill., Dee. 6.--Tile state Ihbbe,, il. S. Spra-,gi s; W nto v , I. N. board of mine examiners are holding near the home of Eilz:y, and just tla!e; Shuqualak, hi. E. Tmnlia; LaGraage, J. within Lincoln county. Rutlan is 18 l. Barruatme; Cedar Bhlff, E. A. Tneker; Slur- years oId amt lives with his 1)arcnts about four miles southeast of Wesson, in Lincoln county. Rutlan made no effort to escape, but surrendered to the sheriff, and is now confined in the Lin- coln county jail at Brookhaven. l. era; "['llpelo, S. B. Myers; Verona, .l.W. As- 7-----7 .erson; l'raire, li. A. Tacker; Montpetler, J. Death of Mrs. Sarah R. Lowrey, W. Raper; Sllaanon, B.F. l'hllips; Netlleton Mrs. Sarah R. Lowery, wife of the irettit, 11.5I. Vonug; Amary. K. M. tiarrison; late Gun. 5I. P. Lowrcy, died at Blue  :they, J. T. 1).'rriL; Tre:eont, G. S. Sanders. li,mst<,n, J. W. Bell; Buetla Vista, W. A. Bow. Mountain last week, aged 76 yearL laad. The deceased was the mother of Dr. W. Corlntlt l)lstricl. a meeting preparatory to examina- gis, .1. M. Massey; J. A. /andolph, chaphtio U. tions whieh begun Wednesday for S. army. mine manag'ers, fire bosses and hoist- Aberdeen I)istrict. ing" engineers. Eighteen applications J. M. Wyalt, presiding elder; Aberdeen, W. for certificales h'lve been filed, and 50 W. W(dlard; Ab,'rdeen circuit, T. J. Wilson; are expected before the exalnin'tion. {)kotoaa, K. A. Jones; (}.:ohtoa circuit, S. B. The Ttn Plate TrusS. Cleveland, O., flee. 6.---It is stated that the tin plate trust will troy out- rig'bt, for cash, ihe Ireseent and the Britton tin ptule mills, of Ibis city, :lnd that lhe p]'esent owners of these plants will retire from the 1)usiness. T. L()wrey, president of 511s-issippi Cot T.Y. Ramsey, l,residing elder; C,rinth, T. W. lege at Clinton; t'rof. B. G. Lowery, L. v, ls; Corinth circait, W. W. Edge; luka, J The trust will, it is understood, take The Laurel lumber mills of Eastman, Gardiner & Co. is shipping lumber to Havana for the United States military barracks there. This is part of the '0,- 000,000 feet order placed by the govern- men t. Supreme Court Notieo. Capt. E. W. Brown, clerk of the su- preme court, gives out a notice to attor- neys of the Third or Northern district, that as the (locket of that district is set for Monday, December '26, the day after Christmas, attorneys who so desire may have their eases passed, not to be called bt_qore the Monday following. To do this the clerk requires that the attor- neys ou both sides shah file with tbe clerk a written agreement to that effect, The State Treasury. Treasurer May has issued the follow. lag statement of the condition of the reasury up to December 1: Receipts . ( ) o to November J. $1,k6,1843; receipts fro" Novcmber, $80,556.03; total receipts $1,706,740.35 disbursements to Novem- III I a MONOMANIACAL WlTIYESS. Peenllar Phase of Lunacy li| Developed During a Trial in Court. "That calls to mind a queer experience of m " ' y own, sad a lawyer who had hstened to the story. "Some years ago I defended a fellow for murder in a little southern town. and the worst witness we had against us was an old German who was a stackbuitder by trade. A stack, by the way, is merely another name for a big chimney. The old fellow was perfectly honest, and gave his evidence in such a'elear, straightforward manner that [ felt mx client was doomed unless I could think o-f some way to break him down. While I was cudgeling my brains a friend whispered to me to ask him how high he could build a stack. 'What do you mean?' I asked, in sur- prise, Never mind,' said my friend, 'just slip in that question and see.' So at the tail end f the cross-examinatlon I paused as if struck by an afterthousht, and said.: 'ou are a stackbuilder, I behove?  'Yea sir/re. plied the witness. 'Well, sir,' I continued, 'about how high couldyou bulld--' I never got an)" further. A swift, inscrutable change flashed over the German's face, and he rose excitedly from his chair. 'As high as der sky!' hd roared. 'So high dose angels come around it like birds!' In five seconds he wan ravig. You see, the man was a mono- maniac--sane on every subject but one, and my friend happened to know his weak spot. It is hardly necessary to say that his evi- dence in regard to the homicide was prompt- ly ruled out by the judge, and as there was no other witness of importance my man was cleared. The rascal should have been hanged, and. would have been but for the luck ref- erence to the stack."--N. O. Times-Demo- crat. SCIFNTIFIC CONSCIENCE. An Intettlng Tale of q[vo Groin- gists und an Exceedingly 1]eautifuI Fossil. Happening to know two men who were deeply interested in geology and who did not know each other a Detroit man brought the two scientists together recently at the house of one of them and then left them to enjoy the occasion. A day or two later he met the host in the case and heard this strange story from him: "Well, Mr.Cooper, that was a fine man ou brought out to see me the other night--a ne man. Why, he's as crazy about geology as I am, if not a trifle crazier. We sat up to- gether until after'midnight, looking over my specimens and talking about them, and l'm oing down to see his cases. He tells me he as almost bankrupted himself indulging his taste for rare and beautiful fossils. A funny thing happened the other night, too; he's a great one--that man! On my library table 1 had one remarkably beautiful fossil  too choice to be hidden away in a ease and yet too valuable to be left lying around. I needn't tell you what it was, for you don't know one from another. Your friend does, however, and he retm'ned again and again to admire this particular specimen. Of course, I enjoyed his enthusiastic apprecia- tion of it, and when he was about to goI said: 'Mr. Badger, you admired this fossil so much I'm going to give myself the pleasure of part- ing with it to you. "Please add it to your col- lection.' So saying, I extended my hand for the fossil, and behold it wasn't there. On the table and under the table I looked, behind the lamp, and under papers--no fos- sii--a mystermus disappearance. I felt non- plussed and looked at my guest. He looked sheepish, fumbled in the inside of his sacque coat and said: 'Well, I'mglad you are going to give me that fossil. I already had it in my pocket.' " "As I had often done the same trick my- se/f l cmddn't utter a word of protest. " 'Well, well,' I said, 'take it along and heartily welcome.' 'Tve annexed fossils myself. Art has no conscience. --'Detroit Free Press. He Didn't Sit It Out. He was a fragile youth and didn't dance all the dances. "Let's sit it out," he said to his pretty part- ner. "Where?" she asked. il I II I I II I Ill II II I Illl "What kind of an attack is it?" she gasped. At this question his voice came back to him. "What difference does that make?" he harshly growled. Then, without a word of apology he dashed up the stairs and flung himself into the gentlemen's coatroom. And how was she to know that it was an ordinary carpet tack that the man who can- vassed the stairs had carelessly left stand. ing on its head .--Cleveland Plain Dealer. ']the Eual Way. "Time is precious," remarked the min- ister. "It is, indeed," replied the man of busi- ness, "and I've wasted lots of it." "By indulging in foolish pleasures, I sup- pose?" said the good man. "No, not exactly," replied the other; "1 lost it by being punctual in keeping my ap- pointments with others."--Chicago Evening News, And l/e Mennt It. Nervous Old Lady (for the seventh time) Oh, captain, is there any danger--shall I be drowned ? Exasperated Skipper--I m Afraid not, ma'am.--London Tit-Bits. ti. Shumaker; luka circuit, W. F. l:ogers; Kos. charke of the two mills named on Jan-. "On the stairs." president of Blue Mountain Female Cot- ,uth, IL I'. 'rulil,ve; Jo esl)oro, R. W. Ewms; uary 1. So they went up a little way and sat down lege; Prof. Booth Lowrey, elocutionist |i.onevitle, J M. Bradley; Bonneville circuit: ' Wh-why, what s the matter Ir. Stack- in the South,vestern Baptist University', \\;v. A. Clark; Marietta, W. It. Willlains; Gnu- Campbell Wi|i Not Resign. pole?" cried the fair young girl. For the young man had hastily risen and was gasp- " town. D.C. Fonst;Bae Springs, W. A. Wood; Washington, Dec. 6.--Represents- ing for breath. He cou]d not reply. Hisface Jackson, Tenn.; Mrs. R. If. Graves, Ripli,y and, New Albany, R. G. Porter; ltlpiey tire James Campbell, of illinois, col- was livid, his eyes were rolled up.and w th missionary to China, and a number of cirelm, I1. C. Parro:.l; New Albany circoit F. onel of the Ninth Illinois regiment, one shaking hand he clawed feebly at the Other ehilnren, all of whom are filling ,. Whitson; lrowu's Creek, J. D. Simpsoa; has left Washington for Savannah, skirts of his Tuxedo. honored an useful positions in society, sait|llo, B. It. East; Belmoat, Thos. Taylor. Ga., whence he will go to Cuba with It Is Jlge Truly. llolly Springs District, : his regilnent. J. W. itonnnll, presl:ling elder, tinily Springs, "I have not resigned nay seat in con- Gay. McLaurin has appointed IIon. J.w. price; llolly Springs eireolt, .L A. foe: tress,', said Col. Campbell, "and I do Jff Truly of Fayette, Jefferson coun- East tinily Sprln:;s, J. It. Woodson; Ashland ty, tO be judge of tbe Sixth w.G. llorks; (or,ersville, E. C. Snlliva not contemplate tuking lhat action. Court district, vice Judge W. P. Cas- ot,m, d. W. Ramscy; l'o't's Camp, W. It. lion- The governor of Illinois did not see fit nail ; W,tertord, IL E. Dok( ; Red Banks, M.D. to aecel the resignation when ten- sedy, whose term expired Dec. t. The vb'; Mo:m Pleasant, D. C. Cogdell; Byha|ia, IL dered last spring and I shall not re- new judge was born in Fayette, July ,u. D:lvis; Olivo Blanch, Janms Porter; Abbe- new the tender." 21, 1861. His father, R. W. Truly, also :it:e, A. W. l,angley; ,l. W. Boswell, assistant a native Mississippian v was personally ditor; S. A. Steel. conference missionary secre- River ews ;lry; W T. lolling and T. B. Clillord trans. Changs Rain fal known to all the early pioneers and feired to Louislan:t conference. S'rATOS. Gauge. 24 hours, in 2 t hrs eminent lnen of the State. Mr. Truly Greenville District. - ............ I .... . Pittsburgh ...... is a young roan'of brilliant parts and a J. w, I)orman, presiding cider. Greonvllte. Cincinn:tI.. .... ::::! 15.7b' 11"9.5 ] .0'2 lawyer of marked ability. ,I. E. 'l'honrs ; Areola, 11. I'. Crown; Shaws. %'i St. Louis ............ 3.2 --0.2 Safe Blowers at 'ork. C. llarrls; Lehrtou, J. W. McGee; Cleveland, St.t'aui ............. Davenport .......... L .6 T. If. Dorsy; Clarksdale, J. T. Murrah; Jones- Memphis ............ 8.3 --0.9 A gang of safe blowers seem to be town, ,1. J. Brooks; Beleo, G. W. Stricklamt; Louisville ........... 73 0.9 steadily operating n the vicinity of IAlla. J. E. Cunnh,gham; Austin, W. M. Camp- Cairo ............... 1214 Kossuth, Alcorn county. Last Wek bell; Ttnh!a, W. L. Graves; Friars 1'oint, Q. A. New Oeleans .......... 5 --0.2 burglars entered the store of W. F. Oas: llillim Ise, J. M. Mo(,se; Gnnnison, J.R. --Fall T. Trace. Couatiso; Rosedale, J. C. ParR; Bolivar, d. M. Jones at Kossuth and dynamited the Davenport; New Salem, L. A. McKeowe; Dee- THE MARKET REPORT. safe, blowiag the door off its hinges, son, J. It. llolder.   TUESDAY, Dee. 6. About $60 in money was taken, together Pay of Special Judges. Grain and l'rovllou. with a quantity of valuable papers, in- eluding notes, deeds and twolife iusur- Special judges in Mississippi will get St. I,ouis -- Flour -- Patents, $3,40@3.,50; "I used Tetterine for tetter which had other grades, $275@2.20. \\;Vhet--No. 2 red, been running five years. One box made a ance policies. The blowing was so no pay at least nntil the legislature G9070%c. Corn--No. 2 mixed, 33i34c. Oats final cure."--Mrs. S. E. ttart, Cross Trails, su,:eessfully accomplished that parties makes some other provision for them. --No. " 2, 2Se. Hay--Prairie. $6.00@ Ale, 50c at druggists, or by mail for cash or _8.00; nt.hYal$./00a.)0eIUetfrCrea - stamps. J. 2'. Shuptrine, Savannah, Ga. The act of the last legislature reqniring cry, 2 t2 ; "., z)2 . ;gg --,'re, h, awakened.Sleeping in the building were not the auditor to pay special judges ()ut of NewlnC' mess,Lard --$A2.1 rimeHacon_ClearSteam, 5C.ribs,POrk5%o. [I We somehow hate little sinners more than salary of the presiding" judge was de- Venal--Choice tub-washed, 24@26. we do big ones. A man with enough moral Lumber SItiptaents to Cuba. :lured unconstitutional a few days ago Chicago --- Closing quotations: XVheat strength to be nearly right should be alto- hy the supreme court. The decision December, 64*64%c; May, 65%qi65%c; ] gether so.--L. A. W. Bulletin. July. 64%c. Corn--December, 330133i/se; was on a mandamus proceeding brought : 1May, 33%(tb34c; July, 34ze. Oats--Decem- ! Vhen a man gets far enough along that he by Jndge E. O. Sykes , of Aberdeen, i ber, 25Vie: May, 25257&c. Pork--Dccem-quits using tobacco every little while, he her, $7..q71/_,; JanuarY, $9.25@9.27/; May, may be net down as a confirmed user of the against Auditor Holder to compel him $9.50. Lard--Deeember, $5.0; January, weed.--Washington (In.) Democrat. t,, issue warrant for Judge Sykes" salary $5.12; May, $5.27@5.30. Short ribs--De- in full. The court holds that the act ]ie.r,.. . $4.47; January, $4.62; May, Life is what we make it, but there are ..... people who do not even mke their own of lhe legislature is in violation of the Live 8tack Market. living.--Ram's Horn. constitutional provision which declares 3t. Louis--Cattle--Fancy exports, $5.00@ thaYthe salaries of judges shall not 5.25; butchers', $4.25@)4.85; stackers, $2.75C6 Indolence often assumes the mask of pa- be increased or diminished during 3.0o; rows and heifers. $2.09@4.25. Hogs-- tience and gathers in her rewards.--Chicago Packing, $3.203.52; butchers', $3.20@3.50; the time for which the judge is up- light, $3.103.40. Sheep--S2.70@4.00; lambs, Daily News. painted. The aet, (tec]ard uncoustitu- $4.)i5.25. Chicago--tings--Light, $3.25@3A5; mixed, To Cure a Cold in One DaF lional, was a measure r)f economy passed $3.25t3.5(i; heavy, $3.253.35; rough, $3.25@ Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All by lte last legislature. The decision 3z5; yorkers. $3.40. CattleTBeeves, $4.00@ dxuggista refund money if it faits to cure. 25c. 6.uv; cows and heifers, $2.094.5; Texas ' ,)f the court leaves the special judges steers, $2.0@t.40; stackers and feeders, $2.50(3.45. Sheep--Natives $2.50@4.45; weato If a woman has a dollar every man think without any compensation fro" the pres- urns/$3.0074.35; iambs, $3.75@5.50. he is entitled to a share of itt and a lawyer ent ar.d they will have to present their Kansas City--Cattle--Native steers, $3.25 will take it all.--Judge. claims to the next legislature. O5.15; Texas steers, $2.40_.50; Texas cows, $2.ff,)t:2.90; native cows and heifers, $1.25@ It is harder to do wrong than right, if we 4.25; stockers and feeders, $2.90@1.25. Hogs but knew it.--L. A. W. Bulletin. Thanks ef Madison. --lleavies, $3.30@3.45; packers, $3.25@3.45; mixed, $3 20(3 40; lights. $3.20@3.35; york- It's difficult tb convince a schoolboy thai MADlSOX S'rATmN, Dec. 5.--At a re- ers, $3.20(3.35. Sheep--Lambs, $4.0/)@5.25; history repeats itself.--Chicago Dailyewa cerltand tbe final meetinf for 18,'18 of muttons, $2.75@4.20. the Howard Association, it adopted Cinclnnati--logs--Active at $3.15@3.45. The kangaroo is none the leas lively be- lengthly resolutions expressing apre- t',,tt,,, cause he is on his last legs.--Goldm Days. elation of and thanks for "the geuerous Quotations for middling range as tal- c, Ne aidwhich it reeelved from many friends, lows: St. Loots, c; w York, 5%e; The baby's little game--Bawl.---Golden Memphis, 5%e. A. Race AEalnst Flre. After a ten days' fight to avoid death, the crew of a steamer from Spain recently ar- rived ih Baltimore. in midocean it was dis- coveretl that flames were raging in the ves- sel's hold. For ten lcngday,s the crew brave- ly fought the flames. If men would fight as persistently against disorders of the stomach and digestive organs, there would be fewer premature deaths. The best weapon for such a fight is Hostetter's Stomach Bttere. It is the greatest of tonics, and the best of reme- dies for kidney, liver, bladder and blood dis- orders. ! Worthy of Worship., "Faw gwacious sake, deah boy, who was that common fellaw you let shake youah hand?" "Deah boy, he may have a cerumen look, but he has a great sou]. He is the feilaw who designs the new collaws."--Inddanapolis Journal. Deafness Cnnnot Be Cured by local applications, as they cannot reach the diseased portion of the ear. There is only one way to cure deafness, and that is by constitutional remedies. Deafness is ,aused by an inflamed condition of the mu- cous llrdng of the Eustachian Tube. When this tube gets inflamed you have a rumbling sound or imperfect hearing, and when it is entirely closed deafness is the result, and unless the inflammation cau be taken out and this tube restored to its normal con- dition, hearing will be destroyed forever; nine cases of of ten are caused by catarrh, which is nothing but an inflamed condition of the surfaces. We will give One Hundred Dollars for any case of Deafness (caused bv catarrh that cannot be cured by Hall's "Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, ree. F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O. Sold by Druggists, 75c. ttalt's Family Pills are the best. More Than Ilia Match. Algern0n--In what month were you--aw-- bawn? Miss Keene--No matter The appropriate stone is the diamond.--Jeweler's Weekly. We have not been without Piso's Cure for Consumption for 20 years.--Lizzie Ferrel, Camp St., Harrisburg, Pa., May 4, '94. There is a man in this town so stingy that he won't talk any more than he has to, on account of wearing out his tecth.--Wash- ington (Ia.) Democrat. As soon as a baby has learned to talk it be- comes necessary to teach it to keep quiet.- Puck. i if- TIlE EXCELLENCE OF SYRUP OF FI is due not only to the originality and simplicity of the combination, but also to the care end skill with which it is manufactured by scientific processes known to the CALIFORNI& FIn SYRUP Co. only, and we wish to impress upon all the importance of purchasiug the true and original remedy. As the genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactureA by the CALIFORNIA Fm SYRUP CO. only, a knowledge of that fact will assist one in avoiding the worthless imitations manufactured by other par- ties. The high standing of the CAL- FORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. with the medi- cal profession, and the satisfaction which the genuine Syrup of Figs has given to millions of families, makes the name of the Company a guaranty of the excellence of its remedy. It is far ia advance of all other laxatives, as it acts on the kidneys, liver and bowels without irritating or weaken- ing them, and it does not gripe nor nauseate. In order to get its beneficial effects, please remember the name of the Company-- CALIPORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN FRANCISOO, CaL LOUIMVILI,E. ]y. NEW YORK. N.Y, OPIUM and Whiskey Hah. ls Cured. Wrlt to B. M. Woolley M.D, Atlanta  t At4 AFFAIR NATION It h,s been said of Americans that they are" nxti0n oF dyspeptic:>" and it is true that Few re entirely Free From disorders oF the dl,estiv trxtt, Indlesti0n. DTspepsi, , t0m,ch ,nd Boel trouble, or Constpat,0n. treatment oF these dise00,ses t with cth.rtic medicine5 too often . ravtes the trouble. I LOGICAL TREATMENT l the use OF  remedy that will build up the system, thereby cnblin the various  organs to act exs Nture intenoe0 they,sh0uld.. Such a remedy is found n Dr liltms Pink )Plls or Pxl' People tlere Is the prooF, : In Detroit there are few soldiers more popular and eflictent than Max R. Davies, first sergeant of Co. B. His home is at 46 Third Avenue. For t four years he was a bookkeeper with the wholesale drug house of Farrand, _ Williams & Clark, and he says: "I have charged up many thousgnd orders for Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People, but never knew their I worth until I nsed them for the cure of chronic dyspepsia. For two years I suffered and doctored for that aggravating trouble but could ottly be helped temporarily. ! "I think dyspepsia is one of the most stubborn of ailments, and there ts scarcely a clerk or office man but what is more or less a victim. Some days I could eat anything, while at other times I would be starving. Those distressed pains would force me to quit work. I have tried many . treatments aud remedies but they weald help only for a time. A friend induced me to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People, and after tak- ing a few doses I found much relief and after using several boxes I was cured. I know these pills will cure dyspepsia of its worst form and I a1 [ pleased to reconunend them."--:2roit (MitA.)JournaL The nuln p&tk& lwys brs the ul% m, . At }1 drugist, o nt potpai4 on tipt of pitt,S0 per o0, by th( 0r.Williams Medttin (0, StMnettady,14N. STAR PLUG L. & M. NATURAL LEAF PLffG CLIPPER PLUG CORNER STONE PLUG SLEDGE PLUG SCALPING KNIFE PLUG .iXrU,E S.0Xm C O/V00 B 1 N E ! LIGGE'r'r & IYE]HtS TOBACgO COMP'Y, Manufactero Not Nlade by a TRUST or SAP()LIO [lillallUlllUlllllllllllUlllUllal al|lllllllllllallll|l|l|lmelm|l |l|lm m|mll m|l|al|l|l |i|1|| | ,. YOU WILL REALIZE THAT "THEY LIVE | WELL WHO LIVE CLEANLY," IF YOU USE i | | i i 0hristmas OHANOtt FOI EVEYeO0 Y ] i on walat to emtrtl something for" Ohristma,! W@ you la the way of making 14, without gwith regular occupat/0n. ven ckUdreu esn ;between school hours. 8omethinff entirely orlgin&L NO eanvassing, and no capital r, ,6,  outfit will be sent on receipt ef -e!H Postofl]ce box t7 NEW YORK, N. Potash. NOUGH of it must be contained in fertilizers, otherwise failure will surely result. See that it is there. Our books tell all about fertilizers. They am sent fret to all farmers applying for them. OEIIAN EALI WORKS, 93 Nam St., New Ylt," NIA ]ba Ilalng CASCAR]T for wish which I have been afitlrtod for 'ears, and I can say that Caacarets than any other rome- ever tried. I shall cert|n]y recmn- my friends a bet al| they al ,q'Hoa GtLLalaD, Ein, IL 1 bur 1. $1,442,73%16; dis,mrseinents in both at borne and abroad," during the Fiuane/a|. llovember, $t21,56;3.03; total disburse- trying period of tim recent yelh)w fever Net, York, Dec. 6.--Money ou call steady meats, $1,564,302 19; cash balance on epidemic. Many towns and cities and at 22 per cent.; prime mercantile pa- hand I)eeembor 1, $142,438.16. From individuals are mentione, dbyname, aud per, 3Va@4 per cent.; sterltng exchange now on with the receipt of the various thanks are extended "to t}'e Memphis steady at 44@4S4 for demand, and at 41 l'or 60 days; posted rates, 482.181, taxes this balance will be rapidly in- relief committee for money subscrip- and 485/@496; commercial hills, 480; sil- ver eerttflc:tes, t;0@6H,; bar sliver creased. The statement shows  the tion, and for nurses, fresh bread and 59 11-16'. Mexican dollar. 46: overnmen' State to bc in a flourishing financial beef and delicacies for the sick." bonds weak. condition. _ ...... Discharges From the l'enJtentiary. Eighteen convicts were (tischarged from the State penitentiary during the month of November 1)y expiratio O their sentences, and nineteeu oi,hers will be discharged during the present month. The State' Cottnm. Relief Work at Taylor. TVLOIL Dec. 5.--A statement of the yelk)w fever relief committee of this place has been issued, showing receipts and disbursements. The total amount received was $828.24, and the amount came fr)ul many Mississippi towns and frorn a few places outside the State. 5iemphis leading with a contribution None of the State's cotton has as yet of $]00 through its retief or,a, nization. been .old. Most of the crop hs been The prindpai items in the disburse- ginned and baled and will be sent t< meats, which eqmtled the receipts, were: Nurses, 845/.45;merchandise fo the compress as fast as possible. The sufferei', $103.09; coffins and grav cotto will be sold in the following digging $157.50, and id to 0rwood, place: ,tack)n, Vicksburg, GrcvuvilY, . - ..... 'azov City and Gh, rkato, Some men snatch victory from defeat, but more snatch defeat from victory.Chicago IJa n.v 24 ewe. The path ome-as:oa great many political graves.--Chicago Daily News. Days. Nothing emits a worse odor than a tainted reputation.--Chicago Daily News. ..... Of all the letters in the alphabet, only two mm are 0. K,--Golden Days. CompleteMi iN" oarass svPPUs esi.a  SLSZW aeas colors.--L. A. VF. Bulletin. Double t s. ,  lli ,it IP0W.L t .EHENT 00. The uae of his tongue is not what mm. '9 UUI a canine a lap dog.--Golden Daye. 41 S ]l&l St.INelNNATI. A peeuliarity of the sea of life is that gold buoys a person up in it.--Detroit Journal. mm,u r.m .,..u-...----rhOd"bl(V"eWmscv"Y;vr" Shinleyour house before you plaster it. teJttntFree, at. IL u.oag,a Isatlm a. am s Horn. ees. Send Ior boot of testim0nlals nnd le d' T O cure, or moneg refunded by your rnerchant, so READERS OF THIS PAPER DE81aING TO BUY ANYTHING ADVERTISED IN ITS COLUMNS SHOULD INSIST UPON HAVING WHAT THEY AK FOR, REFU81NG ALL SUBSTITUTES OR 1MITATIONS. why not try it? Price iOc. r .... ::, /i/ ii