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December 10, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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December 10, 1898

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TEN .MILLIONS OF Part of Gen&apos;l. Lee'sL Corps, the, out roadaround the Ball ldll err/caledonia] LhNIw ..  - ' iroad. / " + ....... SCtlg AR rz; .... 0--- 'rhemessagto C(mR't'es ZENS OR SUJ 7th, is en route for Cuba "l'hei_Beitp,:dersdthat, tleamou.Of0bepadJ- my__ +  (5 II.ff, EILA_ND. nepa, o,o00+ue, W0000,,iao+*h,oh =,o.n++ am.. __ .. last Monduy treats of a greaj i { " Whole corps will be on the ,stand in a,noo-twasanowo, hin,,0000 ,landau,+ There are few ensit)le Americans a few :lays. J. s. LEWlS, ........... nn,n00er of s00l,jec,s and is of un- dew public road runninwfhrough his land. +/' [ o00hono. Boar..+,+oper,.i+r+o, sa'00l .00|.I0000I+IBPII +I j eounty+JasDCaze, m+mberof thehoard+rc_| 7[ l[f ill+I , Editor and ] roprietor, usllal length. The first part con- who d,, not know that tile aeqnisi- .- sPeetfuilyreporttosaidboardth .tClar,+m. ....... m$I fill Johnson, aged lJ years, a loor orpl tli vi hill . mm I1111 t Ii I1 ilii 8 his districl, is anroper person Io be .ppri tic'- 11  | n 'l-iit,,l- + .........  ............... ' +ists of a succinct review of tile tion of the Phllipl,incs by tiffs coun- Ahe Marshall, one of our most ,d andsaiaorpfiatrh,tsnohOnBoard do hertW bind said ClarenceThat, loh,Saidst n ......  WCF|m_ I|$ 3 ADVERTISEIIS. l which oceaslonsd the war try wouhl entail a vast annual ex.- induslrious colored citizens, butcller- as apprlntice to Charlh, Green until he reach-[ ,. , penditure of money  hich could only ed a bog on Wednesday that weigh- es the. ae of 21 and sMd Charlie Green en- -- __ Illh Spain and the resulting ,a small measure be recouped from ed 511 puunds drcssetl. Abe says gaTeSforthinSeuat6uCudeoflS93toprovl(t for the apprintiee as set.., . . , rt):)I)VILI.E l I EPUBLIC..N  nqval and lnilitary operations, the revenues of the islands, lie tried himself on this porker, and of the following accounts: I/V haJ All members voted yea for the allowance [ I'/1"/+ + +t netvspa])er i the So far, It mqkes the message an The difficulty and ultimate danger pig was of the White Chester stock, ............ rs  O * " is well satisfied with' the result. The The followm,.; nam,d Peace and Rroturninz [ e 7otv on/sand ct _I,L  .... - t)nlcerss were allOWed $3 each an d I, ...... +^   7  . __ t :'.- I .k IJi+!  " + a larger bo;a fide interesting and valuable state to ourselves of guverning ten millions and was one year anti eleven months Reurnln Omeens:--J p Miller H A Wood 8 . " . andlersSie,h a ho, h l,e re,.far ae. pCy  GIOCR ES whz.eA we are sp.eclal elections for CJongress; -/3t " paper We cau notice nifty a few of partially civilized people, under old Can any one in thin section s H HoUan. S O Stockett, \\;V bl Llndsay, M ettn przee8 to 8 ' than any other of the subjects reviewed in the our present laws, separated from us beat It v.._Natchez- Bulletin," I).Tohdson. S Newn ...... ] T Sturg'eon. Jack  +/ard tL] in this + section; Shr,,.m,.e,  l)a,,ldo., + , 'o,,,o.,ers. Call aronnd and talte a 1oo/ at message by a vast expanse of ocean, the inl- .t_-- : z G Stutzmen, G W Merwin, w )d Janles, Mark &inN00m h+r in 00ind, ANNOIYNCEMENT, e a authorized to announce d. B. DAWSON. for (olntv Assasmor. the aetiou of the Dean- Wilkinson Cou ni,: begs leave to at+- he is a eamlidate for the of Sberlff of WUkinon County, action of the Democra- to be lmhl for county Very respectfully, R INMAN. Paris Commlsloners " v+lli peecetreaty very shortly, uestions to be set- 7. fair prospect that Sena, to the Niearangua canal action upon It at this long wiuded speeches. would be best if private be induced to build the private ep,tal is shy and is going to advance . i should own the eanal Pacific railroad is  ob line. kaow if tile talented of the Pmayune's iiss , n or only tells bat here is what he says: the handsomest salmon where are being , of Pearl river. These es, and are bard lien nicely cooked. The)' to seven pounds, pictures of beauty. stocked with them in Colonel Hooker was In One of the most satisfactory possibility ot colonizing the Philip utterances rcl,'ttcs to the future of pines, as Porto Rteo, where Ameri- Cuba. Without reservation the cans can live and raise families, may President reiterates the pledge of eohmized, the comparatively insignN this goverument that the tTubans, fieaal advantage ,o |our commerce to as soon as circumstances will ad- ,nit, shall have a free and inde- pendant government, only pro- posing military occupation of the island until it is pacified and the people shall be able with assistance to create a just be derived from such a connection, for even if the prodtmts and resources el the arcinpelago were much greater than they are, this country could no have a monopoly; and "open door" our policy must be pursued, as this as I was writteu, and as it was re- and couu'ry demands that privilege in ce,vad at the War Department. To stable governmenL for them- selves. The building of the Nicaragua canal is strongly urged, wherein the President agrees with the whole country He seems to fa vor the Maritime Canal Company though he does not go to the ex- tent of Senator Morgan's nil!, now before the Senate, which would have the government, build the canal for that moribund con- cern, instead of for the govern- meat itself. Our commercial interests in China arc noticed, also German restrictions upon our trade, anti our relati6ns with Canada and Great Britain. The increase of China, where our trade and its possibilities are worth a hundred Philippiaes and more ; besides the large army of natives, well armed and good 4ighters, which we wouhi ilave to deal with sooner or later unless tim Filivinos were given their own way : These considerations seem to us more titan suffluienL to induce a sensible people to let the possession of and responsibility fur the Philippines sevefely al3ne. With Hanila and Subg bay, we would have all tile advantage and moral icfiuence in the islands and in China that the possession of the arclnpelago wouhl give to us, with one of the best locations in the East.for a great naval and eo'nmereial statiou. Sentimental re-asoas alone can the army to I00,000 men isrecom- afford a valid argument for such au mended, also an increase of the acquisition. Opposed to these are navy in accordance with the re- the certain loss and injury to our- port of the Secretary of the Navy. The most obnoxious recommen- dation in the message relates to the maritnne policy proposed for the country. Instead of a reform of our shipping laws, which re- strict and hamper ship building in so far as it is possible to do so by tariff restraints, and de- nies to our citizens the right to seh'es. Safety as Well as cltarity in this case begins at home. Let us keep our government0ompaet, astt now is, ereatiag no outside state or territory beyond Alaska, which later ma be changed under a general law to be dev,sed m connection with Hawaii and Porto Rico; allowing no outside people any representation whatevertin our Congress or govern- ment. We express these opinions read Alger's report, one would sup pose that there has been no scandal connected with tbe conduct of the war, and that everything had moved along as smooth as silk, whereas, every intelligent pereson in the U+ S., knows to the contrary. Some day the truth may be wrilten about the war, but there are no signs that it will be soon. Had a Demoerati Hou.,e been elected, the ontlook would have been v}rv different." ThePrior Roller Gin. for long staple, recently exhibited at Vicksburg attracted a great deal of attention and commen- dation at the hands of prominent men. Also, at the fair, a cotton chopper invented by Miss [tamen was pronounced a valuable in- vention. It is said wlth a good operator this machine will chop ten acres per day, putting the cotton to a good and regular stand. Hays. , al report is somewhat remarkable for its omissions. It does not con- + tam the "round robin" seat from Santiago, nor does it contain "Ted- dy" Roosevelt's report, hich "Teddy" told the "lnvestigotlun + '+ Commission"he hoped tlly wold get and reafl. There are others i '. who would t)e glad to read that re- port, provided that it could 0e had I T hart be as,';essed to C C Bates, Ordered that ,im polltax be re/unded to N4t Hays he being ever age. n account of change of ownership and a PE R MOLLER clericalerror orderedthat 300 acresin w ,, see 4 t 3 r 5 w and 320 acres in,see 3 t'2 r'4 DOassessed to Mr++. Susie I/Peets." - -- v.l+ mat tex of petition of A w Scott for pri- ---- +,'e w,Zordered the same be gran Led nd  --'------ ...... '  .... _ vaa zk t .t.aon and I Bunch be appOlllted SANTA CLAUS ItEADQUARTERS, " KLONDYKE, Nov. 20, '98. f To THE CHILDREiV: In a few weeks time I will be with you. My toys are all packed, my reindeers are harnessed and are ready at a nloments notice to COll)nlissh)ners to lay out same. On account of change of Ownership ordered that40acresse4see43tlrl e be as.';essed to II Simmouds instead of M sou Snowden. Ordered thai the petition of J E Jaraeau for ]iq uer lienn se be rejected 7)Ordered th'tt j c Robetl- -^ -- "' ' ' . . ', ,, as.esseo with bleck 56. 57. and ,)9 Jnsttad of being assesse with 6.5 acres in sec 3 t 1 r 1 e. d Ordered t! aA r( Susie Brown be ullowed t.}lj s}n,i of .:t as t.+'mpe cry relief. roered t.h:t.l L T Veni.ress and W L Jenkins be appointed a eomml(tee to receive the [ bidge across tim Bayou in Fnrt Adams / cn completed. I (Concluded next week.) I "I have used Chamber}sin's Cough emeuyin my family for years and always with good results," says Mr. W'. B. Cooper oE] Ri,, Cal. + qh)r small chihtren we find it especially effective.', For sale by G Kann. LIQUOk LIONSE p " , EFII'ION To the Hoporable fayor and Board of Aldermen of the Town of Wood- ville. Wilkinson County, State of Mississippi: The undarsigued quali- fied voters resident within the Town of Woodvil]e. Wilkinson Cou,tty, State of Mississippi petition your IIouorable Body to grant and issu to +. t t+ ' ' V 1cKtbu rg + t .t +i it ...... e utr,=villo ,,,,,, ,,gn train leaves -N---=---,..._ , . OW Or leslie Oentreville i| i 61 iI |i t . Vicksburg +* +o s, tt *ll't'lVP/, l'empltls _ " avrive New Orleans __ " arrives Vieksh,+r. Trait) runs daily except Sunday. No, 721 leaves Wondvillo '+ " leaner B,,vnu ara +i i+ arrt yes RlaT1']iker " " nrr|vos Woodville "Q"+-- purchase ships where they can for GOWROr con. well kno'ing that it is the determi- the thing keeps npbuythe cheapest, the President nationotRep., and the President too numernus to takes th jobber iobber position to take possession of the Pl,ilippines. A present there ere|in favor of subsi(.,ies to lines of Discussion before the people, "how. aml Longino from [steamsh,ps to Porto Rw,, Hawaii ever, may reduce to a minimum the end Dr. Robblns of Vlcks- and the Philippines, the cost of ev,ls that will result from that+ commence southward. Woodville before as I haye so many good little friends to remenlber, and I must give each and every one of you sonlething. I bavescnt a part of my toys ia advance to Mr. C. Schaefer's store, where all of my little friends are invited to look "at them. I will arrive at his store a few days before Christ- mas, where I hope I will have the seen named. Also which he estimates at $9,000,000 course. of Clay, and Speaker per annum. The country co'uld After the President's Message , T'he two last, and espeei- well consent to a temporary vie- was read ia the House Rt'presa- are out iu confes- lation of principle for the sake of tative, Sulzer of New York intro- that a little more ex- expediency lf a reform of our duced a resolutlon calling for an Respectfull.r submitted, would embrsee the world and navigatiou laws pronlised to allow investigatlon of the War Depart- F,:e+erikAdolphus IIart, If there was private enterprise a chance to re- meat and the conduct of the war Siegmu,d G Stern iMature iu the State build our once powerfulmerchant with Spathe. Further rellcction has pleasure of seeing every one of HendersonStewart, Salvadore Cnmbo, or had tlm legislative as marine, so that it would not be confirmed tke country in the belief you. Your good old friend, Solomon Jaeoby, th executive power, these necessary to take money from the that the President had no bu+iness SANTA CLAUS. Ike R. Davidson. Daniel E. Havard, lattorms would be people as a free gift to stcam- to appoint his general ruvestigation .... o,-. indeed. However "-- ThomasRolaml, ot state issue of shp companies for a mail survice committee and that its main par- PROCEEDINGS Willie Cage lhmley, Loon Schwartz, pose was to clear his subordinates of the ileal'el of Sttper''isors Wilham,Delaney, thetbetterliftedVSStlYAasefr lntothe for which they would be well and if possible kill off a real mvesti- Edwar, I lIigins Lewis, ttie 8tare than the 16 to 1 paid. gation. The President's committee rilE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, ) Jack Wilson. Jr, The President makes no recom- had little standing bcfor|the country I('rlLKINSON COUNTY. t Davi(I Dickey, mendation as to the governments - Clmrles.Auustn Chisholm, lent of the American to be established in our new ac- to bcgm with and has none what- Be it remembered that at a regular WilliamoLornce P,lk, uisitio " - ever sow with the public a', large meeting of the Board of Supervisors MOnroe William Brown. J:dge Da)' q,. ns, leaving,__ the, matter,,. It.Is" call d the ' " " " " con,.' " of said Connty. began' and held el Alexander Ite,,r,- Sandman, ? the Court House in the town of Joseph Schwartz, erlcan a w )I t Louis Golinski. th: l':I: d ilte, said +;ountv on ll, e 1st], ,{icl,a,'d J Anderson, ' Itablo to its an +'tnor and" If- it is'not- + " Congress y, bein+, the 'Ill, day of Fred Martens, and deliver, mad+ in must ( N I ' i ] . . i " ' I leal tith Alger and his aids, ovemi+er A. D. 1898. ' positive and masterful, at least ts the Sur e wayman fashion, said: l  " "" [ " "" on Generel al .... ' ++ " I Jacob Cohen, ' --  , -- ! . " ' ltl SUCll mhl t lRESENT. IIillery Jones +tvedone the only thingtmaerate ann good tempered. [tary ineo,npe[ents as Shafter or / L T Vuntress Premdent ,ras / Francis F. Best. regarding the Philip --...,.,- t ...... '' " '' D. t)pportunity of givin TPE ............ ---," }si,ouhler more responsibility than Cage, 1. A: Car!er, C T. Net-/ William (:;, Mill/. Charles Augustus Chisholm Jr, : + ..... 1 Ibl'HMU CANAL BILL the average t onc'ressmaa l'a-"- - l terviue' w. l.. oeqK,I,S, nlembers. ,Tames Washington, was ios when &amn'al + " " attcr Au effort =., ' u"'sl J.s.M. SESSmXs, Sh'ff. Joshua "tw(;od Triton, a not weigh anchor and Not hay: .......... " , thai, may be suc- ] c A. COON. C er. John A Fosselman, " Scna/;or f'tr;;an:eet [?e,.t, exl;ol 3easfnl, to suppress investigatiga_' hsdayJo,ept'JohnsonSuptofEdue.mon Simon RItmmnthal. ) W g anal Dill+ now tlon w'll " + of Villdnsoll county presented his re err Jacob ay e believe to be a h,,e,,, ,. u ..... l be made, but we sl all see the month of Nov6m )e,tS/d whi(h .rh,f Adolphus Davidson, -.v vJ kOellaroe r W , + + ' . ' r ls+e..e honest and very abl . , e may nave t the adtmnistratir.,, , ..... liobe.filedandisappyoed Itfs fn'th,r of James Ga.ner Turner, " -- "'" l)a+. .+..+,,I--I..... 2__ , . u It)CeS llre Gereu tnPt, a wart, ISStlt+ to hlln for /jo ")l . .v;u mmteu ILl 8uppOSlllg the stron , , , . p able out of school fund Villiam IIy Wefher, In the view expressed bill sire ..... g enough to aecompbsh It. llisd,!yThos B ll!tttield treasurer re- Paul Ilabi h ; ,,t;.,+h. ,,,,;1 ... ply provmea for issuinz ........ +-,-,..-----__ senred Ins report or (Ira several di T ,,;++ ] ' J, ,,,,* t,, (. . . . . ...... Ike (;lhlart, bonds in altl nf the Mailtlme- Ca- ri, e planters and their tenanls are atd'ao/Ytl'.tgw)e,.ex)'(''.led and app,oed Be,,jalni,, Goshnski, disastrously mlsta-hal Company, which hold-", w,rned aga,nsteerta,n parties wbo srd?edtatm)ehrse.valqeda-$3('asses - .tohuChissnl, ,  the itave recentl- b ....... = .... : .. :p D} struck from the.roll Isaac Baum, ' " r" .} eEIJ t,)l IIg [nronn ,..n ttccotlnt of ell .l)ffe of ownerslu oP , ,1 n,,+ , ...... ,.,/concession from Nicaragua. It the country ,)rofessin t- .- a ...... that iots 7 and l0 of block 2S town oP (dr(j d .Tolm Turner, .+ --uv llaYt +ilillIJ . + ..7 t ,. v +, u,iCtorS, vi le be ,+ssessed to H O &reher Ir " , +;" , , andPappearsi tbat a IIoume cal ! and selhn s+e +t,+s+alttl ]nst(ad ,f ]ln.rl+ IIa+s (age, u we needManlla" " tel )ill g ,ailed medicines, . "' co., Asses. t,,6 ! laa 0 WfllieBas'et contenl,)lateo +..+ -,.-.-. .. ch,eks et,. , to ne,,roe ,,,I,; ...... .?TlnL1 rl eiest:e.adof W. It farker As- . .... ' 1t  h fn,. th. *-,o+ | " 1 o tilt: tloove fief.Ion, . ' "+  . .o, .... ,,., .- e.-soj A Redhead7'u.resnt w nt ,'., ,+... Gourde Blackam, re ....... -.'. - sre-u . oroltant mort<ya, , ' ;+2--I aerem in mi, d e ' " ,: "+ '-) " oe.'+,u, r; "+ + "'" --' . .,. . |whereas under the rtf ...... .,.. k:,, , , . ,.es on all ktn(Isf .G.., ..... dl ptst~,).82a<}res e pt a, mm lrancs Best "llat nis country sure-l., ,+ , .... ,texi, Olii cnal els in ,moment I, I k. _ . ".'::'.f'rn.t'-nelfl-,unea nt+arl;. Ansess to ff*tm,- dr..l, ....... ' ]tno l ''l;,r.a i .... 1-- I / -- t , .o Im Ot'lleVe[| uv. ialtt .,teGenee oaviszggaer+ssee *,t+ '-,'--. Tt.'lilOl] yy;a[sot|, g. to build up in thel7 " "7 ........... ,,,t,p,,,y=woua t)e that these clmrlatans have in tt+ s ,'e/ ' t,teador,tH Jones, :ssus.stoN ,( ,Tplm I'roetwood Miller- . -" oou bt out . i I , , . 1 . ot zseet3tlr wlnste:tU of K F 3m'ob '  " |era hi,n,,,,.;,, +1,., | g and the canal built bvl nanmr collected thousand4 (if dol- Johnso Ass-st,)WG}luff Jr S55 acrv  ; Stgtztnan, + . ... . /this a'overnnlent l,Vhll ...... I.. j Jars fronl the lan ,rant ne,rr ...... ,+ :, _+Jy, d,'.'?.e'-;es , sptof 9 1-2 of noatl.(I b]tewart, cJory, IOOKIBg to our .......... I'L"a-- I' "" ". ........ ,,e ---++,.,.,,.s,.e,*uoz w F ruc.r. Ass,ss t) 12re {)1 aries Scb]oss [blvtbe [)ill will ..... +h.. it.. , II) mtattr, ns ahot L(land and the]AMcO'.a!nes+l'4r, nel4, stc2st +,l < .. ' rerlce with the Ph/llr. I " v ........ ut ell- ! it,e,, t...,. ............. " I ,qreaq t:tteot Miss A,s to ),,,l'' I'lfi, '[" e, t Dampf += ......... " Rate nrom,)tl,, if ;" ..... ' ........ , I" ..... : ......... u). St; ,s a swlntl, la,qr2s,i.vlt}!t,,wnorwuoa,.ille .iinstd ]hram WI etstone Smitll tile enoouragelnent I t J, , tuft oe gob o a ttlng Scheme prate and simnle and [ :(,,-::2,--vlS(:nr+'r" fiSSc:;St() I +I C:Ol)O. SO Morns ]-I l,,+l,o.,,..,a ' vote it " " v , <+..,e m n w con,er oI see 17 t 3 r I w i stead , " ....... []JU " htsur'nt R,, +h..+ l ' ts beheved it has no / Ihe authurs should be dealt wil, h aa l c s McNeei + Martlu Roths(hi d, t-, "' ua|chan " severel ., . + te n;or(erethatW 5I ttatfleldbea olnt  ". ", ce m the IIonse F as )ossii)Ic Gr odov PP I adot( Ioth(ll,d this co ....... : at thlsses-., l :'-- eenwlle/,,Uei'serr""dtrom+,;hbnaM to '7 ()e h'Sat-I'fi : ' utltvy tO I s10n  Si)tukt.r y__.l ..... , ! Imes, | ;.. ,u iu pm(.e of T I/alfie]d Jv remo-ed .P 'p e, ........... __.. , t ...... t ,cvu  oppose(i t traered Hlal ( p McDowell he a oint'+ ' Gabe Ka + t- uur proLtCLIOn ...... ---*--- ocerseeror re + - PP d t +, to It. En Itln " " "   CO ] l'(,' ' ad frord John Snuth plsce to Ben'ami J B+ .. m,,.,! ...a .... J g d also, elanns ruhts  ew Orh an% Dec 3 Th, o,.+,o / ". I, . with ther, dlowl , hands' the H.,,,-t.. 1 'own, +" ........ lla the matter under the Clay'ton- t,cs ot the New Orleans mint for i,e }!P)aci}"r''Ice'r+,'ce"acS+h" Me- A,,gut 31, tgcr, great cost to our- . - McNeil .... . .y + p +. e A Max l)'mpf . . Buhver treaty, which re,,-+  .... moulh of Ovetuher should war m Ir., plce, btrsl, E Ashley and M'sE .......... , .' - , . I peradventure, are den,ed by our De'l;a;ttn;::a:1 1 +!le coc.kles, of the hearts ot the b= |;+P+e':na+p:(t;:e ' bridge across "'li'+r+' +tar+an Inaurree- St+t-, q'h- t , 7 ,, le.vers lathe free -and unlimited +FALeakiortgstm+of$+50 CacSnt,flv.! Arthur Seth Job-re>n, Soaniards, he " -' - xaonaon press at; all c(,Iname or the white metal /[vrd.edto}d.Lea,, up)r h'is nteringino Wils<)n B,'rnard Ncwell, ,,, n , ,.. events is very much alive," ctailn- It appears that the treasury de |'t':ob'u'i]:ht're},flliltza- - " Isaac T. llart, " ......  "'; ins ,, ,,,.t,,.,. .... , ,. . oartmnt has dot i in . : Ing t,o specifications on flit; were  'll ctoru- Julia Edward Thomas. v tt, la,)k m,t -" ....... s .... u ,ttua r:gnts anct=., ern._ed to make resins follows: P A Leak for +he.P,d ald \\; 7. ......... 7 priviliges n the canal whh ,h;-. re. age some u;e or tbe euor,nou .$.22;,(!2tr;5}twasaya,:lodtos?tilLe'[] u3 . STATE ()F MISSISSIPPI. ] ltS own eo le .... o SLOCK of pig SllV+ r Jt has uurmg into vona rot tce at u of hs  P P coun',':. . . . " ....... '. ' ' : )u hand. lJi(l;" ......... WILKINSON COUNTY " ) or). IL IS bare to say such Whereas the extension of the Gall  Sht, Pel'aonallv app(,are(I 1)forn me purchased wttile the "Sherman act" island Ra'lro.qd'totht hurt  " ' "  " " " me. Let the claims will never be allowed wa in farce, the tate of Mls ' d'i +,. ht r)}.boundry of the nnderslcrcm(1 ( terk of the ('iret it .... SlSStpp+ .s a matter O tile . m  . ....... grea(,L'stindutrit,I fall)or, trace ,., tl.,+ ,,,2 onrtltl nd for Stld (;CLIII|V , Te find s)nrsge room for the _.:ow,.hqreforei.etis(;i(;e'd')."(ej+o'?d!a,ld State,'Sierlr, nd'G St(,,'); a)(1 their own sal- though the abrogation of the thousands of tons of bulhon thus ?td#F(s\\;yo,,2/,T.,2y eL wt,.,+ ibei,w d,d sw,)r,) avs ou,  t i)- citizens of a guy- treaty may result. own if they are aecu,nnlated has been a serious ty t gall thelraprovement of's;'i " ar')cut / tim sig,)at,,res on the for,oiiw ,)(:ii'- the Eurol)ean ] o-,o. ....... prol)lea). Probably to coin it-and tUop,rtfilSl[ffl/-'.utn-'etit. "pr'anceto the tioaareffenuine ,  t' y, t- + ..... ,;tL('.OI. IIiSSlSSl;p'. and htt -- , .'" , put it ;n eirenlalion is the' wises! Gtport, the ternnnm of said 1,ad a, nd t,, SIEGMVN'D (, NTt: .... ] a joint iLe Mr. Stratton. Editcff of the SouLh. eonelnsion, j, 't, per p,acm for rne expenditure of money thin 2nd . ., e 1 [ mrCaat'.!Y oposit,,e St)iplsland harb6,--is i]';e Sworn to a,d l,bs(q ibed ) fr)"e rt e to job.SUit t6ernwashintr+on(LibertF) Herald having gone Anvhaw Ihe 'ew prlens mint muki!g t the dredging" of a chnnnel fr)m L day of De(ember A. I). country should s,i( nip Islaad-t the, m'th, shore a, nd the 1898 aa seorelary to finn. durin lhv llqonLh of ()ven)ber d+] eonsequentnakinzofi'arbor " ' .IOrtNSON, the it. fu!] sb? seergfrodyrom 4JW Dav's to SmHh and Clerk of-Circ,)it. ('o ,rt re r)f ihe work. It colne(1 Ord:'red )tat It E Ward he appointed Over. K I  :ei'ml islF.+, A. 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Stern to be of good repttation dud a sober and suitableL person to receive such license. ar'yag eleg+m t p , . . surlng ae,,er. - - ttlJm.m B,dlot Sleeping Oars iu both directions. ,, . .,...o : " pee(13' amt comfort,bin journey. - .., x,,en, .iS, q) s etc., api, h. t,o A cats  ' -'" - , - g ' ur at. - oU. A GOTr, Div. Pass'r Agt, I IIIPIIIS ) 'EN:NESSEE. A. T. BENEDICT, MANUFACTURER, REPAIRER AND DEALER II garriag0s, is, Fam Wngons, -qa44L+r00, C., 6". dent for the Celebrated 0WENSBOR0 WA(0N8 Which are universally acknowledged to be The Bst and LIGHTEST RUNNING WAGON llIada. Agent for Fg4Z[ER I{,OAD 'tld SPEEDING 0AliT, whic are great favorites among Horsemen AGENT FOR THE The most extensive Manufaoturers of Iron Fuoing in the I:Initcd hltatts. J'arti,'uhtr attentio,t pid to re-cocei, i,lg and riggilg "2P, :x:a.s .+,cl.d. l s. i AJJ wor k dune pronipUy and at lteasulJab,e tales. Woodville, Miss., Sept. i.891 tf , . . , . ----___ eoe4o#oeoeo444.0e4,oe4eeo o,oeoee404eoee4e)o6o . A___woman's besl $ ** l'. " frmnd is her | sewmff machme. i Wheels & witso, i+0, 9 ! '  has withstood every test and t i  given universal satidaction in i   ![ every respect._ Rotary motion   and ball bearings make it All .- ..11+gl " easyrmmizg. Bui/t for any ig ."  kind of houschuld or art wort, i change. Write for catalog  *'' and price lisL We want a reliable representative in every tows MONEY FOR AGENTS : ,n this state. A splendid money makSngehanee. + t Write us about it. ." T. Dumas:Go., Ltd., l " O Oeneral Agents' , = ' .... New Orleans ' ooeoo+eoo,oeoeoeeeeeoee,oeo**eeo)eeoo+ S+l'A'I'l ()F MISISSiI'I'I STVrE OF M1SSISSIPPL '1. EI,za Lonffmirc : To Max Metzgar. You are co,n,nunded to anpear, Y')u areeon))nal)ded'to appear'be- ,fare (I)e chanccrvc<)nrt of the ('onnty h( f,,re lh ('ha, , ' " ' ' r ' C ' r + " Collrt t')'f lhe].,io.davin i)oeenber A ( < ,tr|t + f 'V + " " il,<Ins+n in said t ate <)t,] +)f Will<ins\