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December 3, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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December 3, 1898

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red BlOod Purified by Hood's Sarsapa- rilla and Health Is Qood. "I was a sufferer from catarrh. One of my neighbors advisi me to take Hood' rparilla and I did so. A few bottles purified my blood and cured me. I have rematned in good health ever since." Jas. T' ADXtus, AthensviIlo, Illinois. Hood's Sarsaparilla ][a America's Greatest Medicine. I: six for $5. Ht:N:f'S Pills cure all Liver Ilia.  cenls. NOT ESTABLIStLD. lelatlOaahip Based on Remote Per- menages 1Vns Difficult to Prove. _ There is a 'oung lady not far away who has a little private school and the other day she overheard the following conversation among her pupils: It was Monday and one of them had evi- dently been much impressed with her Sun- day school ieon of the day before, for as soon as another little girl came in, she as- MAI A STUDY OF FOODS. LNOX CLUB ENQUIRY. AN ADMIRER OF WOMEN. Hull of the Naval Monster Name for the Badger State Launched at San Francisco. THE AFFklR WENTOFF WITHOUTA HITCH. The Little Danghter of Gov.-Elect Gage of California Rcleaecd tile Laet Block, and what I he ishtnd la borer is Why the Porto Blean Is Iuferlor to the It was Chopped Off Very 8herr and 1via Amcrleun--]Vht hlhouhl be Done to Hardly Satlefy the Promoters of lgostore Ills l'byslcal Manhuod. ProfcsMonal Pugilism. San Juan de Porto Rico, Nov. 2.-- New York, Nov. 2.--.The inquiry fn. Docor Amadeo,aPortolUcan,who has stituted by the directors of the Lenox passed much of Ms life in the 1Tnited Athletic :dub, tith tile intention of Slates, recently merle a study of the fastening 1he blame for the sudden foods of the poorer elussesof his eoun- termination of lhe S]tarkey-Corbett lry)nen, and has embodied someoflhe contest htst Tuesday night, was held restflts of his labors in an open letter :Both principals wiih their managers to Maj.-Gen llrooke, ills statements end handlers, and tile referee, "tlon- have the ring of fact and they are est" John Kdly, were examined. No feresting in tbnt they give an idea of collusioi) was shown by the state, and of ments made. Corbett was the last to MlaEllzabethStepheneon, Daughterof ,l]at can ;air]y bc expected of him Yiseonsln's Governor, Broke Two itot- nS a ciiizen of the United Stales. In ties of tVIne in the Christening Act. tile eonrse of his letter, Dr. Amadeo says: Still Fr,'tneiseo, Nov. 27.--At the Physical Inferiority of the Poor of Perle Union iron works antther great w.a. Rico. rine tig'htinff machine was added to "Five yedrs ago, upon my return tile already large Ileet of l'aeifie wai from lhe United Slates, 1 I)egan to teasels, l'hc vessel which slid from make certain eomparisons 1)etween the ways was the batthsMl) Wiscon- the poor of Porto Rico and 1he po'orer sin, the largest vessel built for the elapses anlong the Americans. I note( United Statc,: g()vel'ltn)czit by the physical inferiority among fire Porto ['nit)n iron works. The launching o! Rieans. rhe blame for this shouhl be be questioned, and he entphatically slate(] that Ire dhl not believe that McVey had been bought by any per- son or persotm. "He has been with me for years" said Corbctt, "and wonld not throw me down. After I had re- turned to at 3, dressing room on Tuns- (lay ]right, McVcy told my 1)rother Tom lhat he couhl not see the big fel- low (meaning me) licked, and as he considered ] was being beaten, he jumped into the ring" to save me. I believe in MeVey and am positive that he was not actuated hv any oiher too- k Matrlmon/al Repeater Who GOt More Enamored with Each Subsequent ]Vile. I was riding along the road leading across Hurricane gap, in the Pine mountain range, thinking of the peculiar people who rived in these fastnesses, wben I was :startled by a voice up the hillside calling to me to come up and give somebody a lift. I had no idea who owned the voice, but whoever it was was in trouble, and I re- sponded and found a man of 60 or more caught by the foot undcr a fallen tree and unaD]e to get away. Tie wasn't hm't, and I soon had him on his feet, and he insisted on my stopping further down the mountaih and taking dinner with him. He lived in a well-kept cabin with his daughter, and after dinner we sat in the shade of a tree in the yard and he tohl me ahout himself. "Air you married?" he asked, after he told me he was a widower. "No, but I hope to be some day." I an swered; quite sincerely. "" "You ought to be; every man ough it be; a man tbat ain't ain't showin' a r 1 feeIin' to'Ms what the Lord's done fer l thar ain't nothin' on the face uv God' green earth that is a patchin' to a woman, I don't keer what kind she is." "onfesslon of a Millionaire. A millionaire confessed the secret of his suecess m two words--hard work. He said he put in the best part of his life in gaining dollars and losing health, and nw he was putting in the other half in spending dollars to et back health. Nothing equals Hostet- ter s Stomach Bitters for restoring health to the overtired body and brain. It gets" at the starting point--the stomach--and overcomes nervousness, sleeplessness, dyspepsia and indigestion. Time to Begin.. The President--Is the list of football players thoroughly advertised.9 The Dean--It is. "Then i guess we might as well open up the collcge.--Cleveland Plain Dealer. An Anthorl. Willle--Mamma, what does making a bad' break mean ? _ ou d better ask your father, Willie."-- Indianapolis Journal. Check Colds and Bronchitis with Hale's Itoney of Horehound and Tar Pike's Toothache Drops Cure in one minute. Very few people appreciate the im- :'ortance of doing a thing right in the first placc.--Atchison Globe. After six years' suffering I was cured by Piso's Cure.--Mary Thomson 29 Ohio Ave, Allegheny, Pa, March 10, '94[ When a man has troubles he increases them by being cross.--Atchison Globe. For Infant=,and Children tound.ed her b the announcement: "You ere my sister. :iv= not,'; s, id . 2 : You are, ' said No. l, "haven't you got a lather in Heaven?" the big vessel was effected withont a laid at Spain's doors, for she, by rea- lli|ch and she now rests eahnly on the waters of the bay. son of exeesMve duties on the neces- saries of life, ahvays prevented the The Gathering Crowdg, tire in doing as he d](1 last Tuesday night." Cerbett's statement was satisfac- es, grudgingly. .',,ll me " , ,.  poor mitn here from olltaining proper :"We!!, sohaveI. Don't that make you my . " . [n,ng long" .Le :,reet ears let nourishment. al?.[ (town ner loads of l)eople at the ship- o. z was entirely nonplussed at that and 3nrd anti al thc available boat s on tlie Nourishment Essential to Good |lealth. o. 1 correspondingly victorious; so when bay were ,ressetl into sert ice )v n(o- 1 he .scwnee t)f I]ourshnnut shows anotherhttle girl err)red upon the scene ,1( xious lo use i-- - -,,;,, ," that a mal, in order to mainlait) his he thought she would try the same thing on ,. ......... ', - -"t,, ........ the heal[h, should consume daily about her, too, and walkmg up before the new- rt it vessel. [hnusan( s of peop e : comer,announced as before: "You are my saw the plunge from different points 124 gran)tne of nitrogcnized matter tt!(ha;:  i::i:,ii/!;::; [ 440 gramn,es of matter containing o&SYgag200,dO ! tZ.sit;::dfo;IL00 LX:I;f :; stn,eh ,lln, =. 00ra00.ne00 eo,.,,,nin0 J y nat she was nothing " " II irou v/ork.q vvns erovcdtd tO it grease. Ilenee lhe lndispcnsabilltv ot of the sort, and the "I'm nots" and "You full capacity. The Wisconsin deleffa- meat. But the laborer of Porto ilico ares' flcw very fast for a minute, until No. t on of "Ch'ri-ieners "wh;,.h ,,, ..... ,7, . lives on carbonates of h'drogen alone. 1,, bt .t g ticr knockdown, . argument.,. .. ..... . - ..... .j ........ ",e,,. Meat is a lu):ury he very rareh, tastes Ha 3ou got a leather m Heaven?' all the way frotn the Badger state tc .... , . . .. . . ann awaiting the answer with a vic- witness the event, were ziven tle qI,ds lar,ely explains the eonthtou for 3, to the inqnisitors and the matter dropped "'iffht there. Tom O'Rourke, on 1)ehalf )f Tom Sharkev, promised to give Corbett another eti'anee at hi man. Connie McVey, who eansed all the disturbance 1)v juml)ing into the ring, was the only absentee. Unique Collectluu of Musical IIIslrulnents Presented totbe University of Mich- Igan by n MlUioualre, torioas smile. Ann Arbor, Mich., Nov. 28..--Mr of honor upon the t)latform of the laboring ela::es ill Porto Rieo-- Federiek Stearns, a Detroit million- But imagine her chagrin and tlle teaeher.s with the rel)resenlativcs of the state, from lhe defective nonrishment an( of Miehig.: his nuique collection of amazement whentheothersputteredforth: the museular systent wasting away sire, has !,resented to the University "No, I haven]t,.and you know it. I've just the eity and the great iron worl:s re- goronegranatatherupthere!"andstrodeon s[,onsible for the safe delivery of the lhe brain inaetive and dull heeause mnsieal insrnments, nnmbering near- to her seat, leaving the enemy vanquished craft to the government, del)rived 9f pbosl)hates..Moreover ' ex- ]y 1.01)0 pieee:-. Mr. Stearns tms lr-er behind heri--Cteveland Plain I)ealer. elnsive nourishnlent of this kin(l en- collecting for 15 years, and has spent laklng lteady for tho Fluage. genders severe oruii)ie troubles ill the npon his tleasnres so/uethin over : AN ASTHMA_ ............ CURE. larg(,l:rforeean hearer, workmeubefre torethe awayl)hlngetbea end. A dang'erons and common dis- $o5,000. The present vahle of the col- A Molt Unexl, eeted Result of Get- choel( |)h)eks whieh supported the ves- ease of the liver is the direct result lcction, however, is m'nly times that tlag Mixed Up with n Cy- sel, nnd hey finished th(ir task el- among our people of a diet of tul)er. sam. The importance of the eollee- close, most to t]w minnie of the prescribed and bananas, tion for the university lies in the fact "You're hale and hearty yet," I said, 111 ' an d I don t see why you don't take some Bears _ In of your own advice." "Don't crowd the mourners, mister," he The , Use said, waving his hand as if warding off my I'm figgerin' on sever'l this very minute," Sipalure and I ain't quite shore yit which to I W,r, - pick. 1're been married four times, and every time my notion nv women has got U| / * The Kin00 You Have 00'lwap -La so much higher that I'll be derned ef I don't kinder look forrerd to losin' a wife jist fer the satisfaction uv gittin' another v.t [TAO COMPANy, V? OS&Y iT[ZT, N[W yaee cITY, me.'" STAR PLUG The idea was so entirely new that I L.& =.NATURAL LE. PLUG l Not Made by overcome by it.--Vashington Star. CLIPPER PLUG ! Her Guess. CORNER STONE PLUG \\; He--For a week I have not slept an hour SLEDGE PLUG ': t  T l U ST or r at a time I have tossed upon my bed night SCALPING KNIFE PLUG ' after night, only to arise weary and de- SLED6E MIXTURE SMOKING/C 0  ]F:]i I N E ! pressed in the mornings I cannot cat. I come and go and am weighed down with one all-pervading thought. It is with me in my LIGGETT & /IYERS TOBACCO COMP'y, Manufacturer. waking hours. It is with me in mydreams. She--Ah, it is too bad. I'm sorry for you larle, have you not guessed what it is Ha.=, that troubles me.9" . "Yes. You're afraid there may be another call for men and you'll have to go and fight." An hour afterward he was still walking around in a circle and wondering whether she really meant it or not.--Chicago Evenin News. - g At It Again. Mettle--I'm invited to the Swelldon's ball next week, but really I don't know what l'nl to vcear. THE POT CALLED THE KETTLE BLACK BECAUSETHE HOUSEWIFE DIDN'T USE SAPOLIO llelen--Well dear if you want my advice, litno for the ]auncMng, leaving only Iutelllgenco :tnd Activity C.u, not be /lie|n- t])al exhibits, with hardly a break, the I th nk a thicl veil wutfld go well with your ............... "Did the climate out there benefit yeur onc ehoek to restrain tim monster, talued oU Improper Diet. evohllion of the three great ypes of asthma?" askcd a man on tim boulcvard of his next door neighbor who had jnst re- Miss Imeilc Gage, daug]lh.r of thegov- sueh diet tbat degree of intelligence times down n the present. In this re- .Iml this tl)e suplmrt tllat liitie "We not ,)Lpeet fronl on |nllsienl intl-l!inel3ts fro|u pre-historie We -ii;-:-ili;7- '-'=-=,l-=,,s,s, iq '''1  (] '[]] ] '/{']] C O111 l) le xion --( ' 1] i a go ],,e,li ]]g 'e,,,s . ] ] ] .I 1 " 1--I. --  -- " --  offer One Iluudred Dollars Reward  READ THIS OFFER. for any ease of Catarrh that cannot be cured - - to av t. STUCK IN THE CHANNEL.  " - " -" "VWl rs h"t'hV; 7;na r H::o?; ut t pub" . ---_ fl lgS ld s Transp( rt ( J ester, vith the Flftee tl d eat 3d Iufautry ot lloar(I, Grounded ese re to A vohl ColliMon 2, all(J ve , poss le Savannah, Ga., Nov. 28.--The United Hall's Catarrh 2ure i taken internally, 1 o al in ales transl)OV,t ('hesier loaded with acting iirecly upon ihe tlood and mucous itiSTOR ill: TH[ WAR WITH SPAIN n ion J ic 500 men of the Fifteenth infantry surfaces of the system. I rice 75c. per hot- a -- ---- 11 ,,,st, s ,d horses, n,uk's. ",mmunition and ! ;:l; ;l;lll,i]l:2-nagrg:sltheb:s::tunomals  lvWAfrs;!:n0dS:anvdfr:aff;!!:aAa rtl 1 Uu! 'd tpplies, left for Nenvitas, Cuba, at9 al cntolrsn:?sl;23;7:;t:r:. r, a., hi. a t Stat, Four miles from the ('ity they met n angling L is n twh the same as in 1 ^-,- I  fir-* .re,l__ P ..... " ...... fir airs and other inustratlons. The . . . - .c iT o- -,,-. u.t.,m t, is printed on the iInes enamelea paper, and bound beau. '( ) ee s the United States lranspo:t Mqnltoha malting. The fish we and are very small ]  tlfully in half morocco, in three large volumes. ' " " fry in comparison with the beaatics that ] 1 Every American, and eepecially every American who had a relative or fr  dv a eommg in. q he Manitoba did not ge away.--Boston Transcril)t I 1 "at the front " will wish to own th" wnr ........ ienda t: '11[  I v slacken, speed nor )'no't( ..... or( I 1]1' th ' is ....... ,t =xarmore tnan the mere story of i [ thyaifightigre Itivta e a omprehensive account of the condition of Cuba and of .  (hltnne] and in o'(ter to avoid a col Dislocated by Scorn.--"Is Glorinda nrottd [  p " r t e war, of both the outer and hidden oauses of th bell 'e . ' ' ' r -- a sho d hsion the Chesier ran "lshore. She i s,uce she has been abroad.9 .... Proud  h [ 1" and t.ells_about nearly' every one who had anything important to du at e Wamr '7)f  now stuck in the channel four n)i/e: ao]ds her head so hi 1 " . S,, anu in the field, with carrying on the etruggle. It ia truthful well in 'rmh-7' I her bae " Dtrn,, 1 that It hangs down [  complete, .nd forms an elaborate pioture of the United Stae tfh'"7-",n, u 'k. -- ....... -ree . ross  - I sta " . . . e .at .......... ca. .  1)elow the eitv. It is bel eyed she ca, .......... - ' | ,. chg3f:t:kh:LoersY,towhe, It suddenly .finds itself wltil lmpe,ialduUes. There are -- " ]7113 ! " ..... TO Cure a Cold in One Day |  lIeinnle  as War President, and other notabe figures of the war. The naval I oe pulled off to-night at hi h tide ....... t  , o, y speacml writers who know their subjects, of Dewey, 71 le r n [ g " Take Laxatrivo Bromo Quinine'J'ablels All | i - t at the war taught us, the new facts it brought ot about the best rifles ".e witboul [ Res ..... I, llut Neu=-Iy Dead, druggists refuad money if t (a,' to cure '25c | ._[te fluns, a_n. eqmpmen.ta, and .many other special subieots, are treated tg ........ "' ' / I pa=at= *t]aptcb uy cxper[ mllltary wrtters. r. Shaw (who is the author of "Munl. stale oft Sa]em, Mass. Not" 2--Two mere r, ess than one-haft the things one hea .s [  al Government in Great Britain" and other important books) has had the der th,[ bers of the crew of the se]loonel g t .) emocrat, I  history ts as authentic as possible. It should stand on the shelves of every, ? ..... .7 . .- - .  -nefit of the offic/al reports and documents issued b the Governme - Lrue.--wasmn ton la D  ' Y nt, and tha be hard [ Bertha A. Grcss, from Deer Isle, Me[ ............................ " - IP American hbrary. he t,on- / were rescued from Itouse ishtnd, off ......... I It. Its hundreds of portraitS, maps, scenee in Spain. Cuba. Porto Rico, and t --__  Philippines, are handsomely printed and are selected for their real value rath .ha st prin-[ Vanehester, ncarly dead, haviug been '   11  _ I []  for mere ornament. Many striking cartoons are revroduced from Sean-i-s]a'=,a ', as in [ without shelter or food for 30 hours. [lr]l[ lkil] [] [ Ik "rencn papers,.ehowing what thc Spanish thought of us, and how they l(-''l,'" llAITilIB  lanai 1 I - they were beating us until the very end. , ..... ve w resolves| From them it was ]earned that the mmmmmm ill"  1 I  The history is being published by the Review of Reviews Co., which also n[][]Rlu _,,B1 1= [] [ . publishes the American Monthly Review of Reviews, the monthly magazine: ,ourish-| ,ehooner ,,,as lost on the rocks near [l lllli [] I r Lawyesr ' doctors, teachers, clergymen, business men, especialiy in the couatry. [ ?resh island, Saturday at, midnight,  / IP progre )re tarmers, ann up-to-oate people generally rely on this magazine io frlea [ tnd Capt. Wallace Thurston, his fa  --  --  I a give them the timely news of the world; it nleo given the best that is in tbe 1    [] | P other important magazines all over the world, lts regular subscription price le $s..,  " her aged about 70 years, and his sou  per year. yS i::/ foh n perished. Hii WPll I [ . This edition of the history consists of three magnificent vol ..... suob aegener. Illlilml  ! J1 [] [  ally are sold for $5 or more each. WC make for this month and the next onl ! Its aud / On Trial for tho Murder of His Fnll,cr. mmU ww / a,pocia, ,, rake it[John Henry Collins for the murder of COMBINATION INSTALMENT OFFER shelter [his father, J. S. Collins, was eom- "" - - -- *  by which any one givin their name and address on the cou on . many persons nave meir ooa . s . g - ac A those/mence d in the district court. The trial day and their bad day. Others [  corn.pained by only $I, will receive the American Monthly Revie'w of uld be [promises to be one of the most sensa- are ah,t halP ,;b .I! , --_ | k ewews mr a year, and the History as fast as it is issued the balance ......... a t. gliG LIIlII to e aid ' '.e, free ] tional ever held in this eiiy. ...... " [  b p at the rate of $t per month for twelve months, posta e and of the / --  anu ncryoUS. / b returnea, ana the aavance payment, less expressage, will be refunded.  hooses, l THE MARKET REPORT. :hYahr;V;2laedsach-ebac-La-ehe' [  express.prepa!d If the booksare not satisfactory, hey ay be roofing [ Food does not taste good, and ] k BE SURE AND "S  .,-u, ,,,, the digestion is poor: [ -- *  .n, ,.,PON [ . ONDAY, Nov. 28 ..... the skin ' / Grain ann erects, ...... lS ury and sallowand disflgm'ed [  I  [ 1 [ f th [ St. I,onis -- Four -- Patents $3.40@3.55' with nimnles ,,, .,..:^_. | t | TheeviewofReviewClob, ." " . I r r .... upttaa ; [ tk | Astor Place, New York City. " " [ [ other grades, $2.,5@3.25. \\;Vhea('--No 2 red sleep brings no rest and work |  I I enclose Sz for membership inthe Review of Reviews History Club, and | I) qons, [ 69-,7Pc. Corn--No 2 mixed, 32V2q32:e. -- - /  I agree to pay twelve mommy insta,mentsaf $ per month, beginning Dec. 1, ) o }/ats--.o. 2, 27t.c. Hay--Prairie $6.00 " .Ot'; tlmotny, ,.trou9.50. I3utter--Cream- isaur.en. ...... | ] i.898'fr.ney.ear's..subscriptinfrtbeAmericanMont yReviewofRe. ] ' the e.y, 20.@23 i dairy. 18@20. lJggs ]Vresh, what is tne cause or all tI|sP / ) | views, to oegm wtn the current number, and "Our War in Two Hemi- I , . i.e. Lara t'mme Steam 4.8Cc. Pork_ Impuro blood. Ida, [ i d. .... - | , tnt,lr New mess. $8.00 Baeon--lear rib,' 5,-o    spheres (three volumes, half mcrocco) the same to be sent me as fast as %rt( Wool--Choice tub-washed, 24q'26. "" '= And the rcmedy ,;..,. Wheat- Futures closed" Novemh, [  [ Name ...................................................... [ ......................... ...... 89ale n" December 70e b" Ma" 69V(&69-A =' [ YIP [ K.L. Address a.u " [ ares i2orn--Futures e'losed .' Nov'e'mb'i2' "3.,c n: {  {. ' ......................................... r ................  "t h December 31'31%c a.' Ma ...... ' " ' /Ad 'an sv Chicago -- (lgslng - quotations: Vheat-- dress, THE REVIEW OF REVIEWS COMPAflY, Asf0r Rae, New York. .' lovemoer%66VsC;ol)eeember. 66%@86v, c, m'tl- Jecem.oel-, 5Ysc; May, 34/c. Oats--Novem. 28e; December, 26%e; May, 2aalc. "ork--November, $7.77V(7.0. December | : " $7.77Z,(iiq.SO" January $9 52t/--" 'M. q ot,' / * @:.':::: Lard22Nov;mber $io,; ie;m'gY'i'2';,5 '' 1 T nresent nrlces . ....... ,,,  ***t.. , ', . zt.; January, $4.55; May, $4. cotton culture can Live Stn,,k Market. --"-- --   ll|  ....  St. Louts Cattle--Fancyexports, $5.00@ only be profitable 5.10; butchers'. $4.25@4.75; stockers, $2.75@ a.2a; cows nd heifers, $2.00:;4.00. Hogs-- reducln . I  __MI Ul | Packiug, $3.20(a,3.50. butchers' $3 203 45" ,,gh,. $3,5S340. s1o,-$.70'25 iama' g expenscs ana  ?, ]]j $4.oo05.25. - turned from a new resort in the northwest. "'Say, it makes me short of breath to (rn,..r-oleet of tile state, had been as- and activity which wonhl be found in: speet it can !'teal the most famous eel- think about it. I was sitting out in sort of signed to remove 1) 3 - means of a gull- mcn properly ntrtured. I am a noun- ]eclions of l,is country and of Eu- aa arborl the first aftertmon after 1 reached wa; in the ;hadow of a trailing Iotine and the inevitabh, electric l)ut- try 1)hysici n. and wht.n my patients rope. Vme which the sunbeanls sifted ton. At a given signal the little Miss come to me tor relief from their many The air was balmy and pressed the batten untl th crash of infirmities I am oMiged the odor of roses." I reaking timbers annouueed to ?]le them : 'YOU do not need drngs nnd The Transport ( hester, with the Fifteenth "Must iave been delightiul!" thousands cf anxious s])t, etators tlmt medielnes, but you do need meat and Suddenly there was athwart the heavens, ihe vessel 'a,' nbout Io le'tve theways, fish nnd nourishin[;' foods.' 'l'lese are :ncss enveloped the earth like a pall, TheChrltenl.g. very important fuels to us, and we before I could, cover tiiree rods to the Slovly the iron monster moved tc- sinct.rcly bop(. as a so t!ree of Desalt,Is the dead run, there were six inches f snow on the ground. I never put in a wards the hay, and all eyes were relief, that Gen. Brooke will dr) all in States transl)or t f'heshr, loaded with beezier night than the one that followed ,, tnrnc(I to wateb Miss Elizabeth Stel)h- hi: i)ower to seeure the admission inlc ,500 men of the Fifteenth infantry, "Mighty sudden, wasn't it?" " enson break two bottles of ehaml)nffne thi:; islan,I, free from all eust0!ns nnd horses, !nu]cs. "mmunition and "Yes, but that's the way things go out upon the bow of the vessel. Just as duties, fish and meats from the Uui|ed supplies, left for Nenvitas, Cuba, at 9 there. One mormng I started to the near- tlte mnss of iron and steel leached the Stales and of rice nnd flour. et ton carrying a twig of cherry Iloms wearing a white tennis salt Waler the fair christener raised file Vhat is Expccte(I of the United Ntates, il it tu!ned cohl qnicker than ril)bnn-bcdecle(I bottles and brought "To the man win) works forS0 eenl could wink )'our eye, and I wouhl them dowiI on the nose of the vessel, sih'er, a day, we shonld try to give a coming in. frozen if a native hadn't wrapped me up . . a horse 1)la:flet, a big wire nail serving The roar of applause which greeted mnrkct il= whieh his 50 cents will buy slacken speed nor move over in the Its a shawl this final act was almost deafening, him l)roper nourishment. I believe ehltnnel, and in order to avoid a eof "J'])e eoutFoversy over the kind of wine the regeneration of this island should listen the Chester rnn ashore. She is truek me, the btk t and blew it} be tmvd was settled by tin, use of a begin by restorinz the health of its now stuck in the channel four n)iles bo|tl,.of French make,provided 1)y the below the city. It is believed she can forl, a mile. I don't know, what.did it, peoph,. :;nrtlv it would be a 1)ity it be pulled off o-night at high tide. m free from asthma.'--Detrolt Free 'isconsin christening eomtnittee, and the inltabit.ts of a part of the : ................................ at.other of ('atifornia champagne, pro- American l "nion should A Sweet Memorr, vid,.d try the Union iron works, proper nottrishment. Sueh a stale of Salem, Mass., Not-. 2.-=Two mere- Less than one-haft the things one hears " She--I shall nevcr, ncvcr eease to enjoy The vessel vathered momentuTn as affairs was eomprellensibh under th bers of the crew of the sehooner are true.--Washington (Ia.) Democrat, the memoriesofmycollegedas, abe i,roeeeded to the water, aud after Slutnish regime, but it, wouM be ltar(i Bertha A. Grcss, from Deer Isle, Met, He--What incident conner'ted with them leaving the ways floated along until indeed to understand nnder the con- were rescued from House ishtnd, off Is hyightest in your memory ? |ee bl-ought to a stop in the basis, wltere irol of a 4"ove!nme)t whose first prin- Manchester, he, ally dead, haviug 1)een ] he--Let me eoh t yes! those elegant the work of eompleting her will go ciple is to care ft, r its people, as in without shelter or food for 30 ]ours. ] cceam sodas we used tO get down at the village apotheeary's!-Roxbury Gazette. r)n. The warships in the harbor fired Porto Rico t.vre for the people resolves From them it was learned that the Meanness Peruonlfled. sa]ntes as she stru(.k the water, itself now inlo their proper nourish- schooner was lost on the rocks near[ i q)id I understand you to say that drcss Au .A,nuelng lCeaturc. gOU admired so much to-day wa a dream 9'' ment. Fresh island, Snturday at, midnight, [ inquired, Mr. Smokehart. - . Al! amusing feal ure of the lanneh- Cannot Live Like the lllacks of Africa. attd Capt. Wallace Thurston, his "fa [ lng was tile wetting of a number of iher, aged about 70 years, and his son I ' Yas, answered his wifehopefully, people who were standing on the ad- A m:tjorify of the Porto ]{ienns nre John perished. | keep" "Wetl,"youe mindhe proceededon it whenVeryyoukindare i:ov' sleep"yu joinin 1)east,. The rush of water tel- of Eurol)eau extraction They can to-night and maybe you will dream one of lowing the baptism wits so great that not support life in roofless hats and On Trial for the Murder of llls Fa/hcr. yogr own."--'Washington Star. the people on the beach eonhl not e.u- iv the open wo(xls as ean the bhtek A /teal Prize. if I had such a wife ar Mrs Negleyl thlnk I could be supremely halmv " W by, 1 don t consMcr her especially 6cod looking, and it is easy to see that she mnt very elever." 'I kno % but when her husband starts to tell a funny story he doesn't assume the lok ef a martyr or try to change the sub. e ' jct. --Cleveland Leader. "I was fltieted with Eczema more than twenty years. One box of Tetterine cured rae."--Rev. A. C. Turner, Lakeland, Fla. 50c. et druggists, or by mail for cash or stamps. , T. gh'uptrine ;nani'r., Savannah, Ga. Had Ita Uses. Mrs. Watta--Don't you lind your neural. : gia an awful annoyan(e' Mrs. Potts-4h, I get" ud to it, more or less, and, besides, l a wa3s get the tender cut pieee of the steak when my teeth art lame./ndianapolis Journal. Only 9,3 letters can be taken seriously; the others are all in fun.--Golden Days. COULD NOT SLEEP. Flukham Relieved Iter of All Her Troables. MADGE BABOOC 176 Seoond Grmad Rapids, ich., had ovarian trouble with its attendant aches aad lmins, now she is wcll. Hero are her own words: "Your Vegeta- ble Compound has made me feel like a new person. Before I be. gan taking it I was all run down, felt tired and sleepy mozt of the time, had pains in my back and side, and such terrible headaches the time, andeould not sleep well night, I al- so had ovarian trouble. Through the advice of a /riend I began the use of Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vege- table Compound, and since taking not haA thc slightest pain since taking urmcdicine. I cannot praise your , _,ege bha Cmpound too mneh. lIy husbaud mad friends see :mch a ehango in m, I lk somuch better and have y fC.  who are at, Lynn, Mas., for is freciv offered. cape it. and many of them were t]tof raecs of Afriea. V(e shouhl nmke it t)ugqflV wetted. A nnmber nf White possible for them to obtain an(] llolnes at lea;t |is good llS those [hill boats narrowly eseat)e d eapsiz- of their forefathers. This cotlld be taft. J'rior to the,. launching, a'..nnfie done by permitting: the entranee, free flag of the t nion. measurin 27 feet from all :estrietions and duties, of the long and 14 fPet wid(,, was presented eomponent pnrls of simple in honor of Viseonsin. The flag was such us boards, joists, iron tile result of the eombined efforts of and nails. 300 ('hihlren of the Irvlng M. Scott A Prhne Nccaeelty for the Good of lhe put)]ie school, who. nt tile snggestion People. of their teachers, commenced work "I consider these recommenda|ions. upon the /htg on October 26 of lhis which I ventnre to snhmit, to be of .year. prime neeessity for the good of the Following the presentation of the people. ]Iumanity demands tlag, a poem "To the Wisconsin" was adoption. The poorer elasses in Porto read by Miss Clam Iza Price, its au- Rico can hot be expected to :lppreciate tlmr. their obligations ro the United Staten. much less o fuHill intelligently the FORMALLY ANNOUNCED. dnties of American citizens, beeanse their enfeebled mental and physical The Appointment of l'rince Georgn of condition, the direet result of t.reece ue lllgh Commissioner In Crte nutrition, nmkes this ilnpossible to Formally Announced at Athens. them. We :dnt] proceed with the work ')f social reeonstruction of this island. AthenL Nov. 27.--'rhe ministers of bat in order to have healthy minds to the four I)owers interested in the pro- work upon we ntust first seenre seeding, (;rent Britain, France. Russia healthy bodies. But we can not look a:d llalv ent at noon. in royal ear- for healthy bodies in a cotmtry where r[agcs, to the i)alace, and forma/ly an- excessive tariffs wou]d ('ontime to nmwed to King George, in the pres- prevent the poorer classes from eat- ene of lhe royal family of Greece, ing meat and bread and compel them the at)pointment of his son. Prince to resort i'or sustenance to roo and (;corge, to I)e high commissioner of bananas." ihe powers in Crete. The prinee,|ater, reeeived the congratulations of the Esterblzy Coming to the Untt-M States. ntiuisters. Antwerp, Nov, 28.--'rhe ]))'oit. de The crowds in the streets eheerd the L'Itomme asserts that Maj. Comte a!mouncement of Prince George's ap- Ferdinantl alsinEsterhazy hassailed pointment, for the United Sidles. The Bpanisb Cab|net Agrees Upon lnstrue- Sudden Dleappearance of the Would-be tlons to Saner Rlos. Kansas Cattle King. Madri,l, Nov. 2S.--The cabinet has Fort Worth Tex., Nov. 28. (;rant azreed upon the instruetionu to Senor C. Gillette, the web,d-be Kansas cattle Montero 2ios, president of the Span- kin, who recently failed for a million Chicago--t-Iogs--L!ght, $3.103.355 mixed $3.t03.40; heavy $3.10@345' rough $310t) .20; yorkers, $3.303:35." C'atttle--eeves, $4.10q(5.70; eows and heifers $ 00 4 65" Texas meets, $3.10:)4.25; wear'eras', $'.60 .40; stockers and feeders, $3.00@4.50. Sheep atives, $2.60@4.65; westerns, $2.90@4.35' lambs, $4.00(a)5.70. Kansas City--Cattie--Nativo steers. $4.10 115.20; Texas steers. $.(54.85 Texas cows $ .7 3.00; native cows and h'eifers, $1.50 4.00; stoekers and feders, $3.00,'4.85. 1logs --IIe a:v te ; f. 20(ff3.32 2 ; pac ke rs, $3.10(0;3.27,/,. mxeu, 3.003.25; liffnts, $3.00@3.20. Sheel Lambs. $3.50@5.30; muttons, $2.504.30. Cincinnati--Hogs--Active at $3.00@3.45. ('ottou It clears out the channels through which poisons are carried from the body. When all impurities are removed from the blood nature takes right h01d and completes the cure. If there is constipation, take Ayer's Pills. They awaken the drowsy action of the liver; they cure biliousness. increasin the vield her . : . . _ _ J ' V i Sena your address on a p0stal ana ! oo- A 1;k,.,,t ..... g i we will send you our 158 page illus- i1! -.  x txuxl ua vz  trated catalogue free. il I  11 [ WiNCH[$TER REPEATiN6 ARMS C0,, | ------7 / fih;em. -" ....... , a, asnuaum EVERYraOI)y! m connection witl Fhosphorm 0o:u. ? % ....... meth,o A .1    . -- _P . Y e way or making _14, without In. Cla ana INitro en will terterlngwlthr,.guiaroccupanon. ]veuehndrenean g , prove earu-between school lmurs. SO ethlng enltreiy new anti orllnl. 1o eanv,sslu, and no eapRal re. to be both economical and qutred *o,.tt,,.,l, ...... ! ....... i tof-,,ca stamp, Postoflh,e box llt*7, E r (ORK. N. . ih peace commission, for to-day's and suddenly disappeared, was well .ioint session at Paris. at which the known in 'texas. During the present American tornls will be accepted, year he bought front Texas cattlemen El hnpareial exhorts the govern- nearly 50.000 head of cattle, paying nlent to refuse with dignity the in- for them $2.800.000. Gillette after delnnity America offers and to protest hating Kans. ease to Texas. al:l abst Anteriea's appeal to foree with Noember 72 registered at the Worth re.peet to the Philippines. otel in thin eity. lie was seen by I':l Correo dcnies the reporls that an local commission men. lie ]eft during ihnrrection has broken OUt in the lhc same day, and it is thought he ulu islandr, has gone :o old Mexieo. Edhem Pasba Ruggcmted a Wholesala Mas- Wlll of the Late P. P. M&st, the MILlionaire intern of Christians. Manufacturer. (',anna. Island of Crete, Xov. 27.' SprJngfihl, O., Nov. 28.--The will of a)uring he trial of the murderers of P. I'. Mast, deceased, late of this city, tbe "rzangaki family, lhe deposition le,ves I!is let( home in this city, wtl- of a Mnssulman was read. It said ned' at $225.000, in addition to $95,000 that at the time of the massacres Ed- aiue of steck in the manufaeturing hem Pasha, the Turkish commander, companies of which he was a stock- assembled the influential Mussulmans holder, to th( Ohio Wesleyan unicef- and invited th to massacre all the .ity at Delaware. It leaves $1,000,000 Christians fouad in Candi 24 hours to be divided between Mrs. F. B. after the meeting, The pasha's re- Locals, wile of United States minis, marks were nttered in the presence of ter to Venezuela, Mrs. Harry Frye, of strong. Omaha. a, il Mrs. Charles K. Rodgers, of Springfild, his ado# daughter, Quotations for middltng range as tel- W'ltet OW DOOfMs lows: St. Louis, 5/sc; New York, 5e; Memphis, 5 1-16c. We have fhe exelusive services of profitable. ..l____ m sores of the most eminent physicians In Fmanc/l. the United 8ta, tas. Write freely all the Send for our free pamphlets, which should particulars in your ease. You will re-  in the hands of all farmers. New York. Nov. 28.--Money on call elve a pro mptrepLvLWith0ut eost. steady at 2/2/ per cent.; prime mercantile Adaress, DK. J. C. AYER, O KALI WORKS, paper, 3,4@4 per cent.; sterling exchange ,l L__ Lwsll, Mus weak, with actual business in bankers'  93N$att.L, iNework. and 4S5@486; commerclul bills' 480(ffi8'- 7 silver crtificates, C)%(u.61," bar ''lv--' TepSnapll ILiJFISH-TACKkE I ' 59%; Mexican dollars, 46 'Governm nonds strong. ' ..... ompletel gl lill" se0a.s av,us Onbin ---" smns,sa,, ss*ssu A Natal Blaok by Br  .... II'l llll h*a*,.,.=pt.,,.t.n.,. ,,=,...... 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