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December 3, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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December 3, 1898

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Gee. J. Adams has just STATE ()F MISSISSIPII,"   ,,,,,Jr,. ..,,,. ,,,,.  a, r iL1- ,2"0077 " * . r ..... _ -- &apos;-* "--  ......... Do, cIllber2i-2.22712:2.-_2_:2_-:n3, selleverj)t'eobrughtBlenacd't ...... Ica,'6q'd,c htlC l glSol ;he i "i.o:'ablc'*I.oa'rd of Super w_._7+z:c;7_-zT- ...... :-- _7=_-::7-.;z--7-- the n)arlo t. visors ot Witldnson L'uu.,ty fuissis- , '-'"" sint i-  IS NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS 'iclgl J0urnM of the C0v- x J. T. l,:i,'ila,=d eIanle up rrQ[It - * o ..... ( ....... - e + We the mutsrs)ei,'ed r.,.-l,lenl.. 9nd M'I llIA 1: ULL SIOCK Ok poration of Woodville. Simple Ann,,unccmems of meirrl:- and deaths will be pubhshed bout charge. .R]l|}S[.ll,l|tOi| ]l)t-l ' llll, liltl. ..................... gl 50 wi.e ................. 82 00 "hi ARKET. :New Orleans, Dcc 2 198. "otton-- . 5e{, dHng ...................... eleb, alll ass:)rltnen5 of jewelry,, et, c., eliS;(riot ot said eutllxty and stalu re- for the sulo t)urpose of pl:+l(-inan si)e(.tfully petition /our ILm lh)ard , rdor wish Mr. 5arphie, our .leweicr. to graut to.lno J. [)avis aim) a resi- We are i[lf(A'n)cd lhil.b he succeeded in deut thereof, a li(.eue to ,qell and re- placinga beautifnlasqorttncnt which t:dl Vinous, Ah.ohotie, Ma!t lutoxi eadn., and spirituou.liquor in less will arrive here i a few days. quan[iti(,s th n one galbm near the Our babv ha8 been ecntinuMtv Fort A(tams landing in said l)istrit.t tro, ubled width (;()lie and ehr)h_'ra infa,- and we recommcml the said ,Ju,). ,I. [):lvi8 tO be u[ [ood I'otltlatti(lll alltl |tim .inee his birth, and- "fit that we - a sober ail(l }x slliIable p()rstlu to )'eeelVo COllie1 Lit) [ill him (lit] not seoal D) give .u(lt ll,,ellue aud g,s ltl tktlt) h.)l|tld ec+ him more than ternpor:lry relief u dil Respectfully. wc tred hau}t)erlat i s Co,it. Chol- el','). 'and Diarrhoea (;lncd; Since I)aniel Webster ,kh};,:audel' John l-lenr) Kelsh, giving thai reuledv lie has not been troubled. We w,'nt to give you this Ernest l{o:=s. Cyrns McNultv Strieker, testill)Otfia] as an evid,mee of otlr --It, lookslike rain again this m,'a'n-lgratitude, not that,ou need it ton,l- Ing, Friday vertDe vour meritoriuus remedy ,+" --G. M.+J,Aw. lieokuk, Ioga. For For Fireworks go to Day's Drug saluby(Z Kaun. tore. Returns of tl-,,::tTeat election fur MrE.T. llarL, of Daloros, was In Congressman, Tuesday; Nuvember town Wednesday. 28h 193. Fur F. A. MeLain. Ilusiness t.h,-cmgh+ml, the week i.  Wo(,lville ...... 79. Benver Creek... 7. l)(nemd ........ 5, Turnbq][ ...... 5. reportedas.beih very dull." ()1;1 giver. ..... 2, Per(v'sCreok... 7. '- l,',rt Adams.. 12, Pi ucl, t)evville.. 15. Mr. Henry W ill nf Cent reville, was \\;','hit s,.own ..... 11. Cottl re, ille ..... 3f. M'lee&mia ..... 1t, (o,)ns Mill ..... 9, (old Sprim,s...12, Dry Forl ...... 7, - - l[er rv !.ow n...... 00. tosetta ....... 11, 'l'otal ..... ")17. in town last Tnesday evemng. A full line or Xmas Toys ar Day's Drug Store, B(mrd of Supel'visors mee.ts in ular segsl(m uf next hi,today. JOB ,' OtlK AT TIlE NEPUnLICAN The Board of Aldermen meets in regular session on next, Tuesday. Mr, 12h)hert Bucb::,:man, of Centre- - ville, spen the day in our town last Thursday. Just, received at Get). J. Adams, the flnet ass(,rtment, of Candies and Lowney's Chocolates, at, prices to SUiI 4 cent, cottm. Mr.L.C. Peers, ()t l'eeJ's Creek, Daid our town a visit, on last Tuesday e. 1 have used Smith's Sure Kidney (Jure and it has inade g pel'n|allotH (;ill'e. xllgs, WLI. PUIeYEAR, ,}onesl)oro. 2\\; lk. Price 50 cents Fur salu byChas. R. l)av. Our ehberprismg friends, Messrs I'aum& Dampf, tavc rented ahotei iu P,,rt, O',bson, Miss., and will iu the p, ear ru:ure nlove to bhat place and take charge ()If the same, it goes with- <)ut saying that their n,2 vetHure will be successful as evidenced bv t, he City [hit, el at this [.,htr:e. The travel,ha public will no doubb be [ililch pleased at, this news. Quite a nnnfl)er (If o nl'citizens have [ ]lave a niec a,sortment, of fancy l:en altaeked wit, h La Grippe, hut al gold plated !l i[:k Pins at 5:-Is each. this writin'.r nune are c.ritiealty ill. ,los. NARI'ItlE. The ,lcweler. Mr.W. I1. Noble of Bolivar, Co.. Miss.,spept Thanks,giving with his +[sis:ers, Mrs. Safford ar,.d 5iiss Noble. A fresh supply of caudy just, re- ceived at, Day's D,uu Sture. Last Wednesday being St. Andrews .Day, divine service was held a 81:. Paul's Church, conducted by gev. Dr. l'0Wn, The "Celebrity Fart,y"given by the King DangiiLerS, ab bhe residence of Xlr. K. F. Johnson, was only fairly ,,veil atemted, on ace(mlat of bilo very tohreatening weather iu the nioluing, and Oll | h;.s a('CCtltll5 rUll;tH+8 of ibs po;I t),qlum.eib wel'e alliat. BUt all Dreseflt sI,:"Jt a very l)lcasunl evetllllg arid were _.c:'ved wil.h an t31L'giiIlb SLI D- tier. A{ter the Parly -the youths peo- ple, havhg sct'ui'ed tho nlusie, et).li)y- Messrs L. q.Venlrcss, W. V. Mot+ ed thcremainderuf the eveuing in a ri ;;I]1 g. M. McGelee, who attended mo.i deh)h! rul dance. the Fair in Natchez, rebnrned home .,*. l wastr(mhled with sevezc fema!e ]a qaturday, weakne,s |o1 over a ye;.r. Rnd "WLI,'- Hfm.. J. 13urruss MeOebee, of confined to lhe I>ed lot over six Laflrei flill was',guest of his brother months. 1 wa treated by s;ix erv Cap. O. T 5leGehee, for.several days prominent physici:u}s with(rot any marked bencilt" bI:. last doctor was during l he week. a sMlted specialist, all(.[ he told mc Wenreladt, olearn t, l rtt Mr. and the only hope layiu an pcration. I heard ,A milh's Sure KidueyCnre Mrs. H.S. White. whohave I)eensuf- aud alter uing it for one monthi from an atback of the grip, are (imt myself cured, and even the doc- tor wit, last treated ille now prououn- able te he out again. Mr. Willie Wheat or Conc(n'dia .Mp, s. J I FAVmL Atlanta. eta -Parish, arrived here Friday mornitw Price 50 touts. Fur sate by elias. toperfurm tim sad dut.vof attend,ha g Day. the tuner:41 Of his nlnLIler. The CHtH)n nlalkeb toOK au upward X lille l,amar Strieker, Mayer S nH : illie Woods Stuart, Perry Baker, Jlllll ,lallD'S ('a tie hvin Ely lima, Bal,ers ih',tmh>a Glass, Sterhn Williams, lli:; Jalae x i)esearn, 2"d tl|'k. (leorffe IIahers Leo. ,tat:oh i;uri<e Mm+ut. Iytileton I:tnoaster, Fv:ms Silencer \\;Vail, Noah ,a illi:t,u JanJes, Win. I)ahll),,m, F,.mder Dan t[evih, Francis Marion Th,)rnberry, 'l'h(mms joseph Burke, N d Ward, l{alph (;unst, ,]ttITle, s lh,llrv ,h)lla, R.,,bert Limtsav Bra.don, (;erard  "hittoc Brandou, Robert Brittaiu, Ben Tnlbert, l.[)erl S"ott. ]Cdw:wd Ben llom],n. Major John F":uli..liu, (harh:s .\\;ih'n I+'u'uham, l[,)bel'I ,21npl) I'. \\;\i]ii;u Xats()n Ballets, John 'P,>wles Scruple, His David x M:fiden. "%, , '.. James I;ell [Tr, G.(,rg,', Marshall Mch}tyro, L,mis Eaeimr, Ih:m'v Frtlnbult Mc(}ehm, =\\; ri ht'r Me rwin Ic{J ehec, t ),').v id ,'4e!f. l'i n k Charles Davy son, Willi [Iay+, Leander Eugene Stuart. ,}al31es I)HIl{qlll i'are ILolwy Edw:u'd Iiarris, ,l,)hl .let'fersm Davis William Ilenry *.all, ,ldn !bdl urr,. Victor E. Tramw. Bennm lh,llis, Iharles William l)avis, II T. Sheckler, (}corse I)orsov (;la, EIwin !{uthvan Davis,  lille Thorut0n, Filed November lst 1898. C A Coox, Llerk. Nov. 51h, 1898.- 4w. l,IQUt)l LICENSE PETITION. To tim lhmorab]e Ih)ard ot 8uper- vbors uf Wilkinson County and Ntau; oi Mis>'l.-..ippi: Wc the uu(ter.ined rosidenes alld legal utcrs ot the Second Supervisor l)istrict o[ said county and State re- spec;.full: l)etiLion :,our lIoucrab!o Buard to grant [o JeSt;Pit EDOAH, JARREAU also a rc.i cnt tiorcof, a lit;euse to a+il atid rotail viuous, alcoholic nlal[ intoxicMingaud spirituous liquors in less quan[Jtic Li.m nnc gMlou ai Pond, in sMd Distri':t and we recom- mead said Joseph Edgar Jarreau to be of germ l.cp;:tation and a sober and :P-O'EE ZIQU 01::5-S o SUCII AS o+ - OLD 2fOWOPOLE RYE, P Ufg I T+I A" RYE, IgEJ+CIf BRd.,VI) I; I iV,/YES, ETC. C+5o/co Sioc,{" o FLYE C/gdB$ dhvays on Hand :Tl,)se is ueed or PURE LIQUORS for medical pur- poses will do well to e:tll and examiue my stuck. A. . JOHNSON. ,!! Th at we eat  y the lar'e, and best  ' selected stoeh of General YKerehandise i t] ,,; So+tthwest 3ississippi, but we call you, r l speeial a, tte.tio1 to ola new li.z of (t{ co,o t,zu, g the season's GOOD& .... hove{flee i Fcney t V,)rsteds, FaTzey 'f ,gi[f Plads, Henrettas, Cashmeres, Dress ,x F/ann,,_ ls, Yoney 1 elt Goods, roea- l } dines. Gin.ha, m.s, Otigs Flanelettes ere.   dlso oar ClothM depa!/tmrent i f I.! which we are oerinJ speeia vahtes i if noL.5.t/, u,/:)-o-date sits, overeoats, etc ][j We arc inrernc(l t|-mt Major Trag,'r +ofLaugside, h)st his in :tnd sm:d containing al+.;ub 400 saoks of seed, by fire a row days ago. FOR SALE OR IiEN'I?. House aad h) on Sligo Slree. [, [- Apply to O,>. J. ADAPTS. .... The family of our Jhan<'ery Clerk hls experienced a si+,ge ot grip duriu 'tbeweek, but, we arc glad to]earu they are all doing well at this time. Just received a new lile of stamped goods: Cmterpieces, Doyles. Sof Pillows, Picture l'rame,% Duchess Hoops:nd embroidery needles, ale 9 lull assurtment , f silks aLe ,qchaefers. Taxe are aaow dae aud when In / ,tuwn and on ynur way Lo the court ll011te renmmlmr that we are mortals aad ca,mot rura newsp{tper on wind'. }/. il drop iu and up your dues to i: I your home paper. WANTED.--OId Ctmfedurate Stamps on nriginal et]velnpe+s or p.aekages.-- llighest prices paid fin' same. Apply aB BEN P,I,OVeN'S SIIOP. This seasun has u,que,,ti)nal)lY been the nlost lll)favoral)le for hat- turn on M(mday tllnrninff when biareh IUlUt'es WcIIt. np over 20 points or $1 per baiefrom Saturdays close. The advance, however, did re)t, all stick for over 10 poipds were lost hePore the close. Sl0otu responded to the advam.e in futures, middling going from I 15-16 to 5 1-16, A reacliun set, in on Wed- nesdayand M:t'eh declined to ;()!;-9. p+)Ls Z<fing I);(c1< ta 5(; lm+ n)iddlin,/. "L'he advance it is s;li(t w:Is due to the ..ltistaetory rleg;)i.lati,,u:; between the I'eaee C(nllFlissiois ab Pa?is, and als(, t othebad weather. A had .weath,.'r is a'ain in sichi another advance is in order, and if it eorncs we advise free selling by mtr hulders. Persons tronb]ed with diarrhoea will be interested in lhe experience of Mr r  .. 1 P,. M. Lush, clink of Hotel l)orrauce, l'rownce, R. [. He says: "For several years I have been almost a constant sufferer fron} diarrhoea. }he I frequent attacks eomp]ete]y p'ostratmg I me and rendering me unSt for nw duties at thN hotel. About two years ago a traveling salesman kin<lty gave me a small bottle of Chamberlain's )" , Colic, Choleea, mad I tarrnoca Reme- dy. .;uch to my surprise and delight its effems were immediate. When ever I felt symptoms of the disease 1 vesting the crops l,han any fur many wouht for;ify myself against the attack years past., In many sections of the with a few doses of t}iis vahmble rein- counts," a large prnlwtion or the crop edy. The Jenlt has been very saris yet remains unpicked, factor}' and almost coml)lete relief iom -,-.-- the aff;iction." For sale by G. Kann. Mr. B. W. Blann it of Cohl SpNng.% _ . - was a vi-;tor to nur town du,'i,,g the "(}W  ilVeI+tiseIllelltg, llrsbof the week. lie says he has a fine cr0p.of hogs, hominy and sweet :-'taters, so he can live, and retainhisiCEO a 0000IA00TEN$00 +usual proper,inn, despite the low p"ee I of the ltecY stapl Bull b+,y Bennie. ] DEALER IN LThurqday being a very fair d,ly] iro.rtea ala eiel'al qilibo a large lot af cottnn was brought,] e'Vchadise, to town ant freely soht at. 5' t'<) 5+ t0r bales, '.t'his t-0wn Is Lundnubt- WE3T MAi# STREET. edly one of the fittest, eobton market,s 1[) 1F:o .Iorrcn's Old %+tan(t. in the South, paying higher prices for GEO Fm T;| th, est, aptethan h,callties with more favored ransportation facilities. = i.+11+,,i i The entir communit.y was shocked oThursdam{)rning on hearing of 8uddeu death of Mrs. W. H. from typh(dd fever, at, her one mile sout,h of Woody,lie. MAIN ., - tSTRICET. Keeusalwavs on han<l FRESH ()YS'i'EIS and FISH Orders for all ki.ds of fislt solieited and will receive prompt a+lention. NOTICE. Ate:the t,hno of her dea%h Mr/ Wheat BIDS to buihl Ji bridge aero+ tim was at I,he hospital in New Orleahs bayou on fr.,nt styeet in towtt of Fort whereAe had gone to have his throat Ad,ms, accardntg to st)eciticationsmi t,ra<l, and he arriyed here several file in the elmneerv clerk's office, will ( ) l, he deat,h of his wife. Iler be reeeived4p to 9 ()'(-lock t. ,. ou the!t'Man(lay in l)acamher 189. resb in the new Board serves ri to at, I0 an bids. rhe famil Clerk, suitable t>ersop to receive such liccnsu, All hun;ins on my i:laee is strictly and as in duty hound etc. uto. ,,rohiblted under ienaltv .',f the law. luSl)ectfully, Jol}n Jc.ffcrson Davis, / l%fry Baker, lalpi (luast. Willie ,'. oods Stuart. I)aniel Webu:r Atcxauder, J,)Im lier_,rv l(eh.i l'ink L'h:trles Da,',vsou [)<:,1 (J oi'itKtll , l:b. Jffmvs x I)csearn, ltis l)avht x Maiden, M'lI'i:. Jolmnie P, cll Curry. Thotuas Maxwell, \\; title lamar 8tricker. (/. mrs McNutty SLrlcker. John ,;ames Cage, Ma er Samuel, Jacob Burke iount, Johti Trowels Scruple, lIarr., Trumbull cGehee, lobet't Lmdsay Brantbon. William Watson Babers. lobert Scruple, Jr, Me]or +)t>lllt Fra.klin. ArlhurMurwiu icGehee, 1' ra.ln.qs Marion Thorllberry Gerard Chit lee ih'and0n, E w,rd lm J;oldcu. ]t)k3c.rt Briitain, l.en Tolbert, Littleton L:mcast0r, Ioburt So. ,tt, Ewms Spencer Wnll, Qe(>re tlauers Lec. L,,tjis Eseher. (+e.oJ oc Marsiia]I McI nt re, Ernqst l,)SS, ]);tvid Self. James lle,rv Jolla, ,Vil iic Tlmrntot}, Sterliug WiItialns, Ned ' a*ul. ,+ames l',,;tt. Jr. Vicu,r l+:manucl TraGer," Francis ,:avion l)a i, im>n, llehr.# E,Iward II:rris, George I)oese (ittlS,% (eul'ge |askerv|lle t{,oW, -_ I Charles tie r Ih'owu, E,Iwi, IL!lhviu I)avis, , Young Eiilt i)avidsoi, SHlJller Euge,e Sit+art, J't:lH+S }!e V Gibbs, ,lanns Alcor , GillespiJ, Njell<das |)ovel'e tIx, De. l)epree, ]Noah Lilllanl James, Vili W, 1 [a, s. .lames I)uue/tn (?age, Irvin 1.3 llunt, Wiiliam iteur: Wall, ]{euben Dan IIevish, Charles Olen Farnha:u, % Joel)l+Edgal ,'arreati, felled Nov.-,)lt, ]39;8. + ('. A. Coos. Clerk, lt y H. x. WOOD, 1). C. 11;5-1898.---4w. 5ts E. W. JeeR. 11 2O 97 tf. TII E51"ASS NOTICE. All I:unting or tre0assing on the +\\;rtonish l,ax,(ls nuder fence is pro- hit>ited under full penalty of the law. .\\;ny stock remaining on the Artonish pasture atter Fcbrttary 15th will be eharaed pa,4urage--5tc per month. J..: GILLESI'IE. t " 1 15 18(,)8 ly. 3m++r++++ ++ mll ! + Courses in Literature. Science, Phi- lsq)l!v, Eloeutmn, Pedag,'>gY, Law. 22 Seh(,01s. Eularged corps ins.rnc- t  c  t,tttr aTld slnltdl} .or< umph',tc " ,, ' ,'+ ,' ' ' 4y+Leal. [] tlS U rp;l sse.d healbhfulness T U I[TI(tN 1.4' R E I +o meu and women in all deparmeuts ,xeet law. All expeuses low. Semi- Centcnniateelet)ratiun N+v. 6. . 98. Next Sesshm opeus Sep. 15, 189. For ('.at alngue .r it; formaLJon address, R, 1L FULTON, Chaacellor, Uuiversit,y, Miss. 8 6 1898. ATTEND  " 7": CJ?,I aTlgR Cihl, ,a Few Crleat, m, T,, r(-gownjd 1(8 t l:,d- raise pl'ollll0t+.8 Ilil}tlttl I 0 eh:trlatani;m praet;aetl. Ove]: ](10t4old and g Ivcr ie4- ii!$ 1)! i]Olllli$ et6,, /)!.videt 118 )y It uerienll a,t,d European ICX! O8| t|Ci/. 2olii 1i1 Ieifil Coll:r-'e ineltt.le8 lxpctt C- Olllltiilg all<t A,, ald is Garanteed :+B'hcr and upei'itr tO any Oltmr in lhe bollth. "W) OVelt OIlf col]eo ,Ule P Adams Sarsa bai!din Iud ],,;'e urteqm01ed laeilitics all atl uuexcclled ['t('1111V. (l, racl,,ate8 hohl l,'a'mg lpoitlnn gall over the {3) U/I'V IlZMI1C+ ;,Lpl')q'r:lHiI. j| tVt*' ' l*ll llCrOuL )'.i> ,':t'SS (,,nnoetiols and b t,g uaiver-M y al)d l.iplltab)y knt wn, WC "" ",e-i )  advanta' "s iu aidiug suderts to seC.lre itU:tLi0118. l/t ; st,re in co,hefted w]tla Soul6 C011eFe iu wJi,'h;nm do =at btuinesa )x'd v,at ,+ oda c, + d :.'tv-l -oncy, arm they lecp the }0mk.4"i).t tn,B hltlt 1.'d)ol' S:,Vil, g forms._ 8,relents c::ter at uuv time. English, ACa- dem+c mhorqand and+Pmslne, schools. n .oparat4 laeu]llt'8, 311<t Ior catalogue. ACADE31V, I L)I:t,T (_IIItgON, M[I.-. BOARDIR SCHOL FOR BOYS, Ad0000,atno.+ 00))je:h of "- " wmOnZNG aNo + I-I OLII) Y OODS )i ARE ENTIRELY DEVOTED TO A Ii DISPLAY OF SUITABLE FOR EVERYBODY AND EVERY PURSE. ,, If in doubt as to what ta e, buy, come 'rod look at our , magnificent selectton of : , aohs, N0=ks, Diamcnds, Jewelry, Si|v0rware, .i0-a-  '+ Brae, 6old and $i|ve Plas, Pocket Books, (;aed Casos, + ghiid's S0fs, Cups and Saa- ;++,, +  Gmrs astls, Souvilif$GOiiS + 1 While we canugt descrihe or i elquD/erilte ()t}r Gre;tt Variety of Elegant, PRiSENTS, we are . ", glad t:)show them t.o all visitors. . + JOS. SRRFtlIIII, + j Tie Jewzler. $, tlflARA.aJTO, Oyster sea,con ia now ol)eu attd ue keep always ou hand fresh .. Bayoeook oysters on ice, pre- ,;, pared ill a11)" sty!e. 1Ve hau- + die no tub oysters. All kinds of Cali[urnta Fruit, Faucv Candy, Nnts efc. El I wt-7 CONT1LACTORB OFt* BRICK : CEMENT +p,+ +++++wORK, + Estimates Furnished PaCronage Solicited. y flealthy laoatAon ill the hill country Leave Ordr;; wiih '4et+llin & lIfckey or Den of Mississippi. ABLE t .CUbTY. Brown's, B,'bcr Shop; Wel'l eqll ipped GYMNASIUm. Dec 18 :)7 2m. Rates l+w, owing t, endowmen .... (, t@"Write for Cat.:tloue. TRESPASS NO [I ,E. J. T. DgAKE, SECRETARY. All hunting on Simra!l and Schae- 8 6 1898 t f. .... _ fer places,is strictly+prohibited uude P ,r00as is now drawing near and for the Holiday Season we are fully prepared. Our Toy Department has a rep, utation for up-to-dateness and this year our assortment will he greater than ever I)oiqn'e and at prices particular" ly adapted to fit your pocket hooks. Oue of the large rooms up stairs has been refitted for t.he ozcasion, and )or(are cordially i,tvited to tuke a look at the wares of good old Santa Clau% even thougn you do not caretO buy. Boh)w will be found a partial list of the arttcle being offered here : Dolls .tnd Doll furniture, Doll Trunks, Doll Carriages, Chiht' Rockers, Doll IIou-es, Laundry Sets, Tea Sets, Pianos, Grocery Stores, "Wag(ms & Wheel Barrows, Balls, Block,% J uvenile Books, Vaes, And one hundred other articles too numerous to mentiot Croquet Dets+ (-}antes, Lottos, Crok onole Sets, Tool Chests, Boxing Gloves, Engines, Rocking Horses, Children's Desks MetallaDhoues, Harmonicas, tIorns Lamps, Chinaware. C. SCHAEFER. C NA hi N, vOO+DV ILLE, --DEALER IN DRUGS and MEDICINB Public School Books " Stationery, Painters Supplies: Ca ttlery Frni/ iL ]Iardware, Atlumvlatn2" Oils, Garden Seed Yo -Plavslcian. pre.cri4tions carefiflly compoundeu, and orders correctl tck selected wi:. t grat care andwarranted as represented. v. 8, 9z" .--y. F. A. McLM. W.P.S. VEmGSS+ McL&IN & VENTPESS, WOODILI, E. MISS, ()fliee in McGehee building. DR. CHS. E, CTOHING8 I [ 'V OQDV,,I,E : : 1 : Mzss, Office in Adams Drn Store. uy Jr4, '94 tf. D!. L. W. NAGgUDER, Physician and Surgeon, WOODVILLE, MISS. Ofca at residehce, April 7, ,88 l) DR (I. C. CR088. I)ental 00m'geeu, Vi O DD VILLT', MISS. Office up stairs bver the Pust, ffice. A. G. HANRON, WOODVI Liar, M ISS. Will prachce in all State and United States courts in tiis State Real estate buaght md ld on eom missdon Otti+'o ,)n F ,,mr,,.:'eia! IN+w _ LC"'+__ ........................................ 1)g. J0tLN F. 1-IEEREL, Phyddan and Surgeon WOODII-ff*E, MISS. Office oa Main St. at his old Stmd A, L00WRY, R FUNERAL ,IRECTO . X Full Stock of M, utalic and IVood- cn Coffins always on hand at Wood- vi!le. Miss., Main St. !'respas t;t+ec. All persons foul.,, huntntg, fishma or otherwise trespassing on the Bnr nan+uood plantatiua abc+ut 3 mile south of Woody,lie will be prose outed to the fu!l vxtcnt of the law. A strietwatch ilt be kvpt on 8aun [)lan[aLicn ft,r trespassers. L, \\;Y. ,IAGltUI:ER Skin Dz00eases. For the speedy ancl permanent cure ol tter, saI rhe'an and eczema, Cham- ,erlain's E:o+ am1 ,kin Ointment i wBhouifan equat. I* relieves the itch- ing and 8martit:g ahnot instantG and it eontiuued elfecs a permanenl cure. It also cures il:ch, rber's f'.h, scald bead, sore Mpl)!as, i,.ehi, pi]..'s, chapped hands, chronic soro 3s and gn'anulated lids. Dr. Cady Condilin Powder. fo: horses are the be t<mic, blool parifie advermifugo. Price, 25coat, ild  /* _ 4 G,/dA'A, ,,. ... Bramlett & Tucker. Attm0ym at tt hw, WOODVILLE,  Oflleeiu MoOt&ee Buihliag, ,ne)'cia I Row. J. H. ,t0NES. WOODVILLE, MISfl Office above he O'U DEALER IN-- Family and Fancy Groceries, ttoneiios, Oyster, a:l kinds, Sugar, Starch, Raisins, Nws of all Cammd Fruit and Fish, &e. Flue brand chewin Fresh Bread ever plies arriviug (lailT. March 21, ]896-y TgESPASS All hunting and Retreat and I)at11,ron prohzbited, under penalty M ASON Oct., 91 h "97.--t.f. TRESPASS All hunting, fishing trespassing on Glen s s(rictly prohibited he law. All lormer yoked. Gro. TRESPASS NOTICEO Any person ean or otherwise trespassin Collina or (J]tl prosecuted to the aw. All former pert ed. F. I), d . YI. S d A'D 2gd Successor to M South-Wet Corner I have alwa:s ou hand a artiele of TFIE BESf ' V.tIlI-'/II CICA8,, 'orestie Fauex Liqn +'% ottled and Keg ,ec alay, ahamt. My frivds and , 1rid me rcmd) A.H. March 12. 92.