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December 1, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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December 1, 1923

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mssmmpp00 ' 00plane and Its Submarine00 Airplane View of Lehigh University's BuUd{n00 U IW{W la preparing for future wars two extremes have been brought together for operating purposes by the States navy. The photograph shows the new type navy seaplane carried by a submarine, returning to the R*I[ trod Pzparlng to land on deck to be taken apart quickly and stowed away In the underwater craft. __ B Ruins of Old Fort .... ..... I [] over South mountain. Large bulldhig with spire is Packer hall, to right of which ia Brown Memorial hall, the social center of the students. The semicircular building in right background is the library, a reproduction of a Norse castle * on the Island of Sicily; at left center is Taylor hall, a dormitory. Recalls Romance li a x: ..... Long Beach. Ca00Aschoo00of ! Monument for R Post Unveiled .aPEs TO HELP TEXANS tame trout which answer their " master's call, eat bread crumbs from his hands and make their tl Zachary Taylor's Daughter Wooed by Jefferson Davis at Wisconsin Post. iPlmirie du Chlen, Vls.I)id Jeffer- i[vis and the daughter of Zach- 'lXaylor elope in the hmg ago from lgmrt Crawford, whose ruins have just bought hy the Daughters of the erlean Revolution and will be pre- ed? i?tbably no true or untrue romance [" fintler days in the upper Missis-  valley has so often been told, so at=:tr been denied so steadfastly be- by some, and so laughed to or bitterly denounced as a fake Ir ethers. Out of the mass of evhlenee which l,n produced by hath side:; to tiate their contentions, the real mt:h of the matter gradually has come llgblL In the October nunJber of the tm.t't, a magazine I)ublished by Lieutenant Davis again returtied to Fort Crawford. His friendship for Sa- rah Knox Taylor soon ripened into ardent love, which was reciprocated by the charming daughter of 'Old Rough and Ready.' Colonel Tayh)r, it Is said, always considered t?is presence neces- sary to the proper entertainment of his daughter's callers, tie insisted on being present on the occasion of visits; and when tattoo was sounded tie would yawn and say. 'It is time fo] all honest people to be In bed.' That meant that the youngeman had to leave. "His fair daughter soon convinced him that was too trivial an obstacle to place in their way. It was not long until 'the kindliest feeling' changed; a bitter quarrel arose between Davis and Taylor--one which never abated. "A court-martial had been odered at the garrison. Taylor acted as pres- Ident, while Davis, Tom Smith and a young officer Who had just reported headquarters in his cellar, is the theme of a fish story brought back from-Skagway, Alaska, and vouched for by C. A. Bachman, local realtor. In Skagway a switchman named Johnson has his house on the hanks of a river whose waters flood his cellar, says Bachmam When Johnson opens a trap door In the floor of his kitchen and stamps his foot hun- dreds of speckled trout begin jumping madly about the water. Johnson reaches down, pulls out several at a time and feeds them bread/crumbs. All of his fish answer bis call without fear, according to the Long Beach eyewitness of the phe- nomenon. never returned to the fort, but has- tened away down the Mississippi to Kentucky. l[nt lt:Iistorlcal society, tim history in for duty, constituted the rest of the Death Seals Romance. sLhentJe form Is revealed, perhaps court- When they assembled, the] "Itlstorians say that It was not the t)r,, completely and definitely than It ':hegs diLl ear appeared in c,,:ll{aulsl,en t bluets ,,f the Mississippi thai ',n heretofore in anytlllng sald ],nifor,;l "h'd'"geen e dX; us5 mat rest witnessed the marriage but a peaceful at wrRten.  ..... - yea at t.I southern plantation In Kentucky. The ;' While an aetnnl eh, pement from Fort ] ;{te: d, idaYul:tom:tOrea:e 3 ::eekngi;; f ,:ue" story is that Shortly after the de- aford is disproved, romance and[ any  ' " I I arture of Davis from the fort, Miss 8,ture, love amla great sorrow In [his ::ateSl:ntilllt%i;ffic: r CAUldnt;ke [ Taylr decided to go to live with her fife story of Jefferson Davis are[ " aunt in Kentucky. She engaged a nltaWll to ,be" rK'htfully a part 'of the] discussion over the question ensued stateroom on the stealner St. Louis ntic interest clinglng to the ruins[ between Ta31or arid Smith. A vote and prepared to leave. A last appeal was Called for, and much to Taylor's was made to her father, but the firm ! fanmus fort. The.tram story, !! intrJmms the Imagination fal, :more than the meager tale of the Oement trs it Is generally told. the writer of the article in the lt, Dorothy MacBride sketches I the military adventures of Lieut. ,]hee'mn llvls In the upper Missis- pi r*glon, along with the story of /gyP. y;mng West Point graduate was of age wh  he was assigned d at Fort Crawford in 1828. The at that time shared wlth Fart tellhag the task of guarding the vthestern frontier. Some addi- *s to the fortifications were needed, Lieutennnt Davis, shortly after arrival, was sent up into the ]ted area of northern Wiscon- cutting timber for ,,s, li xas a severe for fhe southerner, togging bitter winter cold in tim wil- the lmbers dew ppewa tg But he [o with cam- oubUe a the lleuteaant proved to be no xeeptlon. romance that was to become grt love and the great sorrow ersofi Davis' life hardly had 1titLe to bad, however, before he was to Fort Winnebago at trod after that at es near Dubuque, 'here aecessfully fulfilled the cmmls- him by Colonel Taylor to of l.rsbns who were the mine. next year ..the chief, Black under his alk,ged over from Iowa into revolt of the Sank Indan. spreading terror settlers of nm'then Illinois aml 'eutttwesteru Wlsconsim tare of Black Hawk was selected hy ll Taylor to escort tile defeat- Rttef and his braves to Jefferson macks. ith Black HaWk il confinemept, Boston P.astor on.*-The Rev. GeorgeL. Paine. red a heating eart in July ,l of Lieut. :v,i. me, U. S. N., on uo t ,* 3oh the minister, ho had gave tie lieutenan':s as exectt|ve secri- r Boston Federation .' directors of the fed v,tiag after a fle-hmlr se# surprise and chagrin, Davis. voted with Smith to go on with the trial. Taylor became so enraged that he turned on Davis with an oath, declar- Ing that any man who would vote with Tom Smith on a question like that couId never marry his daughtei'. IRe forlmde him ever to enter Ms home again Separation Fans Love. "The transfer of Davis from a sec- ond lleuten'mt in the infantry to first lieutenant and adjutant of the First dragoons in 1834 took him away from Fort Crawford to Fort Gibson, Ark. But if Colonel Taylor had hoped that the removal of Davis would change the attitude of his daughter, he was mis- taken. Distance did not affect their romance in the least--in fact, it was chiefly on account of the separation that Davis resigned his comnission that year. In, June, 1835, he severed all connections with the United Sta'tes army, "Then It was, Certain roraantlclsts tell us, that he returned to Fort Craw- ford to settle the dispute with Taylor. Miss Sarali told her father that, as he could allege nothing against the character of her fiance, she:intended to marry him soon. But neither" time nor distance had abated the stubborn father's feelings, and lie flatly refused his consent to their marriage. And so, regardless of silly feuds and stubbotm fathers, It Is said, the young couple planned to elope. At night, choosing the darkest hour before dawn, they would steal forth from the fort; escape to the other side of the river; be secretly raarried at McGregor, and return to the fort as mai and wife. "This. the romanticists tell us. a- tually happened. Some insist tim r they # Sioux Jndians Win , Battle for Lands Washington,  After a forty. # year campaign, JOseph War Ben- ## net, son of a Siou'Indlan ehlef, has defeated his pale-faced foes on the battlegroufid of their uw special choosing. Secretary Work, ending a long litigation; r-dle(1 recently that Joseph shall hold title to lC) acres of land in Sheridan coun- ty, Nebraska. homesteaded by his father, Black War Bonnet, in 1878. The War Bonnets were dispossessed in 1882. and subsa t quently the land Was withdrawn # from the pblic domain by ex- , ecutlve order. Despite tim hope- less outh)pk, tile present head of tile family .continued the fight hy successive appeals until Sec- retary Work reversed decisions against him rendered by the  land office. F Exonerated by Board start, refused, by a vote of 27 to 4, to acept hi proffered resignation. The board statement said the inci- dent was referred to as '%ssentially an offense against high manners and the highest type of behavior" only. In vi of the fact that Lieutenant tatemenz had said nor his wife believed !hat there as may evil and unyielding colonel remained reso- lute. He never saw his daughter after- ward, and the estrangement between him and Davis never healed during her life. "Miss Taylor remained with her aunt until Davis came to her after his resignation at Fort Gibson. Two of the cohmeFs sisters, his brothers and other members of the Taylor fam- ily were present at the marriage. The young couple then left for the Davis plantation, "Brierfleld," on the Mis- sissippi some thirty miles from Vlckm burg. Their romance, however, was short-lived, for in the autumn of that year the young bride caught the fever then so prevalent in the lo, a, er Mis- sissippi region, and dled.'--Milwaukee Sentinel U. S. Gives Three Bison to Mexican Government America's bison is being introduced into diplomatic circles. Three speci- mens have been given by the United States Department of Agriculture and the ,New York Zoological society to the government of Mexico as a "practical manifestation of good will between the two nathms." The three animals selected as good will delegat to Mex- ico will be taken from the herd main- tained by the Department of Agricul- ture on the Wichita National forest in Oklahoma. Their new home In Mexico will be in the Zoological park maintained hy the government, under the direction of Prof. 3,. L. Herrera. IRe has been apprised of the gift and i busy study- ing the domestic and dietary habits of he anhnais. Blow on Head Reertorss Sanity. New York.--A hlow on the head When he was escaping from Matteawaa with three other inmates restored Frank James: twenty-three, to sanity. When he was arrai :ned In February he was so unbalanced that he .wore a straight-jacket- He was sent to Mat- teuwan and the followin month tried to escape. The hlow received in the struggle made him normal again, doe- mrs testified, and he has since been living quietly at home. Men Lift Car to Save Girl,  Soufl Bend, Ind.Myrtle Laduke, fifteen, a sehoolgh.l, was struck and pinned beneath a street cur here. Fifty men gathered about tile ear and lifted it from the street while Stan- ley Dworchy, a city fireman, at the risk of his life, crawled beneath the car and dragged her to safety. Steals Doors and Windows of House. Prairie Dog Valley, Vyo.Whlle Andrew Knudson was away, burglars stole the doors and windows of hl tiouse. Tl)ey left the porches Intact, however. Weapons Dumped In Oean. New York.--With a noisy clatter, a ton of scrap iron was dup.lped over the side of a scow into the Atlantlc ocean off New York recently, and two thou. saml gnnmen will be :ompelled to buy new weapon& Throws Fish Bowl at Husbaqd. Tiffin, O.--Charging his wlfe with hitting Ilila with a bowl filled with fish, Joseph Hornic is suing for a 41. vorce because his back ts black blue from the lpJur. Col. Glenn . mith. ir charge of a force of topographical engineers at the Interior department, has been sent to Texas to supervise the most am- bitious project ever undertaken by the service--to devise SOlUe "vly of stop- ping floods in the Southwest. The men will make their ieadquarrers at Austin. The work will be carried on in co-operation witl the state of Tex- as, which has appropriated $30:).000 i n. lllOllanlellt llt JUSt L)eeU unveiled at techll/llcburg k'a., in llonor "of I for a three-year prograin. the Col. H. D. Zinn post, G. A. R. as the gift of the townspeople. Below are HE BLAMES THE BLONDES the three surviving members of the post. who were prsent- Left to right, they I are: Capt. Samuel S. DIEM, Mat. William Emery trock and Capt. Henry Wetzel. J U. S. Acquires Adams Ancestral Home, Judge Thomas b. Graliam of the San Francisco superior court, whtrse specialt, is divorce cases, says the The ancestral home of John Adams, secotl president of the United States, blonde with the "baby stare" is re- Las been acquire,-: by the United States through the Sulgrave lasrlttrte, of which sponsible for most of the marital an. President Coolidge Is the president. The Adams cOttage is at Flare in North- happiness. He advises men to marr3" amptonshlre, and has been carefully kept and restored through the years. The brunettes, preferahly, those with high t.ttage and gardens are pictured above. Chicago Now Has a Woman Judge m Miss Mary Bartelme, Just elected the first woman jurist in Illinois (in .tenter), being congratulated by Chicago women at her office. FROM FAR AND NEAR Stammering may be either heredi- tary or acquired by imitation. Ambassadors represent Great Brit- ain in 27 foreign countries. Scientific WOrk on thought transfer- ence was begun In England in 1882. There are about ')629 .'276 per.ons & anadlan origin in the United States. Dnosaur footprints, made millions of years ago, have been found in Ma savhusetts recently. i eheekbones and large noses. These. he says, re money savel's and hard i workers. GIFTTO Tt ELGIANS The sense of touch is dullest on th back. China ts Importing a considerable number of blooded American cattle. 'file force of gravity on the moon Is a sixlh of what it Is on the earth. The most important naluH product M "fhia DUt t)l ei'eLai el ('Ollltlleit',. lerbert Hoover. by p. Bryant Baker has been presented to the Uaiversl,4 of Brussels in Belgium. Good People. "DIs hyar worl" got a heap o' ity into bit," said Charcoal Eph, rum/ natively. "but every now an" again yo'il rnu arrest a man wid a heart in he chest an" lie's mighty lonesome"-- Richmond Times-Dispatch. Let's Hope Not First CharladyThey tell me the i.eagne o' Nations is a good thing of Sisal is teak wood. Mrs. 'Arrls. Volapuk. invented In 1880. wan the] Second CharladyVoll. let'. "op- first artificial language to attain any they'll 'ave none o' them furriner h. SUCCESS, J It.--Lonlon Punch. ISimple Rule Marked Will Be to Many an amateur:l some good method of coupling, whether close how amch or what jot down noteson instruments while station. The loose little difficulty in simple and ver uring may be rule. preferably on the ends of the the slider as shown in rule screwed to the baSe under the rods which This is a Good MethOd the Coupling of or a Loose Coupler. ing secondary, in such be easily seen, will ling. Honeycomb coils flcult problem. The measuring with a rule between their extreme and inaccurate. A quicker method is to where the coils separate, ! Ing or pdmel, and tht can be taken down on grees. Figure 2 be accomplished. Spider-Web Honeycomb So many anmteurs coils and tnountings that been conceived of comb coil g for home-made accomplished by coils to the plug in in the diagram. The wound on a bakelite or form. Two pieces the form to the plug shape indicated ; two in the strip and through the honeycomb Spider-Web Coils on Honeycomb Coil Manner, and Same for Either Type of drilling these holeS, taken not t. touch any points in the plug. The fomn is held to these two bolts through of each strip. Simple Two as oy,ter er, tlnfoil, and two t needed. One of slightly smaller inside A piece of tinfoil inside box to cover shown in the fastened to the A Variable Cordenser structed Ott of board Containers turn it, and a nmkes contact with sheet of paper the tinfoil to insulate Fitting Knob to Fitting ,'1 smallbr shaft is a a large The knob hole Is ;t way to a hard brass tube. of which will lit the inside arodnd the renal to slip into tile wise with a knob se upon o-e de over the tight and the best to