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December 1, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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December 1, 1923

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1.111lIll!llL iiiu 0 AGRICULTURAL PaGE . . _ _ Dairying, Live Stock, Poultry, Improvement, Home = = - " Building Ho tic h Et - = = . r u are, c. -- =- = Tqillllllllllllllillllllllill|ltiillll|lllllll! illl|lllllllllll ! ,llltlllllllllllllll,llllllilHtlllltlillnllltlt World&apos;s Potato Increasing Yield of ! Crop Ranks High Tubers by Spraying l _ HINTS:. } Greatest Production Is in Average GM,n of GO Bushels i Choosing Dairy Sire Is Northwest Europe Where Per Acre in New York. Automatic Ventilation Important to Breeders Conditions Are Best. ,P.a. . ..n,t. st. ..''= o, .o., .... , Is Latest Convenience "The selection of the right bull has With few exceptions, large gains In Most poultrymen today acknowledge man)" thnes been the real beginning of (Prepared by the United Staten Department yield have bn obtained by spraying the value of good ventllathm in the a successful dairy farm." says A.C. of Agrlcutture.J potatoes as a protection against insect Bser, professor of dairying at Okla- The intportance of potatoes in world i)e.s anti diseases, says Farmers' Bul- ! winter laying pens. But ventilation homa A. and M. college, Stitlwater, agriculture is emphasized in a special letin 1349, "Increasing the Potato Crop without objectionable drafts is" often "Thousands of farmers still make use report published by the United States by Spraying," Just issued by the United hard to accomplish, especially where snowstorms and blizzards are of fre- SALVE of a scrub or grade sire on account of Department of Agriculture. The world States Department of Agriculture. This granulatedlids, a mistaken e<onomv in the cost of the crop was estimated at more than five fact has been by extensive quent occurrence. The open-air type Speedy. 25e at aninntl. Such farmers or dairymen billion bushels last year. exclusive of experiments conducted In New York of henhouse, which Is in general use, Ruckel, N.Y.C. v:ou]d be more suc(.essfu! and would Russia. In countries reporting to and Vermont. During a 10-year period, is not entirely satisfactory because make more money and get more pleas- date, the 1923 crop is 79 per cent of at different experiment stations in New snow and rain can enter. Even if a that in 19"2. Figures tn both years iork state, an average gain of 60 bush- muslin curtain Is provided [o prevent HII=ar...'IPAIIIMA ure out of the business if they P'dd I1 more stoney for a good pure l)red bull, do not include the many small patches els an acre was obtained. At the Ver- this, it is necessary to adjust this cur- one which would be certain to trans- of potatoes grown in gardens for home mont statlou, during a 20-year period, tain according to weather conditions, mit deiral)le qualities, use, the department says. which involved all possible seasonal and this is very often neglected, To "S-me of the h.p,rtant factors to con- Region of Great Production. variations, an average gain of 105 overcome these difficulties, and to make the ventilation en'tlrely auto- renevea theuaeddiatressfat sider in the wise sele,.don of a herd bull t The region of greatest potato pro- bushels an acre, or 64 per cent over result of long or a community hul! are as f(dlows: duction is in northwestern Europe the unsprayed, resulted. in treatment of "Firs! The bull sele(te'l must be where the soil and climatic conditions In addition, records taken from a nd lung diseases b 1 .J.H. Guild. leRKTRLAL purP bred of the same breed as the favor the production of potatoes and busfness point of view on a series of 25c and Sl.00 at the breed best suited for tle purpose department says. In this region pots- lion, conducted by farmers un(ler the vt. intended sh,,uhl be chosen, toes play an important part in the direction of the New York state ex- ' SF.,ED FOR SALE -- i "Second--The pure bred bull should diet of the people, in tlJe manufacture perlment station, show large gains. and Cook's re- have a pedi['ee which sinews ofli:lal of alcohol and in feed for live stock. Tile average cost of spraying, Includ- cotton eed. These strains of highest purity t l roduetlon records. F.r a grade herd, Variatbms in potato production in Ins materials, labor and wear and tear 1.75 per bushel, remittance the dam and grundduln of the bull northwestern Europe therefore affect on machinery, was $4.74 an acre. The KIRBY. GaffneY. S C. LOS AS HCKO { sl-mld have at le'tst a record of 9,) the market for American wheat, rye nine-year average increase in yield hipment. Ir,pectton at pounds of milk or 40_) pounds of but- and corn, the deI)artment points out. due to spraying was  bushels an against bill of dlng. I terfat. For a pure bred herd a bull Germany is the world's largest pro- acre, making a net profit of.$14.43 an Lumber Co. Mobile. Al.  with dams of Y0 to GP0 pounds of but- ducer of potatoes, the report state acre. When these experiments were residence or terfat should e elected. The better Production this wear Is estimated at conducted the cost of materials was Initial dvelopnent Good. alluvial cotton the class of cows, the better the bull 1.200/,000 bushels as compared with less than at the time the bulletin was dralna=e. Large or small Box 45. Biytheville, Ark. i chosen for the herd should be. 1,494,181,000 bushels in 1922. Poland written, but the increased product war- ' "Third--The bull selected should ranks second as a spuds producer with rants an increased expenditure. { L[|PP have good conf,,rnlatlom strong vital- an estimated production in 19"23 of Copies of the bulletin may he oh-! f ff,/ ity and constitution, and shouhl show 896.0"22,000 bushels as compared with talned, as long as the supply lasts, by ] h WhileShutterprovidingfr the PoultrYAmple HoUSeventilation,That, good breed characteristics. An anl- 1.220,576.000 bushels last year. Pro- writing to the United States Depart- real showing male characteristics duction of 15 countries in the north- meat of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. [ Eliminates Draft, aa It Closes Auto- (strong maseuIinity) generally always era hemisphere this year is estimated [ maticaliy In & Wind. ,woid over. proves to be a good sire. at bushels as compared r-I'Iilrsportraitandsignature "Fourth--The sire chosen should he with 3Ja00,730, ()0 bushe!s in 19'22. Takes Brains and Pains ] marie, a Wisconsin poultryman devised the shutter arrangement shown in the ro Glints as a rule large In sizo. An unesirahle Annual Impota Large. to Produce Winter Eggs. Illustration. animal or one which seems t, lack During the pre-war period annual ,Vhlgtllng, or peklng gently, or It consists of a frame projecting N S vigor is not as desirable as a fairly Imptea f ptates int the United large, vigorous animal. States were around 3. r65S.000 bushels, knocking on the door to let the hens from the side of the poultry house as know when he Is coming, will save the shown, about 6 feet long and 4 feet "A good herd bull should be pure or a little more than twice the quan- poultryman several eggs in the day's high, roofed over with tar paper. Seven bred with krmwn production record of tity exported. Since 1920, however, gathering, says Prof. Wlllard C. -inch boards are suspended within tht his ancestors; should have good con- thdre has been a marked decrease in Thompson. poultry husbandman of the frame, with enough pace between formation; should be fairly large in imports until In 1922 the quantity size and show strong vitality and. con- shipped from forefgn countries a New Jersey experiment station, In a them to insure proper ventilation at circular on "The Winter-Time Manage- all times, and arranged in such a man- stltution, only 1,775,000 bushels, the department meat of the l,aying Flock." her that they swing easily upon pivot "Whether to buy an old bull or to says. This was less than one-half the select a young aninml is still an us- average quantity Imported during Fright, he goe on to say, is often nails driven through the frame at each settled question. Sometimes on old 1910-14, and more than 1,000,000 bush- fatal to and always Interferes with nor- end. bull may be purchased from a breeder els less than American exports last real egg productfon. Hence the neces- In fal weather the shutters hang I sity of having the poultryman move vertically, but when gusts of wind,' who has no further use for him. In year. More than 60 per cent of Amer- slowly through the puns. with rain or snow, beat against them, I heir pain such ca00, ,, ,al'00abIe ,. . so liras exports go to .esh air in the laying house at all they close automatically. To prevent i, t The Netherlands leads ta an export- , . , cured for a small sum. [ #slgBt I. I "In America, the average dairyman  of potatoes, and $uppli at least tim  another eentlai to maximum the fowls from scratching litter into I OS,& a,, 4 I prefers to select a young animal, 25 per cent q the world s total ex- egg production, according to Professor the openings, which would interfere t   ] ,,t,, hcause a young one is handled Ports, the department says. Last Thompsom The reasanSair fOrarethethatneces-the sparowWith thenettingmOVementls tacked Of theecrossshutterthe stop the pare ['a'" ""  v the calm sier and shipped more easily than year Italy exported approximately 5,- slty of having fresh expiring breath of fowls Is heavily frame, on the inside of the house.---G. ._ ] an old one, and also because he can 000,000 bushels, Canada 4.000,000 bush- laden with moisture, as It carries many E. Hendrlckson, Argyle, WIG., In Popu- sat'e, ansepfi ]be used for a longer time on the herd. els, and Denmark 2,000,000 bushels, liquid waste products of the body lag Mechanics Monthly. cannot pro- precedes, which in other annals are badlo'gm'ffii Butterfat Still Holds Rattling in Breathing wen off through the sweat gland and Hens Must Be Well Fed ctabom- Prewar Purchase Power Not Uncommon in Fowls through the urinary system. Moisture in the expiring breath of During Molting Period hoe dealer's, Butterfat is the one agricultural Rattling In breathing Is not uncom- fowls, If not carried out of the house, Many people ask how to feed chick- I product that has the same purchasing men among fowls of all ages. It is saturates the atmosphere and creates ens through the molt. They seem to WOMENI DYE FADED THINGS NEW AGAIN Dye or Tint Any Worn, Shabby Gar- ment or Drapery. Each 15-cent package of "Diamond Dyes" contains directions so simple that any woman can dye or tint any old, worn, faded thing new, even If she has never dyed before. Chooee any color at drug store.AdvertiSe- ment. Poor Outlook for Jack. Ethel Jack told me that he will dron hiniself if I do not consent to be his wife. What shall I (lo? .Mother--Wait. my ehiht, and see whether he does It or not. If he fails to keep his word, you will know that he is w)t worthy of your love.--Boston Transcript. MOTHER! GIVE SICK CHILD "CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP" Harmleu Laxative for a Bllloua, Constipated Baby or Ghlld. Constipated, bll- ._ - lous, feverish, or sick, colic Babies ,' and Children love [/[[1 7. " tO take genuine [[, it" " "X "California Fig  "W)x |) Syrup." No other %  ,.fl, laxative regulates (r , " the tender little (* , *a'- bowels so nicely. "-k  "It sweetens the . stomach and --'-' starts the liver and bowels acting with- out griping. Contains no narcotics or soothing drugs. Say "Callfornla" to your druggist and avoid counterfeits! Insist upon genuine "California Fig Syrup" which contains directinna. Advertisement. High =Cost of Living. Wife--()h. llehard, baby swallowed a qmrter today. [ [hlh--('an't you glee hlm a less ex- pensive diet't--Boston Evening Tran- script. The Peer of all ranges i= beking perfection, kitch comfort, grace of design, economy of space and fu At yo=r dater or wra =a for L,'ld name of dealer near ALLEN MFG. COM]P&NI" Navi -t -: T.nmmm Magnificent, for the Dentitt A friend of ours went to a and.asked him to take a look it! teeth. The dentist did w and s full of adIniration. "Wlmt do you think of themT" n -ske the patfent. "Magnificent ! Magnificent !" m all the dentist said. "Then you don't find anything to to them ?" "To do to them? Why, there four to be pulled, six to he filled a bridge to make," sald the dea Wr|ght' Indian e'etable PHts only ve(etable Ingredients whlch at  i sentIe purgative 372 Parl St.. 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Driver. driver? pile or slave?-- around, day after , unceasing backache? morning; both- di=me and art- tired, irritable ' Then there's surely , and likely it'e kidney it! Get back ran. Ue Dogs'# Do'a have helped folks. They should m, or: Mrs. Mary Otto, N. Webster Yasoo City, , S a y S: "My *acted too I was stiff lame in almost joint of my I could walk or A friend told Doan's and I trouble power that It had during the period previous to the war, according to J. B. Fitch, head of the dairy depart- ment of the Kansas State Agriculture -ollege. Butterfat is 14 cents higher than it was a year ago. With a 10.000,000 pounds' shrink in the volume of butter in storage dur- Ing the past year, with imports great- er during 19")-3, and with the Industrial situation good, Professor Fitch Is of the opinlou that butter prices will re- main steady. He states that farmers contemplating the purchase of cows I need have no fear that because dairy- ' Ing Is a profitable business it will soon i be overdone. He points to the fact that our population Is Increasing more rapidly than the cow population. High Producing Cow Has Big .Capacity for Feed Why one cow will make a heavy producer while her stable mate of the Game age and Mmiiar breeding, under the same management falls to pay her way is a problem mary men have given up. At the Missouri experiment station two such cows were found. A careful study of the feed sheeU! showed that the high producer was eating a great deal mare feed than the other cow..In other words, the good cow. because of large capacity and a well-developed mammary sys- tem, was able to not only eat enough for her bodily needs but conslderebly more besides. The poor producer. after satisfying the needs of her body, had no room left to store feed from which to make milk. Secure Economical Milk by Liberal Cow Feeding The most economical milk produc- tion is not secured by liberal feeding of each cow In the herd, but by studp lag caeh cow and feeding according to the production of each. ,giving to the heavy producers all the feed they will eat and convert Into milk, and giving the light producers no more feed than theY can utilize for milk production. Overfeeding is to be avoided just as much as underfeeding. Keep Promising Helfer You cannot afford to buy tnferio eows when you can raise good ones at him. Farmers should keep proml ing heifers and raise their own milkers. Popular Tetlng AssoiatioL Cow-test|rig associations are grad- ually bkcoming popular througho West. One Cow In $tx a Lr. Oe-cow of six, on an av. her usually due to too much mucus tn the throat, windpipe or bronchial rube Anything that Irritates the ltning of the breathing tubes increases the mu* cus flow and produces an obstructed breath. Bronchitis. canker, roup and other aeute diseases may show this symptom. The constant breathing of dry dust, especially if It be gritty and alkaline, is sometimes reponslble where fowls show this trouble but have no real disease. In Its advanced stages, "rattles" Is a hard dlsee#e to care. The best help comes through prevention.. Pure air, clean dropping boards and floors, sweet food an  wa- ter do more to pre'en[ "rattlel an drugs. New Seed Treatment Is Time Saver for Farmer One great advantage in using the copper carbonate dust method for treating Beet] wheat and oats for the control Of smut is the fact that the work can be done In the late fall or winter when other farm tasha are less arduous. 3. G. LeaCh. plant authority of the University of Minnesota, Bays that two ounces of the copper carbon- ate dust should be used for each bushel of grain. "After treatment the graIn can be sacked or Stored in a bin until spring, when it is "ready to plant without fGrther attention. "ThlS method has given results as good as any obtained with formaldehyde," Gays Mr. Leach. "It cause no seed in- Jury, Is leas trouble to apply*and'all the work (an be done in the fall or winter before the spring rush." Straw House for Swine Is Easily Constructed Where It is Impossible to have a well-built hoghou, either Individual or centralized, a good straw one can be used. The north, east and west sides should have two feet of well- pressed straw, the uth sf#e may be boarded up and hould have a hinged door near the roof which can be dropped daring sunny weather. The roof should be fin or commercial roll roofing as straw will leak In a heavy rain or snow. Allow plenty of room for the desired number of hogs. The greatest disadvantage of this house is Improper ventilation. Avoid Crowding Chicken House Beyond Capacity Avoid filling the chicken hOUse with chickens beyond Its capacity. Each bird ought to have at least eight inehtm of space on the roost. There hould be one opel, nest to every eight hens dampness quickly. The poisons in the explring breath of fowls when rein- haled, cannot but deplete the vitality different than their feeding system I of the birds.  during the other periods of the year. Then. because there are uually a The yearly molt Is a very natural large number of fowls per unit of floor pa of a hen's life. This is the time space, all the air that can possibly be of the year when the hen ceases pro- given should be furnished.  ducon In order to replenish her ward- Heavy dry mash consumption is one robe ad to store up renewed energy of the principal requirements which ad strength for her next year of lay- the author mentions for a good supply ing. During this time she is manu- el eggs In winter, i facturing a tmpply of feathers Instead t of eggs. Feathers and eggs are made Nicotine Treatment for u of somewhat the same material. The system of feeding ffren should nol Stomach Worms of Sheep be different from one used for egg pro- Forty per cent nicotine sulphate is better than copper sulphate for getting rid of stomachworms of sheep, re- cent tests show. The nicotine sulphate Is easier to get. is more efficient' and the after effects of treatment do not last so long. Three teaspoonfuls to a quart of water Is the right strength, and give four ounces of thin solution to each mature ,ewe that weighs 100 pounds or mote. For a smaller animal, more or less weak, use not more than three ounces, and for a five-months-old lamb, use not more than two ounces. Good Winter Ration for Eggs Is Easily Mixed A good winter ration for eggs is as follows: Serateh feed. 200 pmmds shelled or cracked corn, 100 pounds for each day, then the meat scraps or oats or wheat. With this feed a a mash, 100-pounds cornmeal, 100 pounds ground oats. 100 pounds wheat mid- dilngs, 100 pofinds wheat bran and 100 pounds meat craps or tankage. If you have 4 gallons Of milk per 100 hens tankage may be omitted. Pork From Fall Pigs Produced Economically The man Who has reasonably warm quarters for his fall pigs aud who gives them the right attention in connection with feeding can produce pork almoW as economically from fall as from spring pigs. Frequently he evn make more money out of fall pls, because tf sold early in the spring hogs usaully bring better prices than when the bulk of the spring pigs is Sold. Silage Undesirable for " Feeding Poultry Flock Although tdlage is a good succulent feed. It Is a dangerous practice to fd It to poultry. Silage sometimes cou- tain a slight mold which eannot be detected by the eye and it is thls that makes It undtlrable for poultry feed. or where trapnegts are used, (me net This department advtse the elimln. will accommodate four hens ff the: tBY0 of lage from the ration and In eXT of feel that the system of feeding during you are going to pay that bill. I can't this normal resting period should he come here every day In the week. Jones---What day would suit you vest ? "Saturday." "Very well, then, you may gall evary Saturday.'--London Answers. duction. Milk hould continue to b( fed along with the mash, and oyster shell and grain should continue to be fed In orde that the hen may store up surphm fat so that she can have fat to draw upon for the next year's production. Cutting down' in the feed will cause production to drop off. Any condition which stoIm egg production will cause birds to molt at this time of year. However, the eauslng of the early molting will not bring about a quick molt. On the contrary,, those that molt early are usually long-time molt- er Those that molt late are uually short-time molters. It Is therefore most profitable to continue to feed for egg productiou and let the fowls go into their natural molt, rather than to try and cmtrol thin in an way. Poultry Extension Servlce. Colorado /fgricultural College. A Standard for 90 YearL As a laxative and blood purifier there nothing better than Brandreth Pill& In use throughout the world.&dv. Courage IS boldness built of moral timber. Supply of Oyster Shell Is Essential to Fowls A constant supply of oyster shelle or limestone grit is essential to the most profitable egg production. Re- cent tests in Ohio show that when the hens were denied oyster shells egg production was greatly reduced and the eggs averaged two ounces per dozen smaller. The exieriment$ showed that mln- erala in the feed are etlatial foe growing blrds and for the bodily func- tions of mature birds, while laying hens require additional lira6 supplied In the form of shells or grit, Eggs In Severe Weather. With the first hard cold spell, hens may drop down In egg produetlol After they have beeome hardened to weather conditions, however, one ma expect satisfactory results from them even In the severest montl if they are made comfortable. BUlky Feed for D.cks. Ducks require more bulkx food than ehteke and for that reason shmfld' be fed boiled vegetable, steamed green dover or alfalfa and other suela VelDV I Did you ever hear of a girl the kind of a man that the forul, er said she would? During courtship a mal's IP about seventeen times  far m  does after marrl/a Cars at Chevrolet now. leads all high.grad cars in num, sold. Our new low .prices have been made podbl through doubling our productive capacitT. We are now operating twelve mammoth mama-. hcturing and assenably plants throughout the United tates m which thousands of skilled work- men ate turning out 2500 Chevroleui  day. See Chevrolet Fint Notvithmnding out, recent bi t ttuto In  .ha quality and equipment of Omr  Ive  tteadily m* most  ear to mimla. Chevrolet Motor Co., Detroit, Michigan 00uantiW