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November 26, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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November 26, 1898

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11!00 IWILL TAlE PHILIPPINES x ith its rh ng noises ha tha --" sevcrei, ead- Our Ultlmatum Germ to the Spma- disOaarges, is per- leh OommJionors, by Hood's SarsaparRla. Do with local applieat4onL Take make a thorough d oompte care by eradicating from the Rflous taints and giving health system. Sarsaparilla | Amerlca's Greatest Medlclne $! ; slx for $5. Pills curs all Lever Ills 5 cents. THE COLONEL'S LOGIC He Thoht That Wehere the Chal. IPagne FloWed the Fish Would Be Plenty. "I only wish ! had thought of it bees'!" exclaimed Col. StiIIwell, as he seized his hat. "Where are you $oing?" "To the sto' to nuy some fishin' tackle. summah and l've make time. of what a leanness has cost me I am positively abhamed!" ' can fish at any time." 't. 1 can fish at any time in But I can't cal! back the golden when I have been fishin' at m willin' to put up with inconveniences of a night trip in order t there, suh and not waste any me' I'm afi huh nan i , suh, and I hitherto ima ined have done ng. But when 1 think l to have been taking aft a minute to lose. in' to have a go st them even/fI have a hole in the ice and sit ovnh it in a ovuhcoat like an Eskimo" wport News? lhere's fish- used to think. Ah, my boy, it's we miss in this life we don't figure thins out properly. have most of the ships been launched ewe, l believe." n they laura h the they d0?" they break a bottle of champagne bows, for one tiing." And if I am not mistaken most of in the Atlanik. ocean ant have gotten a hilt el tha this time, They' t be there  thick milky way and alll'tlhave o drop a line ovm; and pull 'e'n out." Star. HAD FUN WlTti HIM. Air Artistic Landsman Gets Some Polnters from the Jolly ea Rovers. % The sailor man, when in deep water, can- llot conceal the feeling of super or ty w th he regards the untarred landinbber. of the nonemnbatants who sailed the the Caribbean during the war to keep aa eye on the mariners, and ai  t painfut experience before they r Je leb. artist who boarded a gr my tugboat white linen found his coat covered with coal dust when lie was a day from port end decided to wash it. He filled ahueket ith sea water and fell to work. When he |rod scrubbed the garment for 20 minutes he las a tistid. Then it occurred to him to starch the con 'kgts. He did so, and pulled out--his gold latch. He was perturhed. The crew laughed and he rebuked them. They bided their time. Then onc of them told the artist that the proper way to restore the coat to its toter was to tie a line to it, heave it over- !ad and tow it for a few hours. The artist did so. .. When he went below a deck hand hauled lhe coat aboard, untied the line and hidin th eoat.lnade fast a ragged piece of white duck and threw it overboard. When the owner of the coat pulled in his line he was the angriest man on the tug. nd he didn't know just how to accept a deck hand's glibly made exp}anation, which ws that a shak had seized the coat, until the garment was restored to him.--N. Y. Hed. IVe blame the devil for many thints he eog_Idn't,ossibly do unless met helped him --'r,n l'opies. Most cities have such slow means of travel it lqnires an hour to reach Sixty-second ,L. A. W. Bulletin. Yen Aye see failer feelin' sad all tern Aye mat at hes hver an' pity hem.--Denver TimesSnn. The weather prognostieator is himself a ,m.ceater.--L. A. W. Bulletin. auty is like a cooking stove--no good If She fnelgives out.--Chicago Daily News. CNsml00m Do not think for a single moment that consumption will ever strike you a sudden blow. It does not come that way. It creeps its wsy along. Flrsh you think it is s little c01d; nothing but a little hack- ing cough; then a little ls in weight; thn a harder cough; then the fever ann me night nests. comes when a hemorrhage. mop the disease while it .. yet creeping. You can do It with You first notice that you qough leH. The pressure on Iv chest is lifted. That fecling of suffocation is removed. A cure is hastened hyplacingone of Dr. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral Plaster 0ver the Chest. OPiU =-=`==,,,= MISSISSIPPI MATTER00 Warning to Cattle Shippers. The St. Louis lave Stock Reporte and several leading cattle firms are warning the shippers of cattle in Mis- sissippi against sending into thc mar- Tro Alternates Numed--BIust Yield for ket cattle with ticks on them. Such Money or In Further Hostllitieth shippers are making trouble for them- $0,000,000 May Be Offered. selves and doing much harm to the The Cuban Question. trade. A man who ships cattle is re- sponsible for anything that may hap- PARts, Nov. 20.--The Spanish peace pen to them. They either have to be eommisstoncrs have been notiiied that sold for immcdiate slaughter at a snort- the United States commissioners will be rice or else dipped before they can bc ready to trcat with them in joint ses- sent out into they country. The dip- sion tomorrow afternoon. Unless the ping is an expensive process, and is also Spaniards have an adequate reason for attended with losses in many instances. further delay, the commissioners will Farmers owning cattle will save money join in the most important meeting thus by clearing them of ticks before ship- far held. ping. The American commissioners, in a ]gate For Governor. written communication, will There arc already five candidates for that the third article of the protocol, governor in the field in this Slate, and regarding thc Philippines, is capable of the entries arc not yet all in. Only two only one fair construction, that noarbi- of these have armnunced themselves tration is needed to elucidate its terms, thus far, they being Speaker McCool ot and that thc United States cannot ad- Kosciusko, and Dr. Robhins of Vicks- mit any other power to figure here burg. The others are Judge A. If. purely "as a lexicologist. They will Longino of Waslfington county, Lieut.- maintain that the two commissions are Got. Jones of Wilkinson, and ,Indue F. charged to determine whether Spain or A. Critz of (;lay. While not formally the United States shall in future own announced, the three later gentlemen the Philippines. are regarded as candidates by their Thin will be accompanied by thc clear friends. declaration that the United States will Arm in a Cotton Gin. possess the Philippines. Following" this Robert Calvert, and young man of declaration, the American commission- most excellent family livin near West ers will lay before the Spaniards two Point, met with a hori'ible accidentlast alternatives, week. Ile was attending a cotton gin, First---To accept asum of money from -when his sleeve was caught by the the United States and to cede and evac- saws and ahnost his entire arm drawn uate the Philippines. Seeond.--To lose the Philippines to the United States by conquest, with the poss|t)ility of other territorial losses to indemnify the United States for the added expense of conquest. in, tearing away and lacerating the flesh in a horrible manner and tearing the mnscles away from his shoulder. Amputation was, of course, necessary. Grenada Live Stock Show. The live stock show and races at This communication may not be for- Grenada, Novcmher 17th and 18th, was really designated a: au ullimatum, but a great success both financially and as it will lack naught of the conclusive- ness indicated by that word. This will be so plain that the Spanish commis- sioners wilt scarcely haggle for money on the first alternative nor cherish any doubt of American action under the second, should the first be declined. St20,oo0,oeo :May lie Tendered. No one except the American commis- sioners knows how much will be ten- an exhibition. Over two thousand peo- ple attended. There were very full classe, of colts, brood nantes, saddle and harness horses. The horseswere Mississippi and Grenada county raised sleek. The races were very successful and were well conducted and enjoyed. To Recruit the Third. A delegation of officers from the First dered Spain as the cheapest and most and Second Mississippi regiments has humane way of settling the difficulty, gone to Washington to urge the war Spain is exceedingly anxious to escape dcpartmcn to allow the Third Missis- the Philippine debt, and possibly the sippi to be recruited to a full regiment sum to be offered may be determined from the companies of the First and by an analysis of that debt, which con- Second. The delegation will be headed sists of $,0,000,000 in bonds on which by Maj. I/oskins of the First regimcnt. stay realized $36,000.000. Of the latter amount she is believed to have expended some $I0.000.000 or $11,000,090 in fight- ing the United States and a part in at- tempting to quell the Philippine insur- rection. A reasonable guess at tim sum for tender would be $20,000,009, though it may fall below that. Chickasaw Schoul Fund. The auditor's office has sent out to the counties interested the vouchers for the semi-annual distribution of the Chicka- saw school fund. "['hese vouchers are sent, to the chancery clerk in each coun- ly, and when signed and returned the auditor will issue his warrant for the The Cuban question may come up an.ousts. There are twenty-threecoun- again tomorrow. The American corn- tie, in the CMckasaw district which are missioners had thought the discussion the only heneficiaries of this fund. The on that point finished, but thc Spanish Chickasaw sehoo] fnnd is based upon euminissioners are reported to have de- the ales of the Chickasaw school lands. clared last week that the mortgages ira- The, State sells the lands, uses the posed by Spain on the Cuban, as well tnor.y and pays interest on the fund to as on the Philippine, revenues must not the connttes "interested in the school be impaired or questioned. Thiswould fund. As the sales of lands increase compel the American commissioners each year and the fund grows, the in- soon--and probably tomorrow--to de- terest increases. The distribution is mand whether Spain means to repudiate based upon the acreage of Chickasaw the plain compact of the protocol to re- school lands in each county. Following linquish sovereignty over and title to Cuba. Three weeks ago the Spanish commis- sioners accepted the Cuban article in the protocol without conditions, save that its eml)odiment in the treaty should depend on an agreement here on all the xrtides in the protocol. Recently Spains repre:scntatives have said that are the counties and the amounts al- lowed each on the present distribution: Alcorn. $1.05:,70; Bentm. 81,109.81; Cal- houn. 81.345.43; Chickasaw. $I,354.80 ('lay, $909.89: DeSoto. $1,'209.07; La- fayette, $1,821.70; Lee, $1,213.61: Mar- shall. $1,898.78:Monroe, $1,042. ll:Panola $1,794.75; l'ontotoe, 81,350.59; t'rentiss $1,128.71; Quitman, $229.11: Talla- the ('uban matter had only been tern- hatchie, $38.40; 'Fate. $1,105.99: Tippah, porarity passed and was still iu abey- $1,231.39: Tishomingo, $1,187.30; 'Iunica, ante. $1,176.44; Union, $t,132.59; Webster. OPINIONS ARE DIVERGENT. Correspondent on Probability of Spain Aeceptbtg Indemnity. LONON, Nov. 21.--The Madrid corre- spondent of the Daily Mail says: "It is asserted that the government would re- ject an offer of $40,000,000 for the Phil- ippines as ridiculous." The Madrid correspondent of the Standard says: "Spain will decline in- demnity for the Philippines if the sum offered appears inadequate in the eyes of the nation." The Vienna correspondent of tb Daily Telegraph says: "Following the advice of Austria and Germany, Spain will accept America's offer of compen- sation for the Philippines." KILLED IlY A IIRI)TIIER-IN-LAW. Fred 8ruggs ghot to Death at Morris- toT] Tenn. KNOXVlLt, E, Tenn.. Nov. 20.A Mor- ristown. Tent.. special to the Journal and Tribune says Fred Scruggs, a prom- inent citizen of that place, was shot and instantly killed this afternoon by Charles McCurley, a brother-in-law. The difficulty ar over a dispute of yeurs' standing, in which some real estate was involved. McCfirley drew his pistol at an unexpected instant and fired two shot through Scruggs' heart. REVOLUTION IN SALVADOR. II[ovement tO Overthrow the Central Amer- Ican Fderatlon. PAAMA. NOV. 20.--The revolution which started in Salvador a few days ago is headed by Thomas Regalado, a former military inspector, who resigned to be eligible for the presidency, after havin unanimously t)roc]aimed by the populace for the ofliqe. The c}zef ob2ect of the outbreak i,'to upset * I 4" the Central A or'can .ederation, ,,ith some prospects of success. President Gntierrez is now in tlondnras orraniz- |ng an expedition in c)mbinatim witt titat government to inwde Salvador. TIlIRD I|M1UNES ALL YgEI, L. 0 i 1 "k Tau NOW at agua It 'FnaIDOo ?';A.NTIAGo DE {-UBA, 'OV. 20.--,M"t. Harris of the Third imnxmms, who is in ehare of the company stationed at Saua de Tanamo, says here is not ? sinffte sick man on the list there. Vm'd has been received from ('eL Hood of the evacuation eom,uission of ltolguin, that he ha taken po:;session of the city and aFpointcd Col. Rodriuez. a w(d!-kn,>wn Cuban a; alcalde. Col. tlood ay the the t'it t' s very much negh:cted. Q _ $149.14; Yalobnsha. $738.40. levenne Agent's Colleetions. According to the official figures, the revennc agent has collected and paid into the State treasury smee the year 1880 the sum of $164.041.90, this being collected from levee boards, county treasurers, sheriffs and other sources. In addition to this the revenue agent now has suits pending involving an amonnt of over $l,560,000. These col- lections are made without cost to the State and are either voluntary pay- meats of money admitted to be due, or are payments made in obedience to the judgments of the courts. The revenue agent retains a commission, fixed by law. on what he collects, and receives no other compensation. Jnstltute for the Blind. The institute for the blind is now open to pupils from all parts of the State. The attendance is as good as conhl possibly have been expected. Last spring, it will be remembered, after the appointment of Dr. Sirr as supcrintendent of thc institution, the pupils all left the school because of their disappointment over the fact that I)r. Fairley would not be in charge. It was feared that this might have the effect of injuring the school this sea- son. but while the attendance is not large, the supcrintendent is in receipt of many letters from parents and guar- dians saying they will send their chil- dren later on. Farmers In a Duel. Quite a serious altercation, cuhninat- ins in an exchange of four shots and the wounding of both participants, oc- curred on the public road eight miles s.guth of Koseiusko. one day last week. A feud has existed between Robert Ful- ton and Joe Wagoncr, both well- known farmers of Leake county, and they met on the public highway and began hostilities. Waggoner received u flesh wound in the arm. Fulton was shot in the neck and shouldm., and se. rious]y wounded. Both parties fired two} hots with pistols. State's Co'ton Crop. J. ,I. Evans. Jr.. clerk of the board of control, states that he estimates the crop on the courier farms at about 4,000 l)als. This is about the amount of the crop gathered last year. It should be sta ted, however, that last year the crop wa; !ate getting in the ground, and much of it lost in the fields for want oi lahor. Leports from the different places indicate that wet weather hu materially damaged the crop. I'icking ts proceeding s/owly for the same rea. son, and shonld the wet spell coatinue he crop will be conMderublv eat off', POLYGhMIST BOBE00T$, House May Not Acoep Utah's Next ReDresentativo. Bobert llas Many tVlves--If IIe I]rlngs Thtm to Congress Trouble ]ly l"(dlow--It Would Be a Brazen Affront. WASIIINGTON, NOV. 20.--Many person In Washington believe Lbat Represen - ative-eleet Brigham IL Roberts of Utal may be expelled from the honse of rep- rcsentativcs if the charge that he is  polygamist, living openly and avowedl3 with more than one wife, can be sus- tained. During the congressional campaign Mr. Roberts, who was the Democratic eandidate for congress from Utah, was charged with being a polygamist and with living with more than one wife. It was said that he had admitted that he was practicing polygamy and de- fended his action'on the ground that it was permitted by his religion. Heretofore Utah has sent Mormons to the senate and housc of representatives, but they were not Mormons who prac- ticed polygamy. Mr. King, the present represcntative from Utah, is a thorough believer in Mormonism, and last winter delivered addresses from time to time explaining and defending its teachings, but he does not advocatc or practice pot ygamy Since Utah ceased to be a Territory by its admission into the Union, the anti-polygamy laws passed by congress bave ceased to he operative there, but if Mr. Roberts is a polygamist hc is vic,lating the constitution and laws of Utah, for the new State was required hy the act admitting it to the Union to frame a constitution and make laws prohibiting and punishing polygamy. The anti-polygamy laws of congress apply, however, to the District of Co- lumbia, and it is possible that Mr. Rob- erts, if he is a polygamist, might be liable lo arrest and punishment here. These laws have been construed by the District courts in several cases, but lawyers here do not believe they wouht apbly to au offense committed in Utah. Should Mr. Roberts bring more than one wife to Washington with him, how- ever, it is believed that he would be liable to prosecution. The fact that a man is a polygamist does not make him ineligible to mcm- bcrship in the house of representatives, aecordin:4 to the opinion of leading mcmbers of the house and prominent lawyers with whom I have talked, and Mr. Robcrts probably wilt be allowed to take his seat witnout objection. Ite may not be alh}wed to hold it very long, however, for many representa- tives believe that he sboul:t be expelled. Dingley Stales the Grounds. The grounds upon which such action. if taken, would bc Imsed were stated to me by Representative Din'ley, the Re- publican leadcr of the house. "When Utah was admitted to the Union," said Mr. Dingley, "a solemn pledge was gven that polygamy should not be permitted. That was the condi- tion on which the act of admission was passed, it would now be a very bohl thing if that State, in the face'of its solemn pledge, should send to congress as one of its ea-liest representatives in he house a polygamist." Mr. Dinffley said further that if tlm charges made against Mr. Roberts should be found to be true it would not be merely an ordinary case of a law- breaker being sent to congress, it would be an affront so grave that he thought the house could tot avoid taking some notice of it. and it might be possible that it would lead to the expulsion of the represeutative from Utah if the chargcs could be proven. "I have not looked into the subject," said Mr. lfemingway of Indiana, a Re- publican representative, "but it seems o me that Mr. Roberts would be eligible, even though lie might practice polygamy. S'In view of the solem pledge which the State of Utah gave when it was ad- mitted to the Union that polygamy should be abolished I think that per- haps the house ought to expel Mr. Roberts if the charges against hi} should be substantiated. The resolu- tion of expulsion might be drawn so as to show very clearly the ground on which the house acted.'" ROBERTS TALKS OF THE CASE. 8aye ltls Marriages 'ers Not Affected b Enabling et. SALT LAKE City. Utah, Nev. 20. Rcpresentative-elect Brigiiam II. Rob. crts. of Utah, in an interview on the questiou of polygamy, said: "The settlement of that question after years of strife and heartache, left upon men moral obligations from which no decrees of the church could release them and no act of the state absolve them. The demand of thc American people as expressed through their rep- sentatives in the American congress in the enabling, act went no further than this: That perfect tolerance of re- ligious sentiment shall be secured, pro- vidcd that polygamous or plural mar- rinses are forever prohibited." Thus the demand went so far as to prohibit future polygamous marriages, but no farther." 'IO REPUDIATE CJBAN DERT. Madrld 1%eport That 8pain Will Not Pay It. 'ADRID, NCV. 20.--In politcal circle it is asserted that an agreement haL, been re;ehed etw(en the peace com- missioners in tarts. The government it is semi-officially announced intends to netify the Cuban bondholders that Spail will not pay thc Cuban debt, which will not be mentioned in the pcac,,, treaty. The government con- siders itself completely freed from these enta glemcnts, which fall upon the ha. tion exercising sovereignty and collccD ln. txes in Cuba. Limitations. Though a man has a right to make an ass ot himself, he should remember that he will not be permitted to dusturb the peace with his brays.--Puck. DANGEROUS PROBINO. When It ame to Prying Into festally 8eeretR She Dldn't Want to Be Insured. She had concluded to take out a life in. surance policy and appeared before the ex- staining physician. "What's your name?" he asked in his crisp business way, and she looked indig- nant as she answered. "Age?" I d dn t come here to answer mperh- nent questions, sir. I came to be insured." "But we must know your age in order to fix the rate." "What rate?" "The amount you must pay annually fo! being, insured." '"lhirty-three, then," she snapped. "You must be accurate or it will invali. date the licy." "Forty; but I must say that I never leard such impudence." "Weight ?" _ "I don't know. NeiVher does anyone else. dust as though that would make and dif- ference." "Married or single?" "Single, thank heaven! Not but wha I've had plenty of chan--" "Of course. Any insanity in your fami- ly?" "Sir!" and she tried her best to congeal him with a look. "I guess that you don't want to be in- sured?' "An " ' " d you guessed t right the first hme. I don't propose to be a family encyclopedia for you or any other gossip monger," and she Pounced out with a vigor that made the doc- tor think that she was apretty good subject after all.--Detroit Free Press. BEST TIME TO KICK A MAN. First Save Ilia Life and Then You May Apply Your Boot w'lth Impunity. Pek and Quirk were walking along the crowded street, feeling very kindly toward themselves and the rest of humanity Just as they reached the middle of a crossing one of those aggravating individuals who walk one way and look another stepped di- rectly in front of a cable car which wa founding the corner. Of course the ca:' had  no fender on it. Nearly everybody in the vicinity yelled, and naturally the bewil- dered man looked in the wrong direction u" ' ' Q wk ddn t yell, though, tie jumped to the side of the track and grabbed the }nan by the collar and yanked him clear of the tracks and almost out of his shoes. Then he gave him another ferocious jerk to get him out of the way of an express wagon, and, getting him at proper range at the same time, he gave the poor man a kick that must have driven his spine up into his hat. And with the kick Qmrk roared: "Confomd you, keep your eyes open when ,ou are on the street!" Quirk looked unutterably savage, but Perk tottered to the curb, sat down and laughed until the tears same. Then he said: "You are the only big enough idiot on earth to save a mann's life and then kick him for it."--Chlcago Times-Herald. Reflected Greatness. "Pa, what is a lineal descendant 9'' A hncal descendant m a person who has to fall back on some praiseworthy aucestor ier his own importance."--Dctroit Free Press, Off Her Mind. "There's a load off my mind," said the Italian lady, as she deposited the seveu bush- e/s of coal that she had picked up ,long the railroad tracks.--Chicago Evening News. In Hoek, ,, tIogan--Fwat ,de this in the paper about hock der kaiser ' mean .9 Grogan--lt is a dillikit way av sayin' soak 'im.-indiaapolis Journal "I didn't see the widow at the funeral." "'No; her gown fitted so badly that she couldn't restrain her grief enough to be present."--Answers. Genius is a loftier quality than talent in the sense that genius often lives  in the attic, .while talent has apartments on the ground fioor.--Town Topms. Fuddy--"Many wonderful things happen !n one's life;' Du.ldy--"Espeeia]ly in auto- iographies. --Boston Transcript. Some men snatch victory from defeat, but more snatch defeat from vict0ry.Chicago Daily News. When a man sings his own praise be in- variably gets the tune too high.--Chicago Daily News. Mr. Oldchap--"Are you interested in fos- sils, Miss Gushley!" Miss Gushley--"Oh-- er--this is so sudden!"--Tit-Bits. "Do you believe in luck?" "Not until after I've experienced it."--Chieago Daily Record. We ought not to judge men as of a ple- turo or statue--by first sight.--La Bruyere. Biscuit making as practiced by some wom- en is hard work.--Chicago Daily News. + "Dear me," thought the new fence, "I must get a new gait on me."--Golden Days. Sorrow makes men sincere and anguish makes them earnest.--Beecher. So many people become silly in trying to be funny.Atchison Globe. C0NSI00TINO A WOMAN. P/nkham's Advlco Inspires Oonfidenco and l)De. Examination by a male physician la a hard trial to a delicately organized .woman. She qBts it off as long as she dare, and is only driven to it by fear of can- cer, polypus, or some dreadful ill Most frequently such a woman leaves a physician's office where she has un- dergone a critical examinatiou with an impresion,more or less, of discour- agement. This eondi- tiou of the mind de stroys the effect of advice; and she grows worse rather than better. In consulting Mrs. Pink- ham no hesitation need be felt, the story is told to a woman and is wholly confidential. Mrs. Pinkham's address is Lynn, Mass., she offers sick women her adviee without charge. Her intimate knowledge of women's troubles makes her letter of advice a wellspring of hope, and her wide experi- ence mad skill point the way to health. "I suffered with ovarian trouble for seven years, and no doctor knew what was the matter with me. I had spells which wouldlast for two days or more. I thought I would try Lydia E. Pink- ham's Vegetablo Compound. I have taken seven bottles of it, and am en- tirely eured."--MBs. JON FOAN, 26 N. Woodberry Ave., Baltimore, Md. The above letter from Mrs. Foreman is only one of thotmnd Devlous De/nitlons. Forgettery--Better than memory at times. Kaleidoscope--Auother name for a wom- en's mind. Chatterbox--The one occupied by a thea- ter party. Success--The one road on the map that leads topopularity. H0g:An animal that gets right down to the root of things. Divorce-The only difference between mat- rimony and alimony. Quinine--A bitter enemy of the ague and one that's hard to shake. Debt--A trap that man baits, sets and then deliberate]y walks Into. Society--A Punch and Judy show in which the figures are dollars instead of scnse.-- Ch;cago Evening News. The "American Boy" Battleship. Every patriotic American h)pes the school boys of the United States will succeed in heir efforts to raise $3,000,000, which will be used in building a battleship to bc called the "American Boy." It costs great sums of money to builda warship but you build up your health with Hostetter's Stomach Bit- ters at small expen, se. Ttfis remedyisan ap- petizer, tonic, blood purifier and stimulant. It i for stomach, liver and bowel disorders. Social Distinctions. Young Doctor--I tind it hard to draw the line between hay fcver and influcnza. Old Doctor--It is hard, my boy, but social distinctions have to be made; there's no help for it.--Detroit Journal. o Chance for st Confllet. **A conflict of arms," he said, "is a terri. ble thing." "Of course," she replied, blushing prettily; ':and so inexcusable, too. I hold that the dmposition a man makes of hi ams is none of a girl's business." After that, of course, there was  chases for a confiiet.--Chicago Post. Don't scratch, when it can be avoided by usingTetterine, the only sure cure known for all itching diseases. 50 ce,nts at druggists, o by mail for cash or stamps. J, T. Shuptrine, manufacturer, Savannah, (]a. In giving ear to flattery we no only fo ourselves, but fool the flatterer as well. ]'own Topics. A glass eve is the memorial window of th souL--Princeton 'ger. The readers of this paper will be pleaed to learn tlmt there is at least one dccaded disease that science has been able to cure in ] all its stages, and that is Catarrh. HaWs Catarrh Cure is the only positive cure known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh i.TH  XCLLL]  0F UP OF ] being a coustitutioual disease requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh is due not only to the originality and Cure is taken inernally, acting directly upou the blood and mucous surfaces of the ; system, thereby destroying the foundation of the disease, ami 'iving the oatient strength by building up the constitution and assisting nature in doing its work. The proprietors have so much faith in its cura- tive powers that they offer One Hundred Dollars for any ease that it fails to cure. Send for list of testimonials. Address F. J. CnNzy & Co., Toledo, O. Sold byDruggists, 75e. HaWs Family Pills ure the best. "Why is it the mind is brighter when a man is past 40? .... After that age the man gets sense enough not to eat too much."-- Chicago Daily Record. Piso's Cure is the medicine to break children's Coughs and Colds.--Mrs. M.  Blunt, Sprague, Wash., March 8, '9,t. Some housewives are so busy they seem to be trying to create the atmosphere of home hy'agitation, on the principle of a ven- tilating apparatus.--Detrmt Journal. To Cure a Coldln One Day Take Laxat:ive Bromo Quinine Tablets.. All d'ugists refund money if it fmls to cure. 25c. Our enemies point out our faults, else we might never improve sufficiently to retain ur fricnds.--L. A. W. Bulletin. 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