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November 26, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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November 26, 1898

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&apos;P '**';*''tiL'"t The reecJprs orc(It,m at ,ldsplace l,t()['O , t,[(}E SE 1 r.l. lih)N. c(mtinue t.o be small and sh()w a (',,.- S , A i , F MI 4S,S,qtPPI, ( side! d.)le l)s;s a (()in0qro(i to last yebr  IIA.INON t]oUNTY. turdy: N0vemb0r fiG. r,,r tile vee,,.'- The rain and bad weath - To the lie orah,e Board of Super ,._z_ ............... ::_; --7-_:-- el' ha m) d,q|lbt, decreased [he size of visors ot Villia.on ,,t/nty Missis- .Iacil J0urr! of the C0r- the ,.(,., a ,,,':e pc, ,:e,,, and. is sipl)i: verv (]uesli.n:llle if ns lDnch Cot,Los 'e. the nndsrsi.2ned re.iden!s ,ud p0rati0n of W00dville. Simple Announcementsf marrla- ,e, and deaths will de puhhshcd without charge. II]sI'I'jI||OI| II'I' |lllllltlll. Cash ....................... $1 50 Otherwise .................. $2 00 MAP, F ET. New Orleans ;N,ov. 26 1898. ! 'ottoll-- Middling ................... 4 15-16cis Locals are rather scarce this week. Oh my ! but wasn't it cold on Tues- flay and Wednesday. JOB /ORK AT 'ItE I(EI'UBI,ICAN- Mr.L.P,. Watt atended ginffling lros circus in Baton Rouge Monday. Mr. Max Dampf Daid a visit, to Port Gihs(m durig the early part of the week. The registered vote ofthecoumy felts up a total of 1075. Whit, es 997, colored 178. will be u'.qde ;Is ]a'-t, teason, legal voters el the second supervis(ws -**-.- (lllrirt (,l ,aid collnly Hlld ID_t( i'e- IVe are prel)aring for Ctlristm:s, spe(:ttt,lly pet!lieu ..'our lieu. Board and are reeeivi,,g daily our Xul; S to grant to ,Joe .I. Davis also a rcsi- goods. Our supply nf toys for the dent there(if, a license t(, s-II and re- children iscomldete, so early and udte advantage of large assert,- men! and cheap prices. CIIAS. R. DAY. I ,I,,=-It : Mr. M. A. \\;Vest. of Bridges  Wes , Norwood, Lq., lDe of the mosl, ent, e- prising firms in this section (If tle SouLh, was % visitor t oour town on last UaLurday. Mr. West reports!he crop at least three.eighths short, in his section and business at 7, stand- still. Ilmvened Smith's ure Kidney Core and it has made a permanent cnr0. I]{S. WM. PII{YEAIt. Jonesboro Ark. Price 50 cents For sale by Clms. R. Day. :)1 withst, n('ing the very inclement weal her or I.hc ear y part of the week, our merchants sent to Byou .qarahy wagons considerable cotton and have had their freight hauled bylhesame ronte.- The lailroad C:)mpany still t dl Vint)ns. Ale,fl,o'.ie. Malt Intoxi calin and l)i,'iluous iquors in (luantitie. lh n one gallon near the Fort Adams lalutingiu ai,I I)istrict alld we revonmend the said ,hw. J. Davis to he ot ood reputation anti a sober and a slitah'e pc, rson t, receive such license and asin duty l)oundctc. lLespeetfull v, Daniel Vebsler A',ox miler, John llenr ](elsh, Erues! l',ss. (:w'us MeNu!t,' Stricker, v,'itlie Lamer Strickcr, Mayer Sam-el,  lille u dO(iS Stuart, Perry Baker. John James Cage, lrvin Ely llunt, llalmrs tlrandon Glass, Sterhn Williams, Ills Jalnes x Desearu ,l tl |',7. George Babers Lee. ,laeob llurke Mount, Lyttletot Lancaster, Evans Spencer Wall, Noah x ill!am James, Win. l)ahlb(m, Fender l)an l{evish. Mr. C. A. Coo'7.:jst, Friday and refuses t. rant any reductions, and Satnrday of last, w0ek in Centreville the fight, is on to stay. on business. An emdemie ( seems t(, Thead of Gee. Turner nppcars in this issue, and if you wish oysters or fish call and see him. HANDR()ME is our linesnf selected Wedding and HollMay Gift,% JOB. SARPIIIE. The Jeweler. Miss ](ate M(.Gchee of Pinckney villewasavisitor to our town on Wednesday mwnin. Don'tforget lhe':telebrity Part, y" q'uesday mght at, the residence of Mrs. K. F. Johnson. +-i.- @--e Miss Sadie Cr,,pper returned h()me several days ao from a visit, to rela- tives in Yazoo City. Loaded Shells nf all size(, wit, l any load desired can he fmmd at CHAS I. DAYS. Mr. Will Diek,(Tn--,' nf Centreville. and D. W, Huff,(ff Wlfitestown wa in town yesterday. Messes John and l)ave Bryant ()I atchez. visited relatives in our t(Wll during 1116 lira( of (,he week. (2hanceey O(mrt con vcne, on the 2d }I(mday in Decemher. There arel0 divorce." eases',] n file, all col(wed ex- tept one. Mr. and Mrs. Day have taken hold of our people and quite n number have been suffering wit,hthisLro|tblesome complaint. I. seemed to have fi|'s favored the chil dren but now grown persons are being taken. N(, serious result, s have as yet followed. I am slill aen rot all newpaper and magazines. Orders left will Mrs. R. Richardson will receiv( prompt at,tenl hm. MRS. N. TIIERRELL. Miss AnnieLorre Jonas. el Aber- deen, Mi. a graduate of the Martw Colle,..*e ( I Orat.ry nf Washington, D. (]., l)ron)lses t,o give us a "lecital" here the ll,st week iu l)ecember. She willemne with the highest rcc(m-- nendathmso[hcrabilit,Y and we ('an afey promls;t.hepnhlie an enjoy- :lhle cvcnlHg. We expect, to gv, p ,siLive dales Jn our nexI i sue. 1 wa troubled with sevele fern tlc wen.klleSs l(r over a ycrlr, and %vas c, mfi,ed to the hell lor over six monlh. 1 was treated IW six very promhumt physicians without any markc(I bem.l!t" M3 last doctor was a slille,t .pt(;i igt. Slid lie tohl me. toe only hope I.y ],, an perathm heard -f Smith's Sure Ki(hw, y , "ure. and after 1IS!lift it for one nlollth 1 find myself cured, and even the d,,;- for who last treated lne ilO%V pronoun- l(,l'to Wednesday ces me well. Francis 51 a eio n Thornberry, Thoma Joseph Burke. Ne,l x\\; ard. Ralph Gnnst, James llem'v Jolla Robm't Lindsay Braudon, (erard ('hittoc Braudon, ]{()bert Brittain, Ben Tolbert, R.bert Scott. E,Iwar(t Ben Bonden, bl.jor Jolm Franklin, Charles Allen Faruham, ]h)l)ert S(;inple .Ir X\\; lilt'tin \\;, atsml Babers, JOlill '['owle, Sen!tile, H is David x MMden, i'll :tl'l,;. t .Tam,;'-' Bell .It'. G,,,(,rge Marshall 5[c[uLs re, Louis l,:eher. llenry Prundmll McGehee, Arthur Merwi. McGehee, lbtvid Self. l-'iuk ()harlcs l)ax* son, Willie ilav. L,an(ler Eugene Sit(art, .]Hllle, l}ull(;a:, ,age. II,nry Edward Ilarris, ,l,)hn .h*fF,u',!, Davis, Wi!liam Ih, nry all, ,](dIn Bell' urr.:. Victor E. Tracer. lk, nmc ILoili' lumnn. Clmrh's William l)avi, B T. Slmckter. George l)orse. (;las, E.l,.vin Itulhvan Davis, Willie Th,}rtaon, I Filed November lt, 1898. ( A ('oo', t.lerk. Nov, 51h, 1898.-4w. LIQLOI LI( ..,SOL PETITION, iornng for Bnlon ,ouge, wher M,'s. Day will spend Lhe hoil days wt 11 I,er parents. ALWAYS S()M E'I?ItING N EW will be f(,und in onr selections of Wedding and Ih)lliday I'esents. d()S. SAI,PIIIE, "lhc Jeweler. Just received at Gee. J. Adams, the finest, ass, wtment of Candies and L,wney's Chocolates, at prices to suit 4 cent e,,ttt,n. Quite a number of ()ur prominent ('itizens attended the Fair in Natchez during lle week end nodoubl they spent a very enjoygble time. D.n't forget, te.lection next Tues- day the 29th. Turn out and vote flr M-L,dn t.o fill the unexpired term or lion. W. F. Love. deceased. WANTED.--()Id Confederate Stamps on original envelopes nr packaes.-- Highest, prices paid f.)rsame. Appl. at, l.EN BROWN'S SHOP, At, tent!on is called to tim advertis- men(, in this ,ssue (,1" Mr. Gee. Mar- l, lns. wlm only ;tks a call rro,n you to eonvineev-I that he sells cheap and freshgroeerie etc. Mr. lht,'ry Ford, .f Fm'd Bros. & Co., of Cettrevilie, was in tOWllOn Wednesday looking afler souecotton which he thinks has beeu disposedof upon which he has a lien. Foe SAfi =& uwi'. tlouse and lob oa Sligo Street. ADply to GEe. J. ADAMS. Miss EmmaNey rod, aft,er a visit of s.v'al months to reiat,ives in Moutgomerv, La., relurncd home last Saturday. She was accompanied by hercousln, Miss Maud e)land who will be her gnest for a short while. Call around and examine my new line of Toilet articles. IThcy arc uaique and are sure m) please. C[IAS. [{,. DAY. Mr. Jas. Watson Jr.slittle dtugh- ter' Odile, died in Wilson, La., lasl Thursday morning, and was buried here at, 2 (Pc]trek P. M., yest,erday.- Mr. Watson and family have the sympa- thy of the ent, ire.communi ty. We regret, very much t,o learn tha Mr. Ih,thsc, hilds horse, Dewey, in his rim!den race in Natchez. on Wednes- day last threw his rider and broke throngh the hers riving the track. We wish Mr. R. m()re sttecess whe, n he again slarts his horses. ]&rlght's Disease and all kidney tr0hbles eaiily cured by Smith's Su:'c Kidney Cure. l havel)een blee(t|ng from the khl- nevs for t re)re month., an,d had ot- ton so weak [ was eonthmd to my bt.d. h,s. J IL FAVER, Atlanta, Ca. Price 50 cents. For sale by Chas. IL liar. M,nday eve,ring the inercury beg;u., dr(,pping and it kept, golugdown unt, il "rnesday morning it, regist.ered 26, a fall of 43 degrees in 12hours. This is a r(,cord ht'eaker in thi, county and 'Ihlesday, Wednesday and Th sd y were the.coldest days during Nvem. her that cau be reca!lcd by our oldcsl oil izens. $ ),,- i1-- Thanksgiving Day was duly ()bserv- e(] tLY our cilazens on Thur.dav. A unim ser\\;l"e being hcld a lhe N.yna- a)atle, Jodtleted by [{evs. ,Trisler au(i \\;Vhlhetg and iLev. ]/l'OWll hoRiinu servlce at, the Episcopal Church, Bu- siness was emirely sllsperldcd for e- oral hours and nllr stores were a 1 closed during the Services and he dinner hour, s ;IS tl) pel'IlliL all to et:- joy Lhenlgelv(s Ol] this (lay. I was seriously afflicted with a conch [or several years and last falt hal a nlore gevere. ('ong I thall ev-;r before I have nscd Illally remedies without re(.mvinff much relief, andl being rocomllleu(le(I to try tt be(lie ot t Chaniborlain's Congh [{enle(ly, by a friend, who k mwi,,g hie to be a |)oct widow, _(,ave it to me, [ tried it, and with tim most ra.ifvin r,s:llts. L'he iirst hotlh; relieved hie very Inu,:h aml the se('o;d b(,ttle has absolutely cllred ille [ have not had as good health [ll' t x,ventv ye:ll', lest)e('t- t'ullv..Ults, x"ARY A [E%HI), Llare- ulore. Ark, S,,dd hv [k. l(aun. N ew & dvertisemens. C00O. DEALER Ii . Gyocer tes algol  eTe]'al ]i eychaDdise, WEST = MAIV ST,ET. D. B. [oran's Ohl ,_tart(1. GEO F. TlJfl00Efl, ,'VIIN S'rREET. Ke.eonlwavs on hand FREqfI OYSTERS and HSll. Orders for all ki:ds of fil solicited and will receive prompt a+,ention. N()TI(;E. BIDS t,)b,lild a bridge acre  the hay,,u on fr,.ntstc,'et i, town (,[ Fort A.d:llItS, accordlllg [o Sll(,(.ilieations o,i file i,1 the elm:leery clerk's otl}ee, will he received np to b o'clock A. 3t. (m the lt M;,I,tay in I)eeember 189;'. The P,(mr(l reserves the righ't to rej(:cl any and all bid.% C. A. (;()ON, Clerk. 11 12 1898 4w. ) ) STARE OF MISISSII l f. T(I (?,qrrh, Blu t. T S Donp, elan and l(ateT C'u,twell, (h,fcl(la,,ts: To lhe lh)norable Board of Super- visors of Wilkiusoq County aud State (ff MVqsil)pi: We the umlersined resi(lents and legal voters of the Set;end Supervisor District of said county and State re- ,peetfull," petit!tin aour tloncrable Boar, I to grant to JOSEPll ED(;AIL JARREAU also arei ent thereof, a license to ell aud retail vinous, alcoholic, malt i,,toxi,'aiing aml spiritnnus liquors in les (]uanltli, lllan one gallon at Po,ld, iu :,.i(I l)istrict and we recom- 1Iv;lid mti,! ,Io.eph Edgar ,larreau to ',)eot ,_q)(.I rel)utatiou aud a sober att(I >mit:hlo i>('r.,)n to ,'eeeive such liceusc and as in dqty bound etc. etc. ILe, pe ct full y, J,)hll ,}effel'8OU Davis, ]'erry B.,ker, ]{alph (.i st Willie {()otls Stnart, 1)a)licl Vcl)ster Alexander, J,,hn lIeurv I(elsh Pi,)k Cllarles l)awsou, I[is Jaln.'s x Desearn, 3ia.vk. ltis l)avid x .qaiden, Johel,fie Ih:ll Clu'ry. Tholna Maxwell, \\;; illie Lanier Stri.ker. Cyrus McNulty Strmker. John ;ames Cage, Ma cr Samuel, Jmob Burl<c qount, Jotu Towels Scruple. llarrv Trumbutl qeGehee, lh,be,'t L],,dsay Bran(h)n William Watson Babers. R.bert Semple, Jr, Major .h,hn Franklin. Arthur Murwin McGehee. F'ra,,,:is Marion Thornberry, ( erard Ctlil toc ]ralldoll, Edward Bcn lh)lden, Robert Brlttain, Ben Toll)eft. Littleton Laucaster, Rohcrt Sc,,tt. Evans Spencer Wall, (}eorge Babel's Lee, Loots Esther. tleorgc Marslmil Mclntre, Ernest Ross, ])avid Self. James Ilenr f ,1o11% Willie 'rlmrnt,)),, lerling Williams. Ned x Jr(I. .Inlnes B,dl .Tr Vict-r Em{uul(..l Trager, Francis lal'ion I)avi,lson, lle, r. Edward llarris, Gcor/e l)oese> (.;]ass, (;eorgc 1,ankervllle I{,ow, ('harles lie r, Browa, Edwi, lPahviu I)avis, Yo,, gi';lia l)avidson, Sunlter t,t)ut,.e Stuart, ,l:tules lie rv Gibbs. James Ah:or. Gillespia, #Ni(:il()las I)evereux. ]);t:, l)('])r('e. N-:d V, illiam,lames, Wi]he lie s ,lan)es I)l)u(:a, Cage, h'vin El Ilul;t, Willianl Ilenr," Wall, lh, ul)en L)au Revish. Llutrle ilel] lCarnhalU, ] was told to try Sa)ith', Sure l,i(Inev You areeomma))de(t to "pl)ear lie- Cure. as it was chtimed to dissolw fore the ()lta (err ()curt of Wilkinson tono in kidney. After 1 ha(i takes Cou-tv i, s,fid state. .,, the seco.d half of the bottle t le storm was (hs- .Mold.v of I)em, mber A. D lS98. to solve, I a,,ll passed away. nut1 in two (tefe, (1 the ,uit 1:) said eot+rt of Peter davsI was cared of(he bleeding anti Mollerexeeut()r,)f [i S. Van Eat!in cosmic,meal to improve, I entirely well .. JOHN STOKES, Bartlett. %'cuu. 1898 .Prie 50 cculs. For sale I)y Chas. H. Try a ht)tllc ol A(la,ns Sarsaparilla and purify vo(lr hlootl. 25 cents hcapcr than H,,od at J ,3i-5. II THe:. 00ALOON [ IS NOW C)PEN Felt BUSINESS H WITII A I"L.IA, STOCK_ (_)I" : : I j -- -o -SUCII AS--o I OLD 2IOWOPOLE RYE, I T r ' ' I P(ITdA  YE, u I FREA'CIt BR.t3D Y, W'I3"ES, ETC. C/;o/ce Stock of FINE C/6AR8 A/ways on Hand. Those is need of PURE LIQUORS for medical par- ! poses will (Io well to call aud examine my stock, m ! ......  " -- "41# - - =- J i \\;e beg to announce that  , ,, we are daily receiving our 00new and choice stock of i ! FAL L gq# TYR IIlN Goods, This weeks arrivals . I{ t, as follows:  t [I I Ladies and Misses '" I . L)/nc/nnat00 8hoes, 4 ! Ou. tmgs, 7anne/ettos and! ! Ginghams. AI1 of them early ! NOV T00ES. ! . Come around and look at I I them even though you do not want to buy at prcscnt. "I'ItES I'ASS NOTICE. + e.: : All hnntin_ on mv i,laee is strictly  ond,.r,,e.a,t00 o, the00,00s w 00oo.'aw" Our Jewelry + 11 20 97 if. EXPOSITION All hunting or tresoassing on the  This year will Artonish lar, ds nnder" fence is Dro-  . k hi[)ited unde.r full penalty of the law. " -- -- surpass all of our  Any stock remaining on the Artonish   -- --- ; efforts -- " pature after February 15ih will be prev,ous charged pasturage 50c 'per month.   and compare fa- --- J, A GXLLSrtE.  vorabty wtth the- 1 15 1898 ly. i  Hch and varied-- -- Udvez00Ry of "  d,spht.vs seen in --- large cities. }Ve , L,,anu(.<,  . months to make IR.-|.  --- this the : : : -- Conrses in Lilerat,ure. Science, Phi-  BeSt Jewelr'y Store h)Sol)lly. EloclHmn, Pcd:!tngY, Law. . 22 Schools.. Eularged corps ins{ruc-- .@i  in tile othh,'  rors. Complete wafer and sanitary  ystem. Unsu,'passed ie,tlt,hfulness  (considering the  . TUITION FVttEE  -- size of the town)' ,n men and women in all departments ,XCeDt law, All expenses low. Senti-  --- and we as[; your ' Ceutennial celei)rati()n N,')v. 6. 8. '98. .. inspection atl(l Next Session opens Sep. 15. 18.0. For catah,zue or infor)naiun address,   approv": "'' : g. ]. FULTON, Cha,,mell(,r, , JOS. SRRPHIE:, ,* Uuiversit,y, Miss. 8 6 1999. e I Tke J, we,er. ** CO]SL]OE, e',w Orleams, Sm. 41 years rellot*.'ied as a lead- er. o fal,0 promtses made, l::l:t(('l:l:h-:l:{: r.o elmrlatanl,nn prac'/,ced.  S- MA NTO .,,++, . RA als Diplomas etc., awarded  ,. t8 by Ame'icP.n and European Ex)osIt, iona. Cotn*nerctal  Oyster seasoll iS IIOX.V eden aud ) Course in(dudes EX'pert Ac-  %% e keep always Oil haltd fresh cour.t:Ig and Adittng, :nd . is G-aaramteed IHtgher a.d ! Btvocook oysters OI1 ice. Dre- " . $ltgex'ior to any other In the -, pa{'ed in any s[vl'e. 1Ve hen- . 8ouLh. We own ,llr e.ollec die no tub oyster. All kin(Is buUdhLg ad h.vounequalled . taciiiUvs ud a uuexcciled of California Fruit, J2aal)cy faculty.  Candy, Nuts etc. , Graduate8 hold h-airing poiltnns all over the go:l;iLrv. Instructbm all p( ro.,l. .. [ain St. Opposite Baum& l,)ampf. llavihg nnmeroua b,,the.s (.'t)ntlectto'o$ and + . ,v " beiug utiverm, ny a1d reputably k)mwn, we .}}:?._ff.-._r)J:'-l:gl:>-., trove u* advantages in aiding students to Feb 12 9S I y. :;eC,:l r t*, i ,AI( iCll. g,- stre ia ennece,4 with Sonl5 C'ollee ''"":" W00ILS}00 & WILSO00 real vods and s cruel oney', and they keel) the b,')ol:u in lhe latclst tabor .avlm: form.. btll;lellZ ellI, er al llIly %111", English, Aca- 2emit. Shorthand and BnsinesS schools. All CONTrA'roRs OF* separate lac.ttlt]ea. Send for eatnlogoe. CHAM00ERL/R00I-li00;iT ,,:-+ w o r K. ACADE3IY, Es{ilnates ]F(urnished I-')T (]xmo-. :t[. I Patronage Solicited. BOARDIN HOOL FOR BOY. } [,ea, ve Orders wiH We[1lin & llie=key or Ben [lealthy tocabion in I he Dill cotlal.ry n.,,o'n's. Barber bhop, of .lississippl. A l,Lh FACU/J[Y. Dee18 97 a/a. Well bquipped GYtXASlUti. lat.e. low, (wiug to cn(iowntent. ['Write for Cat, alo,ue. TRESPASS NE IO.L J. T. 1)D, A KE, ECRETARY, All hu,,tin on Simrall and Sehac- 8 6 1S98 bf. fer I)laeess st rictly prohibited under LOST:--A Wtaterman F(mntain penalty 9t .he tar. Pen. Anyone rett}rui,.lg sanie Lo this 'L. )r. 3IAGRUDEIL oicewillbcrcwardcd. 11 20 97 Lf. FIRK SALK 26th IIavtng purchascd at almost ottr (wtt fitlres fr, m one -,f the leading dry goods concerns in New Y,,rk City, a laree amount of stork sltghtly damaged Iy rite n,1 wltter, cancd by a confla.ration on the night of Au 2Ld last, we are t)re- pared to give onr customers the benefit el the exceedingly low prtees for whlch the goods ere oblalned. With many other values to be fonnd here are the followiag: MISSES CLOAKS, regular pnee $'2--Fire sale price 75e, Ladies bleached underskirts trimmed wilh embroidery regular prie $1.25--Fice sale price 65e. All wool ladies vests, regular price 50e.--Fire eal sale prlee 15e. K,,it stoeking worth 10c. Fire sate l)Hce 5c:. Pepperel Drilling " 8e. " " " 5c. Outing, sohd colors worth 10c. Fire ale price 5e, Pcrcalls 36 inches wide " 10c. ' ..... 56, Ladies shirt waists " 35a. ' ..... 15,', Double blankets " $t. " " " 60e, C, SCHAEFER. C KANN. wOODVII, LE, " " " " ' " DEALER IN-- DRUGS and MEDICINES CtlFMIC00,I,00 Public School Beoks -'ano,' nd "X'olle ,,,.1: 1;ole Tobcoo nd Sedan's. .. Saionery, Painters SppHes Cu/:/ery tmi in.a lIardware, llhtminati,g OiLs'. : G a'den Seed 6"e. Phvsicians prectqptions carefully compoundeO, and ordr terre(tly cck selected wi';h grat care andwarranted as represented. v. 8.9 . .--y. DR. CHAS. E. CATCHINOS WOODVLLE : : " : IISS. Office in Adams Drng Store. uy J14i "94 tf. DR. L, W, IIAGRUDEKi Physician and Surgeon, WOODVILLE, MISS. Office at resid( uee, Atu'Jl 7, .88 l> DR C. 0. CR0SS. Dental urgc0u, XVOODVILLE 31 fSS. Office np stairs over the P(;st,.ff]ce. A, /8, 8HANNON, WOO DV I LLE, 31 IS,_. Will praeUe in all State and U:aitcd States courts io this State Real estate bonght tn(l ld 0rr emt mission. OflloP on C)mn,rcin 1;ow Dg. JOHN F. THERREL, Physician and Surgeon WOODVILLE, MISS. Office ou Main St. at his old Str.nd JOHN A, LOWRY, " , R FUNERAL ,IRECT0 A Full Stock of Metalic aml Wood- eu Coffins always ou hand at Wood- ville. Miss., Main St. l'r(,sras [ All persons foutm iluntmg,fishmg or otherwise trespassitg on Ihe Bur namwood i)lant:,tion alien( 8 miles sooth of Woody!lie will be prose cutcd to the full extent of thelaw, As!., rict watch will i)e kel>t (,L, sam( plantatiou for trespassers. L. \\;. M*tnrtr Ski00 Diseases. For the speedy and vermanent envo of tter. salt rheum and eczema, Cham- oerlaiu's Eye and 8kin Oinnent is without an eqnal, tt relieves the itch- ing and smarting alm0st instantly and its continued n.e effeets a permanen cure. It aL Cures itch, barber's itch. scald head. sre ippler. itchin pik\\;s, chapped h'nd, chronio ore et"s and granul-tte& lids. Dz: Cady's Cc.diLion Powde fm horses are the best tonic, b!oo, t p,u'ifim vud vernfifu,,e. Pride, ,5 ccs. utd b, . ,,J J.H.J ORES. Air,my g:uz@ st I.:w, O'U I;EA L],At J Family and Fancy Groceries. ('once tloneries. Oysters, Tropical Frnit et a:l kinds, Snu:r Coffee, Fh,t,r, , ).;ff Starch, Raisins, Xu.s ,f all kinda CannedFrnit and Fish,&e. Fine brand chewing '1'ohm co. Fresh ]h'ea(I every (ly, cW s,)p* piles arriving (laity,. March 21, l:P6-y TRESPASS );(Yl" !('E. All hun[in, fishi,)ff o," trtspassing (;n (;h n th,mw s trictl9 prohibit(.(] I;h(ivr ; he law." All tOtlller Iw)ndsi)n eo -yoked. GEe. T. M(I;UEE. IhE,_} A,.:8 N()'I'!f I':,) Any person ean,ht ht:ttjng, fi.+h. or otherwise tr(,l,'(ssing (,u tl:(, b'rar i Collins orOhl I.ev, is 1.18ces w/)lb prosecute(I to the toil t:xlt)t 0I  aw. All former I ern)is.,h,ns t'ex. ed. F. 1). L]w/s. - A, "H. So 3 ,Lrd,a , tuccesor to THE ]]E00T South-West Cor,:cr el Ft:blic S(ita I have ahvavs t) t,,I;d am,. erlol a) tk'h ,;f Tn' V  tETTF' t.'F CIGAIIS, Ioneslic at:d ]n,),o)t ,?, i [al)(" Liqw r<, V( . n, ut] , Col,! 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