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November 24, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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November 24, 1923

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HARDLY HER WORK .1Ketable Corn- Her Ed, Sleep Every Way weak and rim- e nervous condition I could hardly do my work. I was tired all the time, ,.zy. and could el3 knd had no e. I tried dif- medicinee for ,ut the did ) jne. "1sen i thepaers E.Pink- for other it to .,without it.&apos;" 8. Mjuflield u theme that testify E. Pinkham'a This woman fullness of her heart. correctly as ehe can first the wymptome thpt the mint, and later the there mptgms. It f gratitude. Pink h been , e I[ Our Womans Feature Pag Containing Matter Particularly Interesting to the Ladies of th'00 Vicinity !1 S--DD-Y--S EVENING FAiRSR-Y:-cH-EN---C-A-BiN-E--T I|][  Ladws, Don t O00erlook Th00s Page [Z'dl[-q Tail': 9 Brushed Wool Sweater Coats can eat ;in [rnxtatlon t)ee fyteak, , TIlE enchantments that life unfolds stage jllst llOW. w|lh a SUCCCS thal with a smile on Ills lace. atld Loll TWO IMPORTANT CATS il & along the path of joyous giNho.d, promises well for their future. They the wometn who prepared It tibet begin wh;.l tile little miss beconleS t'on- al'l cozy and cheerful to h)ok at and It ls as Kcod as the real thlng. Mrs. Burnett-Smittl. Two cats lived on the same city eious of parties and party frocks, corJtrlbute an amount of warm com- block. There were some other cats Epooh-makin events, like being 3h.'.er fort, along with a casual but spirited COLD-WE/THER DISHES. [ i Oen g Saucer who lived on the block, too. but these two cats were the Impor- tant ones. "they were like leaders on the block or eat elti- zns of high sown and fame. You know how in a town there are usually a few very leading citi- z e n s, although they are not the only people In town. Well on this block there to Look Further. damages!" shouted the battered man who had by a rival. his friend, after critically, "that if you find you've got of Milk- were other cats as I've said, but these two were the important ones. : "BAYER" ASPIRIN The other cats did not come out of Without Fear if You : the houses very much. They liked to stay In the apartments and Just take "Bayer Crou.n [ an airing once in awhile. Unless you see the name True, they did come out, but they or on tablets you didn't walk up and down the block the genuine Bayer and greet their friends as these rwu safe by millions and important cats did. for 23 years. : The two big cats had always seemed when you buy Aspirin. to llve on the block--they had for dangerous.Adv, years at any rate. And riley seemed to be o'ned by His Pippin. everybody, or at least to have many apple of my eye," owners and many friends. used to sigh. I At night and when It was cold and spliced and now she horrid they went to one of the bae- meats where lived a kindly Janitor, would eye the peaches, who took them in and gave them a to Keep Cle deatlm and oyez of serious LLlnem an- by Federal and to leedleuly un- It is ma amu- most of tl needless found, not In among the rural and mufltary ondiflo may the omnIry Just all as in the dty. The involved I very when you eonsida4 family's health will be reault, It will assure a great improvement privy vaults, protee. water supplies, rat- of these can a little cost and a lit- ' man Full direction8 is the best snc- what tools you will cement, how to mix concrete---all th may request to the Portland 111 West Wash- Ask for 'on- ; youwm return maiL--Adv. in That, been telling people prowess in the hmrt- you always gave a to ,flamd eyes al Balmm Once tried, Petrl I., N. It'. &de. l warm place to sleep before the grtend- ly old furnace. They never had to be out of doors ' unlet they wished to be, and know- ins they could always be protected i from storms and rain was a very com- forting thought. tlways, too, they could get enough t food. In fact, every Janitor was any lou to feed the two cats. so well thought of in the neighborhood were there cats. People, too, who lived Im the apart- ments would bring them delleades to eat--often a saucer of milk would be brought out. For most of the Ume --e cats were out of doors, as I've said. They would sit in front of the differ- ent apartment houses and as the ones they knew and liked came out they would go up to them and rub them and make soft purring sennas to -,how how friendly they were. And how many people would speak to them and would say "good morning" to them Just as they would to real people. "'Meow. me-ow," said the first eat ; "we are very lucky. In the first place we have brains. And what Is more, we know how to usa our brains, which is more than can be said for all creatures. "It Is wise to be where one is well looked after, and it Is here that we are well looked after. Do we have the brains to know where It is we're well off, and we ae our brains in thinkln all this out." "Me-ow." said the second eat 'It l the truth that you ak." "We think for ourselves," said the first cat. "We dl4u't have to be told these things; we thought them all ouL" The cond cat didn't tmm, er for a moment. The beautiful sun wu Im warm and no cosy and the second et had dropped off to sisep for a moma, cloing his eyes and now opemlug them half sleepily. "It's such a lovely, quiet, resti day," said the first eat. "All frien seem to have gone ouL and now that we've been polite to every- one let us earl up by our special apart- ment house and take a good rest In the sumhlne. "Sunshine, it Is said. 18 good for creatures. Cats believe thls, too." "Your suggelon Is splendid," said Hardly. can you say of the have given any- your pipe againi your pipe? care to. ti WOMEt CAN DYE ANY 1 GARMENT, DRAPERY Dye or Tint Worn, Faded Things New for 15 Cent=. Don't wonder whether you can dye or tint successfully, hecause perfect home dyeing is guaranteed with "Dia- mond Dyes" even If you have never ! dyed before. Druggists have all colors. [Directions 'In each package.--Adver i tlsement. __ Fully Informed. I "l)oes your husband tell you what he (I<:s with Ilis m,ney?" "Ile doesnt have to tell me. re- pl ed the WOlll;|n W th a weary expres- sion. "lle reads and talks ahout notic- ing hut horse races." I For true bhze, use Red Cross Ball iBlue. Snowy-white clothes will be sure to resuh, Try It and you will al- ways use it. All good grocers have It. aldge a man by the enemies. Only Ms denounce him. the second cat. And. Indeed. the se Relief "'" lighted at what the first cat had suggested, for it had been all he could do to keep awake while the first cat was talk- tag. 8o the first eat and the second cat sat hunched up side by side. 1--  J - How enormous and how hand- _ some they did look, for though they had been born but ordinary It Is the Truth. at, they had be- ebme handsome, fine-lookIng cats, f they had known that this would be posalblo with the help of these spies- did almrtment-houe triend. It had been so loaf since first they had wandered Into this block I now they were the block's mo impo mat cat dtiseP Yes, the,/ had eats! themselves so they "know how to behave, mad th had treed their brains in plektug out their home aml thdr hlaJds. 0h, I/ wu very pleua to tMnk -mad to deam about, mint mpa- dlty mt ew to dream abtmt, tt tt. as tt beth l(n their girl at a wedding, are -'..r.:t)ered hy the ,St,at> "dta't grared them--unforget- able frocks remain in the mind--as when o-, l)aced forth in all the glory of a bridesmaid and are associated with pleasant memories always. The party frocks of little ladies are Important and muny good style m,-- style, that is more trod more appre- ciated by wolnen of the best taste, Whenever there is a chill in the air, indoors or out, these pretty garments conquer it, and they are within reach of everybody and a good investment. An example of the jaequette and one af the sweater coat, as shown In the --Advertisement, The chilly days speed up the aW l petite anti we enjoy f,,ds that ai'o I She Gets Blamed. heavy and richer t Growls wore heard Sunday morning. i than those served Tile lady in the apartment across the i during tile warm air shaft called cautiously to ask what C a s s e- theltrouMe,, was. weather. role dishes are didn't buy the proper supplies for especially favored Sunday," explained the wife who was with those wire [ being blamed. "But you came home with a full like to put a basket." whole m*:al into the oven or fireless cooker and go off for a ride in tile brae- "Yes. but I forgot my husband's Ing air, coming back with an appetite equal to a good nourishing dish of vege- tables and meat. When one lives wimre chestnuts are to be found at a reasonable price in the nlar:[et the fol- lowing dish will not be an expensive luxury : Cassolet CastelnaudaryThls Is a famous historical dLh. Soak a quart of lima beans Ill a saucepan with water to cover put over tile beat and let them Just eeme to the hoUg point and then set thenl aside, f(ir an Lout. Drain tim l/ms, add fresh boiling water and set them over the fire and cook until nearly done. Place en casserole tvo eupfuls of cooked chick- en or duck, turkey or any fat fowl, add the drained beans, and onion 'sLiced, half a cupful of strained to- mato. a quart of chicken broth and a teaspoonful of kitchen bouquet. Bake one hour, uncover, sprinkle with but- I tered bread crumbs, chopped parsley, brown find .erve. I Oyster Cocktail Sauce.For five oysters use a teaspoonful of tarra- gon vinegar, a tablespoonful of to- mato catsup, a teaspoonful of lemon Juice, four drops of tabasco sauce and i a pinch of salt. bllx all the season- l lnga thoroughly, add the oysters and chill before serving. Chili sauce. grapefruit Juice or oyster liquor may be added If desired. Chestnut en Casserole. -- lemove shlls from three cupfuls of chestnuts, put Into a casserole and p0ur over three cupfuls of highly seasoned chick- lea stock. Cover and cook In a slow lave for three hours; then thicken wtth two tablespoonfuls of butter and ' one and one-half tablespoonfuls of i flour, seasou well with salt. pepper PARTY DRESS OF CREPE DE CHINE and a little grated onion. Coblned getlons are offered by those who oc-I picture, present the two most popular wlth chicken this makes another de- (mpy themselves with children's ward-[ styles in these garrnetats. There Is lit- llghtful dlsh. rObes. For little tots they are using[tie variation In lines among these gar- crepe de chine, taffeta silk, batiste, ments but they differ endlessly In de- We shll advance when wa have learned humility; when we have net and sometimes velvet o fancy tails of neck, sleeves and color corn- - arned to seek truth, to reveal It. silks. Narrow ribbons and laces, tiny hlnatlon. The Jacquette, at the left. and publish It; when we care more ribbon flowers, frills, flutings and era- is knitted In contbinatlon of silver and tor that than for the privilege of arguing about Ideas In a fog of broiderles are depended on for decors- black, camel and tangerine, honey-dew, uncertalnty.--$Valter Llppmann. tl0ns. Colors are gay and flower- and Jade. It is woven In crossuar pat- like. Pretty ribbon cocardes, plaited tern varied by another weave in the! WHAT TO EAT or gathered ruffles, lace yokes and band at the bottom, and has everything cuffs, scalloped edges and slashed o commend It for midwinter wear.  Canned corn Is such n wholesome skirts, with novel neck flnlshlnga, bring The clever, furry garment at the vegetable and is so well liked that a new points of Interest to the party right Is a sweater coat which Is knitted few dozen cnns put on frock. In beautiful color combinations, as buff the cellar shelf will be For little tots from three to six am brown, tan and Jade, silver and enjoyed during the win- years, there are many pantie frocks, blue. Small fiat or rounded buttons, In ter. After serving the the panties made of the same mate- matchIng colors, are used to fasten and corn with butter, cream and seasoning of salt and pepper, ff any is left over make ame fritters to .rve with the fried chicken. Peas a la Francalsa.--Cook three tablespoonfuls of butter with one slice ' of bacon for five minutes; remove the H bacon and add two cupfuls of peas and eight small peeled onions. Cover i wlth boiling water and cook until the I vegetables are soft. Drain. add one. fourth of a cupful of cream and one egg y01k slightly beaten. Season well with salt and pepper. Mushroom Soup.  Brash one-half pound of mushrooms, break caps into small pieces and chol) the stems. Add to three pints of chicken broth, bring It gradually to the boiling point aml let simmer thirty minutes. Cool and clear with the whites and shells of two eggs. Season to taste and serve hot. A platter of overlapping slices of cold roast lamb may be garnished with mounds of hot cooked spinach In which Is placed a seasoned poached egg--the whole finished with a border of watercress. Alien Potato SaladP--Cut cold boiled potatoes line one-half-inch cubes. Take one and one-lmlf cupfuls. Add three chopped hard-cooked eggs, one and one-half tableapoanfuis of chopped pimento, one-half tablespoonful of finely chopped onion. Moisten with a tweam .dad dressing and serve in nest of lettuce. JACQUETTE AND SWEATER COAT Hashed Brown Potatoas.Try out fat salt pork cut into small cube and rlal as the dress and trimmed in the to add a decorative finish it, tmst- coats remove the scraps ; there should be me way. One of these., of Pink tar- and these midwinter garments or, one-third of a cupful of faL Add two fern, is a gtralghr dress with skort closely knitted, handsome and Ine cupfuls of cold boiled potatoes fit:ely round neck and skirt slashed pensive. ]chopped, pepper and salt If leeded. sleeves, at the sides almost to the waistline. Jacquettes and coats In plain colorJ , Mix potatoes thoroughly with th fat. It has a collar made of four deep points and closely knitted ill POPular yarns, cook three minutes, stirring constantly, of the silk, hort sleeves and the pall- are using brushed wool for collar& flee reach to the knee=. All edges are cuffs, pockete, and Often for trim* flnlehed with narrow, double, fluted min'g It may be bought, by the yard, rue& Narrow ribbon rosette with and is nearly always used In s color long ende are placed at the top of the contrasting with that ha he garment side slashes. It is to thin. Last Year's perfectly The flort41eeed dre of ea'ei de good sweater-coat taken a new chide pictured Is trimmed wlth picet on life when new bands of l)althed edged rufll of the materiaL Rosettes wool bring It up to date. of narrow ribbon at each side of the yoke npport 1oI eds that are te skirt m d then let stand to brown underneath. Fold as an omelette and torn Out on a hot platter. Celery With Oavlar.--Arrange cel- ery prepared by fringing three-Inch stalks of tender celery--let them grand,in cold water to curl. "Then drain, wipe and fill the uncurled per. ties with caviar and place on a plate with a.radh cut into the form of a- tllp, and n e leaf of NURSE GAINS 15 LBS, ON TANLAC Mls Mary Early, 1531 North St.. Omaha. Neb., praetlcal nurs I- the past fifteen years, prompted lh gratitude for the Tanlsc treat because of tts benefits to her and era. recently gave out the followlal statemcnt : "'Tanhw ls the one medicine | recommend knowing full well it Its the hthost praise, not only beot of what it has doffe for me. but lt cause of what I have s,,on it do fir otters My brotter was tint on b;lek with typhoid for a long time, afterwards was so weak he could hat. ]3' walk from one chair to anotl'r, l zuve hhn T'tnlac and It ws sieF m,rvoloa lhe w'Lv it built him "Nnrsing him through this ilq left me weak and exhansti. ! cookl'l eat anything to speak of and my hurt lllP, bul Tanl,'lt? gave tile  tt appetite, strengthened my dtgtml and 1 galned fifteen pounds In welgll and am still in perfect imalth. All I nurse and user of Tanlac. I gtwe k my unqualified Pnrh)ren)cnt." Tanlac Is for s, le by all OO ,- gists. Accept no subutitute.Ael tisement. An Affectionate Bump. Phrenoh)glst (to hey cllent)Y have a remarkably large hump of affection, my lad. Boyl'lease don't press It so ha. sir. It's where father clouted le [ lgarettes." over the head. Wrtght's Indian Vegetable Pil|ll correct ..go..o. ..... ,,.o.. ,,e coia,nt, MOTHERI GIVE SICK BABY biltallsness. Costs you nothing to send for ] trial box to 372 Pearl St., N. Y. Adv. ] "CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP  Ex perienced. I Bartender--"Why don't you get out Harmless Laxative to Clean and hustle? Hard work never killed Bowels of Baby or ChlldL nobody." Mose Lazlbones---"Dat's an infernal lie. sub! I's lost four wtves dat way."--Halthnore Tlmes. I Thousands Keep in Good lealth 3y taking one or two Brarlreth Pills t bed tlme. They cleanse he system and purify the blood.Adv. Divided Into Three. "How long h'tve you been married?" "Twenty years. Nine, three and eight at a stretch." "CASCARETS" FOR LIVER 1 AND BOWELS--IOC A BOX Cres Blllousness, Constipation, Sick J Headache,Indigestion, Drug stores. Adv I I Correct 1 TeacherJohnny, name a collective noun. J,)hnnyA vacuum cleaner. Don't cast your bread upon the wa- ter today and expect It to ('()me back In the fomq of sTmnP cake tomorrow, and Even constipat- ed, bilious, fever- ish, or sick, colic Babies and Chil- dren love to take genulne "Callfor- o" nla Flg Syrup." No other laxative rgulates the ten- der llttle bowels so nicely. sweetens the ,, stomach and starts the llver mI' bowels acting without griping. talns no narcotics or soothing dlmglk Say "California" to your drnggist  avoid ,counterfeits ! Insist npon utne 'allfornla 1lg Syrup" " contains dlrectlons.Adver tliemm ,  Not FooleeL. Hubby--"Well, dear. I suppose -, were right about there being b In the house last night." WIfe---- "Why?" Hubby--"Beeause the I had in my pocket Is gone." "Well. why dldn't you get up al shot tile burglar?" Hubby--'If I had. !?d have been a wldow-r this tam'm- lnm"--I'ratrle Farmer. You Us00g this Service? k come. with every .a& d cement, k has been made possible through the Port- land Cement Aseociafion by the eig.hW.siz cement manufacture, who are ius mem- ber They realized that important research and educational work was necessary to give people the beet tion on how to, use cemlmt. They also realized daat could be done bett by-medettort dam by any individtud company alone. As a result, you may have [or the asking the benefit o! this Association's Ion8 and exhaustive studies on how best to use cement [or the most safltRacto remalts in concrete ion. W]umasr use you plah m make of ce- meat-whaler you are building a con- crete hog house or concrete dairy bam, a stretch o| concrete walk or a concrete mad, a silo or a skyscraper, a home, workshop or alactory-you needn't guess. You can/anew. , H you want reformation about the use- hdne at concrete mzder certain condi-   floss, how to mix or place k to get the grea value out o! ever sack el cemem --you can get it by writing any oned our 28 offices listed below. Supplying dependable iMormadon without charge by booklet, by letter or by personal conference when the work o| this Association. helpJul booklets, covering a multitude of uses el concrete, are distributed annually to people who know they needn't guess-- who know they can get the fact, hem us. One d    "Concrete % Home Snitatio will surprise you witli the number o easy ways in which con- crete can be used to make the home ( haalthier and happier. Address our near- district dS tor your bee cop,. ASS 111 WeN Wldngton Sm CHICAGO irN ( m