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November 24, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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November 24, 1923

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THE WOODVILLE REPUBLICAN. WOODVILLE, MIJWI]mIPPI Continents Connected Finds ,;n 1In Asi, in comparison with the con- on temporary life in Europe and America, America and Were Joined. scientific of the Mongolian col- bluseum of from its third Asiatic nnder the leader- Andrews, landed at were made public re- Osbora, head de-cribes the collec- 19'. The collecr ons which include a fossil- egg, are still in China to this coun- and re demonstrate the actual course of eolutima and migration of many races hitherto largely a matter of much disputed theo:'.es. It may, in- deed. disprove or modify some of our favorite theories and will remove others from the realm of hypothesis to that of prove! conclusions. Until the evidence is all to hand ann sulfi- ciently studied, It would be l'ah re say what it will prove, but it assu.ed- ly constitutes a great mass of now I evidence on the history, of life and li.'ts the veil from a continent whicit has hitherto been terra incognita to the paleontologist. "The species which I have described Ldve a most interesting American as- pect to the fauna of this region of OCTORARA IN FLAMES A beautiffl view of a burning ves- sel-but this one is being purposel destroyed. The ship. the octorara, like nmlhv otlmrs, was one of the wood.n hips built during the war by the United States shipping board for the Emergency Fleet eorporatmn. The ships have been purchased by the Western Marine anti Salvage company and are being dismantled in his report, and then burned In the Potomac river that tile fossilized re- monsters found  o-*-* .o  7  ne.r quantico. Va. that there we a merica and Asia age, or the new The discoveries, the re- new evidence on life and pierces the  continent which hitherto Shock Kills Man on [ Wet Garage Floor  Ifoolia In Upper Eocene ame. I There are in addition two new species Port Chester, N. Y.John Col- of protitantherium, also huge mam- antlno, 39. was electrocuted reals It Is yet to be proved that they when, standing on a wet floor, belonged to the same geologic age. he attempted to Insert a high- "The expedition of 19'3 adds a Seaion Devoted to @ Attracttve Magazine Material  BM" TM. Tt GAI.I z _ ---_ LAMENESS "- " -, v=-/==dC=nk "T/re ay$ no. R.'Hutchinss.Durha Go0 N.C.-- 'For 15 years I have 01d your Mexican Mustang Liniment aP, d l consider it the beat lidmak t on earth; 1 am never without it. I btt'e reccatl7 used it on a bad gall on my horse's neck. and it cured  t 1848" tb.. d '" No Sting or Smart Contains No Alcohol MR. FOX AND 31R. DOG L'R. FOX named him Neighbor be- =.,,.L cau..,;e Mr, Dog lived at the farm house nearest to Mr Fox's borne. But Mr. Fox did all the calling. He didn't lnind a bit making all the visits, he used to tell Neighbor Dog from the other side ff tka barnyard fence--- "and, of course, you can't call on me, Neighbor," he would say, "because you do not know where I llve. Ha, ha, ha !" This would make Neighbor Dog very angry, of course, and he would tell Mr. Fox that If ever he caught him he would show him how sharp his teeth John Gilbert '=&'= CII, gent abaoluWll/fr, wlthmDlet@ dlreetiorm for uBinlz Mustang Liniment for f&miP atlment, nm] for lvetock anti po}try Lyo Mf Co., 42,oth Fith St . Broo.iyn, N Y 25c-- 5Oc -- $1.OO r'" = Sold by Dru end Genera/ Stor t Th. Old Si MEXICAN an(] were far away, out crept Mr. Dog from urnler the steps and peeked around. Then lie half crawled half walked through the barnyard and crept under the fence. There was an old barrel lying be- side the fence and into this Mr. Dog crawled and waited for Mr. Fox to ca I 1. : He did not have long to walt. Pretty soon Mr. Fox came trotting al(mg and when he reached the place where he knew Mr. Dog's house was on the other side of the fence, he Jumped up and leaned on his front paws. "Howdy, Neighbor Dog, howdy." he said. You ought to be outside your ! HEAD "SWIMS" Signs That Black-Draught Is Needed to Help Eliminate Poi- sons--An Arkansas Wom- to the paleontol- in part : dinosaurs discovered period, the expedl- a whole series of formations. Four ' Oligocene, one Miocene horizon have ",ecn each with its diStinct and from some of them "Collections of different have been secured, skulls and kale- to V. estern Species. animals are new spa- are nearly related to Eurvpean animals. Some own races` their brains their proper niche in of cadurcotherium, hitherto known Jaws from France and further known by a fine skeleton from !Ann- monster is In species, though the of Natural l=Ilstory lower aw fragments of roamed the world years ago. remains have also been closely related to the and small lophl- belonging to the of ungulntes of This dearly shows have been a land- the eotmtries in the perind, some 2,000,000 a mollo closely related to the found in the OobL in September, alo been found in Tur- India, but never Associated with its Mongolia were found distantly to the Afri- other8 close to Amer. fosl species and new families. Mongolian best of hyaenodon, ap- ranged some LS00,000 Asia, Africa Others of this to thee found In the in Price. walls affinities. Mammal Life. of mammal faunas will make It posble of mammal lle powered electric bulb In a drop light socket In his garage at Main and Mill streets. It is be- lieved there was a short clreuit in the light fixture. Samuel Maiden attempted to pull Co;an- tlno away and was himself se- verely shocked. Coiantino died within a few minutes. Rebels Marched to Tt eir Death BrazilianRather BandThanF uihvte R?.ent} ad;:!::sd ,pe dforS'heata fl::[l I(:;,p;g Only One Left Ahve. h r New York.Llfting ..... ss[from the Interior and later preferring ot t-e ere death to ignominous fllghL. censorship which for the last year pre- For two days that preceded this vented puhlication of the story of the South American Balaklava, it was as ill-fated "revolution" of July, 19 .-'-o In strange a campaign as ever was Brazil, has brought to l,ght for the imagined. The garrison of the fort first time the facts concerning one of took a few pot shots at the arsenal and the most remarkable battles in tile his- 1 other consplcnous and isolated land- tory of warfare. It was a battle of 24 men against a regiment armed wit hlmarks and the government artillery I !snt a few shells b'lck in reply, but l machine guns, waged to death in a tlere was no real engagement. ! suburb of the city of Rio de Janelro. The "revolution" itself is all but for- I Decide to Attack Army. gotten. The causes that led up to it [ Perhaps the most fantastical feature have been removed by the election and of this strange siege was the fact timt inauguration of a new president and ] all during it the defenders of the fort the position of the present government I were in constant telephone communi- ls as solid and stable as though the]cation with the City and It was over events of a year ago had never iron- the telephone that final and conclusive spIed, news was received of the failure of the The attempted coup d'etat came to naught because the government was  forewarned of the revolutionary in- trigue, taking steps to forestall It. Rebels 8else Fortrase. At 10 o'clock the night of July 4 the Rio revolutionaries took possession of the fortress of Copacabana. They were then 34 in number. Later they were Joined by" several civilians but, before the end, enough desertions had taken place to bring the total down to the 24 who actually took part In the battle. By daylight the rebel garrison knew that the uprising wa a failure and that their fatewas sealed, for the other forts in the mouth of the bay, which were to have Joined the movement, failed to answer to the signals pre- Task for the President large number and variety of titano-:were. theres from Mongolia, apparently of[ "Barking dogs never bite. I have Upper Eocene and Lower Ollgocene heard it sald," Mr. Fox would reply. ages. The hlst age is about l(r0,000 ! You hark a great deal. Neighbor." )'ears after the former This material "If only master would let me go represents three or four species and unchained during the day when he Is probably three genera. The animals away," Mr. Dog would sigh, "I would are very large, medium and small, catch that saucy fellow and save the The tltanotheres must have been ex- poultry." ceedingly abundant." Mr. Dog knew well enough why he was chained. He ran away when there was no one at home, so the poultry would suffer anyway, was the way the farmer Iooked at It. Mr. Fox always seemed to know when Mr. Dog was chained and the " v . Into This Mr. Dog Crawled. farmer ;bed gone to town and those were the times when he was very bold and said such taunting things to Mr. Dog. But one day Mr. Dog saw Mr. Man getting ready for a drive to town and he ran away and hid until he heard the wheels Of Ms master's wagon go creaking do the road. Yes, he heard his whistle calling him, but Mr. Dog revolution. I did not md this time. He had a plan After the receipt of that news a I In his head which he intended to try council of war was held. There wast even if he got a whipping from his only one thing for the "heroes of the t master afterward. fort" to do and they did it. That wai to start out for the city, held by the Brazilian army. and see how far they could go. What they did was absolute self-im- molation in the, service of an ideal. mistaken or otherwise. It may have been equaled in the past. but it has never been excelled, for every man in the little company knew he was going to his death and for no other purpose than that merely of avoiding the eventual necessity of surrender. Word was received from the government of- fering generous terms in excimnge for a capitulation of the fort. Rebel Band Ann,flllated. At 3 o'clock July 6 the 28 men who remained armed with rifles and re- volvers, commenced ti',elr historic march on "Rio. In a loose and some- house this beautiful day--fine dy for the race---human race, you kn,.iw, ha, ha, h" Mr. Fox started to laugh at his own Joke, but it was cut hort, so short he ahnost choked` Mr. Dog had waited mat!l Mr. Fox was so intent upon mkmg him hear. thinking he was inside the dog hnuse that he was not listening for ounds. And then he cnme from his hiding place and spraPg on Mr. Fox's back. Over tumblJ Mr. i'nx with Mr. Dog clinging to him. They rolled and tumbled, but Mr. Fox managed to break away and how he ran! There was ,othltg to do but to It was only natural that John Gil- bert, the "movie" star should be an actoG for his parents were members of a traveling theatrical company. Young Gilbert was born In Logan, Utah, in 1897. His first work was with a stock company. A year later he received a call to the screen. Be- fore becoming a star he was success- ful in support of some of the leading stank take ruge In his own house, a thing Mr. FOx never did unless driven to It, When his master found him he was and this was one of the thnes he was. still digging for Mr. Fox, and because la lr, e went and Mr. Dog nipped one he had worked so hard Mr. lan only r2,nd foot as he disappeared Inside his patted his head when at last he calle , "He ot away old fellow" doorway. 'I have come to call, Mr. him out. g ., . ,. Fox," said Mr. Dog. "You see I know he said, "but you have scared aim so where you live and I shall be very he will do no more calling around our neighborly after this, I can assure barnyar4, we may be Certain of that."" 5on," And all the time he was making "I think I had better change my the earth fly trying to make the door- visiting list," mused Mr. Fox as he way larg enough for him to enter, rested under some bushes. "Neigh- Mr. Fox had more than one door- bor Dog may get bothersome and call way or Mr. Dog would have frmnd him too often now he has found where I at home when at last he got Inside, live, so I'll cross his name off and but Mr. Fox was some distance away make my calls on the other side of when Mr. Dog got the doorway large the hill." enough to get through. (. 1923. bY McClure Newspaper Syndicate. 71 , T W hats in a iN ame. MILDRED MARSHALt By ma by when the wheel sound A. COMPEZJ.,ING LIK2N-. 1atronDoes that portrait really :esemble my wife? /Lrtist--It's an life-like it'll cost 70u qLmony to get rid of IL what straggling formation they pro- ceeded directly down the Avenlda At- ;.>.:'2.:;::: :'2"//f' lantico with the beach n their right i CThcWhy band and on the left the luxurious :: homes of Copacabana. !1I " Several times Lieut. Slqueira Cam-  Of pos called out to his followers that :... --, none of them need feel bound by mill- ti:" ap tt%-ershhons tory discipline to continue and that  what they did must be of their own ::: volition. Men and women appeared $ along the line of march, offering food il lJ , [Vllq KIN { md water. Many of the women, fall-t t.-........,....-,-.......:.:.... .-e .'.v.-'.'.'-'.'.-.'.W.,:.:.'.v.. ", ing on their kne weeping, begged the ......,v..,,..;.:.:,..,.:::::::J..:.....-x.:,.-.%..v.v.,...,,, Invaders to desist from carrying out TAKING BABY INTO SUNLIGHT their tragic purpose. Four of the] marchers withdrew and made their es- T N MANY sections of this country and cape. But the rest kept on. They - in many regions of the Old World IRIS it walked slowly, looking neither to right is believed -that a baby should be first nor left. The government troops were encoun- tered about half way down the beach, a regiment of them ambuscaded" in the side streets that lead down to the ave- nue and the sere There was a burst of machine gun fire and two of the marhers fell mortally wounded` The rest ran for a ditch along the sidewalk hat had been left by workers who ha,! been laying sewer pipe, and there In- i, bad a novel Job the other day and one which he of picking a bear for the National Zoological B It. Pearson drove all the way from Nebraska In a with two bears mad when he drove up to the executive came out to look them over. Sea Monster. the most Tm t ul ever Washingtott.A gray squirrel, reeon- WaSview.CaughtThebY noitering for food, wandered into the flounder and capitol building recently and became Sn even six feet entangled in an electric fuse. In con- a Imd like a sequence several miles of corridors and many Inslde rooms were thrown tail Into complete darkne Two seate t the body committees, hearing evidence o two public cmtroverzies, grotlped over  documents laa taken Into the sunlight on Sunday; that when It is old enough to be put into long clothes the shift should be made on Sunday, and that all hnpor- taut changes with regard to the child ;hould be made on Sunday If gee& luck and good health are to be its inheri- tance. This is such an obvious sur- vival of the custom, lrehlstorie in point of age, of dedicating the child to the sun-god that it needs little trenched themselves to give battle, comment, though those who mst firm- The fight did not have long to last. for ly believe In the superstlthm would be 22 men in a shallow trench partly ea- horrified to be old that they were In flladed by machine gun and rifle fire practicing it perpctuatln an ancient could not long remain alive. Twenty- heathen custom--worshiping at the two of the little band that marched out from the fort were killed ; one was taken, wounded; one made good his escape by swimming for It. The July revolution was over.--Detroit News, Squirrel's Curiosity Results in His Death even more obscure the tangled skein of affairs they were seeking to unravel. After a search of half an hour, elec- tricians found the fuse with the life- less body of the ltttle squirrel beside It. At birth the bra of a baby gorilh. is almost us big mid that of a human baby, but graf's at.a much lower rat A LINE 0' CHEER By John Kendrlck Bange. THE UPWARD WAY I NNVII e A bush or tree A-regchlng toward the blue But that I feel That they reveal A htnt for me and yo With mit ar malla 'Tts very plain lhat UPWARD II their flight, And reener grow AS Up they go Toward the source of Light. REEK mythologY, which has sup- plied so many of the loveliest feminine names in usage today, is re sponslbie for Iris. It has a double sig- nificance and can he translated either as the' rainbow, or the flower which the French car "tear de lie" and Americans term "flag." The former meaning Is preferable, since the Ir of Greek mythology was the godde of the rainbow. In Homer's Iliad she appears as the love- ly, swift-footed messenger of the gods, the feminine counterpart of Hermes. Her special asslgament was the bear- lag of royal commands from Zeus and Hera to the lesser delttes. The flower Iris is undoubtedly re- sponsible for the popularity of the name in Ingland and America. It first shrine of Oslris, or of some ether of the personJflcatlons of the sun as a deity. The designation of the first day of the week as the ,'sun's day" far ante- dates Cbrlstlanity and prevails in lands never ChriStianized. where It has existed from remote atttiqulty. By some an astronomical reason is con- sidered to be the cause of the dedica- tion of the first day of the eeek to the sun. But whatever the origin of the nomenclature "Sunday," it is the day which, from time immemorial, has been especially set apart for dedica- tion to the sun-god. Therefore the baby of the Twentieth century A. D. like the baby of the Twentieth cen- tury B. C., is first take into the sun- light on Sunday. ( by McClure Newspaper Synt/cte.) -------0 MEN YOU MAY MARRY By E. R, PEYSER Hae a Man Like This Proposed to You? Symptoms: The kind that will kill a cat If no one is looking. You can hear his step a mile off and you ean see the Ind tn his soft collar before you see him. You must know him: Anyway, you've seen his horshoe pin poised in his puffy travel It looks so squashy. He hasn't much use.for "wlmmin." but he likes the "Ladies." tie kind he can bully into a Iockatep. IN FACT He wouldn't know a real worn- an if she showed him her pass- ports. Prescription to future bride: Hyperdermles daily of Com. pound-otto-Feelings,, A This: STRENGTH IS OFTEN REAL WEAKNESS. * by MeCIore Newapalr SYDdlelte.l achieved vogue in the former country, which ts much given to flower names. The amethyst is the talismanic gem an's Experien0e. Hatfleld, Ark.--"I have used Black Draught for a number of years," 8aya Mrs. C. V. Dale, of this place, "and I have never found any other liver medicine so good. When I get bilious. my head swims and I get a bitter taste in my mouth, then I know I must get something to eliminate the lolson, so for years, when I would get this way, I would take the Black- Draught. "I always feel better after taking two or three doses. It cleanses the system and my head quits swimming. and I feel like I can do my work; I have recommended it to others." Biliousness, dizziness% coated tongue. bitter taste, warn you that your liver is out of fix. Prompt treatment, with a dose or two of Thedfords Black- Draught, often will prevent seriou sickness. Bile poisons and other un- healthful matters should not be per- mitred, to lodge in the system. Drive them out with Black-Da'augilt the old, long-established, well-knoW, purely vegetable powdered liver medi- cine. Keep a package In your house. handy for immediate use, Sold by good druggists everywhere. Called For. "Willie !" wes, mamma." "What in the world are you pln baby for? Let him alone I" "Oh. |, ain't doin' harbin'! We're only playing autos and he's the horn l" Boston Post. "DANDELION BUTTER COLOR" aslgned to Iris. It will protect her A harmlelm vegetable butter col from evil and disease and promises her med by millions for 50 yearl the gift of quick intelligence. It is Itores and general st(we sell bottles esperlally sobering to those who are of "Dandelion" for 85 cents.Adv. glean to outbursts of temperament. Incredulous. Thursday Is Iris' lucky day and 5 her The Old Wayfarer--No. Mr. I ain't lucky number, the man I used to be. ( by Wheeler Syeattmto, no.) &-- The Plain Clothes Officer--You look Igke the same bird that got away from me two years ago. But your finger- YOUR -- ..,.. question. Come d--. sbils  'long. HAND --- =- far a. w bdlem ura 8ooth Baby Ralt a, dmw=krlmlm. IRmt Itch and burn, by hot baths of Outlcura Sop followed by tmointinga of Cuticum Ointment. "SHALL J TRAVELS' Nothing better, pnr, sweeter, II SOME rare cases the line of travel cially if a little of the fragrant C'oU- cur& Talctun hl dusted on at the fin- (either orlzontal or vertical, on the Ish. 25e tehe--Advertlsememt. mount of the moon) runs into the line  of the head. which is the lower of the Ths PeoperWish. two main lines crossing the palm horl- ,'q'es, I am rtmning for office." zontally. We may then foretell or Well, many happy returnL" hold as indicated in the past. some danger to the .head. or some other Many a conservative mau loee h malady, arising from a jeurney, This money *on a sure thing becatme he is confirmed when the place of Joining afraid to take chances. of the two lines is marked bY a spot, an island or a break. After a man get When travel is indicated by the lit- to say about what he can or ca_not tie hair lines that leave the line of ford. life fncircling the thumb) and travel with it, the lndlcatlon is similar to that shown bY the line of ltfe. If one branch of the divided line goes on its way around the mount of Venus, the ball of the thumb, while the other pro- ceeds to the base of the mount of Luna, the subject will make a great change from Ills native land to an- other. When the line of life divides toward Its end and there Is a wide space between the branches, the sub- Ject will most likely end his (lays 11 a country other than that which gave him birth. (( bY Wheeler Syldleate, Itt.) Big Rubber Plantations. A traveler can rlde for seven hours by railwaY train, or more than 300 miles between Singapore and Penang, In the Fe0erated Malay states, and not once lose sight of the rubber plants- tlotm. -------O-- bad and getting tt re lded takes nly tgan to i bottles, ace by this time I those ailment& Mrs. G. H. Compt/1 How's Your had with