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November 24, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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November 24, 1923

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....  " THE WOODVILLE REPUBLICAN. WOODVILLE, MISSISSIPPI T tered the tateroom surest reveren- tially with omething of the emotions of a boy going into his first dime mu- THREE - Tlle exhibit was lying on his back staring at the roof of tile berth. By lying absolutely still and forcing him. self to think of purely inland scenes AND A ] JAID and objectshebad contrlved toreduco BY P.G. the green in lliS complexi,, to a mere WODEHOUSE tiuge. But it would be paltering with the truth to sa that he felt debonair. He received Sam with a wan austerity. CyTight by George H. Doraa Ce. "Sit down !" he sald. "Don't stand there swaying like that. I can't bear it." "Oh, Mr. Marlowe, you oughm't to where he was, staring after the girl as "Why, wc arent' out of the harbor "BILLIE!" trove done it! Really, you oughtn't!ishe flitted down the passage. He felt yet. Surely you aren't going to be You might havt been drowned! But dizzy. Listening to Eustace lllgnett's seasick already." "I can issue no positive guarantee. Mrs. Horace Hlgnett. world- I never saw anything so wonderful. It story of his Itlighted romanre. Sam famous writt-r on tieosophy, au- was like the stories of knights who had formed an unliatterlng opinion of Perhaps if I can keep my mind off it. thor ,)f "Tile Spreading Light," used to jump into lions' dens after this Vt/llhelnfina Iennett who had . . I have had go.d results for aetC"leturingetC" arrive.tour.m NeWEustaee,YOrkherOn gloves?' broken. Off her ,.ntitqlleu[ simply I,e- the last ten ulinutes by thinking st('ad- son, is with her. VVIndlt,s, ances- "Yes?" said Sam, a lltie vaguely, cause on the day of tile marriqge his ily of lhe Sahara. There." said Eus- ,tral home of the ttignettu. Is hb- Tile resembhmce had not struck him. cousin had been short of tlle necessar 5- face Hignett with enthusiasm. "is a so her life is largely devoted to It seemed a silly hobby and rough on wedding garment, lie had, indeed, l)la,'e for you ! Th-lt is sotnthin like keeping him unmarried. Ente: tile lions, too. thou;zht a little snlugly how different a spot! Miles and miles of sand and her nephew. Sam. son of Sir Mal- ltby Marlowe, the eminent Lea- "It was the sort of thing Sir Launee-his god(less of the rel hair was from not a drop of water anywhere!" i don lawyer. It ia arranged that tOt or Sir'Galahad would have done! the object of Eust.ace ltlgnett's af- Sam sat d.wn on the lounge. "You're quite right. The great Sam and Eustace shall sail to- But you shonl(tn't have bothered, fections. And now they had proved to thing Is to concentrate your nllnd no gather on the Atlantic the next day, Enter Bream Mortimer, really! It's all right now." be one and the same. It was disturb- American. son of a friend of an "Oh, it's all right now?" lag. It was like suddenly finding tile other topics. Why not, for instance, insufferable American named "Yes. I'd quite forgotten that Mr. vampire of a five-reel feature film turn tell me sonic more about your unfor- Bennett, who has been pestering Mortimer wa to be on board. He has I into tile heroine, tunate affair with that girl Billle Mrs. Hignett to lease Windlea. Bream informs her that Wil- given ale all the money I hall need. I Some men, on making the discovery Bennett I think you said her name helmina Bennett is waiting for You ee it was this way. I had to sail ]of this girl's identity, might have felt was." Eustace at the Little Church on this boat In rather a hurry. Fa- / that providence had intervened to save "Wilhelmlna Bennett. Where on slfRundts intheloveCrner'with BreamWllhelmtna.him- ther' head clerk was to have gone to t them tYom a disastrous entanglement, earth did you get the idea that her Mrs. tignett marches off to Eua- the bank and got soma money and met I Ttds point of view never occurred to name was Bill!e?" tace's room, The scene shifts me on board and given It to me, but ]Samuel Marlowe. The way he looked "I had a notion that girls called Wilhelm!ha were sometimes Billie to to the Atlantic at her pier. Sam, the silly old nun was late, and when I at It was that he had been all wrong their friends." headings glorious.far red-headedthe gangplank,gtrl.meetmwith he got to tile dock they had Just pulled [ about Wilhelmina Bennett. Eutace, "I whom he instantly falls in love, the felt, had been to blame throughout, never call her anythlng but Wil- thoUghappears,her dOgheart.broken.bites EustaCeappears If tills glrl had maltreated Eustace's helmlna. But I really cannot talk (,b7 theWuhlngton.National geographic. . So- that his mother had "pinched his finer feelings, then her reason for do- about it. The recollection tortures Andorra probably lies in the mind of me," trousers" and delayed the care- Ing SO must have been excellent and the average person a merely one of many. whereupon \\;Vllhelmina had praiseworthy. "That's Just what you want. It's the the queer Lllltputian tales of the declared the wedding off. Sam After all poor old Eustace counter-irritation principle. Persevere world. But in some ways it deserves is pushed overboard, has a des- perate struggle in the water with . quite a good fellow, no doubt and you'll so)n forget that you're on to tend out emphatically among them. another swimmer and plans to in many ways . . but, coming board ship at all." It has maintained itself a political rejoin the Atlantic at quarantine, down to brass tacks, what was there "There's something In that," admit- entity for more year than has any about Eustace that gave him any li- ted Eustaca reflectively. "It's very other republic In rhe world. The tiny cense to monopolize the affections of good of you to be so sympathetic and tate of San Marina. In the Italian pen- a wonderful girl? Where. in a word. interested." lnsula, vies with it in point of dlmlnu- did Eustace Hignett get off? He made "My dear fellow . . anytl,ing Uveness. but Andorra was hoary with a tremendous grievance of the fact that I can do . . . where did you age when San Marina wa born. that she had broken off the engage- meet her first, for instance?" I For one thing, at least, Andorra is ment, but what right had he to go "At a dinner ." Eustace Hig- famous. Nowhere else in the world, about the place expecting her to be nett broke off abruptly. He had a perhap, is smuggling engaged In so in- engaged to him? Eustace Hlgnett. no good memory and he had Just reeol- genuouly and in such a matter-of-fact doubt, looked upon the poor girl as lected thefish they had served at that ] way. Smuggling may be said. in fact, utterly heartless. Marlowe regarded dtnner--a flabby and exhausted-lo.k- with little exaggeration, to be the chief her behavior as thoroughly sensible, lag fish, half sunk beneath tile sur- Industry of the Andorrans and to have She had made a mistake, and. real!z- face of a thick white sauce. 'lay, clerical and gOvernmental sanc- lng this at the eleventh hour, she had "And what struck you most forcibly i tics. bad the force of character to correct about her at first? Her lovely hair, I t The sltttation of this quaint little It. He was sorry for poor old Eustace, suppose?" survival of lost ages favors this fornt but he really could not permit the aug- "Hey / did you know she had lovely of activity. The Republic of Andorra gestlon that Wllhelmina Bennetther hair?" measures about twenty-five miles In friends called her Billle--had not be- "My dear chap, I naturally assumed one direction by twenty miles In the haed In a perfectly splendid way that any girl with whom you fell in ither, and is located right on the crest throughout. It was women like Wil- love would [lave nice hair." , of the Pyrenees. It Is as though the helmina BennettBlllle to her Inti- "Well, you are perfectly right as it little state were s wedge driven In and "Oh, You Are ths Man Poor Pinky- mates--who made the world worth happens. Her hair was remarkably dividing France and Spain at this Boodles Bitl" living in. beautiful. It was red point. Her friends tailed her Blllle. He "Like autumn leaves with the sun Charlemagne gave the Andorrans s In the gang-plank. So ne tried to did not blame them. It was a delight- on them l" said Marlowe ecstatically, certain meaure of freedom because of throw the money to me in a handker- ful name and suited her to perfection, "What an extraordinary thiner their services in the field. They chief and It fell into the water. But He practiced it a few times. "Blllle That is an absolutely exact descrip- stresm down out of their hill and you shouldn't have dived in after it." . . Billie . . ." It eet'talnly tlon. Her eye were a deep blue . . ." helped Louil the l:mbonair fight the "Oh, well I" said Sam, stralghteaxing ran pleasantly off the tongue. 'qBlllle "Or, rather, green." Moors, with whom, howe, vr, they had his tie, with a quiet brave mlle. He Bennett." Very musical. "Blllie Mar- *Blue." avm-}, lively quarr of their own. For had never expected to feel grateful to lowe." Still better. "We noticed "Green. There 1 a hade of green thet he gave them a franchise. Nape- that obeee bounder who had shoved among those present the charming and that looks blue." ]leon looked the little tate over. "It him off the rail. but now he would popular Mrs. 'Blllie' Marlowe." "What the devil do you know about Is a polltlcl curiosity," said he. "It have liked to seek him out and offer A eonmlmlng desire came over him the color of her eyes?" demanded Eus- must be presecved." him his hard, roll. to talk abe!l/ the girl to some one. tace heatedly. "Am I telling you It Is not worth fight/ag for, and it "You really are the bravest man I Obviously indicated as the party of about her. or are you tellln me?" makes no trouble that a few policemen ever met !" the second part was Eustace Hignett. "My dear old man. don't get excited. Would not quell. N'ertheletm It is a "Oh. no !" If Eustace was still capable of speech Don't you see I am trying to consruc real state. "How mode you are[ But I sup- --and after all the boat was hardly that girl in my imagination, to visual- Andorrana pay almoet no taxes at pose all brave men are modest!" rolling at all--he would enjoy a lze her? I don't pretend to doubt all Each year a small tribute mut "I was only too delighted at what fllrther chat about his ruined life. your special knowledge, but after all be paid to the prince bishop of Urgel looked like a chance of doing you a Bssldes, he had another reason for green eyes generally do go with red !end to the Republic of France, and s service." hair and there are all shades of green. i levy is made on the Incomes of the "It was the extraordiuary quickness There Is the bright green of meadow i Andorran s for the purpose. There are of It that we so wonderful. I do ad- grass, the dull green of the uncut !almot no other costa attached to the mire presence of mind. You didn't emerald, the faint yellowish green of ! peratlon of the republic. Each of the hesitate for a econd: You Just shot your face at the present moment . . ." zlx cantons in which the little etate L over the side as though propelled by "Don't talk about the color of my idivlded elects annually four councilors, some irreslstlt)le force!" face! Now you've gone and reminded '.and the 24 elect oa of their number "It was nothing, nothing really. One me Just when I was beginning to for- ' for president. The councilors are paid Just happens to have the knack of get." f a few sou eech when they attend a keeping one's lfead and acting quickly "Awfully sorry [ Stupid of me ! Get meeting of the council. Their horses on the spur of the moment. Some your mind off It agaln---qulckl What]are fed by the State and they have people have It, some haven't." were you saying? Oh, yes, this girl. I their meals. Now and then the hall of "And Just think! As Bream was always think It helps one to form a i the eotmell mm4a a new late on the saying " mental picture of people If one knows i toof. The annual budget StOle there. "It 1 all right," ald Mr. Mortimer, something about their tasteswhat ] Not Kaey te Reaeh. reappearing suddenly. "I saw a couple sort of thing they are Interested In. Andom'a I not {rosy to reach. Nes- of stewards and they both said It was their favorite topics of converr, atlon,! fling among ths crags and valley of all right. So it' all right." and Su on. This Miss Bennett now, the Pyranee, It Is surrounded by rough mild the girl. '*Ol what did e like talking about' country. The hearst rellroad In I" "Oh, all sorts of things." France and Spain are near in miles, "Yes, but what?" but separated by most difficult terrain, angel and run along to "Well, for one thing she was very and one mtmt travel Into the little re- my stateroom and see If Pinky-Boodle fond of poetry. It was that which public over trails tr mse4oo-mmooth is quite comfortable." first drew us together." tart roads. "Bound to he." "Poetry !" Sam's heart sank a The usually traveled route---if any "Yes, but do go. He may be feel- Httle. He had read a certain amount route that brings the Infrequent vls- lng,,chirrup?,lonely. Chirrup to him a little." of poetry at school, and once he had ltor from the outside world may be won a prize for the last line of a }ald to be a "Usually traveled one" "Yes, to cheer him up." limerick In a competition In a weekly i lle from Barcelona l Spain or Per- "Oh, all right." paper, but he was self-critic enough [ pignon In France. Railroads lead from "Run n!on!" t9 know that poetry was not his long ;both eltles to near Pulgeerda, a Span- Mr. Mortimer ran along.,. He had "$ Oown!" Ha Said, "Don't Stand suit. Still there was a library on lh city almost on the France-Spain the air of one who feels that he only Thers Swayiog Like Thet, I 0an't board ship and no doubt it would be line in the idylic valley of Cerdagne. needs a peaked cap and a uniform Bear It." possible to borrow the works of some From Puigcerda one clings for a little two sizes too small for him to be a standard poet and bone them up from , whlle to the transportation ystems of properly tln!pId meener hey. seeking Eustace's society. As a man time to time. 1 the Twentieth century, for he may Jour- 'And, as Bream was aylm'" re- who had been actually engaged to ney along the Segre river as far as the smued, tle trl, "you mlght have seen marry this supreme girl, Eustaee It!g- "Oh [1 Spanish town of See d' Urgel. But left behind." nett had an attraction for Sam akin no, Bream is going to go the surroundings are those of much "That," sald Sam, edging a step to that of some great pnblic menu- below and look after poor Pinky." jj earlier centary: Oxen wear fringed closer, "wa tile thought that tortured meat. He hild become a sort of shrine, nnd beaded veils upon their patient me. the thonght that a friendship so He had taken on a glamor. Sam eu- ('1'O .BE, CONTINCED.) :faceK, Men come down front the hill- delightfully beqn . ." "But It hadn't begun. We have side farm driving before them don- never spoken to each other boro WHEN TREES SHOW THEIR BUDS keys onwhe.epack.saddlesareracks now." resembling five barred-gates, on which "IIave you forgotten? On the @ wheat heaves are tied. VCheeled re- ,, hlcles are CUrrent only on the maim dock . . . 8peclallst on SubJect Say Most groups of rings w,,uid be made In one ,roads. Pack-mules Jingle qth bells Sudden enlightenment came Into her People Are Mletake, About year. and wear heavil F brassed saddles, on eyes. ths Time, Not all abe side buds on a twig wl!l which every form of package is secure- "Oh. you are the man poor Pinky- open. They are the reserve army wait- ! ly roped. The authentic diamond hitch Boodles bit !" So few of ua notice trees carefully ing to come Into action If the main II In rise everywhere, so that one sees "The lucky man!" that In early spring when the buds buds are injured. After a few year where the art of our Wetern packers Her face c]oude'L of waiting. If they bare not r, een was born. Chains stretched across the "Poor Pinky Is feeling tbe motion are swelling we say "The buds are brought loto service, the) will be coy- roads at the posts of the ffuardla clvile of the boat a little. It's his first roy- conllng on the trees," whereas, l! our age." eyes had been opened to nature's won- ered by the Rrowlng wood, but have stop truffle for examination. "'I shall alwaysremember that it wa ders we would have known they had "servedNot muchbY waiting.'" On the hllltop,are the remains of "No Joke getting left -ehlnd." Pinky wire first.brought u together, bn patiently "budded" the summer variation occurs In the eatles and fortified farm, reminders 'No.'" Would you care for a stroll on deck?" before, shape of the bud bundle In the san of the day not to far distant, when "Have to take the next heat. Lose "Not Just now, thanks. I must ha A the buds begin to well the out- sperles" so robably the safest way to each man tOOk what lm could and held n lot of time." said Mr. Mortimer, drlv- getting back to my room to finish un- aide coverings or scales grow larger, know trees ls by their buds. Then. what he might. The twin Inventions o " separate and fall, writes gusan 8. to,,. if we remenlber that they are or. af reImtlng fire=rm and the guardia lag honle his point, packing. After lunch, p+rhaps. The girl had listened to these In- "I wlll be there. By the way, you Alhurtis In Nature Magilziue of Wash- the trees all the year round except for a very short tl tellectual exchange's with mpatJence. know my name, but . . ." Ington. They leave their car behind me tmmedistely after e no',," spoke again. "Oh, mine?" She smiled brightly, then, as a group of very close rngs, the old bud have apened and the new Child of th D leaves are getting strong enough tO re e oset "Ob. Breani! .... It's thinny that a person's name Is Wherever these rings are, there a ter. work. we can Identify trees when aL' "Hello?" the If,st thing one thinks of asking, mlnal hud has been. ".Do be a dear nnd run down :Mlne ts Bennett." Not necesarlly does the distance be- the leaves are gone If we know the & tmom for tmuff amd the vtmity if it's ght tween ring groups mean a year's bud bundle the7 dhlflay l their ]pereonal sppear- h h. growth. Sometimes, ae.ordlng to the  amee are the principal fallimp of tl,e bie ., season, a tree will make a second Waterproof Glue, ifle of th  Them with growth, then It ha made two terml. A. waterproof glue is made hy dl- their habit of eusaltly aakll foe rtaln, nal buds in s growing eason. The Solving getatln in hot water, to the Prmts, are tim worst trait| of their hore chestnut frequently does thl eollsteney of thick erean, and add- eltaraet, ad may mtry lm for- dIeae that attacks It  acetic Jtcid to Ilhr  $r the  tlt, In mm  elt CHAPTER IIContinued, .--4-- The trousers did not even quiver. ,But thts girl was a girl of decision. 'Fhere was some nautical implement resting in a rack convenient to her hand. It was hug, solid, and con- strUcted of one of the harder forms of wood. Deftly extracting this from its place she smote her Inoffensive par- ent on the only visible portion of hhn. He turned sharply, exhibiting a red, bearded face. "Pa. this gentleman want to be took aboard the !)oat at quarantine. He'l! give you fifty berries," The wrath died out of the skipper's face like the slow trrnlng down of a lamp. The fishing had been poor, and so far he had only managed to secure a ingte two-deBar bill. In a crisis like the one which had o suddenly arisen you cannot do yourself Justice with a boath,)k. "Fifty berries I ' seeds!" the girl assured him. on'r' said the ekipper simply, ;aid a mouthful 1" minutes later Barn was climbing up the side of the liner as It lay towering over the tug like a monn- fain` ]-Iis clothes hung about him clammily. He sqtlelched as he walked. A kindly looking old gentleman who was smoking a cigar by the rail re- garded him with open eyes. "My dear sir, you're very wet," he said. Sam passed htm with a cold face and hurried through the door leading to the companionway. "Mummle, why Is that mnn wet'/" cried the clear voice of a child. whizzed by, leaping down the sir ! You're very wet !" steward in the doorway of the 3on. wet," said a stewardess In" for hi tateroom. He and sank on the lounge. In tie lower berth Eustace Hlgnett wan lying wtth chmed eyes. He opened them languidlythen tared, "Hullo !" he aid. "I ay I You're Wet." Sam removed ht ellnglg garment and hurried Into a new sulL He, watt In no mood for conversation," and Eml. tare Hlgnetts frank curiosity Ja upon him. Happily at this point, a sudden shivering of the floor aml a creaking of woodwork proclaimed the fact that the vessel was under way again, and hls eousln, turning pea. rolled over on his shle with a hollow moan. Sam finished buttoning hls vest and went out. He was passing the inquiry bureau an the C-d(,k, striding along with bmt : head and scowling brow, xiten, a sud- den exclamation caused lihn to look and the scowl was wiIued from his ms with a sponge, For there the girl he had met on the (ck, was a superfluous young Ina who looked like a parrot. "Oh, hw are you? aked the girl br.eothlessly" 'Splendid, thanks,' said Sam '!Didn't you get very wefT' get a little damp." you Would," sald the man who looked like a parrot. I saw you go over the slde tO myself: 'That fellow's going : wet !'" a pause. the glrl. "may IMr.?" Mr, Bream Mortl. Iner," Sam smlrked at the young man. The young man amh'ke:t at Sam. "Nearly got/eft behind." sald Bream Mortimer. "Yes, nearly.', LITTLE OLD Andorran Bridge Used by Charlemagne. clvlle have made rural life In Spalu falrly safe now and the bandit n@ longer roam upon these road. Never. theless, the passer-by sometimes car. riea a rifle in the crook of his arm, and the knife is said to he still a ready olvent of difficulties. At See d' Urgel one leaves behin such m.odern device, as motorbussas and must enter Andorra hy mule-draw cart. 1Vet so long ago a mere mule track connected See with the little re- public, but now a fairly good road tol- lows the winding Valira. But on mut be prepared on occasion to walk toIlfully up hills that the mules cannot negotiate. Inuggllng Tobacco Into France. Andorra Itself could not "be dltin guihed by Its physicM appearance and Its people from the Spanish land about It. But Its smuggling makes It s thing apart. In these Pyrenean hill s tobacco is raised by comparison with which the ranket Connecticut second growth might elas an Havana. This frightful tuff is labeled in accordanes with the tastes of the prospective vie- tim. One may have a Havana cigar, or one ticketed from the Canary iland, or marked Carolina or Virginia or Gi- braltar. Even the revenue taupe are counterfeited, so that,  far as ex- ternals are concerned, the eect would urely be deceived. But an outraged palate would discover the deception. In the tobacco factory of Andorrt these cigars and cilPrette are put up in package, and packed In haverescl which are t a load for otto matt If the smuggler rna a haversack through to France they are paid 80 pesetas. If they are forced to ebandon the Iced en route they are still paid 20 petmta. The packages of eigarert which one buys for 20 centlmes in Andorra aeIL according to the stamp upon the pack- i age, for 80 centimes outside ; so that I the smuggling profit Is not to be de- spised. But the most profitable trada is In mules. I)urlng the World war Spain was falrly robbed of hei- mules by the needs of the allied armies, so that fur- ther exportation was frowned upon by the government. Likewise. although these mule were bought for the French .'army, France maintained an import duty upon live stock. The An- dorrans procured mules by hook and crook from Spain, and led them" over the hills at night by untrequented path into France. The hare of the gendarmes In this traffic was ten dol- lar a mule. There is no record that an Andorra smuggler wa Injured In the practice of his'vocatlon. It Is podble for a visitor to get Into the old council hall In the town of .#dadorrao lu which the horses of the councilors are etabed on the ground floor, whllb the council hall and their leeplng quarters are on the floor above. There is a fine old fl-replace there, in whleh the admln. lstrative meat is roasted, and a cup board with ix locks, in which archive! are kept that date from the daFs o4 Charlemagne. But eaeh centon has a key, and the keepers of the keys are usually on the hltls, smuggling or watchin the cattle that furnish the mot perma 'neat source of income; ao one' In. quiry into Andorra's past l likely H, bring scanty results. The total population of the republb ! about 6,000, and those men thai have arms serve in the army. There. are no uniforms In the army, but thl, shortage Is made up by the urplutv age of officer. Artemus Ward' regiment of brigs dier generals might well have had lt lnplratlon here. The man who onct gets an office never relinquishes tht title, and as offices seem to go some- what by rotation, the untitled man in Andorra must be a poor tick Indeed. A Little Learning= The self-made millionaire was st bookhop, and could not make up his mind what to huy. "Perhaps," aid the aseltant, "you would like Boswell's 'I,lfe of Johl sou' ?" "Certainly not!" replied the mlllio sire. "I' not Interested in the career of negro pugilists."--Royal Magazine. says the Geographical Journal. Their children are admirably brovht up; they have wonderful mametm, rtmpect for their elders and unselflsbne4t8 to one another to a degree which wold make European paren (mvlorm Pecuvim Oettt. "f Cotton ot It-diiteremt eolot.u 8tmsm tn Peru. H|ve | pocket for refr, shmenL Aids Allays $o0mes m, For Quslity, the p* Cutlcura Im The Velvet WARD Off COIJf00 your Mangan. against colds; it will on fleh. Don't wait cold get its grip take Gude's has it; and' Free Trial value of Gude'= for generou Trial package, o money -- Just J. Breitenbach ]bn/e 8, mother Whlow'a Sy-  other mothen' 'thm ss/e, medy n llttle mmm=h k MRS.WI time. Complete on every label opiate harmhxl I Write for &WGLO-AIIIOkll tl$-Zl7 Fsllm S. Arw l'rk. For tl l-Ae fLrlm, two miles shipping point south h|Khway. Good tered. M. V. FREE Ono.third tbo J c mtsd. Far 8OLD "Where are to visit a friend long you neat wave." t L by direct the best --the orlKaUd After piling man can ee other would-be all the time. No doubt finished,