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November 23, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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November 23, 1973

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Friday, November 23i 1973 Descrlptlon Including Serial and Motor Numbers WT LF IN,qON COUNTY SCIG'DULE OF ROAD WORKING E(,UIIHCNT SEI'TEMBF.R 30, 197 i Date Inventory of Original Value l'urchase Cost 10-I -70 DISTRICT ONE 1/5 Interest in Marlow lump S/D-18II7 3-60 Concrete Culvert Form 1946 Tandem-Axle 12-Ton Trailer 7-58 1961 Ford F-600 2-Ton Truck S/F60BK-154240 3-61 IXlmp Body 7-66 Chain Saw 3-66 Ford Tractor Model 31022A-BL S/C129440 W/Side Mower Wood Model S-I05 S/1230 5-66 Caterpiller Traxcavator 933G S/II13530 h-h6 1968 Chevrolet 2-:Ton Truck W/Pump Body 7-68 WAIIC0 666 Tandem-Drtge Motor Crader S/I;H U934 10-68 International TD15 S/1502762 q-69 1968 International 'truck Used 4-69 DI S TR I C T 'I4C) Homellte Chain Saw. 9-58 Caterptllcr Motor Grader Model 112 S/3N5566 3-56 Adams Rebuilt Gr0der #84 5-54 I/5 Interest in Merle lmlp S/I)-18117 3-60 Concrete Form 1946 Tractor Trailer 1949 Ford Tractor 850 W/Loader Model 19-17 S/73559 3-56 196& Dodge 1/2 Ton Truck S/1373465 4.t Rebuilt Gallon Model 118 Motor Grader S/MD22985 7.ha Front-End Loader S/I.15-9734 M/LI50-TM8558 5-65 1967 Ford F-602 2-Ton Truck S/F60CCA49923 12-66 1967 Ford F-602-156 2-Ton Truck S/F60CCKI;133bO 4-66 Rollins Chain Saw 2-68 Allis-Chalmers IIDIIE Crawler Tractor Model 11000 3-68 1970 Ford F617 Truck S/F61ECI198238 5-70 Ford HD Clipper Model 305 S/518288 8-71 DISTRICT THREE Whiz Saw S/I162538 1-61 D6-Caterpiller Diesel Tractor S/44A3397 W/Hydraulic Control S/39F2394 W/Bulldozer Blade S/85C2980 2-62 1/5 Interest in Marlow Pump S/D-18117 3-60 Concrete Plpe Forms 1948 Tandem Trailer 8-58 Trailer S/489 1949 Dodge Truck M/3447384 S/83516513 1-55 1964 Ford Pickup S/FIOJK461521 6-65 llough Front-End Loader Model 60D S/75A93330 1-66 1967 Ford F-600 2-'ron Truck S/60CK813359 3-67 ]967 Ford F-600 2-Too Truck S/CE537AI02667 2-67 1968 Ford F-600 2 I/2 Ton Truck 8-68 Gallon Model 118 Series "B" Motor Grader S/GM99184A 139450 6 -68 1969 Ford F-600 2-Ton Truck S/D98720 11-68 Description Including Serial and Motor Numbers DISTRICT THREE - Cont'd WABCO 666 Motor Grader GM666GM029-G-71 4A146265 3-69 John Deere Model Tractor SH0048070 W/Loader and Clipper 12-69 DISTRICT FOUR Chain Saw 7-59 I/5 Interest in Marlow Pump S/D-18117 3-60 Trailer #1244 1949 Model 440 Letourneau-Westlnghouse Motor Grader S/44GM9590 1-65 John Deere Loader S/5E3MOI5368T 10-66 Sprayer 11-66 1968 Chevrolet 2-Ton Truck & Body S/141776RI 11-67 1968 Cbevrolet 2-Ton Truck & Body S/F6080K301192 ll-b7 1963 Ford Pickup 3/4 Ton 2-68 Allis-Chalmers Model HD6 Crawler Tractor S/20282 Dozer Blade S/3101 3-68 /, Poanoke Hydraulic (:utter S/69042 10-69 'T0 Chevrolet Truck S/CE530PI63908 ........ 6'-70 WABco Motor Grader S/4A140261 6-69 DISTRICT FIVE Hyster Winch and Cable Model D6N S/TRN-65344 7-58 Tow-Rite 15-Ton Trailer W/Loadlng Platform 9-59 Hodel 282G Hancock Tractor and Elevating Scraper S/173R2T2528 RNI95R5497 1964 I/5 Interest in Marlow Pump S/D-18117 3.60 #12-0 Caterpiller Motor Greder S/89G1877 1-68 Model JD 600 New John Deers Industrial Tractor Equipped W/Roanoke Robot Hydraulic Cutter & Mower S/T253RII82305R 1-68 1968 Ford F-600 2-Ton Truck S/F60BKC65264 1-68 1968 Ford F-600 2-Ton Truck S/F60BKC76633 2.68 1968 Ford F-IO0 Pickup l/2-Ton S/FIOYDC58218 4-68 blodel 666 WABCO Tandem-Drlve Motor Grader 4-68 John Deers JD544 Loader S/TEB3T075797 10-68 Homelite Saw & Digger 11-69 1970 Ford 2-Ton Truck F6OBCH01497 11-69 1970 Ford 2-Ton Truck F60BCJ34995 7-70 D5 Caterpiller W/Blade & Cab 94ji064 39P6799 & 92111784 2-70 1971 Ford 2-Ton Truck F60BVK20794 11-70 [scription Including Se._rlal and Motor Numbers COUNIx.WIDE Sweeper blodel 200 "Little Giant" P & il Model 215TC Truck Crane & Dragllne Combination S/27269 1968 Chevrolet I/2-Ton Pickup 1969 Chevrolet I/2-Ton Pickup S/CSI0704 TOTA L SUmmARy (P) Cash Purchases (T) Trades TOTAL The Woodville Reoubllcan;Woodville, MisslssMmi 121.40 $ I0.00 40.00 I, 172.14 200.00 I, ,112.14 200.00 785.00 125.O0 212.50 0. O0 3,584.73 200.0D 15,907.43 h ,080.00 5,000. O0 2,000. OO 27,434.85 20,/,00.00 17,500.01 15,313.00 __:h I o. ,1 D ,ob.oo ? 7Ldg/!:_Lu k_u:. o o_ 23[). 15 )0.00 [3,7Ol .6, 200.00 1 ,950.0D 2DO.O0 121.40 10,O0 40.00 I .000.O0 200.00 3,152. O0 :'00. DO 1, '.,13.0O I00.O0 15,000.00 3,3b1.O0 23,091.00 . 747.00 4,233.50 27 1.00 -., 231.3() 273.O0 I 0.O0 10.00 32,51 ).II D) 551.00 %08 I. 99 1,813.O0 624. bO !595.99 ,.oo 26,). 15 50.00 20,.13.30 200.00 121.40 10.00 I0.00 I , 572.44 100.00 I , 193.05 1OO.00 ? ,742.()5 IO0.00 1,250.00 IOO.O0 21,028.D0 7,847.00 t,,393.80 744.00 4,300.00 605.00 5,008.54 1,444.00 27,463.83 17,169.00 4,783.02 2,817.OO l'urchases Disposals Inveotory & Debit & Credit Del,reciatton Value Adjustments Adjustments (llp rge 9-30-71 s $ s $ 200.00,] 25.00 1 ,)20, OO 1,000. OO 3,4 O0. O0 .', 187.O0 ._'2_oo._oo _,!'_4 2:9o_ 2 DD. (lOT 1,639.00 2,953.00 171 .O0 173.00 70.00,) /' ,449.00 I, 270. O0 156.60 11,O81.60 50.00,1 100.O0.I 100.OOj i0.00 40.00 200,00 I00.00 50.00 200.00 4,160.00 1,000.00 17',200.00 13,126.00 I00.00 36 186.00 50.00 200.00 I0.00 40.00 200.00 200.00 I00.00 1,722.00 3,794.00 100.00 100,00 15,102.00 2,543.00 468.00 24 629.00 200.00 10.00 i0.00 100.00 100.O0 5,194.00 1OO.00 100.00 388.00 2,653.00 644. DO $05.O0 1,056.00 WILKINSON COUNTY SCHEDULE OF ROAD WORKING EQUIPMENT SEPTEMBER 30, 1971 Date Inventory of Original Value Purchase Cost I0-i-70 27,609.85 S 24,183.00 5)48666 4 801.00 127728.99 60 280.00 165.98 50.00 121.40 I0.00 1,345.00 I00.00 21,824.38 7,321.00 16,830.90 7,576.00 545.68 100.00 5,036.50 1,223.00 5,036.50 1,223.00 1,200.00 300.00 20,892.27 14,519.00 8,750.00 7,677.00 ' 6,8020' 5,102.00 27)412)47 23 986 O0 115)963.58 69 187.00 1,500.00 lO0,O0 3,575.00 I00.00 26,500.00 5,232.00 121.40 10.00 26,275.00 16,409.00 Eel_- 6_Oy 024. O O 3,431.00 13,738.O0 9S3.O0 1,834.00 Purchases Disposals "Inventory & Debit & Credit Depreciation' Walue Ad.lugtments Adjustments Charge "9-30-71 $ 3,426.00 $ 20,757.00 685.00 4.116.00 13_633.00 46 647.00 50.00 lO.O0 100.00 2,679.00 4,642.00 1,824.00 5,752.00 lO0.O0 1,123.00 I00.00 1,123.00 200.00 i00.00 1,881.00 12,638.00 19,612.00 9,420.00 4,766.90 1,225.00 4,766.90 1,225.00 2,979.00 766.00 26,609.85 16,717,00 22,050.00 17,950.00 262.00 197.00 4,975.59 3,731.0 5,359.89 4,019.0 32,147,27 28,129.00 5,829.00 187,329.80 I05230.O0 S $ 1,073.9Q- ,:.-,-6,604.00 1,700.00 ........... 3,402.00 , 20.560.00 15 029.00 54.158.00 lO0.O0 I00.00 3,568.00 1,664.00 i0.00 3,291.00 13,118.00 WILKINSON COUNTY SCI1EDULE OF ROAD WORKING EQUIPMI'NT SEPTIIBER 30, 1971 1,700.OOT P 2,580.00 6,840.00 1,700.OOT 475.00- 1,125.00 100.00 666,00 100.00 3,283.00 13,434.00 2,050.00 15,900.00 65.00 132.00 1,244.00 2,487.00 1,340.00 2,679.00 4,018.00 24,111.00 1 457.00 , 1,700.00 24 212 00 85:147.00 Date Inventory Purchases of Original Value & Debit Purchase Cost 10-1-70 Adlustments 4 -66 $ 1,680.00 $ 200.00 $ 25,500.00 7,982.00 2,775.00 719.00 1.981.64 s 459.1s s s Disposals Inventory Credit Depreciation Value Adjustments Charge 9-30-71 $ $ 200.00 3,518.00 4,464.00 619.00 .100.00 481.00 538.00 7 -66 3 -68 1-69 S 4,753.60 S s  $  $4,753.60 wes paid for road machinery end equipment during the year under review. Payment| made on equipment notes durtug the year amounted to $52,722.27, and interest paid on auch notea emounted to $1,218.00. In addition to purchases noted above, rental payments and repairs to such equipment, including tiree and tubes and grader blades, accounted for disbursements totaling $97,913.87, as shown in the receipts and disbursements statement for road and bridge funds, A summary of the bonded debt transactions is presented below for your convenience and information: Balance Issued Redeemed Balance Outstanding Duing During Outstanding I0-i-70 Period Period 9-30-71 $ III,000.00 S 180,000.00 $ II,000.00 $ 280,009.00 35,000.00 13000.00 22000.00 S 14fl.O00.O0 S 180.000.00 $ 24.000.00 S 302.000.00 General Purposes Road and Bridge Purposes TOTALS In addition to the amount of redemptions shown above, interest charges and other debt service costs consumed $11,466,75. the county for If any further information is desired concerning the financial operation of during the years of 1970 and 1971 te same may be obtained from the audit report, that year, on file in the office of the chancery clerk. STATE DEPARTMENT OF AUDIT W. Hampt6n King, C.I.A. SCare Adior COMMENTS OF STATE AUDITOR ON WIL. CO. (Continued from' Page 4! cial support fund of ,the Missis- sippi Highway Safety Patrol, consists of property taxes, of which a small portion, usually about 15% goes into road funds, most of it going to support pub- lic shools and the gene, ral ccunty government. These two types of taxes are collected by the county tax collectox and, except for a 2-mill property sent by that office to the State Treasury, re retained in Wil- kinson County. Larger truck and bus tags are issued by the State Motor Ve- hicle Comptroller, although they may be routed to him through the ounty tax collector. The greater part of these privilege taxes are returned o county governments of the state, being divided .among them on the three bases of rea, population and number of such vehicles registered, in the proportion each county has of ,the totals of each of these items in the state as a whole. A smaller por- tion of the revenue from these privilege licenses is used to pay for state highway construction or reconstruction or for redemp- tion of bonds issued for these purposes and interest thereon. and a still smaller prtion is used to help pay the operating costs of the Motor Vehicle Comptroller's office and state- wide organization. The total amount to ,be divided among the counties of the state has been fixed by a legislative act of 1972, which was part of the state highway financing pro- g, ram of that year, .and the amount coming to each county government after 1972 wil 1 change only when the County's proportionate share of the pop- ulation and vehicles changes. Currently, between 5% and 7% of the road and bridge revenue in Wilkinson County comes from this source. A sha,e of the state tax on motor fuels also goes to coun- ties, every county receiving at least $190,000 ech year, wlth counties having lrger area and population receiving ,a greater part of the balance left in the counties' share than do counties of smaller area and population. There is not a great deal of variation among the counties in -the dol}ars received .fxom this source, however. In Wilknson County, this source supplies from 49% to 55% of the xoad and bridge revenue. Another major state govern- men`t contxibution to county road funds is the reimburse- ment to the county of tax losses suffered as a result of home- steads being exempt from prop- erty taxes for road and bridge purposes. This is paid out of an appropriation made each year out of the state's general fund by the legislature. Due to certain penalty provisions in the statutes, intended to promote better fi- nancial managemen by county government, very .few counties, if any, receive full ,reimburse- ment for tax losses resulting from homestead exemptions. This money .comes chiefly from sales and .use and income taxes collected by the state but also in part from a number of other types of taxes or other sotrces such as excise taxes on obacco products, beer and wine, strong- er alcoholic beverages, and In- surance .premiums, eorparation franchise taxes, inheritance taxes, and several other taxes yielding smaller amounts of revenue, as well as from inter- est earned on time depostts and profits ,o1 wholesale sales o the stronger alcoltolic beverages. In Wilkinson County, this payment from the state's general fund supplies from 1% to 2% of he road revenues. Another source of money used :by ome ,boards of supervisors for road pu, rposes is part of the county share of severance axes collected by the state govern- nent .on oil and gas produced or timber, hmrvested in the county. In Wilkinson County, this accounted in 1970 and 19'/1 for 13% to 18% of the road und revenues. County Expenditure Of Road And Bridge Funds The Federal Bureau of Public ROad, now a part of the De- artment of TransImrtatlon, collects eaoh year a great va- riety 0f statistical information from the state highway depart- ments of the .fifty states and tries to compile i% into" tables whiv2 m, ake some comparisons readily possibl, altttou, gh the Burea .wrns against laing too much reliance on the use |of comparative figures reported I by .different people or a hum- /bet of different purposes. / lrom hese statistics, however, I it" can be eadlly a.werbained Poae 5 loads by counties and townships are high in comparison with those of most other states. In 1970, the latest year for which we have those statistics, Missis- sippi :ranked 19th in `the nation in the total amount spent for these purposes and 5th among 12 Southeastern and South Cen- tral states stretching from Lou- isiana and Arkansas to Virginia. Only six states spent more per registered vehicle on such roads; nine spent more in pro- portion to ,their population: nineteen spent more per surface HONOR ROLL TOLD FOR FINCH SCHOOL The following 35 students made the Honor Roll for the. Eecond six weeks at Finch At- tendance Center with an aver- age of B or above : First Grade: Keith Anderson, Timothy Lee, Harry Patterson, Tracie Tickles, Archie Reginald, Janesia Parker, Clarence Wil- liams, Timothy C. Zdrazil. Second Grade: Abby Franklin, !Santa Moody, Yvonne Packnett, Rhonda Parker. or linear mile of rural roads,[ Fourth Grade: Lee Ma,rvin as shown by .the inventory of Packnett "A", Debra Parker "A", county roads maintained by the] James Cole. Dernell Anderson. state highway department. The l Doris Andrews, Joseph Henry local people who use these roads[ Jackson. Troy A. Mars, Ka, ren from day to day are better able Campbell. Kathy Gaines, Diana to form an opinion as to how well they are maintained in proportion to the money spent on them than anyone visiting them only occasionally or sit- ting in an .office in the capital city or in an office on a univer- sity or college campus. Wilkinson County spent fom its road and bridge funds an average of $394,878 during he six year period from 1964 through 1969, according to Mr. Coxkran's study of .the informa- tion he obtained from .the fi- nancial statements prepared from county records by the State Department of Audit dur- ing th,Gse years. $3,583 of this amount represented a duplica- tion. money repaying notes, the p,roceeds of which had been used to buy .equipment which had been included in thc ex- pendtures of an earlier year. If one borrowed from a bank to buy a car and counted both the purchase price of the car and the repayment of he principal amount of the notes as ex- penses, he would be overstating the amount he spent, and this fact was overlooked in Mr. Corkern's study. For a single year's costs, these note pay- ments are part of the expendi- tures, but over the life of the purchase and repayment, the cost would be overs`tared if both equipment purchases and equip- ment note payments are in- cluded. In fiscal 1970, total road and bridge fund expenditures in Wilkinson County totalled $470,- 906. including $33,581 paid for new equipment, $'/,835 for equip- ment rental or lease and $78.545 for notes .issued earlier to se- cure cash for equipment pur- chases at that time. In fiscal 1971, the amount actually ex- pended was $516,819. including new equipment ,costing $4.754. Xrental and lease of equipment for $21,940. and payment of notes in the amount of $52,722, issued earlier for the purpose of berrowing to buY equipment at that time. For each mile of rural road, the average amount spent by the county was approx- imately $1,130 in 1970 and $1,240 In 1971, as compared with the nation-vide average in 1970 of about $795 per mile. Other County Governmental Functions Although noney expended from road and bridge funds al- ways makes up ,a substantial part of the money expended under .the direct control of the county board of supervisors in ,every county in Missisippi, many other vital county func- tions .are also budgeted and fi- nancially controlled by the board. Most of the property ,taxes paid by property owners of the county other than those paid for public school operations are used .for these purposes rather than for ,roads and bridges. In the 1970 fiscal year Wilkinson County property own- ers financed these varied county functions with $126,806. in round figures, and in 1971 the amount Increased to $158,847. Perhaps the best measure of the money costs of county government is the per .capi'ta cost, but he truest measure is the service rendered to the citizens which is difficult to quantify and can probably judged by those citizens themselves, although sme comparative dollar costs i may help. Jackson. Fifth Grade: Angeline Neal, Wilma J. Jones. Dyker Ann Ney- land, Fred Green Jr.. Andrew Williams. Stephanie Anderson, Betty Montgomery, Vayda Pat- terson. Sixth Grade: Oscar Howard "A". Curtis Parker. Kermit .Gaines, Jacqueline Tickles. CARD OF THANKS We wish to express our ap- preciation to our many friends and relatives ,who were so kind to us during the illness and following the death of our mother, Fannie Gaines. Thanks go to all for their offerings, food, florals, cards, visits, and prayers. Special ..thanks go to the Laurel Hill Lumber Com- pany, both employers and em- ployees. We will forever be grateful to each of you. The Gaines Family. The pex capita cost of certain categories of expenditures au- thorized by the loard of super- visors of Wilkinson County in 1970 and in 1971, in comparison with the average per capita cost of these categories in all counties combined in 1970. is shown on the schedule at he end of these comments. Some counties at- tempt to expand services to cit- izens from time to time anct costs necessa,rily rise. Other counties .have chosen to keep governmental costs down by providing only such services as are required by statute or by overwhelming public demand. Per Capita Costs (The following Per Capita Costs schedule in the various Categories of Expendituxes are given with the "first two figures indicating Wilkinson County per capita averages for 1971 and 1970. respectively, and the ,third figure the state average for 1970.) O f f i c e and Administration Costs (Office salmries, adminis- trative fees, record books, office s.upplies .and expense) $5.27, $5.19, $4.40 Courts, Prisons. etc. (This does not include salaries of chancery . and circuit judges and district attorneys, whch are paid from the state reasury) $3.62 $2.95, $3.10 Health ,and Sanitation (Chief- ly contribution to coun,ty health .department, but .may include garbage collection, pest control, etc.) $0.78, $0.59, $1.37 Charities and Public Welfare I (Chiefly allowances to paupers and costs of food tamp and other welfare administration) $0.57, $0.59, $1.23 Farm and Home Service (Chiefly salaries and other ex- pense of farm and home exten- sion service agents, but some- times includes other services) $0.55, $0.52, $0.78 Maintenance and Operation of Public Buildings (Utilities, jani- torial services and supplies, in- surance premiums, repairs, etc.) $0.70, $0.66, $1.17 Cost of Other Public Services (Libraryy, Civil Defense, Contri- bution to various organiza,tion, zervice to veterans, etc.) $3.45, $1.26, $2.73 Intorest on debt, etc. $1.03, $O.6O, $5.71 Repayment of debt .other han road equipment notes $3.06, $3.87 $8.90 Construction, equipment and improvements other than roads and bridges $2.64, $4.90, $14.70. -WANTED- Handle Quality ASH, Cherry Bark OAK, and Tight or Lace Bark HICKORY. Highest Prices Paid Contact 'O. AMES COMPANY Phone 888-6431 Woodville, Miss. i