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November 19, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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November 19, 1898

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""&apos;"'" "+'""" MURDER AT has Ien caused in N'ples activity of Mount Vesu.,:ius. II g danger of this description universal terror. As a matter of there is little likelihood that Me. Vesu- At Fearful Tragedy" at St. Thol0,s Ir will do any serious damage. On tt e Iall, Holly Springs, Miss. o e sand thousands die daily from stomach and digestive disorders, who might have sur- *iy had the). re,)reed to ttostcttcr's Stem- " ...... a:ll Jitters+ It is the greatest of known t0n- one Student Stabs Another to Death--The i for stomach and di.c,ive organs. It uarrel Originated About a Trivial enJres kdney, tivcr and bood disorders. Matter--The Slayer Arrestl. ]IISSISSIPPI MATTERS. RECENT ELEff[IONS. Pardoned by the Governor. The governor has pardoned W. JL The Result Throughout theC0untry Howard, Harrison county, forgery, sen- as Indicated By the Count. teuzed to two years' imprlsor.ment, Howard's case is a novel one, he having never been placed in the penitentiary. The Senate and the Next llouse of gepre- Ile was convicted and sentenced, but sentatlves the Same Complexion as number of people  appealed to the supreme court and was the Admlnlatratlon--'he lglish " said tk-* " , ,e 2xmateur IIoLl/r SPntxos, Miss., Nov. 12.--Last pardoned while the appeal was pend- now 116,000,000." "It is a llouse by States. int. This is the first pardon pending wonde," raid the Chea night, in what at the time was sap- appeal granted under the new constttu- 'itll the eception of Maine, Vet- , o not get on the posed to be only an insignificent dif- tion, which forbids in express terms the mont and Oregon, all the states iu the alter, ficulty between two of the younger boys at St. Thomas IIall, regarding some grauting of pardons "befora eonvlc- union held election ou Tuesduy, qnd arrh trival matter, William Brewer Seal)bed ties," as was permitted under the olql the folIowing governors were elected constitution. This case thereforeraises Callfornia--ttenry T. Gage (rep.) .... 30,()0i) and instantly ldlled Mason Foster son Staten. Governors Pluralities of IL P. Foster, of Iluntington, Miss. an unique question as to whether a Colorado--Charles S. Thomas (fun.). 40.000 Connectlcut--G. _'. Lot nsbury(rep.). 16,000 is "convicted" in the meaning ldaho--FranR Stemienberg (f'us.) .... 3,085 In the Head 0000re,ver is the sea of M L. Brewer, of of the constitution, while his cause is Ka,,sas--W. E. Stanley (rep.) ........ 10,000 Lamar, Miss. Both of the boys were pending for final determination in the MI hlgan--Hazen S. Pengree (rep.).. 7,.g0 Is &n /nflammatlon of the mucous men,bra,e of a quiet d!sposition, and popular with Massaffhusetts--lioger Volcott(rep.) 80.393 supreme court. But even admittlag Minnesota-+John 1And (fus) .......... 16,000 ltningthc nasal passages. Itis caused by a their fellow cadets. The affair oc- that the pardon might be unoondHtn. Nevada--Reinhold Sadlor (fus.) ...... S00 Nebraska-:,V. J. Poynter (fun.) ...... 1.000 ld or succession of colds, combln wtth curred shortly beforethe retiring hour, tional, there is a further and Still more New ttampsblre--F. \\;V. Rol!ins(rep.) tpuro blood. Catarrh is cured by Hood's and did not become generally known . +ew Jersey--F. lf. Voorhees (rep.).. 12,!00 8.000 ea tissuesand builds up the system. Hood's Sarsaparilla Is America's Greatest Medicine. $1; six for $5. H'S Pills cure all Liver I,ls. '25 cents POINTED PARAGRAPHS. Soe Short Sentences Coniolnln arsaparilla, which eradicates from tbe until this morning, eumous question or complication which New York+--F. B. Fancher (rep.) ..... 6,000 arises. Our supreme court has held l)ennsylvani:i--'v. A. Stone (rcp+t 150,00) blood all scrofulous taints, rebuilds the dell- The entire community ts overwhelmed that a violation of the constitution csn South Dakota--Andrew E.t,ee(fus+). 151009 outn Carolina--%V II Ellerhe(dem.).l(#,(XJ0 with grief and gloom over this most only be pleaded by the party whose Texas--Joseph D. Sayers (dem.) .... 200.000 Teunessee--Ienton McMlllln (dem.). 15,000 terrible tragedy by which one young rights are affected thereby. In this Visconsin--Edward Scoflcld (rep.). 41,1D0 life, full of promise, has been so sud- "Vyoming--1)e. Forest Richards(rep.) 2,0() (lenly destroyed, another darkened and case the prisoner being tha party wh0o Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana saddened, and two families are called "rights are affected" will hardly ask to Iowa, M ssouri, Montana, North Care- have the pardon annulled. That being lina, ()hi() and Utah elected nfinor to walk for the rest of their days under the case the only course open to the state office,:s, with the following re- the keavy burden of a great sorrow. Brewer Under Arrest district attorney, if he still desired to suits: r--------...-.-- HE GOT EVEN HIs Customer Bent Him at the Sta&'t ut He Got Back at Him In Good Shnpe. There is anld retired merchant in De- troit who delights in recalling his experi- ences when an active man running a gen- era store in one of the northern cities of the lower peninsula. "I used to reap a harvest when the mer were coating out of the woods," he re- lates. They were not up in styles, and about any old thing would suit them pro- vided the color was right and the fit even passable. But there were tricksters among them and I had to have my wits about me in order to keep even with them. ' 'How much is this hat ?' asked a strap- ping six-footer who arrived from camp one day with a pocket full of mone 1we fifty., I rephed. crowd with him had a laugh at my expense. lie wanted to look at some 'fiddles,' and after pricing one at $10 concluded to a " " _, ': 'Vllere's the bow ?' he asked, a: ke?; uo.'ngup the package. " 'You onl: bought the fiddle,' I laughed. The others saw the point and laughed, too. l'he giant tried to bluff me, but I kept good minored and got even on the hat by charg- ng him $1.50 for the bow. I not only got !yen, but the others were so pleased with THREE HAPPY WOMEN. Each Relieved of Periodic Pain and Backache. Trio of Fervent Letters. A Before using Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com. pound, my health was gradually being undermined. I suffered untold agony from painful menstruation, backache, pain on toper myhead and ovarian trouble. I concluded to try Mrs. Pinkham's Compound, and found that it was all any wo- man needs who suffers with painful monthly periods. It entirely cured inc.--Mrs. Ggoaem W&ss, 923 ank St., Cincinnati. O. For years I had suffered with painful men- stmaation every month. At the beginning of menstrua ties it was impossible for me to stand np for more than five minutes, I felt so mlserable. One day s little book of Mrs. Pinkham's was thrown into my house,and I sat right down and read it. I then got some of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and Liver Pills. I can heartily say that to-day I feel like a newwoman; my monthly suffering is a thing 0f the past. I shall always praise the Vegetable Compound forwhat it has done for me.--Mrs. Mzoxm AzDzSO, 863 Lisbon St. Lewiston, Me. Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has cured me of painful menstrua ties and backache. The pain in my back was dreadful, and the agony I suf- fered during menstruation nearly drove me wild. :Now this is all over, thanks to Mrs. Pinkham's medicine and advlce.--Mra. CARRIE V. WILLIAMS, SOuth Mills, N. C. .............. . Brewer was placed under arrest and pursue the matter, would be to have l ........................ ,mY "Yankee trick',, that they spent plenty .... a wntelz "**,e All has been kept at a hotel in custod- of a the party re-arrested The "rl ........ ".''"'- t/rp.), ,..u pmramy; - ,-.-ey wth me. --Dermt Free Press. eeognl,e. deputy sheriff, llewillhaveahe:ring w,.uld then sue outs writ ofha;:i ::?:":Cl'>u):n:,''o,O'l:l;OH!:l;';''.llh- Clearl--:' I.The grenttvolumeof testim.onyproves conclusive, thatL dlaE Pin '  hasasna .....  ........ .before Mayor Calhoon tomorrow morn- corpus and set uphis pardon. These t .....  , ",^"', .. ' .3, Jn(t,ana ,,_, ).wasa?vlsanletogoowar. | vegcaom uompouna is a sae, Sure and a+ ...... Y- ..... Y . . khams $1l n , ...... ne encounters an zng at 10 o'clock. Abl ....... : ..... eomulicated ouestio ..... a . ..... ,:-r./, +.,u,. p/uratHy; Iowa (rep.) ..... : y.waoou revenuer'- ventured the [trregularitv, sunnressed ...... : ....... ,, ,u,,,.ote remeuy zn cases el t et-shonnin ia h,, ....... been cmrd ......  , +. + ,,: .... . ,ve av,,i',, h,a  ." ,,,,, ,v oeen 50,000 ph,rahty; Missouri (dem), 30- ,?/,_lr ;oatrey.. | ............ c orpamumontnly periods. 1- :-'--' .:- --o ....... the omy :na ,-  "z': ...... ou sines, mltk & ............. ue prlsonernrstalsmtssed 0)( flur'aliv. , ,,* .... ,+ ....  "o ' ,, o-enue. repeatcu the queen li htl or:eg m ........... lotten, /+'ant& Belk, for the defen,e hmappeal, thereby makin hlseonvl lu  " "5' Io: ...... ? ,..-.., ~,000 Ihavcbutto_stam my foot and 'bugdaY "'rhcprescntMrs. Pinkham ..... : .... ..... N; v'e "'e or war ov r,uin ann tr:.. .............  , ........... g c J p r/ha3, North (arohna (,lm  10- revenue will be fort#eomi," t ..... s experience in treating female ills m narnl. tnr nusoanu s pockets ....... -nuugn, meLonam, Feathe- " ..... u,apeor.. 000 nluralitv, r.: , ............ ]' . ' It will be obserwa d.'2T. --- . | etca, zor years sue worked side by aid,, ,;+h r.o r .a-  .... u ,---- .n" man who will enlist to get awa- from stone and J. C. Kyle, of Oxford, for the slit . " ........ t'"'.), )u,uu.o pmr- there was no stare m o ''a m nose nays sometime past has had sole ............. yam x. rzngnam, and for h,.W)fe s mother i sa coward. ' prosecution Will l'urvls Revere,ended for Paraem 5, Utah (,lena.), 3,000 phlrahty, cination certificates p o c2 nkghueckst'ovae: ! great business, treatin- b- ,e:teh: rg-e---f the correspondence department of her _ uaarrtages may be made n tleaven but Brew .......... Theboardof --,----,L - TI - .1; ..... 7]-- ..... nothing of cigarettes and k ' '  ,, n  manyasanunared tJaousand ailin women there wit/always be a few dmh+o,. ' r, s mner got nere this mornino - .,z,,ot has reeommena. I ........... ',,, suites eleeteu leg'ista- troit dournM eo pflsener.--D=- during a slngleyea.r, g l'oli ......... and has been in c o ed to the governor the arden tt zes, and tl ( )ohtl( I1 ecru ......... tcal ecouomy zs the art of getting the ' . onsultatton with his ] : .... " P of Will J " '  1  " plexion is[ Pr -=-===- [ s-As ........... ^st vots)/f te least lOney; , " mwycrs.  ounff Brewer stoutly denies v.urvis, the amous whitecap prisoner [ gveu below: [ Scien" ...... ce?e: , [ umv.mnKnam'svcgctableC0mp0d:AW0man.emnvea.w .... ,,,,, te :,r/ns.r.e reta,.ne! oy o say- that hc killed the hey and it is r,, J oz larmn county, serving a life sen- | Connective t (relt), California (ren  [ rains nomane w announeetnat wmsKy con. ] --  ............... u o,a -'  o**v ttt,llgS we slight f} -P mai| - -.   " .... " - " ... r 1 - .  x'/'l T X ' *,o, a1 aIlbeDe lum {lav in k / I( "  .a - -4  ..... morea tIlat ins " ' . t:uce Ior muraer This " aaano em , ] linois ouis tne .s ... :. ..... +lueatmn benches a man 5ut 1,ttleffhe,s ..... amty will be pleaded m [m,: , + . actmn is based J ...... t. ) , , !rcp.), 1oxa g.,, y were called snakes.--St. Louis | A RETROSPE.' I ,, ..... , ............... vname to reeogmze an oonortunitv wl, an h.  he,ease Foster's wtronts ,,n r,.^+^_ I -.+my upon a srouff letter from Din / trp.), txenucKv ((em Y[ichi,,an | ....... " .... ,.or, tm nleulca COllege/-- "What is ............... " ) " - the firs s + " " . " '  ....... ." . . ....... t thn "ou ,, zt it. ...... arrayed here last night and le , +,-:- [tliet Attorney Neville, who nrosecnted | (rep.), elee,s Un,ted St, 'es scn'ltor- I HARDSmZPS 01+ uv r,= / The ,,an of rear,  .......... ]Bri-ht St,,a-g+ y ,,o d ,n of a cold? z xle pOlDH lesoIa ca+ + r ,, = .u .xs  . --  " ' ' --- ,r=u,.a'J.e **'m Le I[nlltll n m -**-- oueze sir., --o are about rite only tgin,tein!ati, 'ca,fence morning with the remains for Canton [I urvls upon the charge of ldlling lll [!lnnvsot,t (rep.), Moutana (dem) [  [ Little l'ood for Rein, [Statesman. , ners ...... c., az o w ' Buckle M'issacht s - . ' ,'rom the Pres "" the ]angers offootLall J here they were buried this aftern,n "] .y, a fellow-whitecapuer, in 18$ | .... eels (rcp.) New ork (ret)) ] ..... s, Mllroy Ind | nntion | There is more " .....  ....... " - " " ........ -- "  "' (Jneoin . ' , b*xaxtt In I.IllS scelon O , Jtao sqmetmte.s deu]t for a gir/ to find [ Mr. Foster will be here tomorrow in | In his letter to the board Mr. evllle |elects scnator; New Halnpshirc / country inetreSv:erthelrservJrthe { ..+ the countr than all other diseases put t l . er ea man, ut she's nearly ahvays will- I time for the trial Wilil .......  .... ]states that Purvis was convicted t tha ](rep.), New ]crsev (rep.), cle(ts sen'l | of Mllrov. Rush'C," :'l was . 1. Setton t . "'1 was thinking," said the man w /gerber, an until he last few yaars was ga(:eeptamn)siute. t. " ...... x"'''tim - - - ..... leer Nort h t......,:" ,, - ) ' " " /reenr,t "q^ ,':" ..... emaosagood[Juseglvenadee si h ' hohad supposed to be mcurable. ora zeatn & man may be the moneyed facto- ,;,,-;- I :"g a revengeful spir t. he is leaving- -,, [ e when zeenng was high aainst /. ' ........... aa t,em.) Aeoraska + .... . i, m o every sodier is a "-- of ...... . ,, P g , of the departed days )'ears doctors .........  :. g ,_ tony ,, ,  .... ,, ' . '  ... . ,  , , . ' , , .sial #uut, .utxuullcU 1 a inca ' th engagement, but after marriage ti |stone unturned to see that itl co ;+ |xMtecap outrages, then of almost ](r(p.), eb+c,s s(malor; eva,la (ren) |one, anajlr: Se(ton s casewasnoexception | "Ah, ves"answ-^a  .... [and prescribedlocal remedies analsea ' woman alwa ; , : .  .. . .s . ]) . , .. .  -] , c Weru in lennessee en " ' ,., ,cu  compamon as ne ' . ' " J "" , ........ y s apo+nts Ilcrseif cashier.-- | done and vsite( the mayor ...... : ...... |mffhtly occurrence in that 8eutio w a, tl | enns 1,,I,11.t (i ep.), elects senator; |sides. Our ra ' n ..... ,P ned m on al! [stroked. his downy mustache: "' '" stantly cure w,th local treatment .... Iater mmmgut last nkrht with hi, / , ,uutu never nave seen courier I. ' ' t.,-t,./ ennessee / --, -.,, w ,au oegun to go on mm,t,, |ir.- , e period when a] our [(ata... +^  ...... p oven cago venmg ews. / ....  ..... ,meice /that h ........  - - -' '? I South l)'lkot t / .....  ., " /h .A .. .lon_ ; .... y. o,aree, said s rmgttme of life th . . youth *s the pronounced it incurable. Science has r ' Mar --" --- -- , . .. ...... s ,_, , ..... -" --dem  Tex--  ;, , ....... +allowance a -n - ,- --" "" -  ......  .....  are unalmmed." !., %. ,u ,v . consutut onal uisease, and 'ns n Mlnernlog'lst. lcounsel to swear out warrants T.^ /eu ou tor tte testtmony of Bueklovs [,. .'C .... t(t( tu. I tran (iicln.), |fnv .... t. a a ttle ram was not enough "It is, it is I ' taere, tore requ;res constitutional tre , ; ,n on+ +f the 00oeal 00hools wos l++ase against Voun B,'ewer l-..b+ -f-*: |brot],er, who swore he saw Purvis fir- j v,rglnla (deln.), Washh,gton (rcn.) |teeus'-'':+:'+e+..el]s, r streams, our eau. Ib!o+ssoms are fres l::hatplnle;+when the []all s Catarrh Cure, manufactured >tren. m++ruc+lngaeiassotsma]lchildreninmin.[n+rl,, thou+ .' ....  ..... Y[thc fatal shot M, +,o+o .,+ -I elec<s senah,r; Wisconsin (r(:|andth+o.,,+.,q+y.^, p,e,on of ,the blight whieh m -, om no sus- uuen.ey & Co., Toledo Ohio, is th+ onl al the other day, cndeavormto mak. / ." 8,, ,, ,vuesses are rerzcent in ,.. - .............. u,,er [ WP+ v ,.,.;, -  . , " t"/,/^ a-.:_ nla .... s,- q-c-c- our thirst was to the frmt.' aye etoharm constzt31tionai cure on the - Y +'++r  h'+ +iO*'**+ ''+ ,,'h++,,,,,,+:,*''+''''"t'+' " ' a'++d that hehadslncc bad reason to l ,,- ...... +,us trep. L elects senator;,, uuy, non our nands and knees and drink / "I sunose t - ...... !taken mternal]yindoscsfromkt=.,o^ ' * ..... - ' r Lom  - rv ,,,z+ wn*'n ' ....... + + ,, rea+ly in; Standing betore them she began | ,,-r+:----=---:=-- ] behevc Buekley's brother wasmtstaken [)+3 ompng (rcp.), elects senator Okla- ' ne noel traems made by the horses. |ale along in )'ears. saT-e)__an+ gem a let- teaspoonful. It acts directly on the+blood + n3r iarvo,cc: "A mineral is an inor- [ ...... -'" lrOl, CUBA. [Ifc strongly recommended the -ar" I nnla tcrr, tory (rcp.). | , [he'd give a great deal'if he col Yult?lr ann mucous surfaces of thz system. They , geneous sutsLanee of detinite / --- Is.. t* " / - / (t iN. the eioel back a decade Or " : / ouer one liunareu ao1ar or an case it or a " " " , A ....  Ith , so. Y pproxlmately defln re, cbe'a:cal com,)o [ ppel From a Meeting in Plymouth [" | The Next Itou. [ . He would There s n fails to cure Send for cneu]ars and test ' , " . ,, . . , o Use den i , . . " . t- ..on foIjn(l in natnre, l)o )eu understand | Church, "rooklyn. | ++ -  I ] he following tables show the corn- | e would, lle can t held feeling YgPogoj Is" Addres F. J. Cheney & Co., To- jm; +.ome now you nave all seen m hera s I /'EW Youw x-_ ..... ,, .. / +care l"eOSlOOerS. I nositlon of tt'e nox-t ha, . _ / I .w .v/ I over what he has lost" rhea+ .; ....... t. 7 t ., v,..,olu Dy l)ruggists, 75c + na your mothers and fathe t .... +,il ,, ---.., uv. t..--n rymouu / 'pl ..... .*: .... I . ........... se as ]n(ltcated[  ].., ,Y [he thou,he *.+- i- ' , ":. ",3 '*"en/ z:taus xamilypillsare+h..^_, ou the names of them haven,';. ,x"?';I Church, Brooklyn tonight a meetin,,I,- ....... ors omco has received alll t)yretutns: / /]'/J_h ; 'a'k i noint-s-?--T.,-,, ne coum..v,e ismarFk/ .... -- ........ " pur, they have N6w can "nn7one o; ]was held to consider the,re ......... p]ne penmon reports from the different/_+ . No cou- / F [{{ - ,'_1". I ;lae troul'le "atesmansmp' zr .neu om take, ,ncK---"Y.ou want to know if Innerb >U tel + - v ...... ,u, eo [ates r-as to study a httle when e was loves that lrl 9 Y ; l me the names of'three micrals?" |tion of Cuba Add ............ "' . " ]c unties, except those of Lafayette, Con. I Alaba g _+ amen. Rep. Dem. Pop. | [ _... \\; 5 , certain he'd be able to - ,. ,,) ...... w ......... ,. ,,hy, lle actually loves her . lre was no reap+rose and she continued. [1.., r , .; .... were maue ny [homa and Madison L,,- ......... I Arkansis " ........... J '..  ... [ ""..fir.... \\;  " [  [ sic lessons, if he decid]"',,',"io'+ " ,',, leKs- LucKy girl[ She ha ave not some of you been out and +--.:': / ...... r. -yman .a.nt)ott, William Wil- I ,,-..-" . .... a- =,o,+ I Callforni'. ............ - "'2+ ? "" ] ff "-1 q .  [ ties to t  niann. -.LY--' "%.'";,' ...... t.en- / "-'"." --.cosmos lranscript. minerals on exhibiti n'r' One little-, ] ]lard lloward and others Mr H,, .... a I, vun")ns were grantea. The total sum- I Colorado ........... :,  ,', "" ! I I  t t, I I the sli,,he'-.i-':h.a-e n.e aq,nt entertain  E-e IPa"  , + .._. _._iv.,. net " ,  ............. .,- , .. t o tttub OI his aD it t "  7 mlin IrrltalloD =useA her hand. I thought so. Mary wi l [ desembed the condition n ,r, ...... It thts year is 3 '/,59, which shows a de- [ omcctlcut ..... + 4 [  k N ff  ] Booth where his re*a;-- ^ o ty-- o show ;.h,a .w .......... '- u..+ . . metals. Mary arose, and, [had seen it and --i --^ ......... ]crease of 883 from last year's figures, or J lorlda ....... 1 1 ..; ... | might be improved, and when he ]o P Eczema Dandruff e Ked Han.d ,, cd" . .............. 2 t and s t p ttmg her arenas tehind her ]  , 1.',, uu ou n t ne - - at m h eked up , tc, cured b l'etterlne ' P " onl - .  about 20 per cent This de r Georgia ......... 11 "" "'" . g , , aw a sky that teemed w" . 50 cents at dru ists " ' _+ A:ol|mar,s, Vchy and seltzer."--Chics. I . y zemedy for the exmting misery la I 2t,.+ --. :. - _ c ease is the IGah .... " .... I "+" 11 "'; / dmovered planets wai*: ....... )thun [ ...... q, gg :,.or b,.y malfor ca.,h ot -- OI l, ne + , ,t,l$ sex- utm o tula atp   nu trine aanna go tnromce. ]in giving employment to the seer I  +7:  . . prowsionsof tha lawpaased I !!.!inis ...... ".'.'.'.'.'/."" 2 "it "' | astronomer He may have more s n . - -. nuptrme, bavan n, ua. &l;+A++r;+"-ng-ed . | Rcolutions wereadoptedindorsimga | oy +netas+ sesslon of the leghlaturu la I ::'an.a..:::::: ........ : l' 4 ... | .d /hegehOlder anti n,ot.annoy+thee;lhert, The .erangles have. been boastin alon )fir. here, m love th " plan for Cuban industrial relief a - I .raer) prevent the pension appropria- ] Kanpas ............ :: s 7 "'i "'" / o,,, o,,,... ........... ' ! |+iv+-, ,,,oua u,n.o s)t swortn wnathe has / -me,,buut their horseless carriage. t turn pome :mistake The baggag y deliverernea  / llractical and effectiv ............ ,s . I ties Irom being diverted toward un- J +eunltcY ........... 11 1 ]0 "" 1 ,,  ........ were mpty. / ..... v. --* asnmgon Star. [ ou ,to ne on!), a baby's perambulator.--Bo: has leit seven r-- -   + - " t :+  ,,,uu nmpm I wet --- ^---- ..... I V: . ..... a ........... ,; .. 6 "" ome ot us were taken sick f-, +- / ] on lranscript. [r Wi,:sbv'wi:='L:"-'). ur ron porch. [tt,e Cuban poor, by providimr for them [-" ,,, ujecs, ano ne resuz; upon the [ ae ;.A ............. 4 4 ... "" [ effects of this. I was laid UP cverz-'-ee] A Doubtlna- Thorns8 , t++mo,+,:,+,+i9 -,mbeci/+:, Do'A"Tml b'u, est employment in.te+d of India l;:o(++,esenzures".. ws th_tatsh'linn's,ta"'.".'.':::2:7 ?+ ... lnmaee]d+ashspltal from fever. Fromthatl.,.Sound,' said the pedagogue, "is some. ImPSCpire[r ?un:lumpt!n relievesths + eertand, ltes eomine back aft,*- ,i+,l. ^. I criminate rtift, nn,I + ..... - I J has seen aceompimned. It is esti- I {.assacnusettn ...... 13 10 "" -.. j ,, .... +ways annctea more or less |mmg tna a person can hear. but e+n | .... ]].. 1  : .... + ,.aev. 1). Uueh. the extra five.---Clevelhd Plain'Deai'e "" | Cuntinuitw'-J-'-':-? ,-poraty renew. ]mated that $50,000 of the $75 000 a,ni,,-] Slfffn..; ...........  Z ... :;: ] w,fou./our ):ears ago I became much ] ne!ther see nor feel.' ..... j ............ "=rotten, -o., Feb. 24, '94. ..................... " t ,  ........ oJuons recommeaa: [ priation for this -ear's .' .Y-7. I ii;ou',:i" ............. -' ... 7 / overm e zam]: yoctor seemed puzzled [ .... n, 3 uont know " exclaimed the boy at / Some of the hi heat- i1 One Thlo r ..... | *That an undenominational ..... ,-:.o I e, y penates rot Will I .,.. " ............ a 3 12 . / :,,.,e, a,u l oegan to Joog as ff th* .e xoot ot rne class. "I think T ,.,n . I ........ - g p eed stuff the apoth- ,qr- ,,, .... utus. I , : .... " "''""'" [ be taken un bv the thr, ,,.o# .... ., I KT.7.L'3 ............. 1 1 | was no hope for m recover, ' !that ou are o ' -'"",7 -" r,+ove eary seas Is a arug on tie market.--Golden  nat e need in th s ..... ,-.. ,, t , . I ton oe zormeo or urocurin-f,,o-. '+;- t . - .... v ..... -" I :z -'an'' ........... 6 a --; ,inev;.t.; ^ __ . Y ), and that the, ,,.Y . .ff m your theory. I Days. , the potiteal orator " "Y- ..... ?'/ewteal whichto ....... o-:7 , . "  ...... "[classes. The remainder ,rora*-a I-N-evad' ............ 1 .... | ,,r'+r"u, asnear" I, very welI, "l homas," retorted the man of .; - lncv-+'" , -, ,u easc cur+ / .... . -s pxan lntoerrect; and P .....  .......  . .t-  [ New Hampshire 2 "' .... hxr.,'g $ovemuer t was advised to tin- Dr [tearnmg, "go ahead and nrov, i th, ,, It you want to be cured of a canh ,, ., :+ we appeal to at lo . -1 .... y auug ne remaining On- New Jersey  c "'4 ... vvmmms JqnK Pills The l - " ' + ' ' "On ,es .... ' ....... t llale ..... '"  Right you are 's " vers of humant P N ...........  - .- th + plsicmns sad Y :5 terday you gave me a sound s Itone of tIorehound and Tar man -o ...... pted a [ rouhont the r: ..... .... g e each approximately [ .... .-;..- ..... t 16 18 [ .... ellent medicine, but would thrashing, said Thomas: " Pike's Toothache Dro sCfir ' "' , m ter mterru Y sloners will xv ew York 3 ey xere an exc , reth a man's income s, ; +,gt+att',fl,.l [with us in ivin,, +, +h;- - J.. $20, being an increase of $3 over last [ North Dak)ta " i ..; 9 "'" [and am g-man r my case But I treed them, [tSer puptls .saw It, and don't you ever -.- u ar rue (leer; "aometh n "  .-,-,u ates to +oin ......... Care ,n. , "'" u, ,o con in . 1 suppose the p e In onemmute. ends m ^- " ,,. :;. +  ....... , ,,vu, . . o , ...... s practzca year --.+ ...... t_ .__ , . P Ohio ...... 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To Core a Cold fn One Doy ent . the stab{e, after a divorce scandal, by carrying to a victorious conclusion The opening exercises of the four- unsls)ckta ....... .2 2 ... : nepower of Dr. Vil]iamC Pink Pills for this winter," aid the ..... ppt ot met Take Laxative Bromo OuinincTabl uas aueo to mae ex enses ............... *u z 8 ae Tee e in - . + . redulous us ness| '  eta._ A]! .... "+ '" " "" P -t3' ,, an unselfish war for humanitw --- -- teenth annual session of th,, r,A...+_s_ Texas ....... 1;3 + , "'" d,, ^ .pl ttte vast number of diseases man while ta]km to his r , " " druggtsts refund money f it fails to Cure rzo.u * neater-tJoer---,, ell it -,o*-'  . . ,,, s**,y uc v  uobs,a Utah .... , ........ ]tllpUre or DOlS od hlnnd hoe k oth- ..... ;- ,, p act cal  fe the .25c. much of a eandat an h nmsn(o b v a scrmce to the o r nstttute and Colle e were hel i x.relmo  1 demonstrated m to  , en g J ne cornhusks are un N , y ow._'.Y. Weekly" . .. . :+ p o and . . _ g d athe -,. ". nt ......... : : 2 " . --. rein -v ...... h u.ands of instanc a* usually thick, and that mean+ o  ..... ';I. +o mat terhowptubbsrnamanis, heha s ..... -:- ...... 2 ..........., wfich shall in its efforts t- cnapel of that institution last w sob )!rgzqla ............. 10 .. j ....... ao,e as ne one related above, winter .... ,u,, nra to wear glasses wnen the time corn " aleleopolltOn ornltholo, rcv . . "  . ' Washington ...... .  "" __ ,, r " ,, the sam . . ca, Just Teacher--+Mi** + ....... P ent the paupemzmg and nreserve Addresses were dehvered by Presidenf /est V!rgtnia.. "'  ., "' "'" A aurrrtr ,. .........  he told you? [ e.--\\;ashmgton (Ia.) Democrat. wtmt is mst"eculiarn'tanh+;te'[ +me the umnhoo, l and sclf-resuect of i, Kincannon, Hen. M A Franleltn r-I }Vlscm]sin ........ 10 l0 ...... -auuRrs:D MOTHEI The man we ahvays buy coal from" [ Th a,o  ... ........ C..... ux , . + "-- " . " -- .... m v.. Vyomlng ...... 1 ...... I t aOU ht sO  x . . . ....... .2o yuut ot a man s lncapaclr.y lOl eneki.Street ,_, ........... !,enefielarle:s be no less significant to )y" D. Humphrles, Col. J. L. Power .... "--- --! L_" "_2" Col. Shafter Thon+ht Twle .... nsual )rdrt.".-etr;: :l e Jis: glve the !any. thing la #is endeavor to.fix the stigmao] i t " I'tOtIJLIUI}+) -'j[* generally tile cause or civiliza+io +hnn +ha {11 /los vYvtie N 2amh nnd c+tha.m mr+ lo(ais .......... 357 18 + au une tanure upon oners.--Ha non. t tsits nestin a dock -.-Jewe]ersVeeki,  .. :_._ " . .  " ............ us- , .... .  " - .............. .there Senate. 4 169 4 lonth Was Too Often for ' Y a. u'+ousacnlevemens oz our army and --,e oou suaents present, the largest Her to Die. Republicans ........ 54 Et e te men det talk all tern det haf ne navy." . number ever present at the beginning Populists and stlverltes...:.:::::':::: ..... 8 Democrats ............. :::::': ............... 27 m to poet en at tankin+--Denver Time DOES :NOT LIKE US. " When Shafter was senior colonel of the un. of anv session. A11 the reforms aug. Independent ....... " ..... 1 gested by the legislature will be put Republican majority, 16: ............. rmy he was temporarily in charge of some western post, aud numbered in his com- --"-' Amerleao Who llas Been V&'lth into effect. A Climatic Complaint. nland an exceedingly bright, capable fellow 0p Tells That Story. Wlldcatte Rald.d. "Look lwrc," said the man who was him the noneomnfission stripes, and whose  l whose cleverness was continually getting S.rTXX(), Cuba., Nov. 13.--Capt. Justice Payne and Constable Nash of standing in the doorway, shaking a escapades were just as frequently getting ren, an American who has been with Lowndes county arrested John Smith water-soaked nmbretlu at the clouds, mm reneed to the ranks. One day this so!diet turned up at @ihafter's quarters with Gem Maximo Gomez, asserts that the and his two sons, Mose and Jim, who "are you the person who keeps'saying a long zace and applied for leave to ate, ]P0r tfgllts @,111;10hJ, ldl"ei general will no longer have Americans for some time past have been running a that this old world is all right; that the funeral of his mother, who aad died it's a good sensible sort of worhl when In'coleus night, he said, in the town. The Bears U In about him, and is getting rid of wild-cat still in the southeastern section you get right down to the facts ?" zequest was granted, but later on, in looki as fast as possible, lie takes the same of the county. Besides the prisoners, "Those are my sentiments," said the ered that the same man had been granted Th 0 ;4 SO course in the case of Cubans suspected the officers captured the entire outfit, optimist. Jeave the m6nth before on the identical pre- of favoring annexation to the United which consisted of a still with all "In spite of the fact that we've had text. Shafter said m hing, but a couple al For +h+ 2,'+ best men who were long attached to his gallons of liquor. The officers wel-e in- the sun shone?" of days afterward encountered the bereaved V ough nlk2$ immediate staff arc not now wit5 him. formed of the existence and location of "Yes." my man," said Peeos Pill, solemnly, "I want ears your threat IllOre raw It will be difficult, Capt. Warren be- the still by an anonymous note which "Well, I can't agree with you. Did to asl you a question. Were you goodto ann Irritable. l+eves, to get the majority of the insur- was found pinned on Justice Payne's gh! that mother of yours while+she was alive , Thn Kind Y0u Have Always B0u COUgh congests the llnin gents to disband. Hisidea is that gate. "A little." nowing what you ever study astronomy?', ammered the culprit, not ,, ,.=-,* =+-zv Nwvo,,e,,v. st Veil, sir--yes, slr--that , I hope so," v. ,*v,u. oo.e..v. crnbrane of the American authorities get control of -- .  ' the other portions of the island they Eagle Captured at Aberdeen. "Yon propahly know that there are was coming. , "I hope so, too," replied the colonel. "I've should give out no rations, and tmnish In the lower portion of Aberdeen, around this planet." heard of mothers dying for their sons, but I O 'nd |uI]gs this wa, sevcrely all thefts of eatt]c and produce near the river, two womel were at ,Yes., ' never of oQe dying twice in 30 days for one. SAPOL Put lhl parts at rt and He thinks, too, that there may be some work. Hearing some noise made by "Well, that being the ease, I can't su ruaouse. --. O. Trams-Democrat. give tem a chance to trouble with the nsurffents, because of some guineas, as if a hawk was after have any respect for Urn earth that mayg'inmur-'ninframntk--atthe heal. You wil! need some their insisting on the right to court- them, upon going to investigate they hasn't sufficient intel/igence to get in Not Legal 'render. help to do this, and you martial delinquents among themselvcs, discovered that it was an eagle, but the some place ot of the rain.'--Washing. wtllflnd it in "I must request the congregation to con- Snow in Knaas. bird was so interested in the guineas ton Star. tribut.e.generously this morning." said Rev.  . ur. Slm)pay, sadly. "My salary is eight | L| montns m arrears, and my creditors are SHED8 KE A GOOD TEMPER, LAnICD, Kas., Nov. 13.--This seeti, that it failed to note the approtl:eh o+ Selentlfle Ignorance. pressing. I nf course work largely for love, A BRIG HTNES$ EVERYWHERE." one of the women, who knocked it on Huggard--Do you know anything and love equally of course is tender, and counties north and west o here the head with a club. stunning it unttl about love? were visited by the heaviest snow of it isn't legal tender."Harper'e Bazar. but it could be tied. The eagle is a mug- Kissam My dear boy, I've made'it Most Imortnnt. the season last night and today. The nificent specimen of the gray type, life study. four inches here. + Would-be WriterWhat do you consider the most important qualification for a be- tip. , is ]ve succeeded in reducing my it- [ ),. iS ginner in literature? Moderation or Rnptureo The State Treasory. Frigid Combine. + J y , : norance cf it to a seience."--N y "Sun Old ltand--A small appetite Tit Bits j MADIUD. ++Nov. ]:L--El hnpareial says The finances of the St&fe wer0 - " " "  .............. - " tl [[ill + Western Australia has an act in "There's the coldest a+.; ,, Lhegovernmcnthasf<rcwardedinstrue-ncvernamoreurishingeond||onfreeprhibitinlbe]andin."--theh"- ....... -.-+-.yet, snapped Y Buckm+ham 's Dye : tious to Senor Montero Rios, president There is considerably over $00,00 ou one who canno+ w-: ....  ,, a,.y. ,,37.-u,w,t]e pealer to ni8 head clerk --  M 1 i I1, ' of the Spanish peace commission, and hand, and in additi+n taxes are flowing sage ,n English. + DeCtrrgett+g up a refrigerator trust." I A, 'fil]l + Wh] kers. that Monday's coonference may be the in from the different sh0ri, s in the . Y. g . are returning to ] ....... -- FR .JQI# I tlindu oun men -- e lress last, "unless the American commission, shape of privilege and ad valorem taxes. _apan xor instruction in science. BabL. Not the Dame.  . -- v From the first dose the ers moderate their elalm." According State Treasurer May states that ths Rama Kanta Rat, of Sylhet, who wants[ - Baggs--It is said that Dame Fortun- bend youraddress on a postal and quiet and rest begin: the to El /mparcial, a member of the cabi- funds will be amply sufficient to mee! to be a mininf- enc," ,- h, ;,a , gnocks once at every man's do e we Will sena you our 158 a e ill tickling In the throat net has virtually declared as much. all expenses, o n ........ ta,l . . or. p g US. i ceases; the spasm weak. The Madrid papers declare that the ex- w-,, +  e _Jaggs--Well, It was her dauvhter r;. trated catalogue free e * Bridge Contraet Let. .Smtth college has its first negro[ elrr!Une' who called on me.--Boston Tray-  WINCHESTE REPEMIN8 ARMS CO,, as, the cough disap, pected visit of Emperor William is a The board of supervisors of Moproe stuoent this e ' | il ....... , .y ar, a Miss Otella Crom-, Always--Little R ^m.:-',r'- ,ho+.. iS180WiachesterAve.,lWHAVN.C0ww pears. Do not war for matter of no political importanee, and county has awarded the contract fo ..... a. h mgton. She entered the I man of the people?" Pa--"A candidate for I :'''''''.-.1. ..... sumption but cut short are in no way eonnected with it. bigbec river three miles north of complete her education in t ..... [Leader. " ......... P__aPfi][]]FISH-TACKLE NEGRO'DEi()cItAT--MBBED. Amory. The 'contract price is $18,77, ...... Death of Jodge Etmm.  2 mAardrItihe can ]|sten/ e I +I: Dr. Ayerj Cherry PCC- ake. From an Indiaaa Jail and Ordered e to Leave Town. Judge S. Harem died at Meridian fo baan sh ral Plaster all0uIl be sMou/t. Ind.. Nov. 13.--Tonight a last week aged three-score years and .... y crying in the next room and not An Atci ---- .....  - zeel like breaKin m + u sou orme nas particularl cod t ullf.ln g the furmture.--L. A. ,V. [luck in cooking sinc Y g , N.WDISCOVEY;glvea overthelung0fcvcrylx, maskcd and armed mob took out of jall ten. Judge' Hamm served on tho bench B ...... e she lost her cook book DROPSY,,+,.,,o.,o.e,,. ..... , s0n troubled with a cough. John Bird. a colored Democratic speak- in ths SttteHonger than any one man, " " " -- " eas Atchmou GHobe. ] thg krb t.-te.umniIs ana Io d..' er, who had been imprisoued on the and ';we umIversally respected. e -,e. -...a. smzs'ssoss.,t. __ Wrlte to the Doctor. charge of obtaining money by false and several small ohi[- leaves Ummal olportunlUand longez, pretenses. The mob beat trim and or- drev? eneo eminent It ouaIIty a for dered 1+iin to /eaw, the town at onee. -..+ qg yo medieat mv|ce. Writs Completion. retyaltthevart|eularsinyourcac. In!tcad, ,of obeying the order he went Within twenty or thirty days the line T!I n* wha( your experience has to the prosecuting attorney and sheriff with 0r Cherry PeCral..or a  " . connecting theYazoo & Mississippi Val- ve a Frptrepty, wRt for protection, l[a]f an hour later he ley and the mkin line of the Illinois "DJ'oAw!  accompaniext the sheriff and posse in Central between'.Philipp and Greenwood search of members of the m  . will be completed, and the work is beinl rush6 forward as rpid]y as possible, "La Creole" H; es rasing storer. ce $1.OO. I Cl hol( " j the of con, bog said D. men yem pent sen t at F T the vie banl tho ali peril have sas t IL Fc stag "were A finer lect the been will unin grou pens A tWO tenti In t was ceive A Chen ville, Ju] of Pr toile whet failu his d W at w( line run eleve rious fog v ing L BE antce cen tl St. L $I0,0( bill v asse n 17th. wero sffeel fever large acetic conve to pr, prote in fee AD, Chin Chins stea lision Off Te minw SOU8 drowl J.] man on th, O., that l time