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November 19, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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November 19, 1898

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I ;ti,JLi!i acui fur all njlisttpm&apos;s an 1 nrtzazlnes, t)rdes left %,Jlh Mrs. N. l,icttdrds0u will receive t3 i.o lit [)/ attention. 1ES. N. TIIERRELL, ' t #,.g-- a I have ued Smitl's Sure Kidney I)orat,%n of W00dville. Core and it Ires made a permane,,t ............... . cure. MRS Vt. PURYEAI l , Jo nesboro, Ark. SimlAe Announcements of marria- Pri,'e50eents For sale byChas. zvs and deaths will 0e pubhshed R. Day. wi,.bo|,t (,1] r oe. ri' h e , i ill es - Dl; )'W t seen]s de, e,'- Nltb['trillOl! IIH'r l|llllllill, mined that, a bull movemen$ shall .$1 50 take olaee in the cotton market as it Cash ...................... is eonstarltly and dally calling in Otherwise .................... $2 00 various ways to the very good reasons IIARKET. why enLtan should be a bet.ter price and an article for a sure and safe in- New Orleans, N.v 19 1898 vestment. While the views thus ex- t 'otton-- Mi.hlling.. ................ 4 13-16cts 'presSed by the T-D are from eott,on " people still the efforts in t,his line by Business is extremely dull, the T-D are to be emnmended. .... " i ,vT,i JOB a4ORK AT TIlE IEPUBLICAN- 1 was tronblm i sevme female :=: weakness for over a year, anti was Mr. M. It. Rot.hsehild paid a flying confined to the bed for over six visit, to Bayou Sara on Thursday last. months. 1 was treated by six very __...-.. promhient physicians witliout auy Mrs. Buckuer of ()wenbc,ro, Kv., marked benefit" My last doctor was a sister of Dr. Murdock is a visitor in a skilled peciitlist. aud lie told hie ttmonly hope lay in an 3peralion I our town. beard of Sniith's Sure Kidney ('tire, Messrs llollandand Buckley promi- and after using it for our m(mthl Rent, gr,eery drummers visited our find nlyselfcured, and even the doe- t(,r wh:, last treated ille, llOtV pr01toun- own lhis week. cos me well. *-H. MRS. J R FAVER, Atlanta, On. WANTED.--()Id Confederate Stamps Price 50 cents. For sale by Clias. on original envelopes or packages.-- R. Day. llighest prices paid f,r same. Apply .'--+' at, BEN IIOWN'S SltOP. I was seriously afllicled with a tenth for several years and last fall Mr, Jas. Murdock eanie up on hail amore severe cough than ever Vcdnesdal:'s train on a visit, to his before. I have used many remedies withontreceiving much relief, and brother Dr. L, A..Murdoek. being |.eeommet|ded to try a bottle or - ""-''* Chan|berlain:s Cough gmnedv, by a Mr. Chas. Wartzburger, a proml- friend, who. k Iowitlg me tO be a tea drummer, st,en Thursday ia our /)per widow, gave it to me, I tried it, town in the iotere, sb of his firm. an(t with tim most gratifying results. The first hottle relieved me very much Mr, al,d bhs..;.'f'Th(,unL, of" l'ond a,,d the second b,,tth, has absohitcly Miss., spent Sunday and Monday in erred me 1 have not had as good (,ur town the guests of Mr. and Mrs, health for twenty years. Respect- fully, MRS. MARY A BEARD, Clare- A. H. Send'man." more, Ark, Soht by G. K:mn. Mr. S. Btumeuthal returne! on ...... lmmday fr.m Natcl;ez, Miss,, where New advertisements. he reports things as being very dull and everyhody very blue. STATE OF MISSISSIPPI. :--' T(, Carrie Blu,,t, T S Donnelap FOIL SALld OIL gENT. and Kate T Cantwell. (lefenda,ds: He,rise and l,,t, on Sllgo Street. You are eon]m:uMe(I to appear be- :Apply t.o GEe. J- ,DAMS. fore the (]lmt, cerv Court of Wilkinson = :>=-'' (!ou,ty i,, Raid state, (q the se6o,d No dubL tile u.lal cast,ore of dos- Momtav (t i)eeember A. D. lyItS, to log tthe st.ores duritig the Thanks- defe.,-d the suit In said court of Peter , ,,giving services on next Thursday will Moller execrttor of It.,S. Van Eaton be ft,[lowed t, his veer by our decvased, xvhermu V.oif are defe,(tants. Tills'lath dayf November A. D. merchants. .t898 .-a-.: . C A.,CooN, Clerk. The receipts of eot.t,on at, this point  11-19-A898. ,w. ) this week has been exceedingly light -, and ourmerchants are ,cry bhle 1 here- S I'A I'E OFM iSSISS 1PPI from. The Wet weal,her has no doubt "Io Ehza Longmire: ret,arded tile movement, to a ver." You are commanded to appear large extent., tiefore tim C!labCerf C,,urt of the r(mntv f Wilklnslm in said state o On account, el" the prevailing bad the 2lid M,n,iay ill [)ecember A D. eat, her t,lae "Celebrity Parl,y" to be 1898 I( defend ,he suit In sad,t cutlrt give, at t,he residence of Mrs. K. F. of Peter I,ongmire  herein you ae JllllS(lu next, Tuesday night, has a defendant. beenraiatponed until Tuesday Nov- This 17h day of N;,v , A. I). ember 291 In. 1898. . C A. CooN, Ch'rl,'. " (in next Thursday, N,,verhber, 24th, 113: H.-A WOOD, D. C. at, theS)nagogue a United Thanks- 11 19 1808.-4w. : giving Se|'vice will be held: conducted , , - v N 'R' " by Rots. Cresler and Wohlberm The COMMIz, IO. E, S SA; E services begin ar. ll o'clock and all Duncan Stewart et el, vs, Penelope are Invited to attend. Sterling et el. -- :" =* Bv viltue of a this cause The full returns fr(m tl,e Meet, ion renclered by the Chancery Court of lu the sxt,h district, shows bhat. lion. Wilkinson County Missississippi, at F. 3,. MeLain reeeAved 494 re,re voles the May term i898 , I will on Monday tlian the ctatabined oppositiun. This the 5'h day of December 898,-at the speaRS well for Mr. bleLaia's popu south door of the Court }louse in larity and insure his elect,ion fur the Woudvil!e Mississippi, between lhe utmxp|red t,erm caused by thedeah of hours of  o'clock a, m., and 4 o'ctoek p. 'm, sellat public aneqon to Mi:':Goye. , " - " . " ..... - ,: , ::=: , " .... the,14ghest bidder for, ca:t, aegording Tlie truly salvation: for" the cott,on to law,'the land in I, ilklnm COunty, raer Is tneurtall the pr0duetmn of blississippP and described as 35.78 e, tt}on and our southern pe.ple luus acres S pr of W { of N E 4 section 6-alize this fact, and make prepare- 2I, and W  oFS E -: section 2 gnts.e:arh:-in the game for such "a 8I 25 acresand 41 acres in W part of curt, aihnerlt. Rcgiu at, the present section , 'P , R i E. tigle l,o shape your tlffairs so as to This Nov. 5th I898. permit you l,o t;[!ke this  reduction in W.F. TUCKER, aoteage. -  : /j. -. Special Commissioner. '" :--: "" - xt-5 8984',v. '" ('hit eRr'el:prising Merchant,, Mr . :chaefer, will hold a tire gale eom- IqOTICE. g t,trday at:d conLinueittg BiDS to build a hrklge acro. the JleXt, wrek. Mr. Sehael'et l)aytli Oil ft' ,ill. str,:et lit,town of Fort appear to be constantly on the alert Ad'ttus, aecordmgospecificationsow l file in Ihe (;hatwerv clerk's (,ltce, will[ for bargahis at,d he promises some be received up to 9 o'clock A. ), on l extraordinary' l'eductions in prlee the lt biouday in l)eeenll)er 189;.[ " during,, this wale, :Notice his ad- The Board reserves the right to rcjccll vertiemeqt,- . ,:: ..: .... an tlti all bids .... / , _ = ,.,-: ";:- :-"" : '' /'*!C. A.COON, Clerk, l The prh:e ,sf ct,t{0n tta sdeuly; ':: Llq2 1898 4w. -' .: / wit,heat, arty app,irent cause, ad?vu ;, .. : ;r .- 1-13 (m toLd-riling awl 1-8 on XRUS'IE' ALE. tgd middling, tt, heoreeelpLs 't OnMimdav. De:'ember St b, l98be- and 4 o cti,ik-i'; ., at t,he southllot, . , !tle pori,s c0tltinue lane " and large gwecu he hguse of II o'cio:k A. 31., tmOt'inl't'e; ard IiI)l,le a!r. We do ,f lhe clmrt,.h ose in ,the, towg .f :itlOt, believe the advance will slick as Wo.dville, staCe Of Niississippi. th.. undci'slgued Imlstee will (:l'. i. 4)tbtic ,only a small prtion or the crop is yeL :ttl(-I,i,,n to l.he hihesl bi(lder for easrl 'mr etedaa n,,t,untitt,he styleget- lhelandills,lid t,own o[' Woodvillo. |nt,o strong huds :de) we look for Wilkinson [:(mutv and state or Mis,-i:a- tl i)laLttt,,-improvemeut, tn -iX)l)i described as commo:ming at .... e ca'nor of Bank street, nm't,h s]cle, an,: - " .'atc|lt'Z Sll'tU,g, and lqjJ'llllng east, (4: :' " '" " " " S id Batd(st, re, ctcighty-two ',f,mt t,, a The weatlmr during this week has drake, bheneu n,rl,h up a line 0:u'alle t ver) inclement, an(| scarc01y at+ wil h ,,Jd Nalchez street, 1. lctm(lim + ltrof.aunshtne was seen. Ihs a, :+ud the old Schtc'singer's-.lot. then('r t;et.arded Lh1"harvesLingof the cutteR: wst; ,,n a pnr, llel line with Bank st r,+t, to said +Natchez + street; t,het c crops as no plekip,g has beeD done 4tt|lh tO Dt;t(*e of beginnintG being the lneWiedne)f,lt.i+WecR Thi l,nd conveyed to William Ash h,', ,  ettlng to be Ve.ryerlo6s aS ;ott, ou Sophie and Joseph Sehwar'z. 'fhi.,- - itt alone wastes in, the finials hut, it. i side will t,e uiade I)v xhtue of the au- "Al-ng damaged la i:t"ade "bx z thz t,h,,rlty+ ad o,ndil i,m ot a deed of trust, executed nn the 30t.h day of " Weather. A few more days of dela. April 1884, by W illianl Ah c(mvevimt mat,oriel injury and must. lhe+tand abovedeserihed it, the ttn- a neceit,y curlail t.he s;ze nf d.ersigned trust,re to seure the, pay- ,Rent; ,)r a certain n(,t , A. '1;'. Bone- ., er(,p in no small Hgures. The weat:l aeems to be pret(y general throughout dict, thecondititms of iti deed el Lh eel, ton growing.states, trust having been broken. Reference Bright'sDiseaso and all kidney : lroubles easily erred by Sndth's Sure Kidney Cur. I have been bleeding from the kid- neys for twelw rn2ntha, and Intd got- weak I wafined tol.ny bed; ,try Smiflt's S'ttre I(itblev was elaJumd: t(i dtm/olve is made tn B,)01 I), D. p:/ge 15, of the (,/reverence r?orls tU ,chancery;clerk's office in said t.own wher( said deed of trust, i. recorded - This 9th day )f No,'eml).er 1898; N. CROPPER, Trustee. ll 12 18!)8 ,tw. THO LIQUO.L IACE>;SE I'ETITI()N. STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, ( " ' II.KINSON COUNTY. I Tothelloto'ab}e Board of Super visors ot Wilkinson aGour, ty Missis- sippi: We theumlrsigned re.iden|s and legal voters of the second snpervisors district of said c,,,unty and state re- spectfullypetition your lion. Board to grant to Joe J. Davis also a resi- dent thereof, a license to sell attd re- t,ilViu,)u, Atcoho!ic, Malt littoxi eatin,_' and piriluous liqcors in less qnaufitiestb.,n one gallon near the Fort A(tamslandingiu ai(l 1)istrict and werecou,nend the said Joe. J. Davis to beet good reputation and a sober.and a suitable person ttl receiw. such license aud as in duty bouudetc. Respectfull Y, 1)aRiel Webster Alexander, John Henry Kelsh, Ernest Ross, Cyrus McNult,' Strieker, 'illie Lamer Stricker, Mayer Sanluel. .iltie Woods Stnart, l),rry Baker, Johu ,!ames Cage, trviil Ely |lunt, Beliers Bra(lon Glass, Sterling Wiliiams, t.iis JalnO x Dcseal'll M :l)' k, George 1)abers I.e. Jacob Bnrke Lieu,t, Lyttleton Lancaster, l;vans St)corer W'til, Noat william Jauies, Win. l)nhlb')m, Fender Dan F.evish, Francis Marion Thornberry, Thomas Joseph Burke. Ned \\;, ard. Ralph Gunst, .bones llenry ,h)lla, Robert IAndsay BrandeR, (;:erard Chittoe BrandeR, Robert Brittain, Ben Tolbcrt, R,)berl Scott, Ed ward Be. lq:l(]en, Major ,lotn Franklin, ('harles Allen Irarnha.m, lLo!)ert Se,nple Jr. illiam Watson Babers, John Towles Sempld, llis David x Maiden, M ,trR. James Bell Jr, George Marshall McIntyre, Louis Escher, II enry t' rumb all McGelme. .Arthur Merwin MeG-rime, David Self, Pin k Ch aries Da son, Willie flays, Leander Eugene Stuart, James l)uncan ('age, ]te,ry Edward lIarris, J,)iln Jefferso, Davis, William Ilenry %all, John Bell t'urrT, Victor E. Traffer, Eennie [h)llis lnman, Charles William Davis, B T Shccklcr, (}eorge l)orse, Glass, E,Iwitl Ruthvan Davis, X' itlie Thornton, Filed November 1,t, 1898, C. A Coo, Clerk. Not, -, 5Ih, 1898.- 4;v. LIQUOR LICENSE PETITION. Tothe IIonorable Board of Super- visors of Wilki,son County and State of Mi,.sssippi: Wc ttm undersigned residents aud legal voters of the Secolld Supervisor Distrirt of said county and State re- spectfully petition junr llonerable Board to grant to JOSEPtI EDGAR JARREAU also areal ent thereof, a license to sell and retail vinous, alcoholic malt intoxicaling and spirituous liquors in less quantities than one gallon al Pond, in said District aml we recom- ,Rend said ,h)seph Edgar Jarreau to be of flood reputation and a sober au,I suitale person tO receive such license and as in duty bom:d etc. ere. ]'c:pecl fu lty ) John Jefferson Davis, t'errv Ba kei', lalph Gu'ust, Willie ' pods Stuart, laniel Webster Ale=ander, John Ilenry l(elsh ]'ink (Imrlcs l)awsou, Be n ttJrilaill, tlis Jarues x Desearn,!(. His David x Iaiden, MtLl'k. Johnuie Bell CurPy. Thomas Maxwell, Vx lille Lamer Stricker, Cyrus McNulty Strmker. Jchn J ames Cage, Ma er Samuel, Jacob Bnrke lount, J'olm T,wcls Scruple. t ltarr, Irunbnll ncGehee, Robert Lludsay BrandeR. William Watson Babers, Rubert Scruple, Jr, Major ,h)hu Franklin Arttnr Mcrwl .vtcGehee, . b't'a cis Marion Thoruberry, (lerard Chittoc 1;randon, Edward llen |}olden, [hd)ert Brittain, leu Tolbert. Liltletun Lancaster, Eobert Sc.,tt, Evans Sl)encer Wall, George ilabers Lee, Louis Eselmr. Geor,'e .Marshall Melnt, re, Ernest Ross, J)avid Self, ames ilenr Jot]a, Witlic Thorttton, ,%terling Williams, Ned \\;s ard, .lames I;,:11 Jr. Victor Emanu,l Trager, Francis ,uarion l)avidson, l|eor) E,/ward llarris, (+e,)rffe 1)peso., Gla.s, (Jeorge lakel'vllle lt)w) Cl/alcs tie r Brow:, F,,lwia l.athvin Davis,{ r {) I " a  E!ias l)avidson, Sumter Enteric Stuart, Jann:s Ile l,y Gibbs, James A!cor, Gillespi,. Niche/as Devcreu x, Dan Depree. N,,ah %illiaul James, ilhe IIv s, James l)uucau (?ago, IrviuEI Itunt. William I, lenr,' Wall, lie ibeu L)an Eevish, ,Imrtos ?,llen ]'iitmfialn, Juepli ,Edgar tarreau. 3a, 1898'. C; 'A- COON, Clerk, :  Ii. . Woon. D. O. ---4w. %- Adams Sarsaparilla your +hmd. 25 Ctlt by 00ALOON IS N()W OPEN FOR BUSINESS WITII A FULL STOCK OF : : PITl00E LIQU o SUC[I AS o OLD JOWOPOLE R FE, P UR S Td W R :FE, 2"REWCII BRdWD I/', WIWES, ETC. Choice Stock of FINE CIGJRS Always on Hand. llThoso is need of PURE LIQUORS for medical pnr- poses will do well to call and examine my stock. A. S, jOHNSON. \\;Vc bcg to announce that iixxre are daily receiving our new and choice stock of FA L L ,4 #D WINTER Goods, This weeks arrivals as follows: Ladies and Misses C/ncinnaO 3hoes, Outings, F/anno/ottes and Ginghams. All of them early Comearound and look at II them even though you do not want to buy at present. t} Marlin Rothschi/d & Bro. .,.d .... 777+----+ TRESPASS NOTICE. All hunqng on my place is strictly qrohibtted under penalty of the taw. MRs E. W. JeeR. 11 2O 97 If. TRESPASS NOTICE. All ltunting or tresnassing on the Artonisli lamls under fence is 0re- hibited nnder full penalty of rite law. Any stock remaining on the Artonish patcre after February 15th will be charged pasturage 50e per nlonth. J. A (.ILLE3PIE. :1 15 1898 ly. Yaiv00r00it00 o! llississii0000i, Courses lu Lit.erature. Science, Phi. Ios,)phy FAocul hm, Pedagogy, L'tw. 22 Schools. Enht,'ged cor[}s instruc: )ors. Complete water an santal'y system. Unsurpassed healt, hfulness. T Ull'l()N Ft [g E lo men arid wonlon irl all departments except law. All expenses low. Semi- Cent,ennial celehrati-n N,y. , 8. '98, Next'SesM,,n oDens Sep. j5, 1898. i'()r ('.at,slt)'ue or hlfl)rmation address, R. B. FULTON, Chaneetl-r, University, Miss. 8 6 18.q8. t;w Orleane, X,a. 41 re'IriS retlowned as a h ad- 'r. O l;llO ptOlilitle lllade, no charlatanism praet.cea. Over l(K) Gold and Sliver .led- lli ].)lplolltS ere, a'a-alded tas II 7 Ameicau al)d F, tttopeatl E x p o a i t l ()its. Comraercial Cotxee inciudes xpert Ac- counttg and Audtttttg, and l Oar&uteed /:I|gher and petlvr to any oilier in the onth. WO owll Otllg collelo hanIling llud tulve uuequa}h'd fae.ilitie and an uncxcell,-'d aeulty. Craduates hold ]rading positions all over the [ C.ORlltry. lnf;trttetiortali |wrsopal, l listing xumerou llliehles-I cnnneetlom and beiug universally Dd l*'/,ttlahty kno'wlt, wo ha, re Sl )el l)I advalltB la aiding stadeum to see,ire sttuat cna. ,t'S .- k atore is conue-ted with ,oul6 College " !a whiah sudclllS do actual bsiness wl+ii real ffoodt ad 8,'ttP.l lOel, ondthey lecp the bo<,i,S i,t the ]&i'ebt labor laavi'ng IOr)tIs. 14tatleiiL enter at any time. le.ngll,h, Arm SbCtrthlllll an4 P,)lsinog ae, lloul$. &ll evurate laClllt ies. 8end for catalogue. 0HAtlBEi00L/IIR -HS00T ACADE3IY, BOARDit40 $CHOk FOR BOYB. Ilealt,hy hlct,ion In The. hill country , .   ,,y of Mississippi. , A I'tLE l ACUu in. . Well equit)ped GYMNAstU.L tates low,)whtg toendttwmcnt. <Write f('Catulo,2"tle; - J. T. DftAKE, 3mCtITAY, EXPOSIT I ON tt ----This year will --+ -- surpass all of our -- i previous efforts and compare fa- -- vorably wth ihe -- -- rich and varied---- i displays seen iu--- ---- large cities. V,e -- -- have planned for 7 -- -- months to make ----- this the : : :--- ]::jest Jewelr/ Store --in the Soutb -- (consi(lering the -- -- raze of the town) -- -- and we ask vour .... --- inspection and -- approv,d. : : -- i JOS. S/RFII;E, Tke Jewder. S. fflARANTO, Oyster season is now onen and u.e keep alway on hand fresh B:lyocook oysters on ice, pre- pared in any style. Wehan- die'he tub oystei's. All kinds of Californta Fruit, Fancg Candy, Nnts etc. Mltlln St. Ol)poalte liatim & I)ampf. " WiILSH & WiLS0007 Estimates Furnished Patronage Solicited. Leave Orders with Wettltn & Hlekoy or Bet Brown'& Barber hop. Dec 18 97 2m, ,. TRESPAS NE IOff, All h,.lutin Oil Sitnrall 'and Seha0- fer i)+lacess strit'tly.l>rohibiled ullder PlR ffovemt, or 19th to Indus00i,o/y. Having purchased at ahnot 0ttr own fgures frum ,no ,; the leading dry goods eoaeerns in New otk CR amount of stock slightly damaged by fire ad @liter, I by a conflagration on the night of Aug 23d last, we te pared to give our customers the benefit 0f tim low priers for whidi the goods ere obta|ned. Willi raaU other values to b0 found here are tile following: MISSES CLOAKS, regMar prtce $2--Fire aa[e prier mt Ladies blegched underskirts trimmed regnlar prier $1,:2"5--Fire ale p'riee 65c. All wool ladies vests, regular price sale price 15c. Knit stocking worth 10c. Fire sale prier 5'. Pepperel Drilling " 8c. "' " " 5. Outing, solid colors worth lOc. Fire sal lride /; Percalls 36 inches wide " I0e. "' " "' &;- Ladies shirt waists " 85e. ' ..... 1 Double blaukets " $1. " '" " C. SCHAE F DRUGS and MEDICINES Public School Books nczvZ tnd TO:[I; TOlaoo and Saione.ry, Painters Supplies, u" lla, dware, ltlum Garden Seed 6"e. Phvsicians prescriptions carefully compounded, and orde$ orel (ck selected i':h grat care andwarranted as-represented. v. 8.9..--y. DR. CHAS. E, CATCttINGS WOODVtLLE : : : : ISS. Office iu Adanls D.rng Store. uy J14, '94 If. DR. L. W. MAGRUDEE, Physician and Surgeon, WOODVILLE, MISS. Ofllee at residence. April 7, .88 13 DR C. C. CROS3. Dental gurgeou, WOODILL E. MISS. Oce tip stairs over the4ostt:fflee. WOODVIULE, MISS. Will praetlae in all Stae and ]3nited Starer eour in this State Real estate bonght ,utd t.d on eom e Oil I -+mro+Tela[ | W mission. Oflic " " 9 DR. JOHN F. THERREL, Physician and Surgeon WOODVtLLE, MISS. Office on Main St. at his old Stand JOIiN A, LOWRY, FUNERAL ...IRECT0 . A Full Stock of 'Ietalic and WoOd- n Coffins always on hand at Wood- vilte. Miss., Main St. - J'l'(',spas ,ttice. All persons fourm bnntlng, fishing or otherwise trespassing on the Bur nares'pod plantar, ion about 3 mile south of Woodville "will be prose cttted to the full extent of the law, A strict watch will he kel)t on aamt plantar,ion for trespassers. _ L. W. MA(;ruvr --DEA I. Family taonerics, Ovate1 al kinds, Sugar, Starcli, Raisins. Canned Fruit and Fi,h Fine br Fresh Bread ever, plies arriving daily, o biareh 1, 1896-y All hunffng t , Retreat and I)nmer,n prohibited, under tl ASOi Oct., 9th '97.-- If. TlESPASS yoked. TISPAaS or otherwise tres Collins or Old prosecnted to the aw. All foi'mer ed, BEST South-West Cornm' I arti, Skia A. it. For the speedy and vermanent cure of .arch 12, 91, tter salt rheum and eczema, Cham- uerlain Eyo and Skin Ointment is without an equal. I relieves the itch- ing and smarting almost instantly and its continued u effects a permanent cure. It also cures itch, barber's itch, scald head, sore taipptes, itching piles, chapped hands, chronic sore eyes and granulated lid. Dr. ('adys Condilin Pow't]er for hor are the be tonic, blood purifier advermifugo. Price, 25routs. Soldby