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November 19, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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November 19, 1898

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O&apos; f.t 1 .J 1..I / l.i), L ,',_ --o2 J. , LE%VI, Edttlr and Proprietor. TtTE roc)t VIL, I,E |(I,H,UB1ACN l;he oldest m,vp'tper in th0 has a lar,er bona d rzutation than any ethel mr in tl,is section; lhti=, kmr00u8 hu tel in IM, ANNOITNCEMENT. We are antlmrizod to attnonuee J. B. DAWS(iN. r%mlidaie for County Ar,qas.or. 1o the action of the Demo- t)f Wilkino. (OilillV" begs leave to all- iS a e:indi(hite for the t'Yi kiitfln (Jolinfv, o the action of lit(, ][)oniOOl.}i-" In tle heht for eoniily 1899. Very resp-elfullv) B; It INMAN'. ]'Jnnl|dy ineotiilg , f Lode. No. (;3, F. A. M W(.(In<,s eommeneilig r,t 7/ ,)'elo, k are Sl,( i, lj r, qlu st( d ' or,li, r 3. t,'. THERUELL. The Republican Ad:nlni,M ra- y bent on commit- ecountry to .a tmlicy:of grabbing aa(l eohinial ex- with :ill the grave re- ili(,,, and possiIite evils nlust result fr, m it. All men look Ul)Otl the of the Phililiiiine ous  I)l)rehensh)n itseffect on the fl)lure pros- the Ulfite(1 hili,s./it ai),orb a lliOilgre n, mostly Malgys linll of eight or ten , who are still tiarbal', are In do with i hein fraught with lii(isl tnost SCl'il)us ooi1- r e *], NEGRO SOLI)IE,S I ;t a.qlinglon) Nov., l:hb, t898. u i, ,. h.. ,,, li.,i,,l ,,t, HAs g-vertt,ueltt Mr. Md(inlet hus bteu getting, for Ihel'hilil>Piaes , : Jtist why thai. gl'elll :ill:of;at Of trouble hils'.,ln e w,ry bad advice coneerala the I annotlnr(n)ent tiolld be made ntiw tic%,u eal,.,,,(l ;itY tim negro ,,ldiers I re<ei,t raze tr,ul, le tn North and its a little i)it I,,zzlin, hut l)erl,nliS during the nar and it Still contin- South Carolina, I)ut he has lleen th,)se who matte It kii,.)w liat the 3 are doing I their officers, who. were also negroes. They secured rifles lind tartcd on the war path, pillagiilg and robbhig. A squad of Cuban police while wyhig to qtllet theln were fired upon ues. in 8an Lui.% Cuba, on the wise enonjh not to accept it, or at 14th inst., a eol(u'ed reginlent was least, not to try to carry it out. paid (.,If and they proceeded in These unwise advisers have I)een lank tip, li4 USlilit, find becaine!irying to get Mr. Mcl{hilcv to order very rloiou.% reusing to ollcy Federal troops 11119 holh of lhoo StaLes, allhntlgh no request for troo I s has been reeeiw-d fr,)nl the Govern.r ofeidier, lie has heea told thai tile same section of the U. S. Re.- vised Statutes. <nlider whicti Presl- and an r)fficer (lent Cleveland sent Federal 'l'ro,ps and five citizens we;'e killed. The entire regiment has beenremoved frt)ui .the town an(! the guilty t)arties will be l)unished, s'iiqted authorities of the staes. We have always been opposed He has doae nothing further than to negro sol(hers and the more to counteuance the semi cflicial we see of thenl, the more fully slat(mienL Ihat it any Federal (flicial are doing, and lly ttl,y it. According to those who know. the Rel)uhlican rejoieit, g over the al- lege(1 defeat of silver in the Con- greasional campaign is I)remature. It is l)rediete(I that mlllny Rel, u!,lica:s eleeled_Irum V,'estern districts ill v,te for silver, itit is made neces- sary for them to w)te dlher f,r or agatast it, because the sentiment of are tee convinced of their incal)a- eft) to fill the requirements of a soldier, and more esl)ecially when coinnianded liy negro otfieei's. lti the first place they are sadly htcking in nloral courage, whMl alone unfits them for srwHce No eoniidence or trust whatever, can tie placed in them, and whaV is a soldier without pride or honor? hi his place the negro is almost iudispensable, we believe, to the Southern phinter, especially, but a(lvance or proniote titm, and he becomes a menace to all. and untlts him for everything. The Cuban l)eople have till along protested :lgaint the negro troops, and now the Cul)atl S(I- ciety is preparing a petition to President McKiuh,y, reqttesthig remove all negro troops from that; vlcinily. We hope the l)residenl; will act favorably upon thepctiiion, but this wedoubl very tnu3h, in fact we have no i(lea he will grant their requeM, for the preseneeof the negroin ranls was nothing nit;re orle.s iatu Illinois, during the rallroa:l thelrstates, regardless of l/olitiesls riots, gave him the authority to doifor silver so re-ardless nf the reglilarly con ...... -.,o)-. ....... ACCLIMA rI()N OF CATTLE. in eitl]er slate was illtegtt, red u lib a force of Depnty U, S. Marshalts wouhl be used to protect Cheui, and in case of their trial)flirt, to do so, ,hat they would lie reenforced I)y [?ederal troiJps. ,.St)me of the llirn .r(iered (Jilt Of liolh States, alnong theln a winle Pust, Masler, from . C ,:ire ia Walihigtou, ttbing to l)ose as martyrs, aud in persuade Ur. McKinley to get mixed up in their quarrel; but every one or them ouhl gladly accept an ap-- puiutttielll, in W ashiogtuli. There may be (leinucrats 'ho are Starkville, Miss., Nov. 10, 1898. 'Fo the Editor of Times Democrat- la yonr issue of the 8ill )our eor respondent from Jaeksun makes shine siatemenLs in coffnecUng my name,.tvlilt the dlsec)very nf a prt- ventath, e of [lie dreaded acclamation of.cattle which have no foundation In fact. The fat:s are thatl.lie tick theory (if producing Texasor a2cla- In-lti'm lever is a great trhnnpti (,f veterinary sclerice a'nd extensive ex- I)erlments hy the- deparlmont liave denionstraled its correctties. Per- s'nali311, was a conlirmed unbe- liever, until Ihe evidence b-eaine so colichliVe that/ was forcetl to ac eept tLS trtiih. ']he theory was ad. v()cated in this cummonity hy high velerinary auih,)rit.y, until %V. W. Magru(h.r, lawyer and bankvr el thN place, pt, rchased a very liighly. tired so,, of tha great Jersey hull, Exileor St. Lambert, and for t'o Stlcee, sslve years with coat ol grease (race a week he played greaser .f hi, fay.rite h,lll. Next, at A. EXEL'U'I't VE J A c'<., ,, DEt'A R I'MENr, },,, ississw,, L t To ThE JS'.LEC'rloN C()%IMI81,NERS .i',F W tLKtN(.)N ("OUNTY : Vlirreas,-a vacliey exlls in IIw r'presentarion hi Coilrres. fi'ttili Ihe lxlh I ongressi(,rial DisLih, t of Ihis Stale, c()nl])i)set| of the coal)lies or Aa)ite, Adulns, oviilgh)n) (greene. |lanclwk, Harrison, Jackson. J-nes, Lawrence. blari,,n. Pearl l{lver. Perry, Pike and Wiil;.luson, eansed hy the death of lion. W. F Loe. N,w theraf, re. I, A. J. McL,mrln, Governor of the Stale ,ff MissiS,ll)l,l, [)i virtue (Jl Ihe ttuthoril, v vmted in nle I)y'the cons;ituti,ai alld lal%s ()I he State, ,hlissue tiffs RII' O1" ELECTION commandil)g you t() hohl or cause to be hehl, at the several precincts ill the sai(I entinL3 of PfJlki-son, off Tuesday tile 29th da, ,if N(,ventber, A. :D 1898, an e/,clion for represetltative hi Con- ,rs from the 6ih Cnnressi,nal l)islrict ,f the Stale (,f lli.sisslllpl, to ti)l the unexl,ired terai of said W F. Love, deceased. And yon wlll in all respeets con. duet said election, and make relurns lhereot, in the tnanuer prescribed hv t!)e e(Instiiution laws arl,t ordilianees .,,w i: force ill tiffs State relatin- Lherelo, IN TESTIMONY WIIEREOF. I herennu) set Iny hand and cause tli( (Jreat Seal .f lhe Stair ot /issis- Sil)l)i t() he uff]xed. I)one at the Capitol. in the Citg o! Jackson, this the 18th day of Octo- ber, ia the year of our Lord, 1898 A. J. 31cLAURIN. By the G,)veruor : J. L. I'OWERS, Secretary of State. downcast over the result ,if the election, bat if so. lhey havelft becu seen. All those who arc talkili Oll the subject exl)ress the opiniun that the pariy made a sl)leitdid showing under the cicumstauces, and that reducing the ReptllJlican niaj,,rily in the lloue ahtiost tic the vanishing point, put8 the (h'tnocrats ia a liebl(,t' position to alake a u innin 7 fight i(i 1900 tiian they wuuhl have bveti bad they cal)tureJ the next [louse. ;i[h both t)ranehesof Congress in their hands, the Rtpublieans will hc certain In make h>ts of good De:no- Ihan a political ,-;eheuio and the crahe eatnpalgu mati.rial iv the next Republican parly IS taking ad- two 3ears. vantage of this opportunil3 to The outconte of the efforts ot trengthen its ranks. Itoss lla,iiia and oilier McKinley It is a well known fact that the ,)<,o(ners to j,,l!y "Teddy" Roose- SPECIAL,ELE(YIION NOFICE In aceordanee 11"11171 the at)eve or- (ler, notice is herehv given thai I l)eeial eledti )n will he lieht by Ihe ntl(h.r,i_ned Cammissi.ners i)f %ii kinsl)n COllillv, Mis., ali(1 Ihe In- lnd M,, as director (,f the q,ectors apl,,;inted I)y thvln for Lhe eXIJe.rllnent stath)n, Prof. IIutehin- .everal 1)reclBels of said COllnty o l 81<)11 l)rutucted a va|uahle Aherdeen ABRdS bnll fr,)lii a,,cli mtthni fever Tuesday the 2911i tiny of NOVelnl)er 180: .'4,I, Ihe d]'fcrt!nL i,reeinels ,)1 ny grease. These experi,nents, so said (2( lltl[y f:)r tt:c l)llrl)(),.e ()f eh, ct. ing one Representative for Conoress for Lhe GI, h Congressioual l)iMrlt-L of the. F, tate of Mississil)l)ld to fill lhe unexpired Lerin Of lion. W, F Love decease(l, r]L ECTION OFFICERS, presence of the negro was nol at any lime required duri!lg the warwith Spain, as there were any nuuiber of white men willing are already e(mfronted and relidy to take tli) arms, and lestion at honae, bttt in whom the negro soldier can- iaslgnilieant in ':Olli- not I,e compared. to that of eontrohng Wa I)elieve it is now time for "ieatieal savages. Tt,e the President to drop his political have always been war- schenie, and muster out all th(, tmtil a con)l,arath, ely re- negroes now in service, since they were ehiefly addicted to ] have proved their unfit.ness to de- lwesent they are, as't fend the c(nin:xy's honor, and eut-throals and tht,;'ir/have been and con'inuo to boa nleans 'a costly and)[disgrace to thc country. If some war for lh0ir eon-ira(lhml changes are not In'ought control which will en- gly onerous bu rdells ;ers of the United and for thLs we ('an see ,I,, relurns. first President MeKhlley )lated htalning a and naval stathm in the and this we believe wlis view of flie neees- of oar navy for the protection of the growing eomlnereial in- of the United States. the President is a and has fallen coni- dominaiion of money t)ower ! o and hence his It is clear that dictate the policy of regal'dless of ttie of the country at large) his new territory is ac- will be promptly fenced all notions by a tariff and our manufacturers will upon which their products. It er to them that the may I)a tmnkrupted in their dosed Inarket, phcations fin Vielsburg Pequesting him to re sure to result, will de-lue--' his lufluenee t(, have the iniperial navy and a lllrst and Second Miss., R(,gi- tiriy that will alw,ys bclinents inustered otlt at that l)laee our republican in-llnsteadof Cohlmbht, Tenn ]! There is on]l nile seenl8 to b0 thb wish of the of H- successf,l, removed my doubts, nnd I t)urchase(I a highl3-1)re(t yonug bull to place at the head of my .lersey herd. I have had him greased once u wcel( for over Lweh, e ulonihs, and I never owned a iaiore Ihrifly bull. Froni liie above you will s/>chow erruneoas;!are the statenients used hy your correspon- deiit ill connc, eLion tIth my natne [iltcad uf [)ell)g the origtouator, 1 simply aeceuted the Lrulh of the theury after its demonstration befure ,' Salvation that now seems , from this Pandora's box hat threatens to lie open- that the Senate 'y this grabbing A(hninistration. rely a hope for are divided aud a rule, stand r measures. In the mean we call only await relths, holm that the coun. y through lhe in. to threatea it. and that s, mn, the country will lliOst certaiuly be made to suffer therelff. .......  -,,i 41) i @ ........ Jackson, lis., is now l)repar - ing to hiy the Iracks for electric str0et ears, and a cOUll)lete sewer- age systeln will so, in lie lint in, The ei[y is on a ba,)m, but the ohl Capitol s(ill remahis an eye- sore, and asyet "leaks to the ground floor." The American and Spanish eommissioners have agt'eed upon Jaliuitrylstas the date of the evacuation of Cuba. It is not lelieved that all the troops can velt into nplmrting the elahns Mr, Mch[inley fur renoniination 1900, by pr()nlii,ig hhn that they MII Stllip,;rt hiln i,l !904, 1 Ill bo watc'll,,d for vi!h interest. Beh)re Roosevelt wa ever thought ot as a Rough Rider or as Governor of New tn' e.)es The statement tmtJlished Of lit a I'ecetlL nuuib0r ot the Sonthert in Farm Gazette is the olilv one I remenibcr to have made on (hi.. sul)jvct. 'V. B. l()N GOo, ERY. Waslli nton,  iv. 15 .Tn the ffrea L (]iS!tDl).olnlntenL of ,S(crctary Long atl,,-I ()[h(:,r ()lllrhtls of Lhe navy de- York, Mr .McKinley secured [Hatt's partnmnt, a dlspalell was received hire. this afel'noon rr/,m (htlJhlin 3'|0- i)roliise of Stlpp(rt in 19{01 but as Calla, coilim:indiliff Lhe rep'lir shi I) R,)osev(.lt only liUt on the lqatt col Vlll(',In, ItlinolllcUl7 Ilnib it, will If(, lar after lie had I>rat, tica,ly lllat]e hls impnssibl0 to rescue the ]'()rillt, r Him llisl] 01 nJser 1,t fan t,a 51aria aomi|lailon for Governor a cdrtahlly, Tores't. in order to get I'lalb's n,achinc Lo As resul()f "Oabtahl 3It,.C;i]lii, s re- t)(U'l, lhc}'t; is reasoa to believe Lh;tl help elect hhn, lie nia3, through his itislrilclf(),t will he sent to hirii b') power as govern(Jr, l;e ahle to live- saveanvti/it)g lhaL rua bc (it )el d vent Plalt COULrolli:t the, s;a!e :tale- ' lhe (lls;ihled cruiser and ret urn to Ishe llli, vy 3;It'd at, N)t'f()ik wh(?ro Dl, f)- 7aUo'll t,) tile next Nai,)lial fC,)n- reedin will 1,e al once hist,iiuted LO p]ace the l)htftlu for Lh(: (lisa:4Ler. venliou, thus Inaki,i it iinposMllh, 1 for P,att Lo delivvr t/it l,ronlised I votes to Mr, MrKioh,y, IvitAi.ut tii eonsent. \\;i i,at R,,us('velt will do. I ivih (lepeml, in the.piui,ln of those I WliO know his ,hsposlLion, upua what lie]hinks vlil hest pl',) tnote his owu l)olitleal interests amt upon what lie tliiiks he ean aeuonip. ish. I tie gels the idea that lie can secure the ira)nil)all ,a himself, the jollyin i)t the friclids of Mr. Naval oHi(:erssDeakini/ of Lhe los,: of the Teresa t,)-duy st, ai:ed Isliar II WaS a ].)eeli!iar 0cliti{',h]e.rlce LI3;15 Lhe 'l.'eiesa lit Atnel'Iuan hands sh,Hl]d have het;n stratided on an island which was for a hlng thile reg4rded as the iMand il!)r)n which Sbal n firs[ D[:tlit0d tler 1lag ill 1-1{):7, " L,)nd,,n, Nov, 12.--The scnii-cJllh'ial lil(] tltl,,llh:lal contiilonLal jo lrnals fas|on u,nf)n l iie reforetlces r() Aiilerl- ea lll:ide in Lord Salisbury'8 (Jttiidhal! [.)eech as I he lnf)st, sign i lien n ls rein lit k I)9 has lliado in six IDtlflihs, It is sLaled Lhat, Lord Salishilry was hiciiried in lli spee(.h t,) cuuvey t.iie M('Kiale 3 will have no effect npotl iiiil)ression lhais America is about, tt), Hannahim' w|lalever. It is whispered that I enl,cr hito iilLeriia thmal play as one ,it , ,,'. I,he I)(iw('rs and Lhat JL wil] be as an Intend to ten3pt led<If" lally of (Trea.L [h'iisaifl. I, - 'I'hc ru,torcd Anghi-Anlerican al- by offering to hrow H/,ltart ver'lliance, and tlesis(,ry th;tL l, i3e wo na hoard and niakelhe ticket McKinley/ ionsureah tit,t( e hi- h) au unl', ' : . " lcr- and Roosevelt. sl,andlng IS hatlnt, lng il0 ('ontinent, a] be embarked l)y that date and eubhiet,s. They n,)w rorist, rue the they will remain ia file barracks Adminlstralion Republicans have Prime Mh)ist,er's words as ;i c<uitlrn)- liter retgorl, alid ave. IJositiv already |I(,gua Lo put OUt reelers to . < ' - II] L!I( deehiralr/rl t,h'it, l,h(.rt*, will ile an until they ....... can..,,.,...1)e sent ........ hotrle, ascertaia vltat chauce there uill be Auglo-Amei'isaa uuderstaiiding in Lhe Easis, ,if getting all a,hniuistration nian lion, J. F, McCool, speaker ielectedl Sl)ea-erof of the house of representatives, tlie next fIouse, -*-,o ....... The tiout)]e In )lt /instead of Czar l:eed Th-y are ' . ' " " h Caroll'na i> has announced himself as a ean- t afraid of Reed, whu i knn to hol,l repuml('anism-Tnol, Hie negroes as the "  , ' . or. It will anH-adnlhiistration views on Ihe ex- papers ehiitn. Mississlpj.)i has tire thd tie fol Govlq'n nelr(i, ell izcits to Nort, h (at, olinlls otio, lie a very lively eampaign with ipansi(m qtlestion atl hcheved to, and the race. are working tugethcr a ilaFnltHlltHinsly llS {,%%'{) l'aees et)u]d, mlh theresidhnt of the Senate hold tiiem tipon others, hut they are I What has saved M ssiss [)pl is her and Speaker of the IIouse ia the afraid to show their liautt4 unless ignoraitt of both classes Of se tiii (X)ltstiislil.ioli, f(,rlt has deprived t,ht-' I'aoe. ccrtahrl Ilia', eiiuligh votes to conLrot 1 vui,es to the ' [l, Ollll)lit,.an --l'"+to (i/iv. McLaurin t ii tTi;!!i!(itii7 ' v<, h-a "!e.e-n'mtce"wo,m" t,,ol, o,,,,,hcoo <aue.,s can ,e s,. ' Petitious,I E,t,r,, e00ected i ' ' <'vL'e00a h'tve been received from ci!izens eers and inell to be mustered out at the ]at(er place, so let the Iloys have thir way this t/me at least. i The complete congressional ro, lnrn from sixth distlict are llOW in and theseeretary gave them out today as f, llh)ws: (kiUIlly, M'LMn Err)as, Itathoi n, Tnrh:y. A(lalns ....... 4|Lt ](; 6 18Y4 Aniile ...7... ,t24 19 15G 15 (h)viugton ... 144 20 144 28 (Jreone ....... 7 81 2"I t; Ila.cock ..... 117 103 2 20 ! larrtsou ..... 279 ](;8 28 22 Jackson ...... 16 725 (; 45 Janes ....... 264 75 ./43 9 L'nvrence .... 254 4 99 11 2!5 ,. 717 to the nexL [Jnuse i to lie caret(lily sounded to ascertain helher he wuuld, if the admiaistra',!on de- irc,I it, v()te agai*tSL lioiniliatin Reed for ,l.e+lRer, lu puHin 7 Ottl, LtlOSe feelers, lhe nalne of l{,.t)resen. tatlve tlendetson, of Iowa, is sug. gestcd as a ljosit)le ad,(lhAs: ration cuntJ.uhlte Lr Speaker, I)ul; care is taken to leave the impresiun that n.) [)articular cmndidate w,)tll,i be in- sisted ca; theyonly ish to ascer- eerlaia lietlcr it is p,)ssible to de- feat Reed. Bad management keeps more peo ple in poor ctrcumstanccs than any other olle cause. To be auccessthl o11o must look ahead and plan ahead so that when a favorable opportunity pre- sents ltcll hc is read t " " " .... '. y o take advan tage of it. A little foretho:lght will also save much expense and valuable time { A prudent and careful 1.nan will keep a bottle of Chamberlain's Co]ic, Cholera an I)iarrhoea Rernedy in the house, file shiftless fellow will wait unlil necessity compels it and then ruiu his best horse going for a doctor and have a big doctor bill to Should benator Burrows fail develop strenglh eaough auiong tltu Reput)h(san of tli ,]luhlgan legis- lature to g,'t renominated, and Ins failure is exlJec/e(l. Secretary Algt, r, with thecomidued /)a,king of Gov. l?ingree aall . r. ?tl cKiith.y, ,lilt it is pay, besMes ; one pays out 25 cents. to and the odier is out a hundred dollars arid then wonders why his neighbor is getthlg richer while he is getting poor er. " For sale by G. latm. NOTICE. BIDS to paint the steel hri,lge across Buffal.) creek, aceoritillff tt, tinders{co(I, Inake a ruMl for the ttinnioranc]uin ou fthl in |he eli:tn(:erv plerk' ollre will be reeeiv'erl 8eliatrShil)" I o'ct-ck A .r on tile Ist M-ondav in'lie- llp to 9 II is annoul, erd th,it the admini -, eember I*<98 The Board res(rves the trati.un has s0nis au nhimatum to r'ht to rejeet any and a)l" bids. :3. CO(iN, Fhe f()ll<)l-ng are herel)v aplloin- ted inspeeLors to eunduet said cite- lion to it : Wuodtille Preeinet.E H Lewis, P IIah,i and M 'V Br-wn Peae, and Returni,g Olhet.r T. Willianls Beaver CreekC II Woo,1. Fl<,)rida Fur(1 and 1Vli Praer. P. & R. u/H('er It A \\;V,)u(l. "rnrnhnll--lVln Mc?.raw, V '1 Siin. aa't L-vi  aliaee. P. & R ot][leer Saln l,f)ekelt, ])t)negal -- J R Chalnllers, E Ogdell and P A Veal. P & R. otltuer 8 Holland. Old River--J A GilleslJie, W C Cilge Jr. and N l)eavert, au 1' & 1 ollicer N IIarris,m. Percy's Creek--J M Lessh,v. R M [ll,uan'and t.Vm" lhinl, er. P & R ,,ffleer "iV 31 Lindsey. F,)rt AdamsI) l-hihers, C M Sr,cl,.,r and Ernest Russ P & R ,dl]cer J G Statzlnau. l'hmkn,-yville--R L Brandon It MeC41Jiee an(1 Roht Scott P & R ,,ll]oer (i W M:rWln. D/hileslown--S S Julint. L Ores well and I131cCraine. P &  oit-]cer \\;Vlll James C('ntrevilleI  A Richtirdscm, R WhiLaker and J D Rile)'. P & R ,,tHe,,r Mark IIavs. Maced(,nhi--R II Neyland, I ,Me. Key and J R An,h, rs,m. P & L' ,/Ii(.t.r M I) J,dins,ln, C'OIIli MIII--Tho While, IV" {>, lluff and R (J lVbelS,i, one. P & l' )lcer Seoll Newillsn, Coht Sir nR.s__I,)uftis f},.t,,r, l)avid Carter autl E J Carter. p & R ,Jt3cer I '1' St,r-eon. Dry. F(irk--.his Henly, Van Me Cearh,y and Jas Laviil, P & R ()fH eer J Shropshir,,. Perr)'to!n--t/ni Neltles, D '( 3Ithonlt a )d t Ca i ,.' r "via. 1 & RolII / cer V E Davids,n. " t R,,setta--J ]) Ashley, TT flaz'il) ] and J S ( ohb P " ' & R olHcerJ M[ Moalg,)mery. J. II. WALKt:tl, F. A. LaK, %V C AIILLEIt. Coinmlssioners. 11 .5 Ig98 4w. STATE ()F MISSISSlPI'I. ? r ILI(I' 8()N COUNTY To [AR'I'IN E W. OOLLINS: You ara eommat)ded to appear I:efor Ihe (Jhaneery Coin.t (if the (OIlIItV of 't ilkhisori iu sam Slate o. tile 21ii] [')ll(tav of Dee , -4k IF)., 1838 then and lh+'retoanswerihe I:mt!'tion 'lnd o, xaltlino the filltll aeeotuit o Peter M-Ilerexeeutor of II. S. Van E:t(,)n. dee'd, of de,ieaml (Jnardian. .li,ip of said Iat'lin 15 tV Colliiis Intller. [siied liudor rnv hali, I ,qri,I se,'ll of r"nut this the lSt/:t day of Ont., A. D 1898. O. A. Coo. t'lerk. l]y II. A. WOOD, D.C Oct., 2. o , 1898--lw. TRESPASS NOTICE. It,)uti,,g or otherwise trespa.siu o)1 the McMa)ill,. Farlshanll Bowlit)ff lJl'een D:l(,(, is strictly prohit)ited illt- dor perlaltv of rha law. All former perlnlssion s revoked R. M. McGEHEE. J. It. PENDLETON Kept. 4, 189G-if STATE OF MISSISSIPPI. l'o ,lonnle Snr)wdon. Yell are e()n nlan:]ed tel :-)DDo,qr be h)re (ho ehancory Ootlrt Of' the co Intr ,,r Wilkin.n In latd st, ate, on the 2,, Mnnday t)f De('omller A. D.. 1898 t(, .)efe))d t.!le suit, Jn aid et)urt, i)f Ig())ri :nowden, wberchl you are a defen- dlint. This 4th day of Nov. A. D. 18t,q. C.A. ;LEON SCIt WAIlTZ. C It._N]YL AND. S0000Ti00RTZ & N00Y[A0000B, Main treet, ------- .-,.,.;WVl'= ' Ilnls bhvOhstandinff the Quaran/ine our Soe] of GtTOCERIES is large, fre<rh and compTe[e. ,iYO RdlSE hz onr price on aeeou, nt o/' rechced stochs in the town. -.-== . _ _ _ _ -- _  _- = 00cw goods arriving daily. I have purchased a large stock of Dry goods, Clothing, Notions, IIousekeeping ar- ticles, Hats Shoes &c. in lgew York al/of which I propose to sell at prices so low that it will be to Your interest to examine my stock. Specia/ in- ducements to /arge buyers. Dr00'FER MOLLER .It .11._ 00va:. -V. No. 5 Nig'hi T " ---- ..... vain Leave Memphis, " VltK bli ,' , ,,  (,30 ltl';Vlho -- " Arrives Ne Ovic,,li No, u :G.71,.WnTr---- .............. :, s ,, , " ,,o, ,.llllll, lel2ve s, New OI]t, ttll O )ltreville ........ " Vieksl)nrg " " '' " arrives ienil)]lt H No '),1 tiny Tr;)ili -" " " ., . L !:ires V](;ksl), rg, " .... arrives New ()rh,as Nu,, ,,22 Djy, Train h:av,,s \\;r.a, N)l.aus 7:55 pm il;iU alil 6; 16 a ill 10 , )ii lilt< 4:20 iq: I. 8:35 pm 1 t:Sll |Ull 7:10 a)u t:l anl 5:30 pni " arl'ivos gi(. (sl),tl._ 8:f',fi ant -- " 5:55 t)ni Tr;,iu rune dai'ly except Slinlhly. -- No, 7.ql !e:ivor Won,h, ille II Ii IOllWOf.l P):IVo)I nl'a i ini ' ' " tr).ivo,I ,latlthi'or ] 1:10 anl )" 7?,'2"-vT'qJl/ui-o):---- 12:20 p__m2. " a.v+,tl .,.q 1 :?0 1PPl " " a,'riro Wno, lvillr 9".5 r.ivl ................ 4"15 r.m __ __ 'lhe only Lhie rutniiii<, :Vl'OlXl'll=lL:[i!t ,l.:l::li :DTOWs"'u m,.,: ,,,,,..., - .... tlLhllan Blltret, Sleeping Oars lit' " lur II, tLen j.t., I edy an(! e(unfm'abe jo'.,rne, -. bolh dit'eetions, th ' 0077; '7.00s (t)'J- ,, Div. Piss'r -%gt, bMI>IIL8, -'ENXlglflls,r_ig ' A. T. IIENEDt!CT. -IANUFAC'I'URER, REPAIRER AND DEALtR IN garriag00s, g00rts, FarmWagons, Sa4d.[er00, D;'., ae,t for t<he CeleDrated 0WENSBOIt0 WA60N8 Which are universally acknoledged'to be Tho Bsst and LI61-HTEST RUNNING WA0N Made. Agent fl)r F({,4Z[EI 1lOAD 'uld SPEI':I)ING OAliT,,whic are groat fvorites ilinotig t-iorselneli AGENT FOR THE 00ham?i00r00 r00a Tertce 00empaa00, The most, extensive Manufacturers of Iron l'aueing in r, he 13tit(d tat(I. Parti,'ular a(tentioli pitt,1 to re-cOvering and rigging "'? All wet k dvlie i,r(nnptlv and at leasvuab,e rates. Voodville, Miss., Sept. 189! tf rldlrlg a b00cycle. NEW No. 9 WHEELER AND WILSON SEWING MACHINE give it the same speed and smodthness of motion which has been obtained in the bicycle fitted with ball-bearings. Of course, ycu don't get a change of scenery while you're "riding" the Wheeler and Wilson, but you do get a light and healthful exercise,. while you are getting your sewing Work dong easily, quickty and per- fectly, " But this is only one of the No. 9's advantages. The revolving shuttle, patent spool holder, needle, which cahnot be set wrongly; and patent oil (ups are others. It is loaded with talkinl points And not with useless east, iron as are most other machines. l We want an agent in every town in this state, i Splendid money-making chance, Write us about it. T. Dumas Co., Ltd., i Oeneral Agents, - ...... New Orleans. I. I+#.,|.-I+O.,+t..i.14b#.ll)l.#.#.#.l.t.l. i+t1 STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, ? STATE OF M18SISS1PPL ItVILIIIINSON COUNTY, ,  T,) Max Metzgar. Y,la art; eonlmanded (O appear Ira- ( To PeCer Smiih and the nnknown fore (heehaneeryeotlrt ofthoCoulity decel: tal:ts of Ed Russ, dec'd, ttr of 'Wilkinson in said stato Oil lho tlll tiioir heirs: ]V[otldav in l)ecenlber A. D. ]898 to , You are eoin)rinded to appear b0.- defet,l'the iiit in sahl eonrt of, fore | t ", (hall(-ery f'(mrt of t lie ('curtly 8chanter, wherein you are li '.defoli- (if "dfitkin.,,ll in said Siate ,),i lhe 2n(I ,Innt. Monday of I)eeember A. I). 1898 t() ?'his 9.II day of N'o,. a. r). 1898. I defend Ihe niiin sldll eourt of ]I . G. A COON, Clerk. .' G().linski et at Whereili veil are de- 1.112 1898 4W. fendalilS. r Thls .tll (lay of Oct., 1898. Why wlll A, DN t'lel k.