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November 17, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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November 17, 1923

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0000publi0000u NOVEMBER 17 1923. Lew, Editor and Propror TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION : Per annum, in advance ........... $2.00 iat-&apos;-- at the postoffice t Woodvill, , as second-class ma I matter. Just to show how worthless the German mark has become ke latest quotation ihows that for one dllar i of American money you can buy 1,606,000,000 marks, more than you+ uld count in one hundred years. A report from the auditor's offiae shows that 4,674,064 gallons of gas- oline were sold in Misissigpi during the month of October, o the tax of one cent per gallon brought in quite a nut sum to the state. The worldts meanest man is the fellow Who stole a 1000-pound mon. ument out of a graveyard in north- western Louisiana. As strange as may seem, nelthcr the man nor the monument has ye been found. It seem to 4be prac.ic!ly an as- sUred fact that W. Y. Humphreys will be elected to ill{, the unexpired term of his father, Cong<ressman ][n G. Humphreys, who died at his home in Greenville everal weeks o. To an outider it geese that two of the New Orle,ls daily papers are naking strenuous efforts to bring a stricy klan and anti-klan fight in the gubernatorial primary election in Louisiana, which will, of course, extcn to all other offices. Hen. Eugene . Roberts, aged 53 ears, vice preeident of the Whitney Central National Bank of New Or- e!ans, ammited suicide at his home in New Oreans on Wednesday morn. |vg. Mr. Roberts, who was born in/ Mississippi, was an extensive land whet and had thousands of acres of swamp land in the western portion of  eGunty. Theodore Link, one of the South's nmt prominent architects, and "the who planned the magnificent state cpitol of Mississippi, died in Baton Rouge on Monday morning. the time of his death he was archi- tile construction of the State University and Agricultural College at | Company et ale-, has decided that the 1 defendant companies must pay the I state of Mississippi the penalties is- 1 posed by the courts, so these eom-t panics are making arrangements to comply therewith. The total amount will b around $680,000, of which the revenue agent is to receive 20 per cent. The Wilkinson County A. H. School foot ball team went up to Natchez last Friday, accompanied by a large number of "rooters," both boys and girls, 'and defeated the High School team of Bluff City by a score tr 0 in one of the bet and most ever witnessed in this state. .Our boys got a touchdown in the game, but failed to core the additional One point. So that time tO the close it was a ! PICTURE SItOW AND LECTURE I FREE TO ALL. 1 The Chamber of Commerce of Woovilte, in an effort to arouse a re,,ewd mteres in dairymg and lOUl,y ul,d hog raising, has secured .m concn o the Deve,opment Bu- reau  the hlinois Central Railroad oapany to send representatives ,ere ext week to give a number of a.oving picture showz and lectures ti,rougnout the county. These meet- ig will be both instructive and en- tertaining, so be sure to-attend one o," more of the dates, which are given below: Monday, November 19thWhites- town at 2:30 p. m. Turnbull at 7: p. m. Tuesday, Nov. 20th--Fort Adams at 2:30 p.m. Percy's Creek at 7:00 p. m. Wednesday, Nov. 21st---Mars Hill at 2:30 p.m. Friendship at 7 p. m. Thursday, Nov. 22zld--Pinckneyville at2:30 p. m. Woodvilleat 7 p.m. Friday Nov. 23rd Centreville at at 2:30 p. m., under the auspices of the Centreville Chamber ef Commerce. Everybody is most cordially invited to attend, and this means the men, women and children. These meetings are being held for your future good, so show your ap- preciation by helping to get together large audiences at each and every ap- pointment. President Coolidge's Thanksgiving proclamation calls to mind that the year has brought to the American people two tragic experiences---death of President Harding and the Jap- anese earthquake---but says that such experiences serve to test and reflex men and nations. During the year, also, the proclamation says that the nation has been blessed with much material prosperity. The President asked that the people gather together on Thursday, November 29th, to give expression to their gratitude and "seek the guidance o'f Almighty God that they may deserve a continuance of His favor." o- The former Crown Prince Fred- erick William Hohenzollern, who has been kept in Holland since hostilities were brought to a close on ovember llth, 1918, has returned to hia for- mer home in Germany, k.ving been given a passport by that coantxy. The return of this former prince to Germany, against the demands of the allies, presages no good for that country, and once again demonstrates th fact that Germany cannot be trusted. There is now talk of the return of Emperor William to Ger- many also, and if that proves to be true, more trouble of a serious na. ture is certain to ensue. We believe some lone island, far from land, a St. Helena for instance, should be the abode of these two brutes. PEOPLE YOU MEET. When you meet a stranger upon the street what do you do? Do you give him a greeting, or any form of recognit.on, or do you favor him with the once over and pass coldly on? That stranger judges this town to a great extent by the people ha meets in just that way. If they are cordial and friendly it leaves a good impres- sion. If they are cold and distant the impression is-not so good. And the impresion he forms of us is passed on to other people in other places. An American officer returning from royal, with both teams fight. France tells of a famous French gen. in defense of their respective eral who attracted his attention in ez team proved that the port cty of Brest. foot ball aggregation. This French officer had apparently ...... ' been invalided home, ahd each day vow o zne supen, he was e n ..... .......  e palnuny progressmg o ne wn. I along the streets of the city, presum- This made the ably for exercise. mcond victory for our boys over that team. The game was a clean one from start to finish and the kind that he bleachers always enjoy. y of our readers will at once grasp the truth of the following, which is taken from the last issue of the St. Francisville True Demo- crat: "Hard times alk arrived on time t this fall. The writer does not remem- I bet & fall during his exceedingly short J hen he same old story was not t and retold'People are in a year than I have them.' It is true that the ..p is hortef than usual, but alto true that business with the k just about aa good. if better, than last year.- Mss Jean Gordon, of New Orleans, was awarded the Tfmes-Picayun Loving Cup on Sunday, having been selected M the one from that city who had done the reatest good to humanity during the past year. Miss 's Gordon philanthropic work in be half of the Mflne Home brought her this great and well.lea-Toed honor While the cup was beh reented to Mi Gordon, friend| who gathtred to witness tlm w making material and within a few minute It is said that he never passed an American without according him some kind of recognion. Some times it was a military salute. Of- ten it was merely a courteous incli. natlon of the head or a friendly smile. But always the old general extended some form of recognitipn to t'he Amerlean stranger within his city. That was five years ago, but the American officer still remembers, and continues to tell the story. Does the stranger who comes te our town leave with the same impres, zion of us ? Winona Times. An old man says that when he shall have passed he hopes the fol- lowing may be truthfully written of Kin: "Here lies an old man who in his ascending years leafed the art of growing old pleasantly. Children loved him, young people sought his company, old people eagerly desired his friendship, and no one ever called him a bore after he had gone out He knew how to be silent at the right time, and when he spoke, he said words that looked more to the future than the past. lie was never disturl> ed because he was not noticed, and he maintained his serenity because he loved God and thought of Him more often than of him/self. He lived with optimism for his own times and for what was to follw and died. loving man. Brookhaven Leader. God and IT'3 YOU ! If you want to live in the kind of a town was raied and presented to her. Like the kind of a town you hT, e, , This, too, will go to help the ue- You needn't slip your cclothes in a grip tunnies in the "Home" and wilt t And start on a long, lon hike. Gordon's You'll only fd what you lft behind, is a For there's nothing that's really [ that this sad indeed at yourself when you COTTON AND DAIRYING PROVES MOST SUCCESSFUL. When You Need $7,258 on 120 Acres is Record Made by J. H. Moorer in Shelby 00ouo,, ,... Four.Door Sedan (Commercial Appeal.) This year Shelby county has one of the shortest crops in many years, and the cotton farmer as a rule cannot ---II  YOU ARE THE AVERAG pay his debts and taxes for 193. J. H. Moorer and wife, who run a MAN OR WOMAN, YOU HAVE dairy and cotton farm of 120 acres, one-half mile west of Forest Hill. TWO COURSES OPEN WHEN YOU Shelby county, have reported to tl bureau of farm development, Cham- NEED MONEY QUICKLY, ONE IS ber of Commerce, that a total of TO BORROW ITIF YOU CAN; $7,258 worth of crops and dairy pro- ducts have been produced on the 120 THE OTHER IS TO DRAW IT - acres by himself, wife and two negro tenants, as follows: FROM YOUR SAVINGS ACCOUNT, 16 acres corn produced 500 WHERE IT HAS BEEN AWAIT- bushels, valued at .......... $ 600.00 ING THE EMERGENCY, VEN 28 acres cotton produced 13 /  $8Y g o.  bales and 6 h tons seed. 1,567.00 WELL-TO-DO PEOPLE TAKE NO 235 gallons sorghum syrup Inside and out. the new handles pevk'ct the design at 60c per gallon ............ 141.00 Ford Four-door Sedan of the body. CHANCES ON BORROWlN 60 tons lespedeza hay at shows improvements O| THEY ALL HAVE THEIR SAW $15 per ton .................... 900.00 far more than tmue, l in- Silk window curtatnh 400 head of poultry .......... 300.00 15 heifer calves, valued at portance, deep brvad-cloth Uph INGS ACCOUNTS. BE WlSR AND $10 each ........................ 150.00 It is lower and sturdier in story; dome light, do FOLLOW THEIR EXAMPLe, 30 dairy cows produced whole milk, valued .......... 3,600.00 appesrance New cowl, lock, window _regulators hood, radiato and apron and handles, all she OPEN YOUR ACCOUter Total sales from crops add size and Knish to the in nickel, complete a and milk ................ $7,258.00 front, Sttn visor, and reuemen youwou]d ex- HERE TODAY. Mr. ]Ioerer and wife are doing wide, well-finished Mum- pec only at a  higher nothing that any tenant cannot do inure doors with bar price. WE PAY 4 PER CENT INERE, with cotton, cows and lespedeza hay and in addition to their work with WOODV.ILLE MOTOI CO the dairy cows they have two neaT0 'Hos. A. ROLAND. JR.. Manager. Authorized Agents  tenants on the place, who raise their own chickens, hogs and garden and a corn and cotton crop. These negro tenants have plenty of corn in the (ommcrct+l crib for next year and the cotton money Will defray all expenses. No poison was applied on the cot- ton this year, but all squares and forms were picked up regularly and Membe American Banker's methodically. CAI00S "TR.UCKS " TRACTOR.$ WOODVILLE, - - - M Charles J. House, owner of the farm, modestly admitted that he vi. ited the farm frequently and encour- aged the Moorers, advising with him occasionally, but that Mr. Moorer and wife were due all the credit, as they l were on the job every day. ]on whose farm the flock, piloted by how, one associate Snow King with Mr. Moorer stated that 40 acres I the big goose, feeds each year, if some fakery tale hero. He must have of cotton was sucient ou a 12{)- I they would notify him when the flock been beautiful, graceful on the wing arrived, and wme in leadership. We almost acre farm, and that 40 good dairy I This year om Sheppard, Jr., rode expect as the story nears the end to cows and 40 acres of lesedeza hayL I A FULL LINE OF/. with plenty of pigs, chickens and i a horse five miles througt mud  find, after the hunter overcomes the potatoes, syrup and corn crop. would t get to a telephone and notify Dr obstacles set before him, that Snow F d St pl Gr ties zunrantee sn income on any farm in Cockrell and Win the reward. The King, dying, suddenly is transfornmd ancy an a e see + docor started in a car and when it into a handsome prince. We can DELMONT AND LIBBY CANNED FRUITS Shelby county, and that his succe-s this year and the success of his nere [ becme mired, completed the 1S-mile almost see him thanking the hunter tenanL was in spite of bad weather[ trip on horseback. This summer he for lifting the spell of emclumtment CANNED VEGETABLES AND MEATS and the boll weevil, had a cow hide suit made to fit hi that he might be restored to castles as a blind, and his plans went through and his bride. MACARONI, SPAGHETTI, NOODLES, o when he found the big goose feedin But the days of enchantment are THE TRAGEDY OF SNOW KING. in a wheat field near a pasture wher( orer. And so are the days of good ALMEDA PURE CMROUD COFFEE fifty head of cattle grazed, sportmanship, if this stox'y is a fir ia pouml tins. We doubt whether there is a reader Donning his disguise, Dr. Cockrel" sample. AND A of The Commercial Appeal who fail- walked on his feet with his hand'. Snow King didn't have a chance ed to catch in yesterday's paper the forward to complete the four legs o, $9 long as he trusted to the fairne __ G  1 Li]  GOOd note of tragedy ruhning through s his disguise. He placed his shotgur, of men he piloted the flock back and en a_ _ __. ___ s little story from Kansas about the between his legs tO+keep the tail oi forth, tempering his flights to the SHOES, HAT$ ETC. untimely death of Snow King. So the outfit in correct position. He seasons and doing no injury t6 any- pathetic was the strain that even in practiced several times to imitate  thing of heaven or earth. The de- cow eating grass and got away witl- celt of men proved his undoing. AUGUST METZGER The Commercial Appeal office, where newspaper men night after night see the r1e. He got .within fifty feel Evedently the hunter took some the joys and sorrows of a world pa- of the snow-Whit.e gd0se'and then rose pride An the deception. It may be Woodville, Mississippi faded before them, there was a pause up. that he didn't think himself foolisl and a flash of sympathy for Snow The goos* with K wihg-preed of crawling around in a cow skin With King. 64 inches and weight of 20 pounds a bell clanging about his neck and s Snow King was just a gooe. But scarred on his "taxi" run before hc un sickinff out like a tail. But we the story is worth reprinting. IIere flew into the air Dr. Cockrell fire have an idea that most people who it is: wice and the big bird came down read the tragic story of Snow King Parsons, Kan., Nov. 7.Dr. T. M. He was xnzed only, however, and xdll feel that the hunter was both Cockrell this week shot and killed scampered off into the mahes along foo!ishaddeliberatelyungenerous MARTE N "Snow King," a pure white Canadian the Neosho River. After a 20-minute There a.e enough trasredies among goose he had sought three years, chase his slayer sent a volley of buck- human beings te keep the world ar. At a bend in the Little Neosho shot through his head and the goose feited with sorrow and suffering. River, near St. Paul, Kan., 18 miles stopped. ;. Let us hop that there wl no soon ++ THE REXALL DRUG STORE from thi.s city, is the best goose eed- The winnin feature of the di be another tragedy like that of Snow ing ground in this part of the court- guise thP.t resulted in the baging of King.Commertal AppeaL try, according to hunters, and for the "Snow King," the object of ever)., last three years "Snow King" has hunter in the county, was the fact NOTICE OF BIDS. piloted his flock of Canadian eese that Dr. Cockrelt completed the cow to an island there, and twice Dr imitation by tying a cowbell aboui Bids will be received by the Board Cockrell got within shooting distance: his neck. of Supervisors ef Wilkipson county, YOU ALWAYS GET TH, BEST OI  but the leader got away. Forty-two brown Canadian geese Mis., up to 11 o'clock on the first After his second failure Dr. Cock. were in the flock haded by the o! / Monday, the third day of December. EVERYTHING, AT I'HE RIGHT rell, who is a dentist, planned hi- white goose. When the leader fell 1923, for the purchase of one see- PRICES, AND 'WHEN YOU WANT the rest of the floc cntinued theiz tional steam boiler for the court l attack for this winter. A veteran hunter ar/d a close student of wild southward journey without the whit house, to operate on not over 15 IT, WHEN YOU BUY FROM THE game, the doctor is firm in his belief pilot for the first" time in three pounds of steam; with shaker grate that wild geese will invariably feed years." or rocker grates; to burn soft coal: REXALL DRUG STORE. WE ARE in the same place each year on their The story js written in simple to furnish radiation for not less trip south, fashion, farther ame+teurisb perhaps than 1950 square feet of radiator HERE TO SATISFY OUR CUSTOI Dr. Cockrell offered a reward of in that it is so plain and unvarnished surface; boiler to have stesm gauge+  ALWA,YS, AND WE DO IT. $5 to the children of Tom Sheppard, But therein lies its strength. Some- safety and water column. Bidder to furnish alll necessary fire tools. The Board resovves the right to reJel any and all bids, W.L. HAYS, II-I0-1923-4w. Clerk BIDS TO BUILD BRIDe. W00L] ?f5 Bids will be reeeived by tha Boa2d 00x00ARTE of Supervisors of' Wilklason eounfY. Miss., up to II o#cloek on Monday, December 3rd, 1923, to build s bridge at Fort Adams on the we side Of the Fort Adams dipping vat THE REXALL DRUG STORE    l _ I e" __  according to specifications on file in the chancery clerk's office. The - _ _ Board reserves the right to rejecl and nd all bida W.L. HAYS, 11-10-1923-4w. Clerk. at a reasoRable price the hou. in SESSIO + ..,mN  - WoodVlie owned by Walter Header. 140- rlS50 son. Call atonce for prlce. C. W R g t ks J. ct.?./.4. /. /+. HENDERSON, Woodville. 10.20-3 " TRESPASS NOTICe. KOW IS THE TIME TO BUY YOUR No one is allowed to "burnt, fish. FLOUR FOR THE HOLIDAYS The or otherwise trespass on my IamunloadingacarthafwasboUgh 00ot00on Hill, Hm or Gl.ngela when market at its plantations Without written permis- and for a limited time will sell it e aion. Any one violating this will be that basis. , ' 1,. ' prseeutued to the full extent of the Juanita .......................... .24Ib, $1.00 . law. J.A. SUSONG, ilver MedaI .................... 24Ib,$1.00 By A. B. THOMAS Manager. chool Days, Self-Rhing 24rb, $1.00 THE famous V/iys-Krfi ght Ccape-Sun L no 11-17-3 sos- l$irstPikes Iady,Peak' Self-Rising,....24 lb ,;elf'Rising'"241b" $1.0051"00 TRESPASS NOTICE. White Ribbon .. ............. :24Ib, .95 available in two finishes: De Lu:e, in rich blue, All hunting, fishing or therwise White Goblet,. .............. 24Ib, . nickel trimmed, wi:h black superstructure nd trepassin on Wetwood plantation runaii gear, at newly reduced price; and Stun- is strictly prohibited under penalty All other sizes the regular differ- of the law. H.B. MeGEEHE. atials- I am offering the different dard, by request, entirely in black, with urhab!e 11-17-3 ross. brands subject to stock on hand, if you have a special thoiee it ! Spanish long grain upholstery, at a still greaer NOTICE. pay you to come and get it early, price savin 8. Doars front and rear--no seat climb- All hogs caught on property own- ed or controlled by any of the under. R A J SE ing] A demonstration will reveal the reason ior signed, Will be taken up, and owners a l..  car's great popularity, must pay for same according" to the law. (MRS.) BESSIE LANEHART. ABE COHEN, Agent ms w.BLANCHEE. DAVIDSoN.CASTON" Woodville, Miss. 11-17-if. TRESPASS NOTICE. POSTED. All hunting or*oferwise trespass. All Artonish, Loch Leven, Lock Dale: ing on Brieriy and Valola planfation ing on KNj = rH T Goodhope, Deerpark and Ha.rr!:s is ri< yprehibitedunderpenalty strictly ,m , Tract again all fishing, huntm of he w. J.A. REI)HEAD. th m o trapping or trespassing, under per TRESPASS NOTICE. .... alty of law +All permissions hereto- All hunting; fishing, trapping er " fore given are hereby revoked. FLEMING & BELTZOOVER. otherwise trepang on any lands :All M.R. - tim umderldgned is '-ly ing on