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November 17, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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November 17, 1923

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wooDvr00z RzPo00Uo00, WOODVI00, GIRLS 0 WOR K Te--How Lydia &apos;s Vegetable Helped Hr friend told E. Finkham's a bottle I wan so run-down, had a nervous weak- that I could hardly do my work. Before I was mar- tied I used to work in the factory, and I same then as I have housework. I in the builder as it has made tell You can I can hon- words are true."-- No. 4, Box 40, out the merit e,,etable Corn- tell of the rehef from such eking Lydia E. Compound. bLbT the rrat/fylng realm bslfs stomach digmt bowels move tm stauld at teethUm D0Wr00 fz J ge. And where hae ye I've Just coom back fra a swindling place, is bought a packet of 3,000 It cost me sixpence and was two short."--LOn- DYE FADED NEW AGAIN Worn, Shabby Gar. or Drapery. Package of "Diamond directions so simple can dye or tint any thing new, even if dyed before. Choose drug store.--Advertl- lish Custom. deference, my boy, I English custom at the than saying 'hello,' the party of the sec- You say in England?" you there?' Then, You are not there, there on with the conver- sang the laundress mlowy wash on the "happy day" because Ball Blue.--Adver- Coming. in long engBge- I want the man Long as possible. Sore Hands. in the hot suds dry and rub in On- Remove surplus paper. This is Cuticura will do are ' get ahead by follow- Iotterywtherefore all- debt. Hard? out? Are Then natuml annoying bladder irritable Doon'8 were ready control the &fter unq mlr lung s Escapa, Cause Much 00]'alk o, ,o manded by Rivera for His Affairs at beauvil; Paris.Europe is looking for Spain to get rid of its king at any moment, or ff not that, It Ls almost certain that King AlphonSO will get a good spanking before Longfigurativel$ speaking. King. Alphonso Is treading the path once famzliar to King Mwu- ue of Portugal, who showered good coin of the realm on stage beauties, so much of it in fact that his subjects rebelled and Manuel woke up one morning to find himself without a throne to sit on and a crown to put on his head. That's the way King Alphonso, the Spanish monarch. Is going, only he has gone Manuel about five or six better. Instead of having only one stage beauty, Alphonso has about five or six at a time. Queen With Babes. Meantime his wife. Queen Victoria. and the six children stay in the royal palace in Madrid wondering when the errant king is coming home. All Europe ts talking about the royal scandal, the way in which Al- phonso is behaving himself. The comic papers of France ridicule and roast him. It is in France that Al- phonso spends most of his time, at the fashionable seashore resort, Deau- rills. The reason he spends so much of his time the is because all the noted stage beauties, chorus girls, and a lot of women, whose respectability Is not a matter of overmuch concern to them. congregate at Deauville. Squanders Hm Money. There's hardly a good king In the whole European lot any more. but Alphonso is absolutely the worst one they still keep over here. Instead of attending to affairs of state he squma- tennis with the choms girls, or rather plays at It; he referees prize fights; he Judges beauty contests, and In a word, behaves himself Just exactly like a king ought not to behave. The taxpayers of Spain are begin. nlng to" growl about It. When their monarch gives a diamond brooch to one of hLs favorite stage beauties-- the taxpayers of hls country foot the bill. Besides they are getting pretty much ashamed of Alphonso. Rivers May Take a Hand. When the army of Spain revolted several weeks ago and Primo Rivers. telr leader, was given virtual ruler- ship of the country, Alphonso hurried to Madrid from the seashore, saw that Rivers was a ood marl to have charge of affairs, and then he went back to spend some more of the taxpayerS' money. It is sald in Europe that Rlvera lttsburgh, Pa.--Two young women, who admitted doing a profitable business luring men into taxicabs operated by male accomplices, after which the dupes were beaten and robbed. were held without ball for fur- ther Investigation. The two girls, Winnle Me_Laughlin, twen- ty-three, and Ruby Morgan. twenty-two, were arrested along with four alleged  accomplices who gave their names as James McAndrews, Cleveland ; Irwin Cohen. Youngstown ; Michael Kelp and Charles Wlneberg, both ')f Pittsburgh.. Is soon going to call the king to Madrid for a heart-to-heart talk. Fur- thermore It Is said that by the time Rivers gets througt with the king, the king will behave himself--for a few weeks, at least. An old belief Is that a dry Septem- ber Indicates that the following May will be more thtm usually rainy. Eskix Have ward A. Rumely and oth- ers sentenced to the penitentiary dur- LUg the war for falling to report to tim allen prOperty custodian their In- debtedness to the German government In connection with the purchase of the New York Evening Mall. The federal government was grant- ed a review of its case against Roland R. Pothler, charged with the murder of Major Alexander P. Cronkhlte at Camp Lewis. Washington, during the W)rld war. Together with Rohert Rosenbluth, t'othler was indlcted In the Federal District Court for Western Washington. but the Ftrst Circuit Court of Appeals directed that the former be released on habeas corpus proceedings, and a United States com- missioner In New York refused to hold Rosenbluth. Both took the position that the Camp Lewis military reservation had not completely passed under the Juris- the case. The state courts denied that they had Jurisdiction. insisting that It was a matter for the federal courts. The whole question of the right of national hanks to establish bram'hes and the eontr.l of states over national banks was ordered opened. At the same time the (ourl granted the federal govermnent have to tile brief and parth:lpate in argument in the test c;tse brought by tle First National bank of St. Louis against the state of MissourP. Petitions asking for permission to take part in the arguments In the Missouri case also were tiled with the court by the states of Wisconsin, M'lnnesota, Indiana. Iowa and Illinois. Express companies are not llabl for the actual value of the contents of a package shipl, ed in Interstate com- merce when the shipper has accepted a receipt in which a lower liability was stated. Court of Claims Faces Busy Strange Laws T o. Clahns has re- convened with a calendar of cases for the winter term which, in the aggregate J. Snell, the Arctic explorer who Is spending two weeks here, addressing Detroit school children. "The Eskimo had many strange laws before the white man came." Mr. Snell said. "They were communists. If you killed a bearded seal, walrtm or polar bear, the meat did not all belong to you. You were obliged, as soon as the killing was accomplished, to stand up and wave your hands while you shouted as loud as you could. Kill Man With Whale Gum "All those who answered your call were entitled to a supply of the meat and it very often halpened that the successful hunter got less than some i'bf the others. If you neglected to do this and hid the meat away you were likely to be overtaken with some ca- lamity. You might suddenly become I blind, It was thought, or your children might die. "The Eskimos killed the first white man who had my Job; shot him with a whale gun. Three young men did It. One man sot the gun In place, an- other marked a spot on the door, then knocked, and the third pulled the trig- ger. Since the whale gun is as large as a small cannon, my predecessor was instantly killed. Relative Must Kill. ."The Eskimos themseh, es captured two of the young men and executed them. When the United States rave. nue cutter arrived she sent a shell or two over on the beach to let the F, amount clahned and the novelty and hnportance of the issues Involved, ex- ceeds all lltlgatlon ever before pend- ing against the government at any one time. The amount involved in the cases now pending is approximately $2,5<0,000,000 mostly arising out of the World war. Claims filed against all departments of the government, among which are a large number that never have reached the court, include the follow- ing: The War department, in which claimants have filed claims involving approximately $5,000,000,000; the bu- reau of internal revenue, which has before it claims for rebates and re- funds aggregating many mllliom: the shipping board, where tIae amount of cancellations alone amounted to over $850,030,000 ; claims for patent in- fringement estimated by the Depart- meat of Justice at $800,000,000; claims made by the railroads which as filed with the railway administration amount to approximately $2.250,000,- 000 ; claims proportionately large arise from the housing corporation, war risk bureaa, food and fuel administra- tions, and there are also e. large num- ber of claims of a miscellaneous char- acter. The variety of the claims is ahnosl unlimited. They include actions for requisitloulng of ships and railroads, transportation of troops, ammunition and supplies, Infringement of patents for high explosives, submarine boats and torpedoes, wireless and radio ap- paratus: contracts for anti-aircraft en- gines and guns, military and naval supplies and ammunition, appropria- tion of camp sites and naval bases, to- gether wlth contracts for manufactur- ing and acts of commandeering of al- most endless diversity. Many novel and Interesting ques- tions are raised in the court, cape- White AItL pedestrians u0on the rain-soaked streets of Washing- ton the other morning saw a sight they will long remember. At the head of a small group of pedes- trians trudged a spare man of deter- mined aspect, who maintained a four- mile-an-hour gait well in advance of his assr.'lates. Ten feet behind him walked a man. swathed In an overcoat, maintaining a stiff-back attitude under obvious difficulties and relying upon a cane to force his lag&dng footsteps in pursuit of the leader. Still behind him clally in suits for Infringement of pat- ents. Hunters Must Divide Their Game With Others--Relative Kills Condemned Man. House Guests Get an Appetite through the downtown streets o Wash. ington. The route lay to the north ot the capitol, with a wide dettmr which brought the party back to tim White House an hour later. Mr. Upham left Washington for Chi- cago that afternoon, and Mr. Wrigley startel for New York at the same time. Both denied that they were leav- ing town to prevent the President fr.m repeating the dose at 6:30 the next morning. Both Chicagoans were house guests at the White House. At luncheon In the White House Mr. Idmoe know what could be do the-, [ trudged a slightly heavier man, en- told them to go and get the etler I cased m a raincoat, who was breathing young man. .  heavily up the hill to the Treasury he was found. It was learned, , department and whose widespread he too was condemned to die. &rid feet bespoke a state approaching ex- Just here comes one of the Esiflmo's haustlon, Both of the trailers were strange customs. If a man must die slsepy-eyed and evidently participating he must be killed by one of his near- in an unusual event at an unusual eat relatives. A young man by the hour. name of Teragloona was appointed' "He nearly broke my back," said executioner. Teragloona was a eomfln ! William Wrigley, Jr., when seen at the of the condemned man and one of h/, White House, two hours later. "He nearly walked the hind legs off me," added ed Upham. "Oh, boy, how we did eat that break- fast," chl both the Chicagoans in choruS. It appears that President Coolidge had both of his White House vlsitors called at 6:30 in the morning and fif- teen minutes later they were taking the President'a morning constitutional Coolidge had a number of Republican party leaders. These Included $ohn T. Adams, chairman, and Fred W. Up- ham, treasurer of the Republican na. lionel committee; C. H. Hasten, chair- man of the committee's ways and means department; William Wrigley, William C. SprouL former governor of Pennsylvania and several others. All of those at the mneheou were guarded in their statements, but It was understood that one subject under die cuslon was the selection of the 1924 convention city. Mr. Upham has been active In behalf of Chicago, and some are Inclined to regard the selection of Chicago as sure. - Official Wasidngton is inclined to think that the Democrats may also meet in Chicago, though New York seems to be actively bidding for the convention, Detroit, Mien.---The strange and democratic laws of the Far North where the Eskimos are ruled by a code of ethics all their own and where the hunter cannot claim the game he i kills but must share it with bis fel- l lows, were discussed recently by Roy Novel Way of Testing Airship's Strains This is the Navy department model of the air leviathan, ZRol, which has been undergoing a test for ten months In the photo-elastic laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in order to perfect the design of the airship to prevent a repetition of the ZR-2 and Rome dlasters The model Is made of over 4,000 pieces of celluloid and when studied by the photo- elastic method shows in rainbow colors the strains which would exist In the actual ship. The technology department of physics ts the only laboratory ia this hemisphere equipped to carry on this Work. l best friends. "He asked his cousin whether he i would prefer to be shot or stabbed. The cousin said shot, so aiming at his temple, Teragloona fired. Talk aboat an Iron nerve; surely Teragloona had It. I afterward came to know him very well, he was one of the flne Eskimos In my village." Strikes Oil and Three" Guardian EXPLORER TO HUNT FOR I Kaw s THE TAIL MONKEY FORKED =., VERETT THOMPSON, young getting married. Miss O!avlene Bell- " in Class at U. of P. IL" Kaw Indian, has an unusual mard, a pretty young Kaw Indian " - Phlladelphla.Robert Leslie l distinction in that he had two woman, became his bride. She is also of the province have survived the Pike. of Salsbury, Mass., fresh* guardians at the same time. a college graduate and had set out to man at the UnlvelttT of Penn- sylvania, Is a modern "Apollo Belvldere." Pike, who is nine- teen years old. six feet. two inches, weighs 194 pounds and has curly blond halt. is the most perfect physical type ever ex- amined at the university, accord- ing to Dr. Charles Wharton. a sistant physical d|recor. whenever It raln "the animal thrusts the forks Into its nose. It goes la herds and lives in friendship; when one dies the rest accompany It to burial. Its activity is so great that It runs its head against the trees; its fur is soft and gray and the face black." Kwelcbow lies on the watershed be. tween the Yangtse and West rivers. process of Chinese absorption. Many of the strongholds have never been visited by white men and whole tribes do not know that the World war was fought. Occasional travelers have reported how some of the tribes thrash grain on the rooftops, as in the Holy Land; how other have great "'prayer flags" flying on fortified castles, and how quarrels are settled on horseback with blunderbusses, broadswords and bags of stones as weapons. The monkey the expedition will seek is the Rblnopithecus Brellchl, of which the only evidence available now is a skin. There has been speculation, the Geographic society says. regarding the possibility of this species being an animal described in a famous pass- age of Chinese llteratare, as follows : "Its nose is turned upward, ahd tile tall, very long and forked at the end ; He has a further distinction, as the United 8tat government stepped In and became his third ggardlan" elimi- nating the others. He Is one of a trio of young Kaws whose reatrictlous have been continued by the federal government so that property and money interests might be protected. Thompson is a college graduate who came into the limelight last spring by being the first member of the Kaw Indian tribe to become wealthy from oil money. He is a fellow tribesman of Senator Curtis of Kansas. The Discovery well in the Kaw In- dian country, at a point 20 miles northeast of Pones City, was drilled In by the Sapulpa Refining company January 13. Other wells have been brought in, with many additional wells drilling. The first thing that Thompson did. following the bringing in of his oll well, was to celebrate the event by become a business womam Thompson's land holdings mounted to only an 8aere tract in 1923. Re- cently Thompson, with the consent of his guardian, the United States, bought a quarter section tract, several miles southwest of his original holding, for $35.000. It adjoins one of Senator Curtis' quarter sections. It was thought necessary by the officials of Kay county and those of the Cnited States Indian department that Thompson; then not 21 years old. should have a guardian, and both acted. This was in February, a month after his oil discovery and in the same month as-his wedding. The county named a guardian and the In- dian agent of the Kaws named one. Now the United States has stepped in and continued restrictions of Thomp- son for a number of years, taking over all Jurisdiction of the young man ann his affairs. Uncle Sam HE American government, it has been made clear at the. White House, will not take any action based on the cha- otic political situation in Germany. President Cmltdge made It known that the United States would make no attempt to interfere with Ger- many's affairs nor to influence a de- cision for or against maintenance of a republican form of government or restoration of a monarchy, The attitude of this government, as set forth on the highest authority, will be determined by American treaty ob- ligatlon and the traditional policy of the United States. and neither in the treaty with Germany nor in the his- toric policy governing American rela- tions with foreign countrie is .there any obllption  Justification rot In- terference witt the establishment by any country of the form of govern- mnt onder which it eboo to live. That does not mesa. it was ex. a lack of delre on the part of it Will Let Hun Chaos Alone I Is nothing the United States couhl do I at this time In tb:s connection which would be of benefit. That. a break-up In cen.tral Europe might have an unfortunate effect on the settlement of debts owed to this government is realized, but that d.oes not. tn the view of the admlnistratio,, give the United States the right to determine for any country what lie form of government shall be. While it is a source of gratification to many Americans when they see re- p tlpllcs springing up, and there is an absence of gratification at 'e suiting in dictatorships or other cratie forms of government, the United States camot, while Insisting upon its right to etablish and matvtaln its own form of government, consistently interfere with the exercise of a similar right in other countries. Maybe this is the easiest way out, cartalnly It would require a Phlladel. lJa lawyer and a card index to keep tek of the paltriest chang in To Enter Lands Where They Never Heard of World War. Washlngton.--Kweichow. where, the mysterious non-Chinese tribes of China live and whele the famed forked-tall monkey Is said to dwell Is to be ex- plored by an expedition sent by the National Geographic ciety. Frederick R. Wuisin has been desig- nated to proceed to Peking to organ- fze his staff for the trip into the re- motest part of China. The provtnre to be explored is about the size of Missouri and has a population of 8,- 000,000. It is as Inaccessible as Tibet. One of the few visitors who has penetrated only the fringe of Kwei- chow said he w types resembling the Ghurka. the South Sea islander, the American Indian, the Fast Indian and the negro. About 3,500,000 of the non-Chinese Kewanee Man Gives Boys Immense Kewanee, Ill. is one of those small towns without n creek or pond, where the boys never know what a good swim Is. E. E. Baker decided that the ehll- dren as %11 as the grown-ups needed bathing facilities so he donated $50,000 and constructed what is believed to be the largest swimming hole. in the United -- State. It covers 89,000 square feet and contains "/50,000 gallons of water and has a bottom of sand and gravel With a 12-flxtaeon walk around It. Ulutraflon shoWS the pool and Mr. Baler. Purity Paokage One or the Other. The young mother was frantic. Help twn-year-old daughter howled and howled and howled. "Whatever is the ntter with the child?" asked the father In despair. Ells wife sank limply Into a chair Swimming Pool .,-, --,--,tS;n!and hegan to w'eel,, while the baby went on howling. "I d-d-d-on't know !" sobbed the dll tracted mother. "It's either because she's eaten too many strawberries or she wants more!" Worth It. DoctorI will examine you for ten dollars. I'atlentGo to it; If you find It I will We yon half. '00tatb what Millions of women @AL1MET any of m- Good to 00here is some- thing a 00thattells of coffee he's MA0000LL