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November 16, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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November 16, 1973

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Volume 149 Oldest Paper In Mississippi Localisms by Lewis. el Due to the Thanksgiving holi- lY on Thursday of next week our issue of November 23 will be Published early, and very 0SSibly in an abbreviated form. OPefully, we will mail that SSUe on Wednesday morning of From The Files Of The Republican "Backward, turn backward, Oh Time, in thy flight .... " moDliJil|uiuilia,illiiiJ|0,,o,,.|,tl.t,,t,,,l.*',lU''lHa*|l||o" 25 YEARS AGO Misses Martha Kee and Mary Lou Massey, students at MSCW, are expected home for a week- end visit by their families. M, rs Robert Lewis is spending this week in Baton Rouge with Woodville, Mississippi 39669 Four Area Players Named To Academy All-Star Grid Team The second annual Academy Conference All - Star football game will be played on Satur- day, December 1. at 7:30 p.m at Memorial Stadium m Jack- son, it was announced this week by B. L. Swindle, president of the Activity Commission of the Friday, November 16, 1973 THANKSGIVING SERVICES WOODVILLE A union Thanksgiving service will be held here at the Wood- ville United Methodist Church on Wednesday evening of next week at 7 p.m The Rev. Harold L. Richardson of the Woody,lie Presbyterian Church will bring the message. CENTREVILLE On Wednesday, November 21, at 6 p.m, the Cent;revllle Bap- tist Church, United Methodist Church. and Thomson Memorial Presbyterian Church will have their Community Thanksgiving covered dish supper in the Fire- side Room at the Presbyterian Church. Everyone is invited vo come, bring their favorite dish, and join in the fellowship. The Rev. Stanley Landrum wttl deliver the Thanksgiving message. Courthouse To Be Closed Two Days For Than00giving The Wilkinson County court- house will be closed on Thursday and Friday, November 22 and 23, in observance of Thanksgiving, according to an order on the minutes of the Board of Super- visors. County employees will thus enjoy a four-day holiday for Thanksgiving, since the court house is normally closed on Saturdays. Mobile Home Owners Must Register At Assessors Office Mrs Betty W. Dawson, tax ,as- sessor and collecto.v of Wilkin- son County, this week reminded owners of mobile homes that they should register such homes in her office. Mobile home owners when have not previously registered, or those who have changed mobile homes, are urged by Mrs Daw- son to register at her office. Taxes on these units are handled in the same manner as land and permanent home taxes. Mrs Dawson pointed out, and must be paid on or before Feb- ruary 1. Mississippi Private School Asso- ciation Four players from local pri- vate schools have been named to the squad for the game. two from Wilkinson County Chris- tian Academy and two fcom Centreville Academy The two WCCA players honored are Mike McGraw, guard and line backer; and Jeff Brown. halfback and safety. Centreville representa- tives are Mike Rish, guard and public school system for the past five years. her son-in-law and daughter, ext Week so that the family Mr and Mrs. Allen L. Smith, aY depart that afternoon to and family. rive at least part way to dis- Mrs. Charles Thomas and Mrs ant Huntsville. Alabama. where in e Will spend the holiday week- Henry Habit spent Monday and tl With our eldest son and his Tuesday of this week in New I Orleans, the former attending t.araily and while there attend it o business for Treppendahl's lie christening of our small Dept . Store and the latter at- randson and namesake Your ....... *--  ,, tending a Frigidaire School con,..- w;v,f ..... :,, s.,,.,s. Miss Sue Stockett will be home line backer; and David McKey, b,s ]n early or nex wee wm from Belhaven College this quarterback _ aPPreciated, and your for- ,:t., f ..... iit : b&r The traditional Awards Ban- gVeaes is asked in advance for ....... ?" :.* : ,"\\;'L_ o -,=," any , ..... parns, Mr. ann vr. o. . quet will be held on Friday, No- , en'ts wnicn we may lave ..... 0 o111' iocKe, vember 30. at Primes Northgate line. t due to our early dead- Dr L W. Magruder of New in Jackson. At that time I Crleans was the weekend guest coaches, players, parents, and $ * $ I of his sister. Mrs. M. P. Scott other guests will be honored The energy crmis has moved Mrs. Mattie Huffman and Mrs Tickets to the game are now 0 the forefront in the news R T Wood, Jr., and two chil- on sale at all private schools  recent days, even replacing dren, Llewllyn and R T, III, and at the gate of Mississippi ,atergate in many segments of are here from Memphis for a Memorial Stadium in Jackson. e national news media. The visit in the home of Mrs. R. T gravity of the situation was Wood They arrived the latter ought home graphically to part of the past week Lessley Pharmacy l st Americans by President James White, of Wodville, is lXon in his address to the one of the 28 persons on the Opened in Natchez tion the middle of last week, first six weeks honor roll at ,a tl we, for oe, were both Pearl River Junior College, ac- Lessley Pharmacy, Inc., owned ehed and impressed by the cording to an announcement by by J. M. Lessley, III. a Wilkin- resident,s appeal for coopera- A B Nicholson registrar. James son County native, was formally mt). on the par', e: all Ameri- ]s the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. B opened in Natchez the past cans, White. Sattrday. The business, located aRegrdless of your feeling Miss Leila Bruce, who left at 115 Jefferson Davis Boule- ueut the President, i]is party, here early in June for an ex- vard, opened in August but held  the Watergate mess, we feel tended stay with a friend from its formal opening Saturday. irOngly and .sincerely that this Holly Springs who has a summer The owner, a registered phar- a tree when all of us should hoe at Little Switzerland in mac,st, is a native of the Percy's : Willing to sacrifice a b o:f'he'mountais of western North Creek communitv of this count urafort and pleasure for: the Carolina, is epected home next and is the son-of Mrs Sadiy liati of the nation by cooper-!Sunday. Her many friends here Huff Lessley and the late J M. 0. s n the effort to conserve will be glad to have her here Lessley, Jr He graduated from r ur rapidly shrinking energy once more. Woody,lie High in 1961 and re- l, y" J n E ar ]ceiveci his pharmacy degree from ae cut off o  sh merits ...... o ,,v ^ - f el p ] I the Universitv of Mississinni in " 0 |  "-'- ur country from the Middle t A r aSt - - ". ...... Mrs. E. H. Steger and lit le 1966. fter eceiving his degree, ,as rougn auout a ctraslC or'.-. .  !. , . daughter, Minnie May, spent he worked in retail pharmacy .reaa:nmg m our natron s a- last Saturday in Baton Rouge, in Natchez until opening his own a uwindlin ue] reserves. It ,,,^ g returning home the same eve- business. -c are to avoid rationing or n Cthe ..... nig. He is mrrmd to the former even more u]pleasan anu vsti ......  .... Mrs. Harry McGraw and wo Miss Mary Lois Berryhill, daugh- resrlelons, it oenooves a , .... young daughters left Sunday ter of Mr..and Mrs. James A. - o 1o om par in con Servia .... " . _- morning for Baton ,Rouge on a Berryhill of Gloster, and they s uel anc energy ourlng th- " weeks visit to relatives and have two sons Jay 6 and Joel P esent enss friends Mr. McGraw accompa- 4. rs. Lessley, a graduate of * * Inied them. but xeturned home Mississippi St a t e University, is one aspect of thelthe same evening, has been employed in the bus- energy crisis which we The Union Service was held iness department of the Natchez lot seen mentioned but on Sunday evening at the Chris- we fee, should be brought tian Church wlth sermon by the attention of national pastor, Mr. J. C Lawder, and on in charge. Though next Sunday evening the service Plan. we could conserve will be held at the Methodist of gallons of automotive Church at 7:30 o'clock, con- and at the same time we ducted by Rev. H. G. Hawkins. DEAR MISTER EDITOR: d doubtless benefit thou- Mr. W. C. Lowry has moved Upon thousands of young his automobile repair shop from I see by the papers where of- ricans. the west side of the Court House lice workers for this big com- are now burning up mil- Square to the building formerly pany had a throw-away day. of gallons of fuel as school occupied by Mr. E. H. 1Voore, They went through all their files shuttle back and forth where he will be pleased to have and got rid of all the paper- OUgh our cities and country- his customers .call. Mr. Moore work that had been put on in a misguided effort to has moved his shop to ,the mlcr;ofilm or replaced by more ng about "racial balance" in building forme,rly occupied by records. In one day, according of our schools. In the process Mr. Lowry and can be found to the piece, they cleaned out many children ride by there ready to do your work. 1,050 file cabinets and, not only own neighborhood school Mrs F E MeEuen and little saved $150,000 on the cost of new transported miles away daughter of Baton Rouge re- files, they found some office Uncle Pete from Percy's Creek Says Will's dollar-a-shot ain't a drop in the bucket to what t's costing taxpayers to set down what all is said and done in guve,rnment, Ed said, and after all is said and d,one they is a heap more said than done. It costs us $200 a page to put out the Congressional Record. and that ain't a start. Ed said he had saw this piece where copies of speeches made in the Senate ,in ,the last session of Congress weighed 218 pounds their presence is required turned home on Wednesday af- space they thought was lost for- and run to nearly 20 million effect the correct sepia tone ter a pleasant visit here to her ever color ratio de- parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B Saturday nlght at the court- by our bleeding hearts Fe, rguson, try store I mentioned this item element, as well as by to the fellers. Republican Ed Courts 75 YEARS AGO Dolittle, that ain't had a happy return to the neighborhood Mr Thos. Roland is preparing thought since Watergate opened, concept whereby each to build himself a nice residence said he wondered what would COuld attend his or her n Sllgo Street. happen if guvernment at all Webster, onct a guvernment school without Sheriff Sessions has finished levels was to have a throwaway record is in the file, it's there busing would not making )ut tax receipts and is day. Ed said we'd have empty forever. Clem said people in Save vast amounts of fuel now ready to receipt the same. public buildings ,all over the guvernment has a mortal fear WOUld also return our public Dr. C. S Hamilton came up country. And we'd find a heap that what they do won't be of- to its proper, fr, cm Bayou Sara on the train of empty chairs behind a lot of ficial unless it's wrote down, and and make a lot of ITuesday evening on a visit to cleaned-out desks to, was Edsifer Eds benefit he added that happy. {our town. words. I a heap of em in Washington * * " The Spinning Wheel Club will Why is it, Ed wanted to know, are wishing they had thought are pleased to note from meet at the residence of Mrs. that everthing we do in this I of a throw-away day a long Club News in this issue Sessions next Tuesday evening country, from making copies to It,,me ago. Woody,lie's new Museum of at 4 o'clock running short, we do to much] Actual, Ed said. we have to ern Decorative Arts, the Mr S. Maranto now announces of. Ed said he was reminded of I start with girting rid of people West Feliciana Railroad himself as the "Oyster King" as a story 45 year ago about a in guvernment and work up to has received a $1,000 seen from a neat sign in front hunting rtp Will Roger took the paperwork. He had saw from the Mississippi of his place of business, to Africa. The Saturday Evening where the secretary of Health Bicenten- Conductor Argue, after sev- Post was ,paying him $1 a word Education and Welfa,re was cut- We would also oral weeks layoff, has again to send back pieces on what he ring his public relations staff Ut that Mr. Ernesto Cal- taken charge of his train and was doing. Ever time Will gt 70 per cent. He got rid of 184 ,:eXecutive director, is cur- went out on time WedneSday a shot at some animal he'd put jobs and 70 conslltants, and he ori the history morning, it in his report, and he'd allus lfound 680 people that could be budding and the Mr. Redmond, the traveling write that he went "bang, bang, I put on other work. On top of In this connection, we freight agant of the Y.&M.V. bang" at whatever it was. The 'saving $20 million, the move will anyone Lhaving old photos, R:R., who succeeded Mr. Barrow, magazine sent him a telegram/git rid of 275 HEW publications, rs, or informatior relative was in town on Wednesday look- and told him to quit shooting l and still leave plenty Feliciana Railroad lng after the interest of his so much, cause he wa costing Yours truly, Mr. Caldeira. company, em $1 a shot, Uncle Pete Stunt-Ta.lent Nite Thursday At WCCA A combined stunt and talent night performance will be pre- sented by students of Wilkinson County Christian Academy at the gym Thursday night of this week, November 15, beginning at 7:30 pm The event is being sponsored by the Patrons League of WCCA and proceeds from the entertainment will go to the gym fund. Participants are asked to be present no later than 7:15 p.m Following is a program of the evening s events: 1. Third Grade (Sponsor, Miss Cavin): Patriotic Songs and Pledges 2. First Grade Sponsor, Mrs. Catch,rigs): The Farmer in the Dell 3 Harmonica Solo: Mrs Mona English 4. The Flapper and Her Flame: Margery Calvert and Ellen Sessions 5 Second Grade (Sponsor, Mrs. Depee): We Are Red Men Established In 1824 Number 24. Ramblers Lose South Title Game 21-18 Friday Night The Wilkinson County Chris- tian Academy Ramblers lost their bid for the football title of Class A, South Division, Three Seek Fifth District JP Post In Nov. 20 Election Three candidates have quali- fied for the special election which will be held on November 20th to name a Justice of the Academy Conference in Tyler- Peace of the Fifth District of town last Friday night when lWilkinson County, according to ] they dropped a close 21-18 1 Circuit Clerk Samuel E. Smith. battle to the Walthall Academy The election was called by Raiders the county board of supervisors The Ramblers held an 18-14 lead over the host eleven at halftime, but could not cross the big stripe during the final two quarters while the Raiders moved ahead late in the third period to take the win Walthall hit paydirt first in Friday night's chilly game when a 50-ya,rd pass play early in the game set up a scoring oppor to fill the unexpired term of Gordon Rymer, who resigned the post because of ill health. Candidates who have quali- fied are Claudie M Bateaste, Gordon H. "Buddy" Geter, and Luther Havard, the circuit clerk announced. The county Commissioners of Election also met this week and named the following peT, sons to tunity. Johnny Johnson went serve as election officials on in from 4 yards out and Rudy ]November 2D: Odom added the point to put Woodville (Joy Theatres: L. Q. the Raiders on top 7-0 !Henderson, R C. Kaigler, Lcnora The Ramblers came right Redhead and Mary L. Morris. back after an on-side kick to Longmire Store {Box 1): A J. 6 "The Boogie Beat": Susan move down field, with Shannon McCraine and Doll Netterville Day and Mark Curry accounting t J_! nsn' GraceRobertson,.Mo!ly 7 Fourth Grade o oonnson, anc entrevme WaSh (Sp nsor, or most of the yardage On the I, ,. - Mr. Waddell) : The Giant Cater- I second play of the second quar- Imgt:nmir e Store (Box 2) Rob- pillar I ter Bobby Jonson hit Tim Gouda lert H Smith Mrs Fannie Net 8. Fifth Grade (Sponsor, Mrs. I with a 14-yard scoring pass, l.. :: . _ '. , "f Wrevilho h x les, OUlSe .ongmlre, anu eo n} : T e Mi ed-Up Girl I but missed on the pass for point [Shorts 9. The Happy Go Luckies: Jan to make the tally 7-6. Jonson, Doll Netterville and A short time later the Ram- i Lacy Curry blers again moved downfield on l Mp& L Executive 10. Special Ed Class (Sponsor, the running of Day and Curry{ Mrs. Foster) The Poisoned to the Walthall 6, from which JUres Conservation Water point Day went over left tackle Intermission 11 Sixth rade (Sponsor, Mrs Ford): The Mexican Hat Dance 12. Seventh Grade (Sponsor, Miss Jonson): Surgical Skit 13. Eighth Grade (Sponsor, Mrs. Robertson): A Beauty Con- test 14. "The Jamaican Rumba": Ellen Sessions and Debbie Wes- berry 15; Ninth Grade (Sponsor, Mrs. Brondum): Days of Our Lives 16. Just a Minstrel Player 17. Tenth Grade (Sponsor, Mrs. McCraine and Mr. Alonzo}: A Music Lesson 18 Eleventh Grade (Sponsor, Mrs Montfort and Mrs. Walsh): The Junior Skit to put the ,Ramblers on top 12-7. In Use Of Energy Pass for PAT was no good Walthall came right back to Mississippi Power & Light move in front with a scoring Company President Donald C. drive after tt]e kickoff, with iLutken this week urged Missis- Johnson going the final 5 yards, sippians to join the national Odom again kicked the poin to' energy conservation program put the Raiders on top 14-12 announced by President Nixon with just 46 sceonds remaining on the clock. The Ramblers took the kick- off and moved 60 yard.n three plays to score. Jonson hit Gonda for a 30-yard gain and then passed to Brown for 25 more to the Walthall 5 From there Day went over left tackle for a td as the clock ran out. Day's line plunge failed to convert and the half ended with WCCA on 19. Y-Teens JeJnsen) 20 The Senior Class of '74 (Sponsor, Mrs. Hartness and Mrs. Wheeler}: "School of 1930." Agriculture Official Pays Visit To Area "Aggressive job-building ac- tivities by local leaders have slowed Mississippi's outmigra- tion from 433200 people between 1950-60 to 267,00 during the decade ending in 1970," Assist- ant Secretary of Agriculture Will Erwin said Thursday Secretary Erwin's address at McComb cli- maxed a day-long tour of the (Sponsor, Miss top 18-14 The Ramblers remained on top until the final play of the third period, when quarterback Mike Boyd passed to halfback Grog Boyd for 30 yards and a touchdown. Odom again kicked the point and the scoring ended at' 21-18. The Ramblers received the runner-up trophy in the South Division `playoffs, and Ronnie Arnold and Shannon Day re- ceived trophies for the most valuable linesman and back. re- spectively, for the losing team. Statistics WCCA WA Net Yards Gained 216 350 First Downs 13 13 Passing 11-5-0 11-7-1 13 southwest Mississippi coun- Fumbles Lost ties, sponsored by the a,rea's soil Penalties and water conservation districts. Punting "Creation of local Mississippi job opportunities after 195{) fell over 700.000 jobs short of being sufficient to absorb workers no longer needed m agriculture. The big cities have had the jobs and over 700,000 of your people have migrated out of the tate 1 1 15 65 2-40 4-38 Homochitto Bridge To Open This Week The Homochitto River bridge on Highway 33 at Rosetta was scheduled to be officially opened and pledged his company's co- operation. He called on MP&L customers--residential, commer- cial ,,and inusiaL- ,o mder- take steps immediately to con- serve all forms of energy. Some suggestions include: 1) use only lights and lighting which are actually needed: (2} set thermostats no higher than 68 degrees; (3) insure that all buildings are properly insulated and that doors and windows are protected against heat losses; 4) maintain heating systems to insure most efficient operation; (5) close off rooms-and heating to rooms when not in use: (6) cut off TV sets when not in use; (7) don't waste hot water; (8) use appliances such as dish- washers, clothes dryers, etc., with .full loads only. Lutken stated that MP&L cus- tomers were being affected by the national fuel crisis and par- ticularly by the fedecal fuel al- location program and actions taken by the major supplier of gas to MP&L generating plants. Recent FPC orders deny MP&L the use of natural gas to run its plants despite the fact that the company had firm contracts with this gas supplier to run its largest plants until 1993. Lutkin stated that MP&L is doing everything within its power to secure adequate boiler fuels for its plants and that he hopes inoonveniences to cus- tomers will be kept to a mini- mum. tured growth. to accept them. But through this week. The span was extort- words. And when you think of strong local efforts by the de- sively damaged by the spring cal leaders on their foresight in all them agencies with their velopment councils and other foods early this year and has planning and guiding rural de- millions of memos in quadrup- groups, t h a t situation has been closed and under repairs velo`pment so as to prevent `pos- llcate, Mister Editor, it ain t no changed and ther'e zs now a since that time. sible disadvantages of untruc- ]wonder we're running short of noticeable downward trend," the Vehicles were allowed to cross I paper like we are everthing else. official continued, the bridge last week even I Furthermore, allowed Clem The Corner ... The Town of Woody,lie is making an appeal to its citizens to get into the Christmas spirit. This city-ward migration of though work had not been com- rural people has been nation- pleted, but formal opening was wide in scope, but a turn-around slated this week it was learned is underway. Job opportunities from highway department offl- are beginning to increase faster cials in rural areas than in the large cities. The loss of well over 70'0,000 people by Mississippi In less than 25 years represents a major The Weather Week's Wed.. Nov. 7 0 7{) 57 Thu.. Nov. 8 1.16 72 58 Yr,., Nov. 9 .05' 65 38 Sat., Nov. 10 0 60 36 Sun., Nov. 11 0 86 46 Men., Nov. 12 0 70 59 Tue., N, cv. 13 0 75 61 drain on the state's financial and human resources. Citing the benefits of the turn-around, Secretary Edwin described the results of a recent study con- cerning what 100 new local fac- tory jobs meant annually to the community. Retail sales in the test area were lncrease $565,{)00, bank deposits rose by $490,000, and personal income, s sky-rocketed $1,036,000; also 68 We are asking that you donate usable toys, food, clothing or cash to be distributed to the less fortunate children of the community If you are unable to contribute in any of the above mentioned ways, we could use your services in helping to collect or distribute the contri- butions. The items may be left at Town Hall or at the Wood- ville Neighborhood Facility-. We would appreciate immensely all new jobs were created and one the help that the different civic new retail business was estab- organizations could supply. The lished. Mississippi's fa,rm income -- a first priority of rural develop- merit climbed from $414.2 mil- lion in 1968 o $525 million in 1972. The peaker complimented lo- recipients will be et]osen by he different churches, organizations and individuals. Any questions may be nswered by calling Mrs. Frances Townsend at Town Hall. George J. Gonda, Mayor Town of WoodY,lie Dally Readings: Rainfall 1 p.m. Temperatures 5 D n" (Statistics furnished courtesy of the Miss. Forestry Commllon.)