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November 12, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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November 12, 1898

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J. S. LEVIS, Editor and Proprietor. T0 ADVERTISERS. &apos;rUE WOODVIt, LE I{:PUBLICr est nevspaper in the ;has t larger bona fide than any other in this section; therefore ". is grabber from another "civilized nation"--the llke of which has i not been seen since the 'always immortally inf'tmotts parti- tion of Poland. When to her htsting disgrace took from France Alsace and Lorraine France and the provinces had been conquered completely and besides there was a srong excuse that Germany thereby strength- ened greatly her frontier. It is a fiction extensively pub- |il, Itched to the people and may fool some of them for awhile that the ]e i| ill illd, United States may hold the Phil- ........... .......... : ..... ippmes by right of conquest. Ex- ANNOUNCEMENT. cel)t the bay and city AX,, ;INNII,J t:,X,/iOlJ Yesterday Miss Willme Farish t, ne of the best trained nurses of tile city returued Prom Florida, where shu has been engaged in nursing the ick soldiers of the United States army for the past two months. Miss Fetish is a graduate of the New Orleans Trahling Scl|ool t.r Nurses and Sanitarium. She enjoys the rel)ntaLion of being one st tilt, best yellow fever nurse ta New Of leans, having madean enviable re- cord last stlmmer. 8he is alo a a splendid all-around nurse, and be- ing withal being a woman of tile kindliest nnpulses auJ . generous heart, on the breaking.out of sick /less in the army camt)s she was i among tile first, with ller associate, Miss Florence Al)plegate, to volun- teer her services to l)r Anita New- I'tgO(JEEDING.I EXEUUTIVE I)EPAR I'MEN 1', t. o# the Board of Sill)el.Visors JACKst)N, J,/S:ISsII'PI. To TIlE ]',LEC'EIt,N ('OMMIaSIt,NEI,S FIIE STATE ()F MI,SISSIPPI. } of WILKINSON COIrNI'Y: WILKINSON COUNTY. ' 'hereas, a vac:ney exists in thr Be it rememl,ered that at a regular I r"presentation in (Ol)rrt, sS frtlul the meeting of the Boar(l of Supervisors I Sixth ('ongressional l)isLriet tit tiff, SLate, composetl t)f the cot/nties (d of said County began and held at Amirs, Adams, Covington, Greene. the Court llouse in the towlt of Hancock, Harrison, Jackson, ,It,It, S, Woodville, said County on the 1st Lawrence,. Marion. Pearl River, Monday, being the 7th day of Novemiter A. D. 1898. ' Perry, Pike and WiJklus.n, caused PRESENT. hy the death of tlon. W. F Love. Now tlleraftlre, I, A. J. MeLauritJ, T, T. Ventress. Preuidmit. Jas D. Governorof the StaLe of Missis,ippi. Cage, 1. A. Carter, C T. Net- byvirtueof the authoritv vested in terville, W, L. Jenkins, Inenlber. JA. M. SESSmNS, Sh'fli ate by the eons:.ituti,n and laws ol C A. COON. ClerK. , , the State, doisstie this WRII' OF Thi day Joseph ./ohnsou Supt of Educat on ELECTION eofflfflatlt]lng you t of Wilkin.ou county present(d his rct)ort for hold or cause to be he](| at the tile luoiit|t of October 18:18 which is ordered tbeflledaadlsapproved. ILIs further Several preeineta in the said e(mt: dered that a, warrant issue to hhn for;2 21 of V, ilkiOon, fin Tnesday :lie 291h pay,ble out of SCllool fund. col.nb ]c{-ehee now army surgeon, sentMhls reportof 'he several different eleclh)n for representative in Con- l a , "-hls d,ty Tiles B Idatiield trelsurer, pre- (lay nf N,)veull)er, A.."D 1898. all counly lln(s were eXalllined and apDroved * iloth Miss Farish anti /llss Apple- aed ordered Is bo /eorded. of Manila gate being sent to Sibony anti Mls LEON SCII WAIVFZ. C II. );EyLA KD. , . ain Street, WOGDViLLE, MISS blu, ithstandit the Quaran/ine our Stoc], of Gt{O CE]{IS is laze, fire,oh and eomp/ete. WO dlStg. in onr prices o aceou, nt of redeeecl s'toeks in the town. 5-cw goods arriving daily. I have We are anth--'-- - nothlna fhtva k-. i._ - In the lnat,ter of the petitlon of NDCai .... eress froln tile 6th,,,,I .......... ,,riz.e(t tO announce .---:-, ...... .u oeen conquered b'al'iSIl to Ta IDa. Fla N, h ....... t .... and otb el,slt)s orllered tb'tt oellil;ln 'i Ill,trier t,f tile S o' ..t .7-'. ......... a,  ..... 1 - . If Y . , ,  u tUICitltl I'KnLeo alid l, ney D allowed 1209 feel . *-, ,#it l,llSglqsI ) )1 .... . :B. DAn SON, and the tight to thectty is at least lampa about Aug 6, anti Iluuledi oral,rldge. ,lumber to all the unexl,ired term nr ... P)r' purchased a/aro-o .q#.,.l: ... ,, fl t'ail(l  ' " Order(( .... o,atu *,   ,j , ltlae for County Assessor. in doubt nndov tha t ......  _. stele In eom,)liau ..... i,i, ,t ...... . ;.l that uU the hands assi,,ned to F. Love. ilet,..,t ' b t.ullX I.)l I 11"7 -i-.-.-...1_ tlOtOet tO tll. ae*; ...... ., ... ..... .u Iwl'llll OI [ne . .. __ _ ,  ..,.u vtl orlters new roa(l tornierly nelonEing to r-) :7 ....... " ...... "" [  _ o.t ) El It I| i alicpalqy -.,-- o, meuemo- protocol. What then Has o:..ot,-Mcehee, reported to Col. 'i';,','h',:',li',l;::x'..7,tU:e'le/i:r"obewi'7"tg!'e . And3u will in all respects con L-IOtllin,00 xr00.. .. - o .... .i----'z-----; ........ S.)ain surrend-r  .... v aelily, .'no was in charge, of tile sq'ta,tdJBNitt,,rvlteplaiies. 2enact. O.uet said eh'elion, anti make return tt) lgtlOnS, lrllo,-,T .... To the Voters of Wilkinson Cam,iv. , t. . e ea any ngnt sl]e camp at Tampa /he was Rue ...... t o.l']lh';matt, erf flip l)etition of Jacobe tliereof, in tie ma .............. ', ' . vtaOL-lk(,l-}lyl). .... ..... ] ' T " .... lilai'll IU[ZIIIIIn allfl others itlr dew br|d,re ,{ """ ISieSt'rioell Ill "l.*iJ The ttndt, rslt.ed beg e, axa f .... i tlad there? Not a whlt but Just ,m tile Spol to nursing In e l',lrlh the bayou on front street in : t ,ldl, c, rss] the constittition ...... n , I 1-/01o I1... 4-._ e.  O.l- .ou,methat heisa t'a;dda/,: r;2';:21thecontrarv , IYl.t.. tt ........ - , Army C,,r.s There ...fL d.(.:.: ?.?:.aeredtb,.,,!i:ptmo!i.bJ.i,i;,hT../i;t,lnow it force i- 17,3: "2' .r"'n,aneesl*'t"' XlOt Q'IqO(!R z-r 2. v I'.tttll ,l .all *. ,- * --.' ...... " " I ., ...... *a Idl't)LOeOl , , l ,,*:tl; "lou OI f ul;i.eroruereo tlililDtlle Cierg advertise , I., . -* --,o ta[e relat'  i - .w. l I I Jltl lfixr % r .,te .+, lierllI {tl wilkinson ('onntv tt,. ....... i : ....... - . I, tll8 cords ivln# ill i- ,i.,. . ..... UlOs to build s lid br dge. I. ] Iliereto. 113 / .... d! i'tbJoettotbeactiouiftbe ,).['.'.---'/'qu<'vu a8 tO tnelrtuture hosoital" 'u.].._,,_".'. ....... imou .I, the matter of th.. pe:tLon of,lARed - N ' _'" .... al vv ][ orl( t..., .... ,, .... ;=. ....... = ........ '."/,,osse ;-.o. ............ "' "'. ..... -'e,e.,<ee. ,,urse h:,,,;'.,,o,'s,,r,,an.e,,<roa\