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November 12, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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November 12, 1898

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VOL. LXXIII. WOODVILLE, MISS., SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1898. NO. 22. NOVEMBER-- J 898. Mon. 1 Tue__ Wed-- I Thur, i -2_j3 8 9JlO ,4 ,s 21 22 23 [24 -- I 28 291301 .... Frl 4 II 18 25 Sat. 5 12 [ 2s URRENT TOPICS. THE NEWS IN BRIEF, PERSONAL AND GENERAL. The regular session of the Worn Board of Foreign Missious opened the First Congregational church at Mass., on the 2d. with de- exercises. Mrs. Judson Smith, Boston. president of the board, pre- Nearly 250 delegates were pres- ent. The Spanish steamer Montzerrat at- at Cadiz, on the 2d, from Senti- de Cuba wilh repatriated troops. were 9S deaths on board dur- ing th voyage, and 800 of her passen- sick. Miss Edith Ted, daughter of the ]ate John Ted, and granddaughter of lhe late David Ted. war governor of Ohio, was married at Cleveland, O., on the to Mr. James IL Sheffield, of New A Paris dispatch of the 2d said :"It that a rupture of the peace negotiations between the United Sta:cs and Spain will be officially announced ou Friday. The feeling here is that the attitude of the ,paniards is irI'a- tional, and that they v;ill ultimately regret having tailed to agree quickly heir adversary." Baroness de Roque. mother of Mrs. Maybrick, is continuin her to obtain the release of her (laughter, who is serving a sentence of life imprisonment for the murder ,sband in England. :From every British naval station come reports of active preparations for war, and whether it comes or'not will md more upon the other fellows upon England. She is ready for a sea scrap any day, at any point. A special from ]erlin says it is re- ported lhat a widespread revolution- ary movement in Russia has been dis- covered. The center of the movement wan at Lodz, in the government of Warsaw. Morc than 400 arrests have been made, the prisoners inculding many school teachers. The business portion of the town of ":Divide, Col., was wiped out by fire on the 2d. The *Vicksburg sailed from Nor- !talk, Va. on the 2d, for Barbadnes. She probably will form the nucleus of ae new South Atlantic squadron. Capt. Owen J. Sweet, recruiting of- St. Louis, has received a rnling war department which is ot 7Interest to every volunteer soldier who ill(ends to re-enlist in the regular army. It provides that soldiers who re-enllst" within three month after they are mustered ont will get the full benefit of continued service. The new Japanese cruiser Kasigi, built by the Wm. S. Cramp & Sons' Shipbuilding Co., steamed down th Delaware river, ou the 2d. on her way to New York. where she will remain a mhort time, nnd then sail for England. The Kasigi has been tnrned overto the Japanese govermnent, and is in full charge of Japanese officers and men. Ben Wheeter, while handcuffed, Jllmped from the window of a Pan- handle train runmng at the rate of 60 ailes an hour, and made good his es- cape from a Columbus (O.) detective " on the 2d..No trace of him could be found, and he undoubtedly escaped uninjured. Martin D. Rucker.a former promotei of British bicycle companies, who was charged with contempt of com't in en- deavoring to induce Err/est Terah Iooley, the bankrupt company pro- meter, to alter evidence which reflect- ed upon the Humber company direc- tore, was fined 200 and costs, in Lon- don, and was further ordered to pay the money immediately or go to pris- on. At a meeting of the United State Rubber Co., held at New York. on the 3d, Samuel P. Colt, was elected presi- of the Goodyear Metallic Ruhber in place of George A, Lewis, The Baltimore & Ohio railroad has ordered 2,000 freight cars from the and Foundry Co. of St. a total of over 25,000 purchased in the past two years. ffulius Goldschmidt. United States nsnl general at. Berlin, died, on the night of the 2d, in that city, from :lisease. He was 52 years of age t-a xesident of Milwaukee. Drought and hot winds have played laavoe with the Australian wheat  fields. The commissioner of agricul- "s there will not be enough for local demand. aden correspondent, on he 3d, cabled that a general and satisfactory nent has been reached be- (wean Great.Britain and France on the "; Fashoda question. reports from the conflagration " HankOW, China, say that 10,000 wcre destroyed and 1.000 per- ns killed and burned to death. The gunboat Helena, Commander Swinhurne, left the Boston navy yard, on the 3d, for the China station by way of the Syez canal. Adviees from the Cuban military eomaission are to the effect that the evacuation of Puerto Principe place earlier than expected, that it will be desfrable to send trool, designated in.the order ot 4t, all early a the 15ta. MISSISSIPPI MATTERS. Cattle Shlpnlents. The cattle dealers of Mississippi and the south generally can now ship their cattle to Northern markets at any sea- son of the year, instead of being com- pelled to hold them under the old quar- antine regulations. According to a re- cent order of the department of agri- culture, cattle originating in what is kn,m'n as the quarantine district *nay, after having been properly dipped un- der supervision of a government in- specter in a solution of flower of sul- phur and extra dynamo oil, be shipped without further restriction. It is pro- vidcd, however, that permisslon must first be obtained from the department to establish "dipping stations." and that cattle after being dipped are to be certified by an inspector of the bureau of animal industry. In accordance with this order a dipping vat has been con- structed at the St. Louis Stock Yards, and owners of Southern stocker and feeder cattle nmy now ship t(J that sta- tion with assurance that their cattle may be disposed of at good, strong prices, lieretoforc cattle in quarantine districts could not be shipped before November 15th. New Enterprises Chartered. The following charers have been re- corded in the office of the secretary of State: The Instantaneous Ice Cream Freezer Com;)any, with a capital stock of $15,000, and to continue as a corpor- ation for fifty years. The domicile of the company is Hernando. The Vicksburg Transportation Com- pany, with a capital of $?,50,000, to exist fifty years as a corporation. The oh- jects of this company arc to build, own and operate steamboats, to construct and own wharfs, derricks, elevators and the like and to do a river packet business. The Yazoo Normal and Industrial In- stitute, for the education of men, women and children. Capital stock not to exceed $3,500. Cattle Thieves. Cattle thieves are infesting the sec- tion of the country about Jackson. There scans to be a regularly organ- ized hand operating on an extensive scale. Since the farmers have come to understand that there is big money in feeding cattle they have refused to sell to traveling cattle buyers, and the big prices offered hrtvc started regular stealing operations. A score or more of complain ts have been registered with the nails(rates in Hinds county. In some cases as many as ten head have disappearcd in a night from one herd. The thieves drive the cattle away to the woods and ship them north from some small station. The State University. Chancellor IL B. Fulton of the Uni- versity of Mississippi at Oxford. gives official notice that the college will be opened for admission of students fror all parts of the .State on November 15. The university opened on the same date last year. and the session's work was most satisfactorily accomplished. The usual Christmas vacation will be omitted and the closing of the session will be deferred to a date not latcr than June 25. lIcltncboly Death of a Little Boy. A melancholy accident befell the four- -year-old son of Leslie A. Smith at Water Valley last week. A wagon frame, such as is used by wood haulers, was lying on an embankment. The little fellow caught hold of a piece of rope attached and pulled the frame over on him. One of the wooden spikes embedded itself in his skull just behind the ear, and death ensued in a few minutes. Deaf and Dumb Institute, Professor J. R. Dobyns, superintend- ent of the Deaf and Dumb Institute, has issued a circular letter with refer- ence to the opening of the institute, in which he an nounces that it wiltl be open to pupils on November 28. This is the earliest practicable date, as i. requires two weeks to arrange with the various railroads for transportation and get tickets into the hands of the pupils. All over 12 years of age will hav to pay 2 cents per mile, and all under 12 1 cent. An Old Citizen Dead. B. Ingram died at his home near Byhalia last week. He was born sixty- six years ago, in North Carolina, and had been a citizen of Marshall county for fifty years. He wasaleading-mem- ber of the Methodist church, andleaves a large family and many friends to mourn his death. Sale of State Lands. Land Commissioner E. II. Nall sold $1,800 worth of State lands in two days last week, Thisland is scattered about m every section of the State. Theland commissioner is up to date now with all business and is handling applications for land purchases as fast as the mails bring them in. He expects to do a "land office" business through the fall and winter months. Widow of a Warrior Dead. Mrs. Margaret Haley, aged 93 years,' died atIadison last week. She was the wife of Maj. tIaley, a veteran of two wars, who served under Gen. Jack- on. She was drawing a pension for the Indian war. Telephone Line for Canton. The Cumberland Telephone and Tel- egraph Company, from Memphis to New Orleans. has reached Canton with its line. A long distance telephone will be put in, thereby placing Canton in direct communication with Memphis, Nashville, St. Louis, Chicago and Kan- sas City. Meridian Fair, The Meridian fair will open Nt veto. ber 13 and continue to the 19th. Mid. way attractions at Omaha have bees secured, as well aa other drawing card aud a big atendanee is expected. THE HECKLER BOARD Sent to Cuba to Select Camp Sites for the Army, APPROVED THE LOCATIONS CHOSEN, Constructing a Dock for the Use of tits Moldlers--SImllar Arrangements lIuk- ink at l'uerto Prlnclpe--Soh|!ers Unfit for Police Duty. %Yashington. Nov. 8.---('ol. Ih'eker. with Col. Lee. of the board which was sent to tuba to select cam l) sites for the American "*ray of occupation, has reached Washington. anti has had sev- ral conferences with the president and Secretary Alger. 1luring Col. lh, eker's ahsence in ('uba, he made several reports by mail, and al- though he probably will snpplement these hy another report he has al- ready communicated verbally to the u-esident and Secretary Alger the salient facts of the forthcoming state- men(. Acting on thi's report, arrange- meats are making for the reception of the troops. Approved (he Locations Selected. Secretary Alger has el)proved the lo- cations selected 1)y the ttecker board for the princilml gurrison, which will l)e in the neighborhood of tlavana. The place selected Ties about eight miles south of Havana, in the neigh- l)orhood or directly in the town of 1Mariano. for Col. lteeker advises very strongly against the quartering of un- aeclinmted :rool)s in permanent struc- lures which may be infected with fe- ver. Two camps will be pitched at this point, one on either side of the splendid acqueduct which SUl)plies ]lavana with water. This acqueduci wilt 1)e tapped and the waler drawn by steam puml)S from it to supply the ennu)s, which will bc 1)itched on a lfla - teau about 160 feet above the sea level. The greatest care hus 1)ten given to sound hygienic conditions in the selec- tion. Coustructlag a Dock for the Use of the ]Mien. At the nearesl point to the camp, o]1 the sea beaeh, a (lock is being con- strutted, and while it will not reach water deep enough to permit the ac- commodation of large transports it will serve to receive good sized light- ers. The troops will be landed al this i)oint and marched directly to the camp, lhe purpose being to avoid ex- l)osure to possil)le infeclion in tla- w:na. The work on this clock is being pushed with the greates energy and its construclion has given employment to about 1,500 insurgent soldiers, who were glad to receive the opportunity to make a peaceable living by toil. Col. Bliss Left to Carry Out Drders. Col. Bliss. who was a member of the .camp sile board, has been left in IIa- vans to carry out the orders of the department in the execution of the board's plan, lie will see to it that before a single soldier reaches camp, water connections will be provided, transportatiou routes opened up, board floors placed and tents pitched. 81miler Arrangements at I'uerto i'rlnclpe. Similar arrangements are malting in the neighborhood of Puerto l'rincipe, which will be the first point to be gar- risoned, the principle being observed there, as in the case Of the Havaim garrison, of keeping the troops from direct contact with the towns. This is done under the best medical ad- vice. but one consequence of the adop- lion of the rule is to oblige the gov- ernment to look to ome other power than the military to police tile towns. Col. tieeker has been able to make a most flattering report as to the good qualities of what is known as the guardia civilia in ltavana for this work. The men composing this force are usually chosen from the best men in tim army, aud at any rate aM are picked for their physical and intellec- tual qualities. They are able to com- mand at om:e the respect and obe- dience of the rather restless Havana population even better than soldiers. It is not doubted that they would be 'illing to continue in the discharge of their duties when the United States takes military possession of and if this can be arranged the Inv,, ernment will feel tlmt a great load of responsibility had been lifted. 8oldlers Utterly Unfit for l'ollce Duty. Already numerous incidents have happened in some of the towns not only in Cuba. lint in the Philil)pines, which have come into the possession of the United States. to show that the United States soldier is utterly unfit- ted for the task of policing towns in time of peace, this unfitness being founded not only on ignorance of the customs of the people, but on a strong reimguance to that ldnd of duty. It may be that congTessional authoriza- tion would be reqmred for the em- ployment of the guarde civilia in the manner suggested, bat it is believed that assent will. be speedily given to the preposition when it is broached by Secretary Alger. %11t Give Emplopment to the Idle. " One strong recommendation for the plan is that it will serve to give em- ploymcnt to a numl)er of people who otherwise might 1)c  charge aq)on the community. It is understood that the mere suggestion that the guarde will be employed has given great satisfac- tion to the Cubans. Col. Heeker suffered severely in health while in Cuba, and was re- duced at least 30 llOUnds in flesh though he began to improve as soon as he started north. Geu. Gilmore Ill. Washington, Nov. 8.--Gen. John C. WRECKING THE WAR SHIPS. The IVork of /dalsing tlze Colon I'raetleai- ly Abandoned--Outlders May Attempt It. Washington. Nov. S. Capt. Chester's decision Sunday to almndon the work ot wrecking the ('ohm marks the cud of that mulcrtaking on the lmrt of the government. It is said at the navy dclmrtmenl 1hal the captain was (It- retted to slo I) the work wheu. in his discretion, it was no longer profita- ble. lh'ea use the contract wilh the wrecl:ing COal)any has 1)PPIl termi- nated it does lint folh)w that all idea has been abandoned of saving some of the sunken Stmnish war ships. The navy de]artulent is ready to engage with thorough wrecking concerns, pro- viding the latter absolve the govern- ment from payments unless the ships are delivered in a United States navy yard. Ah'eady one of the greate'st wreck- ing concerns in the wm'hl, a Swedish organizaiou, has opened negotiations on thc subject. It is willing to un- dertake at once the raising of the lleina Mereedes. which lies in the channel in Santiago harbor, and it has indicated a disposition to undertake the wrecking of the Colon. This concern has large experience in this class of work. aud if no American concern able to do the work offers bet- ter terms, arrangements probably will be made with it on the basis of a cash tmyment for the shin delivered in the United State FREEDMEN'S AID SOCIETY. AnnuaI Meeting of the Society-Disburse- ments for the Fiscal Year--Reeelptz of Ihe Society and Schools. Boston, Nov. 8.--The Freedmen's Aid and Education society held ameet- inff yesterday in the l/roomficld-street (M. E.) church, llishop ltohlen pre- siding. Rev, D. Worth, of Anburndale, ex- tended a greeting and welcome to the society on behalf of the preachers' A brief repl3" was nmde by Bishop Warren. Rev. l)r. lIamil- ton read the annmd report of the so- ciety. The disbursements for the fiscal ;ear exceed those of the previous year, more than $500.000 having beeu ex- pended. There was an increasc in the total benevolences of the conferences for 1897. over 1896, of $8,373; among the white people, $5,350. and among the black people of $3.023. The schools themselves have contributed to their own maintenance, $140,204. Forty-two schools were ol)ened-dur- ing the year, 4ql leachers being em- ployed, aud 9,090 students enrolled. Tbe total receipts of the society and schools for the year ending June 30, 1898, were $308.161. as compared with expenditures of $308.Ili. The total indebtedness is $202.807. THE TWELFTH VICTIM. The Terribly d[aagled Remains of Charle Mlelke Taken fron* the Ruins oI (be ondcrland Theater. Detroit, Mich,, Nov. 8.The terribly mangled body of the twelfth victim of Saturday's theater collapse was taken from the ruins of Wonderland yester- day. It was that of Charles Miclke, a laborer, and was discovered in a cor- ner of the top gallery, nearly covered by wreckage. When finally e:tracted the remains were wrapped in an un- dertaker's blanket and lowered to the street witi a rope in full view of a crowd of spectators. Alphonse dc Man. a member of the firm which had the con-tract for roof- ing and fire-proofing of the stmmture, asserts that one of his men discovered that one of the roof trusses had de- flected an inch and a half, but that the man considered it was only a "set- tling" of the roof structure. The weight of the roof was borne by three steel trnsses, each 14 inches wide from top to bottom, and long enough so that the ends were let into the walls on each M(le of ?he building. THE ELECTION IN 0II0, Both Sides Claiming Gains of Congre men--Returns Will be Compared with Last Year. Cincinnati, Nov, 8.--Leaders on both sides are claiming gains on congress- men in Ohio. The democrats claim a close vote on part of the state ticket because of factional feeling amon cer- tain republicans who opposed Senator Hanna last January. In the contest for state food commissioner the for- gery of certain letters is charged by the incmnbent. Commissioner Black- burn. against his assailants. As state elections in Ohio are held annually, the returns will be cmnpared with law year, and not with the vote for con- gressmen two years ago, when McKin- ley had 51.000 phlrality. The repub- lican plurality last year was 28,000 and the democrats claim gains on it as well as Oil congressmen. The Congressional 8Irritation la Maryland. Baltimore, Md., Nov. 8.--There has been no material change in the con- gressional situation in Maryland. The First districet is practically concede( to the democrats, as ia the Sixth dis- trict to the republicans. The others are doubtful, the democrats claiming the Second and Fifth with confidence. and the republicans expressing no doubt as to the result being in their favor in all except the First. Jettisoned Her Coal WJt was.On Fire. Nagasaki, Nov. 8.--qe United States auxiliary collier Nero, whose coal re- cently caught fire in Chinese waters and which had been decided to be of Gilmore, adjutant general at the head- no use on the Asiatic station and had quarters of the army, is seriously ill been ordered to San Francisco, has ar- with material fever at his residence in rived at this port. Five hundred tons this city. as a result of exposure ,n of coal on the Nero had been jetti- Cuba and Porto Rieo with Maj.-Gen; soned. She is being repaired and will Miles. proceed in a few da,a. CUBAN It Will be CONVENTION. TELE00RAPttI0 NOTES. The (;erman emperor and empress started from Bevrout for l)amaseus at Limited to Two or 9 a. m. yesterday. Three Sessions, T.B. l'ottcr, the founder of the WILL APPOINT C031311SSIONERS. The Convention Will Then Adjourn to l'laz:t ]M[nrlatlt $111(1 Await ltesnlts-- l'reshlent BI tsso %vnl Return to I'rivate l,lre--Salled for Spalll. IIavana. NOV. 7.--The latest ,nlvices received here fronl Santa Cruz del Sm fixed yesterday as the definile date for holding the convention to be ln'e - sided over by Gem Colixto (iareia. The R'cneral opiaion is that the eon- ventiou will be limited to *we or three sessions, at which the message of the so-called ('uban government xvi]l be unanimously approved without discus- sion. It is further atd that the in- structions to l)e given to the commis- Cohden club. the once famous free- trade or'anzation of England, is (lead. --'|'he statenu'nt of the condition of lhe treasury issm'd xesterday showed: Avaihfl)le eash 1)alance, $301,7t8,557. gold reserve. $241.S19,023, .... The Missouri sate supreme court yesterday sentenced Frank t;arrison and dames Brown, eoh)red, to be hanged on I)(,eember 13. 1S9S. --The voters of all except three of the 45 sta vs--Maine.Vcrmout and Ore- gon--will Vo to lhc polls to-day. All these stales elect rcprcsettatives. --The Greek cabinet has resigned, its members eonsidering that the ex- eel>(tonal ci[-elllnstanees under which lhey assumed ofliec have extred. --A special from Pelee Island, Out., BOUND TO SUCCEED, The Whites of Wilmington Sure to Elect Their C0ngresmaa. There Seelnl to 1.e But Sm tll rroapeet 0[ Disturbance -- A Significant Ills( to Negroes to lemtn Away from the IPolL,. Wilmington, N. ('., Nov. 8.---The spirit of the whites is a determine and their t)reparatiou for tll eluer- gency st) lhor(mh, that there now seems smrdl probaldtity of any n- eral distur/:anee here to-day, though there II1|[ 3" bc troubh's of a minor na- ture in the First uud Fourtb wards, says: Charles llarney, Fred White, m.groes poll nearly all their lIugh llooker and the latter's two sis- city vote. Tbe focus of interest now is the fight for lhc tate scnatorship; but sion which is to go to Washington will be discussed secretly. The convention will then adjourn to l'laya Marianao. near here. and await the result of the work of the comu:is- sion which will be seut to Washing- ton. It is reported that this commis- sion will consist of Gem Calixto Gar- cia, Seuor (louza]es Lanusa, who is a l',wycr, and a ('uban general who has not yet l)eeu choscn. I'rcsident ]lartolome Maso will af- terward retire to private liife, and will take part in improving the condition of the property which he owns near Manzanillo. Gen. Roh)ff has been commissioned by the ('uban governmenl to make a statistical report on lhc l)ersonuel of the Cuban army. This rel)ort, which is already far advanced, shows thai half of the enlisted men can read and write. CoL IVilliams. the chicl quartermas- ler. and Chief Clerk Caldwell, who Amve heen suffering from fever, sbow slight iml)rovement, bnt F. T. Stewart. of the quartermaster's de- mrtment, is very ill. Capt. Foraker has taken up his old quarters at the Troeha Hill. and is again among his comrades. }{e calne to town yesterday to do solne shop- ping, nnd wil! leave for home on "lVedues(lav, via Taml)a. The French steam0r Los Andes sailed yesterday evcnin for Barce- lona, Spain. with 75 Spanish officers and 1,366 soi(liers on board. The Stmnish sleanler Sat rusteqlti sailed for Spain rester(lay, via Gibara. wilh 2l sohliers on board. ZOLA AS A LECTURER. The Famous French I'nbllaher llay Come to Amerlea to Lecture on the Dreyfus Case. Cleveland, O., Nov. 8.--Mr. Paul Meyer, a New YorR publisher, was a guest at the Hollenden hotel here yes- terday. Ile left Paris a few weeks ago after having an extended interview with Mrs. Dreyfus. the wife of the ])evil's island prisoner. Mr. Meyer was selected 1)y a combination of wealthy men, be states, to go to Paris and secure the services of Emil Zola as a lecturer. He has just returned from there, and has a wonderful fund of infornmtion abont tbe case is now being watched with such great interest throughout the civilized world. Mr. Meyer is quite ceraln that Zo]a will visit this country and lecture, and that within a compara- tively short time. lie declined to say for publication just where he met the famous French novelist, but admits that he had a business interview with him. LOOKING AHEAD. Will Avoid the IIorror. of War by Ample ]Preparatlone for Its Success- ful Prosecution. St. Johns, N. F., Nov. 8.--The Brit- ish government telegraphed the colo- nial ministry yesterday asking the number and tonuage and capacity of steamers availal)h, at this port to convey coal from Sydney for the use of British war ships. The cruisers Cordelia and Pelican Will be heht at Sydney to capture St. Pierre and protect St. Johns in the event of war being declared. The cruisers are also instructed to break the French cable between St. Pierre and Brest, France. Joseph Jefferson Ill, New York, Nov. S.--Joseph Jeffer- son is confined to his room at the I]ol- land house, aud his eoudition is such that his physicians have deemed it best that he should not act for at least a week, and the Fifth-avenue theater accordingly wi!l be closed for the eas- ing week. Dr. Daniel P. Pease. one of Mr. Jef- ferson's physicians, said yesterday that the actor's illness was not seri- ous, being tufty an attack of bronchi- tis, which has caused considerable hoarseness. Mr. Jefferson was now convalescing rapidly, it was said, and would, in all probably, be able to ap- pear next week. liarrseks Accommodation. Halifax. N. S., Nov. 8.--As a result of the inspection last week by Lord Seymour and Col. Biscoe, many ln- provements in the fortifications here will be made. The work on the new fort tit McNab's island will be hurried. The citadel, which has been considered superfluous by Lord Seymonr's prede- cessors, will bc altered and placed on a good footing. Barracks accommoda- tion will be  increased and the moat thoroughly overhauled. Dead. New York, Nov. 8.--David Kahnwei- ler, the inventor of the cork jacket life preserver died Sunday at hi home ill thin city ters were drowucd Sunday from a sailboat between Kinsville and Pelec island. ---Win. J. Stir( & ('o., of New York, dealers in coffee and spices, have made an assignment for lhe benefit of cred- itors to Alexander IL (lulick. The was rated at from $125,000 t $200,0O0. --The body of Lawrence (;oss, of Bay City, Mich., steward of the steam barge I)oty. th)ated ashnre al (;anes. name was on his handkerehief. lle had on a "l)oty life preserwr. "' was well dressed and wore a Macabee's p]n The town of Grcen :Ridge, Pettls eouuly, Me., was yesterday reported to be lmrning. Five resideuces, two charehes and a number of barus had ah'cady been eousunn'd, aud n high wind was hlowinr. The town has no tire proteetion. --The Turkish troops at Retiree hav- imz refused lo leave that plaee, the ]lussian admiral in those waters, fol- lowing the example of Admiral Noel the Iritish commander in ('anca, Isl- and of Crete, foreibly conveyed then: on boar(1 a transI)ort. --All fin: buihlings on both sides of Main street ill Pitkiv. Col.. front Fonrth street to Fifth, 40 in number were destroyed 1)3" t;re yesterday, be- lieved to have been of incendiary ori- gin. which started al 4 a m. The toss is estimated at $t00,000. l)resideut McKinley left Washing- ton at 7:20 p. m. yesterday for O., where he will vote. tie went on a special train, and was accompanied by Mrs. McKinley. Assistant S('cretary Cortelyou and Gem Russell l-latings, who is a guest at the White Ilouse. --A dispatch to the New York Iter- nld from Washington says: In Pres- ident McKinley's message to congress will be a very strong and urgent ap- peal for immediate legislative aetiou for the construction of the Nicara- guan canal nhder government diree. (ion. ---Edgar V. McConkey, a Chicago commission merelnt, who, was re- pro'ted to have been kidnaped by two men claiming to be officers, is in the custody of the police, Ire is charged with operating a confidence game. O. M. Fields, of Clio, Mich. is the com- plainant. --Hamilton, O., pronmtcrs having just completed the organization of a )lug tobacco trust in New York, are now about to consummate auother big combine, which involves the consolida- th)n of ahnost every" manufacturer of school desks and furniture in the United States. A Two-Funneled 8reamer Ashore. New York, Nov. 8.--James E, Ward & Co., steamship agents of this city, yesterday afternoon received a cable- gram from Mr. Soycr, agent of the firm at Nassau. N. P., that a two-fun- neled steamer, the name of which had sol been learned, is asore on (;at isl- and. about 30 miles from the point where the former Span|sh war ship :Maria Teresa was supposed to have foundered during the storm. Tb stranded steamer may be the war ship or one of the army transports. Ha. Not Asked the Powers to Intervene. Madrid, Nov. 8. The premier. Senor Sagasta, was questioned yesterday as to whether it was a fact that the Span- ish government had addressed a note to the powers, asking the latter if they would snpport Spain in protest- ,rig against "thc intentions of the United States toward the Philippine islands." Ite replied that such a note had not, yet been dispatched. Admiral 8ehIey Chining Home. Washington.Nov. 8.Admiral Sehlcy has cabled the navy department that Capt. Snow had arrived at San Juan on the Solace, and tha he had relieved the admiral of the command of the naval station Sunday. The admiral announced that he would start for the United States on the Newark, his flag- ship. Detailed to Repreaent the Interior De- partment. Washington. Nov. 8.Indian In- spector Cyrus Bode. an Iowa appoin- tee, has been detailed to represent the interior department in the jotnl inves- tigation of allegations male against deputy United States marshals iu con- nection with the causes of the recent Chippewan outb,eak, 8hut Down Under Agreement. Fall River, Mass., Nov. 8.--The Bar- nard, 1)urfee, Flint, Mechanics, Shove, Stafford, Wampanoag and Weetamoe mill arc shut down this week nnder the agreement. The Granite No. 1 and No. 2 will be closed two days, and the Troy three days, Edison to Visit St Peterabarg, St. Petersburg, Nov. 8.--The news- papers here announce the coming visit to St. Petersburg of Thomas A. Edison, the American inverter. The scientific societies are p,'eparlng to giv him a brillian rece2tioa, withonl any other agency, it is now conserwtively eslimated that a suffi- cient ntnnber of nee'rues will ,'emain a%vay fYOUl the polls to insure the eh,etion of the den,,eratic candidate. Morem'er, the democrats have ilnmt- e(I that they must have this senator. and this hint is full of mcaning. There is no ehanffe in the general outlook in the state, lndittlon point unerringly to a sweeping derao- cratie snceess. THE SIAMESE LEGATION. The Long-Abandoned :Ilszion Alnt t 1  Re-Establlsit0d. with lIeadquar  tern In London. Washington, Nov. 8.--q'he secretary of state has been informed that the Sialucse govern|nent is abolll9 tO re-e5- tablish its legation in the United States. after a I'l)se of many years, during wiich time all of its diplo malic correslmndcnce with this gov- ernment has been conducted through its legation at l,ondon. The newly accredited Siamese min- ister l)lenipotentiary to the United Sttes arrived in New York Saturday, and ill come to this city in a few days to present his credentials and r open personal diplomatic relati(ma between the United States and Siam. Itis name is Phya Visddha Snriyasak- ti, Among his title is eomnmnder of the most noble order of the white ele- phant, lle is aeeredilcd jointly 1o Great Britain and the United States, and will make his headquarters i London. visiting this eountry from time to lime. lie succeeds Phya Maha- , Yopha. who. although similarly ac- credited, remained excluMvely in Loll- don. and never took occasion to vi the United Slates. INUNDATED. llbliffl ]lver OvedOw Their llankI Im Canse Immeuse Damage -- ]rill Evacuate on the 15the Havana, Nov, S.--0wing to the con- stant raius which have fallen recent- ly, the streams in the province Of Ms- tanzas have overflowed, flooding over 1&00 acres in the Roque district Of that province. The land inundated had just been planted with sugar cane and fruit trees after three years Of neglect, and the disaster has ai,n plungt, d the iuhabitants of this dis- trict into the deepest, misery, The Yunmri valley has also been flood. The ewcuation of the cities of Sancti Spirt(us and Trinidad, in the provnce of Santa Clara. is expected be completed on November 15. Dispatches received from the Iucha correspondent at Santa Cruz say that over two-thirds of the Cuban dele- gates were expected to take part i the meeting of the so-called assembly there yesterday. No Developmenta In the ]Seigo tlon nt Furls. Washington, Nov. 8,Peace ncgoti& finns will be resumed at Paris today in accordance with the adjoirnmett of the commission last Friday. In view of tile phase which the between the United States and ish commissioners has reached the question of the Philippines. it t not likely that any material progrea will be made in the negotiations to day. It is said at the state del:m,t meat that no report was received from Judge Day yesterday and that none is expected until after to-e[ay' session. This lack of iuformation i accepted as an indication that th,e have I,en no developments in the sit- uation. the state election the chairmen of both the republican and poputist parties express themselves as confident of the uceess of their respective tickets. Chairman Albangh, of the republi- can organization, claims the state by a majority of 20,000, while Riddle. of the populist committee, is ce things will come his way by plurali- ties ranging from 10,000 to 12.000. For the eight congressmen the same sweeping ela ires are nmde by the tat chairmen--it betng conceded, how, ever, that Curtis (republican) will be elected in this the First district. Too Ill to Go Home to Vot. I" Washington, Nov. 8.Secretary Bliss will be unable to go to New York: to vote, owing to the cold which.had its origin in the recent presidential trip in the west, and from which  has since l_en suffering. While  Orded tn Porto IUeo. Washittgton. Nov. 8.--45al. Egen Griffin, First United States volumtee engineers, has Rico to j0ia h :egimenk  PREPARING FOR ALL EMEEEEIES,