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November 10, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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November 10, 1923

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rROC00E00mCS OF THE 5 ,0, R,....d OF SUBSCRIPTION : in advance ............ $2.00 the lmstoffice at Woodville, , as second-clau mail matter. of cotton continues to and higher and we hope upward movement will con-  as to minimize as much as the short crop which hue made. The advane* at thi coming aS it does before this i is out of the hands of the hell':-, our farm- great ! ..--.-.----O jury while in session in county las" wce inff'ted a girl on a chr, rge of man- ihoIlowing the (leath of e man who wa gtruc: by an driven by the young This is said to be the first the kind Lhat has been against a white woman in mcr Cenel has given r.roposls will be received office of the Fourth Aistaat General until 4:30 p. m.. 15th, nex% for carrTing e :mails on l! Star Routes in Mi- from July 1st, 1924/to June 1928. Lisfs of rnutes and oth- ?ion re.q7 secured from the $nttant Postmaster General on. ..... o vy's general election brought few changes throughout the The Ro-uhUcons, of course: of both iIouses of Con- and the Democrats recovered st.qt of Kentucky by olectin J. Fiold.q  overnor. The reg- D,v.or.,.+;a party led by Chas Murrhy, won a victory in New York City. 8-d Heamt and his fol- -'or- thrown into discard as Metropolis. mlpreme court of Mississipp" dcsion on Monday in it upholds the authority of the ggvernor to issue pardons during the absence of "nor from the state. The ,'n in point waq that of a negro one of the Delta counties who orving a life term for murder. who ws hardened by Lieutenant or Cesteel during the absence overnor Russell, who was at. tnding a foot ball game in Memphis. Governor Russell has been hand- -ardons at such a lively rate past few weeks that it ap. that he is trying to empty the OF SUPERVISORS. Tbv State of Misslssipp Wilkinson Country Be i remembered that at a regu- lar meeting o the Board o Supervi- sr nl a:m for said s.ate and county uegu anti held in the court house m the town of Woodville, ou 'he firs l,:onday, the fifth day of November, t23. Present W. V. Morris, N. S. Cge, B. A. Nettles and W. T. Smith, members; L. C. Miller, sheriff, and W. L. Hays, clerk. This day W. T. Kaigler, treasurer, presented his report for the month of October, 1923, which was exam- ined, approved and ordered recorded. zhowing the following amounts on hand: General County Fund $2,- 169.87; Court House $680.01; Road Bond $2,296.40; A. H. School $3,- 249.42; Poll Tax $12.70; School Im- provement $968.47; Bridge Bond $603.79; State School $2,278.19; 1st di roads $3,367.21; 2nd diet roads $473.67; 3rd dist. road $2,82L02; 4th dist. roads $115.99; 5th dist. roads $943.11; Pension $240.67. : Ordered that the offer of the Com- mercial Bank to loan Wilkinson County $10,000 with interest at 6 per cent per annum payable on Feb- ruary 15th, 1924, is accepted and the president of this Board and the clerk are directed to execute loan warrant2 It appearing to the satisfaction of the State Tax Commission ot the State of MiSsissippi that the Clerk of he Board of Supervisors of Wilkin- son County, said State, has filed with this Commission a copy of the roll of assessments (a of the first day of February, 1923,) of personal and real property, amounting to $1,019,- 325 and $4,011,720, respectively, that the assessments in the same have been stated in conformity to the re- quirements of law; and that the s- sediments have been fixed in accord- ance with the orders of this Com- mission: It is, therefore, hereby ordered, That the same be hereby approved. Ordered and adjudged, this the 31st day of October, 1923. To the Auditor of Public Accounts of the State of Mississippi, and, to the Board of Supervisors of the county aforesaid: I, D. L. Thompson, Chairman of the State Tax Commission, of said State, do hereby certify Lhat the foregoing: is a true and correct tran- script of an order of said Commis- sion as the same appears on the minutes of the same m its off|ee in the city of Jackson, Hinds county, said State; and that assessments were made by E. E. Richardson, the Asseso:. This the 31 day of October, 1923. DUNCAN L. THOMPSON, Chairman of said Commission. The petition of qualified eleetor of the Beech Stand Consolidated .4th dist., $62.725. Dennis Sanders, work 4th dist., $6.25; T, W. Flowers, foreman, and hands, road work 4th dist., $1jl.40; L. T. Ventress, Jr., lumber and dist., $8.98; D. W. Huff, 6 days supervising roads 3rd di: $30; R. Whitaker, road work 3rd dist., $43.75; E. Beatty, same, $30; !Standard Oil Co., oil, etc., 1st dist.. $25.38; 2nd dist., $o8.10; 3rd dist. laid over; 5th dist., $25.80; W. El Wisner, road work 5th dist., $27.50; John Cassels, anaintaining highway, 1st dist., $24; Jag. Carter, same, 3rd dist., $40; Ewald Merc. Co., bal. on bill rendered, rejected; R. A. J. Sessions, oats 1st dist., $62.50; one keg nails 4th dit., $4.75; W. L. Hays, clerk, postage and express, $2.31; making two copies of rolls, $39.20; Tucker & Tucker, legal services, $25; P. Kleeber, winding clock, 5; Robet Lewd, agent, premium on insurance, $128; J. C. Day, supt., salary, etq, $163.14; liiss. Pznting Co., stationery court house, $86; Bead Tillery, foreman, and hands road work 5th dist., $266.- 5; Roland Hardware Co., mdse. court house, $12.35; mdse. 4th dist., 75c; md-e. 3rd dist., $10.95; mdse 2nd dist., $18.95; W. F. Johnson, removing trees, etc., $7; I. L Lyons & Co., chemicals for vats, $275.58; Old Ladi|s" Home, upFtrt hi'.l Sanders, $5.50 ;L. H. McKlemurry, support paupers, $16.50; J. R. Ham- ilton, county demonstration agent, salary $200; C. T. Netterville, lum- ber 4th dist., $10; W. T. Kaigler, treasurer, salary, $25; C. T. Netter- villa, lumber 4th dist., $35.20; B. A. Nettles, 2 days inspecting"roads, $10; Doug Leak, road and bridge work 4th dist., $35; Sam Jett, road work 4th dist., $1; L. C. Miller, sheriff, upplies for jail, $17; W. A. Stuart, trustee sale Humphreys' land, $i0.- 85; Woodville Republican, publish- ing trustee sale, $14.65; C. C Ger- many, parts machine, laid over; C. M. Treppendahl, mdse. 1st dist., $19; mdse. 2nd dist., $25; mdse 4th dist., $49.95; mdse. county home, $1.62; can putty, 10c; J. L. Hays, clerk, state fees erroneoucdy paid, $16.60; report on convict, $1.20; F. Johnson. hauling $2.22; Dr. W. I. Marsalis, salary county health officer, $41.66; Robinson Marc. Co., lumber 3rd dist., $3.69; Newt McGraw, foreman, and hands, road work 3rd dist., $174.75; Robinson Merc. Co., mdse. 3rd dist., $93.30; 10 sacks oats, $46.40; D. B. Whitehead, work on court house, $8.75; G. B. Hazlip, lumber 5th dist., $11.63; D. S. Ander, constable, ex- officio services, $60; L. C. Flowers, J. P., same, $60; H. L. Coon, J. P., same, laid over; Jas. W. Lee, J. P. same, $60; C. S. Lesnley, constable, same, $60; N. M. Humphreys, J. P., u'ame, laid over; S. J. Humphreys, ame, laid over; Archie Carter, con- stable, tme, $35.20; D. H Carter, J. P., same, $60; T. E. White, J. P, laid over; C. E. Bown, constable: same $20; Thoe. Rushing, constable. ame, laid over; E. S. Wail, J. P., Four.l00)o00" Sedan Inside and out. the new Ford Four-door Sedan shows improvemente of Jar more than usual im- portance- It m lower and sturdier in appearance. New cowl hood, radiator and apron add size and finish to the |ront Sun visor, and wide, wen-flmshed alum- inum doors with bar Silk window curtains. deep broad-cloth uphol- stery; dome light, door lock, window regulators and handle all finished in nickel complete a refinement ou would ex- pect oal at a tar high pri WOO1)VILLE PIOTOR CO. HOS. A. ROLAND. JR,. Manager. Authorized Ascots CAIL$ - TRUCKS - TILACTOB.8 Application of A. E. Parker for r. loan of $500 out of 16th section school fund granted, and W. T Smith and B. A. Nettles appointed to I appraise land offered for security, i Bills were disposed of as follows: W. F. Johnson, vat work, $6; Mrs. L. R.xmaer, same, $2.50; Mis Kate I McGehee, $2; Win. Thornton, $2; Willie Fergu.,m,1, $9.50; P. Green, $2; W. Jetsr, $10; P. Montgomery, $10; R. E. Joseph, $9; A. En!ow $12; Howard Scott, $15; J. E. Car- ter, $6; F. McDonald, $4.50; Sam  Geter, $2.50; Sflas Barnes, $3; Wm.] Armstrong, $3; W. Duncan, $8; Tom Cavin, $4; E. Anders, $2; J. J. Floyd, $10; J. McCearley, $4; Robt. Day $1..50; W. Bryant $7; E. Lobr- ubl'.'c school funds on or befox ,'I'ebruar,  15, 1924. This orde sb. [ject to the consent of John C. Day: qpcntendent of education, and the Commercial Bank. Orde'ed that the following taxes be and the same is hereby assessed and levied upon the assessed value of all the real estate and persOnal property in Wilkinson county for the fiscal year 1923: General County Fund 7% mills; School Fund 2 mills; C, enerl Road Fund 5 mills; Road ond Fund 3 mills; Court House Fund ill: Bridg'e Bond Fund mill: A. H. School Fund 1 mill; A. H. School Bond Fund mill. Total 20 mills. Clenwild School District 3 mil!s; Itomochitto wamp Land , , . School District, havving this day same, $60; L. L. Escher, constable. , no 22 days din inector Sent -77" - e " " o s . .- . - .  ,  ears oar acre. !;i"i i " ' ": " " " i,: " i * i: !: '! " ' " ' [ed out will . Y ' g : " " s 58 35" osta 3 5o" e " " Ordered that the members and ,ant of the laws and "b.v a! Board that the petition be rejected, i if, j) fee , $ . ;.p ..go/  . '! o73.50; Alex Ahle, 26 days, $104: . . ..... .t .......... _ ....... Z_,! It a--oarin TM to the Btard of Su. Joe lan(l, roan worl% 5tn oist., v;] H C McKey, 26 days $91; D A czert craw mere as xmgows: more sane onerauon o me paraonmg t .-- e, , " " ' .... 1lower " [pervisors that the Glenwil& Con- DouK Mc,Xeeley, lumber 1 dmt., I Brannan, 25 days, $101.50; L. C.W.V. Morris. 3 days .......... $15.00 "- " _ solidated School District has been $14.74; Cum. Tel. Co., services, i Miller, sheriff, ear cool, $I02.44: N. S. Cadre. 3 days .............. 15.00 ----., ' llegally created by the County Schoo],$510; B. Willery, mdse., etc., 5tb'freight on coal, $130.24; expense!B. A. 'ettles, 3 days .......... 15.00 In churches tarourhout the land Board, contains not les than ten idist., $34; Jack McDewell, road hauline., $40; P. D. Doolev. foreman, w. r. mitn, z a.vs ........ lo.,m worshtp]*ers of every fv.ith tomgrrow, s-uare miles; that a petition of a l work 3rd dist., $12; Percv Phares and hand road work "gnd dit W. L. Hays, clerk, 3 days ....... 9.00 ed Cross Sun " o # Ordered that the Board do now :Sunday, will observe R - " $14.75; r R Strickland, black: " .adjourn until the next regular meet. and hande bead work 3rd diaL, $171.25; N. S. Cage, 2 days inspect- smith work 3rd dist., $17.2; I, ins roads, $10; 1 day appraising O'Fallo.n, and hands, road work 2nd property, $5; W. V. Morris, 1 day appraising loperty, $5; 1 day in- vestigating report pauper, $5; W. T. Smith, 2 days supervising roads, $10; C. T. Netterville, lumber 5th dist. $26.28; Woodville L. & W. Plant sewices, $25.44; J. G. Anders, road marking the beginning Of the majority of the qualified electors of i Annua Red Cross Roll Call for the said district, approved by the County  enrollment of members for 1924. In School Board, has been presented tv this Board praying that an annual! many, special execise will be held " " o ' tax levy of three mills be lewed n and sermons relative to the work of the property of said district; that kmerican Red Cross will be de- said district has been created afte i ed, Generally throughout the try the enrollinff of members the assessor's rolls have been corn-1 i begin im'mediatelv after the plated for the year, it is ordered by:; the Board of Supervisors that an! W. V. MORRIS, Pre pro tem. services. It is the expecta- Red Cross that 5,000,000 will begin or renew their the Red Cross before 8 closes, Thanl:sg.ving, was ever elected to annual tax levy of three mills be and the same is levied on all property of said district, and th.t the tax col- 1 lector for the current year shall col. ! lect the tax on said district, basing the same on previous assessment. Report of J. R. Hamilton, county demonstration agent, read and or- office of governor of Mississippi i dered filed. done the work that Gov. Whib: Report of Dr. W. I. Marsalis, coun- has done to acquaint himselfi tv health officer, read and filed. the needs of the .ate. He has -This day John C. Day, superintend. i to every part of the tate, tent of education, presented his re- b, actual conditions o mt Iuort for the month of October, 1923 | is inducted into office he i which was read and ordered filed. know what to recom., Petition of trustee of T4, R2v to the Legislature.Sunfiower' to "appropriate the sum of $10 per that. month to supplement the salary of Whitfleld will enter the teacher of Piney school, granted :ofce in January under conditions which make tt possible for him to so fster the affairs of the chief i executive as to make his name to be long remembered in the history of state. In the accomplishment of he has the best wishes and the l earty co-operatlon of the people, t and wrrants ordered issued as the law directs. Petition of trustees of T3, R2w. to appropriate the 8urn of $35 to pay for improvemerts granted and warrants ordered issued as the law direct:.. Petition of trustees of T2, RSw. work 5th dist., $I0. Hen. Board of Supervisors, Gen- tlemen,--We, your commiee ,ap- pointed to appraise land of Henr} Smith offered as security for a loan out of 16th section school fund, have performed that duty ahd value same at $350,--W. V. Morris, N. S. Cage. Application of Henry Smith for a loan of $250 out of 16th Segion; school fund granted for $175, pay- able out of T...-, R...., fund upon cancellation of all encumbrances, if any, on said land offered for securi- ty, and upon filing note and deed of trust on said land. )n account of change of owner- ship asseNs to I-L A, Wood, Lot 2 Square 3, Div. 2, of Town of Wood- ville, irnead of Luizi Cumbo; also all of W , south of road, Sec. 6: T2, Rlw, instead of Est. of Mrs. S E. Walker. Ordered that the clerk advertise for one sectional steam boiler for court house, according to specifics- ded he directs the ship of state lto appropriate the sum of $12 per tions on file a course that will lead us out l month to supplement the salary of In consideration of the payment[ politically turbulent wters in t-acher of Fort .Adams scho.ot g rant, by M. L. Humphreys of $7.80, being] we have been drifting for sev. ca, an warrants, oruered stca as +,,, ...... ,,,v,,*' ,uee: .......... on ou.%" ...... atl i s a A Izret the laxx dneets dministrat on p . " i ' " _ . ...... t6 per cent interest, it is ordered by t ;unity awaits Governor Whit-i Petition of trustees el ff, Raw: ] the Board that said M. L. Httmphreys I md we are one of a number, to anpropriae tee sum ..... oz t per! b_e ,ra__nted an nntin t -n"r'hm ......... the!, elieve that he will make good. month to supplement._ zne. samrv., . oI.. land in Wilk:nsen. count,,# ...... iss -! ---------o tacher of Sunnyr scnool -.,ranteal ....a - ,^--.- ,. :, r,, _] a. ---*-'nt Tartt of the Jeff- for four months nnd warrants oraer-[NW% of Sec 24, T2, Rlw, and 70 Davis Soldiers' Home for in-i ed issued as the law drec_ts. _^ . I acres in N part of E & of NrW %, : " Confederate veterans and Petition of trusteeso:rs, Kuw, ..o I Sc 24, T2, Rlw, except the par( v- recentlxr made a state-! appropriate the sum o :7 pea month sold the Foster Creek Lumber Co.. I aooeal for contributions eli . . . . . . . in Book TT, page 230, and made part] : "" " " to mLplernet the salary of teacner L |,fund'wearin annarel for the of Percy's Creek school granges anoio f this deseription at and for the t .... " as--of- this institution," "-'-- which warrants ordered ]ssued" as the. aw t sum of $520.14, and saM" Humphreys[ the lCaftte Chrvr/, to dir-c*'. . ! to pay the 1923 taxes on said land l er k':- Orde.ed .hat the raft :' :" ;.;said option to be exercised within] ,e om Parker on the rll o  , ,. : i th "-^ '" " - to T .- "" months from this date. " I : ' ,m, ,,, ,uon iS necessary xor . oil he being be etrcken from the r , rde e the om.drt of these wards of the " I O r :d. that tlm Board do now ad-[ build a hospil at the Soldiers' Ordered ttmt .Board do now ad)ourv[ Board met pursuant to adjourml Home * * * Aa  son a ,, tr tmt.fl 9 o clock tomorrow morning'. ,,t Present. W V t,,;, ,,,o,; I --'"'-" ve four - ..... :: -" - W.V. MORRIS, Pres. pro tern. "' ..... 2 ......... ' *"'" who ga ., -yean of his hie to dent pro tern, Nolan S. Cage and] sorrier in ne tonfederate Army, the Secontq Day. B.A. Nettles, members; L, C. Miller,| ter of these lines indignantly re. Board met pusuv.nt to adjourn- sheriff; W. L. Hays, clerk. Absent,| and protests the necessity, if mont. Psent sam as on yesterday. [ D. W. Huff and W. T. Smith. necessity there be, of soliciting Minutes of yesterday read, approved It is ordered by the Board, tha, flothes for these proud and gab and signed by the president, l license fee on fur dealers being de. embers of such a fraternity." Ordered that the report of John i elared unconstitutional hy the cir. We heartily approve of the above L. Hays, circuit clerk, showin court i cult court, that said purchasers be me r and just crltim. The alIowanees for the October term, I refunded thor money, and that war. of "The Republican is also a 1923, of $2,395.25, be Sled and tha{i rants in the sum of $20 each out of  of a father who gave four yearn L. C .Miller be charged as follows' ! his life to his beloved Southland, Fines $1,075; Jury and qteno,pherl  feel very keenly the morti. Xax $29; Witness fees $q55'30. l that such an appeal must Bills were dis.,osed of as follows: ! ' to the old heroes who, by force Joe. Stutzman, M.cksmth work lt are now occuuante dist,, $7,25; 3rd dist. $2. C. Stuart, : [ome, While taxes i moving tree, $1; A. K. Rabb, fore-] inly they are not i man, and hands road work let dist., are forced to beg $312,65; W. M. Havard, road work foe the heroes I 5th di,, $14: A;C, $15: j. the game and fish fund be issued to the foNowing persons that put,' chased license" Max Cohen, W. D. Rabb, C. A, Rogers, Kchen & ate,, P. G. Strtcker, John Selden' and J'l D. Cage. I Application of Jag. McCartney for[ a lean of $700 out of 16th section l school fund granted and D. W. Huff t and W. T. Smith appointed to ap- ofexo dist., $112.50: Chas. Cobden, mdse. court house, $3.89; Sehloss Co., tub. $1.15; joint pipe, 30c; Woodville Re- publican, stationery nnd election tickets, $44.30; Tom Wood, mdse.. $11; mdse 4th dist.. $1.85; P. M. Stockett, attorney's fees Humphreys case, $44.96. Ordered that the sum of $200 be transferred from the 3rd dist. roads t to the 4th dist. roads. ! Whereas, the Board has borrowed the sum of Ten Thousand Dollars for the public school funds from the Commercial Bank, and it now a- pearing that the school funds Will not need that amount of money, and that the general county fund is nearly exhausted and- in ne,d of funds, it is resolved, and so ordered. that Thirty-five Huvdred Dol'/ers of the money borrowed be transferred to the renernl county funds, the said $3,500.00 be retransferred to thel GINNING! THE PUBLIC WILL PLEASE TAKE NOTICE TIAT OUR WOOD. VILLE GIN WILL BE OPERATED IN FUTURE ON WEDNESDAY OF EACH WEEK INSTEAD OF ON I FRIDAY. WE WILL APPRECIATE ] YOUR GINNING. . DAPF & MORGAN. FOR SALE.--I am offering fo suJe at a reasonabh price the house Woodville owned by Walter Hender- son. Call at once for price. C. W" HENDERSON , Wopdvfle. lO-t I  , i i @vcr00a00d ., .  , .,, . UBLIC interest and d,,nand hrnediatdy [ollowing the announcement of the new Overland CAmpion is b,eJdex4ng. Study the* pictures. 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