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November 5, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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November 5, 1898

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7 tt From the War germs of malaria, fevers and which may prove contagious |nir own families. Hood&apos;s Sarsaparilla hoes to sgldiers, because it ll dLaso germs, builds up the debilitated system and brings back health. retarnexJ soldier and every friend and relative of aotdiers should take ! AN OCTAGONAL BARN. A NATION OF DYSPEPTICS. THE SPEED OF A SHIP. From the Mountatneer, Walhalla, N, Dak, Methods EmploFed in the Navy for The remorse of a guilty stomach is what Measuring It -- The Use ot t large majority of the people are suffering the Log. with to-day. Dyspepsia is a characteristic American disease and it is frequently stated , h ' ,, tlo); do you ascertam the speed o. t t at 'we are a nation of dyspeptms. Improper food, hurried eating, mental a vesselT is aqucstlon frequently ad- worry, exhaustion; any of these produce a dressed to naval men, and an explana- lack of vitality in the system, bycausitgthe ties will therefore probaUly be of in- blood to lose its life-sustaining eenents, terest to many readers. There aresev- The blood is the vital element in our lives A WAY TO SETTLE II'. hey rer e Rivals and There Wan st Chance for Trouble nu t Peace Prevailed. "Now, then, sir, I think we have a little business with each other. Suppose we settle it right here." "I know what you mean. Say, look here. You and I are courting the same girl, and neturally we don't like each other That's the trouble, isn't it?" $hall We Keep the Phillpplnest Public opinion is divided as to the wisdom of keeping the Philippines. Wise statesmen are found on both sides of the question. Sines the ditmovery and introduction o Dr. ltlqlT6,t'8 TgE?HIh (Tsethihff Potlerj) the death rate of small children has largely' decreased. TIETIU.NA A!dS Digestion. ext- Put)lie opinion, bowever, is all one way in latss the Bowels and makes teething easy. regard to the wisdom of everybody keeping their health. For this purpose Hostetter'e Hang..a sword over a man's head and he is Stomach Bitters is widely used. This medi- m " --- ore ilk r to cut the thread than move sine is both preverrtive and cure for malarial from um c.--Atchiaon Globe. fevers, stomseh disorders, torpid liver and P" , impure blood It is agreeable to weak stem- leo s Cure for Consumption has aved ms achs and soothing to the nerves man r a doctor's bill.--S. F. Hat ly4Hop. Kina Place, Baltimore, Md.. Dec. I and should be carefully nurtured. Restore eral methods, the ennui n a areeana,|lla *I'hls Style of Arehitec/ure Saves4 Con the blood to its pruner condition d'T'e'-s;- me"" ........... o est. and ,,.,,. ....... ,. . A man imagines before marriage that he &merl's GreTtesfeTdcine"$l;?:lf:l . std;;?lb:: Sf::e;2: 11,7: the WloVa2;l;ln;lad gtihealolnyll2Vi:e:b:: "lo;),"7;a;:ti:setlngmJn:n;2Sest: thof ma:wOSr!;viraieei.en;t.,,need to waste will be his wife's cup of joy, but finds but Often what a man calls principle learners' afterwards that he is only a flyin it.--Atchi- bit of seeking to force his views upon others, HOOd'8 Pills ;ls North I)ako!;a, a fe?,.miles from Walhalla three paris--the logship, tile line, and time just about tw:12uket ceupy your son Globe.  --Washington (Ia.) Democrat. ........  . . [e.sidesMr. Erncst Smder; amanofsteriin$ tile marks. The ]ogsh tl is a piece of if we can't settle this thi,, w't,w, eve..r and To Cure a Cold in One Day Don't Neglect a Cough. Take Some Hale'a : .... ne octagonal snaps 13as oecn us,d ttegrlty, waoae veracity cannot be doubted, w,,wl ,,h.,,,  ,, " - -   -- I'" ........... - -'7;?q ...... ",----t Take Laxat,ive Breton Quin neTablets.. All Honey of florehound and Tar instanter. -- ....... - " " lie says" -. .*o, lat. all lncn tniek, and ,,: ,,.- ,,,,, trom a unan machete to a ,70tGIgNIAL OCCUPATION. ncre ami nereabout the country for  " shaped like a qn'uirant with a "-iece -nn!ppmq parang or any. other weapon be- d:ruggists rcfund money if it fa/ls to cure. 25c. Pike's Toothache Drops Cure in oneminute, LIICn/and Prolltable Employment for ba:n;a?l;'d 2:'i:aI:ol,' !' gr:'t'i d 'IIt:   t l::delT: d: rounrt tile circuhlrt;dge eom:edrnnicg, aeltnrposenrotl 7il meeX.pano ed The approval o--f-you-eonsc---ience is an ex- Leaamg a--w-oma--to-thc-aJl-ar is usually ........ -., rx'-,v" .c, ' " at perpendieularly in the . un marry the girl. Evenif oue eelleat thing, but it is not sufficient toget b.l;nlelaSt act of leadership--Chicago a Pr Old Man 'ho Hag seenls, therefore, somewimt str,lnze . ..- , t wa-- t .... " " hanin- : .....  ..... Y -'cap.ed you a raise of salary.--Puck. e davis  :;::d ?tten driven the eo'Y; ]  tohcli.ag2e :sbmtl:TI;Stllr);a " ] "gr<L-  I fixed to the "ship," and tie otler hal: ;fYhCrWlncreSUfPoP:hwee kfl each other. er Darn at milkin time P P - , a bone e at the . . er ot us it would awl ever and anon nle familiargeatur le,ns it, conmruetion, and lends itself [ (  M' F/l W._/{ I Ipushed i00,o00a ho,o e, i,e,ng 0000art So,what's the good of .... ? te lanq:ape caugat his eye Years ago admlrab y to 'ivint a erv lnr,o [  s_. .'P"-] I'[*" . -I | | [o. l., , ..... ,, the stop, Iempor- u,,,,-s.; vn.y n, ot armtrate the case?" ls rather natldiedandleitth,,,'..,_ - - L o "  - - t t .-  ..._a,_ t  s t--,,,y astens  there From the ,.of-" ,.arntrrate ,t: broher and himself oontir'%%o?,,lamoun: o avahable space for stockl  lq .a'.l_g "ll  I [of juncture of the thr . t. .... Yes. 1.t's a toss-up, anywa Onset lefaiarmeraltfe. hereotvedhat,J d o lhestoageoffodder. [ /\\;tltVJL]" ! / / iciest ]entH .......... ] ., good a show as the other, andit : : = tO/I, UCOUU at. f r  , ee lines a SUlt- stands as Y US eeitydt,eek his t'ortune ........ [ As an illustration of thi idea a cut [  l [,t [t f' I [ [ [about aa-/.^. ,,-f,ufe(, genera,y jou?n t muss things up as a fight with 11 " " u " u t - :" J  / t - t-ct to rake tile In s ' ,aaQly veea on8 VOtl ,,2L.enm lankiest tace secured hmaposi- land an indoor plan of an octaronal [ I |1t J'b,,,d" 1 /well el ......... gmPlease an  '=p- .... d. eean?tate our 1 t ,  c a" UI [lie   - u leave ins ,tm wa a vat street firm *r ....... ; ..... t- - / It I1  I I l ;4f.' / I - .n p s wash "Ihts is , uecmmn to the aroi- :: of the lirm auming that ",,:::S'" I carry Darn are presented herewith, r i 1. [ ]  ,[ ,/  [called the "stray ;n.' ............ I tratr'' ]'0r Inftultg ............ eo, sit* ] . . * l . oo . , it i--w It - ..... , tla , marKe(l "Ha t Y nUo* ,nntenance was such a rarit-;,, [ b this than a ]argc anmunt of space Th, n ............... with a niece of husH--, 1t" ..... J .... t, great Scott;. V, hom could we get to Burs hi 00tteoti0T g002hlSc00 t!,at ,t m,01t attract t,, 00ffolt,,,l roy eats!? s,als, wh,le st,ll "r became seriousN ill th ........... bun tmg is measured 47 feet 3 inches [ "Suppose we lve it to the girl herlf" ,  . tne,r clmntele. oon !g,vlng s:pace mr cali )en a box s"  ' " . " y ..... go. ' "All ' ' " --,," Usa .... nchmg out for himself, he in tima h ) .......... 1 T. . ah ]he doctorgaveme medicine for ind estion anti the hne tnarked here w,th a D ece |o Z rht. I hadn t thought of that. -- Th came one of the lar,eat d-.e ---,--S----- ......... :. an,n a gram ann rn lie nest ou  contmued to become worse I l..: of leather Then an,h"  ,- .  ,.,ago rmune. ;: s , ,,votn on the , sev . ... . . .,a,, . , -.,,- . eet a gt:t. But, caughtmaerash he,as ..... room. n the ordmary barn the lo eralh}vmans at lntervals who aveme ,nches is me  , In Con* For ...... ile,s an , , v .... . , ' some redet, nut nothin g a.ure t off, and marked . denee, - Signal :. . d was now forced to seek a home must come out of space that mgh,i "i r -a- ,t. .... g permanent with two knots then n,,,+h ........ First Doctor--Yes. I've hen M. .;h. ,, s orO,ers sons, who had prospered otlaerwhe be nt lJzed for stock I1--- in- ,.o.,[-ej, ewspapers articles reard- th ....... ; . - ........ ' ..... plysieao or 00ears." .......... " Over Thtrly Years .... w,n ,he Iarm ...... ..... ;?.,,Y" :'.)tluertu',curatlve powers ox Dr. :" ......... eng,a, ann marked with Second Doctor--A Of ,ahcreaehed the familiar gate th yon," l.t occup)e's tnecenter of thebarn, and vu{{ams t m#uts for Pale People, and three knots; and so on asfarass ..... you tavedone f,h; d he appreciates all The Kind You Have tlwals Bought tnadmen saw hinl an,/ w;,.  ...,,',,'" ,s itself octagona! in hane--a stvle n,nauy concmaed to try the pills I rtur knots "tt.r..._.. ,. " . - .... ,,.r .t L.;......%. .t..a,.. ...... , . , ,- ,-,.v,.,rncy ,1. .....  " t enased siX boxes Th' asfiv ' ,- " ..a,t,uy vetweeneaenbatch .uore, taantna l-lea rec]ates all he ..... , ome uletr uncle .... ac mgmy comment, s itself In th,. "]'he first h,: ,,'. ms w 2c__,.month.sago. of knots one sin l - ' thinks Ive done for him.)'P-- p- ,,,t,,m, PE ! " " " ." " ," ti - =-- ,-- :!!e mUCh reneL. I con- lo line is t e g e knot IS made, The . anne tor him."--Brooklyn Life. ,o, mlstlAy iiITilllgY.lew volll TV. f!ght in You shall not want for dairyman, since It doe s a ay lt h the nued taking the rolls and aft ........ .... g h.n read f . cried Jabc. " . ............. " ....... s .... .  or use. .Nothln makes a man so sad as to have a i! The ',,,. --, cureu. ne spaee between the knots is g,rl jollyghim.--ChicagoDai]yNews. 0 ' a ' :i n s I when a boy is These pills are recognized everywhere as found from the simple little rule of 'I in th( ,, Bijah. a evecificfordiseasesofthebloodandnerves, three sum: As 3,600seconds (number Fifty Cents rear I ,r,, of work sh you do!" chimed Fw paralysis, locomotor ataxia, and other a ' tiseases /ong supposed incurable eyhave of seconds in an hour), 28 seconds J retire proved their efficacy in thousani oi'caes, (length of sandglass), 6,080 feet (nnm- m'm'm',m','m'm'm'M. sided. of I]o tim old stock broker to work, and shall do my Share. Never shall it be said that I ate of and ended my days ia answered one of the nephews, think of any light work about the you co)dd do? Something congenial, , taa won't seem too strange and you ?" replied the uncle, after a pause, t; I shl water the stockJ"---Cin. ati Enquirer. Ilow's Thlsl We offer One tIundred Dollars Reward OCTAGONAL BARN. \\; r case of Catarrh that cannot be cured Cure. objectionaibe corners that in rt'ctan. O. gular .ils give s.o much trouble. The , F.J. silo, being in the ccnter t)f tt;e barn, for tlie last years, and believe him honorable in all business transac- can he carried up as high as ntay be finamially able to carry out an)' desired, and is most conveniently situ- , made b their firm. " ated ith reference to feeding the O rruax, holete DruggistsTo. stock, hlfact, thisisoneofthestrong Kinnan & Marin, Wholesa/e points of the octagonal form for " O. bar:---the ease with whieh the stocl are i: taken internally, can be fed. utm the hlood and mueous Pries 7. per bet- In the plan illustrated the ecd floor Sold by Druggists. Testimonials i. , lighted by a large window in fron and by the light thai is admitted in Family Pills are the best. : ............................................. great abundance 1)ehind the eatll.e. Liked 'arlety. The silo in the modern dairy barn is two witnesses tell the same expect ed t u supply a great part of the bulky foul, but some provision must be honor, I arranged it made for the storing of hay and other want to make the trial , for you.Yonkers States- ronghage. The space over the stalls d pens. entirely aroundthe barn, The Value of lgxperlenee, is given np |o this The ha3" is-hauled in what a sweeping motion ai thc main doorway and carried she usedto keep about to its destination by a fork, or the table in her father's Omaha baaehroom."-4Yleveland Plain Dealer. it can bc put in from the outMde ILrough the windows that are shown ; 'the Ledger Mon/hly. nnder the caves Wiere the buildhg '13ae publ shers of the New York Ledger is located ripen sloping ground a eel- anoun.e tte discontin mnce of that pufili lar for the storing of manure can be Cation as a weekly and its appearance in had. future as a monthly. The lger waa founded by Robert Bon- er. The world knows the history of that vt,re, tte took into his work new ideas and a determination to succeed. Ile mad, tl Ledger the foremost weekly in th, tm oi fiction--World-ttetahl. Omaha Neb. Not Sanctified. man*-You want to be parate fr(nn your hustmd? Don't you know tha made in tleaven? know that, sir; but ours was not my husband through an advtiaement lirs.--lllustrated Ameriau. eiMa and enter.a/nment that I've made up Ily mind that I'll ilave to save my soul in te other way if 1 want to keep mybody alive a tow years longer/'--Boaton Tran. ipt. The barn plan shown here is about 52 feet Jn diameter. ]'he stalls eoul" / INTEI.IO t?, AI,RANGEMINT. ber of feet in a nautical mile); length ]Iq'U0ROUS. of /ine requlred--whieh works oul to -- 47 feet 3 inches He---"I should have thought yet To use the log four persons are re- wo;5 be sure to remember my face.'iqufred; two men to hold the reel on SheUOb, soIdo; but, you see, Idon'l which the line is wound; the quarter- remember you."--AHy Sloper. master, to hold the glass; and |he mid- LookingForward__Mrs. Noear,,Dt shipman of the watch, to heave the you think my daughter will be a mu. log. The /ast-named puts the peg firm. sician?" Professor"Igantzay. Sh 13" in the logship, and then gathers three or four coils of line in his hand dell me she gomc of along-livedvam sufficient to admit of the logshlp be- ily."N, y. Weekly. ing thrown well clear of the ship. Ire A Milltary Affair.  "How do yo asks, "Clear g/ass, quartermaster?" think she went back on me?" "Good. "Clear glass, sir!" comes the reply, nessknows." "She quit answerlngmy and overboard goes he logshlp and letters, and set me word that th, line. the reel rapidly revolving. Pres- cable was eut."--DetroitFree Press ent]y the nliddy feels the pieee of f Lady  "Are these eggs reall bunting passing through his hand, and lesh? Shop Asststgnt_-Madam, it he gives the order: "Turn." Thequar- you will kindly step to the telephoni ermaster turns the glass, andwatches nnd eall up our farm, you can bear tilt the sand, whi!e one "reeler" holds the hens that laid those eggs still cack. reel well over his head, so as to give iing."--Credit Lost. the line fair play. When the sand has "I have escaped," the hero cried, run out, "Stop!" cries the quarteI- "A peril few have missed, I got, It's true, master. The midsh|pman grasps the A shot or two, line, assisted by the olher reeler, and But I haven't yet been kissed." looks for the nearest knot, finding a --Washington Btar. single one close to hisi, and. Then the The Only Thing to Do."What be- line t hauled in, and four knots ap- came of the man who committed t pear, whwh siguify that the ship is memory all of Shakespeare's plays going 4 knot.s through the waer. while in jail? .... They had to loe, rhe jerk of the line draws the peg him up again; he was always gotn from the ]ogship, whieh now floats on around quoting them.'--Chieago Rec. its flat side and is easily ilauled in. oral. When a ship is going over four knots "Now," said the president of the a 14-seeondgtassi usett, the speed be- Spanish peace commission, as he me ing double that shown by the knot.s on Judge Day, "there is one thing we are the llne. a nnit on from the start." "And that Another method in use is the patent is?" queried Judge Day. "We both re- log. This is altogether mechanical, member lhe MaineI"  Philadelphia and consists of a Ions cylinder with North American.r clockworkinsideit,and four fins on the "You must be broken of that habii outside; it is towed astern of the ship of :)'ours," said Johnny's father, whet by a line made fast to a swivel in the lie gave hlm his third scolding abou head of it. As it is dragged hrough playing with fire Johnny looked at lhe water thefourflnsutakelt revoh.e. him thoughtfully. "Father," said he aetnattn,?4the clock work inside, whieh "hadn't I better be mended, 'stead o: registers on a series of dials the nun- broken?" -- Northwestern Christiar bet of kots run. This log has to be Advocate. hauled in every time one want.s to read it. But there is another kind where WASP AS AN ENGINEER. the fan is towed astern, and the dial isa fixture in theship. Thisiscallcda An Exhibition of Insect Cleverness "eherub." That Won Prnlse from aSuz These logs are not always acettrate. relying Corps, and are eonstantly verified when near Several members of the United land by cross-bearings. That is, the of two well-known points are States enffiueer eorps were interested taken, and the position so obtained is witnesses of afeat of insect engineer, marked on the chart, the time ofel)- " , t[i. Letters to Mrs. Ptnko ha From Happy Women. I Owe You ]fly/dl E. VgOOLHIsF., ills, geb., writes: **'lg&R MI. NKHA:I owe my Vegetable Compound. The id I had consumption and could be done for me. My had stopped and they blood was turning, to water. I several doctors. They all said I live. I began the nee of Lydia Y Itiswonderful whatyour Com. pod has done for me." 1 Feel Lllke a Now p, ]r& G:O, LEACff, 16 Belle St., Alton, Ill,, wrtte two and three timer in a month, i me to be so weak I eou/d not stand. I could neither sleep nor eat, and ed so badly my friends hardly me. "I tok doctor's medicine but did not derive much benefit from it. My drug- gave me one of your little books, after tea, tins it I decided to try E. Pikham'a Vegetable Com. nd, I feel like  new person. I wld not give your Compound for all e doetors  edicLue in the world. I _nog prai it enough." DYE &$ lng near the road on which they were 9e considerably mlrrower It, an shov working. One of their number found ]n the diagram. Twtmty-fivt, st]l a blue ground wap dragging along conldthusl)emadc. "l'Msnumber. witb the ground a dead swamp spider one. a large silo. two pens. a boxstall and quarter the size of a full-grown taran- a grainroom, all on the first fit)or tula. Whether the wasp killed the hows a remarkable capacity for a spider or found it dead is a question be. buihTilg no larger than this. Thefaets ;end solution, t/e was having a hard that are thus made prominent certain- time dragginghis prey along, and pres- ly ough to command the attention of entiy left it to go prospecting for his dairsmen ho are planning to build a abode. The discoverer of the wasp barn this season for the eeonovtical called hiseompanions, and one of them houhgofthpirstoek--N.Y. Tribtme. in coming stepped pon the wasp' servation being noted, and the reading on the patent 10g. After an interval has elapsed, the position of the ship is again taken by cross-bearing, when the straight line jolning the two places on the chart will show the direction of the course steered, and its length the distance rnn. A eomparisov with the reading by paent log will give the error of the machine. To flntsh, here is a patent log yarn, as told by ao old messmate. "I give it in his own words: "When m the I'n! (;loholea In Milk. groundhole, erushing down some Uroeodile in the Red sea. just after blades of dry gras.s across It, This It has been estimated lhai a drop of caused no little trouble to the inseet. I taking the reading, one night ar eight milk eontails about 150,000,000 fat gin. ) ' - who, upon locating the hole, nipped]'elck' the quartermaster reported: 'Shark taken the patent log, sir!' I tu,cs, and tbat they number about away at the obstructing stalks with]got another one over at once. A 2,000,000,000 in a quart of the iqnid. It his strong mandibles unti' he had [ is a matler of common knowledge that the sze of fat globules in cows' milk cleared a pasage. Then he went back [9:30 next morning we stopped for half an hour. To amuse the ladies I tried varie., wlh dfferent cows and differ. "g y and surveying it from all [him we found our patent log, and." h:. nd sized up the pider, walking around [ for and caught a shark. On opening the b,, bed ent breeds and it has been etimated hat be diatneter of the largest sides, added, gravelv."strange to say, it reg- globule is 6, time.s greater than tea reckoning the hole isn't tstered the ame as t smallest globute thediffereneeinvol big enough," said one of the entriueersl , he one in "' The /ine had jammed between his 2hat s all r ht ' ,, ume bells as 244 is o 1. These: details g ; he il fix it, said teeth, the fan 'orking all the time hc are perhaps sufficient ir connection another, as the insect went back and followed the ship IIe had swumjus with a matter which is of great prac. commenced vigorously widening the 122 7-10 miles."Army and Navy Illus.. tical interest, inwsmuch as it takes a longer time to cream milk with sTnal globules as well as to churn the erea )rodueed lherefrom, and the liqaid is also stated o eream less perfectly tban milk with large g/obules. Prevesltfug- Mites fn Cheeue. I'rof, Segeleke of the Danish state agricullural "-'ouneilors, gives the fol- lowing for prt'venting mites in cheese: The ceiling, walls, floors and shelving ntrance to his domicile, trated. Again he returned to the spider, seized it and draffffcd it within a foot "Come In, Old Pora.,, . of ?he oriflce. To the speetators it was The /ad crab, big, noisy, of weird vident that more work would have tc locomotion and most objectionableap. be done before the spider could be pearance, was among the horrors dragged in. This struck thewaap, too, which our soldiers encountered a ['or again he rat around the body, cx. they moved from Siboney to Santiago. :mining It earefully, and returned to Most of the men had never seen such the hole to take measurements. He creatures, and regarded them withex- went to digging a seeoud time. ttav- treme aversion. Often these nets 3 /ng dug for two minutes he brought creaturesinvad,edthetentsofthemen of tl'e curing room are whitewashec his prey to t.he edge of the hole, nipped and violence and profanity followed several times until the mites are de- out a piece of dirt here, cut away s But some of the rough riders had seer. stroycd. The cheese is first placed in  rass stem there, and after 15 minutes such things before. One night an easl. brine bath for 24 hours and tben in the if hard and skillful labor dsappeared ern man was visiting a rough rider curing room for 14 days, during which mderground, dragging the spider from Arizona, when in walked the big- time it s wiped off daily. After ]4 after him, doubt/ess to form the gest land erab of the season. "Ugh!" da3 il is thoroughly scraped and de resistance in a winter store- cried the visitor. "Look at that!'" washed in limewater, p/aeed on shelve: house. The engineers then resumed "Wh]"sidtherough rider, delighted- and kept clean. If a layer of s/troy their work, exehanging comments ]3", how home like! And extending. UlO d ilould ara n a lear " , " PI the ehee'e f admiration. Chicago Inter Ocean. his hand toward |he ugly intruder, he rnut again be scraped and washed cried: "Come in, old pard. I knew with lime. Too Sudden, your brother in old Arizona." The "Madam." said the physician , emerg- eastern man fled, lea ping over the "old Potatoes In Cold tornge. ing from the siekroonl, "1 have come pard" as he departed. N.Y. Herald. The ideal ro,qhod of kec/Ting seed po. o prepare you for the Worst. Your tritOvs i:< in told storage, Potatoes {hns ltl,bad is not long for this world, tie Savate DOIs of the Far North. kept a the Ohio station imvecorneont mavdieeveu to-day." Labrador has dogs so fierce that a sound and fresh, with no indication of sprouting., and the vitality nnimpaircd. even so la as the first of June. It is importalt, however that the empera- ture of the cold storage room should not fail below 35 degrees, nor should it rie much above 40 degrees. When eo/d storage is not available, sprouting ms5 be in some measur prevented by shears]inS the lrattgrs Over frequeltllr, % i "Oh. don't say that, doetorl" cried log of wood is tied to their necks to bc devoted wife. "It's too terrible[ render them less dangerous to men Why, my mourning gown won't be done until to-morrow."Chicago Post. v"ashlnlg in Egypt. In Egypt washing is done mostly oy men. who stand naked on the banks f the Nile and pound the wet clothes and weaker dogs. In Kamchatka the dogs are severely trained to haul heavy loads across the ice and their tempers get soured, consequently they are surly brutes, and their driver manage them by stunning them witl- )n the smooth stones at the river' Mows over the head, which is not ver 3 )rink till tbe dirt iS 'emov gm goqt] for their lnteliects,--N, y, u. " @0011 How ts thls? Perhaps sleepless nlghts caused It, or grief, or sick- ness, or perhaps it was care. No matter what the cause, you cannot wish to look old at thirty. Gray hair is tarved hslr. The hair bulbs have been deprived of proper food or proper nerve force. increases the circulation in the scalp, gtves more power to the nerves, supplies miss. lng elements to the hair bulbs. 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