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November 5, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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November 5, 1898

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.......................... . -/a  -L - - ........... , ........ v a,.4:u=q ......... . -- . . -..hL. * ,r1"&apos; I lt'FXI4E l'hlll H.*a. m! - +- Pql'. a:ld i {'S ' I}C 'e t" +lit }laCt+ }+ Ilia l "{V5 la it LJ " J " -- C ..... ha\\;'ebeel sD:nciing the ,um:ner in SPATE OF MISSIS, IPtl, ( , . , ,Vhic MollltlaiHs, and who were pre- i t II.KI-(SO.''CoLXTY. I ' . ,%,,,r,agv Nov.mber 5. .,,,,,/lt.,,lll rtqltrllin;o e s.,ner on a(:- 1 i "t To thetl,mo'ableBatl of Super -2=_:-.SS_LZ.--L-- --L--TJ_--2- U_ ('Olltl[ O[' cIual'an|ne, cable hollle' visors el Vilkhlson (otlllty ]issis- - sippi: Tuesday even in. :idciM J0ur'aM of the C0r- --: We the .nas,'igaed roiae,l, a.d The r(dlnd t}a!e pl'css lit the new gin legal voters of tim second supervisurs .;. W0odviile. is daily increasing in favor as the in- (lllrict of said couaty and state re- crat..,n of I Nimlde Announcements of inarria- crease it Lhe nulnber of bales will spectl'uily petition our lion- lloard -Z and deaths tt.hnul charge. .$1 50 Cqsh ...................... Otherwise .................. $2 00. MAI{KET "New Orleans Oct 29 1898. ! ,ntton 4 7-Pets Middling ................. i.--V,;,,-;(--leas removed his family into tc,wn. The Board of Supervisors meet regular session on Monday. tr; Pond was Mr In town ThtwsdaY morning. Fresh oysters can always be found st the st (u'e of S. CumbO. Dr. J. P" CasCY of p, uffalo was a will be pubhshed den,(mstral.e. A savingof s,,uneLhing ,ver $1 00 per baleiscerta nly sufli- cientreas(m wily it, should be wc, il - - patloniz,:d. ' =r- Mr. P. Keteham'(Tf'Pikc (qty. Gal. sa3s: "During my brother's lat sickness from ciatie rbeumatisul, ('hamberlain' s Pain Balm was the only remedy that gave him any relief. ' Many othe:'s have testified to the relief from pain which ihi liniamnt affords. For sale by G. Kann. -- t,.--  o The Board of Mayor aud Aldermer did not get, a quorum on last. I uesda), t.heir regular meeting davy, but; me.o on Thursday nlorniIIg, The accounts for qtlal'antine pnrposcs alllountinl to $312 50 were alh)wed and p:dd. Ths is considerable lcss than htst 5"ear. The general inH,ressitm here is lhat quite a number of farmers are holding their cotUm for higher prices, From ttle slowness of the movemen here visitor to town n TuesdaY" this fact mnsbundnubredly be true. ----------'-eyville our alerchauts arc all between 25 to A M. McGehee m .... Mr. vait, TuesdaY' 35 per eeut short in their receip's paid our town a , Don'T forget to tura out and vole "for F. A. M(.L'ain next TuesdaY. ---------'-"..U-77-, ,, L'  reville Ilon. J, A ledhead o ....... was in town yesterday morning. Or. ChaS. Hnwell and Mr. D. W. Brown were in Woodville M,mday. .. --.  .-.--t uf i, allrel tin, Dr. Gee. mew-, . _ a,,,im, the /pent several dayS in bows u. o week. __..__ _____,----------- JOB X%' OIlK AT TIIE [4EI, UBLI(JAIg' ----'------*'-"------ Oil if Use A dams celebraled Gtm yotl wallb to keep your gun clean. O. J. ADA31S. by his Mr. D. Baiters, a(.ca 1 t.' danghter, Miss Fannie, spea Wcd- Desdav in ,utr town. "-------*:'ehi(ed Mr. J K ScClOtlS u,* " lh redid(nee of Dr. Cross and moved his fandlv to town. - -"-" with Mr. Waller Lewis, who is n.w the Natchez Dra (2().. came (Iowa on Sunday on a ylsit to relatives. --------7-7",,) ar ill a Try a t) ('tilG Ol 2.ttuma,,"'" L and . purify your blood. 25 cents cheaper than th, ods at Gee. J AD,s. Messrs lia rry ()den and S. g. Ilof |a,d. Lwowcll kh,)wn grocery drum- mere, were in oar t( wn 'l.'btlrsday. compared with last, year. I was seriously afflicted with a cough'f6rseveral years, and last fall had a more seyere cough than eve, r before. I bare used many remedies without receiving nluch relief, and btiagrecomnmnded totrva bottle of[ ..... ' ...... ; ,'s L'o w-'h l{emcctg by a friend, who. k.mwi*g me ai 0our widow, gave it to me. [ treed  , ] ad with the most gratifying rvsults. , he first buttle relieved me very much and tim second bottle has absolutely cured me. I Iave not had as good health for twenty years. Re.ape(t- ' ) fullY. MRS. MARY A. BE.I'.I , Clare- more, Ark. Sold by [. l(aun. __ :rg: Mr. I1. M. Mill is again out, .wi{h an estimate of 11,5(,0,0t)0 bales of e(LlAln as the minimum crop for 1898-99, and from the largo ree,]pts a5 the ports daily iLseems as If his estimate iq goh3g go 1to a correct ()tie. lu tii. eetiHn the out turn of 3oLb'm is hu'gv.r thaa was expected several weeks ago. Many rartners who anticipated a smaller yield han last, year are raisimz their est, imate of their own crepe t, nd now claim they will make as nlueh a, last year. Brig'ht's Disease and till kidney tt.oflbles easily cured by Stnith's Sure Kiduey Cure. I have been bleediugfrom the khl- nevs for twelve m,,nths, attd had got- loft So weak I was confitmd to lily In'd. t was told to try Smith's Sure Kid ev ('ure. a it, was claimed to dissolve. to grant to.lap J.'Davis also a resi- dent thereof, alicenae to sell and re- tall Vin,ms, Alcuho'.ic, Mait Intoxi eating and Spirilumlsliquors in less quantities than one gallon near the Fort Adams lan(tiug iu .,.aid District and we reeomnlend lhe ,aid .lap. J. Davis tobeof g,)o(1 reputation and a sober and a suitab'e person t, receive tuch license and as in duty boan',letc. Respectfully, Daniel Webster Alexauder, John llenr. KclSh, E:nest Ross, Cw'us McNulty Strickcr, VYillie Lamer Stricker, Mayer Samuel, A lille 'Aoods Stuart, Perry Baker, .Tohu .lames Cage, h'vin Ely lit|lit, llabers Brandon Glass, Sterhng Williams, llis James x Desearn, 51 a rk. George Babers Leo, Jacob Burke Mount, Lyttleton Lancaster, I,wulS Spencer Wall, Noati Wiliiam James, 'Win. Dahlbom, Fender Dan Revish, Francis Marion Thornberry, Tlaolnas Joseph Burke, Ned \\;* ard, Ralph Gunst, Janes Ileffrv Julia, IhA,n't Lind say Brandon, Cerard (hitter Brandou, l{obert l/rittain, lien Tolbert, lhbert Scott, I'M ward Ben Bo,.Men, Major Joim Franklin, ('harlcs Allea Farnham, ]{obert Scruple Jr. V, illiam Watson B:lbers, John 't'owles Scruple, }tis David x Iaiden, M ,irk. James Bell ,If, Georgc. Marshall Mchltyre, Louis Eseher,. Jlenrv l?ru,nbull Mc(jelw.c, krthlr Merwiu'McGehee, ].)avid Self, l'ink (halle3 T)a*, SOU, Wi:lie ilays, Leander Eugene Stuart, Jatnes Duncan Page, II,'nry Edward Harris, ,lol n Jt.tfer:eo,t l)avis,. "WJllbm Ilenry \\;,all, John l{ell (htrry, :Victor E. Traer. Bemne l{ullis [nman, Charh;s William Davis, B T. Sheckler, George l)orsey Glass, Edwin Ruthvan Davis, Wi!lie Therntol, Filed November 1st, 1898. G. A Coo:, Clerk. N'ov, 5th, 1898.- 4w. i-- M_issSarah I)o,,vliug came up to stone i' ddnev- After 1 had tikcn %Vnodvillenn last Saturday's train halfo[ thcbottle the stone was dis- where she will s>endseveral m(mt,hs, solvcdandpased awaY. and in tw .....  days l waseured of the bleedi;laml ...... commenced to improve, I am now Several nice volumes by the latest entirely well attthors were presented ,6o the College JOHN STOKES, Itarttett, Tenn. Library by Mrs. McMauus during the Price 50 cents. For sale i)y (has. It. Day, ROLAND, FURERRL F-. DIRECTOR'  "  ...... )n The Lnnfellow IAIerary L,,ague.a. Mr. M-,rtin ,,thchfld an, .W: 'or the [,i{egd is 0rogresshua vc,'v rap,d-, WOOVlLLZ, MISS. Nldnev, left Thursm.V morning . ly. Quite a utmlber of new .myra?ors] 1R," 'w OIlean'  s where Sidney sil" have beei admiLt.ed. ,,Atent(t'P'etr'I  uu,alPt" I NOTICE, [  ineetlng the f(dlowit  "': .!  i BIDS to b,dht either or both of the cnouI, o programme was carried..out: |eclIa, |] two bri, I 'e, to be built on the uew l i road laid out near Fort Adams, ac- carding to. specifications on lile in ] clmncerv elerk's office, will b,!'ecelv- ed upto9o'ciogk A .t, on the st Men'lay in November 1898. The Boara reserves the right to reject any and all bids. ' C. 2,. OOON, Clerk. 10 8'q898 4w.  ;t'gESPASS NOTICE. Uehee, came tip -. 5- Sure Kidney Itnnting or otherwise trespassing ), j Webb Mc ,  - / [ have iised Smith s , "- on the McMfmus, Farish and ,,OWlll,g , (1 d ,, "cw Orleans Tuesda7 to spe.n Cure aud t has made a perl.lauem ut,- Ir m.N wilt friends and relauves, cure Mils. W.. I'uaE.',t, (ireen p!a(:es ls strictlyprotv:,hited cw pays h " Icnesbm;o Ark der" penalty of the law. All former all of whmn are glad 10 see m. . " ' PIss Lizzie 'vVebt iialert, ona',Ionday for Bristol,Tenn, where she wl,l .l:tend school. l:e will take a two year course bef,re returning home. - WANTZD.--oId C(mfederate Stamps on )riginal envelol)es (tr packages.-- }IIghest prices paid for same. Apply Rt BEN 13 tLOWNS SItOP.('. t*.*I '-3 Mr. and Mrs. W. R.. Brown of Amite county, arrived here (m Monday. Mrs. rrawn having secured the. positAon or l'0s Mistress or this place. A the district is pretty close and wlth many candidates in tlle field, it hours of r o'clock a. m., and 4 o'clock p. m., sell at-public aucuon to behooves every true Democrat to work I the highest bidder for'cash, according ar/d vote at tam election nex Tues- / to law, the la l da. | Mississippi a ' 3a" 7 c tJtavehng flmght ir. Redm(mt, . ,, ]acres S ptiofWofN E t seetion agentnfthe y.&M..g. It., who 2i, and W ofSE secuan 21 succeeded Mr. 1?,a'ow, wa in uwn ou 8-5 acres and 41 acres in W part of Wudne3daV h)oking after the lnLcrest of hi company. Anether new reLord was made in March contracts during tht week when that month's cottxm was sold at 4.84, There.seems Lo be no let up and prices ar 9 gradually getting ou a lower level. see .(,,ice nr a ;;lal election in another column. This election will be had on the 29t,ll of Nov. far the purpose nf elect,ins a C(mgressman to fill the unexpired term of Hen. w. F, Love deceased. F,... nexl Tues N-ote! NOT!I VOT ""' . day for the success of the Democratic :Party in this distric may rest upon yottr vole. ]very vote is prcci(ms, so rally true Democrat, s and scc that every available vnt e is cast. .j/ On Friday of last week our l,ard f IIealthresmnded all regulati,nsa" regards the quaruntine and opened I he B,mrd our town Loth world. " adjourned sloe die and we hope 1.hey @ill'have no occasion to meet, again formanY years to come. One facl b;m been clearly dem(msl.ratcd, that even with the dread Prh'e 50 cents For sale by Chas. permissions revoked g. M. McGEHEE. R. Day, J. It. I'ENDLETON. - Sept. 4, 1896-tf New dvertisements. STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, V ILK[NSt)N {]oUNTY. COMMISSIONER'S SALE To MARTt. E. V. COLLINS: ) . You are commanded to appear Dnncan Stewart et el, vs, I enelopel,,:, r the Chancery Conrt of. the Sterling et al. . : [ untv of Wilkinson in said Stare o,t By virtve of a decree in this, cause ! the 2nt .Munday of Dec., A D., 1898, rendered by the Chancery . (.our.t ofl.then and there to a'nswer the petitiot ,:,,.: .... tottnW Mississtssq)pt, at ] aud exami,,e the .fiuat 2 acco},nt,, O, / lIl.l 113% li  O H i vall - :- - ',, - V.nda,,! Peter [(,ller extieutor [ the Ma term Ia95, I Wltt Uu , ,u j . - Y ....... the / Eaton, dec'd of dedeased. Guardian - cenloer I 5, at , " " the 5,1 day -tJe .. " 9 . ":.. qfip ot said Mrtiu I W Collins a door of the Lourt Ftousc n, ' south . ., minor. . . - f Woodvilte Mississippi, I/etween lne Iued nnder my head amt seat o Court this the 18th ay of Oct., A. D. section 21, T I. R I E. This Nov. 5th 898. W. F. IU.KE , Special Co-mnissioner. '5" t89 8-4:v" S'PATE ,()F MISS[SS!I'EI. Fn Jvnmc Suowden, YOU are eonlt)t;tF|tte.d to appear be. "( re Llle-ch'tncerv ('(tllrt of tile C )Ullt v fWilkl's(u naidsate, on the2nd Monday of December A. D., l},98iO defend Ltle suit itl said cotlrb el Is Itll nowden, wllercin you are il deILm- dant. q'his 4Lh day ,f NIv. A. 1). 5898. C. A. COON, Clerk. By*II. A. WOOD, D. C. II 5 1898 4w. N()TIClg TO TEACHEI{S. A sDecml i:.,xamination for ec, lorcd teachers will be heht ill thO '(20 lrt, th)use uu N,,v.. llth and 12 h-. Josl, lI JOHNSON, Supt. 11-5.18;8.W, N(Y[[CE TO CREDITORS. The cre, ditor. of tim eslate of Wil- liam Adams deceased, are hereby ,u)tified titatou the 12Lh day of l)e- =ember 1898 the clauns ag:aiuatsaid estate will be |aken up fur tlon aml a:judicati'n" and claims n.tmt be i b93. C. A. eoox, Clerk. By !I.. A. Woos, D.C. Oct., 22, 1898.--4w. 000@0@@ 00000@00 It Stands at the Head .. @OO0@@ @ ..v.aa,,a a= I @ @ I@ @ ..o NeWspapers. 0 0 @ @ m @ @ @ el"...,,, , ,. @0@@ & @ : -.-Democrat i It Oives eeeooee0o ooo All The News, @ Both Home and Foreign. @ O I I In ddltlon, it furnishes Its readera  Every Sunday Morabag O Wltt't a OlloiO Co11ecOn of I 0 ORIGINAL STOIKIES, @  0 0, O, @ @  SKL'TOmS and POEMS t By nthors of known reputation, t ,7llr.!y, Issuod Tuesds IS XOW ()PEN I:()R BUSINESS WITII A FULL STOCK t)l; : : PTJE LIQ J 0-7,.,S o 8UCII AS o---7 OLD JIOWOPOLE RYE, P UIITdW t YL. FREA%'J[ BRdAT) t", WIA:ES, ETC. Choice Stock of FI;VE Ci6ABS A/ways on land. Those is need of PUgE LIQUORS for medical par- poses will do well to call attd examine my stock. A. . joflsoN. we are daily recmvlng our new and choice stock of Fd L L MID W/# irEtl Goods, This weeks arrivals ,?; as follows: Ladies and Misses CL, cin.aO 8hoes, I Oatass, F/ and Ginghams. All of them early i /, i FALL NOVELTIES. Come around and look at them even though you do not want to buy at prcsent. Martin riot&child & Bro. . 11 2O 97 if. TRESPAISS NOTICE. All hunting or trespassing on- the Artonish lands under fence spro- hibited under full penalty of the law. Aay stock remaining on the Artouish pst,reafterFebruary 15th will be eaarged pasturagejb per month. ftLLESl'IE. '1 i5 1898 ly. @mvers=ly d Nssissippi, i Gin:8-1898, Courses in Literature. Science, Phi- Ios(,ptlv, EtoctUnn, PudagogY, Law. 22 SCht)ols. Enlarged cors ins.Lruc- I t.ors. Cumplcte water aua sanitary system. Unsurpassed healthfulness. l TI_TITIO N F1)EE .tO men and woalen in all departments excent law All expenses low. Senti- " " * 6 8 '( 98. I Centennntl celebratmra Nov. , [ Next. Session opens Sep. 15, 1898. / For cat alogue or in fOrillation address, / R, B, F U LTO N, Cha n(',elhr, University, Miss. Repairing ! ll/'ill receive ou, r prompt ctzd ectre- fl attention. ,' JOSEPH SARPHIE, The Jeweler, W00DVILL111, IISS. WE  <=!:" CUARANTEE you exami,,cd We have ihe line We have l rANT . pvL2..f er. I,o t'also promises Du;de, ., _.F/ I0 eharlatamsra praeuced..  I4 " l " ..,}. /),-er 100Go:d and Sllvcr Med- . m ( al. 1)il 'lomas et.c., awmded I  Oyster season is now onen and  ":& " Ua by American and European r, it:s,,, Exposititmn. Commercial } W0 keep always ou hand fresh  J ![ \\;, eantlng and Atai:ing, and Bavocook 0ys{erS o,! ice, ore-  | I1 %t.. Is Gtlarar, tee 4ffhel" and pal:edtn any style. We hart-  | . V-_-. Sateitor to any otIar tn the 1 t dle no tub ovste'rs. All kiu(ls  | ,,'y.. so,ih, wo owe our coeee, o :J building and h:,0ttnequa;leo [,' of California Fruit, Fancy [ -'- @" ,acmtis a.d aa uaexIca I{} Uilndy, Nuts etc. " : | taculty. Grad atea h6ad leading positios all over the I " 1Valn St. Opposite ]B,unx &Dampf. "" | ]| V:!I l, anlr(llls I)UI.'IeS (.ontt't;...,,- - being uaiverally a.nd reput'bly kn,awn, we feb I9S'IY, hgo mmerior ad.vansagea ia aiding s;adcnta to eC'l'O sitnatioll$. ' - ' a..qtore i lu, ecte4 wtt SO.Ul4 Coli -0 la which atntenls do netaaI Dlllllesa w1 t . r..l gooda an d, a etalt o..,.und theY koP [  LSR & WILSgH, k In trio latcst h,bo Stvlng orms. 1 thae, b',),,,s nter at ,ny time, English, ACaj. "' --CONTP.'ACTORS OF* 8;''lo{,thand and B,v.ine's aeh*ovla. An sevarat lacrltms. 8end for eatalogne. llave clothing? most- complete (vet shown, stylish, snappy, sleei< and serviceable and made iX. pressly to harmonize Witl00 your pocket book. C. SC HAEF lgR, \\;Ye have just rec,:00x:00d a T " ' lot of Cadet Uniforms, Just the thing for the boy. " C KANN. . , i . d %vOODV [LLE,  " DEALER II2--:" DBOGS and MEDICINEI CttF Public School Books ,t:l::X ;:at. a:l. J. _ Stationery, Painters Stpplies Cuftle in6 llardware, ltlminah Garden Need " . 'Phvsicians prcriptions carefully compounded, and orders ck selected .i oh grat care andwarranted as represented. . 8. 91 .--y. F, A. McLAtN. W.P.S. VENRTESS. McLMN & VENTRESS, . hi000ruys00nl lma.qer00 WOODVILLE, MISS, ()flice in MeGehee bniiding. DR. 0HAS. E, CATCttINS Office iu zldams Drng Sore. uy J14r '94 tf, DR. L. W. MAGKUDEK, Physician and Burgeon, WOODVILLE, MISS. Oflloe at residence, AF*}il 7, .88 ly DK C. C. CROSS. Dental Surgeon, WODDVILLE, MISS. Office up sairs over the Post,,ffice. A. G. 8HANNOR, WOODVILLlil, M IShl. Will pracWe in all Btate ,na United State. courts iu this State Ileal estate bonght u ld on aom mismon. Ofli(.e oi, C-mmteia; Row DR. JOHN F. THEKREL, Physician and Surgeon WOODYtLLE, MISS. Office ou },lain St. at his old Stand JOBN A, L[IWBY, R s  8s. - 0 UR WORE. FUNERAL _IRECT0 . /kiull Stock o* MetMi aad Wood- en Coffins always on haud at Wood- ville. Miss., Main St. rres:ms [:vtiee. All persons font,,1 hunting, fishing or otherv;is( trespassing on lhe Bur namwood t.lantation al}out 3 miler south of Woodville will be prose outed Tothe full extent of the law. Astrietwatclt ilt he kept ()i) sam( pl:tutation for t, respas.ers. L V.. MA(;nUtmR I It, Stun Dzseas, For the speedy and permanent  of !tcr, salt rheum and eczema, Cham- erlan's Eye ind Skin Oiut-mnt is without an equal It relieves the itch- ing and snrting ahnot: 9astantly mad its continued rise 'effeets. a permanenl cure. it also Cures itch, t3rber's itch, scald head, sore tpptes, itching piles, ch'q)ped trends, clUtdc sore eyes and granula;e4 lids. Dr. Cady's ('ondtll(m Pgwdera fm hm,r. are the best tonic, Mood puriiier mdvermffuga. Price, 3eents. )ld." A C ADESIY, I'*)RT (-ll$t-()N, I%XI/,..- .-q-v O R K. "> Estimates Furnished Patronuge Solicited. BOARDIhI GCHOOL FOR BOY, Leave Orde, vs wIlh 'Wqtlin & III{.koy or Ben lrow a's, Llarber bhul), ,t h h)ction in the hill enulltrv lle'tb Y ' ' ',.. ,. of Mississippi. A IILI FACU.P t DeetSO72,n Well equipt)ed GY.INAStu:,t. 1 R:ttes luw, owing u) eado;vInent. / rRESPXSS NE IO.L 'Writ, e for C'ttal.'[ue. 1 ,l. T. DLtAKE, Snc'lt'rXnY, I All hunting on Sinlralt an,1 S(.hae- 8 6 1898 tf. .1 fer i)laoesi strictly prohibited .................... -'-'--- penalty 'A i'he law. Waterman Fotln utin L. ". " ][ A G il-t'Ill117, .tng-same " tL J. . JORES, WOOf)VILLE, Mt I. OIllc above the Family and Fa nov tz0ueriea, Oyster's, Tru a,l kinds, Sugar, ('offte, Starch, Raisins, 2Nn s ,r Canlmd Fruit and Fish, Flue brand Fresh Bread every plies arriving daily, llareh 21 , 186-y TIESPAS NO I1(. All llet rea t prohlbited, uliddr penal Pet., 9th '97.--t f, TRESPASS 51OTItTE. All bunting, ti,Md,g trespassing OII (ielI Btl111e s strictly prohibited he law. All lorn,er I),? yoked. G o. T 'r RES :PA SS Any person caugtlt or otherwise fret, Collins or Old prosecuted to the f, il aw. Atl former ed, F. 1). L: .f/. /2".- outI ,Ve t Corner of I'uidi, I have alwaya m artidv .f " tmdy ' i "E i la BEI'I.' I,II&ID: ) CIGARS, Domeutit. t,,l Fatcv Liqu, rs, Vm m, t: ! Bottled and Keg Deer; Iee alwayt on haod. 3i tr 0tds and '!nd'me rt'ad to O. A II. Mal'h t2. 92, t