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November 5, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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November 5, 1898

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++:+ ? +.:-,..-+ .  + :+:.+.+%: ell!+r:t . AWAKE ")EIL&apos;!'. ,+l mer. " ,+ ..... ]n ! ,cc,utary Gage ilas he,t,n glVln# J-/; ..,,lht.r hence. "" " ' " J.O'.u-3r D, [ " . -- _I away adminis',raLi.n sect't% by "An Address to the Voters of] "+ " ' "" " , ,, ..... ltJtbticLv adn)Jtting that wldle he J. N. LEIVIS, V dkmson County, by.he Chau - h,ped h,r the eleelioa of a Ih, imbh- ' and Prolr|etor. man of the Democratic Executive uaa maj,>ri y oi Ihe m.xt Ilouse. he ADV 00RTISERS. ANN() UNCEM ENT. FOR CO+,RESS. Slx+rH Co+rwro, L DIT. Um Voters of Biikinsou County: irlIIOUlI;O that I am a ca,t- from tht. the 6+h snd will thank upo.rt. Electron TImsdav. Nov. 8th 1898. lepoetfnlly. IO. A. McLAIN. + LEON S(21I WAI"IZ. C II.2.;I-:YL2..ND. Capt. R. M. Me- ,could not go so tar as to say he h)oked for Ilelmbl.iea,t success. l'he only difference between Sette- e-+ Dr tary ,Jae aad the other nlelLthers O| the administrallon is that he has pttbhcly said what they all think and ay privately. hlstead ,f being ahelp to Q,ay, Mr. McKmlej-'s eisit to PhtlaJelpld. was a positive ill jury to Quay ami Quayl.ta. Mr. McKiuley did no sl,eak the good word for Quay that Committee, Gehee. It s an appeal to the Democr:tts to turn out and w)te, at the election next Tuesday, as the success of the party is iu a very-dangerous and menacing position. It also giws a few statmttcs which prove how strain- ed the circumstances are and it only depends upon you as to whether we will meet victory or defeat. too short for iL was hoped by the terror-stricken Qua 3ires lhat he would speak. In fact, he spoke not a single word that couhl be construed into sym- pathy for Quay or a wish for his sue tess, altl,ough some of Qt:ay's friends took special pains to make openings for Mr McKinley to say something of that sort. The result is that the Quaiites are sa 3 ing that it would have been better fur Mr. McKiuley to have remained oul; el Ell vd gei+e {u lege 1+: "7 +. IF()OD I/TL L E, +l-l/ + q. " v++..+ Will Open ire 37ih Anna, el Sess/on, Sa2t. 7th, 18"-38. '171 ("Q Thorot+ghly ellllilJPc d l(,r work in Ihe delmrt.nJent. or , c.: 3u:sic. Ebu,o.ti0n, English, 51aLbum+tics, Sciences ++ ,.-.' ,r,. w " i ' and ganguag0s, i:'200  Special facilities for the study of Music, Elocution,  -%  En:li:h nud Mathcm.ttics. " + " I '.+t+lDd'rd uP srh,+]+tr'M D in the Colb+o is hi+ llm h stru{ l]Otl tn ?lie '  ] 1+qDht{.Py a+Id +x,{;Itlor:v:trlt+n l)oiJ+i, rtmonls iht)ro!tvh. "tqtCll*?l.s It "( sO ( |- ,.. /:t+;. I lie LIIltI(Illl +s ILl'(" Ilt'W L Q I'OIIllttl)dh}llS, ltl ]R f+?C| Pt p ail' t J it tied 't wilhtdlthc('omfo/,tmof I. reliedh r Pltvtnlsha,, n" dau,,lte.,a tuectu (:* e w < <) well Io <'orlf 't 1: i h IIIP. l}+foce .'41lldlll elsowlc/.t2, e. t] v)gelN 'or Catarmgue ........ g d "rt'rt'/lS 'ldllress ... , MISS GEOR(IIA SWANSOX Pres W,,,t,,a +t.t+,,, i+ E - --" " - - " -'-- - ..... .  .... -.-.2 - - , A company of Sweedish wreck ers offer'to raise the Spamsh ships at Santiago at the,r own expense, land rely on paynlent when the work i clone. According to the usual cutoln Ill(+ President has issued a pro- clamation in which he nalnes Thursday Nov. 24th t)s Tilank- EXEUU I'IVE I)EI'ARI'MENI', } JACKs<,N, | ISSlS ,II'PI. "O TIlE ELECTh)N COSISIISIONEIIS OF V ILKI NSON (- OUN'J Y : Whereas, a vaeot)ev exists ill ltle The time being the holdingof a convention to nominate a regular Democratic candidate, there are two Demo- crats in the field, McLain and Evans, both of whom are strong men and the vote will be very much divided, and the only chance for success is through tl full vote by Democrats, and it behooves each and every one to do all in his power for the success Paa i n 00treet, 300[u'i[hslandinff ghe Qu.oran/ine our Stoeh of GI00O CERI.ES is large, fresh, and comp/e[e. ++glSE in oar prices on account of red+eced stoel00s in the town. WOODV|LLE, 00188 are authorized to announce d. B. DAWSON. for Cotultv Amsmor. action of the I)emo- party+ Voters of Wilkinson County : led begs h,ave to a,. a candidate for the of Sheriff of Wilkinson County, of tim I)emoera- to be hehl for county Very respectfully, B. It INMA New goods arriving daily. I have purchased a large stock of Dry goods, Clothing, N " r-presentatim iu C,,n,.,ress fro,,, the ot,ons, Housekeeping ar, S,x'th('ongrcs,i.nal District of this ticles Hats Shoes &c. in New York Stale, o,n,l)osed of tile counties of 9 Au)ite, Adams. Covington, Greene. .',,nes. all of which I propose to sell at prices Lawrence, Marion. I'earl River, Perry, lhke and Wilklns,)n, cansed a8 papers nrge Spain there is no hope of intervent ion. lion and the Rus- are now growling +at other over the Chinese and war may result. Ctlba notice that aH do- must end Jany. that time the Americau be hoisted. Does t|ns beginning of American ? I evacuate Fas- ts still making pparations. It is of his party. Mr. IIatllorn, the Populite can- &date, will receive the consolida- ted vote of his party, which two years ago was 2700 votes againsl 6000 for Mr. Love in lhe district, So with two Democrats in the fieid the chances for the success of the Pops are encouraging, to say the least. The Populists, no doubt, intend to make the best of their chances, and will strain every point to poll a full vote, for they are .well aware of the fact that a like opportunity may never present itself, and if d.- feated under such favorable cir- cumstances, it will be a death blow to them, froth the effects of which they will not recover soon. So awake Democrats, put ou," shoulder to the wheel and exert every effort to add force to the ldow, for otherwise we all know too well what the result will be. From all l'eports it now ap- pears that McLain's chances for election are the brightest and we trust this may prove an assured that she is preparing to fact on next Tuesday. over Egypt, provoke opposition feared that the Maria Spanish crmser that and sailed UnitStates, has been Mr. Me- Lain fs known to us all as a true Democrat, an able lawyer and one in whom we are "all willing and glad to put our trust. And while we do not wish to detract from the ability of his opponent, there iis instilled m us a feeling of confidence, which is well as- that prevailed sured, that in case of his electiou The Navy De- his highest aims will be for the not credit this. furtherance of good in his dis- the Governor has Will Martin, of Chancellor for this nds of Capt. very much dis- triet. So for the good of your- self and Party come out and cast your vote for lion. F. A. McLaiu. Washington, Oct. 31st, 1898. A leak in the Paris end of the ad- this action of tbe ministration has made it apparent, y bad been led to why the republleans were so anx- appmtitment to the] Mp. ] ioua that the treaty of Peac*+ should --+,m, .-- - j not he concluded before the Con Willi  attended thellressional election. We are to get of the rinsing of the Ithe Philippine islands. But to bny flags over in Jerusalt+m which is m have been tl3e home Mary. The place was Emperor and in the German !11, has Spain must pay war, and probable and this place a value on and Porto Rind, loose ilands we up, and credit it on acconnt against Sain: of mutinied at Knoxville ocers were ap- ineom0etent account of the the them is a new wrinkle, ai'ter [capture ing terril, ory by force of arms, to pay money !or it, either by llaying a large sum in cash or by assuming about $40,000,000 of Spanish heads, or t)y i)oth. It is not surprising thst tlt Republican managers should dread sneh intormatit, n as that going m the eouttry on the eve of an im- portant etecth)n, n-r that [they houldnow be trying to discount tt by saying that nothing yet had been positirely determined upon, except that we would demand all 'of the Philippine islands. Tha demand was today officially made by our Peace Commissioners, but it was known in Paris several days ago, and known to the Spamsh Com- mistioners that this government had agreed to a proposition to tluy Ihe Philipl?)ines. A suspicious thing a- bout this agreement i that a special Co ngres- the state, because his silence has giving day. beeaconsrued hyena-Quay repub- citizens of licaus to mean lack of administra- tion sylnl)athy for Quay, and they are maldug some dire lhrcats about l+at they will do in connectmn with the Natiunal Convention of 1900. Mr. McKinley's Commission onRht to ie t'apt. '+X m. Astor hauler, who served in the Cuban campaign an won praise from Gen Shafter !u an olHclal report, and who s now Democratic eaudidate for speeches were the mutineers and they entreated iusead Gattling guns is the usual of demhng with a mutiny. restrte raised the railroads ' an itntnanso pas- as the refugees+ h during the yel- arge are coming to if any home ply purse. Mmut recovered from have lots of time of the past. the Ito urges that all the United tat(s' meet in their places of wor- ship and give thank on thi day. The "United States of South America" is a new republic co,m- prising the states of IIonduras, Salvador and Ntcaraugua. Thi. republic will be governed by three commissioners; one from Congress against Lamnel Eli Quigg, each state, until March, when iu one of Lhe N[eW YorRCity (llsLrics, u chance o testify, if they really wish to get at some warm facts. Capt. Cl)anler says that Abner Mc- Kinley made money out of contracts for furnishi,gsupplies to our troops In Cllha, and moreover, that the stuff furnished by the AI)ner 31c+ Kintey eaucern was of inferlor quail j:, and not up to the specifications in any particular. This matter will be heard from again as seen as Con- must look ahead and plan ahead so gress meets, that when a favorable opportunity pre- The country may expect the pub- sents itself he is ready to take advan- leattn of a prehmlnary report froul tage of it. A little forethought will Mr McKinley's alleaed investi- also save much expense and valuable gallon commission, during the pres- e,, week, as Bqss Hanna adlfl the ol,hec Republican. managers have ordered that one be made find given to the public before the Congressional electiou There is little probability thatawhitmash report, suci as will be made. will influence the castitig of a single vote. The peo- ple of the eomtry are oa to that Commission and its work. AN ADDRESS, TO TtlE VOTERS OF 'ILKINSON COUNTY, IISSlSSlPPI. A serious danger mena+-es the suc- cess of the l)emocratie Party of the Sixth Congressional District. The uutimely death of Ihe Hou. W. F a cloud of aspirants for Represen- tative from this District. There are uow five Democrats announced as candidates, one Populite and one Republican. The division among the Deln- orals necessarily jeopardizes the success of onr part,), as a few statis- tics will make perfectly plain. 'l'w., years ago Mr. Love received about G000 votes, m round numbers, for Congress, and the Populite oppo- nent received nearly 2700 votes, oill 3' 300 votes less lhan half the entire Democratic vote of the District. Iris safe to assume that ltathoru will poll nearly or quite the same vote on the 8th of November for the Populists see their opportunit), and will turn out in force. East t,fPearl river tllere are four Democratic Candidates who will divide the 3000 Democratic voters ot that section and if the Popuhte can- didate had no other opponent he would be a sure winner. iL will elect apreident with a four years tenure t)f office. The union of these states will chauge m,tt- ters with regard t() the proposed N;carauua Can;d, us all negotnl- tions will necessarily be made now with th republic. Bad management keeps more peo- ple in poor ctrcumtances than any other one cause. To be suecessfifi one time. A prudent and carefitl rnan will keep a bottle of Chamber!ain's Colic, Cholera an Diarrhoea. Remedy in the house, the shiftless fellow will wait until necessity compels it and then ruin his best horsc going for a doctor and have a big doctor bill to pay, beside.; one pays out 25 cents, and the other is out a hundred dollars and thet) wonders why his neighbor is getting richer while-he is getting poor- er. For sate byG. Kann. LIQUOR LICENSE PETITION', Tolhe IIonorableBoard of Snper- visors of Wilkinson County and State of Mississippi: We tim undersigned red,dents and legal volerso[ theSeeond Supervisor l)istriet t,f said county and State re- spectfull.,, petitiou .onr llonerable Love, who had been nominated to Board toffrant to sneceed himself, fibs made room for JOSEPH EDGAR JARREAU also aresi.ent thereof, a license to sell and retail vinous, alcoholic, malt intoxicating and spMtuons liquors in less quantities tllan one gallon at Pond, it) said District and we reconl- mend said Joseph Edgar Jarreau to be ot good reputation and a sober and suilable person to receive snch license and as in dnty bt, uad etc. etc. But the Hen F. A, MeLain, of Amite, is a candidate and ++'ill carr 3 the four counties Adams, Amite, Wilkinson, Ihke and probably lmw- rence which gave Mr. Love over 3000 votes iu the last lectton, issue of Spanish bonds, of 40,006,000 Therefore McLaiu is easily the strongest man in the reed, and on his success depends the hnpe of l)emoeraLie trntm pll. But to secure that necess l)emo cratsmust turn out and vote. Every vote will connt and none can 0e spared I titerefore earnestly ap- peal to every Democrat in old Wil- kinson to do his duty on the 8th of November. Never, in the hmtory of the Democratic Party in]the Sixth dis- trict, has there been such an urgent. delr.and for the eercise of party fealty. Go to the polls and take y<)ur neTghb,w with you and le us cast the full vote of our coutity for Frank McLain. R. M. IcCIEIIEE, Chairman Dem. Ex. Com. alleged to haw been issued for pub- lie improvements in the Philippines, whiclt are ltoaLing around in the flaan- ,,ial markets of Europe, fr,m the time they were Issued, all suddenly disappeared about the time the I'eaee Commission met, and today not one of those b3nds eau be bought. Where did they gu? They were bought up by somebody, according to the teatimony ot European bind brokers. I)td that somebody' ha,to advance Inside information that ths particular issue of bonds was worth more than other Spaniel1 bonds, because of this agreement of the U. S. govern. ment to buy the Philippines? If so, who gave that informathm, nd wht) is gdng to lro/it ,thereby? These ar e questions that w,fl Respectfnlly, John Jefferson Davis, l'erry Baker, Ralph Gunst, Willie \\;Voods Stuarl, I}aniel Webster Alexander. John Heu1"y Kelsh lqnk Charles Dawson, :Bell (oFhtLIn) Ills Jam. s x Desearn, Mark. Ills David x Maiden, Mark. Johnnie Bell C, urry. Thomas Maxwell, Willie Lamar Stricker. Cyrus McNulty Str]cker. John James Cage, Ma> er Samuel Jacob Burke MOultt, John Towels Senlpte, Harry Trumbnll JeGeliee, Robert Lmdsay Brandou. Wi lialn- Watson Babcrs, Rooert Semple, Jr, ][ajor ,lOhu Frankliu. Arthnr M.:rwin ,cGehee. Francis+Mari&u Tlmrnberry, Gerard Chittoe Brandon Edward Ben Boldm, Robert Brittain, Ben Tolbert Littleton Lancaster, Robert So,tt, Evans Spencer 1Vail, (;eole Babers Lee. Louis Esclmr, George Marshall Mcl ntrre, Ernest Ross, David Self, James/lelwv ,Tolla. Willie Thor,ltOl,, Sterling Williams, Ned Ward, James Bell, Jr. Victor Ernanuel Trager, Francis Marion Davidson, ltenry Edward Harris, George Doesey Glass, George Baskervllle Row, (harles He' rv Brown, Edwin Ruihvin Davis, Yoltng Elias D, vidson. Nmnter Enffene Stuart, James Ite,;ry Gibbs, .James Aleorn Gillespi, Nicholas Devereux, Dan Depree, Noah x illiam Janms, Wilhe Ha s. James Duuettn Cage, lrvin Ely lhlnt. William tleni'v Wall, Ieuben Dan Rcvish, Charles tllen Farubam, Dy the (bath,f II.n W. F Lore. N,,w thvraf,,re, I, A. J. MeLanrn. @overnor of the State of Missis+qqA, t) 3, virtue of the attthoritv vested in ,ne hy thec.ns:itution and laws ot the State, do istte this WRIT OF ELECTION eornmandlrW you t- hohl or cause to be hehl, at the several precincts in the said eouvly so low that it will to examine my stock. Special ducements to large buyers. PE TIeR MOLLER be to your interest in- of X+,ilkioson. on Tuesday the 29 h (lay Of Novenlher, A. l) 18,+)8, an ............. vh'ctiou for representalive in COIl- -'=-- - 2 res from the 6th Congressional I)ist.riot of the State nf MissisSlpl)l, )[iil the un(.xl,ired ttrul of said W. F. L,ve, deceased. And 3oft will in all redirects eon- duct said eh'cli.n, an(t tnake rettrns Ihereof, in the nmrmer preserihed h, thecorJstituli<n laws and (rdtnant:es DeW il force it1 this Slate relatiu thereto. IN TES'i'I.IONY WIII'REOF, I herennto set mv hand and t.tttlse the, Great Sea[ (}P Ibe State of Missis. slpld to be affixed. Done at the Capitol in the City of laekon, this the 18th (lay of Octo- t)er in the year of our Lord. 1898. A. J. McLAURIN. Bv the G,,v(rnnr : J. L. I'OWERS, Secretary of Skate. SPECIAL EIA,:CTION NOTICE. I u accordanc, e Wl[h tile above or- der, notice i heretw given that a No.,. ,5 Night.. Train,, Leaves,, P, lcmphis,,, _ 7:551,,,  ..vluk'Ou"g ;5:*0 um t II II UO'a tl',:vj llo tj:i6 Ulll ...... " Arrives Now Orleans 10: b,m No.,, .,6' . Jght ,,TrMn leav+.u New O, h+'aat+ = 4:20 i.IL I I+ , +i ii i, . l I " CJen t.revilto " Vicksbnrg 1";:35 pm 1 1:5o plat al'rIvo 31aml}hr a No. 21 Day 'rl,i, Le, vv, Vi,;l+n-r, 7:10 ,m " ' " +, 81tin _. arrivp New Orlpans 5:80 pm No 22 Dt,y TrMn leaves Nice,- N, le,ul8 R:/,13 air O " " _ " arrives Vioksbm... 5:55 Pm .Traio rnus daily except Sunday. -. N+). 7".'tl leav,m Woodville " "laaves Pny6l ,:tra 9 al " " arrivoa glanffhter . 11.10 am '+ " " "V'ql :lr.q 1 :In r,B .... arrfvo Woo,lvilla '2: :'m pet.ial eledti,m will be I,eld hy the Tnoohly Line r,u)nite oIi,1 Trah:l 4:l.P"m pf t,<or. D Icinsnn County, Mis., at, d the In- , . . s[)eet,)rs al,lminted hy there fur the .Cat:l.)'l,+g eh;gaut l'tl]hlla, u Buffet .'-; " , - surlBg Fassebol, ........ leepmg Cars m both direetiont, th everal preelnels of said co,fury oa o " '* t)te(ty anti oomtorab|e journey. l'nes<lay the 29tll dav of N,)vember I98, at the different precincts of said c,unt 3. for the I)nrlme ,f elecl- i,g one Rrprese:Haltve for C.ngres for the 6th Congressional District of t mState of Mississippl,i to fill the unexpired term of Hen. W. F. Love deceased. ELECTION OFFICERS. Fhe following are hereby appnin- ted Inspe-tors to conduct said elec- tion to-wit : Woodville PreeincL--E H Lewis, P Hahn and M W Brown Peace and Returning Oflleer T. Williams. Beaver Creek--C [t Wood, Florida Ford and Wul Prater. P. & R. olIicer H A Wood. TurntdI--Wm Me,raw, W T Sims an:l Vi'allaee. P. & R. officer Sam Stoekett. I)onegal,- JR Chambers, E Ogden and P W Veal P. & R. officer 8 Holland. Oht River--J A Gillespie. W (', Cage Jr. and N l)eavereau. P& l ,,llicer N Harris, n. Percy's Cre.ek J M Lessley, R M Inmat) all<] Wm Hunter. P & R ,.tHeir W 3I Lindsey. F.rt A,larns--D Babers, C M S+ricker awl Ernes Ross P & R ,,triter J G S|utzm:,n. P!nckn,,yville--R L Brandon II Mc',eh(.e and l(lt See'st. P & R ,,fl|(-er G XV Merwin. Whitestown--S S Johns, L Cres. well and lI McCraine. P & R officer Wm James. CentreviIle--P A Riellardson, 12 XVbitaker and ,I D Riley. P & It oIHeer Mark Hays. 5Iaeedonia--R II Neyland, R Mc- K++'y and J R Anders,)n. P & I{ ,,ffleer M D Johnson. Coons Mlll--Thos While. W . Huff and R C Whetstone. P & R ollieer Seolt Newman. C,hl Slrins--Rufts Get, r, David Cvrtt.r and E J Curter. P& R officer J T Surueon. I)r F,rk--,los I h'nly, Van Me- Cearh,y and ,las Cavin. P & R otlt J?or l,al, c, Al:tps ere', ill,ply I;o Agents or o,f " J_N O. A. COT I', Div. Pass'r Agl% ' EMPIrIS, I"ENY.'ESSI-I ' A. T. BENEDICT. [ANUFACTURER, REPAIRER AND DIgALtR .Iq garriagas, 00arts, ParmWag0ns, H n]   S 5ac00d00er00, 4". d00ent for the CeleSrated 0WENSBOR0 WAGON8 Which are universally acknowledged to be Th0 B0stand LI00HTEST RUNNING WA00N J00ad0. Agent for Fg4Z[ER ROXD trod SPEEDING CAHT, whie are great favorites among tI6rsemen AGENT FOR THE 00.t00am?i00a r00a Ter00ce CemFaa00, The most extensive Manufacturer, of Iron F-ueing in the Idnited btait|. Parti-ular attentiol, pai,t to re-coveril,g and rigging All work done promptJ and .it heasolmb,e rntes. x,r 'oudwlle, Miss., ept. 1891 tf  eeeeoeeeeoeoe,eoeleqDce#oe ,toeoeoe O @ You can prm 2 000 000 A great army of housekeepers--over 2,ooo, ooo strong.--ling tim praises of the world-famed Wheeler and Wilson New 1 1 No. 9 Sewing Machine. t Rotary motion and ball bearings it noiseless, rapid and easy running, and it makes the heartier 41 kind of sewing- a quick and easy task. Read thee | honest words of the Sister Superior of the Rhode Island Catholic Orphan AsylumS" 283 Pr.airle Aveme Pro'hlenee. R. I., Aug. 9. 1897. cer J Shropshire. i w0man we here used In th,s In,titutlon nine Wheqer & Wilson NO, 9 'SvB'itlg Mn(+lllnes. PerrylownX m NeLLI0s. I) W II I feel It my duty to reconunead them as superior to /lily other illflko that I have Malmnev and W Cavin. P & R o113. eer W E Davidson. R,sel,ta--J I) Ashhw, II Haz]ip and J S ('oldL P & R officer J P,I Montgomery. J. H. WALKER, F. A. LEAK. I*V C [hLLER. Coin nllssioners. 11 5 I898 4u.. 1 wa, troubled with sevele femalb Weakness for over a ye,qr, and was confined to the bed |or ow;rix+l lnonth. 1 was trealed by six very I prominent physit;ians without a,vl 1harked benellt" r I ' mt doctor wa a sMiled spe('ialit, stl(l he told me / Ice only hop,, lay in an 5Deration. I ] heard ,;f Snlilb's Snro Kidney Cure. [ and after uing it for one 1neath I ,nyelf mired, and even the doe- . used, for both Hght and heavy work,  Very truly yours, @ SISTER SUPERIOR. tl IIT AII fIK'ltT in every town In thla State. lgplendld ,e t II II 111'I|111 /'ill It'lUi|/ money-nmklng chance. Write ua about It. | T. Dumas Co., Ltd., $ g " . " ' Orleans. GeneralA ents, - - - - New oeoeoeoooeoeeoeeeoe|oeoel; oeoeoeeoeoeooeoeo 3TATE OF MISSISSII'PI, .] STA;I"E OF MISSISSIPPI "VILIClXSON COUNTY,  [ VILKISON (JOUTy, " To 0fly Bethly, Sterliu Bethly, Av/- "Tt) Peter Smilh and the mlknow,i I derson Bethly, Jr., and Itnttt. descen:tanls of Ed Rli'Ss, dec'd, orl tholr heir: [ Bethly. Your are commanded to ap esrl You are c'ommamh;d to appear be- [fore the chancery court ot thi eolm! fol"O the t'hant.ery ('o,,rt of the (}ountv lot. Wilkins, n iu said tate on of Wi kin,m i. said State on the 2ml Monday of l)eeember . It), Monday of December A: D. 1898 to defend'lira snit iu said court of B defend the snit in said court ot-ChM, Cohen vs Cha. Bethloy, et als.where, Goslinskietal wherein yon at do- fendants+ are def, ;.