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November 3, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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November 3, 1923

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00tpublkan 8ATURDA'Y, NOVEMBER 3, 1923. Ibm. lw0 Ed|t and Proprietor TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION : Per annum, in advance ........... $2.00 Entered at the pastorate at Woodviile, Miss., as second-class mail matter. ANNOUNCEMENTS. ' For District Attorney R. E. BENNETT ]For State Senator D. C. BRAMLETTE For Repruentatve W. F. TUCKE ALEX K. FARRAR  For Sheri H. A. WOOD Y For Chancery Clerk W. L. HAYS . For Circu;t Clerk ;r- JOHN L. tIAYS " ]FOr SUllrinteR,ent of E3ucaeio- JOSEPH N. MII.I.ER J Fo' Ases,r E. E. RICHAR.DSON - F Snpervor, 2rid District ; NOLAN S CAGE For SuluviJor, Fifth District T. G. DROWN Ruzscll is reported tc announced that he will move Gulfport and engage in the real tete business after the expiration tern; of office, so will not be a didate against Senator Pat Har- rison. This is one time that the governor guessed right. We not':ee frcm the last issue of Grenada that our good :friend, Editor F: O. Lawrence, is  'r ' in a hospital prepaJtory to un&,rgcirg vn operation. We sin- rercly hope t!mt he will soon be out and re.:,e the editorship of '/he Sentinel, in which profession he las no superior in Mississippi. At the morning family worship the day before he died Robert Louis Stevr.son offered the following pray. or: "The day returns and brings with it the petty round of irritating vzcerns. Help us to play the man. He!v ua to lerforrn our duties with =lughter and kind faces. Let cheer. futnem abound with industry. Give ns sength to go blithely on our kurncs each day, and bring us to oUr ettng place weary but undis- tonored, and grant us in the end the &lft of aleep." o Our friend, Editor Jas. K. Lam. rt, of The Natchez Democrat, suf- :farad a brokeu arrn last week ass result of a "kick" from an automo. bile. We take it that he can "tickle" t,e typewriter with one hand his editorial leages still scintillate with his able editorials and boosting for Natchez and Adams We don't suppose that the cme f;m a Ford, a Jim has yet resorted to lambasting Henry for presuming to become a tpresidential candidate. - o - - The repo of the Census Bureau shows that there were 412 bales of cotton ginned  thL. " i,:inson. eounty up o October ]$th, as com- pared to 1,$36 bales ginned to a cor- responding date last year. While the op this seaon will be a light one, it will be larcer than some people predicted, nd especially those who were so Imssimistic a to predict only , 400 "haes for the entire county. are a number of dns that will oImrate this season that have not go lned a single bale up to the preent tinu,so the ginning for the uex few weel will show,s very material in- em.- MIS|SSIPP! TEXT OOKS. The school book question iu Mi,=i- ppi ii a nuino and nothing more. Enter any three or Iour-teacher- school anywhere and n fewer than ten beginners' Latin books will show up the first day, and no three of them be alike. Some five or more may by the same author, but just enougK ehages are made every year o aa to make it impossible to us them in the same class. Tbe resalt i that one in the lot is selected and the other nine pupils are ordered tc bring u different books the next day. What Is tree of the Latins is equdly as true In the case of histo. flea One popular history writer re- vises his ancient and modern works as regularly as an expeditionary par.  return from the ancient land. s 1924 edition ig not out yet, but it Is safe to say that it will have King Tt's picture in it, the color design will be Imewha different, from the "23 model, the pages wiR be number- ed differently, all nicely bound and stamped "revised edition," and mark. ed to sell for about $2.50 net, cash. same obtains as to geometries, Mteratttres, algebras and spellers. principal selects his own wares result is a medley, a onft depled purse& purses. not take a Newton or a over a remedy for this state of affair& for it can all be adut properly  the legislature by empowering tle department of 0Tva]ion t aaSYp  8e*es Of books v I the actions of the state up tarougt tlmhe twelfth' grade and then compelling them to see that alI the schools of tte state comply with the Jaw. The innovation would .be op. d by the wek elemen swans ehing profemmU, book agents, :publishing co mTmies and bobk reitars. All oer potpie would wel- come the change. FmJtermore, a uiform course could be worked out fo the colleges and tltm srrauge t use the books for five-year periods. 'd by so doing save the Students Chousands. Do some $40(r-Per-mdth. profs ge some earnpensatfon fez ehavlng books often? Search me. Nineteen twenty-four Iegislature, there f$ much for you to do. Are you the occasion? Or will you soft pleadings, while soft pat you, and yield? A will stop, look and meet.---J, F. Dabbs [Iss., in Senaobia CIP.CLqT C9,.RT PROCEEDINGS. The following cases have been dis. posed o at the session of c;rcuit ear,; cz Lhi county which has been i= uovress during the pa,at two S':,te v:. Heater Wyatt, assault ,-i'h intent tO kill; cessaL State vs,  ,5.- Ahe,*; referred o J. P. i cvut. Stae vs. B. W. Watson, buy- .:,' fu;s without license; dismissed a paintiff's costs. State vs. C. J. =e,:se; dismissed at plaintiff's costs. State w. Ida O'Qin, murder; con. tinued. State vs. Jas. Thompson; re- ferred to J. P. court. State vs. J. W. Anderson, Jr., embezzlement; mis, ml and case continued. State vs. II'-e Douglas; plead guilty to man- slaughter and sentenced to five /cars in penitentiary. State vs. General Hastings, assault and ba- :ery; guilty as charged. State vs. F. S .Gibbs; plead guilty and fined $100 and coszs. State vs. Bernard Netterville; jury and verdict not guilty. State vs. A. E. Gross, assault; guilty as charged; fined $200 ad sentenced to 60 days in jail; appealed State vs. Peter Johnson, having liquors in his possession; guilty as chargeI, fined $500 and sentenced to 30 days in jail; appealed. State va Win. Arnett, burglary; dismissed. State Vs: Win. Arnette, petty larceny; plead guilty and fined $25 and 60 dayz in jail; the jail sentenced sue. pendcd. State vs. Louise Johnson, having liquors in possession; dismiss- ed. State vs. E. F. McKee, receiv.- ing deposits in an insolvent bank; jury, and verdict not guilty. C.E. Ward vs. C. C. Germany, damages for killing dog; judgment for $50 and costs. Several other cases were diosed of during the term of court, but the above constitutes practically all of the more important ones. This term of court adjourned on Thursday after s session of over nine days. no court having been held on last Saturday. This is the firsl time in many years that a term of court in this county has extended be- yond the first week, and we hope that it will be as long at, sin before such an unusual thing will happen. REPORT OF GRAND JURY. To the Hen. R. L. Carbon, Judge of the Sixth Judicial District of the State of Mississippi: We your grand jury, empanneled and sworn for the October Term, 1923, for the Circuit Court of Wil- kinson county, beg leave to this, our final report. We have been in session five days examined 59 witnesses; found 1 true bills; dismissed 1" ease; contin- ued one case, and ignored 3 cases. We have examined the books of the county officers, including the Pen- sion Rolls, and find them neatly and accurately kept, posted as near to date as practicable, and all accounts balanced. We attach hereto the re. port of the chancery clerk as to the aecountz of the various justices of the peace. An inspection of the County Home showed its condition to be clean and sani_tary and inmates as well eared for s limited amount of per capita will allow. There is an insufficient amount of bedding for cold weather. that in ue being about worn out. New bedding should be provided. We find that there is urgent need of at lea. three new mattresses and bed- din: to o with them. We also sub- mit that $5.50 per capita, at the pres- ent higix cost of sunplies, provides only the simplest and barest necessi- ties. We therefore recommend that the allowance be increased to a mini- mum of $7.50 per capita. We find the county jail to be as clean and as weU kept as its condi- tion will permit. Its sanitary eondi. tion, however, ie bad end needs im. mediate attention. The interior walls, where broken, should be repaired at once, and the entire interior be given at least one coat of paint. We find that the county roads and brides are in as good condition as could be expected, weather conditions considered, except tha the bridge known as the Cory Bridge, on the Natchez road, is unsafe and should be repaired at once. We also recom- mend that the iron work on the Bur. falo River bridge near Fort Adams be scaled and painted as soon as pos- sible, as the rust is rapidly eating the iron away. We recommend that the heating plant in the court house be examined. In its present condition heat is not evenly distributed, so tha several parts of the building cannot be made comfortable. We believe that a few minor repairs will effect a saving of 20 per cent in the coal consmned. We wlso recommend that the carpets in the court room sad rotunda be taken out and thorouwly cleaned, and the floors washed. They are in "anything but a sanitary condition. We also call attention to the general unsani. tory condition of the court house as a whole, and urge that it be kept ele.ner and more sanitary. We understand that the Board of Supervisors, during 1920 paid the County Asseor a larger amount on dog taxes than he was lawfully en- titled to. We suggest that the Dis. trier Attorney look into the matter and fa'ke such action as he finds prop- er in te premises. We' examined tl,e Will:in son Coun- ty A. H. School and found it clean and well ket and the students being well cared for. We wish to thank Distrfct Attorney Bennett for the valuable assistance wich he has ven us, and also the sleriff and other county officers for their prompt atfention to our re- quests. Having performed the duties de- relying upon us to the best of our knowledee and ability, we ask to be filmily dhr'od. HARRY P. JONES, Foreman. i E. T. SMITH, Clerk. "Sky-scrapers shrink turing cold weather." says a h,dine in one of the daily papers. Well, w.y should we worry? Pccke books do the same thing, and we don't have any eky-scrapers, but we do have coal bills. The big mill of the Enochs Lum- ber & Mamufacturinr Company in Jackson was destroyed by fire togeth- er with the -lnt of the Morris Ice Company, and a number of dwellings, causing a 10s of more. than one Hon: Alvin Owstey, former nation- i al commander of the American[ Legion, will deliver an addre in[ Natchez at the celebration which is to be held in that city on Armistice[ Day, Sunday, November 11th, and[ doubtless many veterans from Wil- kinson county will be thee to heax this prominent orator. o The fellow who is always hewling about hard time would continue tc howl if the county had made s bumper cotton and corn crop and money was hanging about on trees. He would howl because he could find ao one to gather the coin in for him, While our cotton crop this season is short, it is not nearly so short as many predicted, and the same is true of the corn crop. Besides we have other crops and industries that are bringing in ready money. Visitors to this county report that condition here look fine to them. Just quit your drawling. The Mississippi legiiature will meet in the new capitol on Tuesday after the first Monday in January, 1924. In all probability it will be one of the hortest sessions for man) years, since it is reported that the concensus of opinion among legisla. tars is that it will be a business se sion devoting itself first to the pas age of revenue bills and thereafte to cutting the appropriation'ci0th to fit the revenues ohe state. The press of Mississippf'is already saytng that there are too many laws and that very few, if any, new ones are necessary. In fact it is intimated that there might be an omnibus re. pealing of useless laws which now encumber the law bobket---tH!nds Qounty Gazette TRUSTEE'S SALE. By virtue of the authority vested in me as Trustee in that certain deed of trust executed by N. M. Hum. phreys to Wilkinson County, Mich. sippi, for the use of the Sixteenth Section School Funds for T. 1, 1 5 West, on the 10th day of October. A. D. 1914, to secure the payment of his certain promissory note for $400.00 therein mentioned and de. scribed, which deed of trust is of record in Record of Mortgages and Deeds of Trusts on Lands Book No. 2 at page 377, Wilkinson county, Mississippi, and default having been made in the payment of said note: and I being thereto requested, will as such Trustee, on Monday, Novem- ber 5th, A. D. 1923, at the Court House in Woodville, Wilkinson coun.' ty, Mississippi, within lawful hours, offer for sale and sell to the highest bidder for cash the lands conveyed in said deed of trust end therein de- scribed as follows, t-wit: The lands stuated in Wilkinson county, State of Mississippi, deserib. ed as: West Half of NV4 of See. tion 24, T. 2 N, R. 1 West, and 20 acres north part of E of NWWt, Section 24, T. 2 N, It. 1 West, ex-' eept the part of said 70 acres sold to Foster Creek Lbr. Company, of record in Book "IT, page 20, WhiCh deed is made a part of tide dlulp- tion. At suck ale I will convey only such title as is vested in me as l Trustee, which  believed to be good. I This 12th day of October, A. D.l 1928. W.A. STUART, Trtee.[ 10-13-1923-4w. FOR SALE.I am offering for sale TRESPASS NOTICE. at a reasonable price the house in All hunting, fishing, trapping or Woodville owned by Walter Hender. otherwise trespang on any hmda sou. Call at once for price, C. W owned by the undersigned is strietly HENDERSON, Woodville. 10-20-3 prohibited under penalty of the law. 8-6-2) ly .. L. FERGUSON. FOR SALE.---One Duroc boar, two years old, entitled to registration, , weight 200 pounds. Price $20, if , I taken at once. T.W. DAWSON. STATE OF MISSISSIPPI $ To tella Ravish, defendant: You are commanded to appear be. fore the chancery court of Wilkin. son county, said state, on the first Monday of April, 1924, to defend the suit in said court of William Ravish, wherem you are defendant. October 9. 1923. W.L. HAYS, 10-13-1923-3w. Clerk. NOTICE TO TAX PAYERS Notice is hereby given that the oard of Supervisors of Wilkinson eoat3?, M*,ssiuippi, will at its meet- ing on the first Monday of Naves. bar, A. D. 192g, borrow the sum o $10,000.00 end execute loan war- rant or warrants therefor on the treasury of aid county, paybl#lon February 15th, 1924, for the pur. pos of paying the salaries of the county school teachers. This October 2nd, 1923. 10-6-1923-4w. W.L. HAYS, Clerk * @ a w AIR CGE INNF TUBES, " e CORD AND FABRIC TIRES " Guaranteed IS000 Miles e J. D. WITHERS, Agent, Woodville, Miss. e $ $  s GINNING! THE PUBLIC WILL PLF.JE TAKE NOTICE THAT OUR WOOD- VILLE GIN WILL BE OPERATED IN FUTURE ON WEDNESDAY o EACH WEEK INSTEAD OF' O1q FRIDAY. WE WILL APPRECIATE YOUR GINNING. DAMPF & MORGAN. _ II ro00ds li00e ModeGood Oil IllClr PK(Iq The railroads have made good on their pedge of lash April to meet the unprecidented demand for transportatio.u this year. Although the amount vf freight traflts offered has been the largest in the history and much greatex, than was anticipated, th railroads have moved it promptly and efficiently. It was predicted last spring that railway freight traffic would reach new high levels during the summer and fall. In prepar,tion for the task of mov- ing this record tralie, the railroads announced a program af expenditures upon additions and betterments to their properties amounting to more than $1,100,000,000 or the year. They set out to reduce the number of freighg cars needing3repaire to 5 per cent of the total and the number of locomotives needing heavy repairs to 15 per cent of the total They agreed to lay i surplus stocks of coal during the summer, in order to relear equip*nent fo" ether use later in file year. They agreed to carry forward their construction and maintenance programs to have as much work as possible completed by eptember I. All of them objectives have been substantiall]f obtained. For example,. between January 1 and October 1 the railroads installed 134,636 new freight cars and 2,963 new locomotives, and on the latte date they had on order, with del|veriees being made daily, 4,601 new freight cars and 1,242 new locometivM. On October 1 the railads had-in reserve 17,663,448 tons of. coat, as ompared with 6,756,886 tons on January 1. The swprkg achievement of te year is th a traffic reater than ha ever been known has been moved without interraptinn or delay. It was an. ticipated th ear feedings would exseed a million ears a week in nine week prior to October I. In reality, car feedings exceeded the milffo mark iu fifteen weeks, In the week immediately prior to October 1 more cars were' landed with t than ever before in raihvay hihry-.-a t@tal of 1,092,567 cars. Prior to '1923 the record loamg was 1,018,539 car in the week of October 15, 192@. Loadlngs in the nine month up to 0ctobez 1, 1923, amounted to 37,308,891 ers, an increase of 9 per cent over the' first nine mtlm of 122, 28 per cent over the first nine months of 1921 and I0 pet" cent over the fltt nine months of 1920. HOwever, it is feared that, even with this unprecedented volume of trale, the ilroads wffl fail to earn for tl Fear the 5  per cent pon their tentative valuatio g whie the Inter. state Commerce Commisalo has hei they are entitled. The railroads, their @nployes and their patrons e to be c'cgratulate4 upon their splendid performance in handling the record traffic. There may be same daan,, howevee that this great acldevement f the nlroads wil eate te fal impremio that a further increase in railway facilities is not needed. To be able to meet the future demand for transportation as they have met it tl year, the lailreads must not ret upon their oars they mu continue to extend and improve their' faeilitie& Funds must be #btained t provide the additional facilities necessary to reduce th costs ef operatio and to enable the railroads to furni the public adequate transportation at the lowest poible rates. Railway patrons must realize that this requires that railway credit be maintained. Take te corn grower.. Just now, when ears is selffng st a good vrica. the railroads are in a positron to provide the corn grower with aft o'f th transportation he may desire, a condition that might not have been possible ff an agitation for reduced rates or other attacks upon the railroads had re. suited in an impairment of railway credi that did not permit of maintaining" " ailway equipment in good condition. Attacks upon railway credit are attacks upon tle'llbIic'elfare. More- over, uch attacks tend to dew up bu.iness and to effect unfavorably the market for all kinds of products, including the products of agriclltu3re. Constructive eticia s, nd rggestions are invited. C. H. MARKHAM, .=::,-'. i .. : " , "'  - V.:!S ":/='  " /!:.' :': # Predat, Illlmoi Central Syste When You Need IF YOU ARE THE AVERAGI MAN OR WOMAN, YOU HAVE TWO COURSES OPEN WHEN YOU NEED MONEY QUICKLY, ONE IS TO BORROW IT--IF YOU CAN; THE OTHER IS TO DRAW IT FROM YOUR SAVINGS ACCOUNT, WHERE IT HAS BEEN AWAIT- ING THE EMERGENCY. EVEN WELL-TO-DO PEOPLE TAKE NO CHANCES ON BORROWING THEY ALL HAVE TMEIR SAVe IN.S ACCOUNTS. BE WISE AND FOLLOW THEIR EXAMPLE. OPEN YOUR ACCOUNT HERE TODAY. WE PAY 4 PER CEN INT. Comn00crc[al Banl00 Member American Baner's Association. WOODVILLE, , . " . . MISSI  A FUL LINE OF F00/ncy and Staple Cffoceries DELMONT AND LIBBY CANNED FRUI1 CANNED VEGETABLES AND TS MACARONI, SPAGHETTI, NOOOLE- ALMEDA PURE GReeD COFFF.X in 3.pound tias. AND A General Line Dry Goods SHOES, HATS, ETC. AUGUST METZGER Woodville, Miasissippi 000000ARTEN THE REXALL DRUG STORE YOU ALWAYS" GET THE BEST OF EVERYTHING, AT THE RIGHT PRICES, AND WHEN YOU WANT IT. WHEN YOU BUY FROM THK REXALL DR4JG STORE. WE AR HERE TO SATISFY OUR CUSTOM- ERS ALWAYS, AND WE DO A R T E N THE REXALL DRUG STORE R. lb. J. SESSIONS I Jve Just Reeded a iqt"" Atmrtamm of LADIES' NAT& it: Would PaY Yo= t Lo Over Bef Bd=s AI Ha Larp mmd M LATEST STI'LSS n SHOf, S R. A. j. NOTICE OF BIDS. Bids will be receive4 by the Board Proposals to of AIcemen of the Town of Wood- Wilkinson, villa up to 4 o'clock on Tuesday, at a November 6th, .1923, to erect per annum, woven wire fence around the ruary plant; the bidder to furnish by the terial. The Board reserves the right county to reject any and all bids. CLAY B. TUCKER, Mayor.