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November 3, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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November 3, 1923

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7 XCVIV. WOODVILLE. MISS. SATURDAY NOVEMBER 3 1923 NO. 16 RIEGORD8 ATTACKED Case in Supreme Important. several import- before the su- decisions of which at any Monday sit- court, is- the Bolivar which is involved Of "loose-leaf records," which are kept now in general the country. case is one against Woolard of Bolivar the question of the records kept in the and the same quea- every county in statute providing for the deed records says "be recorded in a and it is contend- lleaf arrangement this definition, the and kept sep- book is completed,' in a cover or bind- it is argued, is not book, and is not a ordinary acceptation The loose leaves, it is may be easily duplicated ! and such a substitution of detection, old style, sewed to- With the covers made not to alter a without leaving of the change. hold that the are not legal rec- complications will sorts of questions will are not valid records, the ,feeds and convey- kinds which have been not "recorded" in law. records are not the only wSuld be affected., in many of th state keIt in loosleaf. of the secretry of state was adopted some throe hundreds of charters the statute being the the case of deeds, and to be recorded in a Cotton Crop Short. Union Court- only about one-third as it did last year is the fact that up to Oct. cotton weigher of the handled this year only While up to the same eeason he bales. Movie Machine. Graves of the board, ae. Mr. Taggard of the Company, in co-opera. the bineas men of has. place& a moving in Wayne County the entire county to education and encour- poultry raising and Elected. A. Valentine of receivednotice that he cheminot national Forty Hommes et by" the national con- organization held in Cal. Mr. Valentine office was the same member of the national and that he state of Missis- headquarters of 'Bell Declines. of friends of Bell having, by tale- i requested the race for COngTeas lamented Congress- authorizes the he is out of politics at least, that he has to servein Con- intends to apply him- of his profession. Campaign. the better school progress the pro- that will be given includes the follow- ttendance law, educable age from five and from 21 fire preven- of-school laws, the bill, use of the flag, association E. Busby, one -of of Choc- tendered his resigns- have order- take place on next the Tacancy. Mr. a draimige, comm of years. 8hapL - highways in Tare L had become owing to the put in tlll. FORD COI00iMENT00 GEORGE'S VISIT 130MMUNISTE;EIZE KELLOGG, LEAGUEFI, ON SttOALS. PLAN HELPFUL-COOLIDGE KRiJPPS FACTORY SUCCEEDS HARVEY WANTS TO PROVE HE CAN DE. PRESIDENT PAYS NOTABLE TRIB TEAR UP PAVEMENT8 AND BAR. MINNESOTAN 18 STRONGLY FOR F ]ItST off, T must tell you that i and Felice is employed at the r, i VELOP CHEAPER POWER, UTE TO WELSHMAN. RICADE AGAINST THE POLICE THE WORLD PEACE BODY. Hlank cafe, which ain't no swell plaOe, Repor reach the caiptal that the ___. maybe, but where everything is cle various candidates for state librarian and the food is well cooked. ' ": are quite active. The election of It- HE'S STRONGEST OF DRYS HAS IMPROVED RELATION THE OFFICIALS POWERLESS IS CONSIDERED WEALTHY Bck in the kitchen, brarian will take place in a joint leg- wicked dish-rag, and I islative session soon after tJhe legis- ---- lature meets next January. In ad-  erness to eats from the hole to the tables. You don't have to IY@ dition to Mrs. V. F. Marshall of Un- American People Do Not Want Liquor Trip to" Amdrrqca Has Accomp41shed "Ws Want Food, We Want Bread," Coolidge Chooses Man Directly Oi four letters after your name totreed ion, the incumbent, the other pro- of Any Percentage, He Declares, Much for International Accord. Shout the Workers,American poslte to Harvey in Many Ways. the menu, either. nounced candidates so far as is known P..,h;des'Hia Friend Couzens Executive Tells Overseas, Threatened, But Protected Kellogg Is 67, Frail and of Nerv. We serve everything from beans:l - here at the capital are blrs. Ruth Step- For Wanting Beer. As a Guest. By French (fficer. our Temperament. this or thSt a In something or other, enson of Jackson, Mrs. H. M. Killam of Hickory and Mrs. Mary Barronot -- --   on'y it's written so you can der- Hattiesburg. Under the constitution Detroit, Mich."What about Mus- Washington.The visit of I)avia Essem--Communist revolts blazed Washington.  President Coolidge tand It. joint legislative assemblies, when cle Shoals. Mr. Ford?" I asked Henry Lloyd  George to America has been a out In the Ruhr when a half-crazed has met the first test of major a Me an' Fellce has been chums and i they come t@ elect a state librarian, Ford, says Ray. W. L. Stidger. "Are piece of good fortune for both lzis mob of starving workers stormed the pointment m his administration by se. room-mates for years, so l come kind of hard on me when she done some- . must vote viva voce. That is to say, you through down there?" country and our own, and for the KruIIPS steel works shortly before selecting former nator Frank B, thing that forced me to talk to her ILo : when Vheir names are called on the "Through? Does it look like it? 1 cause of international accord." Presi- noon. The fighting is continuing and Kellogg of Minnesota as amssador roll, they must announce from their wouldn't give three cents for Muscle dent Coolidge said in a letter read at no official count of the casualties has to Great Britain to succeed Col. Geo. a mother. seats the candidate for whom they Shoals for myself; ,but I want to a dinner given by te Overseas as yet been completed. Harvey. Briefly, she was bugs on: desire to vote. No Secret ballot is prove that it can be used to develop Writers to the former British pre- An inadequate force of police kept In slecting the former Minnesott "movies." She wrote for clrcuIar permissible at such an election. This cheap power and cleaper fertilizer mer. the communists under control for the senator for the most important diplo ooklets which claimed to know being true it is reported that members for farmers and to show the country President Coolidge's letter was ad- first two hours of the uprising but matte post at the disposition of the' secret (for sale at a of the legislature re quite particular the way these international bankers dressed to Mark Sullivan, chairman the constantly increasing number of administration it is obvious that po- or so) of how to become 'a :"movie  not tO promise to vote for two can- are exploiting the people of America." G the Overseas Writers, an organi- workers swept the police away. They litical policy has been thrown to the queen though dumb. didates. I had really gone to see Mr. Ford zation of newspaper men, who served have torn up the oavements and built winds in caring for oe of the pre- Girls is queer nowadays; they fall to get him to amplify his views on overseas, and exit, eased the chief ex- barricades against police fire. pious administration's "lama ducks." for the' movies' somethin awful. NOW There were tens of Vhousands of prohibition enforcement, ecutive's regret at being unable to French officers wh( observed the The selection will be regarded as a tske me. I might crowd Mary herself people from all parts of Mississippi in attend the dinner, at which Cie battle estimated the mob at 5,000. challenge by the irreconcilables be- if I wanted to, because I attendance upon the state fair in The Jackson, and the attendance would '1 am for Fresident Cocidge, lust Justice Taft, several cabinet officers, Jtst before te workers qaegan their cause of the Minnesota attitude on I'm kind of o-bess-ee. have been larger, but for the fact as I've said before, if he will enforce members of the diplomatic corps, sen- attack, Dr. Krupp Von Bohlen, with the, League of Nations debate, and is of the care snys so biself. that there were heavy rains the early the prohibition laws," he declared, ators and many others prominent in the Krupp directors, arrived at !Essen not expected to be more Ileasing to goodness, I got sense. part of the week. Gratification and "It is undotbtedly a federal matte,, the public ife of the nation wer from Dusseldorf, -wle the French the Minnesota constituency, which so Now Felice is good to look at, I m astonishment was heard on every side but he has given the governors and guests, paroled them later on. The workers lately retired SenatorKeltogg through dmit. but she's  dense, awful dene ": from the visitors at the marked the states of the country the first "It is necessary for me to express are fighting with courage and desper- the election of Senator Shipstead. One Little thing in particular was rich: growth and progress of Jackson since chance. They, too, have sworn to up- to you, and your associates, of the ation. The majority of the crowd At the outset of the debae on the "From Kitchen to Stardom In 'Sl their attendance upon the fair last hold the constitution. He said for Overseas Writers," the president are workers from the Krupps plant, ratification of the Versailles treaty Easy Lessons." After thlt come there year. The statement was current them to enforce the law. wrote, "my regrets that it is not pos- who received a week's pay. T.he av- and adoption of the I,eague of Na, was no reasoning with her. that the people of Missishippi were "If they do not do it, he evidently  sible for me to join you this evening erage pay check was for 15,000,000,000 tions covenant, Senator Kellogg was was chock full of such bait proud of their capital city, famed for will use federal means of enforcin at the dinner you are giving for Mr. marks, which equals 15 cents. A loaf regarded as a pro.League repuican it was that last onewhich Lloyd George. It would have been a of bread costs more han 8,000,000,000 and maintained a twilight zone post- Felice for a ash can. So I its courtesy and hospitaLity to vi the law. It is finally up to President notable pleasure to share with your marks. The workers are mad with tin on the subject up to the time marry he off to a nice boy itors. This kindly feelng on the part Coolidge. It is a federal matter. It of the people of all the counties of is an important matter. It is so Ira- organization it: the tribute that I hunger, that Sertor Hiram Johnson Invaded in the grocery line and has lots of JaCk know you will so heartily accord to The workmen were joined this aft- Minnesota for the purpose of speak- stored away before she goes cuckoo, Mississippi towards ttelr capital city ortant that, as I have said before, I  your illustrious guest from overseas, ernoon bY jobless throngs, who are ing against the league. Some folks will say that a womu is the result of their visits here ann think that the army and navy ough l am very certain that his visit to trying to exist upon doles of 12.000,- Following the foray into Mlnneeota which does that sin t no lady, but' m to the. prase by the weekly press of to be used if need be to enforce it.'" the state, whch seems to lose no o1> The federal government apparently America has been a piece of good for- 000,000 marks weekly. With the fac- by the California senatm-, Kellogg girls is gotta stlck together. In t portunity to promote the growh and considered this method of enforcing tune for both his country and our tortes in Fsen and all the Ruhr clos- apparently became frightened, but The young merchant I have m o/n, and for the cause of inter- tng daffy as a renault of the decision even after that experience was navel" grew up with the business. John ql prosperity of Jackson. appreciating te prohibition laws. but several la- national accord. During his stay of the Ruhr industrialists not to pay more than mfldest of mild reserve- knows his canned goods and the fact that the capital city of any bored opinions were handed down among us, has voiced the appe for France reparations coal the situation tionists. Together with Senator Me- trade. But it was a tough Job, an  ][ state is an index to the culure, prog- against it. ress and stability of the common- "What do you think of the stand that better understanding among the of the mass workers inevitably will Cumber of North Dakota, who occu- was ready to quit the looney, idea. But wealth, that your friend .Senator Couzens, is nations which must be at the. base spread to fighting and outlyreaks, pied a similar position, he undertook wait. taking on th prohibition law ? He of all good relations.. It has been a Present Ruhr uprlsin are not con- to Line up the Republicans tn favor o One day I come home and seen Feltc The sudden death of Congressman is in favor of oing back to five pr |ne thing for our people to become heated with the separatist troubles, a mild reservation program so the rehearsln'. You seen a closeup where Benjamin Grubb Humphreys at his cent beer and light wines." better acquainted with this eminent the Rhineland republic not yet pen- Versailles treafy might be ratified, but they kiss like they was glued home in Greenville, was a loss not "He knows he is wrong about it." leader in civilization's struggle to trating to the Ruhr except at Duis- was uanble to muster enough strength ain't you7 Well, there she stood I only to the third ccngreasional dis  said Mr. Ford. "Mr. Couzene knows maintain itself; and I hope he will berg. During the fighting MaJ. Arthur to defeat the Lodge ixrogram o de- [ front of the on'y thing that tells trict which he had represented wit, better. He knows that in the FotJ feel, when ha'leaves us a few days Dryhurt Budl of the United .tes feattng by reservations or the John. I rtbte truths without fllnchin', out opposition for 20 years, but to the motor llant.booze never did anybody hence, that his effort in bringing his army, driving through lsen m a taw son-Borah mstho& of defeating rati- [ tic_in' a long, Lingerin' smack. state and nation. Congressman any good, and he is taking a back- message to us has not been enlrey m surrounded by ragged worker fication altogether. Most of his arffu- l Hot stew I Fellce is en'y 19, Humphreys was authority on levee ward step when he stands for five per a vain one. who stopped the ear. meats in the senate were devoted to [ he's long on imagination. Gosh, and flood matters. The vacancy will cent beer and light wines. Jim Couz- "It is especially gratifying that the "We waqt  food; we want bread ' legal aspects of the treaty, urging I be surprised. Her ambition be filled at a special election by Gov- ens knows better than that. Maybe members of your organization are en- |hosted the mob, madly pounding on among otl)er things that article 10 was lessal, but" her talent measured zero, ernor Russell, and a plurality vote will he feels he is striking a popular tertaining him. In a time of travail the taxi. A P*ench officer escorting not in contravention, of the constitu. "My stars, girl," I says, "how'd yo elect. There will be no primary eleC, chord. He has not correctly ead the and great difficulty in the world they MaJ. and Mrs. Budd addressed the tton, citing a long list of authorities get that way?" tion. The names of the candidates signs of the times, have played an exceedingly impo- 'mob in German, asking them to re- to show tlmt the executive, through "Hush up, can't you!" will be gotten on the ticket to be "The American people are not in- ant part in interlzretlng its problems spect the American army officer. The treaty, could us Amebean troops back at me. "It's a gift l- to our country and for tho sincere, crowd broke up wizen it heard the without authority of congress, goes right on doin' her stuff. voted for at the special election by a tending to get into reverse and go intelligent and faithful efforts which ord American. Reservations, he said. did not nuL "My de-ah," says Felice, talktn' petition of 50 qualified electors from backward on this important question. each of  counties composing the We are in higl gear, going forward they put forth in that cause recog- Lily the treaty, but instead the reser- our bed and bowin' as district. The third district is com- WALTON EDITS HI8 oWN. rations should be part of the ratlfl, stuffed night shirt, "you posed of the counties of Bolivar, Goa- on these big questions, and nothing nition wilt be forever due. I know that you will have both a pleasant ction. He finally yielded to party me. But chawmed to see can tsop us." homa, Holmes, Humphreys, Issa Then Mr. Ford went 1rock to his fa- and profitable evening, which I Oklahoma Governor 8tarts Daily discipline in lining up with the Lodge shush." quena, Lefiore, Qnltman, Sharkey, vorite remedy for prohibition law en- should be delighted to share with you forces In the final disposition of the It was hen ! decided to save her. Sunflower, Tuaiea and Washington. forcement that the government would if circumstances permitted. As they Newspaper to Present His Case. treaty. I arrange a rendyvoo at a quiet The purchase of the Webster Prog. use the army and navy in enforcing do not, I am tklng this nethod to Oklahoma City.A morning daily His previous record wouid indicate place where I introduce 3ohn an" tess, published at Eupora by Hon the law would have the psycholozical extend my greetings and best wishes newspaper has been etsablished here Grady Cook, a native of Calhoun Coun effect that it would throw terror into to your distinguished guest of honor, by GOv. J. C. Walton, and its first is- that ,Sevator KeUogg is the direct oP- lice, and I get'l'edy to take the ty and formerly connected with the the rum runners," said the automo- the members of the club and all who ue, to be edited by the executive, posite of Col. Harvey, who expressed walt for the egg to hatch, It may have the goad fortune .to partici- will appear on Otcober 30, according the sentiment =we were Jolly well low me. Monitor Herald, is one of the recem te king. to an announcement by a local pb- out of the l'uropean mess." Made in Now 3ohn ain't outstanding newspaper features of the "Uncle Sam fs known not to be a pate in the occasion.? conjunction with the announcement blocks, an' still less on the sheik t state. The imprint of Mr. Cook'E bluffer." Mr. hloyd George delivered an ad. fishing plan, t which says it has the of the Hughes program of once more but be's a nice kid. newspaper genius is already manifest Then I told Mr. Ford of s corn- dress at the dinner, but,. followin contract to print the paper, mingling in the reparations sette- for Felice and her in the Progress which shows construe- blued meeting of ten noonday lunch the customs of the Overseas Writers, The newspaper, te announcement tire and loyal devotion not only to clubs in Detroit,, which was addressed it was treated as a ccIdntial talk, itid, wilt oppose th Ku Kinx Klan ment, tho appointment suggests the but for a while she Webster County but to that entire sac- by Senator Couzens. I told him of and was not made public, and will present the governor's side possibility of still further paxtieiltion I was a encroachin' insect, of tle impeachment proceedings In European affairs. John begs me 0 stay and then he tion of the commonwealth. Thoug how that crowd of mixed business rites us to go the quite a young man, Mr. Cook has had nen of every relation and note which Oh. Wise Judge, against him which have been sup- Reject Dance Hall Earnings. the bilL But I'a playin' Seattle, Wash. committee tibet so we go easy on his bank widea nd valuable experience not only cheered eerything that Senator Couz- Ohiladephia.--Henry Black, 1, has pressed y other putrlicationa here, in journalism, but in statecraft and ens said. but which remained in a learned he must not read the (ltles the announcement said. for a mouth has been trying to raise an' by a classy waiter comes up political affairs, and the press of Mi solute silence, without a handclep, aloud whoa he goes to the movies. $775,000 for the 1923 Seattle commu, looks like he'd rather part with slsaippi as well as the people of Web- when he told them that he believed He was fined $13.50 by Magistrate THREATENHUMAN TYPE, alty ;fund has decided, it was an- right eye than talk to us. ster County will be the beneficiaries that the country wovd go back to Fitzgerald. Patrons of the theater had earnings made through Mayor swe,t," FeNce parlyvoos right of his new editorship and ownerskip, five ];tr cent beer. Senator Couzens complained to the manager tha! No,key Gland Operations Menaelfl, nounced, to reject an offer of dance "We we, garcon tress was falbMrgasted. He was ember- Black had enunciated In a loud voice Says South American Zoologist. Edward J. Brown. This money, do- reel. A marked feature at all the fairs, rasm by that silence. Not a hand the titles all the way through a feat- Buenos Airsa.--The practice (f clayed a resohticn, woud come "from I almost orgot to ss state, district, county and community was lifted in applause; that was an ur picture, monkey gland operations should it sources out of harmony with the frog like sixty. has been better stock and poultry ex- opinion more omfuous than votes---  ex:ended and carried down the ten- spirit of uplift o citizenship." Well, I had it" eetie hiblts. Everywhere it is reported tat that silence. Hearst Worth $25,000,t0. erations, may change man back into know that two is the dairy cow and poultry of all va- "Of curse, they didn't applaud," New York. -- William Randolph monkeys from which he evolved, St. Louis Bid Lowest. you're married. neties---enemies of the boll wevil said ir. Ford. Hearst, newspaper publisher, has a warns Prof. CMmenti Phalli, director Washington.Murch Brhers of After a whlieI manage were better than ever before, and that "Why not?" I asked him. personal fortune exceeding $25.000,- of the Buenos .Aires Zoological Gar- St. Louis has been awarded a con- get-away. For several the visitors to the fairs were espec- "Because if they did thai r wives 000, it was declared today by Tlliotson den, in an article published in the tract to build a neuropsychiatric vet- that I don't see much iall' attracted to such exhibits and did would fix them when .they got lome. & Wolcott, bankers, who made the Bulletin of the Sarmiento Society for wrens' hospital at Nortl Little Rock, at the "care, an' she don't not hesitate to sty that hen diversi- The people of America are not going announcement l decalrtng - new the Protection cf Animais. Moreover, Ark., (m a bid of $618,909. The hos- about shinin' fication along all Lines was the rule to let tis nation go back to any bond issue bore the uncohditional 'removing these glands from monkeys pital is to e completed in 50 days Then one night and not the exception, that the farm- kind of "liquor of any percentage guarantee and indorsement of vJr. 13 curelty to animals, and is o replace the present inatitu- to our room I hear a era would snap their ringers at the whatsoever," said the great Dearborn Hearst. tion at Fort Root. It was said that, laughter that would boll wevli, becauSe they would be in- manufaEturer, with deep onviction. 'Ere'a 'Opln' 'E Gets It. taking all conditions into considera good, an' I blow in an' " Wrexham, Eng.--hlef Constabl tips, the successful bidder's contrat Fell lookin' dependent from revenues derived from Then he added: Knocks Off Cow's Horns. G. their dairy products and poultry and "Five per cent booze paves the way Altcm, Ill.John Tl'efall, .a farm- T. Guest, who has worn the same was more than $11,000 lower than he logue, an' all her from diversified farming, to drunkenness." er. was sent to jail for six months untform for 10 years, has applied for next lowest offer, is misain'. for knocking off a cow's horns with a new one because the prince of "Why, Felice," I says, runsTheagainstStatementa one.armedthat anYconederateman Who Awarded Nobel Prize. a milking stool Wales Is coming here in October. SPUR OF TM MOMENT. allcretthenf thebooksfact of I'myourn?'PUzz!ed'' soldier for doorleeper of 'the house Stockholm.The Nobel prize for John blushes an' or senate will return from a sleeve- medicine for 1923 was awarded to Dr. Doxology vL Dance. Diverced Millionaire, That's Why So Many People Order . Ohicago.Harry M. Stevenson, nil- ,'Ham ancl" at Restaurants. away an' colors like a less errand, seems tu have caught the E.G. Banting and Dr. J. J. R; McLeod, Folkeslone, Eng.--When idea| meg- she holds out her left imagination not only of a large hum- of Toronto, for the discovery of in- istrates refused a license or Sn- lionaire president of the H. M. Step- bar ot Mississippi newspapers but'is  day dances In. hotels several clergy- enson Company, clothiers, throught Chicago.La of imagination 'on is a sparkler that would favorably commented upon by papers .--v-- men sang the Doxology in court, poorly of the Volstead law and has the p' of the American eating pu, l> eye out. beyond the borders of MisslsslPpL At Bombard Chinese Town, een drunk ever since it was enacted, tic is responsible 0r the seeming "When?" says I. according to his wife, Genevieve, who pouiarity of ham and eggs, according keeps on lookin' goofy an' one time each of the two doorkeepers Washington.  Minister Sehurman, Radio Lure For Book=, was granted a divorce and $500,000 to Horace Boos, of Los Angeles, pres- nothin.' of the senate carried an empty sleeve, at Peking, advised the state depart- Shoreditch, Eng. -- To encourage alimony in the superior court. In ad- lden of the National Restuxant As- So I gives her a and Confederate soldiers with empty meat that the town of Chang-Sha, more frequent visits to the public It- ditton she is to receive $250 a month sociation. For this reason, he said, we both, have a good sleeves have been doorkeepers also Cldna, was bombarded Oct. 23, during brary, the council has installed a for 18 nntha and $1 a month for eight of every ten people whO enter parted a year ago, so 1 of the house of representateL hostilities between Chinese factions, wireless receiving set there, the five years following that. eating l#laces order this dish. to receive a letter Felice, sayi' Buy Car Load Jerseys. Insure 90000 Employes. OFFICIAL CALL 18SUED. 10,000 FASTINI Ford Gets Subpoena. est little boy West PoinLMr. Hutto, county at, New Yo.rk.The Southern Pacific Detroit.--ubpoena seryers, "who "I'm prouder torneY for Wayne County, and Mr. railroad today announced it had in- Mississippi Valley Alsoclatiomto Meet for nearly si months lmve been en-  the screel Baulden, a farmer o the same sac- sured Its 90,000 employes in a single' in Memphis, , But G0Varmmit Aanounoes No Hun. deavoring to ve a summons Qn writes tion, purchased from Cottrell & policy for $100,000,000. This was said SL Louis, Mo.--A call for a conven- tar 8trikers Will Be Released, Henry Ford in a damage uit, sac. And l Green here a car 1pad of Jersey cows to be one of the largest group insur- tion to be held at Memphis, Tenn., l)ubliLTlze Free State govern- ceased by aPPearing uninvited at the to be Mlpped to their ome. ance policies ever issued. Nov. 9-2 and $, to formulate a def- meat unounces that no prisoners ,'shooting" of a motion picture film in 8eor tnlte program for completion of ira- havebeen released in consequences of which Mr. Ford and a threshing ma Named on School Board. New York NeWpaper Man Die. provement work on the Mississippi, a huger strike and that none will be, chine were the star Performers. The New York.Rtchard A. Farrelly, Ohio, Illinois and Missouri rive;.s was gltbough freedom might be granted summons Was issued in connection IamreLMr Robert H. Morehe! 5, widely known New York newspa- Issued here by James E. Smith, pre on other groumls, z a suit appointed to fill the  man and until retirement in 1917 Ideng of the association, a executive in the Wllilam Randolph In his call, President