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October 29, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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October 29, 1898

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&apos;* o . | g down oa the car early ever'morn ing," ahc said, "with a young man wlo lives a htt:e farther out ttia'n I do, and l don't ,00in,l sa,n00 that he doesn't know wi,at courtesy and gentlemanlincss is " hat does lie do. mqmred her big Brother, who doesn't think very much o' r)ew women, anyway, and is consequently op- poised to his sister being in the world of busi- ness It m D t what he does, she replied; "it's ' 'hat he doesn't do. Time and aga u he has : let me stand npall theaydowntown, when it wou!d scem as if tile very least he could have done was to get up and offer me his Iat/' ,.'"[hatis wrong, isn't it?" returned the !/1 t)rother. 'It's ontemptib e selfishness; that's what it is," she answered. *T " he fact that he Is m possession of a cat," went on the big brother, 'of course es not entttle ilim to it if a fel/ow clerk of the opposite sex happens to want it. And ,,& n'i002:, b2in, s, ,,i)I do those thin00s " Y, ' girl who has twice thegriev. ante you have in th t/ine " , hat s bappened to her? she asked. h;;Ian there first and refused to give up : ". n sue came amng lie exl;) ained 'Give np ills scat?'" - "No g ve up his job She has diseovered that it would just about suit her, but the great big brute of a man hasn't chivalry and courtesy enough togct up from his desk bow ' politely and say 'adam, permit me to offer you my job.' "AetuaUy, lib just hangs right on to it iimse]f arid lets her go hunting round for something to do. Most ungentlemanly, isn't it? But, do you know, I think the old. falioned courtesy i,--" towever, she did not wait to bear about that. She mervly said he was a mean thing and didn't nndcrstand hat was due to a ladyatall. And hehimselfadmitsthatcon. hanging conditions make it mighty find out.--Chicago Post. FELL FROM A SCAFFOLD. From the Herald. Watertown./q. Y. J ' , ohn Young, of Le Ioy, N. Y., Is 72years old, and is we]] known in that and neighbor- ing towns. While putting some weather boards ou a barn, stamting on a scaffold twenty-two feet from the ground, lie felt dizzy, lost his balance and fell to theground. The shle of hi face, arm and one entire side :of his body, on which te struck, were badly bruised Picked up and carried to the house, he was under a doctor's care for sev- eral weeks The doetor finally came to the that kis patient had received a stroke of p artlysia and was be* yond medi- cal aid. lie could n 0 t use one alm or turn over in bed. One day, while lying on the bed he read of a case some- thing like his having by t Fall been eure Williams' Pink Pi]ls for Pale PeG- . ego ed his granddaughter to get a box of the pills. After that box had he secured another. In three to feel a little life in hisarm; ar he could move hisfinger; o nonths te could walk, and months h could shave himself with j "Iok!" exclaimed a lady to her compan- ion at the opera "There is Mrs O dne in that box. Her hair is jet black and I'm noi- ive itwas streaked witb gray the last iime I gaw net." "Very true, dear," replied the other, "but you know her only )Jrother died three mths ago." "ludeed! But wlmt ha, that got to do with the color of her hair?' "Why, don't you understand? She's in moarmng."--Chwago Eveuing News. Improved Mathemuues. "XVhat are vou working on now '' was akcd of the man who is always inven(ing but never invents. Detroit Fret Prs. Shall we call the "stoop" of the scorcher front atuop or a back atoop?--L. A. W. Bulletin. Paradoxleal-J'Ho' ' was your amateur overa performance? .... It was so poor that it Wa really rich."'ineinati Enqiurer. Many-"You ,-]oo"--;l--''m--find) time to gt )alned. .Maim-- No I amkepten- gaged all the time."-Tow)t Topics. Another pugilist gone wronghe's dead.-- Buiffato TimcL Good BI d Makes Health tired, worn out, you may be made well by On a stone in front of a log house me, I'd walk out o' that back doah and Hood Sa ilia wMeh seemed to have been struck by git ten miles away jest as soon as my a cyclone sat a farmer about 50 veers legs could carry met" 's rsapar ohl, aud his head was bound up with a I followed his advice, and next (ta b" America's Greatest Mediela rag and he had three or four strips of learned that the suit resulted in u row, in wbich one nmn was killed and three others wounded. plaster over wounds on his face We Hood' i118 cure all Liver Ills. eat stopped the team a:xd the colonel got down and said: PRACTICAL KINDNES "Something seems to trove happened around here?" One Hundred Thousand Grateful Sol- "Yes, sunthin' has happened," w'as diets, the reply. "Cyclone or whirlwind sweep over These war times have tried men's souls the country?" in many unexpected ways, but like ashaft "No, sah. I was up to Bakersville of sunshine and good cheer out of the cloud of privation and enduranca has been the about a week ago, and one of the mer- work that The American Tobacco Co has chants showed me sunthin' to blow up dour among the U. S Soldiers and Sailors Stumps with. I bought a lot of it.." ever since tim war began--for when they "Oh, I see. You have been blowing discovered that the camps and hospitals were not supplied with tobacco they de- up stumps?" cided to vrovide them, free of cos% with "You see that hole?" said the man, enough for every man, and have already as he wearily rose up and pointed given outright to our SolSiers and Sailors "T over one hundred thousand pounds of "Bat- here was an oht seeker of a stump I Ax Plug" and "Duke's Mixturc" Smoking there, and I began on that first. Four Tobacco, and have bought and distribute or five of tile nayburs come over to fifty thousand briar wood pipes, at a total help me, aud there was the old woman coSthrs.Of between fifty and sixty thousand dol- and Joe, and Sam and the girl Mary This work has been dyne qui]y :d I bored a hole in the stump ant] filled thorough!y, by establishing headqua s her full of the stuff, and then w'e sat in each camp, so that every camp and e T down to talk." hospital of the United States Armv has I)eer supplied with enough tobacco for "To talk about what?" every /nan, and the sailors on thirty ."Wall, some of us were for allowin' United States Ships in Cuban waters have that it wouhl blow the stump all to shared with the soldiers this most welcome of all "rations." pieces, and sonte was for allowiu' that Perhaps it will be only fair to remember it wouldn't tear off a sliver. We had when we hear the remark again that to lave a talk about it, you see. None 'corporations have no souls," that there of us had ever seen any stumps blowed s one American corporation whose soul has been tried and has not bees found up." wanting in "praetica] kind'hess" "Well, you had yonr talk, and then what?" usked the colonel. A SMALL BOY'S $CHE1W "Then we had another talk as to who shouhl Itch it off. It was to be a sort He Had an Idea About Eggs Which of Fourth of July, and everybody Promised a plendid Result to wanted to light tim fuse ,Ve talked HIs Mind, and jawed and called names, and Joe told his story in the Herald office, She was a charming young lady and nat. h"No, sail. I3ein' as they ain't there the perfect picture of health. He urally had many admirers of the so-called t ey must have been blowed out, but box of the pilta in his packet, and stronger sex. One evening one of them whether they was blowed upwards or he Tbeydes n0tcuredfeelhlmJUStafterright,doctors,he towardCalled andanother.the conversation chanced to drift downwards or into the woods, I en him up, and his death was'daily ] "I think 51,r. Davisia quite an intellectual dunno." d. I young man, she observed. "And you don't seem to be worrying . !e elements neeessary to give newlife t ,O), you do,' sneered the other, about it," said the colonel, as lie rcnness to the blood and restore shat. I . Why, yes," she replied. "It seems to me climbed back into the buggy  nerves are contained, in a eondensed / that he is a very hard thinker on many ira. "S  " ) in . Williams' Pink Pills for Pale | portent subjects." . , k tssly, sah--skassly. If they was ! ',: ?hey are an unfailing specific for / "Well, now that I come to consider it," re. blowed to pieces it's uo use looldn' I us es as locomotor atama, partial ltorted the undaunted rival of Mr ])avis "1 t s, St Vtus' dance s iati ' ' " " ' - " , e ca, neural. [beheve you are mght. I never knew a man uronnd; If they was blowed into the et atism, nervous headache, the after [ who thought with so much difficulty."--Chi, tree-t ops over there, they'll be slldht' 7 o a,gr Hpe, palpitation of the heart. |cage Evening News down and eomln' back alUm e after aC aflow complexions, all frmt Ol [ IYbel"i-)-'____ 1 e ithet in male or ferns 1  ..... awhile. Excuse me fctin' down ------------- [ "It's a very solemn thing," she said, agm. Somehoworotheraln,tfeelin , An Explanation. /"when a woman intrusts a /nan with her as pearl as I mightl" A small boy who is not familiar with rural and Sam got into a fight about it. We ways was taken by his fond mamma for a bad to'talk some more to settle things, brief stay in the country, and |t was almost night when I struck On a farm in a neighboring county he a match, i was for allowin'that every- waxed fat and sunburnt, anti picked up a body ougbt to run Into the woods, bt wondroas store of astonishing experiences. One day the farmer smilingly said to his the rest of 'era went swelJin' around mother: "th their noses in the air and said "Just ask your boy what he hid two eggs they wasn't afraid So we all went into in the stable for? .... the house and shet the door--all but So the very first opportunity the mother said to the sixq ear-old: me." "My dear, w[ at did you do with those eggs "And you ran away 7" you took from lhe hen house?" "Oh, mamma," replied the boy, "I ffidn't "No, suh; I wasn't goin' to be bluffed want you to know about it." by nobody. I jest stood rtght over "Why, it's all right," said mamma, "I only there with my arms foh]ed and begun want to know what my boy did with them)' to whistle, and when they called to me "I hid them in the stable," said the little from the house I wouldn't answer." fellow. "And what for?" "Well, the explosion came?" said the " ,Cause it's my scheme " colonel "Your 'scheme? And what is your "S scheme?" - he (hd, ash. IIow high I went T "Why, you see, mamma," said the little shall never kuow, but it was clus upon l philosopher, "when eggs is borned ia a lnidnight when I come down and chicken house they is always little chickens open:ed my eyes. Thcn things was as i an' I rink if they was borned in a stable dry you see 'cm now." might be little horses!" It is needless to add thit up to the time "But what became of the people In of his leaving the farm the miracle was still the house?" unaccompihed.Cleveland Plain Dealer. "Dunno, sah." Two Different ViewS. "You haven't seen 'em since?" affections." ' t' ' ' I s a mghty mght more solemn when she makes him think she has intrusted them to him while they are still locked up in her jewel box," he rel)lied. Then they looked at each other, and each realized that ie was time for their summer flirtation to end.Chieago Post. Enough, Author--,Vhat excuse have you for abus- ing my book? CriticI read it.--Up to Date, I cannot speak too highly of Plan's Cure for Consumlrtion.--Mrs. Fi;ank Mobbs, 215 W 22d St., New York, Oct. 29, 1894. A Word to Baldheads. Don't comb your hair over the bald spot on your head and then kick because your grocer puts the bigpotatoes on top of tile measu re. --Chicago Evening News. llls I m pre'tlol. Brown--Isn't millennium a Latin word? Smith--Yes; I think it means "money to r " ' " -- bu n, or somethmg hke that.--Puck. But he did not rep/y, lie gashed for breath, and the hostess, appearngat first moment or) the seene, deflected the line of eonversation.N. Y. Sun tbe sun when (he spotted dog attacked It's a wise man that follows the races--at him." a safe distance.--Chicago Daily News, "But the spotted dawg belongs to me," he continued. :MANY FEMALE ILL8 RESULT FROM NEGLECT.  Tells How Ordinary Tmsks My Produoo Dlsplaooments That Threaten Women's Healths Witness to the Deed. While I was staying my hunger at a cross-roads store witl a bite of crack- ors nnd vheese a couple of doffs began to fight, and a minute or two Inter their respective masters were having it hot and heavy. The row was lively for a time, and when dogs and owners had been pulled apart, one of the latter ap- plied to the owner of the store, who was also a justice of the peace, for a warrant against the other. An hour later, when I was three miles away, I was overtaken und served with papers and brought baek as a witness. ]had searee/y returned when the plaintiff in the ease came to me and said: "Stranger, I reckon yo' saw tie be- ginnin' of that yere fracas betwixt them dawgs ?" "Yes." "And it was the yeller dawg who pitched in fuse?" "No. The yellow dog was asleep in "Well, 1 can't help that." "Yo' can't, eh ? Look yere, stranger, I reckon yo' saw Tom Whee/er pitch inter me as I went to separate them dawgs ?" "lean't say it wasthat ay. Iihink he was trying o separate the dogs when you i)itched into him." "And yo' ar' ffwine to sw'ar to that?" "i'll have to tell the truth." "Mebby yo' will. lint I wouldn't sw'ar that way, if I was yo'. I hain't nuthin" agin yo' as yit, but if yo' tell lhat sort of a story, I shall want to se'e yo' later on!" He had hardly departed when the fie- fendant in the case approactmd and said: "Stranger, ar' yo' a witness in this ere case?" "I expect so." "What ar' yo' twine to sw'ar to?" "[ shall try and tell the truth." "Will yo' say that Joe Parker called me a liar befo' we had our four ?" "I didn't hear any sueh thing." "Didn't you hear me whistlin' to my dawg." "No." "Stranger," he eontinued as he squared off. "I've nuthin' agin yo' at present, but tf yo' go on the witness stand I may git riled and becum dan gerous. This ain't none o' your fuss. anyhow, mud you'd better not mix in," As it was plain that one of the prln- )clpals would be "agin' me," no matter how I testified, I went to the justice and explained my position, and asked him what I should do. "Yo' seen it all from beginnin' to end, did yo'?" he asked. "Yes." "And yo' feel that yo' orter tell truth ?" "Of course." ;"Wall, /hat's powerful decent of 1 Apparently trifling incidents in women's daily life frequently pro- duce displacements of the womb. A slipon the stairs,lifting during men, struation, standing at  counter, may result in displacement, and a train of serious evils is started. The first indication of such ta'oubIe should be the signal for quick action. Don't let the condi- More than a million women have iaed health by the use of Lydl Pinl;ham's Vegetable Compound. you write to :Mrs. Pinkham Lynn, Mass., for her advice, and a few , words from her will show you the right This tlvie eost, you nothing, but ) or both. 314 Annie St., Bay City, to thank you For neariy generative tbout your Vegetable Com- nd he brought me home two bottles. After these I felt. much beer, lut thought that I . to  my case, and you do not know how thankful I advice and for the benefit I have received from the use of I wrtfa this letter for the good of my suffering sisters." Mrs. Bennett is the history of mty women who have t'to heath by Lydia Gompound. ,j No Pinee for lnforllla|lon. The cat" was just comfortably full, strange to say, and it also hapt)ened lhat no one was talking, when a litth old turin who had a seat way u I) in front, and was holding a long, slim par- cel in his band, suddenly asked in a shrill voiee: "Can anyone in this car give me some informalion ?" Of course, everybody looked at him, but, it was half a minute before a se/f- important man on (he other side of lhe car replied: "Perhaps I can (ell you what you want toltnow. Slateyonrease." "Well, it's just this," said the oM nlan, as he rose up. "olnc'where or other 1 have heard the exprcssion: 'th sball gnaw a file.' I]aw, I got it right?" "Why, yes, I think so." "]Jut wtmt does it mean? Why should anyl)ody gnaw a file'?" "1 haven't time to go into t} mailer this morning," said the self-imporlant man, who wasn't really sure of his po- sition. "But I want to know Iigbt away," persisted tbe old mau as heproeecded to unwrap the object in tie paper. "Now fiere is a file. All of you look at it. Just think of gnawing a file!" 1/e turned about and drew it across (he door handle with a sound which brought the shivers to every spinal column, and then, turning back, re- snuled : "'Ite shall gnaw a file.' What had be done? Who was he? l[ow long was he to gfiaw? All of ns can gnaw bones, toothpicks, turnips and roots but gnawingatile--gee whizz!" "Say, put that blamed thing up, won't you!" shouted a n,an, as three women rose up tnd shivered. "Yes, by and by, but I'm after in- formaliou. Mighty funny that nobody in this crowd can give it to me. I sup- pose it was the same kind of a fi/e as (his be was going to gnaw on. I can! draw il across my teeth " "Mercy!" shouted every woman in the car, and half a dozen hands waved to tbe conduelor to stop. ":ks I was saying, I can draw it across uty teeth so, but as for---" "What's all this!" d.emanded the eon- ductor, as the old man and his file were run out on the platforn by three or four men. "He slmll gnaw a file," was the an- swer. "Who's gnawing files around here?" "Nobody. Let go of me and lemme tit off. I won't ride a rod furlher with no snob crowd! I was asking about the man who gnawed a file." "Nobody ever did." "Then wby d d 't they say so? 1 can draw a file along my teeth like this, but" The conductor pieked him np by the 6oat eollar and dropped him off, but he was not suppressed. Withashivcr- ing, squeaking sound he drew the file once more and called after the ice-enid passengers : "But as for gnawing a file I couldn't do it--not if I died for it/" She Married ltim Anyhow. A convict at a French penal settle- ment, who was undergoing a life sen- tenee, desired to marry a female con- viet, such marriages being of common occurrence. The governor of the col- ony offered no objections, but the priest proceeded to cross-examine thc prisoner. "Did you not marry in FranceT" "Yes," he said. "And is your wife dead?" "She is." Ia "e you any documents to show that she is dead?" "No." "Then I must decline to marry yon. You must produce proof that your wife is dead." There was a pause, and the bride prospective looked anxiously at the would-be groom. Finaliy he said: "/ can prove that my former wife is dead." "/t-o w 7" "I was sen here for killing herI" And the bride accepted him not- withstanding.Pearson,s Weekly. N'ev Theory About Deserts. Dr, Lydel<ker, in Knowledge, points out (he error of the widesprcad be- lief that deserts, like the Sahara. are the bottoms of anclen seas, which hare been /ifted above their original elevafiou by geo/og[eal forces. It is absolutely ccrta;., hc says, that the sands of all the great deserts of the world havc been formed on the spot by lbe disintegration of the solid [rocks on which they rest. Desert sands eorrespond in all respels, so far as their mode of origin is eon- cerned, to the dust and sand which accumulate or our highroads in sum- mer. All deserts are situated where the winds from the ocean, before reaching them, are exhausted of their moisture by p:tssmg over mountains or aeross acres of extensive tracts of ]and." In at the Death. Itnnting with motor vehicles is the latest from France, which leads tbe world in the development of the motor ear. A French paper says: "When Duehesse d'Uzes, with her pack, was hunting the stag in the forest of Dourdau the other day, M. Picot, an ardent sportsman on wheels, eontrived to follow the ehase and be in at the death on board a six-horse-power motor, which he fearlessly urged along the woodland drives. M. Per'ier ills, on the same occasion, followed the run from star to finish on a petroleum tri- cycle," Luck of praetlee. "Maria, it is said that women tell more lies than men." "No, William; they're not so skill- ful, and they get found out."Chicago the Daily Record Overheard at seh-oyler's. Miss Vassar--What is the reason it ( AN AUTUMN IDYL. In tVhleh. Is Depicted Somewhat the Sorrowfulness of the Ex= plrlng Year. A great wave of perspiration had swept up from tim briny depths of the sea of hu- manity, and on its white-capped top the month of August had taken passage to the shoreless realms of eternity. Tip-tilted on tt e petals of the blooming melancholy days of poesy and song, Sep- tember in bet golden glory stood, and from her harvest finger ends threw ripening kisses to the world. There was no sadness in her eyes. and ia her voice was only the music of rich, ripe fruit fa//ing to the ground. As she swept along on the crimson tide of her leafy glory, a simple Oyster crossed her pa(h. ]n his faee was the shadow of Fate. His reqniem was sounding in the key of R. September saw him, but she wet not what he was to her, nor she to him. She nodded at him smilingly. "Good morrow, Master Lowly," she sang. "Look upon me, I prithee. Am" I not indeed in il ?" The Oyster was amazed. "1 begyour pardon," he answered, though he knew full well what she had said. ,,d?earie me, Master Lowly," she chirruped, but Iookat me. Am I not in it?" "1)o you moan the soup?" lugubriously in- quired the Oyster "No, indeed. Why should /?" laughed the warm September. "I mean the Au- tumn, of course, stupid." Then the Oyster sighed as if his shell wmdd break, "and he wondered why one eouht be o heartless as to jest upon such a serious snbject.--Washington Star. The Gro'th of Soeiallam, It is argued by deep thinkers that the growth of socialism is due to the large stand- mg armies of the world, in which men are often made to enlist against their will, and thus become discontented with existing con- ditions. The growth of a stronger race of poot)!e is due to the large sa/e of Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, which is the bet medicine for costiveness, dyspe.sia, fever, ague and all nervous troubles. ]'ry one bottle. t'"Spare my child! spare my child! " cries ne mother when too late. "One box of Dr. Moffett's TE I'.TU I N'& (Teething Powders would have served her darling, and costs only 25 cents. Dr. Moffett is daily receiving the thanks of arents wliose chihlron have been saved by TEETInNA ( 2"ethi?)g Powders). Making Them Uaeful. There are too man,. people who use their fdic,S?as,t00tions--Atehi00on (Kan.) A mau's meaning is the same dring eourt. ship and after marriage but it iscxpressed in different langnage.--Chicago Daily News. To Cure a Cold In One Day Take Laxative l;romo Quinine Tablets.. All druggists refund money if it fails to cure. 5c. h'Tl:ere_.__o go:oslaTotlacr camp victim." "Why ": '  . " .' 'No, but he camped out ILls summer and got engaged to a girl." --N O. Times-l)emclat. tlall's Catarrh Cure Is takea Internally. Price 75c. The man who fights amt runs away may live to draw a pcnsion.--Chicago Daily'News. Fever patients shdd be kept in good pirits.--1}uil'alo Times. ],'very now and 1hen a man's mind is stretched by a rcw idea or sensation, and never shrinks back to its former dimensions. 0. W. ltohnes. A good tire is all is puffed np to he.--L. A. W. 13ulletin. @ If salt use,1 at the table is damp it should not bc kept in.tl__e eellar.--l_ A, W. Bulletin. /Ie--"It costs me $5,000 a year to I re." She--"Is it worth it?"--Tmvx Topics. "Charge bayonets!'Tsaid the clerk in the arms factory, as ie billed a consignment of snall arms to the govermnent.--L. A. W. Bulleth. A Comforting Thou'gbt.---She--"I hope we will ahvays be abe to ecp the wolf from the door." He--'"Vell, if he ever comes to this fiat he's pretty sure to find tim door- bells out of ordcr!"--Puck. t" "'Why," asked the ;'oungest boarder, "do hey measure the speed of a ship in knots?" '1 thiuk," d the Cheerful Idiot, "that it has something to do with the tied."In- dianapolis Journal. Iy whole family was m the country a month, and the bouse was dosed up; yet the gas b'ill was as large as ever." "Of course. Gas meters never take a vacation."--Brook. lyn IAfe. ., BREAD, on', ,TOES and_MILK. He Lived on Lenten Fare. A Dyspeptic's daily diet. Dyspepsla is one of the most prevalent o diseases. Thousauds of people suffer fron it in a more or less algravated form. Fev diseases are more painful to the individua or more far reaching is their effects ot humaulifeaudhapptness. What the dys- peptic needs is not local treatment, not mere temporary stimulus. The realnee is the toning up of the entire system. For- tify the system and it will do its own fight- ing, and promptly eject any intruding disease. The success of Dr. Ayer's Sarsa. parilla in curing indigestion and dyspep- sia is due to just thts quality which tt possesses, of renewing the vital forces, repairing the waste and loss of the bed . The ordinary treatment brtngs the foo down to the level of the weak stomach. Ohr Ayer's Sarsaparilla puts strength into stomach, and brings t up to the levelof the strong food fit for men. It does this by strengthening the entire system. The stomach cannot stay weak when all the other organs are gaming strength. What Dr, Ayer's Sarsaparilla will do for dyspep- sia is best illustrated in cases like thstof M. S. Shields, Meridian, Mis. Mr hialds had got down to the last level of dyspepsia. But let him tell his own story :-- " For years, I was afflicted with dyspep- sia which gradually grew worse until I could eat nothing but bread and potatoes [ seasoned with a ltttle salt, and drink onl F alittlemilk. I became so bad that a trifle too much of even these caused terrible suffering in the regions of the stomach, darting paiusback of the e es, attended with dizziuess and partial osa of sight. The only way I could get relief was by yore. iting. FiuallyI had sucha severe attack that the entire left side of my body felt nfimb and partially paralyzed, and ifi this condition. I was taken to my room uncou- scious. The physicians failed to help me, and noue of the mauy remedies I took did me eny good. At last a friend presented me with a bottle of Dr. Ayer's Sarsaparilla and before I had used half of it, I could see a decided ehange for the better. I used three bottlea and was so completely cnred that for four years I bare not been troubled with tbe old complaint, butam tggedand hearty and able to eat that can be eaten. It would be to toa much in praise of Dr. A, rills, and I would not give for a dozen of any other kind."--M, S. SaxzLvs, Meridian, Miss. Try Dr. Ayer's Sarsapsrtlta If ysu are dyspeptic, if you waut more testimony t. the value of the medicine, get Dr, Ayer's Curebook. It is sent free on request by the J. C. Ayer Co., Lowe11. S0000tisfies that taste in mouth. PLUG 00emember lhe name when you buy a00ain. , '[/)eve's ahvays hound to be kickers," ex- (:lalmed Meandering Mike. "Did you ever  n!ousiy right man in de right ! siou."--,Vashington]'piaee ?ete. .... "1 ,,'asOn'Ybem' once ", putstar.." ulto' repliedjall, " onP]ddin'de ocea- i = "*O"IT "OgW, uy TRO" ")e'! 1 Changed Circumsta;lces'--"Thev say tha i ] Mrs' Bndly thrws n a great de] f'atn' i SAPOLIO since tey beeame suddenly rich. /ell" rather. rhat woman used to walk in hel sleep. :Now she gets np and rides a cimin- less bicycle or orders a carriage."Detroit Free Press. , We aH talk too muchto talk well.--Atehi. |,,,,,,, ,e ..... 'TI8 CHEAPER IN THE END. | son Globe. = ''e'-''*"''-"''=i'=iet=iionn-''''anet'i'e''ainistintai| HE EXCELLD/CE OF SIilIJP OF FI(iS is due not only to the originality and to the care and skill with . manufactured by scientific processes      II    Iter lag he.ray Compa=y, Chleaso , irontrelll) N 'lto "I1 7- known lethe CaLrFom. FIO SrRUP |:|--ILrm I 's.''. --- 8Old and u ranteedby andrg Co. only, and we wish to impress upon ,ll the importance of 00urehas00ogthe | | | | | true and original remedy. A,s the i ll [] 1 / I Top Saap [! llilffl genuine syrtp of Figs is manufactured by tlte F,o S*RUP co I I i at--. L_I only, a knowledge of that factwill TDNiCI assist one in avoiding the worthless imitations manufactured by other par- on BzArrUL - ties. The high standing of the CALf lh.Bst BOOK tho WAR boundandsnml FORNIA FIG YRUP CO. with the medi- tuOusy illustrated (peeaS}, free to anybody_ sending ca1 profession, and the satisfaction ISJUSTA (IOOD FORADULT. [ two annual subserlptlons at $1eacb to the OverlslMonthly, SAN FRANCISCO. SamvleOverland&. which the genuine Syrup of Figs has WARRANTED. PRICE 50 S. given to millions of families, makes AIIi Iiinn5e Hab- the name of the Company a guaranty THE 'BEST PPTION m-mini l Cured. Wts i [] IIi iBi E H.Woolley, M.D, of the excellence of its remedy. It  FOR CHILLS AND FEVER 8iVlilAtlanta'GL " far in advance of all other laxatives, tsalmnleOfOROV,0TASamLSSCHILLTONIC. DROP:SYg?-------------2WZ2 as it acts on the kidneys, liver and It never falls to cure. Then why exrimentwith bowels %vit]lOUt irritating or weaken- worthloss lmlt&tlons, At all drnggists, eawes, tlend for book of testimonials and 10 due ) SraSmeS Fte. Dr. 14. H. SaSKS,S 80SS,Ailaatq, ing them, and it does not gripe nor nauseate. In orderro get its benoflcial effects, please remember the name of the Compwny-- CALIDORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN FRANC/O. Cal. LOUISV/LLF K. NEW YORK. N. Y. Our [] w,,,Dr,lls I And make no failures. Write what you need. READERS OF THIS PAPER DISIRIN TO BUY ANYTHING ADVERTISED IN IT8 COLUMN8 SHOULD INSIST UPON HAVING WHAT IIEY ASK FOR IEFUSING ALL SUBSTITUTES OR IMITATIONS.