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October 29, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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October 29, 1898

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&apos; WI'Ft:I k FUL, L STOCK ()F : : 1 i o SUCII ASo- [ OLD 2IONO PO LE t7 YE, m F2E+VCHBIL'DI, }F/AS,  | Choice Stock of FINE Ci6,4RS Ahvays on Hand. I lpi'Those is need of PURE LIQUOES for medical put- I poses will do well to call aud exalnine my stock, i l We bee: to announce that !} we arc dai!y receiving our!!00 t new and choice stock of f t00!t eAtt AMo wmrfe. i Goods, This weeks arrivals t} li as follows: Ladies and Misses 1 . Cincinnati Shoos, On. frogs, Fiannelottos and00 I! Ginghams. All of them early l FALL NOVELTIE II Come around and look at It them even though you do not It want to buy at present. I{ Martin Rothschild & Bee. Repairing ! lFill receive oer prompl'and ccre- fM attention. JOSEPH SARPHIE, The Jeweler, W00DVILL3E, Til I$$. GUARANTEE i,.,,.,-,.,.--er,'s-', * " - ...................... :d I k i. i t i . ,  . ] ;., [)t. ,},,,L i'. "14,3rl "d,II v,.;; +,.:tttt oil I;{':.'iIL' ])i;( .L%,j '|'ttt v ' ' *  " d;!Jllcht+]21" K;,i,,,.v ture. t 0 *  I 1 1 1 * 1 }1 f} ( } } t V [''  ' t I t :  }  '  i S i ( i (} ( ) [ N [ I ' " 'i; i i{ ? [ [' ' } I ; [ I { J  ' :{lily ell [''J[II } V 5 [ } ] i { [ t '  {4 u i r_L-_'--..=_-_<u+ -_.-:2 -.-2----- r---_;7-= St t:lr 1+} \\;' l'clicia,;a Pzri-i',. M'.. ! llil, x't] |,tPl) bleodlng from the ki,,t- r3a 0 ' " " oo btx-t  ,'[ii ii'I \\;V:I:5 CO il;l,z'sCi['2 .l:{dt/ it ,'daO DCV, [wr IvCP, lV,? iiFilths, atlti hltd clot- t+-++1>.-:- _.+[ " _'+'-." -" ...... :---:--" "" -"-" (if \\; I-'!]'''" [(' I'; }';!! {]!'l('ll' 'b tlI"V :i I,Ill Sti \\;, ';I[ [ %V;1,5 lOlll]lle! [tl Iliv bc(t '1 " " } t  1,;,[{1 IO I:'V ';:,il;h '4 .ill'!) I{i iliel  Itl I i " 1 } ' l {-0 +' ,ir, ,,]t+ +<;s+ (dt-bli0d ',o dist.!re[ "lJ: --']'i >.t, ,;i. '+ :'. '+" 7 t'.- ]:i*," r{ rom ]il I.:idu-V. At{or I h:).ct li[<ell .... "," "; +i" () #70t {'< ;t' ai*' 7. ;,(i ] t-,.l.C(,=l ,iVILI0. - + <iV  ;;i.t ).ir..iui[ of the b,,tth; the :tone i'.'{ts dls-i ..... ;.L,.;;2..D-+---- i;' i. ; t']'.7" lit =C'fl I. I I,I'F, ',4)lvetl :lilt{ t){S:=J++l (+.PJtL'. ;tilt. Ill t', t<C' .,.....,..++,c..=+4.7-...-.. .......... , L llalL iW+l+)lo]ijent!nls of niarria- >e-+* days [ was cured el the bleeding alld !es arid deaths will be published *It. P Ketehani of Pike Oily, Cal., I eomme oed to iniprovo, Iain uow says: +'I)uring iny brother's late entirely well. - wlthfluf ebarve, sickness from sciatic rheumatiln, Joitx STOKES. Bartlett, Tenn; Chamberlain's Pain Balm was thenl' Priec 50 cents. For sale by Chas. R. NIilll+Fltltlltlll 11vl' lillllllllt, remedy that gave him any re!let. Day. .$l 50 Many others have testitied to the Cash ...................... ELECTION NO i'ICE. Olhorwise ........ .$2 00 relief from pain whiela this liniment ......... affords. For sale bv G. Kanu. Nt)liee is hereby' given that an ]HAIlKET. On ..Monday last March cotton sold electi,m will be held ia Wilkinson N'ew Orleans, Oct '2_9 1898.. in New Orleans for 4.98 middling Conntv, Miss , I)3" the undersigned whiehpriceistlie lowestin the his- Commissioners of said County and 'otton 4 7-Pels tory of thee,ties trade. This record tile Inspectors al,l )dinted hy them dling ................... Our quarantine is now Au---------ient hreaking price can be traced tosevera, for the several precincts of said causes, towlt: first to the trouble be- county in i)ursuance o| the laws of tIlstory. Lweeu England and France which said state on tim 1st I'uesclay after Mr. E. T. I{ar,of Doloroso w+s in may lead to war. Second to the lack the ls, Monday in November 1898, yesterday, ot confidence by southern holders in beingtlle8th dnyoi Nov 1898 at acts of said Maj(,rTrager of Langslde wa in the future for cottnn by freely ,ffer- th-several voting preci ing at these low prices, 3rd. the gene- county as now estahlished, at sshich town onMtmday" time and places the electors of said .__. ral belief in another monsLer crop" county will haxe an o Iportunity of Mr. S. S. Johns of Whitestown was d - :: - 1 was trouble ith severe female voting for tile opportunity of voting In town on Thursday. weakness for over a year. and was for the folh>wing officers, to-wit: JoB WORK AT TIlE llEPUBLICAN, coufilled to the bed for over six One nel)resentstive for UonRress far months, lwastreatcd by six very the 6th Congressional District ot the Lady Beaukv Pin 10 cents per pair prominent physicians without any State of Mississippi. marked benefit" My last doctor was at Jos. Sarphie, The Jeweler. a skilled upeeialist, and he toht me ELECTION OFFICERS. - -' ['lie following are hereby appoin- The Board of Aldermen meet next tile Only hope lay iu an operation I heard of Smith's Sure Kidney Cure TuesdavlstofNvember" and after nsing it for one monthi tedtionlnSpeetorSto.wit: Lo conduct said elc- The Theruwme.ter, on Wednesday find myself cured, and even the doc- tor wh, last treated me uow pronoun- Woodville Preelnct.--E H Lewis. and Thursday registered 35. cesmewell. PHahu and M W Brawn. Peace :=-- MIs. J R FXVER, Atlauta, On. and Returning Ofli,'er T. Williams. The Board of Sunervisors meet on Price 50 cents. For sale by Chas. Beaver Creek--C H Wood, Florida Monday the 7t, h .f November. g l)av. i P.rd antt Wal Prater. p. & R. A full line of Ginghams, Flannel- I was seriously afflicted with a ,dtieer H A Wood. " w ettes, Outings, Ducks, Percales and cough for several years, attd last fall l TurnbulI--Wm McJra , W T Dress Goods at C. Schaefcr's. /. had,a more severe cough than ever l Sims and Levi \\;Yaliaee. P. & R. :l--+  . before. I have used nlallV remetnes I -- officer Saln btoekett. Mr. Tm,s. t{,laud is prep+ring t' without reeeiving much reh,+f,..a"<! I btliid himself a nice residence ou blilg recomniended to try a DOttle t I)onegal - J R Chambers, E Ogden Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, by a and P W Veal. P. & R. otltcer S Sltgo street. : - friend, who. kmwing me to be a II.lhind. Considerable cotton is being hauled odor widow, gave it to me. I tried it by our merchaurs trom this place to and with the most gratifying rvsult.. Old River--J A Gillespie, W (! '['he first bottle relieved me very much Cage Jr, and N Deavereau. P & R Bayou Sara. and tim second bottle has absohitely ,)ffieer N llarriscm. :-'- cured me I have uot had as good Percy's Creek--J M Lessley, R M Ice was sees her e'ou Wednesday. followed by a heavy frost on Thurs- fullv, MARtweutvA.years'BEARD,RespeCt'clare- I.mau and \\;\hi Huuter. P & R day mnrntng, more, Ark, Sold by . Kann. .ffleer W M Lindsey. -.-a ..,._. Fort Adams--l) Babers, C M Use Adants' celehratcd Gun Oil il you want, to keep your gun clean. Bad management keeps more peo SIrieker an,I Ernes Ross P & R G. J. A)AS. ple in poor ctrcumstances than any ,ffleer J (_4 Stutzmau. ._.. other one cause. To be successful one Pinckn.,yville--R L Braudon, B Several heavy frosts have been must look ahead and plan ahead so MeQchce and Boht Scott. P & R seen larking around m our midst du- that when a favorable opportunity pre- ,,triter G W Meows. sents itself he is ready to take advan Whitestown--S S Johns, L Cres- ting t.he pa.,t wec, k.  tage of it. A little forethought will well and H McCraine. P & R officer -Asylunt L')dg eNJ;3, I.e. & A. M. also save much expense and valuable \\;V,n J:unes. resumed their monthly meetings on time A prudent and careful man Centreville--P A Richardson, R last, Wednesday night, will keep a bottle of Chamberlain's Whitaker and J D Riley. p & II Sheriff Sessmns has thtished mak- Colic, Cholera an Diarrhoea Remedy .tticer Mark Ilays. lag out tax receipt and is now ready in the house, the shiftless fellow will wait until necessity compels it and Macedonia--R H Neyland, R Mc- t,J receipt the same. then ruin his best horse going for a Key and JDRjohnson.Andersn" P & R Dr. 0. S. Hamilt, on ame up frorn doctor and have a big doctor bill to ,fh:cr M t;ayou Sara on t, he train Tuesday eve- pay, besides ; one pays oat 25 cents. Coons Mlll--'rlIOa Wh!te, W (J r . and the other is out a hundred dollars Huff and R C" Whetstoae. P & R nine nn a vls|t to our l,Dwn, and then wonders why his neighbor is +,fitter Scott Newman. On Monday the 13,,ard of IIealth getting richer while lie is getting poor- , Sold, Springs--Rufus Geter, David passedii regulations permitting all er. For sale by G. Kann. Car,erl T Sttlr,.,eon.and E J Carter. P & R offices church services to be resumed. -----* -- V.ln Me- -- 2 ---- =-" -- The Spinnillg Wheel Club will I have used Smith's tu'e Kidney Dry Fork--Jos Henly, meet at the residence of Mrs, Sessions Cnrecure.and it MashaS madew. PUVEait,s permanent eerCearleyj Shropshire.and Jas Cavin,. P & R offi- next Tuesday evening at 4 o'clock. Jonesboro. Ark. PerrytownWm Nettles, D W ..... =: I Price 50 ceuts For sale by Chas. IMahoney and W Cavin. P & R otlt- 1 R. Day. I Dr. L:lrton, who is no engaged in eer 0," E Davidson. the cattle business near Bayou Sara I ...... 4,, ...... R.settaJ D Ashley, H Hzlit, ls spending several da3s in our town. t New Y<)rk, ()el. 26.--The un has . =-: . .. . the folhwing dated Nassau. N.P.: / and J S t',i)b, P & R officer J hl - --TRESPASS NOTICE. ,w+, ,,.==. o. +,.,,=,+ +,v and purlf.' your blood. 2o cents' F.A. LEAK. prohibited under penalty of the law. cheaper than Hoods at a Mus E. W. JO0R. 131o. J. ADAMS. Santr) 1)omiug,l ,)n board. W C .MILLI:ll, _ ,,.._;: The objec ()f a eont'erence that. was Commissioners. 11 20 97 tf. Mr. S. Maranto now ann<)unets hold between President tteureanx and 10 8 1898 4w. himself as the "Oyster King" as seen the c,)mmlsslon which came here on ...... TRESPASS NOTICE. from a ueat sign iu trunt of his place boa,-d bhe Mont,gomerv is kept secret,, W . bUt it, is that the C,,ted Ne &dvertisements. A,, huntiug or tresnassing on the of buMness. Stateovernmenthasbonght'Samana Artouish mter fence is pro- :. : _-.- Bay, Santo Dnmiuo, and will estat) hibited under full penalty of the law. O)nduet, t)r Argue. after several lish a coaling statmn there. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Any stock remaining ou the Artonish weeks layoff has aatn taken charge ............ " ....... The creditors of the estate of Wil- pasture after February 15th will be , In his speech at Booklyn ex- per nionth. of his train and went out on time notified that on the 12th day of l)e- J. A GILLESl'IB. Wednesday morninr, Senator D. B. Hill contended liam Adams deceased, are hereby ctiarged pasturage--50e that honest government is saw eember 1898 tim claims against .said 1 15 1898 ly. The eleetm,u fur G+ngressman takes the pnramount issue. Neither estate will be taken up for examnla- University of T)|aee on Tuesday the 8t, h o[ Novem- party can monopolize, he sMd, ttmlelainisandmnstaljudfeation,be filed andwtth thatc. A.all o,. o.e wee fro,u e. Tuosday. th+ orio+ o ,he S,,h war. oon, derl< of tho eha,,cer oourt o, llIisis$ipPJ l)t)n't fail to cast, your vole. The Senator takes the view that \\;Vilkinson County by said" day and t Oat. D. C. BramieLte, after bein Mr. McKinleywas at heart op- all creditors n)ay attend. ahseut for nearly a month, returned posed to the war and was This 14th day of Oct 1898. 1 811"8- | 88- .los. M SEssionS, Admr. Courses in Literature, Science, Phi- hume on Wedne.sday afterrloou. Capt. dragooned into it by the jingoes, 10 15 1898 4w, hsol)hY, EhmutAon, PedagogY: _Law. Bramletle came uveriand from ''-* D 2Schools. Enlarged corps InsI, LUC-" THOS ROLAN t.ors. Complete water and sanitary Gttrster. MASI}N[0 IEETINtl. .  system. Unsurpassed healthfulness. - ' '" : == Memhers t)f 'M tt Wmmsos R. TUrrlON FREE W@call attention to the card of Jndge Hill, candidate for Gongress A., C. are notified that the rogul'r to men and women io all departments ueeting ,,f the Chapter will take FUNERAL "4- exceotlaw. Ail epenses,ow. Sere. to succeed IIon. W. F. Love. Judge Mace at the Lod'e room trues'laY Ce.nt:ennial celel)rati,)n Nov. 6, 8, '98. Nexl Session opens Sep. 15, 189. Hill is in every way competent to fill +,+ruing next, at 8 o'cloel<, T, DIREGTOR F.r ca,,al,,g,,e nr inr,,r,naUon address, the position with credit to himself om,.nnions are requested to attend  l E.B. FULTON, Chaneelh,r, University, Miss. and bhe State. i>rompt]y. --- = : : - " J.F. THERRZL. 8 6 1898. Tuesday was a banner day at +he WOODVILLE, MISS. Pest Office, one large wagon load of mailbeing recelved, It consNt.ed of OO0000 @@@000 NOTICE. ,+sacksof+apers,+sacs of +citers first d theH ad and one sack of registered mail. It an s at e twoBIDgbridgest buihlto beeitherbuiltroubththefnewthe required t, laree days of hard ,aud dlli- I --oF road laid out near F,)rt Adams. ac geot work to distribute this lot, of cording to specifications on file iu m'ql matter. : 5outhern ;*'** cha,,ee,'v,,lerk'soffiee, will bereeeiv- edupto9tPcloek A M. :Jii the 1st :-'='-= Monday in November18!)8 The Board W AT.D.--OId,Co n federate Stamps on original l tare you examined our clotMng? \\;Ve have the most complete line we have ever shown, stylish, snappy, sleek and-serviceable and made (x, pressly to harmonize Witlt your pocket book. C. SCHAEFER- , We have just receive(i a lot of Cadet Uniforms. Just/ the thing for the boy. DRUGS and MEDICIHES CHFMIC00[E Public School Books Stationery. t)ainter s S+#)plies, Cuttlery Fu-rni/ in ltardva e, ltlu, rninatin2",,, _ e-, Oils, tlPhvsicians pr.criptions carefully co pc . . correcti)" l>i'tlei+ t ck selected wi*'l grat care andwarrantea as repreenteu. v. 8.9 z..-y, F. A. McLAtN. w. . vt c,a DR. CHAS, E, CATCHINS WOODVJ,t, LE : " " : ISS, Office in Adams Drag Store. uy J14, '94 if. Dg. L. W. MAGRUDER, Physician ad gurgeon, WOODVILLE, MISS. Office at rosidcnee, AFI'il 7, .88 ly DR C. C, CROSS. Dental 8argeou, W ODDVILL.E, M[SS. Office up stairs over the Postuffice. A. G. SHANNON, WOODVILLtg, MISS. Will practice in all Sta+e and Ulaited States courts in this State Real estate bought and Id on eom mission. Ofllee on --)m,,,-roial Itow. DR. JOItN F. THERREL, Physician and Surgeon WOODILLE, MISS, 0ffie ou Nain St. at his oldStaud JOHN A, LilWBY, FU N ERAL DIRECTOR. A Full Stock of Metalic and Wood- en Coffins always on hand at Wood- ville. Miss.. Main St. "]'respas Evtice, All persons fOUntl hunting, fishing or otherwise trespassing on the Bur --DEALER IN-- Family and Fattcy Groceries. IV-nee tioneries, Oysters, Tropical 1, trait o a+l kinds, Sugar, Coffee, Fin,,r, .+.,p+ Starch, Raisins, Nu,s +if all kiI,ds, Canned Fruit and Fish, &e. Fine brand chewing Tobacco. Fresh Bread every day. w n- plies arriving daily. llareh 21, 1896-y TRESPASS 10 TICI(. All hunting and t re.passing <;n" Retreat and I)amert tt places ll .'t rl+el yd +. prohibited, under penalty (if tile ta W.(; '+[ + ASON Bl()'l' 1"1,'[ Oct., 9th '97.--tf. TRESPASS All hunting, fishing or trespassing on Glen Burnte p s strictly proMbited mtder pem, tty ,t  he law. All tormer petmissiol+ re- yoked. GEo. T. McGlml. r LI'RES PASS OTICEo Any pelmon caught hunting, tvh[n or oll+ierwise trespassing on the Frasio ; Collins or Old Lewis plaees<a ||l t). , prosecuted to the full extnt o[ lli aw. All former perm,ions ed. F.D. Lw]s. /1. H. 8A3"DdllrdA'i, ueSIitor to -'rtn. ::13 m THE BEZT SAL000N '" .,i.J co..:$o, -a South-West Corner of Public Sqtmte P  ew OrIeans. I. -i-'Ei. { I have always on hand a sul PAPiI,I   41years reuowneti ass|earl- p/...' /J+++f er. 1o false promises made, I S . article of b_.aTa ,m eharmtantlra practmed. IViARANTO, +/7 Over 100 Gold and Silver Med- .  <- , a,,.-,,<,,o,,, e*o..wa.0o  mmV, bil., ,N tfi tram,. J.- "t uaby American sad European  Oster 8eamou is now oneu aud. ._t Expositions. Cottnaerclal  w y keep always on hand fresli  namwood l,lantation tit)out 3 miles rttz /lirT vAuI'rri or "li--r%? Cottrse inelndes :tCxl?ert Ac- li r4 t, Oaranteed. Htglaer and  pared in any style. We han- "l} south of Woodville will be prose t l.NiiW.p t./llr-------'-'-a''", reserve, the right to ,'cject any a,,d all | \\;t " counting anti Aimltmg, and  Bayocook oysters on ice, pre- . b}ds. C A. COON', Clerk. )d:. __ SUpexior tO any other tn the =Z X   ' ':. South. We own our conee  dlo no t Ib oysters. All kinds . outed to the fnl] extent of the law. envelopes packages.-- ]ltghest prices paid forrsame. 10 8 1898 4w. z,fl" batlding and h,vem+equall,>d  Of California Fruit, Fauey , (. facilities an4 aa uaexcUcd I " Candy. Nuts etc.  A strict watch will be kept OD samt faculty. Graduates hold leading positions all over th0 [ . Main St. Opposlto Baum& Dampf. eounLry. Instrticthnlah perolla|. A. McLaln for appears in I t | lllli ltlli Iwl have su perl0r advantag , Apply @ at# Bran BROWN S SHOP. plautation Ior trespassers. The announeement of Mr.Fraok I : 1"* IIunting or otherwise trespassing Conlress tg:=='@ on the McManus, FaHshaudBwling BoitledandWegBeer, I+ltlor+lli, .t' Green plsceslsstrictlvprohibited un- Skin Diseas ,oo,.,.+ oo,,=,. ++0 ,++o+++o++ooo.+, ._.D ++,=+ o,.+,.. . illwhieh +tudeuu+ do actual uainess ,vii, es. find ready ba do bnsine. meat on the ability and fitness of I .storeincolatect:ed'Wtth'uldCtlege Mr. bieLain t0 fill this position, as he] emocrat '- R.M. M cGEHEE, real goods and $ctual rotley, sad they l, ecp A. It. EDM&I St ldent enter, at aay time. Engil*h, .hen- For the speedy and permanen+ cure of [ ls known to all of our people, and all l well know that in case of his eleetion : It (lives S @ " sept. 4, 1s96-tf demic, Shorthand and Business school. xli --CON TRACTORS OFM ,tter, salt rheum and eczema. Chain- I -- eparatO taenlties. Sand for cstakg,f..1. = uei'lain's Eye and Ski r Ointme.nt is heof those whom he represents.Will do everything for the lnterestll t All The News,  +"= - OFM1SSISSil'PI, aaa=,,,io.ovx, xtz,". BRICK Nt CE ElqT without an equal. It relieves the ilcn. / ing and smarting ahnost instantly and/ tlt lI KI'S ON COUNTY. O R K. ' its continued use effects a rmanent | ,,--=: - Both Home and Foreign. To Mivn. E. W. COLUS: + U[,.l'lllli.lllili'll " HOT enre. It a, so enres itch, bar)er's iteh,| On bIonday morning+our Board of' I 'ou are commanded to appear iEstimates Furnished scaldchappedhead,hands,SOre ehroniemipples' sorsitchingeyesPiles'and] | I-Iealth withdrew quite a number oil i In a.dittOn, it furnishes itS Ci)til)tvhefr lheof /YilkinsonChaueery inCnrtsaid Stated' flieolt ACADEMY, ' l | lhe quarantine resl.rietlotm and lxu:iere very mday Morning the 211el Monday of L)ee , A D., 1898 P'.)I:-4T t+),-W, MISS. Patronage SoIicited. granulated 1ida. among the principle ones was that l With a OhiC'lltln f thel) and tl'.ere'to auswor theand exan)ine the filial aeeountPetitinof IaveOrderswithWettltn&FItckeYflruwn,s, BarberShop. orBen , Van Doe 18 972m, Marh 12, 92. BOARDINO 8OHOOL. FOR BOYS. 1 0 ORIGINAL STORIES, @ @ , Ilealth h teation in the hilt count,ry [ Dr. Cady's Condition Powdia'a for I are the l,st t(ic, blot purifier against the trah,s on the Branch. @SKEOIn- ann POEMS Pete)' Moiler exec,,tor of lI. of Missisppt. 2, BL FAGU:/I'Y. udvermifuga. Pric, 25cents. oldby :,aop=rr=t ]:he train, tiowevLr, did not colne in I :By Authors of laow:a reputation. Eatou, dec'd, of dedeased ,Guardiau- Well equipped CyMNASIUM, rcmot=sel frOmm . ti,n+ Wa llntll Tuesday" evenillg. A,quarantine I Dtdlyan4SundaY @ St.OOltyear ahip or saht ,Z.lartiu E IV CoLlins a L, atc. low. owing l,t)en(h)vctuent. I'I.IESPASS NF IO.L G, tl,.7,A ,/ . stlll remains in force/lgainst all In- [, tssud'ruoadaYa I))iu0r. l'write f()r Catalmtue. fcLed petals Its rega,'ds passenger t andFridaysOO$1.OOayoar lsned under my han,t and seal f J.T. DR, AKE, Sicr'rAlrt', All huntin_ on Simrali attd Sclnle- rafflc. Only such freight as perniit- / Smnd,y'only $9.OOaysar Court this the 18thday ofOeL., A.D. 8 6 1898 rf. fer I)laeesis strictly prohibited under se,.:, iee. aar%,. ted l)ytl,e regulations of' the S, ate, tllUndfor--mP:lteo'ies. ,it 189S. 1,'olnttain i 'e"ltv v,'iie taw. O,A,Silll imr(ix, t ltealth a0 " be' TZMS-DEOOAT,' OST :--.t ,um+'s :or;h , , A. Woob ,,he 11 20 n Oct.