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October 29, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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October 29, 1898

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Editor and Proprietor. TO ADVERTISERS. Tffg v,7YOODVILLE IEPUBLICAN TRO;JBLE, The Cuban "Patriots", over whom we shed so many tears, and with whom we sympathized so much just before the breaking out of the war, now threaten to give trouble. They are holding a congress composed of army offi- ts the oldest newspaper in the cers and a few political aspirants, State; has a larger bona fide and are puttin on all the airs of a free and independent nation of circulation than any other newspaper in this sdction; therefore . is ?b AdT,,rti00ut Idle, hat in IM, a ANNOfCEMENT. FOR CONGRE8S. SIXTH CONGRESSIONAL DIET. TO the Voters of Wilkinson Coffnty: ! hereby announce that I am a can- didate for Con,res from this, the 6th Congressional District and will thank tim voters for their support. Elect,on to be held on Toesdav. Nov. 8th 1898. I&apos;espeetfully, F A. McLAIN. To the Voters of the Slth Con- gtesslonal District: I hereby announce myself as a Democratic candidate for Congress to succeed the lamented Congressman Love. some power. Gen'l. Butler, of the Havana commission, informs our Governmant that unless there is a display of force Uncle Sam will have to discipline the late rebels who are likely to resolve themselves into bands of brig- ands. Good faith requires that the United States see that a stable government be established in Cuba, one that can and will pro- tect life and l)roperty, but it does not follow that the present revo- lutionary organization will be able to do either. Their late foes, the Spaniards, will have rough sailing if left to the mercy of the mongrel hordes that compose the "patriot army." QUARANTINE REMOVED. New Orbans, Oct. 16th, 1898. WOODVILLE REPUBLICAN ." This disease  not indigenous to the United States' It is .exotic and must be imported. It Is possible to have it hibernate (inter over) here in some warm house where the tem- perature is kept up night anti day and then a recrudeneencea bud. ding out again the [next summer-- may occur as happened .at McHenry Mbs., this summer. Since the United States is not[is home, by sanitary precautions carried out promptly by honest, truthful, capable men, its Importation ]may be prevented. The Holt's system st disinfection kept it out fur 19 )'ears with little damage to commerce Holt is a son of Wilkinson Co, Iss. ] 1"his year "Uncle Sam" was so anxl-I cue to feed the Cubans that sanitary ! regulations were set aside in order to facilitate military operations. About 16,000 non-immune soldiers, the same called immune, in sickly season were sent to the home ot yellow fever. The fighting was to(, soon over for the health of the South and our soldier boys were welcomed home to every state regardless of the dissemination of typhoid fever and yellow fever. Thisyear's experience wa c elie 0liege , WOOD FILLIP, JIlSS. Thoroughly equipped for work in the departments of Music, El0uuti0n, Englih Mathematics, 8cien0es  and the Languages. i Special facilities for the study of Music, Elocution, English and Mathematics. The standard o? scholarship in the College is high ; the lnstructmn in the Primary and Kindergarten Onpartments thorough. Teachers are all s )eclal- lip2 l.ts. The buildings are new and commodious, in perfect repair an] fitted . with all the comforts of a refined home. Parents having daughters to cdu- caPe will do well to confer with me before sending elsewhere. For Catalogue and Terms, address, Miss GEORGIA SWANSON, Pres., Woodville, Miss. New York, Octeber, 1st, '98. WOODVILLE REPUBLICAN Dear $ir:The trip from Bethle- hem to New York by the Connecti- cut River Route Is a very pleasant 'one if)ou hal)pen to have fine weather as we had the other day. dsbtedness of any kind It seems as though even Spaniards could have been made to clearly understand that position without wasting nearly tour weeks discussing i, if that real- ly be the position of the administra- tion. The route down the mountains for Young "Jim" Blaine, who by 100 miles follows the innousitics ffraee of pull holds a'aptain's ecru of theAnamoosic river, the ater is]miss[ca in the volunteer servie, has clear, running over rocky bottom lgall , if he has nothim else. The wholeeotintr 3 knows t|at he was with numer,)us little cascades show- ordered home from Manilln, whilher inS all the colors of the rainbow in [ he went as a staff officer, because he sunshine, and winding through the[wasfonder of intoxicants than of mountains with qtucR turns, chang- duly, and the el)[men has been LI-':ON 8CIIWAIUi'Z. C I:.2 L:I.ZAT*. Main $treet, WOe DVILLE, Wotwithstandin# the Quarantine ozer Stoc]00 of CE200IES is large, fresh and comp:e[e. WO RJIIS00 in oar prices on aceou, of redzeeed steel, s in the [own. N :.ew goods arriving idaily. I have purchased a large stock of Dry goods, Clothing, Notions, I/ousekeeping ar. titles, Hats Shoes &c. in New York all of which I propose to sell at prices so low that it will be to your interest to examine my stock. Special in- ducements to large buyers. The French Ministry has re- signed and Anarchy is threatened in Paris, and means revolution in France. There was a small race war in county last week. A party negroes waylaid a sheriff's posse that was trying to arrest one of their race, and killed me white man and wounded three. The riot hasended with the usual result--fourteen negroes killed. There seems to be a probability that war will be avoided between France and England, over the Fuhoda incident. France will have to back down though as Great Britian is peremptory in her demand that Fashoda be vacuated. Every cotton farmer in the South prays earnestly for con- tinued peace in Europe. In case of war he will have to gwe his cotton away and throw in alchromo with each bale as an inducement to his lord and master, the cotton buyer, to take it off his hands. It is very little better as it now atda. The State Department at Whington claims to have dis- covered that the German gov- is trying to obtain coal- stations in the Atlantic and 80 Owing t,o yellow fever In my family. -- ins:the scenery every minute, and Sod the short time until the election, It will be seen from the follow- should not depress or discourage our I shall not be able to visit but few of some of the views are so grandlthat an the ex#untles and I therefore take InS ordinance that all uarantine business men or our sanitariaus for thts method of sa).,ing that if you v,,,;,; ............. !  ..... the Spaniards will not h ......... mvoluntary "Oh" will escape you. 1vor me with an election, I will do ........... o ,,, -.muvvu zrom ne .... u,,.: o ue Af" ............ -" .... ' - ' ,-" - al!ln my power to advance the inter- State. In other words ouaran- wnlppeu again. With proper man- . , sou e tutt ne wonnecucut eat of my diat, rict and st, ate I believe ! .......... a . agement not only the Toita .... nee valley then the scenery changes. . :i!1e,il I [leetPeSdTn:fio: ti:n:;n<r:;:i!oi b::::y::? be" foreve; f::'e:f:::l !::si:blti!Se;maer<:i;!fi/l::ckg:tol:0 : N', C tilLg [ houses. ] All scientific students believe the[. Y.. .' , sted in ,the " " " 'the ellow fever is caua - I oeautfful /arming country rhe Jackson, Mls, Oct 21 --'-6 p m, Y ed by a germ. ' We are authorized to announee ..... IAn Italian -atholi-ist .... ]valley s generally about one mile in Whereas/the official report of the  g , oanarlua, . . ,,,O,,.a:a'o't2"W SON'. !astfewdavsshowamarlred decrease /Cla,ms to have seen the mierosconic[ widthand allthe lands, ,hich are _'.'  '?-"''UY "" essex, in the number of new cases of yellow/bed- with ......... ... |very valuable here, are bein- utilized auo]ec to ne euon or me Ltemo- fecer in the State of Mississippi which | J , puwertuJ lense. 211 [.[,, . , o ratte party. . fact Is consldered sufficient evidence ]cntagious and infectious diseases the principal money crop grown ,.x 7_ 7= .......... that the weather conditions are not [have a s,,ecial ......... .. , here is tebacco, and since the Cuban TO toe voters or wmmson wounty: favorable to thefurther general spread | a - . v , ,m . uause ms. war the farmers have received ',i- The undersigned begs leave to an- of the d!sease, the thermometer hay- [P rucular msease. And science has .... "  nounee that ne s a candidate for the ing reaencu as low as 39.4 degrees, for/taught how to destroy all ....... .. prices for their tobacco and they are e of 8ttemff of Wilkinson Connty, .he central portion of. the State; Ierms This l:'"- '- prr.rog,, in good fix financially. Houses and subject to the action of the Demoera- nererore, t)e t oraaineo ay execu- I n '  oug tna causes ,_ , ,, ., .... fie Convention to be held for count,, tive'commlttee of the Mississippi 'yellow fever is a dell,tar- ,otm .... earns tare all neauy psmteu ant aflteers m 1899. V.y espT,, : f:hFSt}!c?,:[eatlnt.h )hste?l/2rUa%n  little fellow, warmth :d =o';;'t;;; ::[ :: t:e ;17: tel ;PP;rsa::: et f .... ' . g ", and the same are are necessary for his life and nrona- Y' ' g " ncreoy removed. Be It further -or- "ation Even .......... . ting warm again. The rough rider aalnea na au parties are prohibited  " ue emperature or ........ from n a ti, oosevelt nas neen nominated n gel g in infected houses until 42 li kills it and ) ," ., " a temperature of " they have been tlmroughlydisinfected 54 o, such as we had on 15h of Oct. the Republicans and Judge Van and fumigated and released by the State healt, h officer in charge of the in New Orleane, makes it "curl up" Wyck, a brother of the Mayor of New York, by the Democrats. healthvarlUSofficersinfectedare hereby.chargedPvlnts' The Statewih get sick, so that if it spreads at all, Roosevclts war record will get him seeing this order properly executed, it cannot cause a well developed case many votes, the Rough Riders are In raising the quarantine the Board of yellow fever. of Health desires to warn the public quite the pets of :New ork. The that there is still'danger of contract- The feat of yellow fever is far millionaire riders have taken the Tex. iUging tothelnfecteddiSease andpointsall persOnSmust return-assume greater than the danger, and I do as Cowboys by the hand and feasted this risk which with proper precau- really believe that the quarantine them at Iloffman House and at Del- tlons we believe to be comparatleely does more harm than does the mild small. (Signed) J.F. HUNTER, form of yellow fever we have today, monlcos, an a great many Cham- Secretary, The rate of mortality ranges from 4 paigu corks have been popped and * : to 7 per cent, according to time] fine dinners served at the swell ttON., C.J. BOWERS. treatment begins. The decadence I restaurants, and the police does not Hen. C. J. Bowers, whose of yellow fever s apparent. Each / interfere if a few Indian yells burst name was announced as a candi- reauring visitatibn is milder and lut in the street on these occasions. Business appears lively, the stores data for Congress from this dis- milder. Several reasons for this may [ are crowded, the country is so large be advanced. Surely this is not tite l trier but who caused it toba with- fatal virulence of 1878 or the recol. I and the interests are so varied that cause of Demoeracydrawn rather than endangerby a multi-the iection of the past nor the danger oil the low price of cotton seems t o present, that makes Mississippisnslmake/ no impression here. I hope that I may find it so when [ get pliaity of candidates, is the Sena- appear cowards. If in the first theme. M. tor from the 1st district and re-twelve hours of the attack proper[ aides at Bay St. Louis. He is treatment is begun, 95 of every 100| -'=  one of the leading lawyers on the Washington, Out. 24th 1898. cases wilt get well Why measles The republican bosses arehot after coast, and is a man of great men- kills more than that. tel force, and withal a very bril- the repubhcau office holders in The eonduct of the good people in Washington, both voters and non- liant one. No man in the dis- Mississippi in their wild panicky fear voter. The lvoters have all been trict would represent it with of yellow fever is not ia keeping given to undelstand that if they do more distraction than Senator with their brave, generous, charac. act go home and vote hey will be Bowers, and his many friends teristias, braver mea no not breathe, blacklisted, and to remove their last regret his refusal to submit hi I They are absolutely fearless in advo- excuse, the rei, ubliean congressional name for__._,,,,,_election. : eating s principle and yet they either committee is offering to furnish As a result of the disturbances hut themselves in with shot guns or them with transportation when they in France money s being rapidly fly to a northern clime at the mentbn say they are unable to pay for it withdrawn from Paris to London. of a disease that is less dangerous themselves. But this transportation . Ca-ital is timid and this --" and more easily treated than malaria.. . as to command the P ' uui- . ...... IS not to be a gift. Every voter wllo , cates a eneral fear of r 1 " come one Wad reaus tats ma sa . entrances to the INicarangua . , g ovo..utmn he i   ............. Y- 3', avails himself of the Committee's " ' in ran e o utavt ueuuuse ne has had the o i t Czanal. It m even sad that Eng- c . .-, feve- , ........ , ,, . i ffer s old that he must make a |---- 2-- --!_  . . . ' l, I IllgYe I]OL nao lellOW Ieve ' - ,, mnu m aoou o assign her inter W ^ t ..... I._. v, , . . c,..a,. ,_, .... " . ,r. "Voluntar}-" contribution, within a le:S a tT::hatth' i ): r s eY; atter tots vasM c ;= i';h':Sslng, tour g::eacross x:snt Peatl7:i'llVel" comparatively;:: b;:::s:  :ei;::e" harmless[ Ok:2 a'h:: I a g:;: ttl ::u :Tit' ,s" I we q tothetheCmmlttee'cost of his of,,rail_at, ntmting for a coaling station an'.] _:,, ....... " .......... ' uhl road ticket, or take the consequences. ltl a41 Domingo. We doubti . ( w, carry too war mrs Af- :ave seen surprises to nave gotten | Boss Quay's man is sending letters both these ,stories. inca. He s very popular over ,ell. Now if I take it, and I go to Wash[n-ton to Bulldoze th ") -  .... ] this way ncl u,;ll ..t- ..-,, J about it every day I witl be z / g e I enn x, -,,-.. ,,it, urine(ally re- / e." " . . _ It is difficult to tell from thelceive the vote of the Western th,ak)surprised if I don't get well. ]sy!vanlan office holders,ate not only action or this tovernment in t* ...... ] i am sure no doctor, worthy of the |going home o yote but contributing , counnes, ann owing to lno hum-  1  Cuba whether or not the United t ........... / name in Miss., will fail to do his ]$ 5 each to tli campaign fumi. In - _ OerchancesOr canmaates in toe East, hm/whole/.duty If it , , this lette ttats designs to keep faith w't h t of " . _ . ,... c)mes send for r asking for the mone,, he the Cubans. There is a careful elf coon are flattering, t your p:ys,c,a.n at,,.nce and 'ou will/says ,'unless a vigorous and aggres-  n tne Irleno el all w " , [ive campaign s waged, e may avoidance of any renewal of our av" Whiley, Will!amh was SecretarYE, Chandler' .of theis. ] o,,L,__ "  ,,,tu,,'-"'r'tz' looe three or four districts." Uu- solemn pledge to see that an m- sued an ordr that officers should[ Gulfport, Miss, Oct. 24.The less the reports made to i Ex-Rel)r e- government is estab- not permit their wives to reside]congressional race in this the Sbrth sentative Kerr, Secretary ot the in that iland. The Cubans at foreign stations to which their] District is fast growing In interest Democratic Congressional Campaign are noting this and are becoming husbands were attached. The]and cf the announced candidates Committee, are wrong, the republi. restl and suspmious, and order was promptly rescinded]the candidacy of N. C. Hill of threaten trouble in consequence, when the Secretary restored the tIattiesburg is by long odds in the cans will lose those Congressional The ation of our own Govern- following from Commodore Fyffe lead. Chancellor Hilt is well and Districts in Pennsylvania, regardless in command of the Asiatic squad- favorably known to the voters ot the of what sort of a campaign they meat in putting Americans in ron: "It becomes my careful coast country, and it is afe to sa. wage, and they stand to loan many and taking steps to send an d - uty to report that my wife, that he will poll the entire vote ot districts in other states as well. OforOCCupatiOnof good tOfaith.CUba does]Tl / Eliza Fyffe, has in disobedience the Democracy of the three coast It is a little hit puzzl/ag why t[i/ to my orders, and in face of rag-] counties. The nominee of the Re- 7,'e|u]atmns of the department, taken]PUbhcanpar,y wills(and no show admlnistration, all'.ws lime to be Government and the Cu-lu p her residence on the statical a'hatever, t[bein understood that wasted by thePcace Commission at studiously persistently refuses to leave "l he is simply making the race lot Paris, discussing various Frolmsilious doubt co[rid be[Ex. ' /Imhtlcal prestage. of Ihe Spanish ('ommissioncra con- of oqX intentions, A rather curious me[dent is re-] McComb City, Oct. 24--News cerning our pa31ng or gnaraut.eeing lated at Ashtabula, Ohio. The reaehed here to-day of the with- the l,ayment of any portion of the the Cubans that town has for years been treasur-, drawal (. Ratcliffe, and the fr|endsvf Spanish bonds, charged agaulst as) l Mr. MeLain claim a walk-over fur (, if it he true, as see established a ins as a relic a shell which w him i, this county, has been the independent fir,d by a British war ship in 18121 claimed right along, that th Aulerl. W " Son, ehow,t got lntoa pile of ;:4. . 1 b grcatl fear , . . alehez, O E, 1t. can ommissi,)nershad I)OStiVe iu.. and winch had failed to explode t (, - 5led Statics, uzldcr tll ,r" to the Ph(e- ldrawn/Ratchffefrumt Adatzi/he raeeC"nttor CSngsbas with-to siraet,ms bef,,re they left Washing. dora fo thi ills(riot nd political ton, to Ihe effect that this Govern. He merit would under no ,-'ircnllllancP. were blo reason eitlrer pay or guranlee the paymeut fratAdy expressed by officers that hc ought to be court-martialed and dis- honerably dismissed from the army in the interest of dlseipliae That being the situation, it was thought that favoritism of the rankest kind was shown when the War Depart- mentordered that Capt. James G Blaine shouhl be honorably di:- charged because there was "no fur ther need for hlsserviees,,, and tha ",hm" wouhl julnp at the chance of being let down easily Not. he! r I As soon as he arrived in P/ slungton, he succeeded in having the order of the War Department held up untJ he could see Mr. McKinley and try to have it withdrawn entirely Great as Jim's pull nndmbtedlv is, it is doubtfttl whether Mr. McKin- ley will consent to his remaining in the army. "Mr. McKinley knows the cor- rect thing when he sees it, even if ha doesn't always do it. Iteis said to have done some vary rig- PETER MOLLER . lo. 5 Night Train Leave Memphis, " Viek b " " Ce atrvillo " " " " Arriw NewOrienns 6, " N, lght grain  oleaua Coil f,l'evil le " " " " " Viekslmrg " " '' " arrives[c)nphis No.,, 21,, Day., Train Laves'- " arrivo New Orl,a,s 7:55 pm 6:lti am 8:35 I,m I t:# pm 7:J0 am Ilnl 5:30 pm 8:;5 a m " m'rive.u Vlr'bshur, TI-'aIIy e.xcel)t Sun(Is j-. lI,), 7.21 /e:avo. Wo,)dvillo orous kicking about the eastern " " leav P-avon qara ' political tour that Boss tlanna am " " rrive .qJa,,<,hFer 11 10 am No. ,2 I,,av,. ,b,rhto. - 12.20 pm nas arranged for him, beg'inning ;-  ............. with his appearance at the Phila-] .... a P,a ', n q;,ra  rm delphia Peace Jubilee ceremonies I .... nrr, ve.  oo,h'illo 2:.q5 Pm and extending to New York City, and possd, ly Boston. {t is credi-[ f-[o--Li ' . 4:15 ,,m L-'00Co:IOOLlg:>13L-I so,i,, i,e,,,..,. table to Mr. McKfnley that he J = t,.KL Pntlman Buffets , "   ellll should have kicked at being used [ Carrying elegant ' O [ surl,.g Fast,ger, a . . . . lea'pine Cars ]n both < " for such a purpose, but the credit l.,'or lieges..I/.t spee(}. a,d cmfo.rtabt]onrne . hr.,ttona, th he will get will drop to zero if he . . l,S el .apply to Agents ul'a,f -' makes the trip after all, and it i, JNo. A. COTI', Die. Pass'r Agt, the understanding in TVashington M m-qs , TErss,,. that he will. It will show thai he dare not refuse to do what tIanna directs him to do, even when he knows t is not right. ...,,,., A. T BENEDICT. of theyer in England Is I)etwee. Lord Byron's granddaughter. Mi.s Judilh Blunt and Bnlwer Lyttona's grsndson, tie Hen. Neville Lytlon, a brother of the heir prestlmpfive to the [,resent earl. Miss Bhmt is a daughterof W,Ifrid Seawen Bhlnt, sooted poet[st and orientalist. ,and Lady A,ia Milbank, sole dauiter of Ads, Lord Byron's only t';hihl. ] The marriage is fixed for February, I when the bridegr,,m ill be nine [ teen and the bride barely twenty. [ Set,=2; i|t i''me rOllS S.m00tt, -The 1 friends here ,f the Hen. E ]L ],t- ] cliffs regret his withdrawal a a csn- [ didate for Cougres. from this district, yet apl)reclate the fact that iu do[ha so he has simplified matters so far a success to. the democratic ticket i eoeerned, taking, as it does one of the leadin camli,lates out of the the flehl and leavin Hen F.A. Mc- Lail, and Judge N C. Hill as the ) J art,,'ular attetltio, p:ti,l to re-co;.e,.i,g and rigging proniilnt ca,didates with lhe chan- ces of success largely iu favor of Mr. "t1 dIbCLciL "1 elt" MeLain and the undonbted snecess (,f  All wor k done prosu}ltlv aim at llt;tt)llltb,O rates. the party. Mr. Rateliffe:s magnani- mitvinvithdrawingiuorderthatsuc. Woodvill% Miss, ept. t)91 tf cessshould rest upon the banner of Democracy ]s full/ appreciated by ---'. ' __ ------- the people'and will bear fruit in the " ..... .... [--" future. /Ion, F. A McLsiq was in SI,mmit today en reefs to the eastern countie in the district and is sanguiue of SUCe08S, The IIarrison co,,nty election com- missioners met at the court hou-e to- de,, and arranged the ticket to be used iu the coating eleetiou. The follow- ins names will appear on the ticket as candidates for Congress" N t; Ihlt, M. M Evans, 3_ 5'[. Dah gren, .(3 G" Mason, F. A. McLain, II. C. 't'l, rlev aud H. C. Horthurno The first fivearo running as Democrats aud the last two as lepublican and Populite respectively. Asmentioued it] these dispatches several days ago, tim lepublicans are in the fight t(, win. an(I owi,g to the split it| the Denmeratie ranks, stand a good chance. Brandon. Miss', Oet.'24.--Gov_ erm,r McLaurin returned this morn- ins from Forest. The party of eiti- ze,ts ccompa,ying him yesterday, after rentaining at Forest about an hour. returned here last nih. The (Joveruor rod,; out 'ql horsbaek from Forest to ltarpersville last night. near where the trouble occurred, att(I ma, lea speech to the crowd, and several netroes it, possession of the citizens ere tt,rned over to the au- timrities for trial and are now in jail at Forest. The negro. Bill Burke, who caused the trm0)le, marie hi es- cape and is still at large, :NO] ICE The pul,lic are I,erebv nottfied that H,In.'lO iS I)rollitdted on the Hur- geit,, Elmwood, Belleview and Gel I'lantations. former pcr,nlts are hereh' U MANUFACTURRR, REPAIRER AND DIALER IN garriam; g arts, F00rmW00g0ns, Harness 5a:h00hr00, 4< Affent for the Celebrated 0WENSBOR0 WAGONS Which are universally acknowledged to be Th0 B0st and LI(HtTEST RUNNINGWAGON ]gads, Agent for F[t4Z, ILtt ROAD "tad SPEI:.I)tNG OAI{T, whic are great l,vorites among Horsemen AGENT FOR THE 00k00mpi00a Teace C empan00, The most extensive Manufaotarer of Iron I"uoing in the U'dted tates" frm d her sewing machine. j w;;igi'q00s""0. 9 has withstood every tt and ][ 111@I[ll [ given universal satisfaction in "   r, every respect. Rotary motion I[  kr,il and bail bearings make it :N II easy ru/udz. Built f .... /'  kin d of hot, s'ehold or a'wo; ]} JR ' %. Old machines taken in ex, g I ' change. Write for catal6g i  'v7-i " and Frice list. VCe want a reliable representative .in every towel  , . MONEY FOR AGENT00: io this state. A splendid money making chance. t Wrlt us about it. .:o: T. Dumas Co., Ltd., Qeneral Agents, " .... New Orbmus. 8TATEIOF MISSISSIPPI. 7"- STATE OP MI8818[PpI i ): W,KZxs0x CoUNr. "  [ WZLKZxSO Coux-r. To Peh.r Smith and the nnknown [ ) Offy Bethly, Sterhu Bethlv, .Atl.. . i d,Sel/btntsofEd Russ, dec'd, or I (h'rs-nBethly, Jr. sod ltvnrRa  " their ]wit's: BeGdy. ( ur a,'o colnmunded to appear Ira- Yon are commanded to anpar be- fm'e the chancery court of the county f,,t' the t'hancery ('curt of tim Connty of Willins ,n iu saht state on the 9tl Of Wilki,t,m iu said State ,,, the. n, ,Monday of l)ec.entber A D, 1898 l,t Men,lay <,f December A. D. 1898 tu defe/td the uit in said court of U.ha. d,.fe.d the suil in said court of B Cohe,, v ('has: Bctt,l(;y, etals where., Goslinskietal whereiu ySu are de- fcn,lants. ,n .'011 are defends|its. Ilns.Sth day of Oct., 1898. C A. O /