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October 29, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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October 29, 1898

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VOL. LXXIII. WOODVILLE, MISS., SATURDAY, OCTOBER NO. r    DISAPPOINTED GOLD-SEEKERS. MISSISSIPPI MAITERS. CURRENT COMMENT. NEWS OF THE WEEK. ingrain earpetyarn IHIR [N][RV[[WfD spinners held in Philadelphia on tile terrible Etperlence of Men Who At- (]IIAIRM&amp;N HULL, Of the house mill, 23d an absolute shut-down of the mills . Tit. Froldem of Balslng Funds to l[ala- -The quettion of eather and Crol. tempted to Beach tile Gold Fields tary committee, will introduce a bill a Lltd Tax Debated. During tile past week the tempera. Over the Ashcroft Trail at the next session of eougress to in- Gleaned By TolegraDh and Mail, represented was decided upon. This lain the Army action was taken because of the over- -- lure was about normal and the rainfall --- ;ase the regulararmy to [00,000 men. production of yarn. The shut-down ]PERSONAL AND POLITiC,I-I,. The Commander of the Fifth C0rp Manila, Sept. 26.Thc Filipino con- was above the average over a large verSeattte'lB, ('.)Wash"specialScpt'sav:20'-A"BriudleyVaUcu" to the latest available IT was rported that Secretary Lout will be indefinite, gross is engaged in the qucstiou of portion of the State. Cotton has not p. the United States this year will recommend to congress that the REPRESENT.VI'IVE COCHRAN of Mis- Corrects Errors Made by raising funds to defray expenses of improved during the hast week. Pick- Mills aud G. (;rant. two memtrs souri, took to the war department s - canned 4,500,000 cases of tomatoes. Of enlisted strength of the navy, now 10,- large petition asking for the muster- Correspondents. the of thearmy pending ing is progressing as rapidly as the of  Montreal Klondike syndicate, ar- hisMissourieontributed 150,000 cases. 000, be increased to 20,000, in order to ing out of the Fourth Missouri. now a decision by the Paris conference, weather wql permit. A short crop is ried here yesterday, after spending meet tbc growing needs of the navy. Itithcrto the army of the l,'ilipiuos has reported iu nearly all sections. Corn- four nmnths in trying to g'el through TII French wheat crop is estimated JOHN SIIEaMAN ex-secretarv of state, at Camp Meade. It contained the - names of about 0r, per cent. of t:e CHAT ABOUT THE SANTIA60 CAMPAI6N. been el, leVy snpportc0 bs pubne sub- plaints of i'ljury by worms, shedding, o tit(. goht country over the Asheroft the largest since 1874 and will was ill at his Washingtou home on the regiment. In addition to the petition scril)tion, but now the native govern- rust, rot. excess of stalk and lack cf trail. At Quesnelle they nte Sir Ar- ,vender that country independent of 20th, suffering a relapse after an at- from the men of the regiment, Mr. ment contemplates the iuposition of fruit are common, indicating serious thnr Curtis. an English baron, and his importations from the United State tack of bronchitis injury thereby tiffs season. Cotton is party, and also ran across them at TIIE Washington correspondent of Cochran also had a petition from 25,- SmokolessVersuBlackPowderlnAetioa-- various uxes. Mud River. where Sir Arthur myste- Tl first free public school at Mus- eogee, I. T., was opened on the 1Oth, the New York World said that Score- O00 citizens of his district, requesting Work of the Enemy that Astonished The iulmhitants of he . northern beiug marketed as fast as it is ginned, seenriusiYby adiSaplMeared'white man agmin.and was never as a result of the incorporation of Mua- tary Alger recently verbally tendered the musterin out of the regiment. Veterans--The Camp Scandals the Nat- provinces, however, cspeeialh' of lhm- and over three-fourths of the crop i  The war department has taken the ural I'roduet of Inexperience Among ])ung and Iloeis. flatly refuse o I)ay now ready to be picked. Corn is being Mr. Mills said tbey joined in the wogce under the municipal laws of his resignation to the president as Arkansas, which have been put in secretary of war if he thought it best matter]lE,vvunderstormsadvisement.rccentlv prevailed in the Voluuteer Soldiers. [and or poll taxes, /)ecause it was tile harvested and the yield is very large search with Indians for the body. and that )to should leave the cabinet. " .New York Sept. 25. Gen. W. II. popular impression hat the revolu- and the quality fine ns a rule, very few force in the Indian territory by con- Whetlmr or not the resignation will the Baltic sea and 120 fishermen were . ionists would al)olish taxation on- complaints of damage to this crop being that the)" are confident that he latter uot only know about the nobleman's gress, be accepted was said to be undeter- drowned between Polangen and Libau, Shafter, who arrived. Friday night, tirely, reporetd from any section. Gardens, death, but where the body might 1 seaport towns of the province of Cour- from Michigan. said in the course ol The natives of Pampang und Pun- hay, fodder, cane and all minor crops found. They want $1.0) reward for PRESIDENT McKINLEY recently wrote mined. Secretary Alger, when asked land, Russia. an interview: gustnan, the two richest agricultural continue in good condition. A number i)ringing it out of the woods. The un- aletter indorsing the plan to set apart about it, denied the truth of the re- SEVENTY men were ntombed iu t, hc ]M[lsquoted lgemarks, provinces of the island, and those of of reports are missing from quaran- fortunate nobleman, Mills believes, October 19 in the public schools of port. Empire coal mine atBrownsvillle, Pa, "My remarks about the volunteers, lloeis and Zambales. who are the stur- America as "Lafayette day," when GEN. 51ILLER, now in command at on the" 2:d by an explosion of gas. in a speech at Constantine. have been diest mountaineers, distrust the Ta- tined districta met with foul play. :,: pupils will be asked to contribute San Francisco, will command the rein- Eight miner were taken out dead, Mills antl his party were los four funds to help build the monument to forcements ordered to Manila. IIehas three others were more or less injured misquoted, l was speaking at a re- union of the Nineteenth regiment, l gals. and insist npon the establish- Union County's Progress. ment of an American protectorate. The New Albany Gazette says: "O days without food 100 miles from Tel- : Lafayette. made application to have the troops and the balance fortunately escaped went to the front with it 35 years ago. I)ebated the uemtlon of a Land Tax. man can deny the fact that Union egraph Creek. On one occasion they which accompany him armed with the by traversingLt'mi loser underground It happened that some Micligan col- A CREAMERY company at Chicago has Kraa-Jorgensen rifle, p'Lssagcs. The scene at the mouth of Saturday the assembly debated the county is settling up at a lively rate took the advice of a treacherous ln- uutcers got mixed up in the Santiago quest ion of a land tax. A majority of and that the farmers are in better con- dian guide, and went 50 miles out of obtained patents for a substitute egg, Col,. THEODORE I{OOSEVELT has com- hc mine was heartrending, caused by fight. I merely said that they had not be the expe- or egg powder. For some time the of- municated to the war department his the women shriekin and the children fleials of the company have been mak- views on the conduct of the Santiago wailing for their loved ones. been iutcnded for active fighting that the members were opposed to the dittos than ever before. They have their way. They desert maintenance of a burdeu unequally improved farm implements, better riencc as terrible. They declare era- tug experiments with one of the by- campaign. It is said to make highly ABOVr 500 applications for pensions day. They had been sent off toward products of milk. They feel confident interesting reading, comprising as it arisin, out of the war with Spain have Aguadores to make a feint. 'rimy got distributed and unduly fovoriug the stock, more wagons and buggies than phatieally that the route is a fraud, they have obtained a natural food does all of Col. Roosevelt's observa- been fil,,d at the pension office Com- into a cut and a shell was sent into Tagals. aml denu, nded thai a state- at any previous periled and less debt to and that hundreds of liner fellows are meat of expenditures be submitted show for it. Thousands of acres of actually in danger of starvation on it product which has practically all the lions from the time the transports left missioner Evans will create a new di- them, killing and wounding some. before the matter was decided. The fresh lands are being opened up and now.. They are 50 and 100 miles apart. qualities that have hitherto made Tampa up to the day of the rough vision to adjudicate these claims. Were ,Vhere They Had No Business.  "  S fresh egs indispensable in the.hands riders' arrival at Montauk.= The report Tnn Missouri Pacific passenger train, "They imd no business in the cut statement was not forthcoming, und old lands being renewed and made bet- withoutMills andPrvisinSGrant startedand withOUtout wtthhPe$ of the housewife. More than that, it was written on the suggestion of Sec- which left Ka;,as City, Me., at "!- p. and regulars would not have been the question was shelved, ter than when first cultivated. In a is claimed the new product has all the rctary Aler himself, m. on the 233, was held" up by evea caught there. The volunteers were all Aguinahlo realizes the difficulty, of space of two or three miles np and TheirhrseS'outfitsand lOStwere30alsoheadlost.ou attdthe wheurad" nutritive qualities of eggs, aud these AT the recent reunion of the Nine- masked men a for, miles out and the right at Santiago, handLcaped as they reconciling the conflicting down IIell creek bottom there is near a in double the ratio they are found in teenth Michigan regiment at Constan- express car sheltered by dynamite were. The) had black powder rifles, bnt hopes that the uations will allow thousand acres of land just, cleared riley reached Telegraph ('reek they theyolk of the egg itself, line, Mich., Gen. Shatter, who was its and robbed, it was said the bandits for ouc thing, and they had not the Filipinos a fair chance lo show and.equally as much iu tim same space were broken iu health and without : colonel during the civil war, gave a got very little for their trouble.  learned what comes only from the that they arc capable of self-govern- in Tallahatchie bottom. The whole money.    Felt the first time in the history of brief description of the Sautiago cant- TwEt.Vt,; hundred miners quit work longest drillinr aud what constitutes meat. the world the people of an entire paign and said ttmt all the hardships on the '23d in the Dillon and Long Ruu the ideal soldier--thai is to stand wih Spaniards andFomentPri*tSTrouble.Intrigulog to countrYbelieve thatSbWSa thecensusSamewouldincreaSe.give theWe MORRISON ............. MURDER CASE. i country are to vote on tim question o! of the troops under his command and mines at Bridgeport. O., because the other men withont knowing it." Aguinahto desires to inform the county more than 20,000 people now, The Seneatlonal Trial of the MetltedUSt :. euppressing the liquor traffic. On the deaths could not be avoided under operators would not concede certaiu "It has been said that there were eptember 29 the people of Canada, the circumstances, demands of the men. 20.000 Krag-Joregnsens in the arsenal world that "there is conclusive cvi- against 15,000 in 1890." Miolter Accused of Uxoricide Now from Nova Scotia to British Columbia, A_ imperial edict announced that TIlE new colored Territorial Agri- during the Santiago campaign that donee that many Spaniards andpriest In Progress at Vernon. Tex. L are to take part in a plebiscite on the the emperor of China had resigned his cultural and Normal university has were never issued," said the reporte are intriguing with a faction of the The :Foyer Situation0 question Of prohibiting the manu- power to the dowager empress, who been dedicated. It is a handsome "Well, I ant not at the head of the natives to foment disturbances, so JAccso,', Sept. 23. Two deaths and Fort Worth. Tex.. Sept. 26.--A sen- facture of all malt and spirituous had ordered the ministers to deliver to sructurc, located at Langston. Ok., ordnance department, but the in- that Americaus will believe the whole three critically ill are reported tonight sationat murder trial is in progress at liquors in the dominion, lgearly every her in future their official reports, and will give the negroes of the terri- to be irreconcilable." from Taylor. Vernon. Roy. (L E. Morrison, of Pan province in Canada has already voted This practical deposition of the era- tory every advantage of a higher edu- creased number of companies raised the regular army by 35,000 men, and /to asserts that the intriguers pay Two new eases and one death are re- lIandledeath ofCitY'hisiSwifeaeCusedin Octoberf causingof lastthe to slppress the liquor traffic at peror blasts the hopes of reform in cation.  year by poisoning her. Morrison was plebiscites which have been taken Chinese affairs cherished-by intelli- IT can be safely said that Buffalo, N. these had to get Krags immediately, monev and provide uniforms to per- ported fromOrwood. in years past, but all those previou gent factions of Chinamen. Y., will be the successor of St. Josepi, as they were expected to do the bulk sons wbo impersonate rebel officers No new cases arc reported herr. - pleblseitea have been merely proviu- Miss WINXE DAvis, the "Daughter Me., in the Western Baseball league of the fighting. IIow many of the and enter the town. and hc accuses There being no new cases at Oxford pastor of the Northern :Methodist small stock of Krags were left after Eugene Blaneo of lining the chief paid for the past twenty-four hours makes church in Pan ltamlle City. Oneuight Iris wife was discovered iu convulsions cial. of the Confederacy," was buried at nexscason, and suddenly died. Iter death was Richmond, Va., on the 23d. An ira- W1LL.t BLOOM shot and killed the 35,000 were equipped, 1 can not agent of these intriguers, the situation more encouraging, : The Filipino Fleet Troop Stll Itunk b" suspicious and the authorities began Tm recent report of the commia- mensc number of people followed the Grace Iarvey at Indianapolis, Ind., say." panlards. They Feel Perfectly Easy. ioner of education showed sattsfac- body to the grave, and then committed suicide. Ievenge "No one who has not seen can know In the course of an iderview witt The Vicksburg Dispatch says: 'Sinee au investigation, which showed she hail been killed with strychnine, Mot- tory results for the work of the ye.r TIIE president has completed the prompted tim deed. the effectiveness of smokeless powder the press correspondent Aguinal(Io Gee. MeLaurin flashed the news over " ended June 30, 1898. It stated that the eommissiou of nine members to in- AT the Kansas City stock yards on guns. ()nr batteries imd black pew- said that the Filipino fleet coml)ries the wires that tim First and Second risen was in the meantime arrested in elementary schools were prosperou vestigate the conduct of the war de- the 20th 18,035 cattle were received, der: the Spaniards smokeless, eight steamers, which are now on- Mississippi would be furloughed and Topeka. Khs.. and detained 48 hoursh when he was released, the laws of The i.crease during the year 1896-97 psrtment, eclipsing all previous records. It AtctontahedVeteren. gaged in convoying troops for n grand mustered out early iu October the sol, Kansas not permitting detention long- ,mounted to 257,896 pupils over tl-,n GEN. }.IILES stated that the regi- ThE National German Baptist asso- "t)nc day---the 10th or 1 lth of July--- camimign against the tl)anish garri- diers and all their hosts of friends in previous year. The total enrolled in meats which were discontented and clarion convened in St. Louis with I was standing in the trenches trying sons in the southern islands. These the State have felt perfectly easy as to er without sufficient grounds, il elementary schools amounted to 15,* demoralized would be soon mustered about 200 delegates in attendance, to make out with my glasses the 1o- vessels are practically unarmed. Morrison left 'Popeka, butwas tracvd 2,4-26 pupils. Adding to it those in outand also that all the volunteers who representing all parts of the United cation of a SImnish batters'. Our The Spanish gunboat El ('ano. he their futu"e. It is fortunate that the through Illinois. Nebraska, Kansas, colleges, universities, high schools and. were found to be unfit for the service States and some foreign countries, battery was several hundred yards to says, recently entered Masbate and governor acted promptly and went in Colorado, und to this city, finally be- academies, the total number reached would be weeded out- ThE five-year-old son of James Ferry, our left. We conld hear the shells caught and sunk the Filipiuo troop- person to Washington. If he had not tug arrested in Los Angeles, Cat.April 16,255,093. The total amount of school- SECRE'rAnr GXO does not feel at of lVIorris" Ill., was burned to death leave the Spanish guns and pass over ship Burisan. which was lying at an- done so it is quite probable that one oi 1. 1898. It developedMorrison was on-. ingraceived per individual on an aver- present that he will be justified in while playing with matches in a barn. ua Wc tried to locate tim guns by ehor there, the regiments would have remained in gaged to Miss Annie Whittlesey, of ge was nearly five years, of 200 days recommending any reduction in the A MUTINY broke out among the con- following the sound, but it was tin- &dmltted the Recent Purchase of the the service." Tol)eka. A letter written her by Mor- leach. . " revenue. He realizes that thecustoms viers at Cayenne, the capital of French possible. Later we found that it was Steamer Abbey,  1-ison a few days before his wife's MiCHAELMuLHA,L, thenotedEnglish and internal revenue receipts under Guiana, aud they overpowered aud Mississippi Regular Dead. etatistieian, has taken up the subje.t the old htw will not be sufficient to murdered their guards, then stormed more than a mile, behind a fringe of Ilc admitted the recbnt purchase of her in most endearing of illiteracy and by a careful r- meet the needs of the government, the military store house and seized the bushes, just thick enough to hide the the steamer Abbey, formerly the l'aso Ed Baths, son of Capt S.C. Bainsf death was read in court, in which he terms. The ease is attracting wide- search into the matter he has recent, There is, however, a likelihood that arms and ammunition there. They movements of the men. It astonished it, but denied that she had landed ri- Vaiden, died at Montauk Point, L. I., addressed ly compiled data showing the degt,eo many inequalities and annoyances iu afterwards besieged the principal me and other veterans who saw the ties and ammunition at Batangas. last week. Young Bains was 27 years spread interest not only iu Texas, but ofilliteraey which exists among differ" the tax law will be modified or re- prison and it was feared they would work of smokeless powder." though he tdmitted that she carried old, and belonged to the United States throughout the entire west. eat nationalities as follows: Swed(u pealed, succeed in freeing the 4,000 convicts The-SoanUals of the C:mP." tWO maxims and a shipload of stores, regulars. He was wounded at El , and Norway, 2 per cent.; Germany,  d[ISCEIJkNEOU$, confined in the building. "The scandals f the camp" struck The lhtited States steamer Hugh Caney, near Santiago, but had about FIVE MEN DROWNED. per cent,; Switzerland, 5 per cef.; SOCIETY women took charge of all ThE secretary of war inspected the the general as the natural product of ]IcCullogh captured the Abbey 60 recovered when he was stricken with Scotland, 6 per cent.: England, 9 per t, he street car systems at Peoria, Ill., hospital and regimental quarters at inexperience among the soldiers, miles south of Manila. It is believed malarial fever. He had been at Men- The Loss of Life Caused by the lia cent,; United States, 13 pr cent.; tt.)l- for a day and devoted the proceeds to Camp Poland, Knoxville, Tenn., on the 'l'here has been gross carelessness that the Abbey has landed 7.000 rifles, tauk but a few days. His father was of e llghter--Elerol Efforts to * land, 14 per cent.; Frauce, 18 per cet,; charity. A rain prevailed all day, 2lst and reviewed the enlisted men. ,n the part of the new men in sanitary an artillery captain in the Confederate save the Men, Belgium, 20 per cent.; Ireland, 26 per making travel good on the cars. but He afterwards made a speech to the matters," he said. "You can't make THE MARIA TERESA FLOATED. war. Sault Sic. Marie. Mich.. Sept, 26.-- cent.; Austria, 45 per cent; Italy, 53 having adisastrouseffeetonthe pretty oRieera, sying that the commanders them understand the necessity of care. Missionary Meeting Postponed. Five men were drowned in St. Mary's per cent. Spain, 72 per cent., and Bus- dresses and carefully curled hair of of camps were responsible for the con- They resent being bedeviled by their Lieut. Ilobson Secures Another Feather Miss Addle V. Marshall, president of river yesterday by the foundering of " n aiR, 85 per cent. the fair conductors, dittos of their camps, and if the men officers for not picking np cigar stubs, for Hi Cap--The Veste[ Threat- the Woman's oreg Missionary Sc the lighter Monitor. They are Joseph GREAT consternation reigns among were not well cared for they would fruit peelings, and doing such appa- ened by a Ilurrlcane. ciety of the Mississippi eonfereuee, ha" Prior. Win. Corbicr, .loin Rebate and T expectation that congress will white intermarried men in the Chicks- have to answer for it. Bay City," Mi increase the regular army to 100,0{)0 saw nation, I. T., over an order issued A FOREST fire raged on the crest of rentiy trivial things. ]n the civil war we often started out with 1.000 men. l'laya del Este, Gnantanamo Bay, postponed the annual meeting Ofoctoberthatto Emanuel Robare.westall of this city, andeh. men is one reason why the war depart- by the Dawes commission, saying that Mount Hayden, just south of Ouray, mentauthorjties are not very strongly white men who married Indian women Co!. It resembled avolcanic eruption, md in six months lost 500 of them Cuba, Sept. 26. The wrecking corn- body from the first week in John Foley, of antagonizing the movement all over have no right of citizenship and may and the dense smoke rose.a mile high through sickness, pany engaged under ]A:eut. ttobson iu November 4. The postponement was Their bodies were recovered hy adtver . Not 8o Bad, After All. the work of saving the wrecked Span- rendered necessary on account of quar- and brought here last evening. - the country for the release of the col- be treated as intruders. Under this and the flames 100 feet. The citizens "What has befallen the met who re- ish war ships has succeeded in float- antine restrictions whicl rendered it The Monitor was in tow of the tug unteers. If 40,000 o the volunteers are ruling the white men who married [u- of Montrose, 40 miles uorth, wired to  , secure a ered- lh-nee, and was laden with iron from . allowed to go within the nxt six diau women may be ordered from the know if the city was on fire. All of tiered me at Santia,o. They had no ing the cruiser lnfanta Maria Teresa. manifestly impossible to or so, a large number of the territory and separated from their the citizens viewed the grand and such conffiet with inclement weather The cruiser, after being got afloat, itable representation. The meeting the steamer Carrington, which was wonderful spectacle, as we had. They have lind plenty of taken in tow by the l'otomae and was to have taken place inBrookhaven, stranded in the river. In turning the light on the way .to Point Aux Pine officers will also have to be wives, god, for the reason that they BY a rush of coal in No. t shaft at ThE Natioual Carriage Builders' as- food and complete tentage, but they was will be without commands, but an in- Nanticoke, Pa,, three men were on- sociation elected officers at its recent have 1,300 sick out of 6.000. So I don't convoyed by the cruiser Newark. the Short Cotton Crop. the lightee fonndered. There was a crease in the regular army to 100.000 tombed and probably instantly killed, session in St. Louis, D. M. Perry, of In- hink we did st) badly." Scorpion and the Alvardo, proceeded The cotton crop around Australia brisk wind and considerable sea. would make room for those volun- ]dUSlNESS failures in the United dianapolis, Ind., bein chosen presi- for Guantanamo bay, where she ar- willbeatleastd0pereentshrtf last ('apt. Smith. manager of the wreck- leer officers who have made the best States for the weekended the2:3dnum- dent 'and Henry C. McLean, of Wil- REGULARS FEASTED. rived Saturday night. The successful year. Some, who are generally con- ing company owning the Monitor. was rccordsduring tbe war. bored 182, according to Bradstreet's mlngton, Del., secretary-treasurer. L. issue of the attempt to float her was servative in their estimates, place the on board the boat. lie made heroic ' commercial report, against 237 in the F. Tebbctts. of St. Louis, was made a the Twelfth Infentry and Battery E, Flrmt greeted with the blowing of whistles, decrease of yield even greater than 30 efforts to save his men. att(t his exer- vice president. .Artillery, Bnquetod by St. the firing of national salutes cud by per cent. Corn is generally good. Pea tious nearly cost him his llfe. II:e :/i SURGEON GENERAL STERNBERG re- corresponding week of last year. REPORTS were being made to the Ok- Lon|s Citizens. " eatlappointedaeommissionofarmy RECENT adviees 5rein the orient cheers, in which the Cubans joined, vine hay crops will be fair. linallv (.aught a line thrown to him surgeons to investigate the cause of stated that China and Japan had been lahoma live stock sanitary board of from the tug and was takeu aboartl ' in the camps. In its re- visited by thOnderstorms and discs- horses dying suddenly of astrange dis- St. Louis. Sept. 25. The Twelfth disturbing the noon siesla, A County in Width There is Not a Pistol exhnusled. laid the blame for the preva- trous floods, iu which many hundreds ease veterinarians have not been able United States infantry and Battery E. Off Si/)oncy the barometer and the ]'his year Coahoma county sent in toelasslfy or control Fully 300horses First L'nited States light artillery, re- wind indicated the approach of a hur- her assessment roll without a pistol, as DESTRUCTIVE FOREST FIRES, of the foyer in the camps on the of people had lost their lives, have died in th'e territor and many cently arrived al Jefferson barracks ricane, and the towing pover xs m- shedid last year. Coahoma is not the common house fly. The surgeons de- HEnBERT KLEM, aged 23, and Miss farmers have lost-mot of their work were feasted in the general mess hall creased, only one; the number of weapons re- llundreds of Acres of Valuable Timber etched that the flies fed off the fecal Lettie Green, 17, lovers, were found animals, at noon 1) 3, the citizens' committee matter from the hospitals, picked up tying on the floor of a bedroom in FIVE men were injured at the new headed by Mayor Ziegenheim, The Newark. under ('apt. (;oodrieh ported in every county is exceedingly Already Demtroyed and ThoUsands on their six hairy little feet inflnitest- Daniel Green's residence at Versailles, government dam at Neville island, The nmyor, with a party of citizens rendered vahtable assistance in the small, Quitman, for instance, haviug of Acres Threatened. .ln| particles containing the germs of Ky., unconscious from overdoses of near Coraopolis` Pc., by the breaking and Col. Owen Miller's band of 30 work of saving the Maria Teresa. The at all, and Sharkey only one. Cheyenne, XVvo., %ept. 2tl.-Relrts typhoid fever, and then promenaded morphine, takeu With suicidal intent, of a large traveling crane. Two of " , pieces, went down to tim barracks at ermser is being put in condition for Death of a CantOn Merchant. front various parts of the state show over the hard tack and bacon and be- Notes found stated that Klein hadlost the men are in a eriticalcondition and 10:30 o'clock. The city her trip north by the repair ship Val- et the soldiers, depositing his situation and wanted to die, and may die. The accident was caused bv . C.L. (]ross of Canton died last week that serious forest firrs arc burning which innoeulated large Miss Green preferred dying with him the breaking of asteel guy line, whirls delegation accompanied the mayor at New York shortly after undergoing in man 3 pisces. A fire has bers of the soldiers, to living without him precipitated a large derrick, 60 ]eet and joinl him in the speech-making a surgical operation. Deceased was progress in the Battle lake district irt FoR selling or pawning his shoes above the crane, to the ground, in the banquet hall. ANOTHER DERVISH DEFEAT. one of the best and most popular citi- Carbon conniE, which has just been : Tlt \\;investigations of the United at a saloon at San Francisco, Private THE secretary of the treasury on the The returned Santiago heroes high- - put out after destroying several han- :: dred acres of valuable timber. prove that there John D. Sampson, Twentieth Kansas, 20th received a letter signed "A Citi- ly appreciated the attention, hearty The Khelifa's Last Stronghold Capturel zeus of Madison county. reasonable ground for the corn- was tried by court-martial forstealing zen," Topeka, Kan., containing adraft acknowledgments, , being made by the end His Itst Organized Force De- Death of Old Laxly. A fierce fire is burning acrOsS the arid widespread fearer lightning, government property and sentenced to for 500, which the sender stated ,eading officers, foaled with Heavy !,*, [rs. Jettic Thompson died at Ripley ( olor ate line in the timber around ' last year's figures, it appears 30 days' confinement and to forfeit $10. should be credited to the conscience thatthechaneethatanyindividualwill Gen. Miller, however, was disgusted at fund. Without PoundaUon lnFact. Snakim, Sept. 26.--The only organ- last week. Mrs. Thompson was the finn's peak, In Sheridan and Big OtYroBEtt 10 has been agreed on for Washington, Sept. 25.--The offieials ized remnant of th(, khalifa's army widow of the late John W. Thompson, tiers counties fires have been burniltg a kilted by a thunderbolt during the the lightness of the sentence, de- Missouri and Sk Louis day at the of he war department pronounce to was defeated, and its last stronghold, one of the foremost lawyers of North during the past week along the Little iext 12 months is only one in 190,607. t of every three peraonsstruekby nounccd the court, disapproved tha Transmisaissppi exposition at Omaha, be without foundaiion in fact, the Gedarif, eptured on September 2. ), Mississippi. and atone time judge of ttorn. Superintendents Garbutt and Ab- : lightning two survlve and recover, proceedings and ordered Sampson re- Nob., ith one cent a mile from all alarmist stories, coming from sources after three hours" hard figbting, when the circuit court of the Ripley district'. 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