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October 27, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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October 27, 1923

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,7 } / / + :: 5 : ' Q MEBUHANTGIVES s o 00own amtary uses Winter Rye G in Fish or No Pc,r, e.tto.L An Interesting work in aquieultnre Needed for Hogs arts of Country L. now 00ar00ed on in the meal+ .,. ++.+ + +e o++o o, + HowaSingle MORE EVIDENCE ' +++ " + +' +" -- Its Production Increased in the fact that the propagation of the .... Cholera, White Scours, Last Few Years. mnsei is :lepenent ,,pon the :,res- ence of flsizes to which the young, Indwt w. F. Penny, prominent merchant of Pneumonia and Worms free-swimming mussels may cling. Hendersonville. N. C., and a leader in Preventable. ,.,-oa by theu Ag,',cu-.)Lai'ed 5tate Dpartment the civic and business affslrs of his Winter +o + + + "0'" '"' OS " rea" .ction, gives unstinted praise to Tan- If hog raising is to be made profit- reals. It can be grown In nil parts of lae, which, he states, has restored his able, the animals must be kept the country, says the United States "CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP" health and overcome troubles that had healthy. To in.sure thi.% sanitary quar- I)epartmt.nt of Agriculture, but Is most defied treatment for years: ters and equipment arc necessary, profitable in the northern and east- Harmleu Laxative to Clean Liver "For many years," stated Mr. Pen- Ciiolera, white scours pneumonia t:n states. Its production In tle and Bowels of Baby or Child. ,, --00,ros00ert00v United States Ires increased rapidly Even constlpat- t',(.'. ny, "I was a great sufferer from it, di- and worms are some of the afflictions during the past few yrars, due clde/ly ed, bilious, fever- gestion and stomach trouhle. Ulcers- from which hogs suffer, that are Si- t[on set in and neces-itated an opera-rectly traceable to insanitary quar.,o a heavy foreign demand, i, igh-ish, or sick, colic .   tion. Utter lack of digestive pewee ters and surroundings.. These dis- I priced labor, tow yields of wheat,'and Babies and ChiI- A most significant |act aboutan hdua- over a long period so weakened me    is the large .umber of people who that I ws hardly able to attend to my eases annually cot tle ling raisers of I he developmenLtv Improved varietic dren love to take this country a.lmost unbelievahle sums ! 'f rye. It is grown largely as a genuine "Callfor- benefit from it. business, of money. All of them are largely (.ash grain crop in the western half e nia Fig Syrup." -- _ try "'Tanlac seemed to reach the seat of preventable if the animals are pro- the country, but is used aso for pas- No other laxative  my. troubles at once and now I have vided with clean, warm and other- ure, us a green-manure or aurse crop derregulateslittletbebowelsten"  Take the cement indugrt, as an ex- normal strength and activity In every wise comfortable quarters, and to smother weeds, so nicely. It, ample: way. Tanlac is undoubtedly the best Surfaces Easily Cleaned. The ordinary.time for s,,wing winter sweetens the / Az-"--."., The  used 9,000,OO0 tOnS O O081 stomach medicine to be had." From the very nature of concrete, rye in the torthern part of North Da- stomach and starts the liver and Tanlae Is for sale by all good dr- structures built of it do not absorb kota and Minnesota is about Septem- bowels acting without griping. Con- last year. This meant 9,000 coal miners gists. Take no substitute. Over 4E filth or invite disease germs and ver- her 1, with later dates in sections talus no narcotics or soothing drugs, steadily employed--their |amilles, hum- million bottles sold.--Advertlsement, rain to make their homes In and abou! souti of this. Many farmers will find avoidSay "Californla"counterfelts!*,o yoUrinsistdruggistupon gem-and bel'illg not less than 25,000, maintained them. Concrete surfaces are easily it profitable to sow "witlter rye yet this , i ulna "California Fig Syrup" which --and along with them tradesmen and The Superman. cleaned and kept clean. Concrete fall, using grain stubble, corn grouu l, i contains dlrectlons.--Advertisement. Mr. Flubduh, after trying to read floors and walls may be kept in snl- fall-plowdd laffd, or summer fallow, If other people enough to supply the needs the paper while his wife gabbled, laid tary condition by occasionally scrub- climatic conditions permit, the depart- Clear Enough. O a town of over 50,000. It dowm bing down with water to which anti- merit believes. Sowing on grain stab. Mr. Novise (lhdlgaatly)--See, here, "I see a regitration of motorists septic or germicidal solutions may be hie Is often the most profitable be- you rascal. You tohl me Tornalo Thatis, o|course, saying nothing o the visiting the national parks shows added if desired. Concrete is rat proof, cause of the cheaper cost of produe- would wiv in a walk. btlisiess created |or coal operators and there Is an average of 3.45 persons rot proof, rust I)roof, wind proof, free tion. The grain should be sown with Toot (coidly)--An,1 so be would, tTal3sporl:al: ]ln. i per (mr.'" * from all the usual maintenance re- a drill at the rate of four to six pecks But this wan a running race.London "What about it?" snapped his bet- quired on other types of construction, per acre. Grapbie. Sacks are not so large an item in the ter half. In the important rye-producing "N,,thng; I was just thinking," he It makes the expense-proof permanent cemexit industry as coa yet 50,000,000 improvement western states the average acre value i insisted, t TcheskyUghthoghouseshownlntbe of the rye crop is somewhat less than ,e,,s";r;n new sack$,representigb0,000baleso, "Well. what were you thinking?" illu. tration, so called because of the that of wheat. While the yields of COttOI had to be bought last year for re- "Nothing much, my dear. I gueSS rows of skylight sash on the roof, rye nsuatly are higher than those of placements alone. Back o| this were cottvn am the .45 person per ear." I which admit light and sunshine, was wheat, the price is much less, being planters, plantation workers, mill owners originated by tim- Iowa experiment largely determined by the foreign BABIES CRY ++ It i+ general]y located so that markets which use most of our crop, Say B yer" d In tl 00itt op+ra00ve+ and soon--000000 al" the long wa.v of the house runs north At tow prices rye cannot be grown fr $ a all sis together. and south. Morning sun coming grain at a profit except under good o FOR uCAST000I00;; through the windows on the east side managementthe Departmentand olin favoredAgriculturelOcalities,says. Of theAnd consider these other requirementSxdustry last year: While rye makes good hay, green ms-   i nure, pasture, or a nurse crop for le ,700,000 barreb of fuel oil gume, it is not a suitable concert-  ,400,000,000 cubic feetofgas "rrated feed for live stock unless mixed [ 15,000,000 pound# of exploszvr with other grains. It is too heavy and sticky and is not very palatable feed- 2,000,000 pounds ofgreasesam:l oiI$ Ing tests show. When fed in mixtures 1,700,000 .linear feet of belting rye has a feeding value lower than corn, but nearly equal to that of 4,500,000firebrick for relining kilns barley. 7,000,000 pound# of paper for bags 600,000 tons ofgTpsum Keeping Extra Team in In addition the industry bought quan-. Slack Seasons Is Costly unless you see the name "Bayer" on Did yon ever stop to figure out Just package or on tablets you are not get- lilies OI heavy grinding and burning ma- how much it was costing yoU to kee i ting the genuine Bayer product pre- chinery, locomotives, cars, rails, electrical an extra team on hand In slack sea-j scribed by physicians over twenty-two al other necessary equipmenL son& or to have them eating off the I years and proved safe by millions for famn when they were Idle during the j Colds Headache Ill this way a single industry spreads Rain or Shine. winter months. The cost of keeping[ Toothache Lumbago prosperity m manyother "Please, Mr. Grafto," said the care- ;a horse one year in 1921 averaged Earache Rheumatism taker of the flats. "'the gentleman on about $100, according to figures made Neuralgia Pain, Pain the next floor presents his compli- up by the Department of Agriculture. Accept "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin" PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION ments and says. seeing as how yon Feed and bedding made up about e only. Each unbroken package contains 111 West Washington Street can foretell the future, would you be )er cent of this figure, not forgetting proper directions. Handy boxes of so good as to let him know how long to figure what the pasture was worth twelve tablets cost few cents. Drug- CHICAGO it will be before your bath stops over- timt the horses used. gists also sell bottles of 24 and 100. cylNatloalOrganizaimtolmea flowing through his ceiling?" With this In mind, ir is not only Aspirin is the trade mark of Bayer Exkedthe Ue of Ctree easier to see that a farmer can esti. Manufacture of Monoaceticacidester of mate pretty cltely whether It is worth Salteylieaeid.--Advertisement. Adam= Dearer' lr.mCm? NYork nm, Skylight HoghousL something to keep an extra team that ungtmm Des Molam LmAngd Prkers .bg Sttle De-ok Memphis Philadelphia St. Low of the roof supplies direct sunlight l Idle most of the time, or to raise All Angora Cats Alike.  I-ltn. Milwaule lzamrh , Vmmm,B.C. to the west .row of pens. In the colts and dispose of the older horses It was a valuable Angora eat, but  NMOr $atC g'clw ,WmbtaaD'" afternoon the west row of windows every year or two. There are a g(d its owner was governed as much hy enables flooding the east row of pens many progressive farmers who have humane instincts as appreciation cf its with sunlight. In "this way every found that it pays to raise a couple o1 value wher she took h to a boar,i- portion of the floor is reached at some colts each year, to make the mare pay lag place when prel,arlu; to start on a tlme during the day by direct sunlight, a little of her cost back. Then they European trl/;. Though friends offered Method of Measuring ozone. The Test of True t.ov The little pigs as well as the older are In position to sell off an extra to take care of It sl: felt that her pet Before long It i likely that among A brl'e who had bobbel her ones enjoy the warm spring sun and horse or two if they find there is no wouhl have even better care in a reg- other attractions of a seasIe resort read a fashion item which thm'oragtd It helps to make them active and keep real need for keeping him during the ular cat home. It was therefo"e with may be ln,,luded ant.oolites,eats of frightened her. Her I:rz them healthy. The well.lighted hog- alack season, eonsidqrable surprise and indignatio, the proportion of ozone in the air. reading in the library and whe house pesents a more pleasant, cheer: a day or so after she placed it in the ExI*erlments have she.wn that It iS managed to read him site wan ful aspect also for those who must [-Iogs Take First Place boarding place, that she ran across her possible to discover the a--taunt of ing visibly cat r,)amLg the streets, ozone In the air wllh fIr accuracy. "Why, my dear," be asked, "what: take care of the animals. Likewise Among Ohio Live Stock Swiftly she picked it up and descevd- Slips of white blottl:g ml,er are the matter?" there is no greater enemy of disease "Fre-hlle, do you ioe me germs than plenty of sunlight. As the Hogs and sheep have changed ed on the boarding house. For five soaked In a solution of mdlde of l,ctas- windows are located in the roof in- places In the farming scheme of Ohio minutes she gave vent to her wrath, siu:n and starcl. These, ,rotected bohbd tqy hair?" stead of In the walls, the sides of the since 1860. Then, tim census showed When he got a chance the proprietor from sunshine and rain, are Xl, OSe,1 "Of c(urse." building are kept low. This results in nero than 3,000,000 sheep and 2,000,- spoke, bz th air f;,r a Jeflnlte e,-lo. Ae- "Put this magazlze," wblmpm'ed less overhead space," which insures a 000 hogs. Now it shows something "Calm yourself, madame," said he. eorlng to the amount of-zone present bride, "says that lobbed hair warmer as welt as a less cohtly build- over 3,000,000 hogs and 2,000,000 sheep. "Your cat is here. The one you hold o is lhe i, aper colored in varyLg ly going out of fast, for,." ing. In some cases, skylight hog- All other forms of llve stock ave In your arms Is the twin of yours a,d shades of yellow. It is abundant "Jt may not know. But houses are built with tbe long way nereased during the same 60-year It belongs, to Mrs. Blank.",, To prove the paper will be of a very deep shade, out"Fredlie('of style?"wlll yo utove mo  l running east and west; then windows period, although since 1900 horses and hls point he produce, the other,- are placed on the south slope of the mules show a net decrease. The equine New York Sun an Globe. Some Men's Idea of Humor. roof. The top row furnishes light for population of Ohio in 192'0 Is reported Lauglng Imtdly when you miss a ExplalneJ. had.'--CdOLYNM.40714t the north pens, and the bottom row, in the census as 842,318. Poultry 8incerity. two-foot putt. Boston Lady--How mneh St., Brooklyn, N.Y. the pens along the south wall. shows the greatest increases In num- 3ud Tunkins says it's impossible to Calling you on the telephone at two string beans? " Favored in Many ,tionta bets, from 8,000,000 to ]3,000,000 be- be mbsolutely sincere all the time. oth- o'clock in the morning. Boston Office Weskit' He|pl The popularity of the half monitor tween 1880 and 180, and then stead- erwise you'd often bare to think up Telling your wife the things you a quart. roof type of hoghouse is not confined fly about 2,000,000 each decade to the somethlg besides "Dear SLr" In start- hadn't tbougl:t to tell her yourself. Lady--Isn't that rather Milwaukee, WiL--"I have taken Lydia_ F,. Pinkham's Vegt,l Corn- Ing a letter. Being aoisy. nous? pound and Lydia E. PinkhamBlood to anyparticular part of the Unlted present total of 20,232.657. ItucksterYes, madam; but Medicine for three and a half  States. Everywhere there are hog ''-- Why He Stoppsd. Telegraph Wires In Uganda, are very high-strung bean&l" and they imve improved mya&eal  raisers who favor it. It is always i- More Alfalfa, Less Corn, - thought McMiser had taken np Telegraphs in Uganda are not ai- Record. wonderfully. MY mother taken the regtalle Compound and rated so that the long way runs ea Slogan of Many Farmers golf. He doesn't seem to be playing ways reliable, as the natives covet werocommead itto our f, riend I and west with windows on the south "More alfalfa and less corn" is the now." "Yes, he started, hut he has ahd oftm cut down the eOpl,er wire The lucerne tax installment am working in an office now and can side. The top row of windows lights slogan of many farmers right now. given tt np. He lost his ball."--Bes- for making into bracelets and necl- falls due when you can least . weak alway do my work a I do not imva the north pens while the h)wer row ttell5 is getting career, corn is beset ton Transcript. laces, the money. the troubles I had at first. I read of pplles sunshine to the pens along with numerous Ills, and soils are be- your Vegetable Compound in the the south wall. The upper row" of coming more difficult to handle. AI- newspaper and you may use my let- windows is placed at such a beigbt falfa builds up soil, Instead of wear- ter in that way if yon wih to do so." --ELEANOt SH fi37 86th St that the sun will shine on the floor lng it out, and in all dairy districts an Milwaukee, Wi of the north row of pens at farrowing ,,ere of alfalfa is wortbJ;hree times as u 00[-rape."u's Pains and Headache time. As tbis time ,'Ill not be the much as an acre of corn. Ten tons of same for all hog raisers and since tbe corn silage contains about 2S0 pounds Webster, Mass."Iwaa all run- sun's rays have a different siant at digestible protein, while an acre of al- euffereddwn' had a badwithpamaandCompexioa,backache, andaad different seasons and latitudes, the falfa making four tons of hay would One of the. few was dizzy, at times and felt weak. I builder should fl'ure out the height at contain 832 pounds of protein. One worked zn a mill and my girl chum which to place these wtndows. FOODS told me about yonr won,d_e_rf_u] medi- acre of alfalfa making four tons is COMPLETE cine, Lvdia F inkham s Vegetab|o Poison Ivy Eradicated worth right now about $100. One Comoo(xnd. I amfeelingmuchbetter i acre of corn making 50 bushels Is inc-taking it."--M,  13 With Waste Motor Oil worth now al,o.t S. West Street, Webster, mas A sent+t ,,nected witi, one of the Alfalfa Rules Adapted THEN you watch robust mennd mid-Western unlversltles says that V women at work or at play, does : polson ivy may be eradicated by satur- to Different Sections it ever occur to you that their strength atlng the ground at the base of the A discussion of the various methods and health are largely due to the kind plants with wae motor-ell from the to be followed in growing alfalfa will crank-case. Where a farmer wlsles te found in Farmers" Bulletin No. 1283. of toed they eat? pleasant wa00s ,o kill out this pest on a large scale .Not only are there gh'en these general Becsuse of |t, nutrlt|ve propertie arrangements, could b made, no doubt, rules as to how to grow alfalfa but the Grape-Nuts and milk supplies com. to r00lievea cozaj/v .,th automob,le service stations for methods best adapted to various eec- p|ete and balanced houri,brecht o[ the Its 'k,p texture, and its easy desto saving the drainlngs from cars which tlons of the country are described In highest order. This deficiousdish pro" ibility, Grape-Nuts is the best-bat. -, have their oll supplies replenished, this bulletin, rides the valuable wheat and milk anted cereal food for young and old. Take yotw choice and suit Waste lubricant of this sort has little Farmers who contemplate growing proteins; the "food minerals," phos- VChn used as an ingredient in other your taste. S-B-or Menthol  commerclal value and can be obtained alfalfa or who may have tried and flavor. A sure relief for cough, without great cost in considerable failed, may well read this bulletin, phorus, iron and caloium; also the foods, it adds remarkable zest colds and h. Put one quantity if arrangements are made for which may be secured by writtng tbe vitamins, valuable nutritive elements. Reci tn your mouth at bedtime, saving it. Alwa3,e keep a box on hand.  Department of Agriculture, Washing- will gladly bc furnished on requ ........... BROTH ERe Cabbage and Turnips Do tom D.C. Grape,l004uts Well in Pit Storage Exercise Cution When COUGH DROPS If the cellar space IS limited, cab- - Handhng a Live Goose' " : bags and turnips can be well-cared for by pit storing. Select a high spot In handling a goose it should never all know value of lmalla ointment i it dm , because the make it o -etive kmm Boa, Ch.m P aUu Prepared Especially for Infants and Children of All Ages Motber ! Fletcher's Castoria ba OPI%'/NG FOB THO 1 sewihg. No canvassing, been In use for over 30 years as a curiosity-aeeker, t ,leasant, harmless substitute for Cue- information. GOOD t Inc.. AsburY Park. ?4 J I tor Oil, Paregoric, Teething Drops mad Soothing Syrups. Contains no narcot- of It. ,I ics. Proven directions  are on each some musician bus dis- t package. Physlcians recommend it. of 'Yes, We Have : The genuine bears signature of The exodus of the silly 1  of more interest to of housekeeping Ball Blue. Equally towels, table linen etc.--Adver- Rate Alibi. padding is-- dreadful. sorry, dear, 18 the recipe was given To Have a Clear, Sweet 8kln and her hand'riting - ' X"  Touch pimples, redness, roughness us rea sons reek 0 "-- " or itching, if any, with Cutieura Int- ! ment.athen bathe with Cuticura kmp ....... Ins- "-- gently mad ---#-: _  ann not water, tt e, u s _mkk-ust on a little Cutlcura Talcum tO -- -- -- -- --'"" '.,., " ," i leave a fasclnating fragrance on skin. I [e  ao wnE. we I Everywhere 25c each.--Advertlsement. Z ot r C_ o1 Deafne He Owned One. "Say. pa, what's a floating debt.  r m 0  "A motor boat, my sore'--Boston - CO., Toledo, Oldo  Transcript. TH FOR WORKING WOMEN ;Com. Help You to Become WelL m to work in etoro, mill or facto- , nnfit for work, invalid father for ,*week in in cramped contracts some of her organic I tli a halt to her pro- restoration to she +can be of mm to todo they inter- as I could never mother often Pink- but I I have had do 00:orV.N: day. I recommend to every girl who troubles like I have Pinklmm's Private Text-Book npon s, Ailments L" ,,.1111  nt on ,- unon request. Write Pinkhsm Medicine Co., L  " information. MI+7 where tbe water drains off quickly: be held faelng you, or It will strike --THE BODY BUll E:R . - Dig a trench three feet wide and two hard blows with its wings and scrateb A Fine Tonic. f-,eep.-00,oor w,tb be.rd00 Put In with its feet. It should be taken by 414e, $ ..... +, the vegetables ald then lay on a light the necg, and when lifting from the You Up +overing of straw. Put boards over gr, und the back of tbe body .hould .... :his, providing a small opening at the be toward the pe,,on holding It, and Soh b.lF  kilPe/ + 0p for ventllatiou. Cover with eight the body partly tmpport b F + to twelve lnehe of dirt. Apple, may the flr Joint of the wing with .... be kept In Ue ume There t In tke any le from neh a pit. : ,r