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October 27, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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October 27, 1923

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REMED F for GALLS STRAINS ES$ and all dis o[ Hsrs* and Cals "7i., Says no. R.Iutehlngs Durham, N. C.-- "For 15 years I tave used your Mexican Mustang Liniment snd I consider it the best linimen F on earth; I am never without it.l recently used it on a bad gall on my horse's neck and it cured it im thr days." No Stir or Smart C.ontair No Alcohol =i Write for beautfulSOLrVENlR CIL, seat absoltlyfr with complete r uing Mustang Liniment for family timing, mad for I[vesacg and poa|:tr Z. Lyon blg. I, 4ghFifth at, Brooklyn, N . ! m00c-5Oc-$1.oo l's00 by and Go.e,.1 Sto,., il.00 MEXI,'-,00 '  1.oPt il i848 A Dig for Hie Master. & london physician accepted an ln- tlon to Join a house party for a shootLag. When he returned, a eged butler asked him whether lie karl enjoyed himself. "(}It, yes," was the reply. Klll much, sir?" o, hardly anything," admitted the r. "AJt, well, sir," said the butler, "it's ::  to have a change."Boston "l'raa.scrlpt. (?rosa Ball Blue is the finest of its kind In the world, Ev. wofiaan who has used It knows rotate, eat to be true.Advertlse- Time Saver. ciency Expert (to central) '4Rroatld you mind if I gave you the all five times at ouce?--Life. Woman's mahlen aim is to change J. IV. Kitchersid cer- 00oma Pr00..iti00 II1-. ross, Hera's Good Advice Atlanta, Ga:--"During a time of "flu' edemic, in a mining town t .Tennessee, I. found it necessary to lese ifiy store, that I might act as There were a great many ".,..a thereat that time. We found 11. "Pierces Golden Medical Dis- to be the best tonic for .con-. ent patients. They all game mgth rapidly on this treatment. case was no exception. Medical Discovery' gave to the digestive organs and en- the blood, with the result of me tea general healthy M Kitchersid, 154 St. the Discovery in tablets or ur nearest drug store or a Dr. Pierce's Invalids' , N. Y.t for trial free medical advice. HALF A CENTURY ii  by aahoman Who, His Father's Example, Used It, When Needed, for 50 Years. kmdfield, Okla.--Mr. O. W. TIs'- a well-known resident of this g, rays: have used hedford's Black- kn.ghtI believe I can safely say   years. "' was born and reared in Texas, ne County, sixty-four years I have been married forty-four My father used Black-Draught I was married, and gave it to years of my mar- it has had a place on our shelf, and Is the onlF 1axe- m, or liver medicine, we use. We a it for torpid liver, sour stomach, tcbe, indigestion . . , I don't think get along wtthout it, know- has done for us. and the las saved. It Is Just as reliable today as it was lt use. My boys Use are satisfied it's he best have ever use&" Black-Draught is purely take and acts in a way. :honsands of person have by le use of Thed- you should have , In trying this valuable 7Pined'y, for most Our W)r.aan's Feature Pa!,00e ." Con00 Matter Pardx, ul, arly Interesting w the Ladies of this ILLUSTRATED FASHIONS, DADDY'S EVENING FAIRY STORY. K I T C H E N C A B I N E T Don't Ooerlook This Page q'hc Kitchen Cabinet : - _. -. _ - _ __- _: _-_ . -_ _ Our deeds will travel with us from afar. And what we have been makes us what we are. We would rather believe that we mount on the things that are under our feet, our dead selves, to & higher better self. SEASONABLE GOOD THINGS- A nice hot sandwich which is espe- cially good to serve with tea Is tbe following: Spread thinly cut slices of bread with hut- ter, then with orange nl a r m a- lade. Put the slices (matched) together in pairs and remove the crusts, cut tee sandwiches in halves crosswise. Put into a dripping pan, place In a hot oven and toast lightly ou both sides. Onion Soup.--Break the bone In six pounds of beef bone. add three quarts of water and let sinuuer six Imurs. Peel and slice six small oni,ms and cook in enough butter to prevent hurn- Lag, until soft Strain the, beef stock --there should i)e three pints--add two and one-half teaspoonfuls of heel extract, the onions and salt to taste. Cut bread in slices, remove crusts and toast. Place the toast in a tu'een, add the soup, sprinkle with grated parmesan cheese and serve. Stuffed Peppers.--Wipe four green peppers and parboil ten minutes in one quart of water to which has been added one-fourth of a teaspoonful of soda. Cut into halves lengthwise, re- move the seeds, fill with creamed oys- ters, cover with l)uttered crumbs and brown under a gas flame. Wash a quart of oysters and cook them in their own liquor until plump. Draiu and add o a sauce made of three tablespoonfuls of butter, three ,ind one-half tablespoonfuls of flour one and one-half cupfuls of milk. three- fourths tablespoonful of salt and a few grains of pepper. Frozen Tomato Satad.--Turn a quart of canned tomatoes from the can and let stand an hour. Rub through a sieve, add three tablespoon- fuls of sugar aud season highly with salt and cayenne ; then ttlrn Into half- pound baking powder boxes, cover tightly 0nd pack In ice and salt. using equal parts. Let stand three hours. Remove from the molds, cut in slices, arrange on lettuce leaves, sprinkle with walnut meats and ser-e with mayonnaise. Stewed Stuffed Flgs,Stuff one-half pound of washed figs with ctmpped salted ahnonds. Put two spoonfuls of sngar, one teaspoonful of lemon Juice, I $1 mmmme.m.mmeum mlsmmmmalnm ii i | li! mmmmmmmmmmmmm m. m m m  m = :i Aprons and Apron-Dresses; |  ,1 m ii ii! ii i a..ll m ii ii n.. ! s i!, Varied Styles in Millinery . a. ,.Jr from tile new aprons ami apron dresses, one might conclude that housework has come to be looked upon as a pastime--they are so cheer- fill, not to say sportive tn color an,l design. While the tasks of home- nmklng are rarely considered a form of Indoor sport, much drudgery has passed Into oblivion along with the ugly, utility uniforms that kept it com- pany. With modern appliances for lessening labor, come aprons and util- Ity dresses as sightly as any other frocks. The apron-dress has a style of its own The present season wil probabt) go down in fashion history as a time widen "everything in millinery" was used in hats and trimmings, and all any woman need do was to pick out a becoming shape regardless of what inaterial it was made of or what trimming adorned it. This is of course, not the exact truth, but it is very near it, for there Is practically no limit to variety in the styles shown. There are certain things that charac- terize fall fashions in millLaery, and lg these are present in a hat, it will pass Inspection of even the critical and demonstratbs that utility eye. one-half cupful of eider in a saucepan ; when heated add figs, coer and cook until the figs are very tender, turning has greatly increased the popularity of and basting them often. Cool andthese dependable garments, whlch are serve with whipped cream. t made, as they have been for years, of gingham, chambray, percale, Ilaene I sateen, unbleached domestic and cot- ton crepe Cretonnes figure also in I this season's displays. Rick-rack l braid, narrow edglngs, simple needle- work, flat pearl buttons and combina- tions of materials are skillfully used to contribute embellishments, New models combine cotton crepe and black sateen attractively, and needlework usually appears In bright colors on the sateen. Some colors that used to be unstable ,are now fast, as nile DAINTY APRON WITH EGYPTIAN DESIGN does not stand in the way of good In the group of matrons' hats show looks. It is the element of style that here for instance, there are four mad- Stccess treads on the heels of eve'l'y right effort. All that Is great in man comes through work; and civilization is Its product.--Samuel Smiles. DISHES FOR FALL MEALS A nice croquette to serve with a fish course is the following: Hominy a n d Horseradish Cro- quettes.  T a k e one-fourth of a cupful of hom- Lay, steam it un- til tender, add one-half teaspoon. ful of salt, three- fourths of a cupful of milk scalded, and cook with it until absorbed. Add two tablespoonfuls of butter, three and one-half teaspoonfuls of grated horseradish root. Cool, shape, dip into crumbs, into egg, crumbs again and fry in deep fat. Drain on brown paper. Prune Pudding.--Wastr three-fourt hs of a pound of prunes. Cover with cold water and soal over ntght. Cook in the same water unl soft and the water nearly evaporated. Remove the stones and cut the prunes into small pieces, then sprinkle with one-half cupful of sugar. Beat tour eggs until stiff and add the prunes gradually. Pour into a slightly buttered flau(hi!ng dish and bake in a moderate oven twenty-five minutes. Serve with u cus- tard sauce well chilled. Canadian Meat Pie.--Remove the meat from a knuckle of veal. Put the bones into a kettle, cover with co!d water, add two slices of onion. ,no slice of carrot and twelve peppercorns. Bring to the /)oiling point, qdd the trfeaL and shnmer until leader. He- move the meat, sllunler tl]e stock to two cupfuls Put a slice of ham in a frying pan. cover with hikew:rm water and let stand an hour. Bro, n I four tablesp,)onfuls of butter with f-ur tablespoonfuls of flour and stock, then } add the veal and ham cut into t'ubeu 11 and simmer" twenty minutes. Cover'l with pastry and bake. ] Baked Crumbed Petatoes.Force hot boiled potatoes ,hrough a ricer: to three and one-half cupfuls ndd thrr,e tablespoonfuls of butter, one and one,- half teaspoonfuls of Galt and )ne- fourth teaspoonfulof pepper. Add two- thirds of a cupful of hot milk and beat the potatoes vigorously. Tur ilto a buttered baking dish, pour over one.half cupful of heavy cream, sprin. coarse crumbs and bake until green, lavender and pink. Even vari- colored prints, made up with plain col- ors, may be successfully laundered. Aprons have always been inclined to frivolity and now even those Slip- ons for wear at cooking or dish wash- lag, are decorative. They are made of rubberized cloth as well as the usual sturdy cottons. A good model for any material is shown In the Illus- tration, and it might be made of un- bleached domestic and worked with gay cotton yarns in the Egyptian de. pictured. els of radically different line and treatment, yet they employ only two different materials and three dlfferen trimmings in arriving at their several ends. At the top, a clress hat of brown velvet is shown" trimmed with large, two-tone, velvet pansies and s drooping plume of brown ostrich at the slde. The handsome model at the right is of black hatters' plush, with a revers trimming of sand and brown velvet on the sharply upturned brla Below at the left, black velvet agai appears in combination with ostrich feathers. The top of the brim Is co ered wlth corded aatla. The dre h MANY STYLES IN MATRONS' HATI below at the fight Is of black sattt trimmed with a burnt goose fancy . 1,  Wutern owt nto Fairy Tale. TRUMPETER SWAN "'I am a Trumpeter Swan. and I b long to the bird family though I walk on my long legs. Flying isn't for me. "'Of course, as you cau tell hy my name. 1 can make a trumpet-like sound and it's s wild shriek I can tell you. It can be heard a long distance off. "Now ! am snowy white and very beautiful it is said. l'sm tame and l love my keeper aud I make the great- est noise when he feeds me to show that I want him to know that I'm thanking him. "In fact, we all do that We all shriek with delighP and we all thank hi, m, too, In uur different ways. "When people come to the zoo and are around our part of the park and hear all of us making our thank-you sounds and sounds of delight when we see the keeper with our food tlaey don't know what has happened. "They rush toward us and they come along saying: "'Whatever does all the noise mean?' "They seem to think that something dreadful Is happening, but tbat is be- cause they do not know our shrieks of delight. They don't understand the different sounds birds make and what they mean. but our keeper knows. OiL yes. he understands. "He knows so much about blrd He will tell you that the Bald Eagle aml the Golden Eagles and the Ducks aud the Geese and the Swans and the I Will Tell All My Friends. Cranes and the dear dePoted Cana- dian Goose family are so llappy in their home lives and that the mates are true and good to one another all through their bird lives. "He will tell of the devotion of robins and thrushes, of swaows and of the herons and of the hawks and the buzzards. He will tell how seldom it is that there are quarrels in the Bird families. He will tell. to, how loving the doves are to one another through- oul their bird lives, and If a little Mrs. Dove should lose her beloved mate she will not take another mate but will mourn her whole life through. "So, If people will only learn more about birds and the feathered crea- tures, ptrhaps, they will want to be nicer still to birds and will want to protect them all they can. "The bluebirds and the kingfishers :'put on airs and act very fond of them- selves at times, but they, too, are good mates. And the parrots for all their shrieking arid yelling are so devoted in their home lives. It is beautiful to see the devotion that birds show. "Some of the birds fi-om abroad have different ways and are quite ourlous. The keeper says that there ts a Snipe family abroad and that the Miss Snipes cout the Mr. Snipes m- stead of the other way around as it should he. That certainly shows lack of dignity ad l should also think lack of charm. "Surely a  Miss Snipe wlth charm would not have to do anything like that. "'But after they mate Mr. Snipe sits on the eggs and ts s regular home- body and does lust as Mrs. Snipe says. Tile ButtOn Qm,il family are the same way and Miss V',tton Quail will actual- ly propose to M,' Button Quail and ask bin to be her m,te. "That certanl, is queer. Perhaps It Is because they b,,-e no hind toes. I've heard that they I. ,,tn't bind tues. "But now I've t,'d all I've heard the keeper say and ' hope rny language cnn be undcrstoo '- BIIIie Brownie, who had been listen. lng, explainol how he nnderstood be- cause of the way 3Tother N'ature hf given him the power to understand her ch ll d ren. "Aml I will toll all my friends and they will tell their friends .nd we'll get the Information shout y,il've told me. Beautiful Trumpeter Sxxan. for II Is all very interes.'in." "And all quite true, said the T,'n'- peter Swan. But then the Trumpcte Sw,n gave a long, pioring whistle, and th. other birds began to yell and shriek aud flap their Wings and look very ranch ex- cited. "You'll ecuse me. won't yon?" asked the Trmpeter Swan. "It is very Ira: portent I keep this engagement I have." And Blllle Brownle looked, and along came the keeper wlth food for all his birds. So, of coarse. BHlle Brown!s understood whirr the Trumpeter Swan's Important engagement was. Taking No Chances. Mother--I wouldn't whip him th tme. RoberL Walt fill he losa It ngaln. Father---But Imppose he doe't dO R agath? WOMEN CAN DYE ANY GARMENT, DRAPERY Dye or Tint Worn, Faded Things Don't wonder whether you can dye or tint successfully, because perfect home dyeing is guaranteed with "Dia- mond Dyes" even If you have never dyed before. Druggists have all colors. Directions In each package.--Adver- tisemeaL Movie Pedagogy. One movie director can get hls actors to follow him perfec.tly. His scheme is simple enough, too. "You're a fine actor, Walter," he yells. "Register Joy." Walter registers Joy. 'lhat Is, you used to be a fine actor, buyou're slipping. Now regis- tel" disgust." And Walter does. Have lieGES OR 2 years Ranges have dependable and proved their in operation. To-day they are fined in finish, but reason why they sell quickly is the established by Ranges. Wr. lot o.r tllur and name of dealer ALLEN MANUFACTURING C NASHVILL =-: :-= :-: BOARDING Institution for Cre of Dogs and Cats Planned by Humane Society in Kansas City, Plans for establishing a boarding house for pet anima:s, principally dogs and cats. were outlied recently by officials of the Wyandotte County Hu- mane society. The plans will be sub- mitted to the board of directors by Miss Sarah Jacobs. president. The dog and cat boarding house would be self-sustaining. Miss Jacobs said that the plan contemplated would require the construrtiou of sultable sheds, pens, a run or playground for dogs anl a modern system for disl fectant to guard against disease. "I have had more than 100 calls this summer," Miss Jacobs said. "from re- sponsible persons who desired to pay for a temporary home for their pets while away on vacatlonq. "It appears comical to establish a boarding house for dogs and cats. but the proposal has a serious side. Many animals are valuable, and dogs roam- ing the streets while owners are away on vacations often become rabid." Miss Jacobs said provisions would be made to give lodging to horses aud cows if the demand was great enough. Tbe boardlag hous6 would be under supervisiun of a veterinary sugeo/a. Detroit Nes. Clever, parlor tricks, laboriously learned, do little to increase one's in- come. A well-beaten path may not led In the right ,lrtlon. HOUSE F0R PETS 0HI0'S SANDSTONE Vast Quanties of Grindstones Soutll of, Lake The wod's largest ries are located it. ohio, to the south of Lake Erie, ity of the towns of and Berea. From these also vast quantities of and grindstones, and much that Is of to the industry. One of the quarries to a depth o 165 feet In distance around It a half. Looking into edge, one is reminded of the Colosseum, for the ix shallow terraces, like the seats of the of the ancients. In cutting a block wedges are driven in base of the block, while bore holes from the top openings made by the chine called a block away. Fine Linen, Young Mistress (to Don't tell me that countess '. %Vhy, mY girl, ly believe it. New maid---If you ma'am, I can show and you can see the yourself.--Sans-Gene- rnnS Enthusiasm apring a Do you take from a Coffee mUst be humiliating for people to confess that they the w-power to stop coffee. They know from experience tlud i sults in irritated res; k awake nights; makes them Yet they don't seem to be If you find that coffee harms change to the pure cereal Posture. You'll find it satisfying. And it is from caffeine or any other drug, so you can drink meal, and as muc as you wat. Your grocer ael two forms: (in tirm) propar in the cup by biling water. prefer the flv 'c by boiling folly The coet of about