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October 27, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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October 27, 1923

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.....  ......... 7- Mr. J. L. Denson, principal of the CIRCUIT OURT. ..... IihllI :.s. r:OWAR,', t*o" ' ---" "  _  H. School here, has requested us t There could ha,'e been no greater give notice that the school Las re- The October term of circuit court We have referred in these eel- e Έ 27, 1923. shock to the whole community than eently secured an up-to-dae vaecin-imet at the court house in this to:n un:ns many times in the past to the N -AkDV the one that was fell here on Tues- ating omfit,  the students and one l on Monday morning with Judge R. exeremely cordial relations that ex- OTWlTHSTANDING THE BIG ANC :: 25, 1923. day n:orning when it was learned of the intrucU:: will be glad tolL- Corban presiding, and R. E. Ben- i:.t between the various religious de- 30 25 tha Mrs. Hallie Galloway MeGehee, vaccinate hos for o,w farmers. Just i .nett'. ...... district attorney. The gra,d, • ominafions didin thiSnot tOWnrealizeandthatVieimthis IN ALL CLASS OF • ......  8  wife of Mr. Howard B. McGehee, call up the school xf you want your jUly was empannelec! and tlal’, [. ity, but we ........... : .....  I Jones was names as torman. JUae fact wa. so in evidence as to impre visitors until ...... :9  had uassed away on the night before . I Corban then delivered his charge to this writer received a • -'-'-'-' ''*---at 11 o'clock at her home in this town Death came to her suddenly W..- ..... -,-.'--" ..... lthi:; ju.y, durir, g the course of which letter fro21 a friend in one of the lY 5 " ---e" S mJ"  =' On # '$'4m • .... ,',,: s. raver flieetmg lJ t he outlined the duties of this body Westeul ,'-;:ate:, v:ho is an occasional • . . a  PERSONAL I and practically without warning, - lold it .... ,eular. e,ectmn, oI orators.  t -- .-]lr,!, r, co;l_ec.a_ ae.l.., ...... ':' o* te, viitc: to W::cdvi:.le,. which contained ---'--"'-' a result of heart failure. On that on .... next Tuesda,, y evening at 7:30,1 ......... manufacture: " ''and selling' , of mtoxt-" " the following paragraph: and Mrs. W. evening she was apparently feeling o cioc. anl all members are argon]eating liquors, tie then said that "I have been very much interest- in Baton erceedinlv welt, but a few minutes to be present. The Flying Squadron]man v iur6rs did not seem +o realize after she retired she called Mr. Mc ....  ...... - ed in your editorial of October 13th, tl vSuch as Celvetl of ths or,anizatmn will hold ervices t that i was a breach of the law to " " home the same Gebee, and before a physician could at Fort Adams tomorrow, Sunday, I divulze the actions of the grand on 1.he Centenmal Celebration of S. - Paul's church. The subject matter afternoon at 3 o clocK, and every-, jurv,'a,, d made it mot emph','ie i3 extremely iteresting in itself, par- Ra'--es, ord-uroys arrive the end had come. report that Mrs. Tle funeral was delayed until body is invited to be present, that if such things came to his notice ticularly the broad-minded attitude to be up again Thursday aftez.-noon in order that :. in this county, he would see to it of the people of your good town in _ d Si to her bed for one of her daughters might reach here from Washington. On that af- The weather during the past few that charges of contempt were made inter-denominational co-operation. I at once. The judge closed with a doubt if any place in America, as an ,8 e i ternoon at 3 o'clock the Methodist weeks has been most ideal for the Ra_v, was born church was filled to its utmost capac- gathering of crops, so the farmers somewhat lengthy address on good, much progress has been made along Roy Colter, of Ar- ity while others stood on the outside,: have been taking advantage of it citizenship and urged the members these lines as there has been right in in Natchez, all of whom had gathered to attend to get their crops out of the fields, of the jury to do leir full duty.: Woodville, Mississippi, and it shows the last sad rites for one whom they Jusv at this time the pecan industry Ths term of the circuit court will crmciusively, that even though Wood- OUR PRICES REMAIN THE SAbil loved. This was one of the largest is receiving much attention, as this' continue into next week, it being' vilte may be a small town, its inhab. ' manager of funerals ever held in this town. is. gathering'.r times and. .large quanti- i thatthe firStsuchtimea th;.ngin manYhas happened.years ThisPast ofimntSlargeall vision,Seem broad-mindedwho can qualifype°pleln And as LOng as This spent the week ! The services were conducted .by ties are bet g sold. m t_hs town. is due in a .large measure to the fact i the 'Big" Leagues.', ,, Stok Lasts • La., on a visit to the• paster, Rev.. Henry G. ,,Hav:kms'  " m  that. the tr:al of the cases growth,;!. . Vie" grealy ' apprecmr.e" this refer. e Campbell.  !and began .with .a solo,  l-ace .to The k. H. Schoolf0.ot. ball_tea out of the failure of the Bank o!! once to ou town and it is with picas- .-:_ i.Faee," bi' her nepr, ew, l:. LUCm me exea on ,a oa\\;uruay .... " Centrevil}e consumed so much eli ur that we uass it on to our reader' • aul" D McGehee of Hammond, La. ev. noon ni ne a:ne wLa oe,eron t e time of he court The first of I ......... ' "" $ and l,ttled - ' .......... ---- NO Advance will be Asked I  x ec*ed Mr Hawkins read the burial er-:Mmtarv Coltog vchch v'a--, played' ,. ,_:., ....... +.  ,. .... ,;,, even'in on a visit vice and then dehvered a most' at Natchez, the score hemg 20 to 0.  W deron Jr, on a charre of] JURY LIST FOR CIRCUIT COURT, - er home " touching and beautiful tribute to the : In defense of our team we will say,: e,bezzlmer, t ' -bich be-n on "Tues-] , her form • • .  v. and ......  ' 1 The following is the list of juror • ',wman who was so generally beloved however, that both Chas. l=At :  ....... -,- ,,, w,t t, the urv; ........ Fern-1; t'hr'ou houg the count5". Dr. C. T. i erentiss Jensen were out of the I T,'ur'd'a:;'e'v%n'i;" 2Ce )u"-ha;'i" for the Octol)er term ox tircui Cropper. flf hre Thogson of the Presbyterian church, t game, and as they are two of the €, :. *:a _.'re "on" a verdict:€was d:: Court of this county, wh!ch convened ice two miles offered the concluding prayer. Dur-!ma!nstays, naturally our boys played charged by ludge Corban on Frid,,y on Monday morning, octo "T'. on the Prentias ing the service an at tne cemeeYiunder a nanmcap, morning. The jmT to, od 9 for con-I o nfl A WKe.kD-a'Es L S" TW$1:::ress"  V _l_--J   !vietion to 3 for acquittal, so the caser.w no, . • , • • , there was a manifest feeling of uni-! .. • J- L Lewis, G M Smith, J0s. sor.,v, which gave e00pres- i ... W ,v00o over to the no,t term :, -. .... (::30 :IV/: of tIammond. sion in a deep and silent sheddingt recenqy retuled to New Orleanst couJ Thi:. case was fou',ht mo.t ross, L. L. Jcner, m. L warn, . • days here during of tears. The grave was. bankedl after "spending" the sammer, at the,r:"  strenuously during he three days it i Gross,Clarence E. Ward: Edgar Ney- *h W 0 0 D V I L L E, • en called here by with a profusion of most beau*mi • • , * . . e,country borne on the Prents H;;,- v'as in p,o.-re=s, th prosecution be-liana, am tgox, A. W. run, oos. eo-  ...e. .L* -= of his aunt, Mrs. :flowers, many of which had corn  * ..... '- ..... " n her from out-of-town friends, andi v:*'v' w're here for the week end iing all'," rpresented by District At.]head, R. M. McKey, C. A. Anderson #I111 'e were sorry indeed'to hear from tornev Bennett and Hen. W. F. Tuc!,-! Waiter tarer, A. o. aD, . r. 'I' ] :om the various organizations o ! Mrs. Smither that her w, other, Mrs.', or, while the defense was ably rep-I Flowers, Howard Sc_ott, C..8. Carter .........  .-. ^. r  P.rmleto A. C. Bunch, D. N. Cawn, w. a rt, of Meadville, which she was a member. As thisi Persons, sustained a piaful injur3"i ,-,:n .......  ................. nnedv, of Natchez. v, wKer stood and looked down on thii in a fall recently and v'e hope that Much interest has naturall_v been Nettles, Allen Arnold, N. W. Mc. : out-of-town attor-! profusion of loveliness, he thouhti :business before cir-i just how wonderfully the pure white she will soon recover from its of- manifested in its progress and result. Craine, W. N. Perry, T. N. Ashley. week. i flowers typified the *life of one who fects. ° On this, Friday, morning, just be-i MISSI SS][Pi s !had passed away, and he was re- : fore goiw, to pres, we have been , . . . . . , . , , , and little daugh-i minded of that closing paragraph of Mrs. Lydia E. Brannan died sud. authorized by Judge. Corban to a,- . , their home in McClurg's eulogy on Henry Clay:, denly at the home of her daughter, nounee *hat thi. term of court will . L A T E S T AI D B E S T * are spending the: "Peace be with thy soul, may the Mrs. J. A..ass.y, in this town on run well into next week, so the , , to her parents,', each lie light upon thee, and the Wednesday morning about 10 o'clock second week's jurors must report for . duty on Monday morning at 9 o'glockl . An Increasing, Lifelong Monthly Income if Totally and Permn- E. Thomas. !undying laurels of glory grove green iand her remains were to be interred ,  over thy grave." I ia Evergreen Ceme::ery yesterday. The grand jury, which has brouhti • nently Disabled by Accident or * who has heer I , Mrs. McGehee, who was the daugh- I Friday, afternoon. The news of the in fourteen indictments up to this l, Disease Before Age of 60. * ,irt Baton Rouge andl to- of the lamented Bishop Chas. B. death of this beautiful Christiar. time, was to have adjourned Friday , * for the pas few! Gallcway and Mrs. Galloway, was l character came as a shok to our afternoon, so we will give their re- • The Mutual Life lusurance s " here and is now born in Canton, Miss., on June 29. town, just as had the announcement o in our next issue. * . Company of New Yorb * ,tt. Morgan. t872, and when quite a young t of the death of Mrs. McGehee on The ca of the State vs. E. F. * $10@ a month during first five * woman came to Woodville and taught Tuesday morning, and our communi- McKee, former president of the de- * years, $150 during next five * who has been for two sessions in the old Edward ty mours her demise. Since the funer- func Bank of Centreville, has been * years, $200 thereafter for life. * former home in iMcCehee College under Dr. H. Wal- al is being .he!d as.we go to press.a set for trial on next Tuesday morn- * No further premium deposits. * d d the ast, Feaheran then president On more extended nonce will appear m h t s char,ed * ., uring - P • ter "  , " • " lag. In this t e defendan " g And then $10,000 at your death * nn the , 3 mho married Mr H B ou, next issue * chore du " g t May 18, 189 , - " - • • •  " • [ in the indictment with receiving de- to your beneficiary, or $20,0D0 * :to nd the winter. cGchee About sixteen years ago : [ nosits in an insolvent bank.  if death at any age, is accidental, * -. "Re I ..... , - " • * payable iu a single sum, or as * • life. Total disability lasting 3 $.1 C._.  • months regarded, during further * ed he .... " i prL. Y  . 7 . '..: '.,. " ..f [ evening was particularly interesting,. ] sion. * continuance, as permanent. : • f Mrs H B. e- ! she resigned to t.aKe a HKe positron m, ,__  o -u , a ,,- ,,;v I ,---- * the Woodville Graded School, wh:c "- ...... *- X ...... * ............ oath  ing the story of Ro.ini s great opera, I The young women's bridge club Full Fartlculars of this Perfect * ! silo neW, up $o lie time el: nor  . , v 1 b * : - - a ' " ca'celt that s' William Tell, which  as fo lowed Yl was entertained on Monday after- Life Insurance Policy given * auowav, Iorme-p - It was in tins p y -'" c *" " o *" * , - ........ I . . , ...... ,. 1. elections from this opera bauffult_vi noon by Mrs. Chas Wood, Jr., at the • upon request. * wooaviue uetnoml end,nrea nerse,t to tne people o --  , .... :--- b- Mrs. P M '-" " ; "" " ....... *  * C.. -  St.I -" " .... an" d in thei r. nuere on the pauu y • . home ot ner mother, mrs. xary tnis- amtionea a troy community ann lmpi te | r e an " * EE COHEN, Agent for * • -: • -  .....  ......... e Stockett. Mrs. A gu , gave m-I ho"m There were two tables for the here Weanesay th learts ann minus o tne Ill:L! " " " € O h I " " : • . ..  I  . .......... teresmg bmgTarny o. Carus , t e games dunn which candy was serv- * Mutual Life Insurance Co. of N.Y. * his niece, a;rs. ct.[ childre:l seect t3m; Wll| connnue to , ,  ^ '- -. n ....... s con'', "' , :-   ......... r*e * Woodville, Miss. : t row an Dear rCn narV.-S zvl' go.- .+ -1 "  ' ' t * * " {erations to come. Whe training cudedxr.hff.nexcei.en, talk b!Tn e fir; prze, twooany hand kr- , • • . . , , , , , , _  _ .-.^ l_. •   +.^ ...A h rp _lr W J b:0eKeu., on tte x/orlc ch;'f v-as won b -lr 'lnos Kern m accompany his she instilled into them a desire fo done by this and other federated Jr.; the consolation, a package of clubs and club women of the state,[needles and a thimble, fell to Miss 8tella Wood Me- the pure and beautiful, thus start, • there and entered in, them out on the road that leads after which the hostess ser:ed a de-,Dannie Miller. The no= hostess ,,.,." Dressed Owk College to take, to ideal manhood and womanhood, licious luncheon of l&rn, fruit salad, [will be Mrs. Roy E. Cox. fresh . . " potato' chips, steelerY, olives, [ __t----- She was unusually fitted to do con- ....... salted nut,, candies, cake and coffee. [ DID IT PAY ? ''' " : " ' ' " T.tiv work in character building. In addition to Mrs. Stockett, Mrs. J. ]  • • }av, Moore, of H:: untiring efforts have reared fo, OICFS  R Carter, Mrs Treppendahl, Mrs. I Down the_ tate the nhor day gomo called here a lasting monument in the lives - " . ........................ ------ morning by the -of our people, and her epitaph is on- Myrtis Rob'nson and Miss Lula Ma-lpeopl e made up a lot of wildcat IKIi her mother, Mrs. -raven upon the hearts of our men gruder were guests on this occaslon-liquor. A sixteen-year-old boy was Ill ----- and remained here and women. It is sweet to remember : with tbem and got hold of the jug !Week. how the young faces of her pupil. TEACHERS ASSOCIATION and swigged down a fill of the rotten radiated with happiness when she " stuff. Two days later they assigned Davidson, daughter came into their mid,t, and sad it is him to five feet of earth, east and ell00d Mrt’l underwent to know just how many there were The Wilkinson County Teache west. The county in which they appendicitis at whose hearts were bowed down in Association will meet at Centrevitie,,lived signed two others to small W O O D V I L L E, M I R  I •  I P P l New Orleans on sorrow when they learned that their November 3, 1923. The following'room s in the county jail The court E, M, KEE, Manager, glad to learn teacher was no more. It was not program will be rendered at the High will meet and somebody will be sent Wooddll MislsiFpi nicely, algae in the school room that Mrs, Schoo| building at 11 a.m.: over to the state farm and given McGehee meant so much to the Quartette ............................................ free suit of stripped clothes. The _ - - _-_ Mrs. IL A. J. children. She never tired in plan. Invocation ............ Rev. G. H. Suttle' boy is dead. The brother are dis- '-=-----=- Tucker, Laura! nin and earrying out most original Address ........ Supt. H. B. Abernathy, graced forever and ever. They will _ sisons went up and delightful forms of entertain. Violin Solo ........ Miss Pauline Peck pay the penalty. Does it pay to morning of last meat for their benefit. Though Visual Education .............................. make whiskey, Wen at the high Fair, returning never seek.:ng notoriety, she was ............ Miss blargaret McAllister price sometimes paid or the vile SMOKE--- ma  E E  always in demand and contributed Piano Solo .... Miss Louise Anderson stuff ? Does it pay to make boys generously of her time and talents Necessity of a Pardnt-Teac]er Asso-ldrunk and kill them Y  Grenada He and con- towards any evening's pleasure. In ciation in Every School .................. i Sentinel. was well represent- such things she excelled just as she .......... Mrs. Robert Lewis i both ladies and did in anything she undertook. Piano" "Sol'o" I You can get the pur ice eeam at .. the trial of J.W. Blessed as she was with a most ......... Mi"'Geoe'"ieii"i'weii retail or in quantltes when y@a want cashier of the brilliant mind, she was unquestion- Business Session. it nt Pl|tt'. Bakery. YOU CAN SECU Centreville. ably one of the most cultured _ _- women intbisseetion, andher fund- R000ees' Silverware of Mr. T. A. of information was raost exhaustless. painfully injured She was most resourceful and herb- on the head by a ing was too diteult or too trouble- iron at the Homo- some. Unselfishly and generously CHARC00  week. will be glad she gave of her time and ability in WITHOUT rapidlyreeovering, order that others might Pr°fit and Red Rust Proof 5e " [ enoy the results. BY TRADING WITH'US, *'- who has al Iust as she inspired happiness and m, of one of devotion in he' pupils so she in- with head- spired it in her home even to a more TELL YOUR IIEND$ ABOtrr THIS FaKPTIONJkL  arrived here marked degree" There she enjoyed Seed Oats .. the funeral a home circle where love reigned " "----' Otto.Card with each SOe Cash Puthmm   H. B, McGehee. mpreme.  a wife she was devoted m RosS0 and tender, as a mother unselfish.  CARDS GIVEN BY :, and Mr. a0000tionato and indigent, and ass :L% 00OO:ID of Baton Rouge, daughter thoughtful and devcted. The .. T.. and Mr. R. companionship which existed between "* DISTRIBUTOR Woodtit La., were herself and her ckildren stood as a The BusF Druit. ltLlHOlq WOODVILLF MISS, -- for the living testimony to the beautiful r Mrs H B , lationship they had for each other. --JUST RECeiVED A SHIPMENT / GASOLINE STATION and FISK TIRES • " "[ he is survived by her husband, ] three children, Miss Stella "McGehee. OF RED RUST-PROOF OATS ry! .ohadb_enlOf Wa.hington, D. C.; Mrs. Davis "" Cumbo's Groce cobLenZ STOCK NEW RECORDS--FULL Wh  iMoore, of Hammond, La., and Mr. THAT I AM OFFERING AT VE' Mr H. A, It B McGehee, Jr., of Jackson, ATTRACTIVE PRICES. SUPPOSE Woodville, Miss. was called i --" " o in" b- the; nd by her moth.r, Mrs. Chas. B. g Y E Ganoway, of Jackson, and by one YOU PUT IN A FEW ACRES' FOR Mr Lydia " brother and two sisters, Dr. E.H. The Store where you can accom, Galloway, of Jackson, Mrs. W.G. WINTER P#TURE THIS YEAiL get what you want, when A.H. JON$, [ DR, R. F, PAY] Jackson, of L@nofr City, Tenn., and want It and always l.,awyor. Eye, Eat', Ncm and Mrs. A. M. Muckenfuss, of Jersey OU  l TLt up to City, N. J., to all of whom we ex- at the right price. Real Estate Bot and Bold Otti hour, 2 to  p. m, at on Commliou.,  Stephonon. Mi. light, and', tend the heartfelt sympathy of her --You e..,.,. ,LE, D. L, Cumbo. oin "court homm, Woodville, MJstL 4-8-1922oly een oper., f'riends from all seetions of Wflkin- will begin run- son county. . WARE absolutely free by ttadln ;week. The crop To this writer her death is a per- with me. Cards given away wtb -- DR. W. W, MONTFORT, DR. J. W. BRANDON but not nearly sonal loss, his friendship with her FOR SALE °"' """'" ""-- being one of many years' standing, every 50.cent purchase. Come in Wo0dville, Mit Woodville • and prized because of the true loy- and let me xplain it to you. Sam- i Baton alty whlch se bestowed upon friends. Crown and Bridge work a Speeialty. Ofce on eeond o Jacb Just as such a life was a benedie, pies of the Silverware to be giv FINE, SELECTED, ONE AND TW Odd Fellows' Bldg. Phone 116-W. Fellow of Thibo- tion to all Within the sphere of its in ..... ..,.,.o n |; the death of such a one away o display in my store, YEAR OLD BULLS. " Corley ......... -- :" " if W.F. Tucker Clay B. Tket DR. C. E. here on a n.iic m;.fortune. It is d cult They carry nO cold blood at MI. All TUCKE & TUCKER , ....... r Physic|an death Of to pay a fitt]mg tribute to the memory aro Grade Red Polls, all Mtey attd Lmwyat . t E. Brannan. of so noble a woman, one whose from good milk trdn, ve.T cheap ___ every day life was embellished by foe Cash. Woodvtlle, -:" Mit hunting wild the most eharming and lovable attri. but it will too much, on next butes of/her seX-RcGehee It is not saylngin when we statethethisdeathcountyOf C• T00[PP[NDA00[ Al om tim, yarling hifrs,j, S McGe-- hee,- D.c. BRAMLETTKLawyer .:,€, Offlee ' Woodville, Mim " brilliant woman, has done more: ft ODD FFA2LOW$' BUILDINC WOODV|LLF-, MISS, LAUREL HILL, L -- /Ofitce'i Cmrimeti! i  !i