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October 27, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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October 27, 1923

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00tpubgcau 7.::5_-:=.- - _. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1923. b. L,w, Editor and Proprietor : A0 - gl BCRIPTI(N : :?r ann-:% in advance ............ $2.00 .Entered at. the postofllee ag Woodville, "4i., us second-class mail matter. ANNOUNCEMENTS. i==m=.4 For D|str|ct Attorney R. E. BENNETT For State Senator D. C. BRAMLETT For Representative W. F. TUCKER ALEX K. FARRAR Fo Sherlf/ H. A. WOOD r Chancery C|erk W. L. HAYS For Circuit Clerk " JOHN L. tIAYS .&apos;4H' Ulrintendent of Education JOSEPH N. ,iII.LEE For As'r E. E. RICHARDSON 0 Far Supervisor, 2nd District NOLAN S. CAGE Foyt Supervisor, Fifth District T. G. BROWN bur sitez' state o1 Lo:,.isiana has iFeo eiil'l,2s IIi the gabermttorial Campaign and the race Ls already be- / iImng to be real w:,rm. Just watch ;the f" fly beloe tixc primary is over. the American horse, beat the Eu;an entry, oy four in tad .,Jo,O00 race wifich wt, rult on la, ,turday, and which created greac inceres on bor, h sides rf the Alantic. Once again America is victorious over her English cousins When orrow comes into a home I,, i;  ,t c,nsclation to see real] ivnd de: there in an effort to t t,elp those who are in distress. This] brings; to mind the thought that was  dpreesed by some writer who said tidal it was unpleasant and lonesome tv be iu a foreign country without " $ends, but it was heart-rending to e at home without fiends. We ere uuder obligations to Dr. Dunba owland, director of the :F,*ae Department of Archives and ifor, for a copy of the Mississippi }/iisorlcal and Satistcal Register. Thi bok, which recently came from the press, contains much valuable an iteresing matter, so we shall take .pleasure in reviewMg its con- tentr has declared that the cow reatct manufacturing plant t world, and in this he is not far wrong. The cow has built waste places by furnishing for the dairy- and stands ready to to this court- will 'only give her opportunity. We have often wondered whether !.t Was po:sibte for a man who sweats with practicM|y event breath to re- ize just how objectionable he is to other people. Such men seem to think that an oath adds emphasis to a temen,t, while the reverse is true. Swearing is the most foolish and useless of all hab'ts, and one that,, when carried to excess, becomes $edingly objectionable. Clarion-Ledger well says: The was an apropriat- Any old thing went but it is going to be differ-I . No doubt there already drawn or 1 contemplate a but the maul through A Ikrce days' conference of bank-' BUYING GASOLINE INSTEAD OF J era, buslue.: men and cotton growers I WHISKEY. ] from al sections,of the country is [ beL.; hld in New Orleans this week I A few days ago we were in the I in an effort to have the Federal Gay- t presence of a calamity howler andl cr:-men recognize the boll weevil : he was decrying the large amount of is a n=tioual problem requiring the i money that is being spent for gaso- 1 s'udy and spending of federal money line. He contended that if the peo-t 'o vombat it. ]?ne men who are at- ple continued to buy gasoline, at the[ tcndh}L his conference believe that rate of today and the use of auto- t, hi. pest to the cotton crop can be: mobiles fat pleasure con.tinued to ervdicated if concerted action is grow as it had in the past few years ahen, so are determined to make lthat there was no a chance to save .be effort. Most assuredly the cot-lthe country from bankruptcy. He on growing states would have cause' was sincere in his argument and pre- .o rjoice over the success of such a! seated a plausible dark picture to nmvement. I the unthinking mind. Another goa- l tltman in the party spoke up and A movement has been initiated at said: "You are all,wrong. The pea- Detroit, Michigan, by a number of ple of this city, country, state and friends of Henry Ford to make him nation are only buying automobiles nresident of the United States. The and gasoline with the money thay plan:is to form clubs in all sections! used to spend for whiskey." Thai of this country and, if necessary, to is the truth and we much prefer thai form a new political organization. I our people buy gasoline instead of The father of the tin lizzie has not iwhiskey" We are not going to the us yet indicated his position in this financa_l racks. As soon ag a few matter, bu we predict that he wail outo drivers learn that they cannot be found wiling to become the occu-[ drive cars under the influence of pant of the White House for a term whiskey or that whiskey and gasoline :will not mix. then the automobile i accidents will decrease. Winona of four years. If Henry Ford does become a presidential candidate, and decides to use the little Fords as ad- vertising mediums, he will have an organi.zation that will carry his me- sage to every nook and corner of the country. Times. O PERRYTOWN DOTS. The farmers are progressing nice- ly with their harvesting, as we have had such fine fall weather. Hen. E. H. Ratcliff, of Natchez, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Havar had as who was here Thursday on business their guest the past week Miss Myr- before the circuit court, when asked if there was any foundation for the l sis Enlow. Misses Smith and White teachers report that he expected become ale f Perytown school, were the guests candidate for Congress from this of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. J. district to succeed Congressman Percy E. Quin, said that up to this i Smith and Mr. and Mrs. E. L. White, Saturday and Sunday of last time he had neither denied nor at- I week. firmed the report, but would, at an early date make known his decision in the matter. He did say, however, that he had for sometime past had an ambition to represent his district in Congress. and this writer came to the conclusion that he has jdst about made up his mind that he will enter the race. Mr. Ratcliff is generally recognized as one of the most prom- inent lawyers in this state, and be- sides this he is one of its most force- ful and pleasing orators, and withal] genewlly popular with a large circle of friends, so we predict that if he does get into the race he will make it a most lively and interesting one. O. Governor J. C. Walton of Oklaho- ma was suspended from office on I Mr. E. F. Cavin will soon begin the erection of a new store building. Messrs. T. C..Johnson and S. F. Murray were business visitors to Natchez Saturday. the 1 Mr. G. B. Hazlip has started erection of a nice bungalow. The teachers and pupils of our school are arranging a Hallow'een program, which we hope will be a; great success. Dr. and Mrs. W. I. Marsalis. of Centreville, were visitors to our school on Monday of last week. 1 We are sorry to say that Mrs. G. M. Cavin, who has been ill for the past week, is still confined to her ! bed. I We are glad to renort that Mr. I T. A. Johnson, who Was hurt while] Tuesday at 6:40 p. m., when the at work on the Homoehitto trestle, state senate, by a vote of 36 to ], is now improving rapidly under the adopted a resolution temporarily .re- care of physicians at the Natchez lieving him of his official duties, tel- Sanatorium. lowing the submission by the lower l Mr. Laurence Loften spent last house of a bill of impeachmentlweek end with his parents. against him. The impeachment bill We regret to say that Miss Mary charged the executive with entering' Jane-Phipps is on the sick list. into a "corrupt agreement" with Mrs. Joe Phipps and son, Clifton, t Dr. A. E. Davennort, state health made a business trip to Gloater on commissioner, to place T. P. Edwards Monday. REPORTER. the goveor's personal chauffeur, on --: the pay roll of the health department at $200 a month; and that hereby "certain moneys were diverted from the statutory object and and pur- port for which they were appropri. ated by law." The governor stands accused of: Diversion of vublic funds to his private use; Prohibit- ing the convening of a legally order- ed grand jury; Use of his official in- fluence to acquire private credit :rod Besides the best fancy groceries, we have delicious lunches always on hand.--Plltt's Bakery. Bond Breed, Mother's Breed, mad,, in New Orlmins, fresh daily at D, L. CUMBO'S. DOG LOST.--A getter dog, white with black head, has strayed from my home. A reward will be paid for his property; Accepting a bribe to ap. lreturn. W. J. MILLER, Woodville. prove a ]e.islative bill; Suspension', of the writ of habeas corus; Un-i FOR SALE.--I am offering for sale lawfully preventing a meerAng of @he I at a reasonable price the house in state Legislature; Attempted pre-i Wdville owned by Walter Header. vention of a special state lection in l son. Call at once for price. C. W violation of law. ] HENDERSON, Woodville, __ 10-20-3 I FOR SALE.One Duroc boar, two A Louisiana farmer with a load years old, entitled to registration of poultry on his wagon in one of weight 200 pounds. Price $20, if the near-by towns was asked by a!taken at once. T. W. DAWSON. restaurant man the price of his chicken. The farmer replied, "In l TRESPASS.NOTICE.. nts a d " All hunting, n.snmg, trapping or retail lots the.v are 40 ce poun . I ...... To this the "hotel man replied that or, ner'se espas,mng. on any _l..?a such a price was highway robbery, ownel..ny ne.unaerm.gnea i,..Sml. lrommrea unaer penalty o the i . as last year he bought all the chink- _ _-1 ............. ens he wanted at' 25 cents each. To,'' ly _ _ w" 1_ [uu. session will have to people. We have a farm bureau and merited and where a ccken organization, and 5-cent pay it. cotton and two-bit chickens have i The announcement has been given gone to come no more. We are gain Nashville that the state to get somewhere near what our stuf of Tennessee is now carry, is worth." This is a fair sample of on the right side Of what organization and co-operative! of $6,685,296.11 whicb marketing will do. We know our farmers lave no desire to secure ab- as an evidence of the fact noi, mally high prices for their pro. been governed by duct but they do want, and intend ability. In Missis-lt o have a price that will return a has :been infested with if aS r profit. It is these co-operative several administra- marketing associations that is bring- , is a treasury deft- ing this about. The associations are amount. These well for our] brining the farmer into his own, and hereafter when he sells his pro. to ponder carefully and ducts, he will say, "My price is so and so," and not "How much will a searching inquiry, it has estimated that it costs $7,250 Columbus to discover The explorer was paid 00. Louis Santangel, a and not Queen Isabella provided most of the inon - outfit the three ships and to who were seeking a to Asia, says the investi- Pizons, wbo Commanded ships, were paid $130.00 t common seaman got the voyage.--Lexington o-------- a great deal of is much. discuion as to' what the m,.xt Legi f Mississippi should do and The concensus of to be that the only to that body is for it what the of the [ be, and then ta make aeordlngly. This is a time must practice economy in every Way possible, but at the came time avoid any reduc. that would_ emmea step back. in our educational system. ,oultry products of the coun. the year 1923 wilI exceed value Of the wheat million estimates made by a publication. This wo the hen a good Sun. the cow, the hen is one nanufacturing plants, by our is contributing of the t/ the Ford One-Ton Truck h ered |br Itse through ]'ears c| re- liable :vt in divesiCed lines. Powered by the lamoas Ford Modd T engine through tl Fard plane:art trausmisoa sad spec Fod worm u it brings to t business man tot his dlver  the abundant WOODVILLE MOTOR CO. THOS. A, ROLAND, JR., Manager. Authorized Agents o. you give me ? "  The Progressivve Farmer. ABSENT VOTER LAW. Some of tbe state papers are printing reams of tommyrot urging the repeal of the absent voter law. It is possibly true that in some counties the absent voter law wa abused or violated during the sum- mer primarie But this does not furnish either reaon or an excuse for its repeal. For that matter, all our laws are vioIated, but that would not justify the burning of the statute books. . The absent voter taw is a men- Serious measure, and the newspapers clamoring for its repeal could ren- der far better service by insisting that its provisions not be violated. Incidently, you will notice that most of the clamor for the reeaI of this law comes from the Vardaman- Russell-Bilbo crowd, and this alone is sufficient justification for its re- tention on the statute books.---Jac- son Daily New@. The absent voter law. as we un- derstand it, was enacted during the war to permit the men who were away servinr the flag to particiuate in the elections. It was conceived in a spirit of patriotic fervor, and it failed to serve the vurpose of its en- actment, Few of +he so!diers vet, cal, The neessity for the law hag sassed. ought to be renealed, and it, prob. Will be. The clamor for its al does not come from any one as stated by The News, but generally who to which it has ,d , o on the who COMbIISSIONER'S SALE. By virtue of the decree of the Chancery Court of Wilkinson coun- ty, Mississippi, rendered at the Sep- tember terrrr, 1923, in the case num- bered and styled No. 1515, Ex parte B. S. Graves et al, l will on Satur- day, October 20th, 1923, in lawful hours, in the court house yard, at Woodville, Mississippi, offer for sale and sell to the highest bidder for cash the following lands situated in Wilkinson county, Mississippi: 20 acres in the South West corner of Section 49, T. 1, R. I, E, the said 20 acres fronting two acres on the public road, and running back ten acres, and being the same 20 acres reserved by Ben Graves in th deed of conveyance by him to H. N. Pet- tigrew as is shown by deed of recoz<l in said county in Deed Book XX page 2. The parties and the purchas- er will take notice that the motion to approve the report and to confirm the sale of the said .and will be made ,and heard before Hen. R. W. Cutter. Chancellor, in vacation at Magnolia. Mississippi, on Saturday, October 27th. 1923. This September 22, 1923. W. L. HAYS, Conunissioner 9-29-1923-4w. STATE OF MISSISSIPPI To Stella Revish, defendant: You are commanded to appear be- fore the chancery court of Wilkin. son county, said state, on the first Monday of April, 1924, to defend the suit in said court of William Ravish, wherein you are defendant. October 9, 1923. W.L. HAYS, 10-13-1923.3w. Clerk. NOTICE TO TAX PAYERS Notice is hereby given that the Board of Supervisors of Wilkinson county, Mississippi, will at its meet- ing on the first Monday of Novem- TRUSTEE'S SALE. By virtue of the authority vested in me as Trustee in that certain deed of trust executed by N. M. Hum- phreys to Wilkinson County, Missis- sippi, for the use of the Sixteenth Section School Funds for T. 1, R. 5 West,'on the 10th day of October, I A. D. 1914, to the payment secure of his certain promissory note for $400.00 therein mentioned and de- i scribed, which deed of trust is of record in Record of Mortgages and Deeds of Trusts on Lands Book No. 2 at page 377, Wilkinson county, Mississippi, and default having been made in the payment of said note and I being thereto requested, will as such Trustee, on Monday, Novem- ber 5th, A. D. 1923. at the Court House in Woodville, Wilkinson coun- ty, Mississippi, within lawful hours, offer for sale and sell to the highest bidder for cash the lands conveyed in said deed of trust and therein de- scribed as follows, to-wit: The lands situated in Wilkinson county, State of Mississippi. describ- ed as: West Half of NW% of Sac. lion 24. T. 2 N, R. 1 West, and 70 cres north part of E of NW%, Section 24, T. 2 N, R. 1 West, ex- cept the part of said 70 acres sold to Foster Creek Lbr. Company, of] record in Book TT, page 230, which] deed is made a part of this desertp- I tion. - I At such sale I will convey only I such title as is vested in me as Trustee, which is believed to be good. This 12tb day of October, A. D. 1923. W.A. STUART, Truitae. 10-13-1923o4w.  1 I N--G!! THE PUBLIC WILL PLEASE 1 TAKE*NOTICE THAT OUR WOOD -1 AIR GAGE INNER TUBES, : ber, A. D. 123, borrow the sum of VILLE GIN WILL BE OPERATED $10.000.00 and execute loan war- CORD AND FABRIC TIRES * " - o wa ...... IN FUTURE ON WEDNESDAY OF . ran r rranm znerezor on rnae ....... ........, .,,...,,...... ,,.. .,....._ .,,... -- tress  of said count- - -ale on .n wr.- imsr. ur r. . * uy y, pay o y Guaranteed ISO00 Miles February 15th, 1924, for the pur-[FRIDA  . pose of paying the salaries of the[ WE WILL APPRECIATE J. D. WITHERS,.Agent, " county school teachers. ] YOUR GINNING. , Woodvdle, Miss. s . , . This October 2nd, 1923. I : , , , , ,--', ', , , ,1106-1923-4w W L HAYS. Clerk I DAMPF &MORGAN. " . 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