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October 27, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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October 27, 1923

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.... :; Se00ion Devoted to :ractive Magazine. daterial OTHERS man can find time to The most determined harm to himself. then to help others on men there are who much for their fellows. Imccess is hot and hard. always times when lifted from the roadald,+ on their feet. Is the man who will of advice or encour- brother bound the same enough kindness In Is not the fault of and you will dis- all those who places in the world were Others a hand on their weak, the Ill need nelp, COurse. They need more although the world by day, better to pro- need help, too. They of the dangers that rid how to avoid them. lessons that the more give them and, above encouragement when ND E. HALL hurry away to the your eyes of blue, all your preeloum is fine and true? toys In the Man. they have not one, queer games they dl the day Is done; kites in the Man-land" Ou'd be afraid, go past ao see how they're JOHN BLAKE they get "in the dumps," as the yo-mg are prone to be. !', You will never be poor or so unsuc- cessful that you, cannot afford to be kind. Your way to prosperity will, never be so hard that you wtll not have opportunity to speak a cheering word or do a kindly deed to others who need your help. It Is well enough to be determined to succeed, to be devoted to the achievement of success. But he who climbs to ttle top over the backs of bls fellows gains a prize not worth having, and lives and dies, mean, selfish and despised--a life that no de- cent man would wish bis deadliest enemy. Do not be klnd because it pays divi- dends. Do not be helpful because you expect to profit by It. Be kind be- cause you want to be kind. and your llfe will be happy and your old age filled with contentment. ( by John nlake.) Has Anyone Laughed At You t,,,o...... By ETHEL R. /--UO PEYSEt You Keep Religious Holidays in ths "Old Style"? This laughter takes all the serve you have to "ke:) going," througll. Don't mind IL If you obser-.-c reflous festivals and holidays and the Sabbath, you get something out of It that should make you above anyone's laughter, so why worry? If you observe these days because your family wants you to, anti not because you care to. even here you are ieing truly un- selfish and the laughter of oth- ers can't really hurt you, except in your Imagination, We all need more time for reflection and the religious ho!lday that will bring more of us to our k:eee, If only for a respite in life's lit- tle hostilities, helps more than any laughter can mar. SO Your get-away here is: Stop. observe and contem. plate; you will be the gainer. the laugher the Ios?r. t by McCluro :4ewpaper Syndicate.) fun in the Man-land" your eyes of gray, It is very pleasant it from far away ; a one In the Man- Its seeming Joy, turn backward gladly, care-free hoy; in the Man. lads would spurn: their tears, their sot- have to lear prayers In the Man- your eyes of brown ; their manners. Sneer or frown ; tales in the Man-land, quite untrue, the fairy stoHel interest you ; COld in the Man-land, gets out of tune; toys, for all little too soon--too soon ! & Company.) the Wa7 r across the way says are terribly tbe divorce to a lot Wlth better over the hUUL - Something to Think About i ------ Bq F. A. WALKER - mmImmu"my SELF-CONTROL ciative, considerate and kindly dis- posed Our thoughts fly straight to /4T tHE simple process of practicing the mark. never diverted by ill-humor " self-control Is as beneficial as it or a violent rush of hot blood. Is astonishing. In a little while those I In some indescribable manner a ot us who succeed in obtaining mas-burden has slipped from our galled tery of our emotions, our glib tongue. our strutting pride and our Indolence, find ourselves In a new world. We wonder at the agreeableness of our friends, the loveliness of the blos- soms. the sweet songs of the birds and the thousands of beautiful things all about us which heretofore wehave passed without notice. At last we have succeeded In pull- ing an old mask from our face and we are able to smile. We have in some way conquered our stubborn spirit and found a grain of falth faith in ourselves and In our intimates. We are changed and the whole world Is changed with us. It is when we realize this that we experience a great dash of Joy, rhymed In Lydian measures and tuned in sweetest keys. We soar on the wings of the dove. We have risen hlgh above the logs and quagmires. We have come from a state be- tween sleep ,rod waking. Our vision Is clear. Our mind is alert, appre- 'shoulders, and we are buoyant, hap- py, unconquerable. The ruling force of the universe have taken hold of us. while other and lower forces are losing ground Affection, sentiment anti compassion have become parts of our disposition The control of Impulse' has growr. perfect through the supremacy of cur hlghLl mot ires. We are enslaved no more t'y the harpies of passion. The simple opera- lion of self-control, the careful and continuous exertion of will-power has set us free. Where formerly we moved about with dour faces we now go with beam- tog smiles; where in other ,lays we were met with rebuffs we are given cheer)' receptl,ms and encouragembnL The strong, sunny parts of nature which we have hy supreme effort de- veloped are ours, and we are keeping step with the victors, sure of victory for ourselves in the faith that illu- mlnate our WRy. (). I a23. by McCle Newspaper Syndicate.) -- -: " -*- ::  Io'' F()OD THE FAMILY WILL LIKE ] mh,utes, tuen fierce through a sieve. Add two cupfuls of uar. the juice FOR a breakfast or supper dish-f two lem-ns and frze tr, a mush. there is nothing more appetizing. If i l usin equal parts of ice and salt for you like codfish than: i freezing. Codfish Ball=. Wash salt codfish and pick in I pieceS, using one cupful Wash. paul, Peanut Macaroons. and cut in slices two cupfuls of fit,ely- Beat the white of :m eg until sttff diced potatoes. Cook tile fish with I and add one-fourth of a cupful Jf gri nll ated sli:ir gradll3Ily, wbllP the potatoes until tilt, potatoes are soft. Drain and mash" well. add a I heating colistantly ; a,;:{ five tab{ Sl,oonful ,uf ch,pped f'-nnuts ;tnd a tablespoonful of butter, one well- I teasp,mnfnl of ;.anllla. Drop from the beaten egg. a dash of pepper ami drop by spoonfuls Into hot fat. Fry : tlF of n spocm on a buttered sheet two until broxlx Flat cakes nlay lie made laches aparL Gsrulsh with half of a and sauted In butter, turning so that t Imaimt :rod bake for twelve to fifteen both sides are browned- I minutes Cranberry Frappe. t Cook one qu't of cranberries a,d  Tangier's Ownersmn Now hterests Italy Italy, claiming a share in the settling of tlJe future mvnership o , tile city ot Tangler. Morocco, together with England, France and Spain, dismayed the other powers by landing a number of troops there. This view of a street in Tangier shows some American Jackles from the battleship Arkansas, sigbtseelng. Beasts Menace I Of another denomination. This open display to the pagan of religious dif- ferences cannot but react ta the dam- age of the Christian faith. Life in Africal ,.,,....w,,o...o "Christian missionaries, by offering .one doctrine here, another close by. and still another a few miles away, Former German Territory Over- run With Lions--Mission- aries Clash. London.All Is not Joy In the life of British officials In Tanganylka ter- ritcry, formerly German East Africa. Lions, leopards and elephants menace the population; mlssiomry Jealousy bewilders the pagan natives, and witchcrafL practiced by the wild We- pare of the Moshi district, causes many helpless infants to be put to death annually. Aspects of life In this new British territory are described in the 1922 report of the country. Blg game multiplied rapidly in Tanganyika dur- Ing. the war. Lions frequently satisfy their taste for human flesh at the ex- pense of life." Their b,,ldness Is In- credible, and whole villages have been terrorized by their presence. In the first half of the year rewards were paid for the destruction of ,00 Ihms and 800 leopards. In Tabors district alone 67 people were killed by lions. Natives Are Helpless" Elephants do great damage to crops, often ruining a whole plantation In a single night, or, entering tile villages, tlJey strip the roofs of grain stores and scatter or consume tile contents. The native too often assumes a fatal- istic attitude in the presence of dis- aster, and becomes unwilling or un- able to help tihuself. In Tanganylka witchcraft has as fatal effects on infants :is wild beasts have on adult natives. To the Influ- ence of the medicine men, says the report, may be attributed the bar- barous practice of Infanticide which prevails among *the Wapare in the Moshl district. Chlldre born with some abnormality, or the offspring of parents who have failed to undergo initiation Into certain tribal cere- monies, are done to death by delib- erate starvation and neglect, or by exptrsure to the unhealthy climate of the low country. Often parents would not of their own accord abandon such children, and in many cases have pre- ferred to give them away to strangers. Rivalry Among Missionaries. W1)en the elders of the tribe were addressed on this matter, there was a decided tendency to recognize Its evils and to adopt more enlightened Ideas. but a few were against the ab- olition of the custom on tile ground that the destruction of the tribes cer- tainly would follow, According to these sages, life Is altogether too pre- carious, and the number of acts or omissions which they can cite as be- Ing fatal IS amazing; even to plant a tree was pronounced to be equiva- lent to dooming one's self to death. Another dlficulty e()nfontlng Brit- Ish administrators In the territory Is that of rivalry among missionaries. "It is greatly to be regretted that a spirit of Jealous rivalry has manifested Itself la certain districts between Christian mlsslons of different denominations," the report declares. "It arises from a leery natural-and sincere belief In the superiority of that branch of tim com- mon faith which It is their pride and their duty to preach to the heathen, but it has often resulted in an undig- nified competition to extend the scope of the mission beyond ltnttts which a proper degree of Influence and control would demand, and In attempts to i set up schools In Juxtaposition of those must achieve little more than the com- plete bewilderment of the pagan na- tive, and it would be well ff Christian societies would recognize that the princlple of spheres of Influence Is ultimately to the clear advantage of Christianity as a whole, no less than to that of pagan populations'" Sample Houses Sent to Prospective Home Buyers London.--Sendlng little "'sample'" houses to home builders, Is the plan of salesmanship being used by some London architects. These models are complete tn every detail and are de- signed to inspire pride of ownership In the person to whom they are mailed. Facing a housilig sbortage, rivaling that of any Anlerican metropolis, many residents of l.ondon have bought home sites In the city's su?urbs and are con- fronted with the problem of selecting tile type of iiome to he built. To help them, the arcbltects have started the new industry of bulhling models that are mailed to possible buyers. U. S. TRAINING SCHOOLS FOR WHITE GIRI00 PLANNED Construction on Institution to was made by congress toward the Start in Maryland. Washington.--A new national train- ing school for girls Is to be #stab- lished on the Ludlow farm, Prince George's county, Md., in the immedi- ate future, It was learned following the recording of the sale of the Lud- low farm site to the government by Oliver E. Pagan. Construction of liv- Ing quarters for the girls will be started Immediately, It was said, and the Pagan home will be converted into an administration building and a home for the teachers. The sale was made to the Depart. meat of Justice, under which the In- stitution Is conducted, for $25.000. The estate comprises ten acres and accom- modations will be provided for 150 white girls. The present training school was re- ported last year to be inadequate, In survey of social welfare institutions in the district, made by Dr. Hastings FL Hart, director in the department of child helping of the Russell Sage foun- dation. An appropriation of $52,000 erection of a new school for white girls, with the expectation that the present school wouhl be used for col- ored girls. The institution is maintained Jointly by the district and the federal gov- ernments, girls being committed there by both the Dlstrlct and the United States courts. It has not been decided, however, wtther the present school will he used for colored girls, or whether the grounds and buildings will be sold and the proceeds used to build new mod- ern cottage schools, for both white and colored girls. The population of the national train- Ins school for girls now averages be- tween 100 and 110. although the build- ings are designed to accommodate 121. Negotiations for the purchase of the Ludlow farm were completed when the sale was recorded In the Marlboro court house. The farm lies on the Balthnore & Ohio railroad, between Ammondale and Muirkirk. and ad- Jolns the government experlmeutal farm In Prince George's county. WOULD LIMIT SLAUGHTER OF WHALES IN ATLANTIC U. S. Expert Warns Extinction of cies have been almrst exterminated by Mammals iS Near. Wsshlngton.The wholesale slaugh- ter of whales through the use of mod- ern weapons off the Atlantic coast :hreatens the extinction of these im- portant mammals, war0. s E. W. Nelson of the United States bureau of bio- logical survey. Nelson urges leglsla, lion similar to that now in force In Canada, to conserve the existing whales in these waters. "'It Is obviouS." Mr. Nelson contin- ues. "that the present uncontrolled, wholesale slaugbter of sea mammals over most of their range and practical- ly throughout the year can result oniy In their rapid extermination. During the last century the pursult of se mammals was carried on on a great cale and ylehled an enormous return in oil. whalebone, hides and furs of fur seals and sea otters. Several sa- this pursuit, and others ,lll follow without concerted action. Proper con. trol of the hunting of tlmse mammals will perpetuate indefinitely the returns from this valuable natural asset. "The success of the fur seal treaty, whereby through international action 3apart, Russia. England and the United States safeguard the breeding grounds of the fur seals on the fur seal islands In Alaska, has been a practical dem- onstration of the effectiveness of such action. It Is to be hoped that a similar treaty between the maritime powers Interested may be equally effective in saving the otimr sea mammals from threatened extinction." Vicious Elephant Faces studios here, faced a "firing nquad" of on at dawn and pald with his life for his vlclous temper. He was 189 years old. More than a month ago the great pachyderm was condemned to die after a public career in the teakwood swamps ot India and the circuses and movies of the New World that has been marked by a mean disposition and the maimed forms ot various trainers. All four legs were chained and Harry Lonsdale, keeper ot the ar- senal at the studios, fired one Shot from a powerful elephant gun into (arlle's body just under he shoub def. He dropped without a sound. Must Carry Sheaf of Vises. Vlenna.An atr traveler In Europe has to get his passport vlsed for every country over which he may fly even If he does not Intend to land In that country. This measure was found necessary lu, order" to prevent Firing Squad at Dawn a passenger through accident or forced landing, flndlng himself In a strange Los Angeles, Cal."Charlie," the[state without the proper doeumenta. prize elephant ot the Universal  tlon- Lock at the Things Men Used to Wear u FOR INI J 6 BELL-ANS Hot water Su re Relief I)0HTW00 TILL YOU'R0000OWN HE minute you feel a little under the weather, get a bob- , : tle of Gude's Pepto-Mangam Don't wait till you're down sick. Take Gude's a a preventivet ill- ness--it will enrich your blood, and build up your energy, Your drug giat has it, in both liquid and tabletL Free Trial Tablet. value og Gude's Pepto-Maan, write t for genou Trial Package of Table; nO monejtmt name and addze M. J. Bre/tcnbaeh Co., 58 Warren BL , Ye i ,ude's @ h SY YOUR Healthy, Happy Babies The beat way to keep baby tn crowing, contented health Is Mrs:. 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