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October 26, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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October 26, 1973

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Friday, October 26, 1973 COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS MEET State of Mississippi County of Wilkinson Be it known and remembered that on this the 1st day of Oc- tober, A. D., 1973 at 9 o'clock I $101.74; Ketchings Co., off. sup.,' $'19.05; same, $15.00; Bi-County Ins. Ag., ins., ct. hse., $186.'00; Vick's Garage, serv., pts., $9.00; C.M. T, reppendahl & Sons, pruning shears, $7.19; B & B Office Supply, off. sup., $10.82; Miss. Bd. Animal Health, vac. calves, $65.60; Centreville Acad- a.m., the Wilkinson County temy, advertisement, $30.00; BOard of Supervisors .convened Itei Business Products, supplies, in regula,r monthly session in i Bd., $672.20; Southern Microfilm, the Courthouse. isame, $265.20; Town of Wood- The roll being called, the fol- ville, utilities, ct. hse., jail, $22. lowing answered present: Tom] 96; Campbell Pest Control, serv., Ashley, President, A. J. Darden, / jail, $5.50; Miss. Power & Light, Vice-President, Leon Cavin, I utiliti,es, ct. hse., jail, $341.96; Louis Gaulden, and Steve Reed. I Laurence Printing Co., supplies, Also present were Alonzo H. $18.80', Alonzo H. Sturgeon, post- Sturgeon, Clerk and H. B. Me- age. $49.92; Hede,rman Bros., Graw, Sheriff. off. sup.. $51.78; McC, cmb Sty. The monthly dreports of John Co., same. $11.50; Miss. A'ssn of J. Dale, County Agent; Marjorie Supervsors, adv., $350.00; Wil. 1. White, Extension Home Econ- Co. School Maint., H.S. Exempt. omist; and State Hospital Corn- reimb., $6,100.50; Wil. Co. Min. I lnission were received, approved, and filed. ' , Claims against the County were disposed of as follows: General Fund: Alonzo H. Sturgeon, auditor, $143.77; MCA (3932PP), $413.60; Samuel E. Smith, registrar, $1.01.87; for deputy, $350.00; Judith Brown, ct. Jrepr., $125.88; Anabel-Maxie, Same, $73.15; Clay. B, Tucker, Bd. atty., $300.00; E. E. Benoist, Dist. Atty., $125.00; John J. Dale, Jr., Co. agt., $277.64; Marjorie White, home agt., $172.14; Mary P. Bailey, secy., $28.24; Edgar Delaney, janitor, $188.30; Vic- tory Tax Fd., w'held, $288.80; tare Income Tax Fd., same, 1.39; Retirement Fd., same, $121.16; Co. share, $172.77; Soc. ec. Fd., w'held & Co. share, $263.64; Insurance Fd., School Prog., same, $6,326.46; Lewis Ins. Ag., ins., ct. hse., etc., $178.00; Seven Day Dist. Co., supplies, $5.10; Alonzo H. Stur- geon, H.S. Exempt. Rolls, etc., $1,725.00; Ketchings Co., Inc., ,off. sup., $37.30; same, $6.75; Justice Const. Ct. A'ssn, adv., $75.00; W,3odville Republican, adv., etc., $465.50; Planters Hdw., Inc., sup., $18.47; H. B. McGraw, salary, $740.36; Waldo Welch, same, $319.63; Herman Anthony, same, $343.17; Edith R. Carter, same, $224.34; Victory Tax Fd., wheld, $221.90; State Icome Tax Fd., same, $15.02; Retire- ment Fd., same, $110.00; Co. s.ha*ze, $128.71; Soc. Sec. Fd., w'held & Co. share, $245.72; Ins. Fd., same, $136.98; C'ty Drug Store, reed. prisoner, $5.25; Su- same, J per Service Sta., gas, shff., $249. THE MEN'S STORE Liberty, Mississippi W001 Suit SALE Values to $95.00 - - - SALE PRICE $50.00 We have the following sizes: Regulars: 5-38; 1-39; 4-41; 4-42; 1-43; 5-46; 1-48. Longs: 1-38; 4-40; 2-44; 1-46; 1-48. Extra Longs: 1-40; 1-42; 1-44. Stouts: 3-46; 1-48. I -- =...... TRY O,UR WEEKENDER PLAH i Sherwin.Williarns ."'Room Service" is ,Hard to Beat1 iVQil room a'beklbJS WeekerrJ drO rr41 :f  new t",olo'r 11110 it I)etould=JI .(;oa t.lurmred, ot YOU (:',aft htilh d =OO?TI q;]  luvv h,lh/ tor itm It's :,1 wuakgndgl ;:dan h, I ,oo. ,,,, .,. 6.99 ree'ded I |1 The Woodvflle Reroubllcan Woodvflle, Misslssiol 90; South Central Bell, serv., shff., $47.33; H. B. McGraw, re- imb. gas, $6.00; postage, $8.00; Chuck & Junior's Body Shop, rep,rs., $400.00; Egsie Harris, jail board, $310.00; Albert Smith, inquest juror, $3.00; Willie Spiller, same, $3.00; Walter Turner, same, $3.00; Willie Spiller, Jr., same, $3.00; Eva Mac Scott, same, $'3.00; James Earls, same, $3.00; Betty Daw- son, asSessar-collector, $706.02; Julia Henderson, deputy, $221. 34; Sammy R. Johnston, same, $221.34; Louisa H. McGraw, same, $221.34; Victory Tax Fd., w'held, $284.70; State Income Tax Fd., same, $44.96; Retire- ment Fd., same, $95.00; Co. share, $111.15; Soc. Sec. Fd. w'held & Co. share, $210.60; State Auditor Public Accts. travel, Assessor, $42.43; Ginn Office Supply, off. sup., $3.35; South Central Bell, serv., asses- sor, $96.77; Ketchings Co., Inc., same, $3.60; Betty Dawson, post- age, $8.00; Myrtle Wisne,r, JP, $500.00; Mary Russ, same, $130. 00; Carl Wall, same, $55.00; Gordon Rymer, same, $75.'00; Samuel P. Minor, same, $30.00; Woodville Republican, affidavits, $21.20; South Central Bell, serv., Co. agt., $18.87; supt. edu., $31. 86; Bd. & elk., $159.60; cir. clk., $29.05; Co. agt., $18.56. First District Road Fund: Louis Gaulden, salary, $430.76; Oliver Lands, sam4e, $250.60; Gerald Wilkinson, same, $268. 69; Henry Harris, same, $266.85; Emmett Jackson, same, $254.50; Sheppard Beverly, same, $44.88; Victory Tax Fd., w'held, $104.40; Retirement Fd., same, $80.00; Co. share, $93.60; Soc. See. Fd., w'held & Co. share,. $230.80; Ins. Fd,, same, $208.69; Crain's Hdw., hdw., $17.15; 61-24 Gulf, gas, $19.75; Seal Tractor Co., serv.,  pts., $84.84; T. L. James & Co., asphalt, $486.0'0; same, $40.50; Super Service Sta., tire repr., $4.50; Rollins 'Chain Saw, s.erv., pts., $6.20; S & S Auio Supply, parts, $32.01; William Martin gravel, $4.80; Na,r,cisus Martin same, $4.80; Gulf Oil Corp., fuel, $232.86. Second District Road Fund: Steve Reed. salary, $437.06; The- odore Brackens. same. $240.84: Fred Brown. same. $278.20: Ar- thur Clark. same, $290.59; Ar- thur Lollis. same. $272.84: Isiah Selvage, same. $264.04: John Selvage, same, $281.24; West Ware. same, $298.99; Victory Tax Fd.. w'held, $164.80; State. Income Tax Fd. same, $30.00; Retirement Fd.. Co. share. $118. 18: w'helfl, $101.00: Soc. Sec. Fd. w'held & Co. sha,re, $495.38: Ins. Fd.. same, $323.83; James Palm- er. salary, $130.49; Jessie Hol- land. same, $180.20; Joe Stew- art. same. $180.20; Seymore Wils2n, same. $86.99; Junior Palmer. $180.20: Howard Dun- bar. same. $142.92; Ernest Lollis. same $188.20: Allied Eqt. Co.. parts. $72.29: Seal Tractor Co., se,rv., pts.. $83.21: H & R Ford, same. $902.30: Super Service Sta., tire repr., etc.. $78.28: D'Aquila Oil Co.. fuel. $90{).65; tires, $80. 28: SW Miss. EPA. utilities. $3. 00; Big River Supply Co., cul- I vert. $263.18; creo. posts, $1,21. 15: Scott's Auto Repr.. serv_ $445.00; Dickerson & Bowen, asphalt. $161.27; Planters Hdw., hdw.. $797.23. Third District Road Fund: A. 3. Darden, salary, $596.32: Harold C. Bruss, same, $292.68; Marion McCurley, same. $309.87: Lum McGraw, same, $295.56; Hiram McGraw, same. $65.90: Vict, cry Tax Fd.. w'held. $122.70; State Income Tax Fd., same, $2.96; Retirement Fd.. same. $50.0]; Co. share, $58.50: Soc. Sec. Fd.. w'hcld & Co. share. $218.80; In.s. Fd., same, $151.93; Minna Erstllng, lot rent, $10.00: Seal Tractor Co.. parts, $23.35; uper Service Station, tire repr., $16.00; D'Aquila Oil Co.. tires, $231.52: Scott's Auto Repair, serv., $50.00; Buffalo Services. Inc., parts. $4.75: Centreville Motcr Co., serv., pts.. $1'{).40; Gulf Oil Co.. fuel. $270.57. Four[h Distret Read Fund: [n Cavin, salary, $467.05; W. W. Hammack. same. $285.56; Ehno Sanders. same, $285.56; Howard Wyatt. same $193.66; Complete INSURANCE Coverage Protectinn PLUS Serv|c=l Be Sure-- ------l.=ur. With FOSTER Insurance Agency 888-4362 Woodville Irvin Dennis, same, $305.36; Os- car Tillexy, same, $321.36; Vic- tory Tax Fd., w'held, $157.90; Retirement Fd., same, $122.00; Co. share, $142.74; Soc. Sec. Fd., w'held & Co. share, 285.48; Ins. Fd., same, $206.46; SW Miss. EPA, utilities, $3.00; Colonial Chev. Co., serv., pts., $20.69; Fred Nettervillc Lbr. Co., lbr., $12.00; Super Service Sta., tire xepr., etc., $89.07; D'Aquila Oil Co. tires, $217.25; fuel, $846.85; Eqt., Inc., serv., pts., $161.20; Davis Service Sta., tire repr., $1.50; Jimmie's Auto Scrv., serv., pts., $6.26; Planters Hdw., hdw., $18. 05. Fifth District Road Fund: Tom Ashley, salsify, $499.66; Buell Wisner, same, $304.65; County-wide load & Bridge (Inv. No. 7), $1,237.45; J. Fund: Richard T. Logan, engr. srv., $651.80; Richard Inman, same, $474.69; Woodrow Price, same, $267.45; Paul Chapman, same, $266.11; Fred McCarstle, same, $282.45; Verlis Perry, drag- line opr., $410.51; Charles Whii, e, labor, $282.45; Joe Mathis, :ame, $282.45; Victory Tax Fd., w'heid, $98.40; Retirement Fd., same, $124.50; Co. shaxe, $145.67; Soc. Sec. Fd., w'held & Co. share, $396.64; Ins. Fd., same; $71.71; Bettye Sturgeon, S.B. 1726,-$303. Jerry Nettles, same, $276.20; Clyde Nettles, same, $267.30" can, adv. bids, $19.35: Plaa]ters Sidney Nettles, same, $266.91; Hdw., ,hdw., $4.45; Richa,tg T. William Nettles, same, $253.41; Logan, engr. expenses, $70.61. Morris Nettles, same, $276.20; County Farm Fund: Lucille A, Russ Const. Co., arct. est. No. 8, ;27,775.01. Port Fund: Charles Whet- ;tone, per diem (4), $40.00; Steve Reed, same, $52.00; Marshall Treppendahl, same, $44.0.0; A. H. Sturgeon, same, $48.8{); John Ashley, same, $49.60; Alonzo H. Sturgeon, same, $40.00. It; is ordered by the Board of Supe,rvisors that the Clerk of ' the Board issue warrants, drawn on the General County Fund in the amounts of $245.45 for 2 per 00; J. D. McCrort Engr. Sav.,lcent Administration cost on So- engr. serv., $160.00; Ginn Office cial Sacurity, and $15'{).18 for 2 Sup., sup., $7.20; Super Service per cent Administration Cost on Sta., gas, $71.20; Allied Enter- prises, sup., $117.00; Lcnyay's, same, $37.43; Betty Dawson, tags, $25.59; Woodville Ri)ubli- Paae 5 State Retirement, to the Public Employees Retirement System of Miss., Social Security Div., and the Public Employees Retire- merit System of Miss.. Retire- ment; Div. (Continued next week) SCIIOOL PICTURES School Pictures, Inc., of Jack- son is the largest school picture company in t:he world. The com- pany has three plants in the United States. Each year the firm takes photos of over 8%, million school students and processes over 200 million prints. William Floyd, same, $320.94; David Day, same, $202.07; Claude Jzhnson, same, $250.98; Glen Enlow, same, $150.64; Jesse Per- ry, same, $141.22; Victory Tax Fd., w'held, $208.70; Retirement Fd., same, $169:{)0; Co. share, 197.74; Scott's Auto Repr., scrv, pts., $453.44; SW Miss. EPA, utilities, $2.30: Stribling-Pu.cke,tt, paxts, $38.79; American United Products, culvert, $80.68; Lewis Timber Co., parts, $2.62; H. M. Longmire, hdw., $90.57; H. S. Carter, parts, $1.15; David Day, gas reimb., $6.50; H & R Ford, Inc., serv., pts., $91.81; C. M. Treppendahl & Sons, hdw., $440. 62; Buffalo Services, Inc., ti,re repr., $5.50; fuel, $806.20; Big River Supply, signs, $15.90; Buf- falo Water Assn., utilities, $6.36; Prentiss Creosote, posts, $611.80; Betty Dawson, tags, $55.]3; Planters Hdw., hdw., $314.25; Paul Beattie, Jr., labor, $60.00; Soc. Sec. Fd., w'held, $476.80: Ins. Fd., same, $332.50. Whi.ttingtn, allowance, $25.00; 1 Eloise Wilson, same, $20.00; Ginn' Office Supply, sup., food stamps, $4.50; Miss. Power & Light Co.. utilities, food stamp o fffice, $133.56; McComb Sty. Co., sup., same, $8.95; Bettye Plltt, post- age, same, $48.00; Wil. Co.. Wel- fare Dept., office exp., $75.0'0; child welfare, $50.00. Public Health Fund: Will. Co. Health Dept., allotment, $850.00; Miss. State Sanitorium, T.B. pa- tients, $30.00; Polly R. Evans, regr. v.ital stt. $40.00; vital star., $14.25. Forestry Escr,cw Fund: : Miss. Forestry Comm., section :work, $100.08; same, $2,190.8.0. Revenue Sharing Fund:; Jerry Enis, labor, $140.00; Retirement Fd., Co. share, $8.19; Soc. Sec. Fd., same, $8.19. Courthouse Building Fund: Shilstone Testing Lab, testin: cylinders, $77Z0; Juanita Robin- son, admn. services, $35{).00; i Lynton B. Cooper, arct. se,rv. ATTENTION ! ! l High School and College Girls Come in and Register for Fall Outfit to be given away on November 1st. 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