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October 22, 2015     The Woodville Republican
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October 22, 2015

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Page 2 The Woodville Republican, Thursday, October 22, 2015 MISStSSIPI'5 OLDEST NEWSPAPER - Established 1824 ooi ni oubli an Woodville, Mississippi 39669 Andrew J. Lewis ....................................... Publisher/Editor Lili R. Lewis ...................... Associate Editor/Adv. Manager Frances C. Devening ......................................... Typesetter Kathleen Geter Daly ........................................ Bookkeeper ITHE WOODVILLE REPUBLICAN (USPS No. 462-260) is published weekly on Thursdays. Subscriptions: $28.00 per year in Wilkinson County, $30.00 per year outside Wilkinson County & in Miss., and $32.00 per year outside Mississippi. 50 per copy. Office located 425 Depot Street, Woodville, MS 39669. Telephone (601) 888-4293, FAX (601) 888- 6156. Email: Periodicals Post- age Paid at Woodville, MS 39669. POSTMASTER: Send all address changes to THE WOODVILLE REPUBLICAN, P.O. Box 696, Woodville, MS 39669-0696. The individuals' names listed below have paid a fee to have their names listed in this weekly column. The names of candidates who have qualified to run the the Democratic First Primary Election will ap- pear on the Tuesday, Au- gust 4, 2015 ballot. Ifa run- off is needed, the Second Primary Election will be held three weeks later on Tuesday, August 24, 2015. This column does not nec- essarily indicate these are the only candidates running in each race. (I) Incumbent SHERIFF Reginald L. Jackson (I) TAX ASSESSOR Jeremy "Jarrod" Ephion (I) SUPERINTENDENT OF EDUCATION Kimberly Jackson CHANCERY CLERK Thomas C. Tolliver, Jr. (I) CIRCUIT CLERK J. Lynn Tolliver-Delaney (I) EAST DISTRICT Ernest H. "Emie" Smith (I) JUSTICE COURTJUDGE WEST DISTRICT Lee O. Dixon CONSTABLE WEST DIST. Willie "Chilly Willie" Thompson (I) The following candi- dates have announced their intention to seek office as independent candidates in the Wilkinson County Gen- eral Election which will be held on Tuesday, Novem- ber 3, 2015. Individuals listed below have paid a fee to be listed in this column. This column does not necessarily indicate these are the only candi- dates rtmning in each race. (I) Incumbent CHANCERY CLERK Henria Jolla-Carr SUPERINTENDENT OF EDUCATION Shemekia Lacey-Bailey Timothy T. Scott (I) SUPERVISOR 1ST DIST. Earnest Newman SUPERVISOR 2ND DIST. Marvin Tolliver SUPERVISOR 3RD DIST. Venton A. "Bubba" McNabb SUPERVISOR 4TH DIST. Kenyon (Sam) Jackson (I) JUSTICE COURT JUDGE SUPERVISOR 1ST DIST. Wil Seal (I) SUPERVISOR 2ND DIST. Richard L. Hollins (I) E. Kirk Smith JUSTICE COURT JUDGE WEST DISTRICT Ronnie Fisher [!!i~ii!~i~!iiiiii~ii!i~!i~i~i~iii~iii~i~i~ii!ii~i~iiiiiiii!iiiii~iiiii~i~i~!iiiiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiiii!~i~iii!i!i!iii~ii;i!i~i~iiii!iiiiii!i~ii!i~ii!ii~iii!~iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~iii!iiiii~iii!iiiiiii~iiiiiii~ii~ii~i~ii~iiii~ii!i~iii~!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!i!i!Tiiiiiiiiiiiii~i!i~!~!iiii!ii~iiii!i~i~i~i~i~i~i!~ii~ii!i;!i~i~!~i;~i~iiii;~!!iii~i:i~i~!~ii~i~;!iii!~ii~i!iiii~!i;iiii!i~iii!~ii!i;~i;~i!!ii!i~i~i!~!~i~iii~i!i~!i!~!i!~ii!ii~i;i~!ii~ii~ii;i~iii~iiii!i~i~i~!i~iiiii~i!i!iii!!i!;~i!iii~i~i~iii~iii~iiii;iiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiiii~iiiiiiiiii;i~i~i~iiiii~i~;~;~i~i;i~i~;~;;~;i~i~i~;;~~`~ ] Oct. 15, 2015 Dear Mr. Lewis: Why is this place so hard to understand? I had no oth- erchoice but to question the Tax Assessor & Collector as to what do we pay taxes for? The answer from them was Schools County, State & Roads. That being true, I have gone to the Board Meet- ings, voiced my opinions about the conditions of the Woodstock Road, and asked questions. Seems though each time was a waste of my time. I was told before I went that it would not do any good, but I have to see and know for myself. I don't understand why the citi- zens of the Woodstock Rd., especially the concerned ones of the lower Wood- stock Rd., don't get what is due them when it comes around to the conditions of the road. Upper Wood- stock Rd. is in fair condi- tion, that's because of St. Matthew, I can understand that. There should not be exceptions because I have to travel lower Woodstock Rd. to get to St. James. It's hell traveling that road, and for God's sake don't let it rain and the road has just been plowed up the day or two before, you're slipping, slid- ing and praying, trying to stay in the road, and that's horrible. For the past 10 years the lower Woodstock Rd. has been getting worse and worse About 1/2 a mile on the lower Woodstock Rd. near Pinckneyville Rd. is so rough and bumpy until if you had any loose teeth in your mouth and are afraid of a dentist like I am, well just travel that part of Woodstock Rd. and you won't have to go to the dentist, they'll just fall out. If you're wearing glasses, make sure they're fitting tight, because if not, they'll fall off your face. This is be- cause people here do what they want, when they want to, the way they want to. Thank God for the fall/ autumn because bushes, weeds and limbs have been and still are terrible. The bushes and weeds are still so thick in the curves that you have to lean over trying to get around the curves hoping you don't meet any- thing coming from the other t~ ~ . ~:,..~.wa3t,. The limbs etre hang- - : ~ng across the road, hold- i: 'i:i !:! ~ ~:!!: i:i i if: i: :i:i ingone handSanotherandfromhuggingone withside ;: :::: :: ::: ::: :::::: :::: :i: :: of the road to the other. in need of His cleansing blood, all requiring that we be born again. To be born again is to surrender ourselves to Jesus, to allow the Holy Spirit to work His work in our lives to restore us to our proper position in God's family. That po- sition is one of spiritual nature; where our spirit, having been restored to a position of authority over our person, is now leading instead of the sinful flesh. When Adam and Eve gave the flesh control over our lives by eating the forbid- den fruit, the spirit lost his position and our flesh be- gan to control our thoughts and actions. It is this res- toration of our spirit to its rightful place in God's order that we call being born again. We then are no longer led by the flesh and unable to comprehend God's grace; we are then able to know, by spiritual discernment, the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:13- 16). As Jesus said; we must be born again to enter His kingdom. Our sinful flesh can't see or enter it; only our reborn spirit may dwell in His eternal presence. Some of them are so low its scary. If we could only get our roads worked right, put some gravel down, put culverts where needed and cut the wilderness back, it wouldn't be such a problem. We pay our taxes, well I pay my taxes, but I can't see why I have to. I get so tired of hearing things like you might as well forget that, or there is nothing gonna be done about that, there is no right answer to anything, and that is so sad. I am such an observer, there's not much that I miss, and that's from the church house down to the dog house. If some of you high and mighty, happy go lucky peo- ple had to miss paying your bills to keep putting repairs on your truck or car due to the poor conditions of the road all the time, then I guess you would have sym- pathy for the next person who has to do this. All I would love to see, if they could be found, is someone, to tell someone, to get the job done and it works. Pinckneyville Rd. had a little work done on it, in some places grass and weeds were cut off the side of the road. The road has some smooth places for drivers, with the yellow lines down the middle, but still you have to drive down the middle of the road in some places because of the holes and bumpy places on the side of the road. A column by Rev. Bobby Thornhin, Former Pastor Centreville & White's Chapel United Methodist Churches TOWN OF CENTREVILLE Mosquito Spraying will end November 2, 2015, in the Town of Centreville. If you have any questions, please contact Eric Brown at 601-645-5218. "Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God~" "Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spir- it, he cannot enter the kingdom of God." John 3:3&5 (NKJV) A friend was telling me recently that the late Dwight L. Moody was questioned about why he preached, "Ye must be born again!" so often, his response was, "because, Ye must be born again!" The fact that Jesus gave us this teaching as an imperative necessity to be acted up- on by all who would enter God's kingdom seems to have been lost from many of our churches today. It seems that we are far too sophisticated and proper to think of ourselves as we really are; that we are an entire human race of fallen creatures, we are all in need of redemption, all All offers are subject to credit approval. Valid credit or debit card is required to subscribe. Offer is only valid to new subscribers for residential satellite TV ser~, ice. In a few more years, people who haven't been to Woodville in a minute will get lost because this place is a total loss, especially if they're traveling Pinck- neyville or Woodstock route. Mr. Lewis, if the board members would work to- gether and do right for the citizens of Wilkinson Coun- ty, we might could breath a little better and have less stress and pressure. This "do what you wan- na" thing is not just coming from the court house, it's coming from many houses, including the church house. I can tell them God is not asleep, and when he gets tired of all this wrong do- ing and steps in, then ev- erybody ~rill see who's in control, because of all of this "aint nuffin gonna be done about it" needs to end. Mr. Lewis, they need to let me give this place the name that fits it so well. That is: Do what the hell you wonna, Miss. Zip 00000 Example: Mr. John Doe 1234-1/2 Wayside Rd. DWTHYW, Miss. 00000 Signed: Mary S. Waiters Dear Mr. Lewis: I would like to thank the 100 or so people who voted for me in the past election. I ~vonld also like to give you a brief history about myself. I was among the last generation to be born at the old Lady of the Lake Hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I was raised in Greenwell Springs, La., which is now the City of Central. A~r a failed marriage [on my part] I kind of knocked around for a while, and Mr. Tommy Bris- ter brought me to Fort Ad- ams in the fall of 1983. I fell in love with the place. I would soon call it my home. I did odd jobs for a while and started commercial fishing. I almost starved to death on fish. After the 1997 high wa- ter I met my real love, I.~h .Leven Plantation, located on the banks of the Mississippi River. The owner at that time, Ivan Morris, often wondered why I stayed here. This place is 8,100 acres of hell when it wants to be, or 8,100 acres of heaven. In 2005, Mr. Ivan sold the place, and I was sold with it. The current owner, Sal Piazza, has become my new boss. He is from New Or- leans, and is the most gra- cious person I have ever met. The 2008 and 2009 high wa- ters were very devastating for us here. Then in 2011, the forecast kept rising and ris- ing. The damage was devas- tating. During the rise, I met my second real love, Rhonda. How can I divide time be- tween the two? I wake up with one, and am surrounded by the other. We were mar- ried in 2012, and we will endure many more high wa- ters in the future. I have met many people and have many friends who I would give my life for here. Nobody knows better than myself what The Far Corner has to offer to everyone. Michael Quirk, Fo~t Adams, MS October 14, 2015 Dear Mr. Lewis: As I'm certain you all are aware, one of "our own," a UMC clergy woman "blessed" Planned Parent- hood in Cleveland Ohio. I, and every Methodist I have spoken to, am ap- palled at such a blatant disregard for Scripture and the teaching of the Church for two thousand years. Maybe even more appall- ing is the lack of response by our leadership within the UMC. It would appear that this travesty is ap- plauded by those who have the position to speak out against such ludicrous be- havior. Could it be that this church supports those who disagree with God and not God Himself?. If so then our demise is too slow in coming. If not then where is the outrage, where is the rebuke, where is the con- cern that the world might cast us all in this same vein? Where indeed is the backbone of our Episcopa- cy, our District Superinten- dents, and others who are charged with keeping the UMC on the "right path?" I, we, demand a statement, a public statement rebuk- ing this ridiculous event so that the world will know that we are still a force to be reckoned with as we fol- low God's Word, not with lip service but with integ- rity and determination. Blessing an organization that exists solely to kill the unborn is the height of anti-Christian behavior; she should have cursed their work, their organiza- tion, and their resources as Jesus did the lying fig tree. I am forwarding this to ev- eryone on my list including pastors, newspaper editors, and anyone else who ea- gerly awaits your response. Most sincerely, Robert W. Thornhill, Retired FLP, Brookhaven District I Can Almost Hear The Trumpet!!! The People Of Wilkinson County have always voted Let's Do It Again! On November 3, 2015 Elect EARNEST NEWMAN, JR. "June Bug" 1st District Supervisor The only DEMOCRAT Candidate The Right person, At the Right time and For the Right reason! Submitted by and paid for by candidate | We are scheduling mammograms at our new location, including some S~. 178 HWY 24, Centrew'lle 0 (60~)890.0613