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October 22, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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October 22, 1898

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&lt;'/ f L-+:+ C  ? " //)2: VOL. I,XXIII. October, 22. J. S. LEWIS, 'direr n(1 l'roprietor. TO ADVERTISERS. \\;roOD Vl-,LE I{ErI_TBI,IC . he ohlest ne,spaper in the has , larger bona fide ulation than roD" other w,paper in this section; I( le ;L Aiv00rti00m ]nr '& ia Nifl, ANNOUNCE.ME NT. FOR ONGRESS. IXTtl CONGREgSIONAL DIST. W'. F. L()VE. IIUMILIATING. That the C:qntal of this State shouhthave hastened under the fir,tstress of thmr epidemic to mfli upon the U. S. Government for "6000 ratiousand money to pay nurses", as was done last week is a mutter i)f humiliation'to be people of the state. The relief was refused by the 3hief Surgeon of the Marine tlospital [Service to whom the President referred the begging petition or application. Self ,re- specting eommnnitiea and states have made sacrifices and have al- tways helped themselves to tile utmost bcfure asking for or even accepting outide aid for the re- lief of their own deshtute. But there wqs no such attempt in this instance, n,) call from Jack- son upou the people of the state -are atdhorized to announce foraut, and we tire glad that this d. B. DAWSON. - . dem-tnd upon the general govern- sa Candidate for Cotttlt Assessor, ment, under the ch.etltIltatee, ,.t ) cot to tile action o the D6m 0i ,, was refuse(l. It will teach corn- party. . manitres like'Jackson to be 5ore the Voters of Wilkinson CounD; : T he undersigned begs leave to a,- self sihnt atul possibly more self 'ace thai he is a earl(lid:de for the' re.pedthlg. ell, tie of Sheriff of WiHdnsqtCouuty, I ,m,. , ,,, itself, should give ]ect Io the ae, tloll (ff tile t)emor - ('ouv'ention. . . to be, hefd for emmty'the necessary, aid to all c()lnmuni- in 1899. Very respeetfulh', B, R. INMAN. lies that impm'ativeiy need help T  T J-)EATH, OFHOX. "i .-. I/OX, E. The many friends Of 'curl Con,: gvessfimn, IIon: W. F. Love, were shocked, to lea::,io;f h'i" which occurred on Sunday in the very prime 1 s. He was manhood, and" hail already made arecord of which auyom , n,lght be justly prou:t. As the ]L(;lresentative (if the Sixttl Dis- trict he Wa energetic and always u!,,rtand prompt in promoting intercstof his constituents, M:. Love was it man of gleat f(oe of character, a fMthful fcieudv and'a deservedly popu!ar  neighbor. All ;vho knew hhn "'el/, kne\\;v him only to love him, and take him forall in all he wqs,a mobil manly man. ' [Iis )lace wilt beItrd tgfill, i puMi0 :,and rvtfe h qll be adly missed from among meu.,' I{o, has ,.f0tiht "the zo0d fight and nqw . , " o% - : the crowu that rexards the-ri tour,- Peace to hi The First re,dine nts on Dec. llth, and c,mnot await the slower pro- :ess of voluntery eontritlutions. ,The Govern(irs of otler states ahvays halve acted in like em(,r:- gencies. Jackson and all othr places that deserve stMe aid  in this eicrgeney, it is true, and it s their misfm'tune that they arc vdtoff fom :my relief from tills source.  l'.hO'e:renll" is no longer a state govermnent at ,gckson o any where else in the Stafd.if the telegrams state facts. There i, really an interregnum in the Stale Governmmt. Stnte functions have been suspended because the (oveFnb;r arid th fiends of tile Dcpartmel[s huve ied from* then" )llecs q.II(1 liaVC BOL IL't l'ell'c- sentatwesbehhtdthem to tran- s'tet tile pulffic business or kern2 +the ?ffit isis notified by wire. ,m-/Idled.g6; at. fh e first hintiof fcycr:in Jackson, tlie Governor moved out to the Asylum, two miles fronl Jackson. Lterwhen thefever.inereased he was te- n Brandou, where ing a germ,and the last 4eard of the Chief Executive he had head- Gem Lee will: go to Cuba in ed for Smith county and was still c, omi')uid of agomg. if he desires. Li Hung h the officials eaml Jackson -iChicag6' big i,Peaee Jubilee JPe.rade, in spite of stale nm Twent:y- (Ira has aa execut tlluch as was nec($Sa,l'y " revmwdd treme eases. WOODVILLE, TIlE CONGIUSSIONAL CAN- DIDATES. Tile Democratic candidates fin" Congress announced to date are_ Itch. F. A. McLain of Amite. IIon. E. tI. Ratcliff -f Adams, Ilon. M. M. Evans of Jacksm aud Judge N. C. Hill of Perry. It is reported that Pike will have one or more candidates, but no announcement has been received here. Everybody m this county knows Frank MeLain, who for a numl)er of years was a ml)st efficient and fearless District Attorney for thi Judicial l)istrict. IIc was the terror of evil doers, and inspired the confidence and esteem of all good citze')s. Ite is a man of -bililyaud would made a good Congressman. ttou. E. H" Ratcliff is a native of Antite county and removed to Natchez last year, where he now resides, tie succeeded Mr. Me- Lain as District Att orneywhieh office he now fitlsand he is wiu- rang laurels qs .t public prosecu- tor. hit-. Ratcliff is bright and brainy :tnd fully competent to represent this District m Cou- gress. IIon. M. M. Evans ex-Lieut. Governor, and present Raih'oad Comntissmner, is personally known to many t:f ()tit. citizens, as he' has visited this eonnty, and s offleia]}y known to all. lib record its tile second, otcer lU the state, ;nd as Commis,ioner, has stamp- ed lnm as a nan well equil}ped for any position to which he might at t sin. Last, but uot least we mention ',, C Hdl, the Chaaeellor of his istrit;t: Judge Hill f,A'merlv resuledmElhsvdle, Jones Co., where he achieved :t brillian sue- eess as a lawyer, tie represented tbe Dis net including ,Jose s Co,, in the Senate and w.ts .ppointed by GoVerunr McLcurin to the Chancel:crab,p: ..... It wiltttusbe._eeh that there is a strong arrlly of talent presen- ted to the. voters Of the Sixtlt District from which to ch0oe a representIftive, and no matter who wins the District will be ably represented. Ba0on, that tile Indian uprising in Minnesota is practically at an end : )ernmefit -at Jickson tl In(hans tody:, lattt r aid they tanted ao" Inoro llgitling itl, United Sl;:.tcs suhtiera, ahd agree to I c.mte-a,adaurrender on Wcdnedat,:. l'his is tile rebut[, of tlwir dt.fea! when engaged it'h me on tile 5|h. Oomntissioner Ot ; lad'!an  .Affairii Jones has t),ien shwn this t]lgrat! eoncllfS ill lhe ebLire ft-regoiltg BACON. Ccneral. by * tli nisfortune tht " t aces as Ilarrmton canno lm'e - already abhrin help.promptly= frbm the cdl:m frSpdin and arra Iranee,. appeals W'l Bit s,rote privation.and sufferin out inpite had better ,a bt'no than to u sumethe mendiemt "attitude ! inembers'of hot haste before tile peel2 ..... - " goverlln}el* of the Col. RteheYs it will bemaustered the 6 e .evident ly lelay il: not in Pads is qttartera here as than a any time il'he t. ,Tames I azette tit's . n on a yo" "& nili'ary revoluu??, however paetul, w:ltiglt raees i.e Briss(m cai,iaet with Lhe nolllit|ee$ of lhe generals, w.uhl tmlle,'il :ae rcta- i,,., between EuMand an(] F(aaee ahimst lethe hreakhag point. "lhe SeUli:.;)ff ci d and t, artl3 " lnsttb:d I'i, ris" pal/,rs aft ,i'll] llr,:t[n,l,- 13robcedt ,g be- tWO OVPFD olenls find -aden iuist ra- Frace 1):'!ev( -:t!.,'; all! 9ugh ,e'& r)! ti{au of any lmd y lItl.3n'tand qnu,s the state mentto he rldt/,en sui;, M',j?t M-aWh.'td . is ?hcYm' w;t.Dlrawtg [t0nt:/aSitoda tlh France allt in n. it ties the tmld rieh- tiZi in'tile Sgbdau." . - -- AVAGE who had evident day, was  udffiu from mttvard up- .nd-soi/'lo loola whieil were }Off, . . ........... ------ _ .......... "Va ) ) MISS., SATURDAY, OC[(bER 22, i ,E " .............. ..... .... " ' "*=' ""- "' ,= I C m .. WH Open/ts 37:h ,{nnud 3essin, 3opt. 7 th, :338. il ":t Thoroltghly cquil)ped ",1' w(n'k II1 |.|1C (]eparLnt Ills O[ y i  . . . ',  Music, Elouution, Enghsh, Mathematics, 8ox0noes  csforthestudv of Music, Eh)eution,  FnMih 'rod Mat tentatics. ,  rl, ..,...A., ,] ,,t 4< f)l trhi) tn tlte College is hi"h' lhe tn,truelton In tim - Prilllg, ry t'l(i |.lll(ltwgltr|tn l)t)l);LrllllP,11|s lhOrOflg|l, 'rl ll( |l Is , I1 ( ttl|.  1|- }' . .m" s,-.,pt,: ..... 'h ,, . . " "  ", .....  "It }Q. b,;s I"h , )uil:t ,s  't' . w :tud (:omntodious. In I)trh".:t ret)atr atdfllte(l Y W ' t th(' ('o:ufils I)f :! relim,d h!!mt', P',!rent h:t:'i!t to'edu-  ,. ('n wi I !io w'll  c(nirp!, w *h !.(' b..fore so;l(lJ!t):, clsvv,'ht.i'e. }'t  1"0,' t::,': 1,) ......... l TIq'i,,S. :b'l[" ...... " '.'  31t GFOn(nA SwAxsox, Pres., Woodville, Miss. Thc ftAlo*mg s taken from Ib Porto IlCO has hecn surrender- Picayune Mississippi Bt:rea of ed entn'elv and is now an Au|eri- 0ct,,ber 17. o.m terntory. The death -f I|,m. Win. F. Le, ve, ........ "'"- ...... a which w.ann,!t, uccd in these eel- The Uuited States will take tttttns ,fcsterdav. makes a vacant onllqete possessiOll of Cuba Oll seat in the Missis,dpl)t deb,gatk)u Dec. lt. tmw i,, eoagrc. Mr. Love was ....... .,4,,,.-. ........ just cntnptetiug his first ter,n as The death o[ lhm W. E L,we rel,r,,,sematlve of the Sixlh ditxicl, made wav for many eandvlates and und was a candidate for re-electlOd with!nit an 3 oplmsi(iou- Mr. Love ,aeceedc,t 5it. "Vm. l)ennv, of Scranton. Mr. Denn had prev|ors-. i,lucked the l)lum /fOUl the, mouth )f [t,n. "1.'. R. S;ockdale. of b0tu- pit. ,H,, .ulv enj,Oe:d h;s victory for one term,"anll tlmugh he ma:te au admir,h'le rec:rd, was defeated by LIr. Love iq a hard-foaght battle. 'l'ttc death of Mr. Loe i n}t 0nh" a ricveus los tO his own dish.el, but to the state. |le was eater,d, painstakilt_ and fndutriotls worker f,r  hat h etms:denttously believed was for the gaod of his people. The untimely removsl o[ ,Mr; Love will now in all probahihly pre- ciptta a lively scrutnble for t'ds seat amon the at,bilious politicians of [ dlsl tier.  " L. XVhi:le all were a} aCrgid tW [Mr. Love, i,r ut least Wilting f, rf ldoa: |tO he rvturt;e(i, tlmre is tmw hohiug |,,, the way O[ ally al,halIL s |Htttl} O, /f,rwardlns chdms. Who will vn|er /he reel' it is ditlicult t u a3". Mr. l)etm 3" art(| Mr. StocRdal, will n,! duuht ivant to ct, back inhr Ltlt' g() I,atl, re, and :dehcz !s liRcl'; t. have a can hA:Hd in the gcld. in:lee!l, there Is m, llw.iL to the el;,p, us tt u li| he stleh atI ea}' melter to get, oa the |icRet. The time is lnust  too tdmrt, and the coun'ry tied up and unestlled by quaraIIIltle Ihal ItiHil|lIatiolls I}V Cob" vention or p|maresis next |o ira- possible" Uuder section 865 of the Anatald Code any elector is enqtlcdo have his name puoa ttm ofi:tl congrei,mal, ballots who Shall preeet, to_ the misaioners, having request sigaed by eleetrs, askiug said elevtOr candidate, which p, must Im lrescntwi ers at least fifteen day hefot election "lt|ls part or secti()n 8652 will be of general interestin th6 din- Irict al this Irate. It; is as [ol|oWa  t'['he et/Ulllil$81l!nt[ 811: have. printed lt theba ;s ; .f an), quatitf,,d el(,ctor lte:v teqttested t- be a ,t:and an, t,fltce, by a riltea i.(ned: t" at ,-/ea6t tilteeu t )r?any t),ttt?or muuiuqml t,fflC, e in a t0n or vi'llaRe o[ less than 300 in- pelhloli.., or reqti, aellled IO said 6mmisd,mer not, leas than fifleen days belur t;lte eloti,m ; i,:t.!tTany:. -audiat has beeu (* 71iimin-td-.d; 0r iiaa hea'.n $0". requestvd t3 tleemne a ea'hdidath lesa tlmu fift4,ea .d,).s bct,ra.,;erttivn, ' his paine shill uot,.be printed "upva the hallotm  TIIE BLIZZARI) TO TtlE NORiI1 OF U,. wid heavv b}imlia sin,w, known i[t tt cegb)n* f,.rthe past -wentv'6(:e" s. exue|'ie,wed ycstyrdav in as"l,:d \\;veslt.rn Mis- It!anV ,gtalltq plaees, - a{,cnwc, rth 1898. NO. 19. C II.NEYI,AND. LEON SCllWARTZ. NEYIAN SlINIII/i I, OODVl E, MISS Main Street, 00:otwithstandin0000 the Quarantine our Stoelt of GROCERIES is larEe, fresh and comp:ete. ,MO RAISE in our prices on aceo,.nt of redueed steel, s the town. e " . . . gcods ax dmly... purchased a Iarge stock of Dry Clothing, -,t titles, IIats Shoes &c. in New verydoubtful. Elbridge Gcrt\\;v and Robert Goelct are the latest New York tnil|ionaires to have. their names phtced ou the soil of dishon(n' as lax-dodgers. Can thes worthies wonderer the growth of anarch- ism when the poor are to |m Iook- d to to support the governtnent. Ex. ' Brttih s|eamer M,!h(.gatt, CattL. (;rlHhh% 10el,,nmg to the ALIan|te l'r:msp,,rL C,tlii)any  ling I)eell wrecked nlthe vit:liw of |lie Liz- ard. betwevn Ihe Manach, s and the Lnv[and. It. is telievedl,hat about 143 In'lSOs -,t her passenters and *crew ucre'- (Ir,,wnod. Only fro't). three survivors haw reached tim shore. SPANISH WOODEN  BULLEI"S It is wvll known timt Spanish sohliers in Cuba were liner marks- mtn,'but-great"su ria has been ex- pressed at the remarkahle leek of ex- eutton which chatSt:terized ttieir fir,' el, Guantanam,':.n.l.Santo..and au N,. 6,>ight fruiu !eav;s New Odeau. .......... ' Gt>ntrovil|0 t t tt N-.21 Day .... Vieksbnrg " arrivt, s ,[eat rids " arriv, Noiv Orbans " trrivs Vlekshnrg. .,. 7I lm,os rgn :li|lo N .... . r rk';..  .i.Vtio |ally coptSunday, JO.. acknowledged , hiit last iIm tim Woodvitle Ro- re pt blicalt nOte.thebuyig,up of the catle of ttm' CmlUtry for shpmtnt West. Thn ,terald aain urges Mls-' slssippi, farmers to read ttie qitotatlans 0f cattle prices beture selling. At present ptqces.', am| witil the l,%sttrallre [,t their ai [etanl)eI{o farmer ought m,., mo,,t extensive M,nulaaturera tosetl be)-ond his snrplns. A resent- x. -," ly l)ublis wd report aa,:s, that "o, , ,?arti ,ida t : 0 ] yea|'.liugs are worth front'. l( to ,$18 ; : ' .....       perhea'-exlrafl,e $ O. Threeyi[' =__ .. .  , : " olds $'>5 toSeSghdflve ,earolls$40  All vor i 1| 1 :ThisDnlies to North Texas. Atl  Wn;ilvilto ; : u tfiin'lilct; these pri0esthcre ought| -- ........ ' ': ': to be biff protlts lit t attte raising, e-| ................. tYeeiullv:mtll( eane halls of .out-] -- ' "  ' wcdi'isi<ip0|, Where ther i so - much sdlable l'aud tying idle, --Viel-:s- b trg llerald, s0ction of every Cong 6a r t t a veP4ict that